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  1. Off to see Early Man at the cinema :) I hope its as good as the Wallace and Gromits 

  2. Do You Drive?

    Well as my FZ6 is the only big bike ive had I'd have to say my FZ6 Its more than enough bike for me and she is pretty
  3. Do You Drive?

    I have an FZ6 and a little 125 cafe racer
  4. Poorly Baby :( Send hugs and chicken soup :(

    1. Wannatripbaby


      I'm a level 12 Cleric.

      I cast Cure Disease on HeyLookItsGemma.

      Did it work?

    2. linteum
    3. Tyler007


      Aww. Poor Gemma :( get well soon baby *hugs*


  5. I am literally feeling a little heartbroken. When your best online friend from DD, a person you shared everything with disappears and then some guy you don't know finally shows up to tell you it was him all along apologise for deceiving you. I mean I guess I should be happy I know that "she" is ok because I spent so long worried she got injured or something but "she" doesn't technically exist anymore. I feel like I've actually physically lost someone. I give up on this site, whats the point

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    2. Babyloulou


      That is really annoying to hear that. Why would people do that? Really sorry for your loss.

    3. WBDaddy


      They do it because they're behind a shield of anonymity and are fulfilling their own fantasies.  The risk of ever meeting in person is extremely low, so they take it, regardless of who they might hurt.

    4. Morioriaty


      There is a greater deal in truth to that on both sides of the coin. More the reason I take whatever is said with a laughable sort of view point. If some many people are looking then why are not more being realistic and honest to begin with? So unto other goals and plans of more immediate and realistic results with the right effort of course. Lies and excuses are all that seems to exist in here and every place else. So i give up as well. 


  6. New Here

    Welcome x
  7. Just dropped over

    1. Spiderman


      Yea bills and furniture suck

    2. Morioriaty


      More the reason i make my own furniture and chairs and all else needed. Twice the quality at half the price is always a over all win. But i am glad you got new furniture.

    3. HeyLookItsGemma


      Find it kind of hard to find time to do carpentry when I'm working 45 hours a week and completing a degree at the same time to be honest. I already have enough stuff to do around the house as it is having just completely gutted and rewired the whole thing on my own.

  8. 4-letter Scrabble

  9. Road trip to get my new fish tank today! Yay :)

  10. What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    Helplessness, loss of control and complete immobilization
  11. Just been invited to my first house party in like 7 years! I feel 21 again :P

    1. Diapered_delight
    2. WBDaddy
    3. Spiderman


      I know I am late to the party but its party time!!!!!!

  12. Once everybody starts looking at each other as a brother, a sister, a human being; beauty will spread like wildfire...

  13. Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Haha no problem Lyn I hope you find some more Welsh folks x
  14. Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Im Welsh! But from the North Also I know someone from Wrexham
  15. This site is such a wild ride. I came here as an incontinent person who was interested in the idea of AB and now not only have I been pretty much convinced that I'm a baby by several people; I have also taken on the cutest lil' online baby of my own for funsies :) ! You guys are a bad (read: good) influence on

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    2. HeyLookItsGemma
    3. Diapered_delight


      *Gasps* who is the lucky baby!? Not me, i'm nearly a big girl ;) xoxo

    4. Babyloulou


      Luckiest baby ever! Wish it was me..... ;)