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  1. Diapers

    Yes, makeshift diapers. I did the multiple pairs of underwear, and of course towels pined on,with plastic trash bags taped over that. Later, I would go and buy Pampers, back in the early days you could pull the pleats out and have a flat diaper. I would then sew a few together, so I had a big one. One other makeshift sort of diaper I would do, was to go buy plastic terry lined training pants. I would cut two pants, and then use the backs, they were larger then the front. I would sew the two pants together, and they would just fit. I would get the largest ones they had. I also did this with two pairs of plastic pants, only I used glue to hold them together.
  2. Hello humans

    Welcome, enter, plenty of data to be downloaded here. Have fun and enjoy!
  3. New here - Hello!~

    Hello and welcome Neo. Cute avatar picture. Come on in and make yourself at home. This is a good place, lots of stuff going on. Have fun and enjoy!
  4. Hey, everybody! I'm new (to the site)!

    Hi and welcome Lizziecat. Nice to meet you, glad to have you here. Hope to see more of you around. Have fun and enjoy!
  5. Hello friends

    Hi and welcome to the site. Good place, I'm sure you'll like it. Have fun and enjoy.
  6. New, but longtime abdl

    Hi and welcome Joey. Glad you found the acceptance for yourself, and glad to have you here with us. So, make yourself at home, have some fun, and enjoy!
  7. Luv's Phases (Boy's edition)

    Nice. Cute Donald Duck ba ba too!
  8. I was surprised!

    I think it's pretty nice of her to come home with them for you. You need to surprise her with something now. Turnabout is fair play!
  9. Hi there, I'm new to this stuff

    Hi and welcome Nick. Someone from the younger generation admitting they like those old shows? LOL Only poking your ribs a bit, there were lots of good old shows. I still enjoy watching them all the time. Well, you want diaper knowledge, then you came to a good place. Lots of stuff in here. Have fun and enjoy!
  10. Hi! ^~^

    Hi and welcome DerpyDrifter. Glad you joined us. Always nice to have new people. It's great you like cars, but be sure to not clime out of the safety seat, lol. I like cars too, matchbox, corgi, dinky, AFX (slot cars for the uninitiated). Well, make yourself at home, get comfy with your favorite diaper, put the potty away, have and enjoy!
  11. Decided to join

    Hi and welcome aboard. It is a great place to come and hang out. Glad you joined us, so have fun and enjoy!
  12. hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome NaLa. Happy to meet you. Come on in and get comfy, you'll get to know lots of people soon. Have fun and enjoy.
  13. Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome Diaperboy. Glad to have you here.
  14. Been AB for a few yrs/saying Hi here

    Hello and welcome Tiny Tot. Nice to meet you, and glad you joined us. Sounds like you are in a good place, good for you! Just wondering if, you've had feelings you have wanted to wear diapers before you started to be an AB? You made me hungry now! But that's OK, love BBQ! Talk to you later, have fun and enjoy!
  15. How can I stop

    The short answer Ben. Go with it, and learn to live with it. You're stuck with it, and you should just try and find a happy medium. I've seen, and heard this countless times, about wanting to stop. Most are not successfully with doing without it, or stopping. If you truly want to quell this, I would seek out a professional. You still might not shake it, but maybe a professional may help you get better control over it. I wish you luck, and hope you can feel better about this. If you do decide to see a professional, wear a diaper, just in case. Just kidding.