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  1. Babble = Chat

    man i'll sure be glad when chat comes back,i miss my friends.can't get in to babble says i'm loged in elsewhere.
  2. Incon question

    I have urge incontinence too.due to diabetes,neropathy,medicines,cyst on my kidney.uroligist give me 2 meds,but says no cure cause of situation an age.so I mange with cloth diapers and plastic pants at night an away from home.
  3. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    cool,he an I are friends too.
  4. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    lexie mommy,if I can do anything to help just ask.i have loved cloth diapers most of my life.i do a wash load every other day,but wet diapers beats wet beds for sure.would you like to be friends?
  5. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    hi lexis mommy,i am a cloth diaper user also,due to a now medical need.they are more work,but I think more comfortable and dependable and we save money too.
  6. Abdl baby boy in Sav ga

    hi I am a male and live in savannah too,would love to chat if you like?
  7. Birdseye Cloth Prefolds

    try www.baby-pants.com
  8. love your cloth diaper,cloth is all I wear too.

  9. pain in the ass

    I know about this pain.in the last year I have repaired or replaced my refrigerator,washing machine,dryer,hot water heater,central air condiationer.i live in the south where it is very warm and wear cloth diapers.it gets exspensive and breaks when you can't afford it.use the laundry mat sometimes it can be a pain,or fun to see other mommys wash their kids diapers too.it could make interesting conversation.i have been ask about my diapers there so i'm honest and tell them I have a medical need for them.
  10. How Old Are We ?

    me 63 in December.
  11. Easter Sunday Morning

    cool story I think lots of us can identify with this story and cloth diapers.
  12. hi mommy huggie I think you're pretty would love to chat with you.

  13. New here, but I'm an "old" baby.

    hi and welcome .I too was on dpf way back when and chats with many members,sure would like to catch up with some of them now.
  14. helo friend,long time no see.hope all is well and wet.

  15. What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    my favorite is curity flat cloth diapers and plastic pants.it is all I remember my whole childhood.