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  1. pppants

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    DL for sure
  2. pppants

    How does your partner feel about your bedwetting?

    My wife has been really supportive since I started wetting the bed. And she's gotten really comfortable with me wearing diapers to keep the bed dry. She's no longer put off when I wake up soaked and start grinding my soggy diaper against her luscious booty either. (Can't help it, it feels amazing). She still won't engage in sexy times if I'm wearing, but the other day she squeezed the front of my squishy diaper and felt my boner poking through. She said go take that thing of and get back here to bed. Months ago if I was diapered especially in a wet one , id have no shot at getting any lovin. She's been awesome, I'm so lucky!
  3. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    She never said a word.
  4. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    That's awesome. I'm glad you found a cost effective solution. It feels like the trade off is several changes being required throughout the day. But hey, whatever works. Right? I personally only wear for recreation during the day. At night however, after a few drinks diapers have become a necessity if I want a dry bed in the AM.
  5. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    This is my first foree into ABDL diapers. Previously I've only ever wornd the typical medical dips (Confidry, Abena, Molicares, Northshore, etc). I don't identify as AB, I'm purely DL, but the reviews were so good and they looked so squishy I just had to try them. I've gotta say, I kinda dig the little guy peeking outta my waistband. And I love the extra crinkle of the plastic from landing zone
  6. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    I did, and they're fantastic! Been holding for a bit, so I had a decent initial wetting to warm them up right away! After a 20 second wee, I barely felt wet and visually you can hardly notice anything. I've heard rumors they swell beyond belief. That's the goal tonight. But I don't want to go to bed in a wet one and risk leaking. So I've gotta hydrate quickly if I'm to get my monies worth outta this one before bed.
  7. pppants

    Simultaneously Excited, Happy & Nervous

    The on sale bit was what I was prepared to respond with had there been any inquiries. To this point there's been nothing said. Upon arriving home I noticed the box sitting in the foyer, but I ignored it in favor of greeting my wife and chatting about the day whilst she's preparing dinner. Then a short wile later I retrieved the box and quietly walked past her to carry out downstairs. Still nothing has been said. At this point I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm going to put one on. We're currently having happy hour cocktails on our porch whilst dinner is in the oven. I'm still trying to guage her mood. We shall see.
  8. I ordered a couple packs of PeekABU's last week that were slated for delivery tomorrow when my wife is at work. Unfortunately I got an alert that they were delivered today. So since 1:00 today I've been daydreaming about getting home and taping one on, but I'm a bit nervous for the response from my wife when I get home. She rarely says anything when I receive diaper shipments but that's because I stratigicly plan delivery when she's away. However my last two shipments have arrived a day early and she's been home to receive them both. This wouldn't be a big deal except I just received a case of L4s last week. She's fine with me doing my own thing with what she calls "my special underpants" but 50 diapers delieverd in less than a week may raise some questions. I guess we shall shall see. Regardless, I'm pumped for my new dips!
  9. Typically no, we don't advise the other of a miss- delivered package unless we happen to cross paths when we're dropping the package. As far as the M4 L4 confusion, I was once smaller and rocked the M4s. I blindly typed what popped into my head. M4 L4 who cares? It's a cost effective decent quality dip.
  10. Shit, good call. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. This is the second time the handle on the Abena case was torn upon delivery. The first time was not nearly as noticeable as this. Clearly a design flaw. They either need to use double walled boxes, or ditch the handles all together.
  12. I had a case of M4s delivered yesterday, and there's no denying what was in the box. In addition to the Abri-form indicator written on the side, the box handle had been ripped and was clearly showing there were diapers in there. I guess I don't really care if some random FedEx guy knows I order adult diapers by the case, but my Amazon packages are frequently mis-delivered and placed on my neighbor's porch. When this happens he or I respectfully place the package on the correct owners porch with no notice. With that in mind I've got no way of knowing if that happened yesterday or it was delivered correctly. I'm not sweating it, but it's a little unnerving not knowing if someone else other than wife my knows about my diapers.
  13. pppants

    Do you sleep with someone who wets the bed

    No but my wife sleeps with a periodic bed wetter. ☺️
  14. pppants

    leaking diapers at night

    Since I sleep primarily on my back, the majority of my leaks come from the top in the back if I'm wearing a disposable. My solution for mitigating leaks is to pin a cloth pre-loaded over the top and finish it off with a pair of plastic pants. Cheers
  15. pppants

    My Wife's Acceptance

    As I've stated here before if I've had more than a couple drinks, there's a very good chance I will wet the bed. Since I've started keeping track roughly 3 months ago, I've woken up in a wet bed or soggy diaper 32 times. Now being that I'm a DL with a pee fetish some of those wet diapers were intentional, but I never intentionally pee the bed. The majority of the time I have zero recollection of when I wet throughout the night. Sometimes I vaguely recall waking up while I'm peeing, but those instances are growing fewer and farther between. As the frequency of my accidents has increased, my wife has recently begun making joking comments about me being a bed wetter, which I personally love. I relish her acknowledgement of my problem and enjoy the subtle embarrassment that I feel when she makes fun of me. Since I frequently go to bed before her she'll say things like "should I just go straight to the spare bedroom or do you think you can keep the bed dry tonight" or "try not to piss yourself tonight, would ya?" My wife is accepting of my diaper interests and doesn't mind if I wear around her, but she's made it clear diapers are not her thing. So for as many accidents as I've had she's never been a proponent of me wearing to bed. Until recently that is. On two separate occasions this week shes made it clear she'd be OK with me taking precautions for bed. (Her code for diapering up). Last nigh she jokingly gave me permission to take precautions, but I told her no, I'll be fine. To which she got a little mom-like when she said "that's right babe, dry thoughts, you got this" In the moment I truly believed the bed would fine. However by the time I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed, I was beginning to doubt myself, so I put on a Northshore and plastic pants just to be safe. When I went to give her a kiss before bed she patted my bottom, felt my diaper and said "Good job, that's probably a good call". Sure enough, I woke up wet. She's made several other jokes/references to my wetting and diapers that just make me melt a little whenever she brings it up, but this post is getting long so I'll save those for another time. So ya, that's my story on how my wife is slowly coming to terms with her husband being a diaper wearing bed wetter. - Cheers