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Littles of Faith

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A Place for Religious ABDL's and littles. (No anti-religion posts/comments allowed)

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    • Sarah didn’t argue, she didn’t know how she had wet so much and not felt the need. All she wanted now was to be dry and she knew it would mean another diaper but at least it was dry. She lay on the changing table and wondered if she was going to lose her potty training if she was going to be in diapers full time for the semester
    • Peter blushed and looked away as Britney unfolded the diaper in front of him, he couldn’t believe this was happening to him. As she slid the diaper under and shook the powder on him, he was immediately reminded of his childhood and early teens as his mom diapered him for bedwetting. He let out a cry as she flicked him a few times and blushed again, he had always been embarrassed about his size but there was nothing he could do. He felt the diaper get tight as she fastened it and say up when told, the diaper crinkled loudly under him as he sat
    • Robyn frowned. "Don't call yourself or anything you find important dumb," she said.  "If it's important enough to make you feel a need, then it's not dumb, honey." She felt around the girl to see if her diaper was wet. "If you didn't pee your pants, honey, let's get you to the bathroom, okay?"   Jason just patted her back and relaxed with her until she was awake enough to want to try to sit up.  Then he let her. "You wet yourself," he whispered to her.  "You need to change or you'll get a rash.  I'm just going to pull your pants down and take off your diaper.  That's okay, right, honey?"
    • Sarah went to check a little later and saw he was fast asleep. As he slept she took all his posters down and replaced them with nursery pictures, numbers and alphabet pictures. She walked over and patted his diaper, feeling it was full she smiled and left the room again to wait for him to wake up on his own.
    • Hermoine smiled and nodded. "Well, they do learn to use them later, don't they?" she asked her mom.  "I mean, my dad is a dentist.  He must have studied some, right?" She blushed.   Arthur frowned. "I didn't know you were looking out for her today, too.  Do you have a standing arrangement or something?  normally, you have to ask her parent before you can just big brother her, Harry." He magically sent a message to Molly. "Please bring some of Ginny's extra clothes with you.  Harry has a guest that had an... embarrassment." "Molly will come to the bathroom door.  Just wait outside for her, and she should get you something that the little girl can use.  It might not fit perfectly, but it will do until she finds her dad."