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  1. Yo.

    That’s your rating on the site.
  2. Fun in the park

    Such a big girl oh my, but not to big, someone still is making pee pee’s in her pants!

    How many of you cloth diaper wearers out there, like and use the Snappi diaper fasteners? My first love are traditional diaper pins, I have to say. But, I do love the Snappi very much! They can really snugly hold a diaper in place, no matter how wet. They can easily be adjusted, if nescessary at any time while wearing one. You do have to watch out for the teeth, but you get use to that. You need to watch when they get to old and worn. And you need to be careful removing them, so as not to damage diaper fabric. Unfortunately, at the moment they only make 2 sizes. Size 1, is for small babies, and size 2 larger toddlers. Size 2 works well for adults, but an actual adult size would be great. On that note, I have written to Snappi Fastener, and asked them if they would consider a larger adult size. They replied back favorably, but the person in costumer service told me, it would lay with the owner of course. I hope I impressed upon them, that they would be a useful, sellable item.
  4. Odd questions

    Aside from what Cute Kitten has mentioned, I don’t think there is anything. You could buy jeans a few sizes bigger, and then have the waist altered by a seamstress, or tailor. It wouldn’t be cheap though. If you’re handy, you could do it yourself. Basically, they pinch the extra waist material at the back, then stitch it. Sort of like a pleat.
  5. hi

    DON’T TRUST THE POTTY MONSTER! He will say anything. The only safe thing, is to not go anywhere near the thing.
  6. hi

    A smack on the bum, even a hard one, is better then seeing the potty monster! And are we talking, with a nappy, or without? But it still doesn’t stand up to potty monsters.
  7. Weekend Warrior Baby

    Hi and welcome HannahBanana, and to your husband/Daddy too. Sounds great to me. It’s kinda like, my wife and I, but I’m mostly the toddler. My wife also likes to wear diapers, so sometimes it’s two toddlers. Glad you joined us here, lots of good fun people, I’m sure you’ll like it. So, have fun and enjoy! That’s all from a flatlander.
  8. Yo.

    Hello and welcome HighVoltage. We'll take your word for it, being a cool dude. Hey, ya found this place, so that's a cool thing. Have fun and enjoy!
  9. hi

    Hi and welcome BabyCharlwie. Nice to have you here with us. Some people think 3, is getting to old to still be in a nappy, use a dummy and bottle. Of course it's nonsense, some of us just can't see the whole, going in the potty thing. Besides, the potty is where monsters live! And having a dummy, is just so soothing, specially when people around you start talking about a 3 year old being to old for a nappy. Hope you like it here, lots of good people, have fun and enjoy!
  10. Oh gee this nerd again

    Hi and welcome to the site. Nice to have you here, and hope you find it a place to come to often. Do you wear your princess pull up much? Like when out and about? Or, just around home? Have fun and enjoy!
  11. New gal of OC

    Hello and welcome Miruru. Nice to meet you. Always nice to see new people here. Hope to see you round? Have fun and enjoy!
  12. hai hai

    Hi and welcome Alex, always nice to welcome new people here. It’s good, you now have the time to wear your diapers. Have fun and enjoy!
  13. Accepting my AB/DL side

    I say, good for you! I think you are gaining more wisdom, with time. The older we get, the more we get over inhibitions, especially us AB/dl’s. I find the older I get, the less I care about what other people think, of the things I do. If something pleases me, and I’m good with it, and other people have a problem with it, that’s their hang up. I wouldn’t worry to much about your diaper crinkle. Most times, people can’t hear it anyway. And, if they do, most people wouldn’t know what it was. If you’re in a crowd, who’s going to know the crinkle noise is coming from you? People are focused on their own little worlds too, looking at their phones and such. But, if it still worries you, you might want to look at a pair of mesh underwear. I have never tried any myself, but they are supposed to help. Have a look here, http://www.northshorecare.com/linerspants1.html and, http://www.adultdiapersandchux.com/p-first-quality-prevail-mesh-pants.html Those should help give you the idea. You might find others around.
  14. Bought my first diapers yesterday

    Hello and welcome. Happy you could get your first diapers! Must be a special time, and feeling for you. I have always liked diapers, and some of the first items I used, to feel like a diaper, was putting on multiple pairs of underwear. I also used terry cloth towels, and plastic trash bags.
  15. Confuse

    We can make that a “teddy” bear with you SoggyBottom. Welcome to the site. Come on in, and feel at home. And have some fun and enjoy!