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  1. I love waking up like this most mornings.
  2. I guess everyone is different. When my bedwetting came back it was a shock but very soon I just slipped back in to my old habits and have had very few dry nights over the last 5 years. My bedwetting just doesn't bother me at all. My wife doesn't see it as a problem and we just get on with life. Above all I actually like being a bedwetter I always did.
  3. Just how I feel. I just get on with life in a nappy and make the best of it. No one cares in any case.
  4. Lovely picture I just love those blue pants.
  5. I am just so lucky my wife accepts me just as I am.
  6. I wouldn't encourage anyone to become incontinent by choice as that would be very irresponsible but I have to say becoming incontinent for me has not been a bad thing at all. True at first it was a shock. My incontinence started with me wetting the bed which gradually became more and more often. Then I started having damp and smelly under wear by the end of the day which got to the stage I needed pads and then nappies. I saw the doctor and was refered to a urologist and then the continence nurse. My incontinence is caused by diabetic related neuropathy and cannot be cured. If I hadn't become both incontinent and impotent I would never have found I was diabetic . After getting over the initial shock I soon settled back in to my old bedwetting habit. I had been a chronic bedwetter as a kid and throughout my teens and to be honest it never bothered me back then and when I finally became dry at night during my 20's I actually missed it. I did a lot of research on the net as i am a curious person and found sites like this along the way. I realised actually lots of people enjoyed being in nappies. I thought this is the way to go why be incontinent and miserable when you can have fun with it and enjoy being in nappies. That was five years ago. I now wet the bed or at least soak my nappy every night. I have very little bladder control during the day and wear nappies or large shaped incontinence pads all the time. I don't find it a big problem and just adjusted my life accordingly although being in nappies has never stopped me doing anything I want. I soon realised being this way has made me a happier and more relaxed person. I used to be a right stress head now I just don't worry about things any more. I wake up every morning soaking wet yet relaxed and happy. I guess what I am saying is everyone is different and for me becoming incontinent was a good thing. I personally wouldn't change a thing.....................Apart from my nappy when it is soaking wet.
  7. Soaking wet as usual this morning. Still in my wet nappy and plastic pants enjoying my morning coffee.
  8. Her bedwetting doesn't bother her nor does it me. To be honest it makes no difference to our relationship. Her bedwetting is so occasional maybe once a month or less that I can understand why she won't wear a nappy to bed.
  9. I sleep in nappies because I wet the bed every night. My wife is an occasional bedwetter but refuses to wear a nappy. When she wets it never wakes her and the wetness sometimes spreads across to my side.
  10. My wife doesn't mind at all that I am a bedwetter but I am sure she would rather I wasn't.
  11. I always sleep through my wetting and wake in the morning soaking wet.
  12. Just take it slowly and above all just act completely normal as if You are wearing normal everyday underwear. I promise you soon you will realise no one notices nor ars. I wear 24/7 now and have done for 5 years and no one ha sever even given me a second glance.
  13. I couldn't agree more. I for one love being incontinent.
  14. I don't think...Actually I know I couldn't manage that. I have long since accepted I will wake up wet every morning and no longer worry about it.
  15. They are not really of any use when you are incontinent like me.