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  1. AbabeBill

    Plastic bed protection

    BabyKins has fitted, and plain sheets,(by the yard). https://www.babykins.com/collections/waterproof-incontinence-bedding/products/fitted-mattress-protectors-6-mil-100-vinyl-90300 Fetwear has plain, and some prints. http://www.fetware.com/mattress-and-pillow-covers-c-23.html?osCsid=c7b8e22edae83b45909abeed730b08f4 LL Medico, I think has clear. https://www.llmedico.com/mattress-cover-pillow-covers/ Rearz, sell print plastic/vinyl sheeting. https://rearz.ca/904-vinyl-sheeting-printed/ Plastic Pants.com, also has printed mattress covers. https://www.plastic-pants.com/products/flat-sheets.html There are some other European fetish suppliers too, but, I’m not sure names and web addresses off hand.
  2. AbabeBill

    Preferred spanking method

    The “wooden spoon”! That was moms favorite weapon of choice, in my childhood. When the wooden spoon came out, I ran! Oh how much more angry mom would get, when she had to chase me I do not recommend that, as a common corse of action!
  3. I like the snappies too! They do a great job of keeping, even a soaked diaper nice an snug. If you take care using them, they can work great. I like my pins, but snappies are a good diapering tool. Oh, and I have tried, to get them to produce an actual adult size snappy. I did write the manufacture, and politely stated a need for larger (adult) snappies to them. They replied back, and said they would consider doing so. I’m not sure, how convinced they are, that a larger size would be a feasible product? So far, they only make the baby size-1, and toddler size-2.
  4. AbabeBill


    I know that movie! Not real well, but I was a fan, of the old Lost In Space tv show, and the actor, Bill Mummy, who played Will Robinson, also played in, Bless The Beast And The Children.
  5. Do you have any favorite reference, or references to diapers in media? Like in, movies, tv, books, magazines, catalogs? Is there something, that is forever burned into your mind, and you would love to never forget? Maybe, it’s an old diaper commercial for, Pampers, Luvs, or Huggies. Or, maybe you have a favorite movie, cause it has to do with diapers? I know for many of us, loving diapers goes back to childhood, and there are many things we fixate on in media, in relation to diapers. I have a number of them. My first is, and it goes way back for me, a short film. It was an episode of, The Little Rascals, “FORGOTTEN BABIES”(1933). It can be viewed on YouTube. I would have seen it on tv, growing up. Spanky, gets roped into babysitting the gangs younger brothers and sisters. They turn out to be, a house wrecking handful, and Spanky has to resort to, some interesting methods to,“tie them down”! One toddler, who can’t stay away from the stairs, ends up having his rubber pants glued to the floor, by Spanky. He finds the glue in a cabinet near by, and proceeds to sit the kid in it. Next thing you see, is the kid trying to get up, but he’s stuck in the glue, and his rubber pants are snapping him back down to the floor. Later, we see another kid glued to the floor in the kitchen. But, the scene with the rubber panties stuck in that glue, does something to me, every time I have seen it! That one, always “sticks” out for me! There are others, to be sure. Like, the Tom & Jerry cartoon, Baby Puss (1943). Tom, gets changed out of his wet diaper by his cat friends. They make sure, he is diapered correctly, poweder, oil, diaper, rubber pants! LOL, I just love that one. You can also, find that at YouTube. So, what is your memorable media reference? What do you like, to never forget?
  6. AbabeBill

    Laughing at how difficult it is to write this

    That’s one of the main reasons to come here. Cause, you can put it all out there, say what you want to, air your thoughts, concerns, wants, questions. Things you could never do, with people around you. Some can do that, and do, but for most of us, not happening! Not many people want to discuss these things with, mom or dad, for example. But you can come here, and lay these things out, and people here will know, and understand. Or, try and help figure things out. You don’t have to feel funny, or odd when you lay things out here, even if you feel your going on about something. There lots of understanding, so it’s cool!
  7. AbabeBill

    Laughing at how difficult it is to write this

    Hi and welcome to DD Pajarita. Nice to meet you, and glad to have you join us here. You don’t sound much different then a lot of us here. Lots of us search for meaning, and where we stand in all of this. It’s not easy, but why not just, enjoy the ride and the journey? Maybe you can figure out, the hard stuff along the way, or later. If it appeals to you, and you feel good, then go with it! You can also explore, what you want as well. You want to try pacifiers, why not? You might find, you only like diapers, or you might find you are liking being an Adult Baby, or Little. Lots of us struggle with, why do we do his, and lots of us find, we just except it and don’t really know why. But, you sound like you have a bit of a handle on things. And, this is a pretty good spot to come and hang out in. I look forward to hearing more from you. In the meantime, relax, have fun, and enjoy! 😁
  8. AbabeBill


    I have a few locking plastic pants, and some plastic lined frilly panties, that can be locked on as well. I have a number of rubber pants too, but none that lock on.
  9. AbabeBill


    I love the feeling, of a big bulky bottom & hips. And, I love to hear my plastic panties crinkle, crack, and swoosh! I love the feel of my plastic panties too. Either under clothing, or totally exposed. I love the humiliating state, diapers, and plastic/rubber pants give me. You can’t hide, thick diapers and baby panties, especially if mommy so wishes it!
  10. AbabeBill


    Hi and welcome to DD Deacon. Nice to meet you, and it’s nice having you join us. We got all kinds of people here, and each with a different slant on things, yes! But, we all enjoy diapers too! So, grab a highchair, hop in, easy! Don’t sit on the chain in your rubber panties, relax, have fun, and enjoy!
  11. AbabeBill

    Diaper boy from OK

    Hi Ginger, and welcome to DD. Glad to have you join us. I’m sure you will find something here. There’s lots of likeminded people here, and you never know, if you might find that someone. Good luck! In the meantime, relax, have fun, and enjoy!
  12. AbabeBill

    Daddy's Little

    Hi and welcome to DD. Glad to have you join us, and always nice to see new people here. There’s lots of good likeminded people here. I’m sure you can make lots of friends. So, come in, make yourself comfy, relax, have fun, and enjoy!
  13. AbabeBill

    Cloth nappy sizing

    I would recommend, and agree on a 48x48 terry square, if using a kite fold method. The 48 fit range would be about, a 32-44 waist. Another posibilty to think on, is a custom made terry nappy/diaper. There are companies that will do custom sizing for you, whatever you want. Of course, it will cost much more, and a longer wait time. I had Angle Fluff, make a custom terry diaper, for me years ago. (Very thick!) I had them do a 37x31, and that would fit about 32- 42ish. The diaper is great! One of my favorites to wear, for a good bulky feel, but it does take more care to wash, and dry. Much longer then normal. But, you can have a thinner terry diaper, and use boosters, that would give the bulk, but be easier to wash and dry. I’ve added photos of my terry diaper.
  14. AbabeBill

    Mommy from Massachusetts

    Hi and welcome to DD MommyWigglebutt. I like your user name, cute. It’s nice to meet you, and always a pleasure to have new people join us here. I’m sure you will like it here, lots of good likeminded people. Please make yourself at home, relax, enjoy, and have fun!
  15. AbabeBill

    My World Is Falling Apart😪😭😰

    Very sorry, your dad past away on you Baby-Dan Dan It is a most difficult situation to face. The hole, that is now there for you, and your mom, I’m sure seems overwhelming. Oh course, you will never forget him, and in that, and your hearts, he will live on. His legacy will continue. Over time, the hurt you feel will fade, and you will only remember good things, and smile. Take the knowledge, your dad has past on to you, and do what you think would make him proud. That goes a long way, to honor him. Now, may be the time to cry, and that’s part of a process, and not a bad thing. You will get through it!