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  1. AbabeBill

    Do catherers hurt?

    I’ve never had one, don’t want one! But, from what I gather, it sounds like it would depend on, 1, you yourself. How good you are, with pain threshold. And 2, how good the person inserting it is. Have they been well trained, have they done lots of them, do they have a light approach? It’s like asking, if an injection hurts. For some people, it’s no thing. You get someone who knows how to do it well, knows what they are doing, and no problem. But, sometimes you get that person, who can’t boil water, and... !
  2. AbabeBill

    Anyone Wear Cloth Diapers And Sleep In A Waterbed?

    Snappies do a fair job of holding a cloth diaper on, if pins in a waterbed are a concern.
  3. AbabeBill

    Hiya from Toronto area

    Hiya yourself, and welcome to DD. You do sound like the explorer. You’ll have no problem fitting in here. And I would agree with you, about using diapers as a sort of retreat from life’s stresses. I hope you find that someone, you’re looking for. Till ya do, come on in, relax, have fun, and enjoy!
  4. AbabeBill

    North Wales

    Hello and welcome Chloejones! I’m not in the UK either, but wanted you to be welcome here anyway. So, please make yourself comfortable, relax, have fun, and enjoy!
  5. AbabeBill

    Got a furbaby under tragic circumstances

    Sorry about your friend, and having to come to find him in such a state. Nice of you to step up to be a friend to Spot. I think it’s a fine, whimsical name. And don’t forget, the cat has a name he reveals to no one anyway.
  6. AbabeBill

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome to DD. It’s nice to have you here with us. Lots of fine people, so any questions ask away. But, have fun and enjoy! See ya later DiaperedGator.
  7. AbabeBill

    Potty training

    Well, I can’t see it. The potty is filled with monsters anyway! Much safer to stay with them diapers.
  8. AbabeBill

    Potty training

    So, have you learned a lesson, and will you go on da potty?
  9. AbabeBill

    Haunted House

    Hmmm? Nothing there about peeing your pants, and needing a diaper price! LOL.
  10. AbabeBill

    Newbie hello

    Hi Fatmac, and welcome to DD. Nice to meet you, and always glad to see new people here. Please come in, make yourself at home, relax, have some fun, and enjoy! There’s lots of great people here, and if you have any questions, don’t be shy.
  11. AbabeBill

    Stepping down as "Greeter" of DailyDiapers

    I have always tried to make an effort to welcome new people here.
  12. AbabeBill

    The draw to incontinence

    For me, I find wanting to be incontenent of no interest! But, I am in love with wearing, and using diapers. (Wetting them) This has me feeling like I’m back full circle! I say this because, I wet the bed as a child. And back then even, I knew I liked diapers, but I was scared to death, that I would actually need to be put back in a diaper, for real need. It was funny (weird) to me. I wanted to wear diapers and plastic pants, but was afraid of the babyish humiliation I’d endure, if that became a reality. So now, fast forward to me now, a 54 year old man, experiencing the symptoms of an enlarging prostate. Having to go more often, not completely voiding, regency, etc, and I’m afraid all over again! I love diapers, but I don’t want to have to be needing to wear them, not when I leave the house, and wherever I go. It is funny, how you can love and hate a thing, and how things come back around, that you thought were long over with.
  13. AbabeBill

    Just ordered rearz

    If you enjoy the Little Monsters diapers, but think they are to thin to what you like, maybe try stuffing with boosters, or double diaper? I know it will cost you more in doing so, but it’s a way to bulk up something you like.
  14. AbabeBill

    Am I new if its been over 5 years?

    Seems you are a floating, in, and out fazing, DD apparition. Must be a bummer, knowing when to change your diaper? One minute it’s wet, next, it’s not!
  15. AbabeBill


    Hi Scott, and welcome to DD. Nice to meet you. The first thing I thought of when you said, you where from Orange Co Cali, was Disney! Lol. Anyway, I hope you’ll like it here, I think you will. It ain’t Disney, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper! Have fun and enjoy!