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  1. Kayla's Roommates

    "Can I potty train I'm sure my mommies want me to be a big girl!" she begged. After her diaper was tapped up she sat on the blanket and wondered if her mommies would ever let her wear pullups.
  2. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James hated it but she was right he was good at wetting and messing his diaper, he figured his life wasn't much different then a real toddlers. The thing with them he figured is they don't know any better like he does and they never had freedom like he has. Now this baby life was being forced on him. "Yes." he said as he got in his baby jail surrounded by all the girly baby toys.
  3. Kayla's Roommates

    Kayla didn't not what to do or say. She knew Annie wouldn't believe her if she told the truth! Not only would she get in trouble by Annie but also by the girls and her mommies. "It was an accident I was just joking I didn't think they would." she said coming up with the best excuse or lie she could think of!
  4. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James just nodded and continued drinking. He smelt Mandy's perfume it was so sweet and sexy he just wanted to touch her as he did his mommy but he knew he was no longer a man in their eyes. He was so frustrated and so confused. After a few minutes he finished his bottle. "All done."
  5. Kayla's Roommates

    "Ok." she said taking Annie's hand she was looking forward to getting changed. Kayla laid on the changing table doing her best to not look at the other girls as this was very embarrassing. "Do they have to watch!" she cried wanting some privacy. "Ok." she said as she didn't want diaper rash!
  6. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James felt less then a inch tall as Beth totally humiliated him, he felt just like a baby as she kept calling his manhood a pee pee. He couldn't think of anything to say. His eyes began to water he was a man not a baby and damn sure not a sissy baby! His mind was screaming that but everything else said he was indeed a baby and a sissy baby. The sissy baby looked at Mandy who was wearing some black yoga pants with a orange shirt and he could see her whit bra strap her hair was short and curly! She was so sexy but he knew he'd never be able to touch her or make her happy. He wasn't a man. He opened accepting the bottle from her.
  7. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    Ryan began pouting moving his head back and forth the beef looked gross but the worst part was the smell, and he was hearing what James was getting. "I want hot dogs!" he cried James was enjoying the hell Ryan was going through. He figured he'd rub more salt in the wound. "Ice cream sounds great, was Sophia's boyfriend coming over I noticed she was in a hurry." James smiled at Ryan as he said that. Ryan was fuming "I am her boyfriend!" he said now crying as it was all too much.
  8. Kayla's Roommates

    Kayla was about to say something but she didn't want to go against the girls and say they were lying! "I don't know?" she said trying to be careful with what she said. Kayla's eyes got big she never said that but what could she say!
  9. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    Ryan's eyes got big not believing they just asked for a high chair. Jams smiled as he was getting a booster seat. Ryan sat in the high chair supper pissed "This is stupid!" he said swinging his feet back and forth with nothing to do. "Hot dogs!" he said happily
  10. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    "No but I thought maybe you might love me as a man!" he said nervously feeling like he just asked the hottest cheerleader out in school. James looked when Mandy entered the room with a baby bottle in her hand. "Sure I guess."
  11. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    "No I don't I'm mad cause you're not answering me!" he said frustrated as hell. Ryan figured surly they would quit with the baby crap in public at a restaurant. James smiled "That sounds great!" He looked over at James "Poor baby he gets baby food!"
  12. Kayla's Roommates

    "I'll be good please please have Annie change me I'll play I'll do whatever you want!" she begged and pleaded trying to get their attention. She gingerly sat down trying to avoid a diaper rash worried about what the girls said.
  13. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James looked up to see what his mommy was doing she just gave a sexy smile and blew him a kiss. He didn't know what to do. "What was that for?" he said wondering if she wanted to make out with him and start treating him like a man!
  14. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    James was having fun watching how the girls were treating Ryan, they were totally ignoring him and acting like he really couldn't talk or understand him. Ryan was getting so frustrated it was like he was in a foreign country and couldn't speak the language. "How is the baby." James said teasingly
  15. Kayla's Roommates

    "No I wanna be changed I'll play ok." she said nervously. Kayla finally realized just how much control they really had. "Please I'll be good." she said sitting there not getting up.