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  1. pppants

    Do you sleep with someone who wets the bed

    No but my wife sleeps with a periodic bed wetter. ☺️
  2. pppants

    leaking diapers at night

    Since I sleep primarily on my back, the majority of my leaks come from the top in the back if I'm wearing a disposable. My solution for mitigating leaks is to pin a cloth pre-loaded over the top and finish it off with a pair of plastic pants. Cheers
  3. pppants

    My Wife's Acceptance

    As I've stated here before if I've had more than a couple drinks, there's a very good chance I will wet the bed. Since I've started keeping track roughly 3 months ago, I've woken up in a wet bed or soggy diaper 32 times. Now being that I'm a DL with a pee fetish some of those wet diapers were intentional, but I never intentionally pee the bed. The majority of the time I have zero recollection of when I wet throughout the night. Sometimes I vaguely recall waking up while I'm peeing, but those instances are growing fewer and farther between. As the frequency of my accidents has increased, my wife has recently begun making joking comments about me being a bed wetter, which I personally love. I relish her acknowledgement of my problem and enjoy the subtle embarrassment that I feel when she makes fun of me. Since I frequently go to bed before her she'll say things like "should I just go straight to the spare bedroom or do you think you can keep the bed dry tonight" or "try not to piss yourself tonight, would ya?" My wife is accepting of my diaper interests and doesn't mind if I wear around her, but she's made it clear diapers are not her thing. So for as many accidents as I've had she's never been a proponent of me wearing to bed. Until recently that is. On two separate occasions this week shes made it clear she'd be OK with me taking precautions for bed. (Her code for diapering up). Last nigh she jokingly gave me permission to take precautions, but I told her no, I'll be fine. To which she got a little mom-like when she said "that's right babe, dry thoughts, you got this" In the moment I truly believed the bed would fine. However by the time I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed, I was beginning to doubt myself, so I put on a Northshore and plastic pants just to be safe. When I went to give her a kiss before bed she patted my bottom, felt my diaper and said "Good job, that's probably a good call". Sure enough, I woke up wet. She's made several other jokes/references to my wetting and diapers that just make me melt a little whenever she brings it up, but this post is getting long so I'll save those for another time. So ya, that's my story on how my wife is slowly coming to terms with her husband being a diaper wearing bed wetter. - Cheers
  4. pppants

    Any Abdls Near Rocky River, Ohio Or nearby

    Not an AB, but definitely a DL, and periodic bed wetter. I live in North Olmsted, right near the Westlake border.
  5. pppants

    A personal best/worst

    Sure do!
  6. pppants

    A personal best/worst

    Maybe a little contrived. There was no diaper at all despite having a feeling I might wet the bed. And I awoke during the second wetting but did nothing to stop it since the bed was already soaked.
  7. pppants

    A personal best/worst

    Wow is all I can say. I woke up mid-way through what had to be a second wetting this morning. It probably should have been a double cloth w/boosters kinda night. Holy smokes, see below.
  8. So for 5 of the last 6 nights I've worn some sort of protection to bed. Either cloth or a thick disposable if I'd been drinking heavily or a Tena for men pull-ups for regular nights. Until last night the Tena pull-ups were fine for small overnight releasees. (Some intentional, but several involuntary). I'm not sure what happened last night, but I completely flooded my pull-up and leaked all over the bed. Honestly I only recall a single wetting last night and I didn't think it was that substantial. Perhaps that was not my only void last night. Anyway, my wife was not feeling well, so she went to sleep in the spare bedroom as to not disturb me. So when I woke up soaked I thought there was a chance I could his cover this up and deal with it when I get home from work. (She gets home from work a couple hours later than I do) What I didn't plan for was her going and crawling back into our bed for a brief snooze before she had to get ready for work. Naturally she found the towel covering my pee stain and called me out on it when we crossed paths a little later this morning. She didn't seem mad, but was clearly annoyed she couldn't crawl back into our bed this morning. Especially since she's under the weather. Nothing more was said, but I suspect I may need to answer for this accident later. Typically I've not wet the bed when alcohol isn't involved, however last night I didn't drink a drop. So now I'm nervous of the potential inquisition as to this reasoning for this most recent accident. Wed shall see I guess..... I'll keep you guys posted. Cheers
  9. I don't recall the conscious decision to forgo a diaper last night. But clearly I should have been padded.
  10. pppants

    What You Have To Deal With Wearing 24/7

    Ut oh. That's never good. Is the restroom near by, or did you cross paths with anyone on your way to survey the damage? Did anyone see you?
  11. pppants

    Thanks FedEx & Amazon

    I ordered 3 bags of L4's from Amazon and received my shipment yesterday. Unfortunately one side of the box is clearly labeld with what's inside, and the other side was torn at the handle giving a clear glimpse of the diapers inside. Now I could care less if the FedEx driver knows I wear diapers, but I usually try to coordinate my diaper deliveries for when my wife is at work. Not that she cares, but I guess I'm nervous she'll say something about the volume of I've been buying. Anywho, the shipment was scheduled for delivery on Tuesday (when she's working) but showed up 3 days early when we were both home. She opened the door and asked what's this when she saw the big box. The she saw the the hole in the box and said "more disposables huh?" And that was it. Not another word was said, but she now knows I buy diapers by the case. It is what it is I guess. Just thought I'd share
  12. pppants

    A new aspect of my night wetting

    Update: 2nd straight night, not one dribble or drop in my undies! However being that today is Friday, and the booze will likely be flowing tonight, I'm pretty sure my little streak will have come to a wet end by morning. I'm definitely gonna be padded for bed this evening. Cheers!
  13. pppants

    A new aspect of my night wetting

    Update: I'm both happy and sad about this. I'm happy to report I went to bed unprotected last night and woke up to the alarm absolutely bursting, but my undies were completely dry. I'm also slightly saddened as well. I spent a lot of time in the last few days wondering if I really should consider diapers every night. And Im beginning to rationalize it in my head. I came away thinking while it would kinda suck, it'd be best for keeping the mattress and my wife dry every night. One dry night doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. So I guess I'll continue to monitor and play it by ear. Cheers!
  14. pppants

    A new aspect of my night wetting

    Update, kinda: I did some heavy drinking with the wife last night. But since we were intimate just before bed I did not diaper up. There was no doubt about what took place. My undies were definitely more than damp.