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  1. Today's todo list for Elfking: See therapist RE: Mum issues Move out of Mum's house. Seriously, what ARE you doing? I'm glad your mum is OK with your choices, as not everyone's parents are, but I'm questioning your motives about all this. The way you write about telling your mom is kinda like how someone would write about telling their girlfriend or wife, or, in your case, I'm gonna say partner. "Yayyy, they're OK with the fact that I wear diapers. Now I've just gotta figure out how to get them to change me. ." I think I can safely assume that you didn't tell her just to 'come out' -- there's clearly more behind this, your words alluded to it. Sounds sick, but, hey, it's your life. Care to divulge your master plan? Good luck, m8.
  2. tris


    Oh shit, the epiphany. Was there a shaft of light and angels vocalizing? It's a Christmas Miracle! That's the point I've been trying to drill home, but y'all are too wrapped up in 'freedom of expression' and gender semantics. Yarly. MENSA Scrabble tournaments at 14. Suck it. Maybe I should be the one to leave -- I'm not a fan of being associated with Drama Queens and morons. #fuckallyall #takingalilbreak
  3. Huggies Naturally Refreshing with Cucumber and Green Tea wipes are pretty kickass, as are the Pampers Thick wipes. The only downside with the Pampers Thick is that they don't appear to come in refill packs, only the travel-like packs. They come in scented, unscented, and sensitive. Haven't gotten to the scented ones yet, but I hope they are just a thicker version of the Baby Fresh wipes, which I liked for the scent, but, they weren't thick or wet enough to handle any kind of diaper change -
  4. tris


    Clarisonic is from the makers of the Sonicare toothbrush. Just like the Sonicare cleans your teeth, it uses sonic vibrations to clean your pores, resulting in clearer, healthier skin. In fact, it's a local product from Pacific Biosciences Labs in Bellevue. Look it up and check it out. Totally worthwhile skincare investment! Can be found at Clarisonic dot com, or from major skincare retailers like Sephora.
  5. tris


    Well, you didn't step in, Mischa did. I wish you had said something earlier, because I know you to be the level-headed one of the bunch. As I said, this didn't have to get out of control. But it did, it happened, and I'm sorry. I think we all just misunderstood each other. @Rain: You're not helping, and we don't need to add to the fracas. You've got a post count less than 10, and haven't even been a member for a year. Sit this one out, okay, buddy?
  6. +1 to Sarah. That's what we're going for in the playroom, as well. A couple of different ideas, though: You could use straight-up wooden dowels, or buy larger pieces and have them lathed at a custom woodworking shop. This would allow you to create some really cool railings.
  7. tris


    Wow. I'm inclined to think that the little Connecticut clique is having a rough week, and maybe is just a tad bit aggressive? If one comment/post can get ALL of you this riled up, there's got to be something else going on. And having been around for a minute, I recall that much of DW's posts have been TG-related. Are we just supposed to forget that you brought all of this up? We wouldn't have near as much of a TG-friendly environment if it weren't for you. But I make one post and suddenly this whole place is TG-UNfriendly? I'm not sure where your anger --which is nearing 'militant' status-- is coming from. I'm not the first person who has pointed that out, and I surely won't be the last. If you were truly as self-accepting as you say you are, then mine, or anyone else's words wouldn't cause you to lash out in the manner that you have. But it would appear that I've touched some truths, lest you wouldn't be so bothered. But please, if you feel that you must leave -- do so! This Community wasn't originally intended to address TGs and the serious issues and drama that accompany it. But we agreed that it was prudent to allow such topics because this is a discussion board, and that's what we do here. The bottom line is this: You started a thread, you asked for feedback, and you got it. There was no implication or guarantee that you were going to like or appreciate the responses.
  8. tris


    So I'm big on skincare, cosmetics, and overall personal care. I've known about these devices for quite some time, as they've been around awhile, but, I've only gotten to use one within the last year. My mom's had problem skin for as long as I can remember. Between stress, poor diet, and hormones, she's looked like she's got the skin of a 14 year old for most of my life. I s'pose part of that might be my fault -- having a baby really does change everything! So anyway, mom's had a Clarisonic for about a couple of years, and when I come over, I've got my own brush head to use. Pretty neat device, makes the skin feel fucking awesome. Fast forward to this holiday season: It's my first year being back in the NW, and she's been SUPER happy to have me around. (Geez, if you had acted like this in '07, I wouldn't have left, bitch!) As a token of her serious appreciation, and because she knows I'm more metrosexual than that . . Uhh. . . Howard. . ?? . . . Politician dude, she got me (and Mommy/gf) one of our own! I let Mommy open gifts early every year because she practically begs, and I cave. Every time. Inside the box that was for 'both of us' was the Clarisonic and and a membership cert to Costco! (I was pretty stoked about that, too!) So, who else has one of these badboys? Like it? Love it? Hate it?
  9. tris

    I Just Saw...

    That's like saying you saw a great Pauly Shore movie. . .
  10. Jesus, what is it with you and the TGs? Who suddenly made you their caped crusader? This thread has NOTHING to do with any specific gender, or the gray areas between them. Again, you're dumb. @Shoelessjoe: Fap Fodder is another term for Spank Bank. They seem to think that you're using this thread as a ploy to collect amateur pics of men in diapers, of which, there seems to be no shortage on the internet. If you were trying to score only female pics, you've failed epically. Maybe this contest would go off better on Diaperspace? I'm not accusing that picture collection was your MO here, but it kinda looks that way. . . And if I could figure out how to have my pictures resized and not take up the ENTIRE screen when I attach them, I'd submit one or two. A little help, maybe?
  11. To analogise: Why would you lust after a Chevy when you've got easier access to a Maserati? For what it's worth, Bambino and Secure both ship VERY discreetly. I can't say that they bill discreetly, though, as the last time I bought a case, the description line on my statement had part of Bambinodiapers.com in it. I do believe that when it cleared, though, it became 'TBHG'. . . Also, both of those diapers are great and cost-effective. While I understand that most Italians spare no expense when it comes to things like clothing and fashion, you must also consider form: Buy the diapers that fit properly, you will be much happier! Check out some of the European ABDL sites. You have a much better selection of diapers over there than the States do, and many places will ship to Italy.
  12. If that's true, it's not working so well. All of the attached pics, with the exception of the photochop, are of people with penises.
  13. I think she's onto something. Suppose if everybody acted all hot and bothered by the TSA patdowns, do you think they'd cool it a little bit? Or would they act like they're super-pimp because they're arousing every person they pat down?
  14. As resident BS detective, I'd volunteer . . .