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  1. hello,i too use cloth diapers with plastic pants.due to diabetes,neropathy,urge incontinent.i wear nightly and away from home.i am 63 years old.

  2. Best flats

    I buy the purity flats 4 layer and I like them
  3. Wisdom Teeth

    my trip to the dentist,i give me 18 shots of numbing meds.and I had 18 teeth pulled in one sitting.next day he fitted me for dentures,but with the swelling they have never fit right.the pain was moderate and could not eat that day,i tried and it all ended up on me,looked like feeding a baby,lol.
  4. cool,mamabug,i love this so far an look to reading more,sounds like things I have onlt dreamed about.lol.
  5. Think I got a diaper rash

    try anti fungal powder like you put on jock itch or your feet,stay clean,dry.
  6. cloth pullups

    try www.baby-pants,com they call them trainers,but they are quite thick.
  7. My first onsie ever!

    I just got my first good onsie yesterday,washed and dried it,plan to wear to bed tonight.i snaps in crotch.
  8. Hiya, I noticed you had started following me.

    I wonder why, I'm lost too!

    Only joking, I've been a member here for many years and been an icon for more years than that.

    It all started just after my 40th Birthday, I'm now 54, so quite a while now.

    I gave up on disposables as they just have never worked reliably for me, especially at night, so I wear cloth for bed.

    Don't be shy, come say hello.

    1. poobrat


      I started following you because of our similarities,i only wear cloth diapers with plastic pants too.look at my bio an you will see more on me,lol.i am a 63 yr. old straight male,widowed after 32 year marriage.so hello and lets be friends .happy diapering.

    2. jbz2079


      Hiya, I only use cloth diapers because I can't find any disposables that actually work for sleeping in.

      I'm 55 this year and first had inco problems when I 40 years old.

      I'm straight too and at the moment unattached, I'm not sure how many ladies would want a 55 year old with a bladder like a sieve, type two diabetes, disc damage in lower back and arthritis everywhere.

      Having been a mechanic and working in engineering most of my working life my hands are ruined by Arthritis which is both painful and very annoying as it limits what I can do, some days holding a mug of tea can be a challenge.

      I also have a full licence to drive buses and coaches, I have been doing some part time work since September, but have stopped doing it now as getting up at 5am five days a week is not sustainable.

      My little dog, a Jack Russel Terrier called Meg like that I have more time for her, instead of her waiting for hours in the car for me.

      Catch up soon. John.

    3. poobrat


      hi,i use cloth diapers for sleeping,an away from home some like long outings,movies,etc.i too am not sure i'll ever find another lady that wants me with my health problems.i have type 2 diabetes,diabetic neropathy,osteo arthritis,disarthmia,.I barely walk anymore,i use a cane at home and electric scooter when I shop.i have had an attraction to cloth diapers since I was 8 yr.old.my mom died an step mom had an infant boy(1964).all cloth diapers then.when my dad left her,we moved to Nebraska an lived around my cousins an always babies in the house.i have been on disability for a number of years.spent most of my life working security and law enforcement (correction officer),14 years in hospital security,10 years in bank security.i had a cdl to drive tractor trailers,etc.i gave it up cause I felt I would not pass a d.o.t. psychal.i live alone in south ga. with my cat I call patches,got him from humane society after wife died.i use mostly prefold adult cloth diapers,but have some flats too.i use diaper pins,an snapi to fasten my diapers.i use pull on style plastic pants.after I got the neropathy several years ago I was diagnosed with urge incontinence an oab.dr. has said no cure.so to keep the bed dry and get rest at night I talked with my wife an returned to diapering nightly with cloth since we found out medicare will not pay for disabables,which I dislike any way,lol.several years ago.take care,Dennis

  9. New guy on the block

    hi Eugene I am a 63 yr. old male and wear cloth diapers to.i am diabetic and have neropathy with urge incontinence.i want to welcome you here an look forward to being your friend too,lets chat sometime.
  10. Doctors today

    I saw my urologist yesterday.i see her every 6 months.she knew when she started seeing me in have urge incontinence caused by diabetes and neropathy.she has me on 2 different meds,but they seem to make no difference.she said at my age there is most likely no cure,short of surgery on prostate.i told her no surgery period and at first visit I told her I was using cloth diapers to manage it.yesterday she asked how many diapers I go thru daily and said since no change in my problem and i'm manageing with diapers mostly at night or away from home,that she just wants to see me back for a visit in another 6 months.she would send a message to my primary dr. that I seen her and no change.both dr' have it on my record that I wet an need diapers.
  11. Hi, I'm from Nebraska

    hi,i grew up in nebr. as a kid till I was 12.lived in merna,callaway,broken bow.born in Omaha.lived in council bluff too till I was 8 yr old.
  12. Full-Time Mommy For A Full-Time Baby

    wow,he is one lucky baby.i'd love to find a mommy like this to come into my life and live.
  13. Loosing hope

    hi,i don't know for sure if it helps,but talk with the funeral director that handled things for you or your county coronor office.these people may be of help?
  14. medical reasons that require us to wear diapers

    I have diabetes with bph and neropathy,urge incontinence.
  15. Any Pipe Smokers Out There?

    I smoked a pipe for several years till my blood pressure went thru the roof.hospital told me I was nearly stroke city,if I wanted to live stop smokeing period.