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  1. stevewet

    Bedwetting Training: Some success?

    For me the best feeling is waking up wet with no recollection of peeing during the night
  2. Does your partner wet the bed? My wife is an occasional bedwetter. I just wondered who else sleeps with a bedwetter.
  3. stevewet

    Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    Nappies make sure my wife's side of the bed stays dry too unless of course she wet's it which occasionally she does.
  4. stevewet

    how many nappies do you use in 24 hours

    Usually 2 or 3 during the day and one at night.
  5. stevewet

    If you had a major leak....

  6. stevewet

    If you had a major leak....

    I wet my shorts today when my nappy leaked as I wasn't aware just how wet it was. I just went and changed my nappy. I anyone noticed my wet shorts so what. They soon dried.
  7. stevewet

    bedwetters do you

    my Mother's favourite saying was You've wet your bed so lay in it"
  8. stevewet

    Doctor Visit

    Some of the diabetic nurses I see are a little unsure how to discuss my incontinene and dependence on nappies. I always tl them it doesn't bother me at all and I am completely adjusted to being incontinent now.
  9. You are so right what seems fun now could be a real problem lateron. Fortunately I thoroughly enjoy being a bedwetter. It has always felt right to me that I wet the bed and I would not want to be dry at night.
  10. My bedwetting doesn't bother me at all now. To be honest it never did.I couldn't imagine being dry at night now.
  11. stevewet

    bedwetters do you

    I have no problem sleeping in a wet bed and never get up once it is wet. Unless it is soaked I just let the bed air and sleep in it again the next night.
  12. stevewet

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    I wet the bed so what! that is what I think these days. I don't really care who knows now. My friends and family all know and it isn't a problem.
  13. stevewet

    How are nurses and doctors reacting?

    I wearnappies all the time and couldn't care less what others think now.
  14. Same here I absolutely love waking up wet it makes me deliriously happy