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  1. Getting in the season...

    sounds beautiful,wonder do they ever tour southern Georgia?
  2. Adorable art

    I think your art is cute.
  3. Sissies In Cloth Diapers

    I grew up in the cloth diaper generation .I have loved cloth diapers since I was 8 years old.now that I have a medical need for diapers too,cloth diapers with plastic pants are all I wear or own.
  4. Sleep Apnia Contributed To Bedwetting

    I have sleep apnea too.also diabetes with neropathy,high bp,etc.dr. has me on meds for all this.even with a sleep apnea mask,if not diapered,i get up 4 times a night and wake up with the pasty mouth still.i keep a drink by my bedside to help a little bit.my diapers are soaked every morning.
  5. Need some time

    mike this is a tough thing to go thru.take your time.sorry for your loss ,will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
  6. Old Commercials & Little Space

    oh yes,i loved the ivory snow detergent commercials as well as dreft for diapers.some old curity cloth diaper commercials when I was younger.
  7. Disability Fetish?

    i do not have AS but i am disabled.i have have severe osteo arthritis,diabetes,neropathy,urge incontinence,etc. i walk at home with a cane,but need an electric scooter when shoping etc.i wear cloth diapers nightly and away from home to stay dry.
  8. hi I am a chatter here and I have started a go fund me site to help me repair my hurricane damaged home.if you are interested please e mail me at [email protected] .net I will give you my name at the go fund me site.you can read my post there and donate if you like too? all help is appreciated.thank you
  9. Remodelled Nursery

    love the room and your crib.
  10. Diapers just changed

    I try not to potty like that cause of clean up.but do have a potty pail rinse system for the dirty diapers,lol.
  11. Miley Cyrus SNL

    cool I love it,would like to play with her.
  12. PLEASE READ: Where we are

    take care of parents first an formost mike.my parent are both gone now they are of your most importance now.
  13. Medical Bills be crazy!

    my late wife was in stroke icu for 12 days before she died,first bill was $101,000.00
  14. the 'joy of bedwetting'?

    sport i'm diabetic too and have at least needed at night an away from home.i'm now a widow,but late wife knew a long time ago I wore an now need.