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  1. feralfreak

    Bad Jokes

    If i pour spot remover on my dog, can I make it dissappear?
  2. feralfreak

    Screw that

    i got a worse story than that, last year, my toilet kept getting backed up, we thought maybe the tank needed pumped, so we got a company to come and pump it out, not only did we find out that didnt work, the access we thought was for the septic line turned out to be to the leach field, which didnt need anything done to it, so the other side of the tank had to be dug up, allowing access to the line, it was backflushed, and it worked ok for a little bit, a couple weeks if i remember, then we had to call that company back out, turns out the guy was suppose to have ran a camera up the line, he didnt, he was fired. the new guy came, flushed it out, ran a camera and showed us a break in the line, the company wanted almost a thousand ontop of what they charged for the first flushing and for the pumping(no charge for the 2nd flushing because it was a callback). we couldnt afford that, fortunately an uncle has a friend who has a boy that needed some money, and that boys friend needed some too, they spent all day digging up the 20 foot line, which broke where the tools hit because it was fragile as a chicken egg(well not really that weak but you get the idea), and it was too thin, maybe 1/8th inch roughly, the new schedual 40 pipe cost about 66 bucks, and the boys was paid 175 each, and they installed a cleanout, which there wasnt before, and that helped diagnose a problem later. that worked alright for about a month if i remember right, then backing up again, the boys friend went under the house, saw that there were 2 right angles in the line(dumb, the idiot husband of my cousin must have done that, if he had a brain he would be dangerous), he changed that out for a more straight line, well that worked better, the waste was moving faster from what we could see in the cleanout, then early this year we had yet another toilet fuckup, turns out what the uncles friend thought was right wasnt when he directed the first repair, what he did was slip new 4 inch pipe over the existing 3 inch pipe, nothing there to step it down, he said the dirt would just pack in around it and seal it, NOPE, when it rained the water percolated down and took some mud with it into the pipe, and where there was maybe a quarter inch gap where the 2 pieces of pipe met in a connector(the connecter overlaps the pipe ends, but there was a quarter inch where it wasnt fully seated i think) and mud must have collected there, building up, and we had a clog there, that is where the cleanout helped us track down the problem, the guy my mom was dating at the time came up and helped us get it working with a temporary fix, we ran a snake up it from teh tank end, used a clothes hanger to snag the end and pull it up out of the cleanout, wrapped a handtowel around it and secured it with some clothes hanger wire, and i pulled it back through, that cleared the blockage, and it came POURING OUT, he said it was like a cow taking a crap, it was like the line had diahrea and it filled the entire diameter of the pipe, he took a travel blanket and trashbag and temporarily wrapped the bad connection and we havent had any more trouble, im hoping it holds until we can get that fixed right(she isnt seeing him anymore), next year we should have the money to get that done right, 7 more months and the car will be paid off, and we can kill some debt and free up some funds.
  3. my thoughts on a mate is this: you know the old song that has the words "someday, love will find you"? i follow that phrase with the words "OVER MY DEAD BODY!", i think it would be too much trouble, i dont want to have to worry about someoen elses feelings, if she would have lied about her age, would be cheating on someone, or cheating on me, if she has a disease, if she would want kids"id shut her down quick fast and in a real big hurry on that, i H-A-T-E kids and deadset on there NEVER being a little me running around), i lack the ability to develop an attachment like what you would need for relationships, in computer terms, it was never part of my programming, and is completely incompatible, i find kissing DIS-GUST-ING!, same with the idea oral sex(if a woman would want to take it in her mouth, up to her if there was anything, but i couldnt give oral) so a woman would find sex with me to be extremely boring, not that it matters, i find the safety of celibacy to be way to nice to give up, i know i wont go to prison for it based on someone lying, i wont get a disease from it, if someone offered sex, even in diapers, id have to say "id rather have a good bowl of beans"
  4. nah, i hate to be touched, i dont even go to an md unless i have something like an infection i cant kill on my own or need stitches(im sure the tax payers are grateful that, im on medicaid), what do you mean when you said you keep looking? as for loneliness, i dont see it as anything, its not an issue, i dont like people, im too much of a hermit
  5. feralfreak

    Any one else have a bug out bag????

    i had one before we got run out of the house in 16, had my new(first) pistol in it, but i didnt have any ammo, so we had to run to an out of town walfart to buy some, but mine had that gun, some diapers, clothes, i think i had a knife in it, had my dental stuff(toothpaste, etc..), phone charger.
  6. im a very high functioning autistic, but i tend to call myself a retard, cant drive to where the jobs are(i can drive to a local store a few miles away, simple road, only a couple turns and no lights, where the jobs are, bigger town, cant handle it, too much to process, and nobody seems to understand that i cant hack that, its like telling a person with no arms or legs to get up and do jumping jacks), for decades we thought my problem was tourettes and adhd, i think there are symptoms of child abuse too, my old geezer loved to smack me around just to make himself feel big and strong(yeah, you are real fucking tough pinning down a 4 year old to hit on, biiiiig man, i wish i could go back in time and "deal" with him), i hold onto anger and grudges but i dont let them affect others, just me, and im not sure if this counts but i think i have either rib disfunction or a herniated disc in my upper back(when i sneeze FUCK that hurts!!!!!) i have some level of low back pain just about every day, and i get some little teaser left arm pain, some teaser pains in my chest once in a while, but nothing coming from that YET(although with all the anger i bottle up you would think i would have had a MAAAAAASSSSSSSSSIVE M.I. by now), germaphobia, ive seen others say about relationships matters, well if they have had any they are doing better than me, ive never had a single date, and i like ladies(my browser history, unfortunately shows it, unfortunately because its naughty stuff) but ive never had a girlfriend, which i imagine all the ladies i would have approached are grateful for(im not relationship material, my father wasnt either, i wish he had my common sense, then i wouldnt be here), i have a tendency to punish myself harshly when i do something bad, does that count?
  7. does anyone have any reviews on walmarts assurance stretch briefs with tabs? any pics of them unfolded?
  8. feralfreak

    Bad Jokes

    No she said "MY BABY! Pass the salt!"
  9. feralfreak


    Again thank God! Another one bit the dust! Just a few minutes ago! Edit : forgot to mention in both cases i added just a touch of maple syrup on top for the strong smell, did it after a little research
  10. feralfreak

    Ever had one of those days?

    Thats a shitty day, but it beats having to run for your life
  11. feralfreak


    Tried the box, been there with a matching hole in the wall for weeks, never touched the bait, which is a mix of peanut butter and velveeta, we can't afford an exterminator,hell for the last year we have been having to use credit cards just to buy groceries. What do they eat and how costly are they? Edit:HALLELUJAH THANK YA JESUS the box that has the peanut butter veleeta combo now also contains A DEAD MOUSE SECURELY HELD IN THE TRAP! I literally prayed for that!
  12. I got a mouse in the house, it was in my walls and i tried everything to scare it away, : A spade bit in a drill spinning to create noise, Banging on the wall like a lunatic, Injection of ammonia into the wall, sealing the hole with a drywall screw, Injection of rodent sheriff into the wall, And I thought I had gotten lucky and was free of it, which would have been nice since I hurt my back a week ago today (i couldn't even stand up ),but nope! It found a way in! Ive set out snap traps, there is a bait block out, fixing to try sticky paper but im not sure where i put it and im not certain it wont chew a leg off to get loose, considering those electric mouse/rat traps, what do you do whenyou have a lil squeaker you want gone? We are also looking at breaking down and getting a cat or 2
  13. feralfreak

    Holding Grudges

    as someone who could win the gold medal for grudge holding in the olympics, i agree, that and i literally cant let go of grudges, least of all without some sign the one who wronged me has learned better and apologizes to me, even then i might not be able to, for example, my now former stepfather, after what he did, i dont care if he has a come to Jesus moment, comes to us, on his hands and knees, and offers to sign everything over to us, to fix our house at his own cost, it will still take everything i have not to grab my gun, load it, and point it at him, we could both live a million years and the only thing that would change would be the weapon. fortunately for both of us we are at opposite ends of the state and he might not know where to find us, we use a po box instead of a physical address, and he cant stand the idea of lowering himself to admit he was wrong.
  14. feralfreak

    Gun advise

    Any is better than nothing, but i wouldn't buy a high point myself, an uncle had one, it waslousy
  15. feralfreak

    any robot builders here?

    so i dont need to use an alternator then? or could they work with an alternator?