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  1. Bedwetter in Training

    Absolutely I lost just about all my bladder control within 6 months to a year of going 24/7 by just giving up the fight and just peeing in my nappy at the slightest need. Becoming a bedwetter is just a case of mind over matter. You have to convince your mind it doesn't matter if you wet the bed.
  2. Bedwetter in Training

    Just letting it flow certainly sped my incontinence up. I just accepted my incontinence and convinced my self I didn't are any more.
  3. Will a Wet Diaper Make a Room Smelly?

    One thing I have noticed is my wife doesn't notie the inevitable pee smell from my nightly bedwetting any more
  4. Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    I just put one on without really thinking now.
  5. Bedwetter in Training

    Just letting it flow as soon as you feel the slightest need is one sure way to loose bladder control
  6. Bedwetter in Training

    For me one followed the other and I am dependant on nappies 24/7
  7. Weeing more when wearing nappies

    Agree totally once I switched to nappies 24/7 I very quickly lost what remaining bladder control I had
  8. getting older

    My wife encouraged me to wear nappies too.
  9. medical reasons that require us to wear diapers

    Diabetes is the main cause of my incontinence and it is incurable
  10. Will a Wet Diaper Make a Room Smelly?

    I'm usually a bit smelly when I get up and there is always that familiar bedwetting smell in our room.
  11. Dream wetting

    Sometimes I feel the need to pee but it is only a minute a the most before I start wetting uncontrollably and other times I have no idea until I feel the wetness spreading through my nappy. At night I just pee uncontrollably in my sleep.
  12. DL Wear to Dermatologist????

    My medical notes state I am incontinent and in receipt of a supply of pads each month from the NHS
  13. Do you guys have your own diaper box?

    No my nappies and pads are just staked some in my office and the rest in our bedroom and some in my wardrobe. I make no effort to hide them any more. Most people know I am incontinent in any ase.
  14. Anyone fake bedwetting as a kid?

    It was certainly the case for me. I don't know for certain but I always suspected my Mother knew sometimes I deliberately wet my bed. She was always disgusted by the fat I just didn't care and happily slept in my wetness without complaint. That said if I had complained she would have only said "You have wet your bed so you can damned well lay in it" or something similar. It was definitely a two edge sword until eventually they just gave up and accepted I wet the bed and probably always would.