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  1. stevewet

    Questions For Bedwetters

    I wet heavily and sleep through it waking up soaking wet every morning.
  2. stevewet

    Why do you wear diapers?

    Because I am incontinent
  3. stevewet

    I want to become a bedwetter. Need advice

    All very true and why I wear nappies all the time now.
  4. stevewet

    Bedwetting and Ignored

    I wet the bed due to having diabetic neuropathy. Although I see the continence nurse periodically. I was given several tests and attended several follow up appointments at the local urology clinic. They refered me back to my Doctor and the continence service for help in managing my problem as there is no current cure for my problem. I wear tena maxi slips and plastic pants at night and as I am now pretty much incontinent most of the time I wear tena comfort extra pads and net fixing pants during the day.
  5. stevewet

    how did you start to like bedwetting or when

    Great picture and I look forward to reading the new book. Growing up I was a chronic every night bedwetter. I don't ever remember being dry at night until my early teens and even then they few and far between. I wasn't reliably dry at night until my early 20's and all through my adult life I have had episodes of bedwetting. My wetting came back in my late 40's and by the time i turned 50 I was back to nightly wetting and haven't been dry at night since. Once I got over the initial shock I soon settled back in to the habit and now thoroughly enjoy being a bedwetter again and wouldn't want life any other way.
  6. stevewet

    friends that wet as kids

    As far as I am aware none of my closest friends were bedwetters but I knew several kids that were and one or two that wet well in to their teens like me.
  7. stevewet

    I want to become a bedwetter. Need advice

    Above all enjoy your transition in to the world of soggy sheets and wet nappies I did and still do. I love being a bedwetter.
  8. stevewet

    how were your parents

    I often wet deliberately during my teens. I did many many times.
  9. stevewet

    telling others you wet

    I gave up worrying about who knows a long time ago.
  10. stevewet

    Is re-potty training for bedwetting possible?

    I would always say that you should accept regressing to being a bedwetter should be accepted as a permanent step. There is no garuntuee you will be able to regain control.
  11. stevewet

    what do you wear to bed over your diaper

    I sleep in nappies and plastic pants.
  12. stevewet

    friends that wet as kids

    Same in our street. You always knew where the bedwetters lived. Although because back in those days large families were normal you didn't always know just which kids in each house were bedwetters. My sister made sure everyone knew it was me not her in our house. There was never any hiding I was a bedwetter.
  13. stevewet

    my wetting

    Very true.
  14. stevewet

    telling others you wet

    most of my friends and family know I wet the bed.
  15. stevewet

    I want to become a bedwetter. Need advice

    The most important step in becoming a bedwetter is to always think of your self as one and live your life accordingly.