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  1. Frank set up the pieces on the board and took out the colored cards. He showed Sana and Ezrine the cards. He pointed to the squares on the board and then showed them the same colors on the board. Frank took one of the pieces and showed the girls one of the colored cards and moved his piece to the same colored square on the board. "See?" Frank asked. He moved the piece back up the beginning and mixed up the cards. Frank set the cards down and chose a blue playing piece. "Blue. My piece." Frank said. He pointed to the girls and then the pieces.
  2. "Yeah, I get grounded a lot." Ruth said. "What?! That's not fair! I really have to pee!" Ruth whined. Lacey read for awhile then looked at Brenda. "How much longer do we have to read?" Lacey wondered.
  3. Frank smiled at the girls reaction. He gave both girls another piece and put the bag of candy up in a cupboard. Patty cleared the table. Frank got the game candyland out and showed it to Sana and Ezrine. "Play game?" Frank asked. He started setting up the game on the table.
  4. Olivia smiled and went back to reading the book. Ruth looked down and pouted. "I guess sometimes. Mom doesn't like it either." Ruth said. Ruth squirmed, pressing her hand against her crotch, but didn't say anything "Alright thank you. I'll keep trying " Lacey said.
  5. Mandy took the bottle from James and set it aside. "Okay, show me what a good little sissy you are. Let's paint your finger and toe nails." Mandy cooed, setting James down.
  6. When Kayla was finished with her breakfast Chloe got her out of the highchair. "Lily, are you ready for school?" Chloe asked. "Yes ma'am." Lily replied. "Alright, have a good day. Say bye-bye to Lily baby." Chloe ordered.
  7. "No, I was saying a day was NOT a good trade off. Your going to be my baby for several years, until I decide you've had enough punishment." Jim said. Jim finished cooking dinner and set the table. He came back or up the living room. "Alright baby, time for dinner." James picked Kayla up and patted her bottom as he carried her to the kitchen and put her in the highchair and fastened her in.
  8. Mandy quickly rubbed the front of James diaper giving him a quick squeeze. "I'm going to talk to your mommy about starting hormone treatments. It will help you be more girlish and not get excited so easy." Mandy cooed. Mandy wiggled the bottle in James mouth.
  9. "You're already bigger than me, baby, but you're still a baby." Lily giggled. "Go ahead and finish your breakfast baby." Chloe ordered.
  10. "Well the problem is you would probably get 20 years or more for embezzlement, so I don't think a day as a baby is a good trade off, do you, baby girl?" James asked. "Dinner is almost ready. Keep playing with your toys until I come get you." James ordered. James slipped a pacifier in Kayla's mouth and clipped it to her shirt. "Keep that in until I remove it." Warned James.
  11. "I know most of the words. No, I'm not complaining. I appreciate the help." Lacey said. Ruth looked down as Cindy chastised her. "N-no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I appreciate your help. I guess I'm just a bit cranky. I didn't get enough sleep last night. I'm sorry." Ruth said. Olivia smiled at Angela. "Thank you. I do like to read. Alright. Maybe after we finish this one?" Olivia said.
  12. Patty and Frank saw the girls got along well with each other although it appeared they didn't speak the same language. They wished the girls could understand them, and that they could understand the girls. It appeared that it was going to take some time. When he finished eating, Frank got the candy he had bought at the store earlier. He opened the package and put a couple of pieces in front of both Sana and Ezrine. Frank slipped a piece of candy in his mouth and ate it, smiling. "Candy good." Frank said.
  13. Mandy smiled down as James nursed his bottle. She patted his bottom and cooed. "Who's a good little baby?" Mandy cooed softly.
  14. Lily smiled at Kayla. "I see. You're getting to be such a big girl now, aren't you?" Lily said, smiling. "Don't forget your milk, baby." Chloe said, holding a sippy cup in front of Kayla.
  15. "You'll see later." James promised. James peeked his head into the living room. "You know you're staying a baby until I think you've learned your lesson and maybe longer. Right now I'm not seeing any reason to let you out of our agreement." James said. "I'm having spaghetti and meatballs. My baby is having strained beef and vegetables." James said.