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  1. no longer cares about any of you. got too much shit going on right now and way more than i can deal with.

    1. Spiderman


      Dam I am sorry to hear about that I hope it works out okay for you.

    2. feralfreak


      we had a shitstorm of things going bad, mom had just been diagnosed with CHF, one night she had to take 3 doses of nitro and some oxygen. i stopped coming here, incase you wanna talk, joke around or whatever, ill give you my email address, loganadam@gmx.com

  2. ehhh, i know someone who says otherwise, he came to reside with us 2000 years ago. i try to not look at it, but its not easy, curiosity sometimes gets the best of me, and sometimes when i dont look i get disgusting story ideas in my head that, if there was a means could be made into porn videos, i thank God no one will read them. you are right, porn never brings anything good into ones life, all it does is take away.
  3. got an early christmas present of a new smart tv(the tv in my room stopped working, convienient timing for that new tv, i moved the bad tv out and the current living room tv into my room, and the smart tv became the new living room tv), a little cuddly bison named mr wooly, some candy, a pocket knife, and im hoping and praying God gives me what i really want, mom to come through the colorectal surgery without problems. didnt give anything really, i dont know if building a ramp for her would count, she needs it to get in and out of the house, she has short legs and its been a challenge for her to make it up to the front porch without help, and i figured if she had a ramp then after her surgery it will be even easier and not risk something coming loose after surgery.
  4. does the usda have a recommended portion size?
  5. at least you are trying to get back out there and work, that is always good.
  6. my question is not answered, ill ask again,was anything i said unclear?
  7. i always thought a bowl's worth was a cup(8 ounces), same as with beef stew..... is chili a form of stew?
  8. marriage counselling. you need it, if he refuses, you may need to think about if the marriage is worth saving. if all you do give and never get back, you will have nothing left to give.
  9. thats what i was telling you to do that for, so that there is evidence of being trolls/bullies to get the trolls/bullies ordered by a mod to settle down, banned, or anything in between. was i unclear in what i meant?
  10. take screenshots, send them to dailydi, i bet he will ban them for a while, i would if i was a mod or admin. i hate bullies
  11. the best of anything is useless if you cant afford it to start with, if you have all the money in the world go ahead and build with more expensive stuff, but a person has to be able to afford to work with materials or there is nothing to insure, so no insurance to save on for going with the best of anything. its like a ramp i just built for mom, id have loved to go with better, and have someone do it for me, i had to do it on a budget, and try to make it strong(and i pray that it stays up, ive never done one before and i dont think of myself as a good carpenter, i used deck screws instead of nails, no way i could have done it with nails), and i couldnt afford the concrete, or to have someone do it all for me.
  12. you said you live 4 hours from northern ky, do you feel comfortable giving your town?

  13. ive had thoughts of doing to their ceo that i did to the ceo, cmo and co of the local hospital, only a bit nicer in the jagex ceo because, well, jagex didnt almost kill my mom by ignoring her. what i did to the hospital heads was sending letters TO THEIR HOMES, and my letters to them were anything but nice, without being illegal, i viciously belted them with facts, in the case of the jagex ceo i think id have to be a bit nicer and explain why a letter would reach ones home and not office,,, assuming i could get such information, but its overseas, that costs money.
  14. why doesnt someone file a class action or a group action suit? it seems to me that patreon isnt following their own terms of service, cancelling accounts that arent in violation.
  15. im in USA, and im having a problem with a company over in the united kingdom called Jagex, im not asking anything spent but perhaps a few seconds of this persons time, not their money or anything else. let me explain my situation: early this year i was given a very undeserved ban for botting in their game old school runescape, i NEVER bot, every single item and gold coin i picked up or earned myself(unless given by a random event, but i guess that counts as earning), and i earned every XP, unless given by their genie, love those things. ive sent letters from over here to their offices, twice, and they are not responding, i tried to use your countrys trading standards but i dont have an address over there, and im NOT asking for anyone to give me their physical address, all im asking is that this friend take a few seconds to relay information, i can give my report of what happened so that a complaint can be filed for me with trading standards, and if there is a reply, id like to get that answer. the complaint can be done online. this is what i sent in snailmail to them: Hello sir or ma'am, I am writing you through snailmail because there was no way to contact anyone there, and I have tried. I need help to understand something, Im not trying to get anything, no free membership, fancy armors, gold or anything else, just some understanding, let me try to briefly explain problem: I have been fixated on this since January, Im autistic, fixations and repetitive patterns are part of my condition, I was banned for botting but I never use the damn things, I do admit i should have handled the appeal better but I did try to go back and edit the information to explain how Im innocent of botting but there was no way, not that there was enough characters allowed to fully explain, please read the explanation: For a month during the time before and after the ban I had to log out to literally save my moms life, shes a diabetic and due to a long infection she had trouble controlling her sugar, bot being lines of cheating code dont have moms. Every weekday at 5am my time, 10am your time I logged out so I can watch a family bible study hour, bots dont have souls, I do have a soul and its important to feed it. You took out the need to answer random events, Im guessing bots ignore them out of hand, most of the time I right click on them and click "dismiss ", Except for the bee keeper shortly before the ban, I did that one for the heck of it, and I ALWAYS do the genies, Im going to guess that bots dont even recognize them. When I mine ores I do it in a convenient pattern and location, at the time it was the underground access one minimap click south of the east faladore bank, once down the ladder it was one minimap east to a particular spot for iron, and then starting at 12 oclock and going clockwise to 3, 6 and 7, back to 12, it was ME, not some cheater, and I even stopped mining to pick up dropped ores, bots, Im guessing, dont do that. Bots dont help players, if you have chat logs you can see where I told a player in full armor to store it for longer run energy, and a player asked me about how we respond to home intrusions by criminals, I dont think bots are capable of complex conversations, are they? I logged out sometimes to get munchies, bots dont eat. I logged out sometimes to go to the toilet, bots dont have digestive systems. Right after I logged out so I can watch the bible study, and when I logged back in I was slapped with a ban, what did I do?! What might have given a false read of botting? We can clear this up with just a few emails, Id like to be able to get back into a game Ive enjoyed for years, but if Im wrongly banned again I'll lose all Ive WORKED FOR in the game, my level 112 combat, 50mil+ in gold coins, boatload of runes, and while it was given to me by my stepnephew, my dragon armor. Could your system have detected the youtube stuff? I played youtube while in the game for music. Ive had trouble with malware, could it have been my antimalware protection? all anyone needed was to just talk to me, Id be happy to try to adjust the settings to stay in line with jagex rules. Could it have been a malicious report because some player wanted to hog the resources with a mod just figuring "eh, report is good enough for me"? It can happen, no system is perfect, even mods can make mistakes and I recall reading you had an issue with mods this year. Im only asking for some communication, some help to figure out what made me look like a bot? Can you help me understand what happened and how to fix it? I tried sending a letter overseas to your player support team but no one bothered to reply, please take a moment to help me. username: woodturner1" their address is 220 science park, cambridge, cb4 0wa, united kingdom. im only asking for a little of someones time to help me figure this out, nothing more.
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