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  1. Ten minutes later Annie pulled into the parking lot at gymboree, a place for babies and toddlers to play. Annie got Kayla out of the car seat and took the bottle from her. "I thought you would enjoy playing today. Plus it will get you a chance to socialize with other babies." Annie said. Annie slipped a pacifier in Kayla's mouth and led her the building.
  2. "So you would prefer more spankings? That's okay with me." Wendy said. Britney moved Becky out of the way and Wendy took Kayla's hand. She got the paddle and pulled Kayla over to the couch.
  3. "Okay, we can watch tv or do something else fun. Go ahead and sleep." Katie ordered. Katie left the room. They let James sleep for a couple of hours. Katie came back to the nursery and over to the crib. She tickled his foot with her fingernails and ran them up the inside of his thigh to his diaper. "Wake up, sissy baby. Time to continue our playdate." Katie cooed.
  4. "Have fun with Miss Annie, baby." Chloe said. Both Chloe and Mia blew a kiss at Kayla. Annie led Kayla out to the car. She opened the back and made Kayla get in the pink baby car seat and fastened the harness in front of her. She took a bottle out of the diaper bag and handed it to Kayla. "It won't take long to get where we're going, baby. Sit back and drink your bottle." Annie ordered. Annie got in the car and started out.
  5. "Sorry baby girl. I need to keep you safe and that means keeping you fastened in your car seat." Wendy said. They arrived at Wendy's house and Wendy got Kayla out of the car seat, standing her on the ground. She took Kayla's hand and led her in the house. A woman was there watching Wendy's daughter Becky. "We're back. Thank you for watching Becky for me. This is baby girl, Becky's playdate." Wendy announced. "Well aren't you a cutie. I've heard so much about you." The women said, pinching Kayla's cheeks. The woman left and Wendy smiled at Kayla. "Alright baby girl. Becky is a crawler. She does know how to walk but doesn't do it very often. Since your here to learn from Becky, I think you know what you need to do." Wendy said.
  6. Katie patted James diaper and took him to the nursery. "This is a really nice nursery, sissy baby. I bet you would make all the other sissy babies jealous." Katie said. Katie helped James into the crib and tucked his doll Britney next to him. She wound the mobile and started it. "Go to sleep baby. When you wake up we still have time to play." Katie cooed before living the room.
  7. "Yes I'm sure." Annie said. "That's right. That's you baby, isn't it? Alright let's go say bye-bye to your mommies who we can get going." Annie ordered. Annie took Kayla's hand and led her to the kitchen where Chloe and Mia were having their breakfast. They were in their nightgowns. "We're ready to head out. Baby wants to say bye-bye, don't you baby?" Annie cooed.
  8. Once they were at the car Wendy opened the back door she helped Kayla into a car seat, fastening her in. Wendy took out her phone and called someone and hung up a minute later. "Baby girl is going to have so much fun at auntie Wendy's house. Becky is excited to be having a playdate with another baby." Wendy said. Wendy and Britney got in the car and started for Wendy's home.
  9. Katie smiled as she listened to the rattle while she changed James. When she finished the change Katie gently took the rattle from James and set it aside. "Come on baby, you deserve a nap." Katie said, helping James to this feet. Katie took James hand and let him out to the living room. "Sissy baby tired herself out playing. Now she's going down for a nap. Aren't you baby? Wave bye-bye to everyone." Katie ordered.
  10. "Yes, I've already made plans and its too late to change them." Annie insisted. Annie got Kayla's diaper on and pulled out a pink baby romper with snaps in the crotch. She put it on Kayla before helping her off the changing table. Annie took Kayla over to the mirror. She pointed to Kayla's reflection. "Who's that cute little baby?" Annie cooed.
  11. Wendy stopped spanking Kayla and moved her to the floor. Britney got the diaper bag they had brought with them. Wendy diapered Kayla then took out a short pink dress and put it on her. Wendy slipped a pacifier in Kayla's mouth and put her hair in braids. "Okay baby girl, let's go." Wendy helped Kayla to her feet and Britney patted her bottom. "Your diapers are showing under your dress baby girl. That's okay isn't it? After all you're just a baby." Wendy giggled. Wendy led Kayla out to her car, walking slow.
  12. "That's right, it's normal size for a baby. All you're ever going to use it for from now on is to go pee pee in your diaper, so it's perfect." Katie said. Almost an hour later Katie came back to the playroom with a pink diaper. She smiled at James. "Sorry I took so long. I had to talk to your mommy and nanny. Has baby been having fun? I bet your tired aren't you? I hope you didn't make any messes for me to clean up." Katie cooed. Katie got down on the floor and unfolded the diaper. "Keep playing with your rattle until I put your diaper on, baby. You don't need to suck your toes." Katie ordered. She took James ankles and lifted his legs up to slide the diaper under him.
  13. Annie took Kayla in the nursery and took off her diaper. She helped Kayla up on the changing table and strapped her down. She wiped Kayla with several baby wipes. "What kind of sound does a kitty Kat make, baby? Does it go woof-woof?" Annie cooed.
  14. "Yes you will, don't you baby girl? Are you ready to go get your baby lessons from my daughter?" Wendy asked. She gave Kayla a couple of additional swats on her bottom.
  15. "Much better baby. I can see your limp baby pee pee. I'm going to get a diaper from the nursery. I want you to keep playing with your rattle while I’m gone. If I come back and your not playing, I am not going to be happy. You want auntie Katie to be happy don't you? Yes you do!" Katie cooed. She left the playroom and walked out to the living room to talk to Beth and Mandy and her mother.