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  1. feralfreak

    Prayer Requests

    my mom is having a problem with her colon, the doctor admitted her for colitis, and she is having a colonoscopy on thursday, she got sick early monday morning, she was looking shocky, she needs Gods help.
  2. feralfreak

    Dill Pickle's electronics helpline

    i got an invention i want to work on but i dont know the name of the circuit type i need, its electronic part would be just a place to plug in to a wall socket, leading to a battery backup incase the power goes out, leading to a potentiometer which goes to a led, i dont want to get into what this is for so i cant give too much information, but what type of circuit is this and can someone tell me what i need to do to make this circuit? i was thinking of having the part that goes into the wall socket just be a cell phone charger to step down the ammount of current to what an led can safely handle
  3. Pay off debts, fix my home or have it completely rebuilt, maybe look into seeing what it would take to start a charitable home repair group (hmmm, faith builders, hmmmm) since there aint one here, i know, i checked, get as much of the land my late papaw had back on one deed, and id like to set up a big barn and build tiny homes to donate to homeless vets (they served their country and have to live in the streets? Disgraceful! ), oh well, its nice to dream,,,, and buy a nice sized island to move my family to, start a resort on it, and look into what it would take to start a conservative boarding school, with the resort at least supplimenting the school (depending on how much I would win) and hope God might see these things as being of service to him (even though id be lucky to be equal to a flea is his book), never hurts to dream.
  4. feralfreak

    who knows your fetish how did they react?

    There are some that im not shy about it with, my mom orders them, she knows i once in a while have accidents, so they are sleep insurance (and since a few weeks ago when I was sick as a dog with some kind of virus that must have been in my lungs, viral bronchitis, made me cough all the time, back ribs felt like I was smacked by the hulk, excruciating pain every time I coughed, the coughing also caused an ,,,,,accident, yuck, thank God i didn't change out of my sleep diaper, new policy :get sick, stay diapered), a friend of the family knows i have them for the occasional accident, so does an uncle, got a couple friends (one i worked with )who know i have them and like them, they dont care(the one i worked with says "to each their own " and has a number of, ,,,interests, but diapers ain't one, the other has a thing for the, ,,,,,ahem,,, rough stuff if you catch my drift, no room to judge), a couple of cousins kids saw them, no big deal made (was not worn, just in my go bag and in the package )
  5. feralfreak

    If you could ask GOD anything

    "God loves you because of.....," i wish i could believe that. why would he love a defective like me? from how it looks at least from my angle, he dont. "God hears your prayers, but He might be having trouble getting back to you because you are buried under piles of "why"." a lot of time it feels like he dont, how can it be so hard to point to one of those he cares about and say "come over here and help these 2"? "Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. If something goes well, instead of thinking "Clever me", say thank you to the Holy Spirit (Every one likes to be thanked), and if you need help, ask him, even if it is trying to find the car keys, a piece of paper that you are sure is on the table some where or that little something that you have just heard drop on the floor. He can also help with quite big things, like bringing one of your ideas that they heard of somewhere, back to mind as something that interests them. " i dont get to think that "clever me" thing if i manage to do something, i typically give him credit, if i manage to do something right instead of messing it up. ive asked him for help many many many many many many many times, but a lot of times it feels like im getting his busy signal, even when things i wanted to do would have served him, i guess it wont hurt to say what those are since i wont have a chance to do them: 1: when mowing the lawn i had a thought religious t shirts come to me, but im NOT an artist, i tried asking around and couldnt get anyone to do the drawing, i wanted to make and sell those, not just to make some money but to also maybe spark conversations, that might have led those who didnt believe to get at least an interest in learning more about Jesus, oh well... 2: i had an idea for tv show, i guess theres is no need to go into the details but it would have been something that if it could be done, would be on prime time on maybe local channels(abc, fox, etc,,,) and be of interest to younger viewers while giving them at least some exposure to biblical values without being up in their faces about it(if it got up in their faces they would just change the channel),and one of the main characters would refer to Jesus as "the wise man", even had the start of a pilot script started, not sure why i took the time to write that out since i have zero chance to get a pilot made to present to any company, i guess i just pissed in the wind. 3: in my area i saw some homes that were burned out, and there are no carpentry ministries that service this area(i know, i looked, i saw some that are a county or two away, they only work in their own areas, i now know what the phrase "torment of tantulas" refers to), i thought it would be nice if an outfit could be started up, and when someone has a tragedy like a fire happen or their home is badly in need of repair, like rotted floors, leaks in roof, mold, septic issues(same thing we have now, except the septic issue, for now but its only a matter of time before the temporary patch fails and the septic line will plug up again) the team would be sent to go in and fix it, on the news we saw a couple days ago where a woman in the area lost her home to a fire, no insurance, this outfit that i wont be able to start would be sent to just show up and start work on it, giving her back her home, even thought of calling it "faith builders", again, oh well. 4: i get makers itches, i want to make things, and thought it would be really fun to make tiny homes to have some place like wounded warriors come and pick up and take away to give to homeless vets(it is RIDICULOUS that any vet should have to live without a home), thinking it might give them an address and shelter, help them to get back on their feet, and as usual my mind gets into the details like the joists and studs, roof pitch and floorplans, THEN reality bitchslaps me in the face, i got no where to make these, cant afford to fix my house, so how the hell would i get the money to make these, ASSUMING they wouldnt fall apart in transit, i even asked my mom if it is stupid to think of making those when i got no chance(her, being a mom, obviously said "no its not" but the reality is just pissing in the wind. 5: a number of my inventions(last i counted them up i had28 ideas on paper) would have life saving applications, ive prayed for help with getting them made, funding always ends up in the way, ive prayed for help with the funding, nothing. a lot of times, especially when i pray for things like these, it feels like he isnt listening, like he has better things to do than listen to a defective like me(i cant say i blame him, im basically just a retard((i dont say this about all autistics, just me, i think of it as basically glorified retard, not lucky enough to get any of the talents some have or savant syndrome, just plain old dumb autistic, and no parent ever said "i hope my child is on the asd spectrum")) in my own words although i dont go around saying it, hypocritically i even designed a shirt that hasnt sold anything that says that autism does not equal retarded, seems retarded of me to waste that time, at least i didnt have any money in it so im not out anything but time
  6. feralfreak

    If you could ask GOD anything

    I wish he would answer me
  7. feralfreak

    Prayer Requests

    would it be wrong to ask for prayers that God helps us with our finances? we got property taxes, retagging the car, the irs (infernal reaming service haha) is saying mom owes 3500 in back taxes, we just dont have the money for that stuff, hell we cant even afford to work on the house, still got rotted floors in some places, the bathroom sink leaks when it runs, for the last few years we have had to use credit cards just to buy groceries, and we need to get more propane and well, dont know where that money is coming from!
  8. feralfreak

    Corinthians 13:11

    my thoughts are that it doesnt matter if you wear diapers, sleep in a crib, play with toys, i do(i think its partly my autism but that gets off track), im not doing it to BE a baby, same with drinking from my paw patrols 12 ounce bottle(when i get the chance, damn i need some privacy for that), im not making someone change me, feed me, im not offending someone and blaming them for it, or bullying someone and putting the victim down further by saying "dont be a baby shut up(which i think is very juvenile of the bully, pot kettle black), you see, a child will do something bad and try to say "well he or she started it" or "i only did it because of this and that" or "well its just a joke" or "well everyone is doing or saying it", i think what it means is you stop thinking like that, and take responsibility for yourself, think before you say something, i think God dont care if you show up to church (assuming you go to a physical church one day, if you turn to him, or have church in your own home) in a really thick diaper like in one of the problem child movies, its your attitude this passage refers to, children can be very dissrespectful, a grown up, shouldnt be, and while i said kids can be very disrespectful there are kids who have been taught that part of the bible, and act in a manner that frankly some adults should take a lesson from, with respect, they are mature in the word, even as young as 5 years old as far as ive seen. to sum it up, it dont say you cant love diapers, just be responsible. at least that is my interpretation
  9. feralfreak

    If you could ask GOD anything

    id ask him all kinds of things, assuming he didnt shut me down or i didnt just shut down alltogether, 1:why did we get stuck with a shitty father who cared about his money and guns, property but not us(unless he wanted someone to beat on) 2:why did i get autism, and why did it take for 3 decades+ for me to find out? others in the family saw signs but no one told ME! 3:ive prayed to him thousands of times for help with my inventions, yet i still cant get a prototype done or anything, why is there no help coming? 4:same as 3 but about the house there is a lot more but i dont know how to phrase them(i dont know the words for them), but the root of all my questions is "why?!"
  10. feralfreak

    Got a furbaby under tragic circumstances

    we unfortunately ended up in the same position, my former stepfather, who had a thing for little girls, in the 2 years we have been gone from him(after he ran us out threatening to kill us) ended up getting lung cancer and died(i think it was a punishment from God for what he did, he got a sampling of almost all the things he put us through before the cancer took him), it was 5 or 6 days before anyone knew he died, his door was wide open, his ac was on but still he had decomposition, someone had to take his damn cats(the ones that lived, he had 3 but the oldest one i guess died), his kids decided we should "inherit them" even though we dont want them, well, one took up with the uncle up the hill, till he got stuck in his van, somehow found his way into his church, and later got caught and taken to the boat dock, cant say i care, i like cats but he (the cat) was a bit mean and played too rough), the other took up with the asshole neighbors, who keeps him fat and happy, eh, if they want him, they can have him.
  11. feralfreak

    Anyone on tumblr

    https://this-old-money-pit.tumblr.com/ not diaper related, only one or 2 that are have nothing in them, cant even recall what they are named, basically just did this one to make a log of the repairs starting from when we got here to now
  12. feralfreak

    Bad Jokes

    If i pour spot remover on my dog, can I make it dissappear?
  13. feralfreak

    Screw that

    i got a worse story than that, last year, my toilet kept getting backed up, we thought maybe the tank needed pumped, so we got a company to come and pump it out, not only did we find out that didnt work, the access we thought was for the septic line turned out to be to the leach field, which didnt need anything done to it, so the other side of the tank had to be dug up, allowing access to the line, it was backflushed, and it worked ok for a little bit, a couple weeks if i remember, then we had to call that company back out, turns out the guy was suppose to have ran a camera up the line, he didnt, he was fired. the new guy came, flushed it out, ran a camera and showed us a break in the line, the company wanted almost a thousand ontop of what they charged for the first flushing and for the pumping(no charge for the 2nd flushing because it was a callback). we couldnt afford that, fortunately an uncle has a friend who has a boy that needed some money, and that boys friend needed some too, they spent all day digging up the 20 foot line, which broke where the tools hit because it was fragile as a chicken egg(well not really that weak but you get the idea), and it was too thin, maybe 1/8th inch roughly, the new schedual 40 pipe cost about 66 bucks, and the boys was paid 175 each, and they installed a cleanout, which there wasnt before, and that helped diagnose a problem later. that worked alright for about a month if i remember right, then backing up again, the boys friend went under the house, saw that there were 2 right angles in the line(dumb, the idiot husband of my cousin must have done that, if he had a brain he would be dangerous), he changed that out for a more straight line, well that worked better, the waste was moving faster from what we could see in the cleanout, then early this year we had yet another toilet fuckup, turns out what the uncles friend thought was right wasnt when he directed the first repair, what he did was slip new 4 inch pipe over the existing 3 inch pipe, nothing there to step it down, he said the dirt would just pack in around it and seal it, NOPE, when it rained the water percolated down and took some mud with it into the pipe, and where there was maybe a quarter inch gap where the 2 pieces of pipe met in a connector(the connecter overlaps the pipe ends, but there was a quarter inch where it wasnt fully seated i think) and mud must have collected there, building up, and we had a clog there, that is where the cleanout helped us track down the problem, the guy my mom was dating at the time came up and helped us get it working with a temporary fix, we ran a snake up it from teh tank end, used a clothes hanger to snag the end and pull it up out of the cleanout, wrapped a handtowel around it and secured it with some clothes hanger wire, and i pulled it back through, that cleared the blockage, and it came POURING OUT, he said it was like a cow taking a crap, it was like the line had diahrea and it filled the entire diameter of the pipe, he took a travel blanket and trashbag and temporarily wrapped the bad connection and we havent had any more trouble, im hoping it holds until we can get that fixed right(she isnt seeing him anymore), next year we should have the money to get that done right, 7 more months and the car will be paid off, and we can kill some debt and free up some funds.
  14. my thoughts on a mate is this: you know the old song that has the words "someday, love will find you"? i follow that phrase with the words "OVER MY DEAD BODY!", i think it would be too much trouble, i dont want to have to worry about someoen elses feelings, if she would have lied about her age, would be cheating on someone, or cheating on me, if she has a disease, if she would want kids"id shut her down quick fast and in a real big hurry on that, i H-A-T-E kids and deadset on there NEVER being a little me running around), i lack the ability to develop an attachment like what you would need for relationships, in computer terms, it was never part of my programming, and is completely incompatible, i find kissing DIS-GUST-ING!, same with the idea oral sex(if a woman would want to take it in her mouth, up to her if there was anything, but i couldnt give oral) so a woman would find sex with me to be extremely boring, not that it matters, i find the safety of celibacy to be way to nice to give up, i know i wont go to prison for it based on someone lying, i wont get a disease from it, if someone offered sex, even in diapers, id have to say "id rather have a good bowl of beans"
  15. nah, i hate to be touched, i dont even go to an md unless i have something like an infection i cant kill on my own or need stitches(im sure the tax payers are grateful that, im on medicaid), what do you mean when you said you keep looking? as for loneliness, i dont see it as anything, its not an issue, i dont like people, im too much of a hermit