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  1. more art because I love y'all so much


  2. Purple Penguins

    Part of including groups in society is removing them from the "other". It's a big part of communication theory and sociology the idea of the "in group" and "out group", and this applies from the smallest family unit to humanity as a whole. As a species we've never been good at empathising with the other, they are the out group; different, strange and dangerous, There's even a case for it in linguistics, names of other peoples in earlier cultures would often denote them as nonhuman. Thus justifying ill treating them. Right now trans and gender nonconforming people are trying to integrate into the main stream of western society. While we've always been here, think on how transfolk have been portrayed; almost exclusively as feminine presenting thus ignoring two thirds of the community, and only shown as a predator or a victim. This runs the spectrum from prostitute to serial killer which is a whole essay on it's own. Just look at the recent bathroom bills coverage, exclusively the argument is about sexual predators abusing "real" women. So how do we change this othering of trans and nonbinary peeps? Well stuff like this purple penguins thing is a start, it's normalising the idea boy and girl is not the be all and end all of gender. Also books like "I am Jazz" that show that it's not something different and strange, it's simply part of the wonderful diversity of people. It also means changing our language, bringing back the singular neutral pronoun they, or making titles more gender neutral like chairperson. All small steps to world domination.
  3. So I guess I'll use this to look for some advice. Any suggestions on how focus on just one project, I find I get swamped in ideas and end up swapping my focus time again and again so nothing gets done. I also find it difficult to record my ideas in a way that doesn't turn into gibberish so at the moment I have to instantly move on them or I loose them. So yeah any advice would be appreciated.

    1. repetitivediaperwetter88


      Voice Recorder Helps me sometimes.

    2. nitewets


      I have ADHD Lyra. What you've said sounds like me before starting on Ritalin.

      I don't know about the Windoze platform but Apple computers have an excellent voice to text function which I use to dictate my thoughts. Like you, if I try to write it all comes out as gibberish or I end up going over the same thought multiple times. By slowly dictating and actually producing written text, I find that my flow of thoughts is captured (with some spelling mistakes and misplaced words which are easy enough to correct.)

  4. I've noticed that to many in the community this is a difficult situation, so I thought I'd start this thread as a place to share advice and answer questions on the subject. Firstly I should define the type of CG (caregiver) relationship I'm referring too as obviously this is something that varies greatly but here is what I think most people want. A partner to share your fetish(s) with and to have a strong emotional connection with, essentially a romantic partner who accepts the diapers, etc in your life. So were should you look for a prospective CG? Short answer? everywhere! Long answer, a CG in this context is exactly the same as a romantic partner and that's how you should approach it. While niche sites such as this can be a good place too meet people, one of our illustrious mods met his fiancee here and I met my current partner here so miracles can happen but that doesn't mean you should limit yourself. Don't limit yourself to your local geographic area, the worlds a big place with lots of interesting people out there. Trying dating websites, both kink and vanilla, I know fetlife is quite popular in the kink world. And of course the most terrifying of all, the real world. Now here's the part that most people find hard, how to approach someone. From what I've seen this is where most people make the biggest mistakes. I'll say it straight out, coming into a chat or thread saying some variation on "baby in need of a Mommy" comes across as desperate and creepy, two definite red flags to a prospective partner So just be friendly and sociable, talk to people, make friends and discuss your interests beyond diapers and AB stuff this is very important. You will need more than just a fetish to build a relationship on. Now here's the difficult bit, if you're finding people aren't interested in you then you need to evaluate yourself. Firstly are you being sociable enough, just sitting in a chat room and never speaking isn't going to get you anywhere. Or the more difficult, you need to think if you have much to offer a partner, while love can conquer all it'll have a heck of an easier time if you 're a good conversationalist. Naturally this can be changed, we can always learn to better ourselves. So don't despair and be positive.
  5. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Elfy is awesome
  6. Diapers represented at Pride

    Pride is literally commemorating the start of the gay rights movement, the first time we fought back; against the discrimination both legal and social, and the police oppression. Gay bars were regularly raided, the patrons beaten and arrested for the smallest violation. One time the stonewall was closed and mass arrests was due to a broken light bulb. So pride might be becoming commercialised and co-opted but that's what it'll always represent and mean because it's important to remember where it all began.
  7. Diapers represented at Pride

    I'm sorry Darkfinn and Ferix pride will always be an LGBTQ event. The first pride was the stonewall riot, each year's pride is a commemoration of that event and the advances of the community since then. Yes it's about people being themselves, for the longest time it the only day of the year a queer couple could be open with their love without threat of abuse. Yes leather Daddies, drag queens and other extremely sexual aspects of particularly the gay community are on display during pride but that's because it's a celebration and affirmation of LGBTQ culture. And you know what if being a diaper butt is a part of your queer identity go ahead, but if you're straight or cis this ONE day of the year isn't about you.
  8. DL1LIFE, if your attitude to mental health issues is as heartless as shown in your post I think you shouldn't post here. That kind of attitude is simply toxic and of no help. Depression and anxiety, especially in the chronic forms, leave you feeling so helpless making outside threats seem infinitely worse. One of the most difficult parts of treating the condition is getting the patient into a place where they can be treated. This involves not only changing how the patient thinks about themselves, but their hormone levels and even what parts of the brain are most active and this is just in cases of regular depression! Now in Elfy's case he is seeking treatment, which is a start and I am so proud of him for taking that step. The difficulty is Elfy's main triggers seem to be political in nature and we are living in a politically unsettled time so thus greatly exacerbating those feeling of helplessness. What's the natural reaction to feeling helpless to cling to your safe spaces all the harder and for him they're directly threatened. You say you're unwilling to help someone who won't help themselves, well all you're doing here is telling someone with a broken leg to walk to the hospital. You call Elfy uneducated well I suggest you learn some compassion and a lot more about mental health issues before adding your two pence in the future.
  9. I got it here http://abdlfactory.com/ab-clothings/onesie-purple-ruffles-printed-adult
  10. yep there's a bunch on my tumblr which I linked above but here's one of my favourites
  11. Hey I wrote a review for the Fancy Pants Super 26 layer, 16 inch crotch diaper on my tumblr check it out here - http://lyrathemighty.tumblr.com/post/154567965645/fancy-pants-diaper-super-26-layer-16-inch-crotch Thanks
  12. that's the one thank you so much
  13. hey I'm looking for two stories. The first is a fairly old one. This involved a girl and her mother going to visit some family that the girl doesn't remember such as her incontinent cousin. Then slowly over the course of the story the girl becomes more like the cousin and eventually replaces her as the family baby. There some weight gain and hypnosis in there as well The Second is more recent I think. A story about twins meeting up one of whom has had a successful life the other has become a baby slave to this rich family. The twist at the end is the baby slave twin swaps places with the other. It's got some really good description in it as I remember. Anyway hope you can help me find what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  14. DailyDi Kik group

    Hey just letting people know that the DailyDi Kik group is always looking for new members to join our little outpost out there in the wilderness. Contact me here or on kik @ LyraTheMighty to sort you out. Or contact AwakenEvil or Shawnie and they'll hook you up.