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  1. This is a variation of a theme that I thought I'd share. Years ago, with me just on the verge of teen, a cousin much older asked me about my bed wetting and diapers and had I ever just worn the plastic vinyl panties? As it happens I had after discovering playing in baby pants with a dab of baby oil long before then. I was routinely ordering snap on plastic pants from Montgomery Wards to wear under my diapers and plastic pants to masturbate over my baby pants and diaper - incredibly sensuous at the time. I didn't tell him about what I'd been doing on a routine basis but had said I'd tried it and said "yes" to trying it again with him in his own pair. I knew he wanted to try the panties at least and I was at the forever horny stage. He put the baby pants on when I did mine and added a little baby oil and the rest quickly became a new chapter. He reached out and touched me and I him. The rest was an afternoon of mutual masturbation and resting. Through the years it's continued.... I've always found it a fun way to have "safe sex" with another cross dresser or adult baby.
  2. Thank you for the welcome... Cloth will always hold a special place for me, so too the soft plastic vinyl pants. So many elements to this fetish beginning on that very first night. Diaper cotton was as sensuous as silk and I climaxed right after the lights went out. The senses were overwhelmed... Still are.
  3. I went into diapers for bed wetting.... On that very first night, right after the lights went out I rubbed myself to climax. At the very least I became a diaper lover. When my aunt asked me to wear a nightgown for modesty to hide my diapers from my cousins I because a sissy diaper lover. I was six and eight. I have always felt sorry for boys raised so tightly that they could never appreciate what I've grown up with, and can't imagine a life without either. This all happened while living a perfectly normal life otherwise.... To me it was the same management issues as balancing work and family. One for bills, the other for thrills.
  4. For the longest time I was very vanilla and sissy but found other sissies a turn on. I too liked plastic panties under diapers and ruffled panties under baby dresses which never lasted for very long and always went to cross dressing meetings dressed that way or most times that way. On this night I shared a conversation with another sissy who I confessed to about the diapers and ultimately as far as the plastic panties. He shared his desire to someday try that. One thing led to another and he was in my room in a pair of plastic panties, diaper and his panties back on over those. We spent about five hours that night, nearly to exhaustion rubbing ourself and each other in every which way we could. We became very close friends.... Very close.
  5. Instant friend if it's okay to say so. Thank you for the welcome... Hugs Hey Rachael Little... Okay if I hang with you as well then. And hugs for the welcome.
  6. I was ten. Mom was a cocktail waitress so I was in bed when she got home. As a bed wetter I was also diapering myself. On this night I didn't know it but mom's cold turned out to be pneumonia and she was rushed to the hospital from work. My aunt was called and picked me up to stay with them. She knew about my bed wetting and diapers, wasn't happy and refused to let me run around in them so I had to wear one of my cousin's nightgowns. I think my aunt picked a baby doll set because it looked like a baby dress but that's what I wore. The set was nylon and a sea foam green and the panties were shaped like a bubble with a ruffle around the legs. I became an instant sissy baby that night. I actually ordered a set almost identical when mom recovered and we returned home.
  7. I go back to 1954 at a kitchen table with my mother ordering diapers and plastic pants from a Montgomery Wards catalog for bed wetting. My fetish started when I rubbed myself to bliss that very first night she pinned me into them. Not too long after a girl cousin's baby doll nightgown with bubble panties became my first baby dress. I began cross dressing in country western wear for the "little girl" look over diapers and ruffled panties and slowly discovered others - all kinds of "others" teaching me about all walks of life. I loved writing stories and creating images for a time on a wed site I owned. The site was called Mary Beth's Fantasy till an illness forced me to step away from it. Now I mostly write.