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  1. Just because people walk around dressed as gimp dogs doesn't mean its acceptable. I mean Ive seen some of these pride event and there have been people parading past children dressed in full on leather, bondage, gimp gear like its the most normal thing in the world. That kind of stuff should be kept way in the bedroom because its way too much for public. Its one thing being proud and way on the other end of the spectrum forcing people to be part of what you get up to in the privacy of your own home. Its things like this that put me off going to gay pride parades. Ive been proud of my same sex relationships. Not because of "Gay Pride" but because I'm proud of my relationship, my partner, how hard we work to keep everything going. Same as any other relationship or marriage. I don't show my Gay Pride by going to some city centre while hundreds of people cavort around in states of undress waving flags and generally acting lewd. I walk around holding hands, share a kiss under a tree or enjoy a candlelit dinner just like any other couple in the world; be they gay, straight or other. Like Elfy said there are loads of meet ups to be attended in private, locked clubs or establishments. I don't think its something that should necessarily be public domain just like I think some of the stuff that happens at Pride should be dialed back a few notches.
  2. Agreed. Not a single chance someone with incontinence would be on the ISS. You need to be in peak physical condition to even be considered to become an astronaut and like Warpiper said. The related costs would be astronomical (Pun Intended)
  3. I ride motorcycles and mountaineer and have dealt with incontinence from birth. Its not too hard to manage if you have experience
  4. To be honest if you go and get a patent then there is no problem. Just start a kickstarter or something which is pretty much what the website was designed for. If you won't tell people your ideas then family members are probably the only route because nobody will donate money for an idea they know nothing about
  5. Yeah what he said. Adult swim diapers are never for pee unless you get the disposable tranquility ones which hold a small amount (as long as they haven't been swam in). They're called containment briefs because they contain solid waste inside and don't allow it to escape into the pool
  6. Maybe they're having a restock or taking inventory
  7. Oh my God, so much truth here
  8. Well that I couldn't really comment on to be honest. I'd still probably pitch at guys to be honest just because of their share of the demographic but unless you did a massive survey it would be impossible to know
  9. For sure. I couldn't survive without them lol
  10. Im gonna go from my experiences and say that in the ABDL community its more men than women. In real life incontinence probably women because incontinence is more prevalent in females.
  11. Yeah I have a lot of compression shorts, spanx and under armour. I use it a lot when mountaineering so it tends to come with me to hot places as well and keeps everything in place both down and upstairs
  12. Lesbian, Incontinent and curious about being a Little
  13. A lot happening in Manchester lol
  14. Some cover if possible that doesn't look too babyish or medical That babydoll idea is a good start though Thanks Christine
  15. Love these. Very cute in a little and grownup way. Thanks for sharing