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  1. Hi from Nappy85!

    Hi and welcome Nappy85. Glad you joined us, and nice to meet you. You’re in good company here, and share some of the same thoughts. I’m 53, and have like diapers and plastic pants since, forever. No real definitive thing, to pinpoint why, just always have. It’s a long story too. I’m guessing you are partial to disposable nappies/diapers? Were they what you had as a child? Have you ever tried cloth, and plastic pants? What are your thoughts on them, either way? I like disposable diapers too, but I was brought up in the 60’s, so I’m more geared to cloth. So, I had to ask about how you feel about that. Well, hope to see you round, and please be sure to have fun and enjoy!
  2. 1st diaper ever

    Hello and welcome Baby Bee. Good for ordering your first diapers, yah! Maybe if you told us something about yourself, it would make it easier to give you some tips, or advice. What kind of diapers did you get? Do you want to wet them? Do you want to dirty (pooh) in them? Comes down to what you like, and what you want to do in your diapers. Also, what you want to do while you are wearing them too. Are you going to be by yourself, with a significant other? Do you want to wear them out, or only at home? Do you like to think of yourself as an Adult Baby, Little, or just a Diaper Lover? Will it be just about wearing diapers, or as I mentioned. I know you stated, you are a "horny diaper lover", but maybe there's more to your thoughts and intentions? How long have you had these desires, to wear diapers? Does it go back to childhood, or something resent? Did someone else put you on to diapers, or just something you thought you wanted to do? I know it's a lot to through out there, but you asked for it! LOL. Don't worry though, just go with what you feel, and do what you want, explore! And most of all, have fun and enjoy!!!
  3. baby teen boy. 48

    Hi and welcome Timmy! nice to meet you, and glad you joined us. Always nice to see new people here.
  4. Check on eBay, and Etsy. Use, adult training pants as a title. There are numerous, some good, some not so good. Etsy has some home spun types. You can also check out https://www.superundies.com/Adult-Cloth-Diapers-Incontinence-Enuresis-Bedwetting-s/112.htm They have some fun designs for adults too. Also, http://dependeco-adult-diapers.com/catalog.php?category=10 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/adult-kid-pants-training-pant-diaper--2#/ http://cosyndry.com/products/printed-pvc-training-pants Cosy N Dry are plastic, with terry lining type. But they are prints, which I assume you are looking for.
  5. I'm a little confused

    It sounds like a very difficult situation, to say the least. But, there are realities to deal with. Unfortunately, if you want to remain in the house, you will have to play that game. Or, you will have to see if you can make other arrangements, like stay with friends, or other relatives. The only other advice I can offer, is to try and keep a good dialogue with your family, hopefully you can stay on common ground. And, hopefully you can all have understanding, for each other.
  6. Hi, I'm Bob

    Hi Bob, nice to meet you. I’ll say welcome too, but you say you have been here for awhile, so you know the way. Im in my 50’s too, so I hear ya on the waking up at night. Well hope to see you round more, have fun and enjoy!
  7. Daddy, brother, uncle

    Hello and welcome to the site, and to AB/DL.
  8. Hi

    Hi and welcome Moni. Nice to have you here, and glad to meet you. Having fun for yourself, sounds good. I think you will like it here, no reason not to. So, hope to see you around. Keep up having fun, and enjoy!
  9. Lost a Facebook Friend today

    Would Jesus be so sensitive ? Or, did I miss the bus on things like "turn the other cheek", etc. I would say, good riddance small "Cristian" minded person!
  10. New Diaper Lover on the block!

    Hi, and welcome to the site, and the community. You might want to post an introduction in the "Newbie Nursery" forum, it's a more appropriate place to shout out. Glad you are able to explore your diaper desires more now. I'm sure, you have lots of thoughts to sort out. This is a good place to start at. You're right, not to discuss it with your parents at this point. It's just something, they don't need to be involved in. If it was a health issue, that could be different, but it is not, so they are better being left out of the knowledge of. I mean, would you discuss what type of sex position you like best? I think not, I hope not. If you are feeling a bit deflated, now that you have worn the Attends, it could be they're not a good real enough type diaper for you? You should try exploring some other diapers. Your best bet, would be to look around on line, at some of the Adult Baby diaper selling sites. Some examples, http://rearz.ca/ , https://bambinodiapers.com/, https://us.abuniverse.com/, https://tykables.com/ Everybody has there favorites, those are just some examples. Maybe you want more, then just wearing a diaper? You can explore,or get into more of the "Adult Baby" side of things. Just a thought? Well, good luck, and hope some of this can help you out. Have fun and enjoy!!!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone remembers, when Gerber produced youth, and adult sized plastic pants? Not so much, the later VIP company, which took over the plastic pants manufacturing. What I want to know, is did Gerber ever advertise youth, or larger sizes anywhere? Did they ever have printed flyers or, any magazine ads of any kind? Any ads, of any kind? I would like to find some, or a least a picture of any such ads. I'd appreciate any help, THANKS!!!
  12. Punking Your Pullups?

    You can always wear your favorite pull ups, and just buy yourself punk themed panties, to go over your pull ups. I'm betting there are punk themed panties out there somewhere.
  13. Question to any one in management or supervisor?

    Make it clear to your supervisor, you are an asset to the company, you want more responsibly, you are willing to give more of yourself, have good skills, and you want to move ahead. Let them know you want to make more of a contribution, and you think, you can be good for the company. Your supervisor "should" let their superiors know about you, and or, point you to where you can make it known, and what skills you can offer. If they don't, you should get use to where you are and eat it, or start looking for better elsewhere. Good luck!
  14. Hi I am Kristen, NY ABDL

    Hi and welcome Kristen. Glad to have you here, and nice to meet you! Cute pony icon! I hope you can find a mommy. It can be a hard thing, but you never know. "Now get your happy, 2 year old self, into a clean fresh diaper, and sit in that highchair!" LOL. Have fun and enjoy!
  15. I feel like I am in the minority

    I’d advise some of the same. Relax, give yourself a break. You don’t have to fit into some sort of a mold, and there really isn’t any anyway. Enjoy what you enjoy, and how you like! And lastly, if anybody tells you, it’s wrong, what your doing, get away from them.