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  1. Hi Tom would be good to meet someone like you ye please lets check this out n get together dont be put off by my age young at heart really !!
  2. babylyn

    Cardiff Meet Up.

    Hi Timmy just to let you know i,m still here wet n wearing when i get the chance
  3. babylyn

    Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Hi Sean nice to make your aquaintance......bridgend
  4. OK i,ve p.m ed you xx
  5. babylyn

    Any welsh nappy wearers?

    So good to hear wherebouts then and why havent we met !!!!!
  6. babylyn

    Wales: Daddy looking for Babyboy or Girl

    Hi there nappy loving wearer here ,i,m in bridgend wherebouts you
  7. babylyn

    Peeing uncontrollably

    Yes Stevewet its no different here even tho i take a tablet to control sensitivity it still happens once you start you cant stop just lie back n enjoy and make sure you wear the biggest pads always he he!!..........
  8. babylyn

    Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Hi GWAP ye why not i,m in
  9. babylyn

    Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Hi Gemm thanks for the reply xxx
  10. babylyn

    Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Hi Gsxr good to hear from you sorry for slow reply havent had time to get in here of late never mind better late than never xxxx
  11. babylyn

    Any welsh nappy wearers?

    hi nappied still here ,looks like we are the only two into this then or at least the only two to own up to
  12. babylyn

    Any welsh nappy wearers?

    Hi to all nappy wearers in and around bridgend cum out of the closet and join together and have some fun.....
  13. babylyn

    swansea wales meet

    Hi Jane here in bridgend needing some diaper fun xxxx
  14. babylyn


    Hi Becky nice to see someone else from uk all the wearers down here in s.wales are hiding somewhere else
  15. babylyn

    Cardiff Meet Up.

    oh so there is life in s.wales then bridgend here