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  1. pppants

    I posted a diaper pic to my normal Instagram

    I hear ya, but I literally have never posted to that account. I created it to like my wife's pics, as per her request. It'd be a tough sell based on circumstances. Also being that it was my first post, people got an alert advising of their friends first IG post.
  2. Guys, I fucked up! I just posted a pic of me with my fly wide open and plastic pants exposed with a caption "I'm ready for day drinking" to my personal IG. Not my Ghost account!!! Within 7 minutes I got a text from my best friend asking about it. I told him I'd explain later and I asked not to spread it amongst our friends as he was with a big group for St. Patty. I deleted immediately, and sent a come clean message to my two buddies that I know saw it. The one guys has tried to be reassuring, saying he didn't share and only my other buddy at the party saw it. No clue how this will play out, but it ain't good. Below was my come clean text. Gentleman, I'm going to be very blunt and honest. I suspect I shall be the subject of mocking and ridicule but I owe an explanation. First off...I'm a bit of a closet weirdo. I have a thing for pee. Judge me if you must, but it's just been with me forever 🤷‍♂️ No clue why, but I've always been intrigued/excited with it, it in all its forms. This facenation with pee morphed into an interest in diapers. Which as you know go hand in hand with pee. From time to time I will indulge my diaper interests in the form personal application, and share via a ghost Instagram account. I made a tragic mistake today, and that's what you saw. With all that being said I'm sure you have a ton of questions. And at this point I'm prepared to answer them. Under the condition of "trusting anonymity". Meaning, I know you'll talk with your wives about Weirdo Tom, but I would appreciate/hope it's never spoken about amongst our friend group. While subjectively this is probably 100 times weirder than a foot thing, my biggest fear is having my interests joked about amongst our friend group in my presence. As it stands currently, real or perceived, I already feel like an outsider in out friend group. Ya know on account of not having children and still partying a fair amount. So if you guys could exercise extreme discretion on this subject, it would mean a lot to my continued participation/attendance for group events. In addition, playing dumb or downplaying any chatter in the subject amongst peers who may have seen the pic would be great.
  3. pppants

    First real wetting w/out alcohol

    I was quite excited when I realized I woke up wet with no recollection. In fact I tried to process any dreams I remembered to see if there was a point I could connect in my dream with the subconscious decision to pee. With that in mind I vaguely recall a dream where I was indecisive on whether or not the update this massive spreadsheet with a new formula that could render the file useless if it was wrong. I hemmed and hawed before I finally just said “fuck it, we’re gonna risk it” and everything seemed to work out fine. That’s all I remembered from the dream so I’m guessing that’s when I may have peed....Who knows? I just know I was excited to wake up wet without making any special efforts.
  4. I wet my bed unknowingly without alcohol or taking any special measures last night, for the first time in 30 years.....And I think I know why I had an opportunity to be diapered all weekend and took full advantage by doubling up, drinking copious amounts of liquids and letting go whenever the urge struck me. It was glorious 😃 After being diapered all weekend, I thought it best to air out and not wear to bed last night. Thinking I might have a small spurt escape after a weekend of not holding, I decided to throw on some training pants for bed just in case. I awoke several hours later in a small pool of pee with zero recollection of having gone. I was seriously shocked and confused at first. It tool a couple minutes to register what happened. I legitimately was not expecting to wake up wet. First time in 30 years I've unexpectedly wet the bed!
  5. pppants

    Where will you NOT wear a diaper?

    If I plan on being out for an extended period I won’t wear to a bar anymore. Made that mistake once and leaked EVERYWHERE! Luckily I was wearing dark shorts and my wife covered for me to run home and change.
  6. pppants

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I'm currently wearing a soaked Betterdry with 2 boosters. It's so poofy & squishy! 💦👖💦
  7. pppants

    Abena m4 changed?

    I agree. They definitely feel thinner and cheaper than they were back in the day.
  8. pppants

    Hoarding diapers, but why?

    My problem is I'm well beyond ever purging again. My wife knows and I don't have to hide anything 😃
  9. pppants

    Hoarding diapers, but why?

    I got a single pack of Megamax with my case of Betterdry's yesterday l and I absolutely love them! I know what my next case order is gonna be!! 😊
  10. pppants

    Hoarding diapers, but why?

    I’m not sure why I do this, but it recently occurred to me I may be a diaper hoarder of sorts. I find that whenever I buy a case of a new diaper I’ve never tried, I typically save one unopened pack and set it aside for later. I’m not entirely sure what later means though, as whenever I’m “running low”, I find myself re-upping on more day to day level dips. For a while my order was a usually a case of Abena L4's and a single pack of a premium diaper I wanted to try. I typically only wear the premium dips for extended recreational lounge days or nights I've been drinking heavily, and use the Abena's as my day to day diaper. Abena's arent great, but still an above average diaper, for cheap). Anywho upon receiving my case of Betterdry's yesterday I noticed I've gotta rethink storage for all my unopeneds. The list this far includes 1 PeekABU 1 Northshore Supreme 1 Confidry 24/7 1 Rearz Supreme overnight 4 Betterdry 2 Abena I may have a problem 🤷‍♂️ Does anyone else "hoard" diapers?
  11. pppants

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    DL for sure
  12. pppants

    How does your partner feel about your bedwetting?

    My wife has been really supportive since I started wetting the bed. And she's gotten really comfortable with me wearing diapers to keep the bed dry. She's no longer put off when I wake up soaked and start grinding my soggy diaper against her luscious booty either. (Can't help it, it feels amazing). She still won't engage in sexy times if I'm wearing, but the other day she squeezed the front of my squishy diaper and felt my boner poking through. She said go take that thing of and get back here to bed. Months ago if I was diapered especially in a wet one , id have no shot at getting any lovin. She's been awesome, I'm so lucky!
  13. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    She never said a word.
  14. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    That's awesome. I'm glad you found a cost effective solution. It feels like the trade off is several changes being required throughout the day. But hey, whatever works. Right? I personally only wear for recreation during the day. At night however, after a few drinks diapers have become a necessity if I want a dry bed in the AM.
  15. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    This is my first foree into ABDL diapers. Previously I've only ever wornd the typical medical dips (Confidry, Abena, Molicares, Northshore, etc). I don't identify as AB, I'm purely DL, but the reviews were so good and they looked so squishy I just had to try them. I've gotta say, I kinda dig the little guy peeking outta my waistband. And I love the extra crinkle of the plastic from landing zone