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  1. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    "No and I'm James!" he said snapping at her angrily. He spit out his pacifier he was so mad!
  2. Kayla's Roommates

    "Ok." she said getting down. She walked into the bathroom the only time she was allowed in here was for a bath and to brush her teeth. "Mommy when can I be a big girl again?"
  3. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    "Barrels!" he said like a real smart ass he blamed her for getting his mommy on board with turning him into a sissy. He did as he was told changing his dolly's diaper and talking to him.
  4. Kayla's Roommates

    Kayla made a mess as she seldom was allowed to feed herself. "All done!" she said showing them her bowel
  5. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    James was stuck and there was nothing he could do, he was going to be utterly humiliated not only was he going to have to mess his diaper but he was going to do it in front of her stuck in a high chair then he would have to go through the humiliating process of being changed! He sat there for a few minutes then his stomach gave in and he began messing his diaper. He looked at her to see if she could tell what he did. How did it come to this! He wondered to himself as his eyes began to water.
  6. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    Ryan laid there as his mommy left knowing if he complained anymore she would spank him, he put the bottle to his lips and began drinking. "Can I get down first?" he whined it was going to be humiliating regardless but at least in private would be better. He herd his stomach grumble a few times. Oh No he thought to himself. He knew it wouldn't be long!
  7. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    "Company you never said you was having company over who's coming Tiffany or Britney?" Ryan asked figuring it would be one of her girlfriends. He didn't like this new arrangement as normally they would talk to each other before doing stuff but now she was just doing whatever she wanted. Ryan laid there as his mommy cooed at him while changing him. Then he saw the cage. "No mommy please I'll be good!" he cried as she put it on. He saw the pink footed pj's but the fight was out of him. James sat in the high chair waiting for Sophia to come back. He looked up as she had a dirty diaper in her hand he watched as she threw it away. "A stinky but I don't want too!" he cried as he wondered if she was going to make him sit there until he did!
  8. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James frowned of course he didn't want to wear a diaper at all but it was better then the sissy clothes but his mommy and his nanny were always a step ahead of him it seemed! He went downstairs still sucking his pacifier and got in his playpen "Ok." he said sitting down grabbing his dolly.
  9. Kayla's Roommates

    Kayla was happy when she was given a spoon even if it was a baby spoon. "Thank you mommy!" she said digging into her pudding. She couldn't help but be amazed to how much detail they put into making her a baby again in every way.
  10. What a guy will do. pvt Hya123

    Both babies knew they were in trouble. "Please mommy I'll be good and eat!" Ryan said hoping he could eat the better baby food and not the liver! "Me too Aunt Sophia!" James cried
  11. Babysat by the Prom Queen (private)

    James was fuming the way she talked down to him, and he knew she was going nowhere. He remembered when they were kids how she teased him a few times she was strong for a girl but the worse part was she knew Karate! She would use her moves on him and get him on the ground and it was over as she would twist his arm or she would use the nerve holds against him. Now that she threatened to spank him again he decided to be good. "I have a wallet!" he said like a man figuring she couldn't make that babyish as only men had wallets. Damn she's sexy! He thought to himself trying to get over the fact that she was babysitting him for a whole week!
  12. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James nodded as he was happy about not leaving the house. Once she had him changed he watched as she showed him what she was dressing him in. Then he uttered the words he thought he'd never say.. "Can I just wear my diaper?" he figured that would be better then the sissy outfit. He sat there as she fixed his hair. He hated it! The sissy baby was grateful that she didn't put make up on him or talk about the waitress. He sucked on the pink pacifier as she put things away in the nursery.
  13. Kayla's Roommates

    Kayla finished her bottle as her mommies talked about grown up things and going to the store this weekend. She always hated that as the made a big production going down her isle is how they referred to it even though it was the baby isle. She watched as her mommy brought back bowls of pudding. "Yummy!" she said looking confused as the bowl was put on the tray of her high chair. "Um mommy I need a spoon!" she said smiling hoping they weren't going to make her eat with her hands!
  14. But I'm the daddy. pvt robehouse

    James laid there as she changed him wondering what she was going to dress him in. "What are we doing today?"
  15. Kayla's Roommates

    Kayla opened s her mommy continued to do the airplane noises as she made the airplane land in the hanger. She smiled at how silly her mommy was acting. Once she was done she was given her bottle. "Ok." she said taking the bottle she began drinking watching her mommies eat a nice big plate of spaghetti.