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  1. New Here

    Welcome x
  2. Hiya. I havn't seen you on the new chat but I guess i've also made scarce appearances.

    I hope you are well x

    1. Spiderman


      Oh my god your alive!!!!!!!

    2. HeyLookItsGemma


      Hey, new chat doesn't seem to be working so good on my phone or laptop so Ive struggled to get on. I sent you a message on the PM thing but you might not have seen it yet. Im doing ok, i'll keep trying to get on xx

  3. Just dropped over

    1. Spiderman


      Yea bills and furniture suck

    2. Morioriaty


      More the reason i make my own furniture and chairs and all else needed. Twice the quality at half the price is always a over all win. But i am glad you got new furniture.

    3. HeyLookItsGemma


      Find it kind of hard to find time to do carpentry when I'm working 45 hours a week and completing a degree at the same time to be honest. I already have enough stuff to do around the house as it is having just completely gutted and rewired the whole thing on my own.

  4. 4-letter Scrabble

  5. Road trip to get my new fish tank today! Yay :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HeyLookItsGemma


      Oh I have loads already. This is for my coldwater fishies though :)

    3. Spiderman
    4. HeyLookItsGemma
  6. I keep missing you :(

    1. HeyLookItsGemma


      Aww I just saw this now :( Its ok! xx

  7. What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    Helplessness, loss of control and complete immobilization
  8. Just been invited to my first house party in like 7 years! I feel 21 again :P

    1. Diapered_delight
    2. WBDaddy
    3. Spiderman


      I know I am late to the party but its party time!!!!!!

  9. Once everybody starts looking at each other as a brother, a sister, a human being; beauty will spread like wildfire...

    1. Diapered_delight
    2. WBDaddy


      Morgan Freeman put it beautifully.

  10. Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Haha no problem Lyn I hope you find some more Welsh folks x
  11. You won the day! XD *hugs *

    "You and I are enemies now" - Fry, Futurama.

    1. HeyLookItsGemma


      Well we won the day because we're not like Switzerland. Switzerland is small and neutral.We're more like Germany; Ambitious and misunderstood!

    2. Diapered_delight


      See that's a split answer for me because I have dual nationally lol.

      I can be (NI) a loudmouthed yapping dog dominion of a once ambitious but ruthless colony Empire. Or I can be (ROI) a neutral but caught by the tail Celtic Tiger :P

      How would you describe Wales?

    3. nitewets


      Very large animals which swim in the ocean and were once harvested for their oil.

  12. Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Im Welsh! But from the North Also I know someone from Wrexham
  13. This site is such a wild ride. I came here as an incontinent person who was interested in the idea of AB and now not only have I been pretty much convinced that I'm a baby by several people; I have also taken on the cutest lil' online baby of my own for funsies :) ! You guys are a bad (read: good) influence on

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HeyLookItsGemma


      Lol thanks Ruffled :)

    3. Diapered_delight


      *Gasps* who is the lucky baby!? Not me, i'm nearly a big girl ;) xoxo

    4. Babyloulou


      Luckiest baby ever! Wish it was me..... ;)

  14. Confused but Determined

    I think its an admirable dream! A lot of people don't have traditional family values anymore and for someone who in society is not expected to adhere to them to be actively wanting to participate is very endearing Any baby would be lucky to have you