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  1. Audience Participation Tier members can click here to vote in the poll and determine what happens next in the story! If you're still enjoying the story, I hope you'll consider leaving a comment below. Vanessa tossed and turned, hot, sweaty... and above all thirsty. Her throat was parched, her mouth as dry as the Nevada desert outside her window. In the dark, she clutched the bottle to her bosom, trying to decide weather or not she should drink it. She certainly didn’t put it past a weirdo like West to spike her drink with something... the question was: how much longer could she hold out? Finally, she could resist no longer; hot and sweaty, her thirst overpowering, Vanessa reluctantly popped the nipple into her mouth and gave an experimental suck, pleased when she was rewarded with something sweet and chocolatey. Chocolate had always been her favourite treat, so she was happy to take a mouthful from the bottle, followed by another and another. She rolled onto her back, propping her head up in a comfortable position on the pillow, and settled into a rhythm of sucking and swallowing, the thick, sweet, milky fluid trickling down her throat and filling her tummy. She only meant to drink enough to satisfy her thirst, but she enjoyed the taste so much she wound up drinking nearly all of it, leaving only a tiny bit in the bottom when she finally fell asleep. Vanessa drifted dreamlessly, drained from the stress of the day and the uncertainty of what faced her in the future. She greeted her rest eagerly, all to happy to escape from her new reality, if only for a few brief hours. It was still dark when she was awakened by a sharp cramp in her belly. “Uhhhh?” She groaned, rolling herself into a ball and rubbing her tummy. “What--?” she moaned sleepily, cut off again when her belly gave an ominous rumble. The cramps, though not exactly painful, were uncomfortable, persistent... and clearly indicated the arrival of a major bowel movement. She pressed her face into the pillow, praying that she was wrong... but a sudden build up of gas in her colon seemed to confirm her worst fears. Vanessa squeezed her tushy, blushing in the dark. Even though she was alone, she hated the idea of passing gas into a diaper-- to the prissy con-woman, farting in a diaper was getting dangerously close to messing in a diaper-- a possibility she didn’t even want to contemplate! She held it in for as long she could, tossing and turning on the mattress, groaning in bloated discomfort. Finally, she couldn’t contain herself anymore, and Vanessa was forced to loosen up her anus and emit a cute little squeaker, almost totally muffled by her diaper. But it didn’t matter-- in the darkness, the sexy blonde blushed, hoping that she’d sufficiently relieved herself to get back to sleep. But the bloating and cramps didn’t let up-- just a few minutes later, her bottom felt full once more, and she found herself straining, which was quickly rewarded with a short but noisy blast. This continued for about a quarter of an hour, the farts growing louder, longer... and harder to control. Worse, the pressure, the rolling cramps, and the fullness in her rear end was only getting worse by the minute, and she could feel a large, weighty mass building up in her colon. There was no denying it anymore... Vanessa had to take a dump, and the urge was getting stronger. Clenching her tight little butt, she tossed and turned and rubbed her belly in an attempt as soothing the raging storm that was building up inside of her at an alarming rate. Every few minutes, the cramps would surge, pushing her bowel control to the limit, often forcing out rip roaring farts that sounded like they were threatening to blow a hole in her diaper. Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to force herself to sleep, but merely wound up tossing, turning, and passing gas noisily in her padded pampers. Grunting and groaning, her guts burbling inside her, she tooted and pooted in the dark. Meanwhile, she could feel a muddy mass building up behind her quivering pink anus, just begging to be released... and in fact, the farts were getting wetter, to the point where the sexy blonde began to seriously worry she was letting out more than just gas... her butt-crack was beginning to feel distinctly moist. Sweating, Vanessa cocked a leg, letting out another bubbly, tuba-blast toot. She could feel the mess waiting right behind her struggling anus, just waiting for a moment of weakness to allow it to slip through her defences and turn her pristine white diaper a sickly, stinky brown. The cramps grew, her stomach gurgling and growling. Vanessa lay awake, wide eyed, hovering on the edge of an accident, her desperation racing toward a critical point. At last, she knew she had a decision to make... Should Vanessa continue trying to hold it or should she give in and mess herself intentionally to alleviate her discomfort? Try to hold it Give in and mess herself Click here to vote now!
  2. Poor Wonder Woman's humiliation continues! If you're still enjoying the story, please consider leaving a comment below! With her trademark star-spangled briefs stained a deep, muddy brown across the seat and a pair of dark, fudgy smears trailing down the back of her thighs, Wonder woman toddled down the hall behind her tormentor as quickly as the weakened muscles in her legs would allow her. Dazed from her defeat, her mind fuzzy from the adjustments that were still being made to her brain, the disgraced Amazon Princess wasn’t too out of it to listen to the sneering commentary from the obnoxious Angela Chen: “For those of you just joining us, the events of the past twenty minutes have been filled with one shock after another. After first making a mockery of some of the worlds most powerful heroines, industrialist and philanthropist John Wolfe has soundly defeated the vastly overrated Wonder Woman, first shaming her with a richly deserved public spanking before systemically stripping her of every vestige of her adult hood. As you can see,” she said, indicating to her cameraman to get a shot of the superheroine’s messy booty, “in the space of mere minutes, the cunning, handsome and brave Mr. Wolfe has taken this quote/unquote heroine from spoiled to soiled!” The camera zoomed in, until the brown stained seat of the disgraced heroine’s bloomers filled the screen, the load all flattened and smushed against her cheeks and up her buttcrack. Diana waddled bowlegged, desperately trying to avoid squishing the load against herself any further, fuming angrily as Angela heaped sneering scorn onto her-- in front of a live television audience, no less! The thought of losing in such humiliating fashion in front of the entire world made her want to curl up into a ball and whimper... but her proud, Amazonian heritage forced her to straighten her spine and glower angrily at her tormentors, to accept her humiliations as stoically as possible... and wait for her opportunity to strike back. “The smell is indescribable, ladies and gentlemen,” Angela reported with maximum snark, crinkling her cute little nose for emphasis, “but I will persevere to bring you, our loyal viewers, the closest, most detailed picture and commentary of these unfolding events as possible.” Pompous, sneering bitch! Diana fumed, waddling behind Wolfe, struggling to keep up when he took a sudden turn into one of the rooms. “We have got to get you cleaned up,” Wolfe said, dragging her into the center of the room and turning to face her. “But first thing’s first.” Almost quicker then she could detect it, he had her Golden Lariat removed from it’s spot on her hip. Diana gasped and twisted, but he was still able to get one of her unbreakable bracelets off before she realized it. “STOP!” she commanded, but even struggling with all her might, she was neither strong or quick enough to prevent him from disarming her, leaving the once fearsome warrior princess helpless and vulnerable. She watched, scowling, as he placed the items into a metal container, locked it shut, and slid it through a slot in the wall to be secured safely. “Come here young woman,” he said, grabbing her by the hand in spite of her attempts at twisting away, “it’s time to get you cleaned up... you STINK, girly!” “Oooooohhhh!” she cried furiously, struggling the whole time as he pulled her across the room and forced her to bend over the changing table, her soiled backside stuck out prominently behind her (once again, Angela gestured to her cameraman, encouraging him to get a shot of the muddy brown stain on the seat of her bloomers.) “You be a good girl: hold still and don’t move,” he said sternly. Diana scoffed, ready to start fighting back as best she could, but a funny thing happened-- instead of resisting like she knew she should, Wonder Woman found herself rooted to the spot, unable to even straighten out, leaving her bent over with her booty thrust out obscenely behind her (she bristled with anger when she saw the cameraman squat down out of the corner of her eye, ensuring that her humiliating accident was covered from every possible angle for the viewers at home.) She listened to him gathering the supplies he’d need to clean her up... just like a good little girl, she seethed. At last, she felt him come up behind her, and the amazon warrior could do nothing but chew her lip, waiting for him to make his move. “Let’s get these messy things off, darling,” he said firmly, and Diana went numb when she felt him take the waistband of her bloomers, peel them off her mucky backside, revealing the entirety of her round, naked bottom, the mess caked onto her buttocks and up her crack all thick and chunky, like she’d sat her bare ass down on a pan of peanut butter fudge brownies. “Ladies and gentleman,” Angela asked of her viewing audience, barely containing a retch, “I ask you: is this what a superheroine looks like? Bent over, about to have her poopy rear-end wiped like a two year old struggling to get the hang of using the potty? Well, it might not be a popular position, but if you ask me, Mr. Wolfe is simply doing what should have been done a long time ago and putting this preening little fraud where she belongs-- back in pampers!” The Amazonian Princess clenched her fists tightly, enraged by the humiliating reporting-- just who did this little bimbo think she was?! But held as she was under the influence of the nanites, all she could do was meekly comply with Wolfe’s orders, allowing him to pull the bloomers down her legs, carefully stepping out of them one foot at a time when prompted. The heavily soiled garment was dropped into a nearby container, the heavy thud making the disgraced superheroine cringe. She heard the wet wipes tugged from the container, gasping seconds later when the cool cloth hit the warm skin of her plump, rounded backside. First, he cleaned up the bit that had smudged down the back of her thigh, then worked his way up, changing cloths and then going to work cleaning the thick brown mess from her buttcheeks, gradually working his way inward, taking a new cloth when he needed to. When he’d gotten her buns clean and white once more, he went to work on the crack. Diana couldn’t suppress a little squeal as he passed the cloth up the deep cleft between her buttocks, happily turning to show the thick brown smear on it’s clean white surface to the camera before depositing the wipe into the trash. He made a second pass between the humiliated superheroine’s buttocks, making her shiver and chew her lip, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of another outburst. The baby wipe was discarded, another one plucked and put to use, and this time he payed very close attention to her little pink asshole. “Get up on the table,” he instructed once he’d finished. “Now young lady,” he said, firmly patting her bare bottom for emphasis. The now bottomless Wonder Woman reluctantly complied, clumsily climbing up onto the table as quickly as her vastly weakened muscles would allow, unintentionally flashing Wolfe (as well as the viewers at home) an explicit shot of her bare ass and naked pussy. “Darling-- enter Alpha Mode for me, please,” he said, softly but significantly once she’d turned over on her back. No sooner had she heard the command then Diana began feeling funny. A newfound weakness entered her limbs, even more than before. She tried to speak, found herself able only to coo and gurgle babyishly. The words were all still there in her mind, she could see, spell, and pronounce them perfectly... but when it came time to speak them, all she could do was babble and drool. Her limbs weighed a thousand pounds, her hands nearly impossible to lift from their position on ether side of her head, the bottom of her feet coming together, thighs spread open wide, her naked privates on full display to anyone who cared to look-- perfectly adopting the pose of an infant awaiting a diaper change! “Come closer, Ms. Chen,” Wolfe said, beckoning fto her. “You’ll find this interesting. Thanks to my nanites, Wonder Woman now has three basic behavioural modes that I can switch between via simple voice command, as I just demonstrated. There’s Delta mode,” he explained clinically, “which is what you saw when we were entering the building: a toddler mode, if you would, where she can walk, talk, and use her motor skills, although at greatly diminished capacity. Then there’s Beta, or ‘Baby’ Mode, where her mobility is reduced to crawling, her vocal skills are reduced to only the most basic type of communication, and her motor skills are limited to what you would find in the average two year old. “Which brings us to Alpha Mode,” he said with a sinister grin, making the half naked superheroine cringe and squirm on the changing table... For more stories, check out my Patreon!
  3. This came out longer and took more time to write than I'd planned... so if you enjoy this re-write, please let me know! Are there any other movies that could use a re-write? Let me know in the comments! So, as I’m sure some of you have heard, Birds Of Prey has flopped at the box office, and although there’s still a chance they could do well on their second weekend and make a little money, it looks like it’s not going to be the hit that DC fans know it could have been. But I’ve come here today not to bury Birds Of Prey, but to offer my assistance as an unofficial member of the DC family >SHAMELESS PLUG< CHECK OUT REGRESSION CRISIS >SHAMELESS PLUG<, I’ve come here today to offer my services and help point out a couple of things that I think they could have done to make the movie the best it could be, and maybe make a little more money. Today we’ll be focusing on one scene. According to IMDB, after one of the Birds swallows a diamond, the following dialogue takes place: Harley Quinn : [to Cassandra at supermarket] there's two ways were getting that diamond out of you, [shows her laxative] Harley Quinn : this [shows her a carving knife] Harley Quinn : or this. [Cassandra wisely chooses the laxative] First a couple of notes: 1. For some reason I can’t figure out, in the movie Cassandra (Batgirl) Cain is portrayed by a random teenage girl. I have no idea why they would decide to do this-- it seems to me that the point of having a Batgirl in a BOP movie would be to actually have a Batgirl in the movie. So first thing’s first: for the purposes of this re-write, let’s replace Cassandra with everyone’s favourite rogue martial artist and one of the most dangerous fighters in the DCU-- Sandra Wusan, AKA Lady Shiva: 2. And on that vein, let’s imagine Harley looked a bit more like this in the movie: We now join our newly revamped characters in the supermarket: Harley turns to Lady Shiva and gives her a cheeky smile. Harley Look, hon’: there's two ways were getting that diamond out of you... This: She presents a bottle of extra strength laxative. Lady Shiva looks to the bottle, her face still and unreadable. Harley Or this! Harley holds up the carving knife... as she brays with obnoxious laughter, Shiva’s eyes narrow darkly. With the speed of a cobra, Shiva’s arm lashes out, knocking the knife from Harley’s hand. Harley Whoa! So quickly it can barely be perceived by the eye, Shiva reaches out and snatches the laxative from Harley. Harley Hey! In a flash, Shiva has the bottle open and the cap off. Reaching out with her other hand, she takes Harley by the ear and twists painfully. Harley OOOUUUCCHH! Lady Shiva twists Harley’s ear even farther, forcing her down on her knees. Harley OW! LEMME GO YOU BITC--!! Shiva pushes the lip of the bottle into Harley’s open mouth and begins pouring the foul tasting liquid down her throat. The clown princess of crime is no longer laughing and quiping but sputtering and spitting, trying to keep herself from swallowing too much of the laxative... but although the front of her shirt and shorts are soaked with the liquid, Shiva is still able to get most of the bottle down her throat and into her belly. The Mistress of Martial Arts drops the empty bottle to the floor. On her knees, Harley coughs and spits, but knows she’s too late... she’s got a belly full of laxative. Harley (Furious) Bitch! Who the hell do you think you are?! But Lady Shiva isn’t listening... She pulls the cursing she-clown to her feet, never taking her eyes off her opponent as she bends down to retrieve the knife. Harley (cowering) What are you going to do with that?! Without saying a word, Shiva lashes out with the knife, it’s blade glinting as it whistles through the air in a whirlwind in front of the screaming Harley, who has her eyes squeezed shut. Finished, Shiva drops the blade to the floor once more. Nervously, one after the other, Harley opens her eyes, grinning when she realizes she’s in one piece, Lady Shiva’s knife obviously missing the mark... A sudden cacophony of ripping a tearing fills the air, and Harley is stunned as her clothes disintegrate into little more than strips of fabric which fall from her body into a pile on the floor, leaving her standing naked in the middle of the isle. Harley EEEEKKKK! In a flash, Shiva’s arm shoots out, grabbing Harley by one of her pigtails and dragging her naked through the store. By now, they’ve attracted a laughing audience... and more than a few people are gazing lustfully at Harley’s sexy, naked body, appreciating the way her boobs wobble and her butt jiggles as Shiva hauls her down the isle. Harley is so concerned with keeping up with Shiva and minimizing the pain in her ear, she doesn’t notice that she’s been dragged into the adult diaper section. Shiva releases Harley, tears open a pack of particularly thick adult diapers and removes one. She reaches towards Harley, opening the diaper in the process. Harley Hey! No! Stop! But it’s too late-- with the lightning speed of both a skilled martial artist and a trained babysitter, Lady Shiva has Harley’s little white butt taped into a puffy pink diaper in moments. As the growing crowd watches the bizarre spectacle unfold, Harley stands by and blushes. Harley This isn’t funny! The laughter of the gawking rabble says otherwise, and their guffaws only increase when Shiva goes down on one knee, tugs the squawking Harley bottoms up over the other knee, and proceedes to warm her crinkly diapered bottom with a fast and furious spanking! Harley OW OW OW OW OW! STOP! OWIE! But the Dragon Lady is relentless, swatting Harley’s pampered behind mercilessly, her blows carefully calculated to let her victim feel it through the padding (but not damage the diaper.) Harley screams and flails, her feet kicking in the air behind her, bare tits wobbling. Lady Shiva How dare you threaten me? The paddling continues, turning Harley’s pale buttocks a bright hot pink inside the diaper. And just when Harley thinks it can’t get any worse... SFX (Stomach gurgle) Harley (Wide eyed) OH NO! The laxative kicks in with a vengeance, even as the spanking continues. As Harley’s guts begin to cramp and twist, gas and semi-solid poopy begin building up in her colon like lava in a volcano. She squeezes her hindquarters, clinching her anus and tightening her buttocks with all her strength... but she’s no match for the sheer potency and volume of the laxative she’s been forced to consume. Just seconds after she feels the first cramps, the Clown Princess looses control, filling her diaper with an explosion of gas and muddy poop. A thick gooey mess is blown out of her backside with a sizable fart, a diarrhea shotgun blast into the seat of her padded plastic underwear. Harley BABY MAKE BOOM BOOM!! WWWAAAAA! A series of nasty, farty squelches emerges, Harley’s buttocks parting to accommodate a thick, mushy surge out of her rump and into her diaper, which instantly begins to bulge and sag at the back, providing Shiva with an irresistible target for her next swat, which lands against the mess with a gooey SPLURCH! Harley EWWW! GROSS! Squealing and crying now, having totally lost control, Harley doesn’t even try to hold back the next wave of cramps when they arrive. The result is an explosive eruption of gas and poop that instantly turns the seat of her diapers brown and fills them to capacity. Lady Shiva continues the spanking, squishing the mess against Harley’s buns and mushing it up the cleftbetween them. At last, Harley is finished, left sobbing and heaving for breath in a cloud of her own stink. Setting her on her feet, Lady Shiva rises and dusts herself off before taking the bawling Harley by the hand. Lady Shiva Come along, you little brat! She drags the crying she-clown off by the hand, her poopy pink diapers wobbling behind her. If you enjoyed this, please consider checking out my Patreon
  4. If you're in the Audience Participation Tier on Patreon, click here to take the poll! Sorry again about the wait on this, everyone, but things are finally starting to pick up. I'm still hoping to have at least one additional update for this story next month so please bear with me. If you're enjoying the story, I hope you'll consider leaving a comment below! Boy, you got a lotta nerve, buster! Vanessa thought, struggling against her bonds and squirming on the changing table, her fresh, warm diaper crinkling beneath her, her bare tits jiggling alluringly with every move she made, nipples firm and erect. “Temper temper, gorgeous,” Alex said, tickling fingers raking across her bare stomach and ribs, bring forth an immediate explosion of shrieking laughter from her. Vanessa kicked and cried, and was soon willing to do almost anything to stop the maddening tickling. “Not like you’ve got much choice, do you? Or would you rather I tickle you until you wet those diapers?” “NONONONONO!” She managed to cry between guffaws. “STOMPH!!” She grunted from behind the pacifier, nearly paralyzed with hilarity... especially when he dug into her soft, smooth armpits. “KKEEE-RIST!!” she screamed between peals of laughter. “E’NUHH!!” she cried, desperately signalling her submission. “Good,” he said, slowing (but not stopping) his maddening tickling. “You see, I... sponsored... a young lady’s entry into a local competition,” he explained smoothly, lightly tickling the soft, sensitive undersides of her breasts. “Sadly, the poor dear fell ill yesterday, and it looks like she’s not going to be able to make it.” Vanessa attempted glaring up at him contemptuously from behind her soother, but the continued tickling caused her to twitch and hiss spasmodically instead. “Too bad... for her especially,” he said casually, “there’s a large cash prize involved, and we’d planned to split it between us.” That got her attention. Stilling herself, Vanessa sucked in a deep breath through her nose, listening with narrowed eyes. “I belong to a little-- club,” he said with a strange smile. “We run occasional... events... for the entertainment and amusement of our members, as well as a small group of online subscribers.” She rolled her eyes. Weird live sex shows on the internet, huh? she thought. How tawdry. It wasn’t the first time she’d received such an offer, and frankly, Vanessa was a little disappointed... she’d have thought a guy like Alex West would have been into something a little more... interesting. I’m sure I can get a better offer in prison, she thought haughtily. But West, reading her expression, was quick to address her doubts. “It’s not what you’re thinking. Although there will likely be nudity involved, it’s really more of a contest. “Just for entering, you’ll earn ten thousand,” he said, noting how her eyes widened and she wriggled a bit on the table, “and if we win, well...” Bending down, he whispered a number in her ear that was so large it almost caused her to swallow her tongue. She looked up at him disbelievingly, but she could see he wasn’t lying to her. Nodding to signal her interest, she expected him to take out the pacifier so they could discuss it further... but instead, she found herself unshackled from the table and lifted into his arms. Gasping, she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, pressing her half-naked body into his... but not for long. He carried her across the room and loaded her into the nearby crib. After tugging a too-small t-shirt over her head, West slid the top rail up and locked it into place, imprisoning her. The crib was a padded cage, a twin-sized mattress enclosed on all sides by a set of tall, white, wooden bars, with another matching set of bars across the top. Glancing around, Vanessa quickly realized she was trapped, and she scooted over to the side on her knees, gripping the bars tightly and peering out at him accusingly... but either he didn’t notice or he ignored her, going over to the mini-fridge on the other side of the room. “Anyway... maybe you should sleep on it,” he said, taking a bottle of mysterious dark liquid from the fridge, which he promptly handed to her through the bars. Vanessa hesitantly accepted it, looking it over with a dubious expression. “Nighty night-- see you in the morning!” She grunted after him from behind the pacifier, but he simply turned off the lights and shut the door behind him, plunging the room into darkness. In the crib, Vanessa threw herself down onto her tummy and pressed her face into the pillow, pouting. The situation was completely unfair... but she was thankful she wasn’t on her way to prison. She wasn’t planning to drink the bottle, suspecting that he may have put something in it... but as she lay in the darkness, she felt her mouth going dry, her tongue scraping along the roof like a match against a flint. She gripped the cool bottle longingly, imagining what it would feel like, filling her mouth and her belly with cool, sweet liquid. She lay in the dark, sweating and pondering her fate. Should Vanessa drink the bottle? Yes No Click Here To Take The Poll!
  5. I hope you're all still enjoying this... I wish I could update more often, but I've just got too much on my plate at the moment. Huge thanks as always to everyone who's left comments and stuff so far, even if I didn't get a chance to respond to you, it really means a lot to me. “This is Angela Chen,” the well dressed young Asian woman said seriously into the lens of the camera, “reporting to you live from Wolfe International Headquarters, where we continue to witness the stunning defeat and humiliation of the world’s favourite Super Heroine. Wonder Woman, Princess of Themyscira, arrived looking driven and angry, confronting corporate outlaw and renegade scientist John Wolfe with fire and confidence... but, as you can plainly see behind me, little of that anger or confidence remains, with the self-described heroine finding herself spanked like a schoolgirl over her opponent’s knee!” It was a struggle for Angela to keep a straight face-- not only was she elated to be covering such a major scoop-- the humiliation of Wonder Woman would, of course, be the biggest story around the world for at least the next couple of days, maybe a week-- and it would be Angela’s face people would be seeing along with it. It could be a major step up for her career... a chance for her to finally take a step up onto the national stage! Besides, she’d never liked Wonder Woman, anyway. The vain and narcissistic Angela was highly jealous of the annoyingly perfect superheroine’s grace and beauty, and being able to watch (and even better, report on) her humiliation at the hands of a handsome and powerful man was a genuine pleasure-- but the best was yet to come. “There seems to be something wrong with Wonder Woman now,” Angela reported breathlessly, suppressing her glee as best she could. “The Warrior Princess appears to be tottering around drunkenly and clutching her stomach. I think this battle has reached it’s conclusion, ladies and gentlemen... we appear to be reaching some sort of climax! Stay tuned right here for all the action as it happens!” she gushed, her own eyes glued to the scene before her, not wanting to miss a second. “AAAH!” Diana cried, her efforts at regaining control of herself proving woefully inadequate, the seat of her panties continuing to inflate with a series of gassy squelching noises, her star spangled bottom growing lumpier and browner by the minute. Sticky and semi-soft, the load gathered in the back of her bloomers, the lumpy mass expanding first to the size of an apple, then a grapefruit. Saggy and moist, quickly staining the fabric a muddy brown, the load was accompanied by a potent, earthy stench that grew more powerful the larger her accident became. With her mouth compressed into a surprised ‘o’, her eyes wide with shock, darting back and forth comically, Diana gasped and shuddered with every squish and fart that emerged from her backside. The entire situation was unprecedented... the valiant amazon princess had never tasted defeat before, let alone humiliation of this magnitude. A dizzying vertigo had the former Wonder Woman swaying unsteadily on her feet, heart beating loudly inside her, sweat trickling down her forehead. The nanites were still raging through her, transforming her body in new and strange ways, imperceptible to the naked eye... but absolutely life altering. A cramp shot through her belly; Diana grunted, a surge of gas and mush surging out of her, parting her buttocks and settling into the already packed seat of her bloomers, staining the material at the back-- especially the stars, the ones closest to the mess stained almost totally brown, revealing her shame to the entire world. Behind her, she could hear the reporters snickering, tittering, or just gaping at her shame in amazement-- maybe even amusement. Behind her, the bloomers bulged and sagged, the gooey load inside weighing them down, tugging them down at the back just enough to expose the top of her butt-crack. The load was warm and smushy against her buns. Her muscles felt as though they were turning to jelly, her mind growing cloudy. As her humiliating mess finally sputtered to a stop, Diana found herself tottering on her feet, drooling and sweating, the laughter of the press and the crowd burning her ears. “Phew-wee!” Wolfe chuckled, fanning his face. “Is there a skunk passing by?” The chuckles of the audience rang out around her, but Wonder Woman wasn’t listening-- the nanites were buzzing in her ears, affecting her equilibrium, making it hard to keep her balance. The proud warrior, pinnacle of female development, found herself suddenly having a great deal of difficulty keeping on her feet. She tottered back and forth, her knees wobbling, sweating and straining to simply stay standing... but her efforts were in vain. She took one unsteady step backwards, then another, before her legs just gave out beneath her, sending her toppling backwards like a clumsy toddler just learning to walk. There was just time enough for her to emit a pitiful little squeal before she landed heavily on her bottom with a noisy SPLAT! The gathered media burst out into uproarious laughter, even as the Amazonian Princess’ bottom lip began to quiver. The mess in her pants was no longer a massive, bulky bulge in the seat of her briefs-- the gooey lumps were now squished up against the smooth, rounded hillocks of her buttocks like a pile of melty chocolate bars. Worse, she felt the muddy mush forced up between her cheeks uncomfortably, caked into the cleft between her buns and making the formerly proud superheroine feel more like a giant baby than ever. The mess smushed all the way up her butt, almost to the waist band, and a small amount even escaped down the backs of her thighs, smearing them a muddy brown. For a long moment, Diana could only sit, squirming in her own mess, her mouth gaping open disbelievingly at how radically her destiny had been altered in so short a time. “Woopsie daisy!” Wolfe chuckled, stooping down to look her in her eyes, which were wide, staring, and shocked. “Did we take a bit of a tumble, Princess? Here-- let me give you a hand.” Dazed, Wonder Woman accepted his hand without thinking, allowing herself to be pulled, unsteadily, to her feet. She heard a course of shocked gasps and titters behind her, and it only took a glance behind her to see what they were reacting to-- the once bulky mess that had bulged so embarrassingly in the back of her briefs had been mushed in every direction, and what was once a localized stain had spread across almost her entire seat, with most of her brilliant white stars now coloured a dank, earthy brown. A pair of sticky, muddy smears trailed out of her legbands and down the backs of her thighs, and the corresponding stain at the top reached almost to her waistband. A wave of dizzy humiliation washed over her, and for a moment she would have lost her footing if Wolfe hadn’t been holding her upright. “OK, darling,” he said, leading her, shakily, towards the front doors, “wave bye bye to your reporter friends and let’s get you inside for a change of underwear-- baby, you STINK!” Sensing her opportunity, Angela pounced, breaking free from the pack and running towards them, dragging her cameraman along behind her by his wrist. She wasn’t about to loose her scoop-- nor was she about to miss out on the stuck-up superheroine’s humiliation! “Just a moment, Mr. Wolfe-- Angela Chen, Metropolis Today-- any chance of an exclusive?” “Oh yes, Ms. Chen... I actually acquired your network just this morning-- I suppose I should give you a look at what’s coming next,” he said with a smile. The automatic doors slid open behind him, and Wolfe led them inside, Wonder Woman toddling behind him, the mess in her pants all smelly and squishy. Angela and her cameraman trailed along with them (with the spiteful reporter gesturing to him to zoom in on the muddy stains on the back of the disgraced superheroines bloomers.) Diana toddled along, keeping up as best she could. The mess in her pants was hot and gritty, squishing uncomfortably against her soft skin with every step. The poopy was caked uncomfortably up her butt crack and clung to the sensual globes of her buttocks, forcing her to waddle awkwardly. The tingling in her limbs was beginning to subside a bit, but the nanites were clearly still doing their work, leaving her as weak as a three year old-- she could only wonder how bad it would get. Her head swam dizzily, it was all she could do to keep her feet. Dimly, Diana was aware of Angela Chen’s professional, blustery voice trailing down the hall behind her: “We’ve already seen an absolutely stunning reversal of fortune here today, ladies and gentlemen-- we’ve seen an American icon revealed to be a poopy pants fraud-- an oversized child toddling around with a mess in her pants,” Angela editorialized, straining to keep a triumphant smirk from her face. “But now, we’re being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity-- front row seats at the unmaking of a superheroine!” For more stories like this visit my Patreon.
  6. If you're a member of the Audience Participation tier on Patreon, click here to take the poll! Happy New Year, everyone! Have fun tonight and please take care of yourselves... I want to see you all back here safe and sound in 2020! “Hey! Where are you taking me?!” Vanessa screeched, trying and failing to tear her wrist away as Howard dragged her down the hall. Still wet with pee from the waist down, her feet slipped and slid against the tiles beneath them, and she struggled to keep up and maintain her balance. Her dress was still hiked up at the back, the plump mounds of her buttocks, still glowing red from her recent spanking, jiggling adorably behind her with every step. “Let’s go!” Howard commanded firmly, reaching back to land a casual swat to her roasted rump. “OWW! You bast-- YEEOWW!” She cried, another blistering spank making her prance briefly in place. “Here we are,” he said with a sinister chuckle, opening an innocent looking door and propelling her inside with a swat. “YEOUCH!” Vanessa shrieked, her hands going instinctively to her abused backside, trying to rub out the sting. Her eyes were blurry, her ass searing behind her, and it took her a long moment to realize where she was and another moment to figure out what was happening. “Oh... my... God!” It was the crib that first drew her attention-- expertly constructed and lovingly painted in pink and red, perfect for a baby girl-- assuming that baby girl was about 5”4’ and weighed about 108 pounds! The entire room had been expertly decorated along the same theme: appeal to a 2 year old girl, size for a grown woman! Overwhelmed by the pastel pinks and yellows, Vanessa instinctively took a step back towards the door, halted only by Howard’s grip on her arm. “Whoa! Listen... I don’t know what you think is going to happen here, but-- mmmpphh!” the final part of her statement was cut off by a fat rubber nipple being pushed into her mouth. Stunned, she didn’t realize it was being strapped and buckled in firmly around the back of her head, effectively silencing her, until it was too late. “Wuh ‘r’ yuh duuggh?!” she mumbled, eyes as wide as pie plates. By way of answer, Howard casually reached down and tugged her dress up over her head, stripping her naked in seconds. With a small cry, Vanessa covered her nudity, shooting him and outraged look and receiving in return, not the smirking leer she might have expected, but a steely, confident determination that made her gulp. She knew there would be no dissuading him from whatever he was planning to do to her. Slipping his hands under her arms, he lifted her into the air with ease, and she was alarmed to discover how strong he was. In seconds, he had her spread out on the table, sinking into the soft leather, the paper cover crinkling beneath her. Taking first her wrists, then her ankles, he restrained each one of them with a fuzzy cuff, immobilizing her. “LEMME GGGUUUHHH!” Vanessa grunted furiously from behind her pacifier gag, thrashing against her bonds. A sudden, sharp slap to her thigh made her squeal and thrust her pelvis into the air to avoid any further swats. When her bottom came down again, there was something other than paper beneath her sensitive buns... something thick and cottony that she couldn’t identify, but still felt oddly familiar... She felt something pulled up between her legs, felt something pressing tightly against her neatly trimmed pussy. Glancing down sharply, she let out a scream: “IM TAT A DI-POR?!” She shrieked, thrashing as best she could against her bonds. But she was unable to prevent him from sealing the over-sized pamper tightly around her waist. Behind her pacifier, Vanessa gazed down at her diapered crotch in horror, then up at him, watching in sick fascination as he made small adjustments and tucked all the loose pieces in until it looked and fit just like a real baby diaper. Though she was grateful to have at least half of her naked body covered, the pamper only served to underline her total helplessness in this situation. “There we go,” he said, softly raking his fingernails across her bare torso and grinning when she twitched ticklishly in response, her perfectly formed titties jiggling alluringly in time with her struggles. Behind the pacifier, she let out a helpless, giggly squeal. Beautiful blonde Vanessa’s sensitive skin had always been exceedingly ticklish... she squirmed uselessly against her bonds futilely trying to stop him, the thick plastic diaper crinkling loudly under her butt. “You know Vanessa,” he said, tickling her pale white belly, “you probably don’t realize it, but you’re a very lucky girl.” Vanessa was too busy writhing in ticklish agony to shoot him a disbelieving glare. “It’s true! If you tried to swindle me on any other day, you’d be cooling your cute little buns in a jail cell right now... Luckily for you, you came along at just the right time-- I could really use your help with something.” Is this guy serious?! Vanessa screamed inside her head, thrashing and howling with involuntary laughter, his fingers dancing lightly across the soft, pale flesh of her belly. “I know... it’s probably hard to believe,” he said, slowing his tickling to almost nothing, “but just here me out-- after all, it’s not like you’re going anywhere anytime soon, is it darling?” The poll question this week is probably a minor thing for most of you, but it’s something that’s been bugging me for a while. Before we get to that, though, I like everyone to start thinking about what you’d like to see in the upcoming competition... what do you think it should look like (beauty contest, reality TV etc.), what kind of “events” you want to see (laxative roulette? Best baby act?) etc. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also, I’ll probably hold another vote at some point to pick some other contestants, so start thinking about that too. But first: I really hate the name John Howard, it’s kind of driving me nuts. 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  7. Here's hoping everyone had a great Christmas and a great week! Without much further ado, here's the moment I think you've all been waiting for-- I hope it compares favorably to the other gifts you might have received this year. Thanks as always for the comments etc., they're greatly appreciated! “OW!” Diana, Princess of the Amazons cried, John Wolfe’s broad, bare hand landing a stinging swat to the center of her jiggling buttocks. With her mass increased to nearly impossible levels by the high gravity field, there was little she could do but kick her boots in the air behind her and claw the grass helplessly. It shouldn’t have been possible... all their intelligence indicated that Wolfe was but an ordinary man... it should have been unfeasible for him to take her across his lap, especially with her weight increased the way it was, and any attempts at a spanking should have shattered his mortal hand upon the sumptuous flesh of her divine derriere-- and yet, here he was, paddling her bottom as thoroughly as a naughty schoolgirl who’d been caught smoking in the bathroom. “OH! OUCH! You bastard-- YYEEOOWWCH!” She cried, pounding her fist into the ground and struggling to escape the blistering spanking that was quickly turning the fleshy twin domes of her buttocks a bright pink, then a hot, angry scarlet. Fuming, anger and humiliation boiling within... she was one of the most powerful beings on the planet, damn it, and a warrior to boot... she wasn’t supposed to be in this situation-- dangling over this man’s lap and taking a spanking, and she was absolutely powerless to stop him. The feeling of almost infantile helplessness was absolutely foreign to her... a blush slowly rose over her cheeks as the full weight of her humiliation gradually dawned on her. Here she was-- stripped half naked, a suppository unceremoniously inserted into her virgin anus, her proud, womanly bottom slowly spanked an angry red-- and all in front of a gawking, laughing rabble, many of whom were filming her debasement and broadcasting it to the whole world. Once the initial shock of her predicament had worn off, Wonder Woman determined to rob Wolfe of his satisfaction, gritting her teeth and attempted to take the remainder of her punishment with dignified stoicism... but as one swat followed another, she quickly realized that the fire he was igniting in her posterior was quickly building to an intensity that not even her superhuman physique could tolerate. Squeezing her eyes shut, she kicked her feet in the air behind her, the corners of her eyes growing moist. With her buttocks blazing bright red, she clawed at the grass and began raining curses upon him once more: “Release me, damn you! I am an Amazon warrior, Emissary and ambassador for my people! I have royal blood running through my veins, and I DEMAND that you grant me my due respect! OW!” She cried, howling like a scalded cat when Wolfe responded by laying his palm across her bare ass once again, it’s supple flesh rippling and turning a fiery crimson that nearly matched the red of her costume. Nearly five minutes had passed when Wolfe finally dump Wonder Woman from his lap, leaving her to land unceremoniously on her bare, blazing rear end. “OW!” she cried, turning herself over onto her hands and knees as quickly as her increased mass would allow, sticking her bare ass in the air and reaching back with both hands, attempting to rub some of the sting from it’s perfectly sculpted cheeks-- much to the delight of the assembled media, who gleefully zoomed in on her bare spanked ass and naked privates. “Now,” Wolfe said, checking his watch once again, “we’ve still got a few moments before we find out our respective fates-- if I decrease your gravity field a little, can I trust you to stand here and wait like a good girl?” She shot him an angry scowl, bristling at his condescending tone but she nodded her consent, and as he made the adjustments, lifting only enough weight to allow her to struggle to her feet, she tugged her panties back into place, hissing ruefully as the rough material irritated the inflamed skin of her rump. It took almost every ounce of strength she had, but Diana was able to maintain a standing position, reaching back to rub her stinging hiney through the material of her star-spangled bloomers, bright pink flesh peeking out from behind the leg bands. “Now, don’t try anything clever, dear,” he said condescendingly, “if you do anything more strenuous than just stand there, the gravity field will automatically increase, and it’ll be back to your hands and knees for you!” Positively fuming, the outrage and humiliation of the treatment she’d received at his hands boiling away inside her, Diana decided to respond in the form of a piercing, angry glare... which was somewhat undercut by the way she ruefully rubbed her throbbing tushy. With her heart hammering anxiously, Diana waited for the minutes to tick away and reveal her final fate. She chose to spend the time not fretting about what would happen to her if the nanites activated inside her, instead fantasizing about what she would do to Wolfe if they didn’t-- starting with pealing off his skin and ripping him limb from limb. At last, after what seemed like an eternity, the alarm on Wolfe’s watch beeped noisily, and Wonder Woman cringed and braced herself, waiting for her beautiful body to begin some horrifying transformation. Ten seconds ticked by... followed by ten more. A minute went by, one slow second at a time, and Diana felt her apprehension leave, an arrogant smirk playing about her lips as Wolfe began to look increasingly nervous. “Well well well,” She said smugly, taking a difficult step towards him. “Looks like you’re not as smart as you think you are! Did you really think your pitiful male technology could really affect my superior Amazonian physiology? You’ve failed, Wolfe-- and now, you’re gong to have to--” She stopped suddenly in mid sentence, a strange tingling sensation slowly growing deep inside her abdomen. “To... to...” she repeated, trailing off as the strange, numbing tingle spread throughout her lower body spreading down into her rectum and forward into her privates. “To... face... my... wrath?” She trailed off, ending quietly, the strange buzzing sensation rose up into the rest of her body and through her limbs. She saw Wolfe smiling triumphantly in her direction at the same moment she felt a slow spreading warmth in her panties, accompanied by a soft hissing, and a pittering sound rising from between her feet, growing louder each second. Reluctantly, she glanced downward, confirming her fears with a small, sharp cry... she was pissing herself unknowingly, the front of her bloomers turning dark blue, quickly growing saturated. Any attempts at regaining control were thwarted, both her anal and urinal sphincters having been weakened by the nanites. She pressed her creamy thighs together, going knock kneed like an awkward little girl in an attempt at regaining control... but it was a wasted effort. The pee continued to flow... first in tiny spurts, which grew into thick rivulets, and finally into a rushing stream as the proud superheroine lost more and more of her control by the second. Speechless, she was reduced to pathetic gasps and whimpers shooting him a horrified, pleading look... and receiving only a chuckle in return, and she shivered when she realized how much he was enjoying watching her, a proud, powerful warrior, slip into helplessness. Her face reddened, the last few drops of pee drizzling out of her and into the puddle between her boots, and as she listened to the audience behind her titter and giggle, Wonder Woman couldn’t remember ever being so humiliated before. But even as she finished her thought, a strange new sensation began growing inside her, an ominous rumbling from somewhere deep within the heroine that felt familiar, even through the numbness she was experiencing-- and yet, somehow, more powerful, more urgent than ever before... A sudden sharp cramp in her belly made Diana frown as she became aware of a sudden pressure deep inside her. The pressure built for about ten seconds straight, and Wonder Woman winced, fearing for a moment that her stomach was about to burst. Instead, she felt her buttocks part, and Wonder Woman could do little more then emit a shocked grunt as she felt the first part of a large load of semi-solid poop begin involuntarily sliding out of her and into her soppy wet bloomers. Diana emitted a startled grunt, an embarrassing gassy farting sound preceding another cramp, forcing out a series of soft lumps into the seat of her bloomers, which bulged and sagged under their heavy load, staining one of the stars nearest to her crack a noticeable brown.
  8. Here's a little Thanksgiving treat-- the latest issue of Regression Crisis early for a change! I know that many of you are going to be very busy with family, travel, dinner etc., but I hope you find a little downtime to enjoy the tale of America's favorite heroine finally getting what she deserves... and if you enjoy it, I hope you'll take the time to hit the like button and maybe even leave a comment below! “Well well,” Wolfe said, gazing down at the vulnerable heroine sprawled out on her hands and knees at his feet. “Look at you... exactly as you were always meant to be.” She glared up at him, furious, desperate to lunge at him, to beat him bloody with her bare hands... but it was all she could do to hold herself up on all fours, the mysterious weight that had settled upon her effectively negating her mighty strength. “What... have... you... done... to... me?” she managed to ask at last. “I’ve simply produced a field of super-heavy gravity around you-- it increases based on the amount of force you exert, so I would hold my struggling to a minimum if I were you.” “It... seems... you’ve... bested... me... most... honourable... lord,” she forced out bitterly, glaring defiantly. “Not quite,” he said, squatting down to get closer to her level. “I hate to see a noble, wise warrior such as yourself to go down without a fair challenge.” “Get... to... the... point,” Wonder Woman hissed, sweating at the exertion, “you... sick...” With a predatory smile, he reached into his breast pocket and produced a tiny plastic container. Snapping it open, he removed a small grey capsule that seemed to have tiny flashes of green flickering inside it. “This contains a dose of my nanites,” he explained. “Once it’s inside your body, the capsule will take ten minutes to dissolve. After that, there’s a fifty percent chance the nanites will activate inside you. If they don’t activate, I will drop the dome, return your friends to normal, undo all the damage I’ve done so far and surrender myself peacefully to your custody. If it does activate, well...” he trailed off with a chuckle. “I’m sure you can probably guess.” Diana glared, but she knew he had her over a barrel. Fighting in her current condition was totally out of the question-- if risking her dignity was the price she had to pay to save not only her comrades, but the women of the world, then she had to do it. Still fixing him with her chilliest stare, she opened her mouth by way of a reply, waiting for him to pop the nanites in for her to swallow. But he didn’t-- instead, he smiled, as if at some private joke, and rose to a standing position. “Oh, I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood a bit... it isn’t a pill.” Diana frowned, trying to figure out what he meant by that. She gave a horrified squeal when he walked out of her sight and swiftly tugged her bloomers down to the top of her thighs, revealing her bare buttocks, the crinkled, delicate anus between them, and her perfectly sculpted pussy to the gathered crowd. “EEEEKK!” Diana cried, powerless to do anything but wiggle her butt impotently, “What are you do--?!” Her answer came in the form of the rubbery snap of a disposable medical glove being pulled into place. Wonder Woman’s head jerked back, her eyes wide and disbelieving as she peered over her shoulder to see Wolfe bending towards her, the capsule gripped between gloved fingers, grinning. Too late, the amazonian princess realized what his intentions were... but she only had time to emit a single sharp syllable of protest before... The tip of the suppository was pressed to the center of the dark, rosy crinkle of her anus, cool and greasy. There was no time to complain or resist before it had been pushed inside her, her butthole stretching easily to accommodate both it and his finger. “OoooooOO!” She squealed, filled with new, conflicting sensations as Wolfe’s digit disappeared inside her after the capsule, pushing it further and further into her bowels until the finger vanished from sight as well. “Hold still,” he admonished, making sure the suppository was buried as deeply in her bum as possible, pretending not to notice the way his other fingers were brushing against her pussy ever so softly. Diana flushed bright red, particularly when she heard the crowd murmur and titter behind her-- but the sensation of it, though alien to the uptight, prissy heroine, was stirring a shameful passion inside of her. “We want to make sure it’s in there nice and deep,” he explained, pretending he didn’t notice he was gently twisting his digit to and fro as he spoke. “So you don’t try to back out.” “Hhhhhuuuuhhh….” she groaned in response, her eyes glazed, the feeling of outrage and anger warring with sexy shame and humiliating arousal inside her. Oh no! She thought when her pussy began growing noticeably moist. She preyed none of the spectators noticed… she was sure Wolfe probably had! Then, the finger withdrew, and it was all over except the throbbing tickle in her neither regions-- and the sensation of the suppository deeply wedged into her colon, slowly melting. “You’re about a quart low,” Wolfe laughed, pulling the glove off and discarding it in the trash. From her position on the ground, Diana could only shoot him an angry glare… but she found herself grateful to him moments later when he tugged her bloomers up into place over her butt again. “So,” he said, setting the alarm on his watch, “Ten minutes starting... now.” The watch beeped affirmatively. “Come along, young lady,” he said, the condescension in his voice making her nostrils flare angrily as she followed slowly on her hands and knees, the increased weight forcing her to move as awkwardly as a baby learning to crawl, following behind him as quickly as she could. Taking a seat on a nearby bench, he beckoned her closer, until she was at his feet, gazing up at him like a faithful dog. Diana, her pride bruised and battered, wanted revenge so bad she could almost taste it in the back of her throat. “Well, we’ve got a few minutes to kill,” he said reaching towards her, and Wonder Woman had no idea what was happening until she felt one massive, masculine hand on her shoulder and the other hooking itself into the waistband of her blue and white bloomers. With a squeak, she found herself lifted, in spite of the extra weight produced by the gravity field. Her heart thudded with an unaccustomed fear, and she wondered exactly how strong he was... and what the source of his powers were. But the amazon warrior didn’t have long to ponder. She soon found herself settled across his lap, head down and finely sculpted hindquarters raised tantalizingly into the air behind her, her well-rounded buttocks and the cleft between them perfectly outlined in every detail. She turned and looked at him over her shoulder, shocked, unable to believe the position she found herself in. Across the lap of a common... man... it was more than she could bare! She jumped when she felt his hand settle against her rump, stroking her star-spangled buns with powerful fingers. Gasping, outraged, she thrashed as best she could with her limbs weighted down by a force several dozen times greater than her own body weight, but it was a pitiful display that simply expended her energy. So Diana forced herself to lay still, frowning, occasionally shivering involuntarily when he rubbed her tushy with his palm or lightly raked his fingernails over her cheeks, tracing obscure patterns on the seat of her bloomers. And then, suddenly, his hand was gone... but not for long. Moments later, Wolfe brought his open palm down across her squirming, upturned rump... hard. It would take a being with the strength of Darkseid himself to deliver a blow that she could even feel-- but it seemed Wolfe was more than up to the challenge... his open palm seemed to blur through the air before it impacted with her right cheek, a deafening crack making the gathered audience jump and take a collective step back. “YEOW!” Diana bellowed, her feet kicking reflexively in the air behind her. Wonder Woman was once again left questioning what Wolfe was and how he came to possess such tremendous strength... but as he brought his hand down for another solid swat to her derriere, followed by another and another, she had little time to ponder it. It was almost impossible to believe, an event she would have imagined only in her very worst of nightmares, a possibility that seemed ridiculous, yet seemed to have come to horrifying life: She was getting spanked, like a naughty schoolgirl, over the knee of an ordinary man... and what was more, Diana was beginning to realize as the spanking continued, the swats stoking a searing heat in her derriere, that it hurt... a lot! “YEEEEOOOOWW!” Wonder woman cried, her legs flailing in the air behind her, wiggling her bloomered butt in a desperate, but futile, attempt at saving her hiney. “OH! OW! OUCH! Let me go you bast-- OOWWW!” “Temper temper, gorgeous,” he laughed, swatting her derriere in slow but firm, heavy strokes, the impact of his hand against the plump flesh of the demigoddess’ bottom ringing out in the crisp autumn air, washing over the murmuring crowd like distant fireworks. “You should settle in and make yourself comfortable,” he said, suddenly tugging her bloomers down to half mast, drawing an actually adorable gasp from the Warrior Princess, making him chuckle as he brought his palm down, landing powerfully against her bare bum, the impact making her cheeks jiggle visibly. “EEK! How DARE you?! YEOUCH! You monster! How-- OW! How are you doing this?!” she demanded furiously, amazing him with her royal arrogance, even in this highly undignified position. “Buckle up, baby-cakes,” he said, easily delivering a blistering swat to her bare ass in spite if her struggles. “You’re in for a bumpy ride!” Like the story? 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  9. Things are starting to heat up... if you're enjoying the story then don't forget to leave a comment below... and if you're a member of the Audience Participation tier on Patreon then don't forget to click here so you can vote in our poll and let us know what you think should happen in the next installment! “AAAOOOWWW!” Vanessa cried, a particularly searing spank landing in the dead center of her hiney, making her smooth white buns jiggle. Kicking her feet in the air behind her as best she could with her panties tangled around her ankles, the gorgeous blonde realized she had a secondary source of discomfort that was unrelated to her spanking, but was quickly becoming an even more pressing concern-- a growing pressure in her bladder that seemed to come out of nowhere and was rapidly becoming uncomfortable. “Stop!” She demanded, trying to look him in the eye over her shoulder. “You’d better-- OW! you’d better let me go, asshole!” “Oh really?” he said with a chuckle. “You-- YEEOW! You’re going to regret it!” she said through gritted teeth, gripping the carpet with white knuckles. He snorted dismissively. “What are you going to do?” he said, bringing his firm, strong palm down against her soft bare bottom, “call the cops?” “All I can-- OW! All I can say is that if you don’t stop spanking me, you’re going to be sorry!” She forced herself to stop kicking and pressed her thighs together against the growing urgency in her bladder. She clenched and tightened as best she could... but he wasn’t making it any easier with the steady beat of his spanking. “You’re in no position to be making demands,” he said coolly, and he emphasized his point with a stinging spank to her already glowing tushy, making her squeal and writhe her sexy body over his lap. A brief trickle of pee dribbled loose-- no more than a drop, but she could feel it between her thighs, all slick and uncomfortable. “OHMIGOD! You hafta let me up, mister-- I gotta go to the bathroom!” “Oh, come on,” he said rolling his eyes. He rubbed her throbbing, burning bum with his hand, grinning with satisfaction when she hissed and squirmed in response. “You can’t possibly think I’m going to fall for that old gag,” he admonished, punctuating his statement with a medium hard swat. “OW! Oh! Believe what you want, you big bully!” She squealed, beating her fists against the shag. “All I can tell you is you’d better let me up, unless you want a wet patch on that fancy suit of yours!” “Frankly, I’m disappointed,” he said sardonically, handing out another hard spank. “I would’ve thought a girl like you could come up with a better line than that to get yourself out of this.” Vanessa let out a frustrated growl, then winced when she received a stinging swat in response. It was at that moment that the pressure on her bladder finally overwhelmed her. With a long hiss, and a large dollop of spiteful satisfaction, she released a powerful jet of pee that instantly soaked Howard’s lap. “Oh God!” He cried, genuinely surprised. He’d been so sure she was fibbing to get out her punishment... won’t make that mistake again, he thought sourly to himself, feeling the material of his suit go wet and cling uncomfortably to his skin. “I told you so!” she cried, hot yellow piss gushing uncontrollably from her bladder. Beneath her, the thin, gauzy material of her dress was instantly saturated, soaking through tp both her spanker’s lap and dripping down onto the carpet below them. Vanessa blushed, humiliated to have actually wet herself during a spanking as a grown woman... but she couldn’t deny that she felt not only relief, but a certain glee at having so successfully spited her tormentor, though she was sure it would probably come back to haunt her. He hauled her off his lap in a matter of seconds, but it was too little too late... by the time he’d lifted her from his lap and set her on her feet on the floor, the damage had been done... both of them were soaked from the waist down, and the carpet beneath them had been significantly splashed as well. Further, she was still wetting, and although she could have easily stemmed the flow by this point, she maliciously allowed it to continue, a stream of urine hissing from between her legs and striking the rug with a strong pittering sound, collecting in a pool between her feet. Howard sat in disbelief, watching her piss on the rug in stunned silence. The stream finally dribbled to a stop, and he fumed as he watched her grin and breathe a sigh of relief to herself. “AAAhhhh!” Vanessa groaned cheerfully, the relief in her bladder almost orgasmic. She gave him a cheeky look, giggling to herself when she saw how mad he was. “You--” he stammered angrily. “Hey, don’t blame me,” she said cheekily. “I told you I had to go!” Furious, he stood up and grabbed her by the wrist, looking fiercely into her eyes. “You little brat!” he spat angrily, dragging her down the hall. “I know just what you need!” What does Vanessa need? A frothy baby bubble bath A thick, fluffy diaper Click here to vote on Patreon!
  10. If you're still enjoying the story, let me know in the comments-- and if you'd like to check out more stories like this, consider joining my Patreon, where you can find all kinds of ABDL stories for just $5 a month. It didn’t take long for all that castor oil to kick in. With her magically induced incontinence, Betsy Wetsy lost control almost as soon as the cramps kicked in, a wave of hot, moist diarrhea exploding into her pampers with a round of embarrassing flatulence, leaving the diabolical, diapered villainess sitting in a steaming pile of her own thick brown mess, desperate for a diaper change. But a gurgle in her tummy announced that her ordeal was far from over, leaving her with little else to do but grit her teeth, another frothy surge from her bowels exiting her rear and settling into her pampers with a series of hearty farts and squishes. The Milk Maid, meanwhile, was left with a struggle of a different nature. Her belly burbled ominously, a sinister, gassy pressure building in her guts, bringing with it a series of sharp cramps, getting more painful with every throb. She was vividly aware of Betsy’s struggles in the next chair, listening intently to every grunt, groan, and fart, the scent of diarrhea in her nostrils... knowing that it was only a matter of time before she followed suit. She knew it was pointless to resist, but she did anyway, clenching and tightening her asshole against the ever-building weight in her guts. But as the gas and mess began to build up in her colon, the cramps growing more intense, the strain of holding it in causing sweat to drip down her forehead and sting her eyes, Nicole realized she was only delaying the inevitable. The sound of Betsy grunting and groaning as she erupted noisily into her diaper provided The Milk Maid with additional motivation to keep her pampers clean... she held her breath against the rapidly thickening stench in the air. Her prediction was proven right mere minutes later, when her bowels finally reached capacity with an ominous gurgling. She’d been carefully passing gas in a vain attempt to relieve the pressure, pushing her luck to the absolute limit, until she had nothing left to do but sit with her full weight on her rump, sweating, holding out as best she could against the hot steaming mess she was just barely containing inside her. Beside her, Betsy noisily deposited another load into her diaper, the messy expulsion followed quickly by a sigh of relief that sounded heavenly to Nicole’s tormented ears. And for years afterword, Nicole wouldn’t be able to tell you if her own explosion of hot, flatulent mush into the pristine diaper beneath her had been voluntary or an actual, honest to god accident... she would be able to tell you only of the sensation of bucket full of mud and gas surging out of her bottom, in spite of her straining, filling the seat of her diaper with a steaming, semi-solid load. She might describe the scent of her diarrhea permeating the air, mingling with the unique stench of her partner’s own ever growing mess, creating a revolting potpourri. And if you were to catch her in a particularly unguarded moment, she might describe the simultaneously revolting, humiliating, and very nearly orgasmic sensation of uncontrollably voiding her bowels into her bulging adult pampers. Wolfe had just finished feeding Batgirl her bottle, and they were currently cuddled together, the former superheroine bundled up in his lap like a little doll, feeling more vulnerable than she could ever remember. That he’d unmasked her and revealed her secret identity (not entirely surprising to him, as Wolfe had previously compiled a short list of likely candidates, with the commissioner's brainy daughter near the top) hardly seemed to matter now. A quick trip through Wolfe’s machine had scrambled her brain, reducing both her impressive IQ and her toilet training to the prekindergarten level... and the soggy diaper between her legs served as a constant reminder. Further, she discovered that simply spending time in Wolfe’s presence had her feeling increasingly light headed and giddy, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was being drawn away from her... and into him. As she slowly, unconsciously tinkled into her diaper, the fabric growing bulkier and more sodden by the second, she was hardly even aware of the image of Diana filling the monitor in front of them... if she did, she would have noticed the look of fierce determination on her friend’s face. The Amazon Princess was tired of playing around, and she was anxious to put this mission to bed. Wolfe was going to pay for the outrages he’d perpetrated against her comrades and womankind in general. But if Wolfe was concerned about the coming confrontation, he gave no sign. Slipping his fingers into the leg band of her diaper, he tisked, fixing her with a smouldering look at had Barbara blushing, her heart throbbing wetly, thrilling at his attention even as it sent shivers of embarrassment through her. “I suppose we should get you a fresh diaper, eh, sweetheart?” He asked rhetorically, kissing her forehead and making her squirm. Scooping her up under her arms, he carried the wriggling ex-superheroine to the table on the other side of the room and laid her out for a much needed diaper change. When Wolfe International headquarters finally came into view, Diana almost allowed herself a smile. Wolfe had attacked not just herself, her dignity, her very identity were outrages against her royal person that she just couldn’t ignore. As angry as she was for what had been done to her friends... for what had been done to women around the city, not to mention the women of the world who risked being transformed into helpless Adult Babies by his devious and insane machinations, the thought that he’d planned to do the same to her filled her with boiling anger. In the name of her sisters, Diana vowed to pay him back for every indignity he had inflicted or intended to inflict. She stalked up the sidewalk, focused, determined, her body lean and athletic, yet still graceful and feminine, her hips rounded, her breasts full and ripe, her buttocks plump and womanly inside her star spangled bloomers. Almost instinctively, a crowd began forming around her, ordinary citizens eager to see the action. Diana noted a number of Adult Babies among them, pretty young women who should have been working or at school, instead reduced to riding in strollers or waddling alongside their caretakers, creamy smooth thighs spread to awkward distances by the thick white padding between them. Drawing an angry breath, the Amazon Warrior stepped up her pace, eager to initiate the final conflict. Princess Diana wasn’t the only one ready for the final battle to begin. Wolfe had invited the media to witness the climax of the first phase of his master plan, providing them safe passage through the bubble, with the promise that it would be deactivated regardless of the outcome of the fight... either way, it would no longer be necessary. Representatives of Metropolis’ entire media establishment were there. Wonder Woman almost smiled when she saw him waiting for her in the grassy courtyard outside the front of the building. His suit was crisp and clean, his hands clasped casually behind his back, and if he gave off any air of anxiousness, it wasn’t for the coming confrontation but because he was facing the cumulation of his entire life... a moment he believed he was destined to face for as long as he could remember. One that, he was certain, would change the course of the world. She stalked up to him, Muscles rippling, olive coloured skin shining with sweat, her violet eyes flashing with anger, beautiful in her fury. “Wolfe!” she barked, stalking towards him, “for your crimes against humanity, I’m taking you in... and after all you’ve put us through, I suggest you cooperate!” “Wonder Woman! I’m delighted you could make it-- you’re just in time for the final challenge to begin...” “No more games, you bastard!” she growled, winding up and delivering a perfect haymaker... one that should have sent him sprawling across the lawn with his teeth down his throat. She was confused when she felt her fist stopped in mid air, captured in place by Wolfe’s own hand, seemingly without effort. “What?!” She uttered, baffled, trying unsuccessfully to pull her fist away from him. “You need to settle down and listen to me, young lady,” he lectured. She saw him remove a thin strip of silver from his pocket, which she found looped around her thin, smooth neck and locked into place. The effect was instantaneous-- an impossibly heavy weight invaded her limbs suddenly, almost violently. In spite of herself, her shoulders became rounded as her entire body was pulled down towards the ground with a weight that seemed impossible. “Uhhh! UUGHH! What-- is-- this?” she demanded. He released her hand and stood by smugly as the Amazon princess was dragged slowly by the suddenly increased weight of her own body, first to her knees, then onto all fours on the ground before him It took all of her might to tilt her head up and gaze at him from her position on the grass... the image of him looming over her with that damn smile on his face filled her with dread. My Patreon
  11. I've been incredibly busy with real life for the last couple of weeks-- if you sent me a message and haven't received a response yet, please have patience-- I'll try and get back to you next week. Members of the Audience Participation tier on Patreon can vote in the poll and help determine what happens next in the story here... I'm also accepting suggestions about what the next part of Vanessa's punishment should be... if anyone has any suggestions, just let me know in the comments. Vanessa pulled the switch off without a hitch, the ace replacing the two in her hand. The manoeuvre was so smooth, the movements honed via hours of practice, the motions so minute and precise that they almost didn’t exist at all... Or so she had thought. “Just a moment young lady,” said a stern and booming voice from across the table. And before she could react, he was reaching across the table to seize her wrist. “Hey!” She cried, struggling to tear her arm out of his grasp, “Lemmie go!” Vanessa winced when Howard twisted her wrist painfully in his hand, turning it around to discover the lowly deuce she had cupped in her palm. “I thought so,” he said calmly, his handsome face regarding her with cool contempt. His grip on her arm was strong and firm, just short of painful. Vanessa struggled, fighting to tear her arm loose from his grip... to no avail. “You’re very good,” he said, taking the card from her hand and discarding it onto the table, “but not good enough, it would seem.” “I... I don’t know what you’re talking about!” she lied pathetically, her attempts to free herself growing more energetic. “I-- it was an accident! Yeah, that’s it!” she insisted. “You little liar,” he growled, pulling her to her feet and dragging her across the room. “You’ve got a lot a gall missy... there aren’t too many people who think they can come in here, cheat me, and lie to my face about it!” “Let... me... go, you big bully!” She protested, digging in her heels and fighting against him as best she could. “I don’t think so, little lady,” Howard said, “I caught you red handed, and I’m sure a minx like you has all kinds of brushes with the law in your past.” Vanessa winced. He was right, of course-- she’d been in all kinds of minor trouble since her teenage years, starting with petty theft and escalating from there. Howard was right about one thing... there was no way the cops would listen to a word she said if she was being accused by a man like him. “I thought so,” he said triumphantly. “Yes, I think I’m going to have to arrange a nice chat between you and the boys at the local precinct. But first,” he said, settling himself into a nearby chair and hauling the struggling Vanessa across his lap, “I think it’s time to teach you a lesson about what happens to little girls who try to swindle me!” With a surprised shriek, she found herself upended over his lap, dangling over his powerful knee, her neat, rounded bottom pointed up in the air behind her, straining alluringly against the fabric of her dress. Dizzy and disoriented, what had transpired hadn’t dawned on her-- at least, not until his broad, hard hand landed against her wriggling posterior with an echoing POP! “OOOWWWW!” she squealed, kicking her dainty feet in the air behind her. Surely he wasn’t actually going to...? But her worst fears were confirmed when his palm cam down on her plump backside again, followed swiftly by a third and fourth strike, each one ringing off her bottom loudly in the spacious living room. A prickling heat began spreading across her wiggling tushy, and Vanessa was helpless to do anything but kick her legs in the air behind her in time with her spanking. “OW! Oh! Stop! OWIE! STOP YOU BASTARD!” She demanded, her voice as high and whiny as a naughty schoolgirl caught with her hand in the cookie jar. In response, Howard tugged up the back of her dress, exposing her bare buttocks, already turning pink under his assault, and the single, silken strand of fabric running between them that passed for her underwear. “Oh no! Don’t you dare!” She squealed, reaching back to protect her rump with her palm. But it was a simple thing for him to simply take her wrist and pin it at her lower back, leaving her trapped in place and more vulnerable than before. Vanessa frantically pumped her legs, bare buns jiggling energetically in the air behind her. “YEEEOOOWW!” she cried, a blistering spank landing across the center of her wiggling domes, sending her plump, womanly flesh rippling beneath his strong, sure hand. After a few minutes, Howard performed the largely ceremonial task of tugging down her almost not existent panties, which quickly wound up tangled around her ankles. Vanessa emitted a sharp shriek as the last vestige of her dignity was stripped away from her, kicking and struggling anew when the spanking resumed. “Let me go, you creep!” “I don’t think so,” he sneered, roasting her hiney with a flurry of painful spanks. “You’d better settle in, babycakes... your troubles have only just begun.” What has Howard got planned for Vanessa? Audience Participation Members can click here to vote! - Force Vanessa to compete against other young women before an elite audience in a contest to see who can be the biggest adult baby. - Force her to work off her debt to him, reducing her privileges with every infraction, drawing her further and further into helpless adult infancy. Bonus question: What should be the next part of Vanessa's punishment after her spanking? Let me know in the comments!
  12. Big thanks to everyone who's left comments so far. WHAP WHAP SMACK CRACK! Without so much as a warm up, the powerful superheroine brought the hard wooden hairbrush down on The Milk Maid’s bulbous bottom in a blistering flurry, making the sensuous villain’s rounded cheeks jiggle inside her panties. Because of her foe’s enhanced physique, there was no need for Diana to go easy on her opponent... The Milk Maid would be able to handle everything the Amazonian Princess could dish out. None of which was of any comfort to Nicole. Her ultra dense skin and bones did little to stem the pain she was feeling, nor did her enhanced muscles help her to do anything but kick her legs helplessly in the air behind her. In fact, as the blows rained down upon her wriggling rump, The Milk Maid could do little more than howl and cry as a painful, stinging fire was ignited in her panties. Most of the customers had fled the store during the fight... however, a few of them hadn’t been able to reach the door, so they’d sought shelter behind displays or the shelves. With the fighting mostly over, they started peeking out from their hiding spots, their attention drawn by the sounds of the spanking. The sight of the ordinarily cocky and in control Milk Maid kicking and squealing her way through a spanking had most of them suppressing giggled and guffaws, and they cheerfully settled in to watch. “YYYEEEOOO! OWWW! STOP!” She pleaded futility, her blush deepening even further when she thought about how low she’d fallen, and in such a short amount of time. In the past couple of hours, she’d had Supergirl and Zatanna, two of the most powerful beings on the planet, suckling from her tits like a couple of obedient newborns... now here she was, upended and spanked like a naughty schoolgirl. Could it possibly get any...? Before she could even finish the thought, Wonder Woman had tugged her panties down to her knees, exposing her rosy red cheeks to the room... and she barely even had time to squeal before the superheroine set into her again, the strokes of the hairbrush ringing out loudly. “OWIE! NOOO!” The Milk Maid shrieked, legs kicking in the air behind her helplessly, the furious amazon princess turning her rear end a searing, angry crimson. The spanking soon ended... but Nicole’s ordeal was just beginning. Within moments, she was on her feet, dazed, tears trickling down her cheeks, hopping gingerly from foot to foot in a vain effort to stem the pain of her searing backside. She was contemplating reaching back to rub her blazing bottom, but instead The Milk Maid found herself cringing when the angry superheroine reached out, gripped her dress in her powerful hands and literally tore it to rags in seconds, leaving Nicole wearing nothing but a set of boots and a pair of panties around her knees. “OOOOO!” She screeched, reaching to cover both her neatly trimmed bush and her massive mammaries. All thoughts of rubbing her spanked hiney went flying out the window... especially when Diana reached out and took her by the ear like a scolding teacher. “Ow! Hey! Leggo you bitch!” The Milk Maid whined and protested forced to stoop and follow along as Wonder Woman led her over to one of the changing table on display, the panties between her knees forcing her to waddle. “Come along,” Wonder Woman casually commanded, ushering the naked villain along with a couple of open palmed swats to her bare, jiggling bum. “OW! Hey! Ouch! Cut it out, you bitc-- YEOW!” Nicole squawked when Diana landed a particularly stinging swat against her wriggling bare butt. Her buns burned and glowed behind her, attracting the open, mocking laughter of the hidden audience... especially when Wonder Woman forced her up onto the table with a pair of blistering spanks to hurry her along. “OW! You stupid slut!” Nicole barked, settling in on her back, blushing but unbowed. “You think this matters? It doesn’t make a difference what you do to me... Wolfe’s gonna have you diapered and drooling before-- mmmph!” she grunted, cut off buy the thick rubber nipple of a pacifier being pushed into her mouth. By the time Wonder Woman had lifted The Milk Maid’s legs to present her fiery red backside for a coating of soothing cream, the small but enthusiastic crowd had left their hiding places to gather around and laugh as Diana’s powerful hands worked the cool, goopy cream into her sore red tushy. Folding her arms across her wobbling titties, Nicole could do little more than blush and scowl as she was powdered and pampered in front of the gawking rabble. Nicole blushed and fumed, but as she was sealed into the diaper, she found herself grateful to at least have her pink pussy and red ass hidden from prying eyes. Pulled suddenly to her feet, Nicole could only stand by helplessly while Diana pulled a ridiculous pink bonnet onto her head and tied it under her chin. A bib soon followed, it’s material falling just short of covering her nipples. She caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror and almost fainted. The sight of herself, The Mighty Milk Maid, reduced to the level of an Adult Baby sent a wave of humiliation over her that had her reeling. She was supposed to be the one who made and controlled the helpless adorable overgrown tots... not becoming one herself. But the superheroine didn’t allow Nicole to wallow in her humiliation for long-- she took her by the ear again and dragged her up the isle and around the corner. “Oh! OW! OOOO! HEY!” She protested, stooped and hobbling to keep up, the crinkling diaper between her legs her forcing her to waddle. Her modesty forgotten, she simply allowed her huge tits to jiggle and wobble before her. Finally, The Milk Maid found herself herded into an adult-size high chair and swiftly locked into place behind a solid wooden tray. “Lemme outta here, you slag!” She roared at her captor, banging her fists on the tray. But she was powerless to stop her tormentor from binding her wrists at her side with a set of leather straps. It was then that Nicole noticed a similarly bound Betsy Wetsy in a neighbouring high chair. A quick glance confirmed that her hands were immobilized at her sides as well, thus neutralizing her abilities. She recoiled in fear when Diana approached, grinning, pleased with herself, hiding something behind her back. “I’m glad you both could be here today,” Wonder Woman said. “It’s time to play a little game.” “Blow it out yer ass, bimbo!” Nicole spat, a cold shiver running through her when she received a grin in response. “Funny you should say that... because the game works like this-- I’m going to ask a question, and the first one of you to answer doesn’t have to take a spoonful of... this.” From behind her back, she produced a spoon and a bottle of castor oil, bringing buggy eyed stares of disbelief from the two villains. “Look here, Amazon,” Betsy thundered pompously, sweating as she watched Diana pour the first spoonful. “First question: What happened to Harley and Supergirl?” Wonder Woman asked, looking from one to the other. “You stupid bitch!” Nicole laughed. “Do you really think we’re going to tell you anyth--” “The Paddler got Harley!” Betsy said from her high chair. “She,” she continued, nodding in Nicole’s direction, “took Supergirl-- Batgirl too!” “You snitch!” Nicole roared furiously. “I’m gonna-- uumph!” she grunted as the spoon was pushed home, filling her mouth with foul tasting, oily goop that left a vile coating in her mouth and down her throat. “Sorry, Nicki,” Betsy said sincerely, “but I’m already incontinent... do you have any idea what that stuff will do to my stomach?!” “What have you done with my friends?!” Diana questioned angrily, loading up another spoonful of castor oil. “Well,” Betsy began, “Wolfe--” “Wolfe’skeepingthemathisheadquarters!” Nicole blurted, desperate to avoid another dose of castor oil. “Hey!” Betsy cried, squirming angrily. “He’s got some weird machine-- he’s turned them into a bunch of diaper babies! He’s keeping them in a big nursery!” “Nicole, you big mouth-- uummpph!” The spoon was in Betsy’s maw before she could finish, the disgusting liquid making her gag. “You’d better tell me what happened,” Diana demanded, filling another spoonful of castor oil. “Are my friends OK?” “Physically, they’re fine,” Betsy said, making a small face at Nicole as she found the spoonful of castor oil shoved into her mouth once more. “YUCK!” The former Milk Maid exclaimed while her friend continued: “Mentally?” Elizabeth said, ignoring Nicole’s discomfort, “he’s reduced the lot of them to horny Adult Toddlers, and only that machine can fix them.” “Last question,” Diana said through gritted teeth. “What’s Wolfe got waiting for me?” The two villainesses shared a naughty smile, once more united against a common foe. “You’re pea brain can’t possibly imagine, bitch!” Nicole smirked, getting a spoonful of castor oil for her troubles. Wonder Woman quickly filled up another spoonful, which found its way into Betsy’s mouth at lightning speed. “BLARG!” Elizabeth cried, nearly gagging. “Hey! I thought you said you didn’t have any more questions left,” she protested, nervously watching Diana fill another spoonful. “I don’t,” Wonder Woman agreed, shoving the spoon into Nicole’s mouth before filling another. “But we’ve still got half the bottle left,” she said, pushing the spoonful of oil between Betsy Wetsy’s lips, grinning when the villain’s face went sour in response, “and I’d hate to see it go to waste!” Betsy and The Milk Maid watched nervously as the amazon princess filled up another spoonful of the disgusting, slimy oil... If you're enjoying the story and you'd like to see more like it, be sure to check out my blog and Patreon.
  13. As always, if you're enjoying the story and you want to see more like it in the future then please don't forget to let me know in the comments... and if you pledge more than $8 a month on Patreon, don't forget to click here to take the poll and help determine what happens next. Sipping her drink and breathing steadily, Vanessa tried to clear her mind and put her anxieties to rest. It was a ritual she went through before every game, a way of focusing herself and suppressing any remaining fears she may have had. Ordinarily, she was cool as a cucumber by this point in the evening... but tonight was special. Beverage in hand, she wove her way through the crowd, pretending not to notice the glances she was getting. The outfit was carefully selected, and not just for it’s distracting effect in the heat of a high-stakes game... with no sleeves (or much of anything else) to stash cards in, it made it more difficult for anyone to accuse her of anything... untoward. She sipped her drink, selecting a slot machine at random. It was the most important part of her ritual-- she settled back into the seat and fed her money into the slot, ready for the one spin that would predict her fortunes for the evening. Hitting the button, Vanessa watched the characters spin on the screen, the lights flickering across her finely chiselled features, letting the alcohol settle into her belly and fill her with it’s relaxing warmth. The symbols fell into place, the machine binging pleasantly as three cherries clacked down into a neat little row, a couple of coins clanking into the dish before her. A good start for most people... But it was a frown that Veronica wore when she rose from her seat and left, not even bothering to collect her winnings. Not exactly a great omen for tonight, she thought, sipping her drink and making her way through the lounge. Tonight, she needed to make a big score, and for that, she would need more on her side than just luck. She swayed her hips as she walked, wiggling her butt in just the right way to attract attention, a move she’d practised until it was as natural as breathing. She prided herself on her body, worked hard to keep it looking good... and she was an expert on using that to her advantage. Draining the last of her drink, she left the lounge and entered the casino... but she didn’t make her way to one of the tables on the floor. Tonight, she’d manage to score an invite to a private game with some of the wealthiest people in the city. A rare opportunity, one she had to hustle her well toned buns to get... and one fraught with peril, even for someone with her skill. The host, William J. Howard, was both very wealthy and generally considered one of the best amateur poker players in the country... as well as a well know eccentric, with enough strange rumours swirling around him to keep TMZ busy for years. He was also quite handsome, and very single ... Vanessa smiled to herself-- she was always in the marketplace for a new sugar daddy. Maybe if she wasn’t lucky in cards tonight, then perhaps they could... She forced all that out her mind, showing her invitation at the desk and gaining access to Howard’s private elevator, and moments later she was on her way up. The game went on into the night, the players growing louder and more rowdy as the evening wore on... all except Vanessa, who stuck to ginger ale, and Howard himself, who maintained both his sobriety and his money. She played smart, utilizing the bottom dealing and slight of hand tricks she’d learned from her father and uncles sparingly to accumulate a modest pile of winnings that grew by inches as the evening wore on. Vanessa played smart, and cheated smarter, her small pile of chips growing fat in front of her. While the other players consumed larger and larger amounts of booze, most leering openly at the flesh generously displayed by her outfit, she just smiled and pretended she didn’t notice the looks she was getting when she leaned forward far longer than necessary to place her money in the pot, or sat sideways in her seat to reveal almost the entirety of her smooth bare legs. Of course, the extra attention meant she had to be extra careful when she “tilted” things in her direction, but her hands were nimble and quick, the cards fitting perfectly into her palm, and she transitioned them between her hand or the deck and back again effortlessly.... all while building herself a nice pile of winnings. At last, the evening was coming to a close, with the other players having either cut their losses or lost their chips entirely. One by one, they drifted away from the table, until it was just Vanessa, Howard, and a big pile of cash... and she intended to work him with everything she had. She batted her eyes and smiled invitingly, flirting shamelessly, doing everything in her power to keep him focused on her face, her tits, her legs... anything but her fingers, which massaged the deck in her favour, putting the cards she wanted into her hand when she dealt or deftly cupped a spare ace, king or queen in her left palm, ready to be deployed when needed. The game went on, the betting growing faster, more intense... Vanessa’s eyes gleamed as she gazed into the pot, trying to calculate it’s worth, her soft, pink tongue wetting her lips as she studied her cards and watched Howard make his bets, determining that either he had a solid hand himself-- or that he was a calculating and fearless bluffer. With an ease that was born out of hours of practice, she swapped the ace she had palmed for a lowly two before reaching out to drop her chips in the pot... What should happen next? Click here to take the poll!
  14. I really hope you guys aren't frustrated with the way I've been dragging things out, but trust me when I say it's going to be worth it. If you are enjoying it, please let me know in the comments-- and as always, thanks very much to those of you who've left comments already. By the time Batgirl and Zatanna arrived at Wolfe’s HQ, the party was in full swing. The former heroines and villainesses, now padded and dressed in the infantilzied version of their costumes, sat on their diapered butts or stretched out on the floor on their tummies, playing with their toys. They chatted to each other in babyish prattle or sucked on their pacifiers or thumbs, their diminished intellects as fully engaged with their toys and games as any real two year old toddlers. On the far side of the room, Poison Ivy cooed and gurgled her way through a wet diaper change from Wolfe... one that had included an energetic round of sex that had left the sensual Adult Baby seductress gasping, drooling, and completely docile when Wolfe slid the diaper under her bum and sealed her in tight. Her submission filled him with a palatable sense of increased power and strength and forged a bond between them... he could feel her utter regression, her helplessness... and the almost overwhelming feeling of love and devotion she felt for him. He chuckled at the irony... Ivy, once one of the world’s most notorious femme fatales, famous for bending men to her will with her charms, her sex, and her scientific know-how-- and here she was, more powerless than she could ever hope to make one of her victims, a desperate, greedy slave to her own raging sexual urges... though he had to concede, she was still a little charmer, and he was quite infatuated with those charms, both womanly and infantile. The two new additions to the nursery took to their new surroundings fairly well. Zatanna’s magical regression had mentally reduced her to an almost literal baby, and he found her ridiculously responsive to paternal affection and discipline. He needed only to bounce her diapered bottom on his knee for a few moments before he felt her give herself to him, gratefully, willingly. The surge of energy Wolfe felt from the willing submission of such a formerly powerful being was like lightning in his veins... he felt like he could take on Superman himself. He found Batgirl a tad warier, eyeballing him suspiciously from behind the pacifier she worked in and out her mouth compulsively. But like her companion, he could sense a deep-seated need for fatherly attention and affection, which he willingly gave. By the time she’d blushed her way through a sexy diaper change (one that left her breathless and squirming), he felt her give herself over to him happily. Wolfe grinned, feeling more powerful than he ever had as he sealed her into her fresh diaper. The sickly bubbling sounds of The Paddler’s farts echoed through the empty isles as she cried out in horror, filling the seat of her pants with hot, smelly mud, utterly beyond her control. Diana, Princess of the Amazons watched, her mouth a grim line when she remembered this was what her foes had planned to do to her. “Uh oh,” Betsy Wetsy said quietly to herself, watching her comrade suffer the terrible fate she’d cooked up for their common foe. Watching Ava fill her pants uncontrollably, a seemingly impossibly huge pile of mush accumulating in the seat of her pants, with no end in sight, Betsy felt herself piss her diaper, and not just out of sympathy. When Ava finally stopped shitting herself and cleaned up, she’d be looking for the one who’d humiliated her... and Elizabeth had a feeling she’d be handing out a lot more than spankings! Time to go! she thought, turning to tip toe out of the store as quickly as she... A firm hand on her shoulder halted her in her tracks. Spun in place, Elizabeth found herself looking up into the stern, beautiful face of Wonder Woman... one of the most powerful beings on the planet, who didn’t look very happy with what Betsy had planned to do to her. “Oh! Wonder Woman! You’re-- looking radiant today, Your Majesty,” Betsy flattered shamelessly, hoping for leniency. Instead, she found herself scooped up under the arms, and barely had time to emit a yelp before finding herself tossed head-first into an industrial-sized diaper pail. Her dress flipped up, exposing the entirety of her bulky pampers, and leaving Betsy with nothing to do but kick her legs in the air and holler muffled threats. The Paddler had no idea how she was still on her feet. Waddling through the store, the seat of her pants ruined, she grunted, a painful cramp squeezing an uncontrollable rush of thick, semi-solid mush out of her backside, where it pushed into her already loaded seat, forcing even more soft brown mush down the backs of her legs. The mess was utterly apocalyptic, Ava was sure she’d already pooped more than she ever had in her entire life, and as she involuntarily voided her bowels once again, the embarrassing, gassy noises bringing her to tears, she realized there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. “Hey!” cried a familiar voice. With her mascara running down her cheeks, Ava shuffled instinctively towards the it, pausing only to further fill her britches with a messy spattering noise. “Is it over?” The Milk Maid called, unsettled by the eerie silence inside the store. Surely The Paddler and Betsy Wetsy working together had been able to subdue one lousy superheroine... right? A foul stench invaded her nose-- a heavy, poopy odour that indicated that Betsy had been up to her old tricks. But where--? “Help me!” The Milk Maid looked towards the voice, surprised to see The Paddler standing there, and what was more, looking more upset then Nicole had ever seen, with tears staining her face and... “Oh my God!” Nicole uttered, nearly gagging when she caught a glimpse of the back of The Paddler’s pants. The seat bulged and sagged, and the poop stains spread out on either side, trailing down the back of each leg. “Ava... Christ, you stink!” “Ooo... Ahhh” Ava grunted and groaned in response, a cramp squeezing a long farting noise that ended in a gooey spatter. “Please! Do something! OOOHH!!” The Paddler cried again, shuffling towards her comrade as quickly as she could. Periodically, another round of muddy poop would come blurping out with a gooey fart, filling her already full pants to the brim with a smelly brown load. “Eww!” Nicole exclaimed, stepping back and pinching her nose. The smell was indescribable, and The Paddler seemed to have pumped out more poopy than seemed humanly possible already, with no end in sight. “What do you expect me to do about it?!” she asked incredulously, continuing to walk away from her foul-smelling comrade, who just kept coming towards her. The Milk Maid crinkled her nose in disgust when the sound of The Paddler filling her pants with another round of uncontrollable diarrhea emerged once again. “HUH-uh-uh-ELP MEEEE!” she squealed, lunging suddenly and grabbing Nicole by the wrist, pulling her in close to look her in the eye as she uncontrollably dumped a hot, gooey load into her pants, a cacophony of muddy farts and squishes emerging. “EEEW! Gross!” The Milk Maid cried, twisting her wrist from The Paddler’s grip and stumbling away from her, deeper into the store. “Get away from me, you sick bitch!” she demanded, walking quickly in an effort to get away from her partner, who had clearly become a liability in more ways than one. In her haste, she turned a corner a ran into some kind of barrier... “Ouch!” she said out loud, reaching up to rub her nose. What kind of idiot would put a wall in the middle of an isle...? She realized her error seconds before she glance up to confirm her suspicions... she’d walked right into a very displeased Wonder Woman, who looked like she’d had more than enough nonsense for the day. Ever quick on the draw, The Milk Maid was able to pull her Bottle Blaster from it’s holster... but before she could so much as point it in her intended victim’s direction, Diana’s arm shot out with the speed of a panther, grabbing Nicole’s wrist and immobilizing her. With her free hand, the Princess snatched the weapon from her foe’s hand and crumpled it into scrap before tossing it casually aside. The next thing Nicole knew, the powerful heroine had grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and lifted her into the air with ease, leaving The Milk Maid powerless to do anything but struggle and kick her feet uselessly in the air. “Lemmie go, you big bully!” she protested feebly, powerless to prevent Diana from carrying her over to a display rack containing various spanking implements. “I think not,” Wonder Woman said casually, settling herself into a straight backed chair and hauling the struggling Milk Maid across her knees, holding her in place as though she really were a child. “You see, I’ve had quite enough of dealing with brats for one day,” she said, scanning the nearby rack until she found a solid looking hairbrush that caught her eye. “And I’ve got a plan to deal with you once and for all,” she said, taking up the brush and shooting Nicole a smile that froze her blood in her veins! Nicole felt the bottom of her skirt seized and lifted, exposing her round panty covered bottom to the room. She could only blush, gulp, and brace for impact.
  15. If you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, don't forget to take our latest audience participation poll. As always, thank you so much for your continued support of my work. If you're enjoying the story and you'd like to see more of it's kind then don't forget to let me know in the comments below. “It won’t be long now!” Wolfe exclaimed happily, raking his fingers lightly across Supergirl’s smooth bare tummy, making her kick and squeal against her will on his lap, chortling like a carefree babe on her daddy’s knee. Not that there was any danger of mistaking her for anything other than a woman. In spite of her humiliating attire, the soggy, wet diapers squishing between her creamy thighs, and her kryptonite-induced physical helplessness, there was no mistaking Kara for anything other than a gorgeous young woman forced to awkwardly adopt the traits and mannerisms of a toddler. Supergirl could barely keep track of the battle unfolding onscreen. She was vaguely aware of wonder woman fighting her way through the isles of Wolfe’s Adult Baby Supermart, She had no idea who was winning and at the moment, she didn’t care. Her attention was focused on the ticklish domination she was experiencing and how helpless she felt... especially when a hot, uncontrollable gush of urine further soaking the diaper between her thighs. Without a seconds hesitation, Wolfe reached between her legs and stuck his fingers in though the leg bands and found her pampers soaked. “Mmmm!” Kara fussed, squirming, embarrassed by the invasion of her privacy. But her squirming meant very little to Wolfe. “Soaked!” He exclaimed, easily hefting her into his arms and carrying her across the room to the changing table. Kara reluctantly wrapped her arms around him, feeling utterly weightless. The now not-so-Super Girl was used to being the most powerful and least fragile person in a room... between being robbed of her powers and Wolfe’s seemingly inhuman strength, the former Girl of Steel felt like she was made of glass. He lay her gently atop the changing table, and then simply loomed over her, gazing down at her with a pleased smile, reaching out to gently stroke her golden locks. Supergirl, for her part, could only gaze back suspiciously, able to express her reservations only in the form of squirming on her back and mewing pitifully. Wolfe simply ignored her, tearing open her diaper and pealing it down to reveal a big yellow stain and a soaking wet pussy. The prissy superheroine’s cheeks flared red... she was used to being absolutely in control of herself, and to be rendered helpless and half naked by a very attractive man had the normally very chaste heroine entertaining some very naughty thoughts. Almost as though he knew what she was thinking, Wolfe bent down to kiss her, and Kara responded eagerly, her heart pounding, her pussy soaking wet in a way that had nothing to do with her wet diaper. Wriggling, she watched, eyes wide and greedy when he revealed his cock to her. He pushed inside her tight slit, drawing a liquid gasp that turned to delighted squeals. As he fucked her, she closed her eyes and shuddered, giving herself over to him completely. In some vague way, she could almost feel some transfer of energy, as though she were literally giving away something of herself in order to experience this pleasure... and bask in his love and protection. By the time her orgasm arrived, she felt like a new woman. “Your ass is mine!” The Paddler growled, launching herself at Diana, Princess of The Amazons with a flurry of punches and kicks. Wonder Woman was forced back, inch by inch, barely keeping up with her aggressor’s strikes. She waited patiently, searching for an opening, but it was like fighting a swarm of wasps, the attacks coming from every direction, leaving her to hope her opponent would grow tired... or make a mistake. Instead, she was clipped by a fist to the chin which drove her back against the wall, jarring her, forcing her to drop her defences just long enough to absorb a knee to the chest. “Uuhh!” She grunted, winded. Diana felt herself beginning to fall, but before she could hit the floor she was roughly grabbed from behind, a steely forearm wrapped tightly around her windpipe. The Paddler pulled her opponent in close, their sexy bodies pressed together tightly, like lovers. Ava pressed her cheek against Diana’s, close enough to smell the amazon warrior’s body wash, and began to whisper: “You’re so damn sexy,” she husked, rubbing her crotch up against her captive’s butt. “You’re going to look so hot crawling around in diapers,” she cooed, reaching around to squeeze and cup her victim’s tits with her free hand. “Uuugh!” Wonder Woman uttered, angered by the invasion of her personal space. She attempted to struggle free, but The Paddler sharply pushed her forward, slamming Diana’s face onto the surface of a nearby changing table, her rump thrust out behind her. “Time to make that butt nice and red!” Ava purred, pinning Wonder Woman’s arms at her mid back with one hand, reaching down to stroked her tightly toned buttocks through the fabric of her star spangled bloomers with the other. “Rrrraaa! Stop it!” Diana demanded, kicking and struggling, but unable to get any leverage. Ava reached back without looking, selecting a thick but light paddle of shiny, black lacquered wood from her belt, which she simply pressed against her foe’s buns firmly, letting her feel it’s cool, smooth surface against her tush. “Brace yourself, baby,” Ava husked, her pussy throbbing when she raised the paddle into the air behind her. “You’re about to get you you deserve, you prissy little bitch!” Sneaking in through the door, Elizabeth Ann ‘Betsy Wetsy’ Blaese crept quietly after her prey, following the trail of destruction. The store was littered with debris: diapers, packs of wet wipes, and other Adult Baby related products were strewn about the isles. She stalked slowly past an overturned crib and down one of the isles, familiar voices appearing in the distance. Cautiously, she peeked around the corner, and nearly laughed at the sight of Wonder Woman’s star spangled butt struggling, about to take a serious spanking from The Paddler, who looked like she was utterly relishing her position of power. Well, she’s just going to have to wait her turn, Betsy thought, gathering her psionic powers for the biggest strike of her like. Hope Ava doesn’t mind delivering a spanking to a messy bottom. Raising her right hand, she furrowed her brow in concentration, gathering her strength. She’d been practising with her abilities long enough to develop a manoeuvre she referred to as the Shit Bomb-- by building a full power strike without immediately releasing it, she could charge her strike before unleashing intestinal hell upon her foe-- a debilitating diarrheic attack that left her victim messing their pants for hours. With an evil grin, she pointed her finger at Diana’s wriggling backside with relish, smugly counting down in her head. “Brace yourself, babe,” Ava said, adjusting her grip on the paddle. “This might hurt a bit...” You’ve got that right, Diana though with gritted teeth, blindly driving a heal back with all of her might, catching the poor Paddler right on her shin. “AAOOWWCCH!” Ava howled like a scalded cat, dropping her paddle to the floor, releasing her grip and instinctively reaching to grasp her injured leg. Even with her ultra dense skin and bones, the force of the heroine’s kick to such a tender area was more than enough to stop The Paddler in her tracks, at least for now. What happened next took only a few moments, but to those involved, those seconds were enough to permanently alter the course of the battle: Turning to face her hobbled opponents, Diana spotted the duplicitous Betsy Wetsy lurking in the shadows. With her lips pulled back in a sneer, the villainess launched her attack, fully expecting to not only get her revenge on Wonder Woman by utterly humiliating her, but also to get credit for saving her comrade from a beating at the hands of the enraged Amazon. Reacting without thinking, Diana reached out, took The Paddler by the shoulders and twisted, throwing her into the way of Betsy’s blast. Elizabeth’s delighted expression turned to one of shocked dismay, but it was too late. With the force of a tidal wave, the psi-bolt slammed right into the center of The Paddler’s out-thrust rump. “Uuuggghhh!” Ava emitted a liquidy grunt, her eyes going round, the full force of the powerful psionic bolt impacting and pushing it’s way through her tight little asshole and forcing itself inside her body. “OH MY GOD NO!” Ava shrieked, realizing what had happened even as she felt her bowels roar to life within her with a thunderous rumble. “NOT ME!” she screamed, unable to believe her fate, tightening her anus instinctively against the awful weight that was descending through her, barrelling towards her colon at high speed, straining the enhanced muscles in her buttocks to their max. A loud, embarrassing fart made a total mockery of all her efforts. A greasy spattering quickly followed, a powerful surge of muddy brown poop filling the seat of her pants and instantly staining the material a noticeable brown. A hyper-flatulent cacophony accompanied by occasional sticky squelching followed, The Paddler loading her pants with a wet mess in long, uncontrollable gushes... had she been able to do more than grunt, Amy would have described the feeling as throwing up out of her ass. Her tight pants grew bulkier at the back, the stain spreading across her entire seat and beginning to trail down the back of each thigh. A thick, barnyard stench began filling the isle. Outside, The Milk Maid cursed at the commotion in the store. How many people does it take to take care of one superheroine? she thought irritably, getting the two diapered, drooling heroines resettled in their stroller before cautiously entering the store, hand ready to grab for her Bottle Blaster at a moment’s notice. But Batgirl and Zatana didn’t stay in their stroller for long. The white panel van that had dropped Wolfe’s henchwomen off pulled up next to them, and a woman in a neat black pantsuit emerged. With the help of the burly driver, the two former heroines were loaded into the side of the van and driven away.