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  1. Kayla's Roommates

    It was almost like Kayla was under a magical spell as she did just what her baby sitter told her to do. She cooed and kicked her feet. "Goo goo ga ga!" she said along with other gibberish. She was totally lost in her baby world! She shook the rattle drooling and giggling. Still making babyish sounds.
  2. Trying to take my job ( private Kaylaindiapers)

    Kayla was relieved when her mommy put her in a new pull up and not a diaper. She was then lead by the hand and placed on the toddler potty. She sat there for a few minutes hoping for some privacy but Hailey just stood there watching her. After a few minutes she did it! She smiled looking up at her mommy. "I did it!" she said feeling proud of herself.
  3. The Boyfriend baby( private )

    Kayla began drinking her bottle and soon enough she was asleep. She laid there dreaming of her former life, cause that's all she had left. While sleeping she wet her diaper which was the most natural thing anymore cause she no longer had control she truly was a baby!
  4. Mom i don't need a babysitter pvt sarahbedwetter

    "I--I won't get lost!" she cried trying to pull away. Kayla bristled when she was threatened with a spanking! "No." she said going into the nurses office
  5. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James didn't want a spanking or put to bed. He grabbed his baby toys that were all for girls. "Goo goo ga ga." he said playing with his dolls
  6. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    James felt just like a little boy as Hailey held his hand tightly with his diaper bag slung over her shoulder they walked into school. He turned red as the other classmates laughed at him. The college baby cringed as his mommy told the teacher what happened. "Color I--I can do normal work!" he said stuttering nervously unsure of himself. Ryan looked at James and couldn't believe it he was dressed just like a 18 month old. "Look at James." he said nudging Sophia
  7. Mom i don't need a babysitter pvt sarahbedwetter

    "You could say something to my mom." she whined. She turned red when out of no where Sara just checked her diaper didn't ask her or anything. "Hey." she said jumping back still not used to people just touching her like that. She blushed bright red when Sara pronounced rat she needed to be changed. "Sara you didn't have to say that so loud!" she hissed under her breathe as she was lead out of class. Kayla felt just like a toddler as no one asked her anything she was told what to do and she hated the fact that Sara made sure to take her hand everywhere like she wasn't even capable of walking on her own. "Seriously I can walk on my own!" she cried as they approached the bathroom.
  8. Trying to take my job ( private Kaylaindiapers)

    Kayla frowned embarrassed as she watched her wet pull up down to her knees trying not to trip over it as she was lead to the corner. "No no mommy I am I am." she cried desperately thinking she was soon going to be back in diapers! She kept her nose in the corner sobbing to herself.
  9. The Boyfriend baby( private )

    Kayla was frustrated as she stopped before she could really enjoy herself. "I'm not tired." she whined starting to drink her bottle as she was thirsty.
  10. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    James was mad how she wouldn't answer his questions but he knew the conversation was over as that's what she had decided. "What mommy you can't be serious." he cried but when he saw her give him the mommy look in the mirror he knew he better do as he was told. He dutifully stuck his thumb in his mouth and began sucking feeling just like a baby. Ryan hated the pull up. "Yeah I guess but it's still embarrassing." Ryan said to his sexy girlfriend turned mommy.
  11. Trying to take my job ( private Kaylaindiapers)

    Kayla nodded as she guessed that made sense. Then she didn't know what to say as the word accident was brought up. "Um yeah ." she said softly, she felt bad as she saw her mommy frown at her. Kayla felt just like a little girl as she stood there in her wet pull up not knowing what was going to happen! It was easier when she wore diapers as she was expected to wet and mess them she was a baby and her mommy would even praise her. Now she was in a wet pull up and she was supposed to be a big girl. "I'm sorry mommy."
  12. The Boyfriend baby( private )

    Kayla was shocked when her mommy cradled her in her arms like she was a infant and she began rocking her putting the pacifier in her mouth. She moaned behind her pacifier as her new mommy rubbed her diaper. No no not here! She thought to herself. She hated how her body betrayed her she didn't want to be a baby but the toughing was turning her on. "Please no." she whines behind her pacifier squirming around.
  13. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    "I won't get lost!" he cried as he was strapped into his seat. He wondered what he would do at Sophia's he was curious would she tease him like she does at school. Maybe I'll see her bra and panties in her room. He thought to himself. He wondered what Ryan would do and how he'd react to all of this. "When will you be back?" Ryan and Sophia sat in the class he nudged at her. "I hate this.' He said pointing at his pull up
  14. Mom i don't need a babysitter pvt sarahbedwetter

    "No I won't I'll never get used to this crap!" she said getting mad thinking of all the things or even Sara might do to her. She wondered would they throw her a baby birthday including a baby decorated cake, what about for Christmas would they make her get pictures with Santa would her mom let her cousins change her when she was at there house on Christmas day. Then on easter would the make her waddle around in her diaper and hunt eggs. "Please Sara I can't do it!" she cried starting to panic wetting herself some more. Tiffany thought about it. "I guess just hold her down and I'll spank her then put her in a diaper." she said smiling
  15. Kayla's Roommates

    Kayla smiled as the lullaby helped to relax her kicking her baby side into over drive. "Me want me want." she said reaching for it.