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  1. Aren't these one of THE most expensive diapers on the market?!
  2. My girlfriend has always been accepting of my need for diapers but there's a big difference between being ok with it and being comfortable and confident with it. For a long time I was very self conscious around her when it came to diapers and bed wetting. Now it's completely normal for both of us, we talk about it when it comes up and she sometimes helps me change.
  3. I'm the same, I'm in diapers full time but I wear briefs over the top. Helps to keep diapers from sagging and becoming more noticeable
  4. Yeah, it happens. I dribble constantly but if my bladder is full, it's more of a continual stream. It's not really an issue, you just learn to keep the old diaper in position until the new one goes on. The only time I really think about it is when coming out of the shower, my bathroom floor is tiled so it's easily cleaned up but if I don't put a diaper on, I will dribble all over the floor. I either get dry enough whilst still in the shower so I can put a diaper on immediately, or I use it as a chance to air out, and mop up once diapered again.
  5. I assume that since this is the adult bedwetters forum, the OP intended it to be a question posed to those for whom fetish is not, or at least not their primary reason for diapers. Things are very different when you need diapers
  6. I don't hide it, everyone knows I'm incontinent but I don't particularly have diapers on display. If you opened a cupboard you might see a packet of diapers or spot a used one in the trash but nothing obvious. I do get embarrassed if I have any sort of accident though, even if at home with only my girlfriend around
  7. ID slip supers are my usual night nappy, I find them very good value for money. Premium product, not so premium price but I don't like the company design on them. During the day, I prefer viva medi slips, they are plain and only come in one absorbency. For me the fit is perfect on the mediums and I find them very easy to conceal
  8. My parents attempted to toilet train me at the "normal" age of 3 but I still needed daytime diapers until I was about 10. I've never been dry at night, there's something which affects the males in my family. My father has always been a bedwetter and my nephews who are 6, 9 and 11 are all still in full time diapers despite my sister not having any wetting issues.
  9. I do wear 24/7 now but part of me still likes to think I could get day dry or at least to the point where I don't need full protection. In reality though, I've little control now and mostly just dribble
  10. No. Is the short answer but for me, it's quite a big deal to admit that. Despite being a lifelong bed wetter, I only began wearing diapers during the day about a year ago. I began to have minor control issues during the day, largely caused by laziness if I'm being honest. I didn't like the idea of having to wear a diaper in public so I stopped wearing during the day and attempted to stay daytime dry. I quickly found out that I was unable to deal with the stress of trying to stay dry.
  11. Likewise, although I was caught out the other day and whilst I didn't leak, it became VERY obvious that I was in a diaper. Thankfully no one said anything
  12. If you've been wearing diapers most nights for an extended period of time then it probably has weakened your bladder slightly. Chances are, you probably are dribbling during the night but as you're wearing a diaper, it's not noticeable.
  13. It's not like there's anything she can do about it there and then so why embarrass her. Or she may just not care.
  14. It's difficult to say how long it took to go from training pants to diapers for a couple of reasons. For one, I was in denial about my need for better daytime protection (I did not actively pursue incontinence). Secondly, whilst my bedwetting is severe, I've still some elements of control during the day. As a result, I tend to mix what protection I use, based on what I'm doing. If I'm at home and I've just wet, I sometimes change into training pants which are enough to deal with dribbles but also give some airing out time. However, most of the time at home, I wear a pull up and whilst I do still make it to the bathroom at times, a lot of the time I don't. If I'm going out, it's always a diaper. You'll start to notice soon that there will be certain things that cause a loss of control. For me it was when I was relaxing, watching TV or when standing up after sitting for a long period of time. My first big accident was after a car journey. I became aware of a small wet patch despite having a pad in my boxers but once I stood up and got out of my car, I was unable to hold it in and had a full blown wetting. Fortunately this was just outside my home.
  15. Hi Jaytay I'm a similar age and I've had a similar experience to you. I've always wet the bed and worn a diaper at night but once I started wearing in the early evening whilst relaxing, my daytime control significantly declined. It definitely starts with dribbling and that dribbling will only increase. When I first experienced daytime leaks, I switched my regular underwear to training pants but it got to the stage where because I was constantly damp, I always needed to pee. I now need full protection at all times. You say you're excited for your first accident? You've already had it! I was the same at first, I'd tell myself that it's only a small leak etc but if you can't stay dry, you're incontinent! I understand the embarrassment about telling family, which was always slightly easier for me since they knew I wore diapers at night but it's been a huge adjustment wearing in public. There are ways to gently break it to them. It sounds like at the moment you could get away with wearing a pad. Discuss the fact that you've had a few accidents. Maybe next time, don't hide that you've wet yourself. Remember that you've a legitimate need for protection now. Yes, there will be questions but family will adjust quite quickly to you being incontinent. If you're at the stage where by you're stressed about leaking, you need to be honest with yourself about what protection you need in order to regain your confidence