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  1. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    I've had a couple of wet experiences with my wife unfortunately she is not really into it unless she's really drunk and desperate. However the two scenarios you described involving one person wetting the diaper the other person is wearing have always been huge fantasies of mine. She's fine with me wearing diapers around her, but wants no part of it. So the chance of me being diaperd in a sexy setting is very slim. So it'd be hard to whimsicaly ask her to wet my diaper when she's drunk and could be more inclined. Plus it's kinda a weird ask..."Will you wet my pants?" lol Someday I'll work up the nerve to make this request.
  2. I diapered up around 6:30 last night in a Confidry 24/7 with a couple boosters and gradually sipped water while watching TV for several hours before bed. I wet a couple times before bed, but determined there was still plenty of capacity in my diaper for overnight, so I put on some plastic pants and off to bed I went. I only recall consciously wetting once last night, but based on the swollen state of my diaper this morning I'm thinking I must have peed other times unknowingly. (If that actually is the case this would be my first unconscious sleep wetting without the help of alcohol since I was potty trained) Anywho, traditionally when I sleep in a diaper I wake up have some coffee wet my diaper again and rub one out in the warm squishyness before hopping into the shower. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to masturbate today, because my wife and I are trying to conceive and I need to let my swimmers build up for sexy times tomorrow. So without the gratification blasting my load into my soggy diaper, I was dreading having to take it off and get in the shower. Needless to say I procrastinated as long as possible, enjoying my wet dip until the last possible minute. But eventually had to man up get ready and be an adult today. Anyone else ever keep their diapers on until the last possible minute before a work day?
  3. Partying in a wet diaper

    Nothing weird about it. In this community those feelings are generally the norm. Cheers
  4. Partying in a wet diaper

    I’ve gotta ask.....With as puffy and squishy as that diaper looks, how can people not have noticed? Also, no leaks? It must have been the baggiest jeans/ long shirt combo ever to hide that! Regarless, good for you! Sounds like an awesome time
  5. Have you ever dated a bedwetter

    About a month into dating my eventual wife, she wet the bed one night and was absolutely mortified. I found it to be very sexy, but being so new in our relationship I didn't dare tell her that. I just tried to be supportive and understanding. She's only wet my bed once, but on two separate occasions when camping she soaked our sleeping bags and tent after marathon days of beer drinking. Aside from those three incidents she's been reliably dry at night the entire rest of our relationship. I however can not say the same. While I've never had nighttime wetting issues before 6 months ago..... Nowadays if I've been drinking heavily there's a 75% I'll wet the bed or my diaper. Like this morning for example. I had more than a few drinks last night and woke up soaked, with no recollection of peeing. Despite not being a bed wetter when we met my wife has been insanely understanding with my new problem. She jokes about it sometimes and says her and her nurse peers would refer to me as intermittently incontinent. Which for some reason I enjoy. I find the allure of uncontrolled wetting very intriguing, and even if it's not truly accurate I love when my wife refers to me as such. I.E. a helpless bedwetter.
  6. 37. Prior to then I hadn’t needed diapers for bed wetting since I was potty trained as a child. However in the last 6 months the need for night diapers has become critical to maintaining a dry bed if I’ve been drinking. Id say I wet unknowingly 75% of the nights i drink nowadays.
  7. Wetting Yourself Awake?

    For whatever reason I couldn't get this pic to upload when I made the initial post. But these are my slightly stained trainers.
  8. Wetting Yourself Awake?

    So in recent weeks when I've had 2-3 beers prior to bed I've not had any full blown bedwetting accidents, but have been jolted awake because my bladder has thought it was OK to pee, but my subconscious knows better. We've all likely been there....Sound asleep but then something seems off. Like "this isn't right, WAKE UP! And you wake up mid-stream, or just as the damn bursts and you're at the onset of wetting the bed, but then you snap to it and realize this is bad. Well this has happened like 4 times in the last three weeks, so I've started wearing training pants to bed. No need for a full blown diaper, but something is needed to keep the small wet spots off the bed. Since they barely get damp, I feel like a fool for putting them through the wash, plus I kinda dig the stains. I enjoy the specific yellow rings that denotes each mini accident. With all that said I'm curious if anyone else ever pees themselves awake?
  9. How many wear 2 plastic panties at once?

    If we're talking about a layer of protection over a disposable under your clothes the PUL pants work great. However, they should not be used exclusively when wearing cloth....Especially to bed!
  10. How many wear 2 plastic panties at once?

    If I'm wearing cloth to bed I've got a pair of Garywear PUL pants that keep everything in place, but even though they don't leak so to speak, the outside of the material always feels damp. As a result I wear plastic lined flannel panties over top of the PUL cover and everything feels dry on the outside come morning. The inside.... Not so much. In fact I weighed my soaked dbl cloth and boosters the morning after a night of heavy drinking and range in at a resounding 9.75 pounds! So yeah soaked cloth necessitates dbl plastic pants for me.
  11. Bed wetting question

    I'm only capable of wetting unknowingly in my sleep if I've been drinking heavily. At this point is almost always a guarantee, that if I've been boozing I'll wake up wet with zero recollection of peeing. Be it a soaked diaper or soggy bed. I'd say it happens probably 95% of the time. This wasn't something I trained for, but rather it happened organically after I opened up to my wife about my interest in diapers and wetting. Prior to opening up to my wife, I'd never EVER wet the bed, regardless of how drunk I was. Once I got the green light to wear diapers in the presence of my wife, subconsciously my body thinks it's ok to pee while sleeping. My wife has been insanely understanding about my new found bedwetting problem. As long as I address the laundry she rarely says anything about it when I wet the bed. Occasionally she jokes and busts my balls when it happens. Then I sheepishly apologize for inadvertently peeing on her. Then she says "it's ok babe accidents happen". It makes me feel embarrassed when she says something, but I oddly enjoy it whenever she does bring it up. It makes for much more laundry these days, but I personally love this development. Cheers
  12. Even when I'm not diapered most days I still like to sprinkle a healthy dose of baby powder down the front of my boxer briefs. I love the smell and enjoy the little whiff I get when I I unbuckle to use the restroom at work. Not that it makes me feel little or anything, but it subtly reminds me of my new lifestyle, where my wife allows me to wear my diapers at home. And I love it! With that said I was curious if anyone else gives themselves a baby powder dusting in their regular undies?
  13. Happy New Year!

    Anyone else wake up to a soaked bed in 2018? Pic or it didn't happen.
  14. Who woke up wet this morning?

    I woke up soaked, but the bed remained dry thanks to two cloth pre-folds and a booster! Ya gotta love cloth!
  15. No leaks last night.....Finally!

    A little on the poofy side, but I love it.