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  1. Hi and welcome B Jay, happy to welcome others here. Well, there's lots of interesting subjects to read up on here, and joining in of some, with your own questions and answers, I think helps to educate yourself doing so. Seeing what's others do and think, helps define you some. For example, that sounds fun, I like that, don't like that, would love to try that, and etc. Engaging in conversation will help you get more comfortable with yourself. OK, so now back to the greeting. Hope you enjoy yourself, hope to see you around, and have fun!
  2. New

    Welcome to the site, and to the world of diaper wearing. Good luck finding someone that is into it already. Some advice though, find someone you like to be with, and get along with, beside the diaper thing. Once you get to know each other, let her in on your diaper thing. It is taking a chance, but you might be better off, and happier. Just a thought. As I said, good luck!
  3. Ocean county here too! Not really looking to meet up outside, but on line is fine. Nice to see others near by.
  4. Deny, deny, deny! There not mine, someone put them there, I'm keeping them for a friend, I think they were here before I ever got here, someone's playing a joke on me, it's a plant!!! Lol.
  5. Mostly, since I'm from the US, I call them diapers. However, I do have terry cloth squares I like from the U.K., and they are nappies. I do like the sound of the word, nappies, but diapers sounds good to me too. My wife has referred to them as nappies from time to time, not sure why?
  6. I remember when I was 3, being put in my nighttime diaper. I was day trained by then, mom would not put up with diapers if she had anything to do with it. I think this was toward the end of being diapered at night. Anyway, I was laid down in my new bed, the crib was now gone, and I can remember looking up at my mom, with the diaper pins clinched in her teeth. I got scared when I saw this, because her lips were chapped, and I thought she had stuck her lip with one of the pins. She assured me, it was OK, and proceeded to finish getting my diapers and plastic pants on.
  7. You know you're old when you, have to think about stuff that makes you know you're old.
  8. Hi and welcome. Fun user name. You seem all ready to go, lol. That's cool though. I hope you find that someone. In the meantime, enjoy the site, and have fun.
  9. Hi Almanac, I applaud your trying to get a handle on an understanding of this. It's not easy for either of you, I'm sure. Lot depends on each of you, and what you really expect from the other. You've been together for quite some time, so I imagine you have much you like about each other. This should be a good thing, because it sounds like you could get along with the diapers being a separate thing for him. But, if he expects more from you, and wants you to participate, and you will not, that could be a rift. If you really have a problem seeing him in diapers, at bedtime, and there can be no compromise, this too will be a problem. How about, if he made sure to wear pajamas pants, or shorts over his diapers to bed? This is where you really need to talk, and reach common ground. You need to come half way and understand his need to wear them somehow, and he needs to respect your feelings, and not have it in your face. Like covering them up. This will take work, for the both of you to find a good place for you both. Listen to each other's feelings. Try and accept, it feels good for him, and I'm sure it's important to you, that he does feel good. The same goes for him too, he needs to have you be where, you feel good. In time, you might become ok with seeing the diapers on him, who knows? There are a lot of things we get use to, with time. I can't really take a page from my self, because my wife is ok with my diapers, she likes it and is experimenting with them now herself. I'm lucky, and thankful for that. I hope you can get past this, and be stronger for it, good luck, and I also hope some of what I said can be helpful to you.
  10. Short answer, NO. Why are you trying to lose control anyway?
  11. Not sure why you want to lose your control, but I do get wanting to be wet. I would suggest drinking a lot of water, or other just before sleep.
  12. I'd second the terry cloth lined plastic pants. But they do need washing out, if you do have a leak.
  13. I had thought of trying one of the baby bjorn potty chairs, but maybe modifying it. Maybe it could be raised up, to sit higher. That might be accomplished by, making a pedestal of wood, to fit underneath. That would bring it up higher, for an adult to squat on it easier. Of course, the seat would still be small, and as you mentioned Paxe, the bowl capacity would be small. It might also be possible to increase the bowl capacity, by making a hole in the bottom, and let the liquid drain to a larger bowl beneath. That can be possible if the height is raised.
  14. I did continue looking, after I wrote this post, and found Segufix. Much cheaper! I think the were about $6 or $7 and the key was about $4 or $5 each. I might be able to get them from Canada, as I think there is a Segufix there.
  15. Anyone know where I can find magnetic button locks on line? A US distributor would be best for me. Checked ebay, and I didn't see any there. They would be like these, http://www.goural.us/magnetic-key-set-button-and-key-xml-586_1819-2688.html Can't understand why they seem so expensive either? The ones from that link, would be over $105 US dollars for me, and the shipping would only add to that total. I know its good steel, plastic, and magnets, but WOW! Any help, would be great, thanks!