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  1. Good thing it wasn't an elephant,lol. I would suggest at your earliest, get a screen cap over your chimney.
  2. Gees! I can't believe you aren't getting responses Kitten. Sorry to hear that. And, you are never to old!!! I would keep at it though. I can offer up to be friends, but I'm married, so the sexy PM stuff is off the table. Maybe see you round? And good luck finding that someone.
  3. Hello and welcome Jane. Always a pleasure to see new people here, and New at the diaper thing. If you have any questions, don't hesitate. I've been at this almost all my life. I knew early I liked diapers. I'm old school, and my first love is cloth diapers and plastic pants, but disposables are fine with me too. Well, hope to see you round, and enjoy!
  4. Hello and welcome little Ashly. Oh my, still in diapers are we? Well that's OK, sometimes even big, littles girls still need their diapies. I hope you are allowed to be here on your own? Sometimes little pink diaper wears, get themselves into trouble. Lol. Good to have you here, hope you have fun!
  5. Yes, that is exactly how it was. The only thing safe from wetness, was the mattress. And then it began, I was awake, had to get my mom awake, to change everything, and my dad, cause he heard me come in to get my mom up. Diapers would have = all sound sleeping.
  6. I would suggest getting a pair of PEVA vinyl pants, for the extra noise factor. You want noisy, they're it. And a bulky diaper is easy to do. Just use more!
  7. I didn't like it way back when, as a child. Everything wet, sheets, blankets, PJ's, underwear, yuk! And, the darn plastic mattress cover! So, no thanks on wet bed now.
  8. Hi

    Hi and welcome Danny. You're a big boy, but if you want to act like a baby, then you'll be treated like one! Lol, it is a fun thought.
  9. Hi and welcome to the site. Maybe you can fly your drone over the diaper factory, and recon for new designs coming out. Lol. It's diaper espionage, but somebody's got do it!
  10. I'm sorry, I feel bad for your situation. Certainly she had no understanding, or compassion. I don't want to make you feel worse, but if she couldn't get it, and made you feel bad about it, you're better off without her. Even if she wasn't into this, there was no reason to make you feel bad, just because she wasn't. I can understand your wanting to swear off diapers at this time, it's natural. I'm not sure you will be able to forget completely, and quit. It would be very hard to separate yourself from it completely. I have had the same thoughts from time to time, but I felt I could never get rid of this. I just know I couldn't, and came to the conclusion I wouldn't try, it's to much apart of my inner psyche. However, if you are completely determined, and willing to try, I would suggest making plans to revamp what you do everyday. You are going to need something else to do, to take you mind off the sudject. You might want to seek a professional to help you through, as well. I wish you luck, and hope you can find what you want. I would offer one more thing. I know it's an old cliche, but it explains it in easy terms. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." It didn't work out for you, and you feel bad now. But, you can always shake it off, take some time out, an give it another shot.
  11. First, you might consider having a doctor check you. At the very leash, you might not be drinking enough, or getting ruffage in your diet. But, your doctor can tell you better. And I'm not sure of your living arrangement, being under your moms roof, and all. But if you are over 18, you're an adult, and you should be letting her know, you have things that should be private, and that needs to be respected. Maybe you need to sit and have a tactful conversation about some boundaries, for both of you.
  12. I still have issues diapering up in front of my wife. I do, and have done so, but I still am not at ease with it. She knew I was a abdl when we met, and she's real cool with it. She is very supportive, and enjoys having me in diapers. She sometimes wears with me too! But, I think I've been hiding it, and have had to be so secretive for all my life, it is still stuck in my head, and makes me very self conscious. It helps, if she's out of the room when I dress up. But, I think this bothers her some. Like I'm not sharing, or being completely open. I so want that not to be the case, so I guess, I will have to work on that.
  13. I can remember about the time I was 3, and trained during the day, but still diapered for bedtime. Resently my crib, which I was still sleeping in, had been moved to a different bedroom further away from my parents room. The room I had been in was bigger, and my older sister was taking it. Anyway I digress, now in my new room, I was being readied for bed. I clearly remember my mom having diaper pins clinched in her teeth, diapers on the dresser next to her, and her telling me to lift up my butt. She got my night diapers pined snuggly, then grabbed the plastic pants, put her hands through the waist and leg holes, and snaked them up my legs, again saying lift up, and ending all the way over the bulky night diapers, with the usual snap! Of the waistband being let go. Then my white flannel PJ bottoms came next. You're done, goodnight. I still remember too, looking up while she had those plastic headed diaper pins in her teeth, and noticing how dry and chapped her lips were. For a moment, I thought she had stuck a pin in her lip. I think that was the clincher, on why I can recall the whole affair. The thought of her sticking herself in the lip, stuck with me much more.
  14. If a certain profession can be thought of as one of the oldest. I believe wanting to wear a diaper, no matter what incarceration it may have been, would have been a thing. Who really knows, for all we know, Adam and or Eve, might have liked wrapping lots of palm leaves around their butts. " Hey Eve, I wet my palm leaves again, maybe you need to change me!"
  15. I think, if you choose to be your best, that's all you can do. Do the best you can, and let everything fall into place. There's lots of things that could, or should be simpler in life, but seldom are. And whatever you learn, however unimportant or useless it may seem, is an experience, and once you learn it, it can't be taken away. I hope, you can come to terms with being more then one person. It's not easy, but it's what we got.