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    • Hi I'm Maui from maryland area I'm abdl girl looking for friends also, also looking to expand to meet more friends and start a group in maryland. I'm not always on social media on the time either but I'm willing to meet and greet
    • I still think they should have ran it for 30 days. But maybe they were afraid of parents would come back for more Build a Bears. 
    • Dan let out a frustrated sigh as Julie’s tirade only intensified. “Nobody said…” he began, cutting off as he recognized a not-unfamiliar dark wet spot spreading through his daughter’s skirt. Standing up with a curse under his breath, he hauled her off the couch by the armpits and carried her to the nearby tile of the kitchen as she continued dripping all over the floor. “How many of the ‘big kids’ in your current, I’m sorry, former class do you think throw a tantrum and pee themselves when they’re upset? The way you’re acting lately you should be grateful you’re only going back to elementary school.” As Julie carried on inconsolably, her father hiked up her skirt and smacked her quickly on the soaked behind of her panties. “Now don’t move while I get you some dry clothes. Again,” Dan concluded darkly, reminding Julie that she had had a similar if less dramatic ‘accident’ a few weeks earlier when he had refused to let her stay up past her bedtime now that she’s “practically a teenager.” He sent her to bed early with a sore bottom that night, as she vividly recalled. Returning shortly to clean up and strip his embarrassed daughter where she stood, Dan dressed her in pastel cotton shorts and a childish purple Frozen t-shirt she had never outgrown but stopped wearing long ago out of a desire to look more adult. When Julie questioned her lack of replacement for her soggy panties, Dan sternly declared, “I’m not sure you can be trusted in big girl panties right now. If you want to weep and wet yourself like a toddler then we need to go to the store and get you something to keep you from making a mess all over our furniture. Try to hold it til we get there at least,” Dan was the epitome of exasperation, reaching for Julie’s hand to lead her to the car.
    • Sorry, seems the original link is wrong. My mistake!

      The correct, working link is http://www.tinyurl.com/naughtyboyz
    • Has anyone ordered from here? Any good sellers for cute/good quality/both diapers? And I just haven't looked this up myself yet but anyone know the process or whatever of customs for US?