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  1. stevewet

    Age Group

    I am 56 now and have been here about 6 years
  2. stevewet

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    My Mother was the same
  3. stevewet

    Tips for Wearing 24/7?

    The best advice I an give for wearing 24/7 is just get on with it and work it out as you go. Seven years on and it is just part of life for me now. I found out what works and what doesn't and have my own way of doing things. Everyone is different and you will work it out.
  4. Same here too many side effects.
  5. stevewet

    Tips for wearing 24/7

    My sentiments entirely they will never understand.
  6. stevewet


    Ha ha very funny. That's nearly as good as my saying "If you play with pee you will get wet"
  7. I became incontinent in my late 40's due to diabetic related neuropathy and have been in nappies for the last 7 years.
  8. Whatever I do it's in nappies.
  9. stevewet

    That feeling when...

    For the last seven years I have never tried to go without nappies nor been forced to either. My wife fully supports me wearing them so whats the problem.
  10. stevewet

    I am a bedwetter and I don't like it

    Hang in there I'm sure in the end you will be able to accept your incontinence. I found one I did life was much better. My wife helped me a lot by fully supporting me and telling me to stop worrying."Just wear nappies and get on with your life" was her reaction to me moping about. After that I realised she was right. It wa snot like I had lost my legs or was in a wheelchair. Seven years on and wearing nappies is just natural for me.
  11. stevewet

    What is your earliest memory?

    My very earliest memory is standing in my cot crying my eyes out. I think I would be younger than two at the time. My sister hadn't been born as she got the cot and I moved in to a small bed after that.
  12. stevewet

    I am a bedwetter and I don't like it

    It was a shock when my bedwetting suddenly came back but I after a while I had just slipped back in to the habit and it doesn't bother me.
  13. stevewet


    My bedwetting never bothered me either and still doesn't
  14. stevewet

    Couldn’t get comfy

    Why not get a Kylie or washable bed pad.
  15. stevewet

    why do you wet

    My bedwetting came back in my late 40's and within 6 months I was back to nightly wetting. I have had very few dry nights since I turned 50. I just settled back in to old habits and just let my bedwetting increase and did nothing to stop it.