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  1. poobrat

    I thought I Got Away With It..... Nope!

    sounds like someone might end up in thick diapers and plastic pants nightly from now on.
  2. poobrat

    Hi all

    hi Collins welcome to our world.sit back get comfy and join in when you feel like it.
  3. poobrat

    OldRubberPants (ORP)

    hi old rubber pants,i'm in your age group too an do enjoy cloth diapers.i think we have met in the chat,nice to have another cloth user on board.
  4. poobrat

    First urologist visit-suggested diapers.

    I too have had urge incontinence for several years.i was having trouble making it to a bathroom on time an getting up multiple times each night to urinate.my primary care doctor set me up to see a urologist.he did a test and said I was not fully empty after I went already.it started with diabetes and neropathy in my feet and hands and now my bladder.i didn't like my urologist he always made comment "I had couldn't get the key in the door fast enough syndrome",i thought he was a smart ass.when he quit his practice I tranfered to a female dr.uroligist she has put me on 2 different meds,1 for the urge problem and the other for an enlarged prostate gland.they also found I have cyst in my kidney too.while I am better ,I still pee multiple times a day and most nights if not diapered i'm up 2 or 3 times with short notice.i have had bedwetting accidents.i told my urologist no surgerys,that I will wear diapers the rest of my life.i told her I am using cloth diapers and she just ask me,if I knew how to keep them clean?it was my late wife original idea that I go back to cloth diapers at night an get my rest ,also not keep her awake getting up in the night.in my state medicare does not pay for any incontinent supplies.so we invested in cloth diapers again,i have no intention now of giving them up,i like wearing at least nightly.enen though I live alone now.maybe one day i'll find another good women.
  5. poobrat

    New DL here

    hi baby dl i to to wear for medical need but have loved cloth diapers my whole life.looks like you enjoy cloth diapers?
  6. poobrat

    Introductions and a question!

    cloth diapers are the only diapers for me.
  7. poobrat

    Thickly Diapered

    love this cloth diapered pic.
  8. poobrat

    Toys R Us

    hi angela,while I have never used a diaper service,i have read that these services do sell their diapers to people,maybe you can purchase a cloth supply from them before its to late to get their adult diaper service,best wishes for you.
  9. hello,i too use cloth diapers with plastic pants.due to diabetes,neropathy,urge incontinent.i wear nightly and away from home.i am 63 years old.

  10. poobrat

    Best flats

    I buy the purity flats 4 layer and I like them
  11. poobrat

    Wisdom Teeth

    my trip to the dentist,i give me 18 shots of numbing meds.and I had 18 teeth pulled in one sitting.next day he fitted me for dentures,but with the swelling they have never fit right.the pain was moderate and could not eat that day,i tried and it all ended up on me,looked like feeding a baby,lol.
  12. cool,mamabug,i love this so far an look to reading more,sounds like things I have onlt dreamed about.lol.
  13. poobrat

    Think I got a diaper rash

    try anti fungal powder like you put on jock itch or your feet,stay clean,dry.
  14. poobrat

    cloth pullups

    try www.baby-pants,com they call them trainers,but they are quite thick.
  15. poobrat

    My first onsie ever!

    I just got my first good onsie yesterday,washed and dried it,plan to wear to bed tonight.i snaps in crotch.