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  1. Lol, I remember trying the t shirt diaper myself, but they were my own t shirts. It reminds me too, trying out long sleeve shirts. Using the long sleeves to tie it on. That was used in a Tom & Jerry cartoon, by Buch the cat.
  2. Welcome R. Must have been a real exciting first experience for you. Now you are one of the, adult diapered! Hope you like the site. Have fun and enjoy!
  3. Hi and welcome Mew. Cute user name, and avatar. Glad you joined us, and hope you enjoy the site. Late!
  4. Hi and welcome Rhys. Glad you joined us here. I hope you and your fiancé can have some fun with it, I'm sure it will be an adventure, good luck. Have fun and enjoy!
  5. It's never to late to try some Angela. It's good way to exercise the imagination.
  6. Hi and rewelcome! Lurking is fine, but making an effort to be know and seen, is even better. Have fun and enjoy!
  7. What's your fondest memory, or memories of when you had to use a makeshift diaper? Maybe, or most likely when you were young? Some of my own were when, I would use an old bath towel and a plastic trash bag taped on me, as a makeshift diaper. Sometimes, I used several pairs of underwear. Sometimes I would pin the towel first, then tape the trash bag. I tried cutting leg holes in the bottom of the plastic bags, to try and make plastic pants, but it didn't work out as well as just tapping them on. Mostly they were black in color, which wasn't so nice, but had to use what was available. For a time, we had these transparent green bags. At the time, I didn't think much of them either, but I grew to like them. I did like that you could see the diaper/towel, through the transparent plastic. I later discovered real plastic pants, that were transparent green, and they greatly reminded me of the trash bags. Sometimes, but not much, I would get some white bags. Except for the very smooth, slick texture, they looked the most real. When I was able to get to the stores on my own later on, I got the idea I could buy some pairs of plastic training pants. The kind with a terry cloth lining, and I cut 2 pairs up, and sewed them back together, to make one bigger pair. It worked good enough to suit me. I did the same with regular unlined plastic pants too, but I used glue to put the 2 pairs together, and sewed the waist bands. I would buy the largest sizes I could find in plastic panties to do this. I got an idea to do the same with some Pampers. I bought a box, (yes, a box, they still came in a box then). I sewed 4 toddler sized Pampers together, and made one large sized one to fit me. I remember, it was such a thrill making those items. When I was doing so, I'd be so charged up, and could wait to have them done! Especially, when I made the large Pampers. They felt so good, once I got it taped on. So thick, and comfy, and that good ol crinkle noise, with every move I made. Those were some good memories, even though my cloth diapers, disposables, and plastic panties were makeshift. What were some of yours? What did you make, and wear? What do you remember fondly?
  8. Hey 160, maybe you could buy something you like online, just be sure they ship within the US, or ship to the US. And then see, if you can have them delivered to where you will be staying in Florida. If staying at a particular hotel, contact them to ask if they will accept a package for you. That way, you can order early enough, to be sure the diapers will be waiting for you when you check in. I don't think you need to worry about anyone knowing what's inside, most companies pack discreetly, and you don't have to tell anyone what's inside of your parcel. Hope that can help.
  9. Hi and welcome, glad you decided to finally join and say hi. You can certainly take away what you like from the site, there's lots here. What you input, makes a great difference too. Have fun and enjoy!
  10. Hi and welcome DeeDee. Happy you came to join us. Hope you like the site, I think you will. It's a nice place to come to, lots of good stuff! Have fun and enjoy!
  11. Hello and welcome baby Jacky. Glad to be able to say hi to you. Happy you came to join us. What had you start liking diapers? Sometimes that's a hard question to answer, I know, but you started only 8 years ago. And recently being into sissy too? No pressure, you don't have to explain, if you don't want to, just wondering. I'm AB/DL, sissy too. Always liked diapers and plastic panties, my whole life. The sissy part came later for me. Well, have fun and enjoy !
  12. Hi and welcome Mike. You can just take your time, and bump around here some. See what you like, or don't like, whatever! Just have fun and enjoy!
  13. Hi and welcome TinyBunny. Glad you joined us. Have fun and enjoy!
  14. Hi and welcome Alfonso, glad you decided to post a hello. Oh boy, so many of us started with trash,or bin bag diapers homemade diapers. I can remember pinching some my mom would buy, I thought they were hideous. The were a light transparent green, but I overlooked that, and used them anyway. I'd put a towel in the center, and then tape the plastic on, like a real disposable diapers. Now I kinda miss those bags, lol. Anyway, happy you joined us. And don't think that, you can hide spanking marks because you have a diaper on! Lol. Have fun and enjoy!
  15. Hi and welcome C. Lots of info, but that's cool. Nice to meet you, and glad you have joined us here. OK, since you started it. Here's a cute polar bear joke for you. How do you catch a poplar bear? First, cut a hole in the ice. Next, line the hole with some peas. Then, wait for a polar. When the polar bear comes to take a pea, KICK HIM IN THE ICE HOLE! Have fun and enjoy!