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  1. duluthdiapers

    How soon do you sit down

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE to sit in a warm, full, poopy dydee! 🤭 I'm usually kneeling on my hands and knees, pretending that I'm a baby in a playpen when I fill my pants (diapers). As feel the seat of my diaper and fill and expand with warm poop, I wait until I have finished with my "big job" and then I sit down. The very moment of sitting down in my warm, full poopy diaper is pure bliss. I love to feel the warm poop mash and spread all over by bottom and up my crack. It is hard to explain, but in some ways the very act of pooping my pants and sitting in a poopy diaper awakens long forgotten memories with me. It is as if, every time I pooped my pants as a baby was stored in my subconscious memory and then those infantile memories come to the surface with I sit in a poopy diaper. So, to answer your question, within 2 to 4 minutes of filling my pants, I am sitting down in my poopy diaper feeling so blissful and euphoric. 😊
  2. duluthdiapers

    Let’s face it the REAL reason our fetish is controversial

    I guess I have to disagree with most (but not everyone) here in their replies. I believe, based upon my own experiences with diapers and how people view them is that our "fetish" (if you want to call it that) is hated and feared because it involves going to the bathroom in our pants; long past the age of potty training. Let's face it, even if you do not use diapers for their intended purpose, that is in fact, their intended purpose: to contain the pee and poop in our "pants." When I was growing up in the 1960s, the era of cloth diapers and rubber pants, there was an "attitude" or "view" about "going to the bathroom in your pants." If a toddler wasn't potty trained by the age of two, either the child or the parents were viewed suspiciously: like something was wrong with them. Diapers and rubber pants (what babies wear) were often used as punishment on older children who misbehaved or acted "too big for their britches." The line that separated the worlds of infancy (babyhood) and that of being a "big boy or girl" was diapers and rubber pants. Phrases like, "He's still in diapers" or "She still goes in her pants" were meant to put a child (or adult) in their place by reminding the person that they had to be diapered and that they still "go in their pants." I believe this, more than all the things listed in this discussion, are the real reasons we and our "fetish" are viewed with contempt and fear. Think about it. EVERY HUMAN BEING was in diapers at one time, peeing and pooping their pants in public (at church, home, malls, etc) when they were babies. And these people who judge us, and fear us, well, they all peed and pooped their pants with abandon when they were infants: grunting and tooting, and filling their diapers for their mothers to change. Isn't that really everyone's fear? A "normal" person's fear? When we openly wear or talk about diapers, 99% of all the "normal" people out there KNOW that at one time, they too were in diapers peeing and pooping their pants. We, I think, remind them of their own time spent in diapers peeing and pooping their pants for the first 2 to 4 years of their life. Maybe I'm wrong, but that is my opinion.
  3. duluthdiapers

    Favorite poopy

    My favorite poopy are those that are semi-sold, but very gassy with lots of embarrassing tooting sounds. In my mind's eye, I am an infant or toddler again, in the 1950s, in thick cloth diapers and rubber pants, playing in my playpen in the living room. When I feel that awful fullness in my tummy that begins to cramp, I begin to pass gas (toot) uncontrollably, as a large mass of semi-soft, semi-sold poop pushes past my butt cheeks, and starts to fill up the back of my diaper. I am unable to stop it or control it as my bottom toots again and an even bigger mass of semi-solid poop pushes my butt cheeks apart and covers my bottom with a warm, semi-soft mass of poop that is filling up the back of my diaper. It smells like a sewer or a stockyard, as my infant body automatically pushes out another gassy load of poop into the seat of my pants (diapers.) The pungent telltale odor of poop wafts up from my pants and hangs in the air as I feel my mother lifting up the back of my shirt and gently pulling back my diaper and rubber pants to confirm her suspicions. "Shooo-wee!" She says, seeing the large soft brown mess that has reached the top of my butt crack and filled the back of my diaper. My mother and her friends were debating if I was just tooting or doing "something else" in my pants. "Yep, he messed his britches." She tells them, seeing the poop in my diaper. After checking the back of my diaper, and confirming her suspicions, my mother sits me back down in my playpen, as the warm, soft poop spreads across my bottom and spreads to my private parts. I sit there in my playpen, happily playing in a warm poopy diaper as my mother goes to the nursery to get diapering supplies to change me. That, is my favorite poopy and fantasy. 🤭
  4. This is for ABDLs who love pooping their pants. Are diaper checks by mommy part of your fantasy? From my very earliest memories, nothing has excited me more then the thought of mommy pulling back my diaper and looking for a poopy bottom, especially when she does it in front of other people. When I was a little boy, I loved to see moms checking their babies pants for poop. We always had lots of other moms at our house visiting my mom, usually with their babies in tow. A dozen times a day when they were visiting my mom I would see a mom at our house suddenly stop in mid conversation, sniff the air, and then pull back their baby's pants looking for confirmation of a poopy bottom. (My mom always called these diaper checks, "confirming her suspicions.") I remember one mom, who always dressed her toddler in bib overalls (with the snaps in the crotch). He would be playing at our house when suddenly his mom was sniffing the air behind him. Then, because he was wearing bib overalls, and it was impractical to pull open the back of his diaper for a peek, his mom would pulling him close to her and then gently feel and massage the bulge in the seat of his pants, obviously squishing the poop as she massaged and kneaded his bottom, announcing to everyone in the room, "Yep, he pooped his pants." So is this part of your poopy diaper fantasy? It sure is with mine. In my fantasy, my mommy always checks my pants (diapers) for poop in front of other moms in the most embarrassing ways you can think of, usually by pulling open the back of my pants, leaning in for a close look and sniffing as she peeks inside my diaper: with a half a dozen moms all smiling and watching. Goodness gracious! That is soooooo embarrassing!
  5. duluthdiapers

    When did you start pooping in your pants?

    My first conscious memory of pooping my pants when I was "out" of diapers happened when I was around 2 or 2 1/2. My mother was potty-training me and had taken me out of diapers and put me in "big-boy" training pants. We were getting ready to go the store, my mom had dressed me in training pants and a pair of jeans made for toddlers. When I felt the urge to poop, instead of telling my mom and trying to use the potty, I went behind a door to hide and thoroughly loaded my training pants with poop. I then went back out and played with my toys for a while while my mom finished getting ready to go to the store. I remember sitting in my poopy training pants and jeans and how good it felt to poop my pants again like I had been doing since I was born and put into diapers. When my mom came into the living room, she smelled it right away and she flipped out in a rage and took me to the bathroom to clean the poop off. Once I was clean again, she took me to her bedroom where she had put away my cloth diapers, rubber pants, diaper pins and baby powder. (We shared a room at my grandma's house.) I remember she laid me down on her bed naked from the waist down and said, quote; "If you want to act like a baby, then I'll put you back in diapers and treat you like a baby. Then you can poop your pants all you want!" This was not an idle threat. This was not just a burst of rage from my mother. My mom proceeded to powder my bottom with baby powder and diaper me with my cloth diapers and rubber pants. My mom then kept me in diapers and rubber pants until I was around 5 years old. During that time in diapers, I vividly remember many times of pooping my pants, including at daycare, where they put me in the 2 year-old room because even though I was 4 and 5, I was still in diapers unlike the other 4 and 5 year-olds. Then, at the age of 6 I was "out" of diapers but I had an intense desire to return to diapers and infancy. I knew then, at the age of 6 that I was "different" from the other kids because I wanted to be a baby again, in diapers, pooping my pants.
  6. duluthdiapers

    How Does Pooping Feel To You

    For me, pooping my pants (diapers) is TIME-TRAVEL. When I'm in cloth diapers and rubber pants, and I feel that familiar rumble in my tummy, my mind takes me back to 1959, to my mom's house where I'm a 9 to 14 month-old baby again playing in the living room. As my the pressure builds inside my tummy, I uncontrollably let lose a flurry of embarrassing toots that draws my mother's attention to me, as I stand in my playpen on the verge of a massive bowel movement in my pants. "Uh, oh," my mother playfully says, as she turns her attention to me. "Somebody's toot'n up a storm. I think somebody's gonna fill their britches." I then experience intense feelings of embarrassment as a very large, soft, gassy load pushes past my butt-cheeks and fills the back of my diaper. My mother always called it, "filling your britches" or "doing something in your pants" and I am indeed "filling my pants" as the massive load of soft poop completely fills up the back of my diapers expanding the seat of my rubber baby pants as I involuntarily grunt and toot in front of my mother. Before she gets the diapering supplies ready, she "confirms her suspicions" with a peek down the back of my pants. As I helplessly fill the seat of cloth diaper with this massive soft warm load, my mother leans over me and gently pulls back my diapers and rubber pants to make sure it's not just gas. Again, feelings of intense embarrassment as my mother looks down the back of my diapers and sees a large mass of soft poop in the back of my diapers. "Shooo-wee!" She says, commenting on both the mess in my pants and the odor wafting up all around. "I thought you were busy doing something in your britches. Shoooo! Somebody's doing a big job for mommy." Yes, for me, pooping my pants is a form of remembering, or time-travel. The embarrassment, the smell, the sensation of feeling a large soft load in the seat of my diaper, remember my mom; it all takes me back in time.
  7. Yes! All the time! Especially when it is a large soft load, I always think, "That would have felt great in my pants." Sitting on the toilet I often think back to 1959-1964 when I was in diapers and rubber pants doing my business in my britches. I think about filling my pants with a large, soft, odorous load, sitting in it, toddling around with it in my pants, smelling like poop, and then my mom comes by me and sniffs the air and pulls back my diaper for a quick peek to confirm her suspicions.
  8. I voted "under 6" because that is the age when it all started My mom first tried to potty train me when I was only 13 months-old. I kept going in my pants at that age so she put me back in diapers. Then she tried to potty train me again, at the age of 2 to 2 1/2 years old, but I would not, or could not, stop going to the bathroom in my pants: especially pooping, I pooped my pants in both diapers and training pants. After a while, my mom gave up and put me back in diapers again, at 2 1/2 years of age. She kept me in diapers and rubber pants until I was almost 5 years-old. But then, less than a year later, at the age of 6, I saw a baby boy around a year old at my friends house suddenly turn red in the face and poop his pants in front of everybody and then his mom changed his poopy diaper right there in the living room with everyone watching, and the living room smelling like poop and baby powder. After that day, at the age of 6, I had a hunger; an insatiable desire to travel back in time and be a baby again, messing my pants in front of my mom and everyone else in the room. At that point, at the age of 6, I started stealing diapers and rubber pants and diapering myself in secret, traveling back to my days of infancy when I made a mess in my pants and my mommy changed me in front of everybody. I am almost 60 years-old and that fantasy of of being a 9 month-old in diapers pooping my pants in 1959 has NEVER left me.
  9. duluthdiapers

    What do you do when you poop?

    I am the same way. I relive my time as an infant and toddler messing my pants and playing in a full diaper as the pungent odor of poop wafts up all around me, mixed with the smell of baby powder. Just the act of "filling my pants" (that's what my mom always called it) takes me back in time to 1959 when I was in cloth diapers and rubber pants feeling the large soft mass of poop filling the back of my diaper and covering my bottom. I would be happy and play for a time, bouncing and sitting my my full pants until my mom noticed the smell and then pulled open the back of my diaper and rubber pants for a quick peek to confirm her suspicions.
  10. duluthdiapers

    Utah Diaper Lovers: Area 51 fetish night / SLCC never dies

    I used to live in SLC.
  11. duluthdiapers

    Really New Mommy

    Welcome Mommy Linda! I have NO problem with anything you have said.
  12. duluthdiapers

    Double Diapers or more...

    When I was growing up, my mom always doubled diapered babies, with a folded "soaker panel" down the middle.
  13. duluthdiapers

    Birdseye Cloth Prefolds

    Thank you.
  14. duluthdiapers

    Birdseye Cloth Prefolds

    Does anyone know of a good source for adult size Birdseye Cloth Prefold diapers? Over the years I have bought them from different sources that are no longer in business.
  15. duluthdiapers