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  1. I can remember, being transfixed, seeing girls in short dresses and frilly baby pants, swaying back and forth as they toddled along. I had no real clue at the time, but I knew I liked seeing them, and I too had a bit of a jealous feeling. My sister didn't have many dolls, but I use to think, it would be fun to put them in frilly baby pants, if I could. There were many reasons that didn't happen, as you may imagine. Much less getting to wear any myself.
  2. Hi and welcome Babycat, nice to meet you, and happy you stopped in. hope we see you round, and hear more from you. Have fun!
  3. I liked Warner Brothers studio tour, they give a more close to the ground tour. Framers market is a fun stop, if you like shopping, lots to eat too. There's the Griffed observatory, great views from there too, conditions permitting (smog). La Brea tar pits. Santa Monica pier.
  4. Hi and welcome Maria. I hope you find many friends here, and can enjoy stopping in. Promise, no tickling! But you may become tickled, tickled pink too. I hope you will? Have fun and enjoy!
  5. Hi and welcome Kimberly. Nice to meet you, and glad you dropped in. Dresses and diapers, go together wonderfully. I hope you makes lots of friends here, and enjoy.
  6. Hi and welcome Wee Hamlisch. I like the humor, wee can also mean,"yes" as in French, really (oui) but for here, we can say wee wee, or yes I have to wee. I love plastic pants over a diaper, or nappy lots too. I've always been that way. Well, I hope to be hearing more from you here. And I hope you can find that special lady. Good luck. And, enjoy!
  7. Hi and welcome Admiral. Glad you could join us. Hope to be seeing you around. Have fun!
  8. Hi Jazzy, welcome to the site. Glad to meet you. Hope to see you round here some. Have fun!
  9. Welcome, and you are for sure not alone. There are lots of people who like diapers, and there are plenty like yourself, who don't really understand the why's and where fore's. I've had this all my life, but not sure exactly why. I have long ago come to terms, and just enjoy it. Well, hope to see you round, have fun!
  10. Hi and welcome Rob. And welcome to the diaper fetish fun! I hope you can find yourself that special companion. See you round.
  11. I'm from the old school, so plastic pants, yeah. I can't help but love them, and it has to be part of the package for me. Most times, even with a disposable.
  12. introduction

    Hi and welcome PinkieSie. Glad to meet you, and hope to see you round here some. You should always be wearing a good diaper, when you go to play, you never know! Have fun and enjoy.
  13. Yeah, some good advice. You don't need to tell your mom. No reason to do this. Why force such a thing? Work out getting yourself your own diapers, and enjoy them when you can.
  14. How ya doin Tony! Nice to meet ya, and welcome. Can you tell I'm from Jersey, lol. Hey, I wonder if it would be cool, if a princess could ride a dinosaur? Well, maybe I'll see you round here, hope so. Have fun and enjoy!
  15. I can't see any problems with diapers, or powder, wipes can be put in a zip lock bag if they are an open pack. Creams and other liquids might be a problem, but you can always get a small insulated thermal bag, and add a cool pack inside, then place the items in that.