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  1. stevewet

    First urologist visit-suggested diapers.

    My urologist never mentioned how I should manage my incontinene. He refered me to the continence nurse for that.
  2. My wife used to but never mentions it now. I think she has gone nose blind.
  3. stevewet

    How can I avoid leaks sleeping on my side?

    I gave up worrying about leaks from my nappies ages ago. Our bed is well protected. I pee a lot while asleep and often my nappies and plastic pants can't stem the flow. Having a washable bed pad keeps things warm so the wetness doesn't wake me.
  4. stevewet

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    My wife, close friends, family, doctor, diabetic nurse, continence advisor and the staff at the urology clinic all know I wet the bed.
  5. Do you keep your bedwetting a secret or are you happy to tell people you still wet the bed?
  6. From my experience the medical profession are not bothered by patients wearing nappies at all.
  7. stevewet

    Advice for Diaper Sagging

    A saggy and soggy nappy is just normal to me now it doesn't bother me at all.
  8. stevewet

    Bedwetting Training: Some success?

    By far and away the best advice I can give is what you are doing telling your self it is alright to wet your bed and that you are a bedwetter. Always above anything else consider your self a bedwetter and live your life accordingly.
  9. stevewet

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    For me having to wear nappies and being incontinent somehow just feels right to me. I slipped back in to nightly bedwetting just like being reunited with a long lost friend. Now six years on and I am never dry at night and couldn't be happier. I have little control over my bladder during the day and wear nappies all the time and honestly couldn't be happier. Some o us are just meant to be this way.
  10. stevewet

    Peeing uncontrollably

    The pills I was prescribed helped a little during the day but did nothing for my nocturnal enuresis.
  11. stevewet

    How to prolong diaper time?

    When at home I only change when my nappy is completely soaking wet and sagging
  12. stevewet

    Just couldn't resist......so left it on

    I usually have a bit of a rash but when you spend your life in nappies I guess it is to be expected. I am urinary incontinent and seldom dry for very long.
  13. stevewet


    Being incontinent hasn't stopped me doing anything I want. I lead a full life wearing a nappy.
  14. stevewet

    Becoming a Bedwetter

    The smell is all part of the bedwetting experience for me.