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  1. Hiya hun! Hope you're having fun
  2. Welcome do DailyDiapers, Gemma.

    I look forward to chatting with you in the future :)

    1. HeyLookItsGemma


      Thanks Tyler!

  3. 24/7
  4. Are these those plastic pants you were talking about?
  5. If Long Distance Cat Spotting was a sport I would 100% be in the Olympics

  6. You'd love riat then, we get like 40 countries. Maybe one day you'll get a chance to see it Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  7. motorcycle

    Not so much here unless you like being cold and wet Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  8. So who on here is into their planes/airshows and heading off to RIAT this year? Some good planes showing up for the event this year. Anyone else as excited as me?
  9. Usually says on the products what kind of temperatures they should be stored at. Diapers will be fine. Creams, lotions and liquids probably not so much and will most certainly change state a bit.
  10. Thanks guys
  11. These have been one of my boring "go to" products for a long time now because they offer good protection and good absorbency at a low cost which helps as I get through a lot. As far as I'm aware they are manufactured specifically for Gompels which seems to be a medical supply shop in the UK and as such are only available here in Britain. Aesthetic: 8/10 Very plain, very white, very clean. No designs or fancy stuff. These are a basic run of the mill plastic covered disposable with wetness indicator strip and 4 tapes. Fit: 6/10 Fit very well and sizes are true to their online measurements. Have found the last two batches Ive had suffered with ripping tapes which was a bit of a frustration but nothing a couple of pieces of duck tape before sleep can't solve. Very noisy however so give it a miss if you need to go unnoticed I guess. Leaks: 7/10 Hold for a good few hours of proper incontinence so I imagine it could take a couple of "full wettings" I assume. No real leaks but like most can feel damp around the leg gathers and leave half moons if you sit in them too long. Value: 8/10 Excellent value for money have decent features of "old school" slips. Good for daily wear etc. won't break the bank. Conclusion: All in all a good, cheap and reasonable slip for daily wear. Plain, simple, does the job with a good advantage/disadvantage ratio. Give it a go. Search for Gompels on google and you should find. Good Luck! Gemma xx
  12. Lifelong incontinence for me due to neurogenic bladder / nerve damage. Don't really enjoy at all but make the best of it
  13. Hello all. Super new here. Tried this kind of thing a long time ago and on other forums etc but it got a bit much so I took a break. Thought I'd give it another go and introduce myself. Just looking for normal friendly conversation etc. so go easy on me lol Gem xx
  14. motorcycle

    Hey everyone. Super new here and its all a bit much so thought I'd start off with a simple one. Who on here rides? Riding season is almost on us and I've spent all afternoon working on my bikes so Im wondering who else is excited to get back into the saddle? Gem xx
  15. Bangor University in Wales, United Kingdom