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  1. Lyra

    What is your faith?

    I'm a Buddhist of the Soto Zen school. I was raised in a nominally Jewish household, more cultural than religious. I started seriously exploring religions in my teens, and theology is still one of my favourite topics of study. For those above discussing the 'body and the blood' the transubstantiation is a wonderfully knotty topic but this isn't the time or place. I eventually found that Buddhist cosmology fits my world view best. I've long considered joining a monastic order but I'm not sure how my gender would affect things. For those who don't know about the various forms of Zen Buddhism, the Soto school was founded by Dōgen in the thirtieth century, after studying in China with a number of Chen Masters, Chen is the Chinese form of Zen, the distinction is important for separating the schools, who's teachings form the back bone of the school's teachings and is where most of the famous Koans come from, "what is the sound of one hand clapping" and all that. Though the most important teaching of the school, which is why I eventually chose it, is the zazen. While it is a part of all the forms of Buddhism, simply meaning seated meditation. Dōgen's great teaching is "just sit". This is so important because it cuts to the heart of Buddhist philosophy, the Buddhaself is innate in everyone, but we allow the world to distract us. But if we just sit, be in the moment, perhaps we can see the beauty in everything.
  2. Lyra

    Profile gender options

    Perhaps allowing people to write what ever they wish is the simplest solution, though I can see it being abused and Will if you identify as a boy, then you are one simples
  3. Being gay and trans were and are heavily discriminated against, both legally and socially. ABDL not so much. America is barely scraping actual sex ed in to the schools, it's such an sex negative culture, even in the vaguely liberal hollywood. American mainstream culture effectively being the global etc etc. So what can you do in against kind of culture, well you make your own. I can think of a few examples in comics of ABDL and age play being there, love and rockets, and finder for those interested. So try to put together a quirky indie movie about an ABDL romance, netflix would probably put it out. While LGBT people have always been in mainstream media, though with hilarious amounts of coding in the hollywood "golden years" and then later a far more demonised appearance in later movies, typically being sexual predators, sex workers or serial killers (I've literally written essays on this). But there was always a strong independent scene for movies, theatre and comics and it was once those independent works gained critical acclaim and wider recognition that the wider acceptance came. Tom of Finland a legend in the gay art scene was put on stamps in 2014! So the way you get positive mainstream media presentation? Is as a community taking control of our image, which is certainly a bit cringey and freakish at the moment and producing our own presentation that is well done and broad enough that it's easier for the mainstream to use that rather than manufacturing their own. This is something the LGBT community has been doing since the 60s and it's only now seeing fruit.
  4. There's no link between gender identity and sexuality so no real comparison to be made there. As for acceptance, does any fetish have mainstream acceptance? I can't think of a single example of any fetish being portrayed as a normal or healthy thing, like a tv couple who are into bondage where it's not played for laughs. Before anyone says 50 shades, that neither normal or healthy in it's portrayal, frankly it's closer to abuse. I see these threads all the time, and I honestly don't get what people want. Do you want to wear diapers all the time? Fine then do it, no one will care. There's no real discriminations against abdl people, yeah it's weird and treated as a bit freak show in the media. Which I'd like to less of. But what more is there?
  5. So I've started a new youtube project where I'm reading novels, short stories and poems. People seem to enjoy my voice so hopefully you will too, if you ever need a bedtime story First Novel I'm reading is "The prime of Miss Jean Brodie" by Muriel Spark, a story about 1930s Edinburgh schoolgirls and the influence of their teacher. New Chapters every monday
  6. Thank You for checking out my profile, I would love to chat with you about almost anything other than diapers.  You are correct it can dull fast.  I like to write fiction and am working on an autobiographical work of Fiction.  Would like to get your ideas since you are so well read.

    Peace and Bright Blessings

  7. You are the evil Sofia! Keeping us waiting so long for new updates to your great story. But seriously Sofia this story is a lot of fun, thank you for treating us too it.
  8. Lyra

    what is your "parenting" style like

    I try for a kind of loving domination, lots of "you're too little for X". I like getting my baby as little as she can, and as helpless as possible :3
  9. Lyra

    Purple Penguins

    Part of including groups in society is removing them from the "other". It's a big part of communication theory and sociology the idea of the "in group" and "out group", and this applies from the smallest family unit to humanity as a whole. As a species we've never been good at empathising with the other, they are the out group;
  10. So I guess I'll use this to look for some advice. Any suggestions on how focus on just one project, I find I get swamped in ideas and end up swapping my focus time again and again so nothing gets done. I also find it difficult to record my ideas in a way that doesn't turn into gibberish so at the moment I have to instantly move on them or I loose them. So yeah any advice would be appreciated.

    1. repetitivediaperwetter88


      Voice Recorder Helps me sometimes.

    2. nitewets


      I have ADHD Lyra. What you've said sounds like me before starting on Ritalin.

      I don't know about the Windoze platform but Apple computers have an excellent voice to text function which I use to dictate my thoughts. Like you, if I try to write it all comes out as gibberish or I end up going over the same thought multiple times. By slowly dictating and actually producing written text, I find that my flow of thoughts is captured (with some spelling mistakes and misplaced words which are easy enough to correct.)

  11. I've noticed that to many in the community this is a difficult situation,
  12. Lyra

    Diapers represented at Pride

    Pride is literally commemorating