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  1. AbabeBill


    Hi Steven, and welcome to DD. Nice to meet you. Come in, lots of good people here. Shoes, shirt, and a diaper. It’s a great start! I’ve always loved that look, especially with a cloth diaper, and ballooning plastic panties. Have fun, and enjoy!
  2. AbabeBill

    Metro article on what it's like being ABDL

    Yes, the illustrations are crap. So missed the mark adding them. No idea why you’d do an article, which seems to try and be fair, and totally drop the ball on dumb ass illustrations. I wasn’t impressed with the article, even without the illustrations. It sets out to explain and explore the subject, but falls way short. This persons heart, dose not seem to be in pursuit of a good well rounded story. Why bother trying to do such a weak story in the first place?
  3. AbabeBill

    VA and cloth diapers

    Maybe you could inquire, if they might give an allowance, on cloth diapers you buy yourself. Show receipts and such. I’m thinking it may also be a ridged, NO! But you can ask. I’ve not heard of anyone getting cloth diapers through the VA. Another idea, don’t know if it could work? Take the disposables they give, sell them (if there is a market), then buy cloth with that money. You would need to again, show receipts for sales, and receipts of what you bought. Just Incase they want to know why you are selling the VA diapers.
  4. AbabeBill

    Car accident

    Maybe, in addition to airbags, we need an absorbent emergency diaper, to deploy on impact. Mr./Mrs. Jones? This is Onstar, I see you’ve had an accident, your airbags, and diaper have deployed. Are you ok? Do you need help? Is your diaper wet?
  5. AbabeBill

    Hello love

    Hi and welcome Bunny! Glad to meet you, and a pleasure to have you join us. Always good to see new people come in. Cute pictures of you! Not sure what area, or areas you’re looking for advice in? What kind of diapers, clothes, where to find adult baby items, or what? But, the first good start, if looking for that is, eBay. Just put, “Adult Baby” in the search box. You can use Google as well, “adult baby, clothes, and, or items”. Lots of stuff will come up. A kinda of heads up, if you’ve not already experienced it already. Being a girl, you should expect loads of attention, from guys seeking, well, you name it. There’s just not as many girls, for numerous reasons, in this realm. Just be prepared. I hope that doesn’t scare you, not ment to. Theres lots of good people here, and loads of good information too. So, if you have other questions, or need help in anything else, don’t be shy. Now, have fun, and enjoy!
  6. I like the idea of it showing sometimes, not always.
  7. AbabeBill

    Fave Lego Theme

    I like city too. But, I’m from the old LEGO school, just put a pile of parts in front of me, and I’m good.
  8. AbabeBill


    Lol, sorry Loren, you’re to late, I’m married. But, maybe we could all still, sit around in our diapers some Saturday morning, and binge on cartoons, cold pizza, and PB&J.
  9. AbabeBill


    Hi and welcome, from another here at DD, Hummer. Good to meet you, and a pleasure to have you come on board with us. Sounds like a rough pothole stretch of incontenent/bedwetting road, you’ve been down. But, it’s nice to know you’re not the only one, and you have a place here. I wet the bed some myself, way back. I was lucky, it stopped for me, around age six. But now, who knows, at my age, could come back to haunt me again. But, maybe not so bad, as I like diapers anyway. I’m a fan of old vintage cartoons too! But, with the different in ages, and eras, it’s more of the 60’s, 70’s Saturday morning stuff. And even older, like Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, etc. They’re part of my psyche, and deep in my head, LOL. Away, just wanted to say hi, and welcome you. Have fun and enjoy!
  10. AbabeBill

    I’m very curious

    “The best dress for walking is nakedness.” Colin Fletcher.
  11. AbabeBill

    I’m very curious

    No worries, we’re all a bit shy to one degree, or another. Why else, would we always cover are arses so much?
  12. AbabeBill

    Hello from Connecticut

    Hi ya Diaperedrider, and welcome, or finally welcome to DD. Glad you decided to join, and introduce yourself. Congratulations, or commiserations, (as the case maybe) on your divorce. But, now you’re on a new road, and you’re here, so full speed ahead! I always say, have fun and enjoy!!!
  13. AbabeBill

    I’m very curious

    Hi and welcome Loren. Please do come in, and make yourself at home. There’s plenty of respect and understanding here, for whatever your likes are. And, feel free to roam, and take away what you want, from the site in general. I don’t know, at the moment, how I might help you on your journey down the “rabbit hole”, but I’m always willing to lend my help, wherever I can. I support your journey, though. I do say, it should be lots of fun! That’s always my closing line here, “have fun, and enjoy! Any other questions, just ask.
  14. AbabeBill

    Diaper help

    My suggestion, is pretty much the same as Soggy Bottom Boy’s. Find some adult size training pants. An absorbing inside panty, covered with plastic. Wear these over your regular diaper. The inside cloth pants should help catch any leaks, and the plastic outer pants, will help hold it in. You can see some types here, http://www.fetware.com/cloud-flannel-lined-plastic-pants-p-40.html and, https://www.babykins.com/collections/adult-terry-lined-plastic-pants and, https://www.llmedico.com/product/17/gary-pull-on-terry-lined-plastic-pants/ and, https://rearz.ca/thick-terry-plastic-training-pant-white/ also, https://www.nappiesrus.co.uk/drylife-double-terry-towelling-lined-plastic-pants There are others, but you get the picture.
  15. AbabeBill


    I’ve never been to any. I suppose, it takes some courage to make the leap in. But I this, you get out, what you put in. If you try and put in a good effort to make it a good time, then you should come away with it being such.