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  1. 4-letter Scrabble

  2. Road trip to get my new fish tank today! Yay :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HeyLookItsGemma


      Oh I have loads already. This is for my coldwater fishies though :) 

    3. Spiderman


      Sweet!!!  You shall now be the fish lady.   I am sure the fish in the cold water will love their new home.

    4. HeyLookItsGemma
  3. I keep missing you :(


    1. HeyLookItsGemma


      Aww I just saw this now :( Its ok! xx

  4. What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    Helplessness, loss of control and complete immobilization
  5. Just been invited to my first house party in like 7 years! I feel 21 again :P 

    1. Diapered_delight
    2. WBDaddy


      TOGA!  TOGA!  TOGA!  :D 

    3. Spiderman


      I know I am late to the party but its party time!!!!!!

  6. Once everybody starts looking at each other as a brother, a sister, a human being; beauty will spread like wildfire... 

    1. Diapered_delight




      I've always been a fan of humanism. The concept that you need a faith or morals to make you good, but people are capable if it intuitively. And that goes for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, ergo we're the same, we're all capable if being good humans :)


      Also... sis! *hugs* 

    2. WBDaddy


      Morgan Freeman put it beautifully.  When Mike Wallace asked him, "So how do you combat racism?"

      Wallace replied, "Stop talking about it.  I won't call you white, and I'll appreciate it if you don't call me black."

  7. Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Haha no problem Lyn I hope you find some more Welsh folks x
  8. You won the day! XD *hugs *

    "You and I are enemies now" - Fry, Futurama.

    1. HeyLookItsGemma


      Well we won the day because we're not like Switzerland. Switzerland is small and neutral.We're more like Germany; Ambitious and misunderstood! xxx



    2. Diapered_delight


      See that's a split answer for me because I have dual nationally lol.

      I can be (NI) a loudmouthed yapping dog dominion of a once ambitious but ruthless colony Empire. Or I can be (ROI) a neutral but caught by the tail Celtic Tiger :P

      How would you describe Wales?

    3. nitewets


      Very large animals which swim in the ocean and were once harvested for their oil.

  9. Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Im Welsh! But from the North Also I know someone from Wrexham
  10. This site is such a wild ride. I came here as an incontinent person who was interested in the idea of AB and now not only have I been pretty much convinced that I'm a baby by several people; I have also taken on the cutest lil' online baby of my own for funsies :) ! You guys are a bad (read: good) influence on me!!! xxxx

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HeyLookItsGemma


      Lol thanks Ruffled :)

    3. Diapered_delight


      *Gasps* who is the lucky baby!? Not me, i'm nearly a big girl ;) xoxo

    4. Babyloulou


      Luckiest baby ever! Wish it was me..... ;)

  11. Confused but Determined

    I think its an admirable dream! A lot of people don't have traditional family values anymore and for someone who in society is not expected to adhere to them to be actively wanting to participate is very endearing Any baby would be lucky to have you
  12. thanks for the conversation 
  13. Do You Drive?

    Sure do! I have driven since I was 17 and love it. I also went back and did my full motorcycle licence too. So exhilarating
  14. Musing about living incontinent

    Yeah its awful sometimes. I can empathise with your situation
  15. Why no ABDL pride??

    Just because people walk around dressed as gimp dogs doesn't mean its acceptable. I mean Ive seen some of these pride event and there have been people parading past children dressed in full on leather, bondage, gimp gear like its the most normal thing in the world. That kind of stuff should be kept way in the bedroom because its way too much for public. Its one thing being proud and way on the other end of the spectrum forcing people to be part of what you get up to in the privacy of your own home. Its things like this that put me off going to gay pride parades. Ive been proud of my same sex relationships. Not because of "Gay Pride" but because I'm proud of my relationship, my partner, how hard we work to keep everything going. Same as any other relationship or marriage. I don't show my Gay Pride by going to some city centre while hundreds of people cavort around in states of undress waving flags and generally acting lewd. I walk around holding hands, share a kiss under a tree or enjoy a candlelit dinner just like any other couple in the world; be they gay, straight or other. Like Elfy said there are loads of meet ups to be attended in private, locked clubs or establishments. I don't think its something that should necessarily be public domain just like I think some of the stuff that happens at Pride should be dialed back a few notches.