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    The Contest (One-shot, re-post)

    Like Lunch Date, this is an old favorite of mine that seems to have disappeared, so here it is, re-presented for your amusement. If you enjoy this story you can check me out on patreon where I have a bunch of exclusive stories and more for just $5 a month (click here to read about what I've up there so far.) You can also visit my blog to read some stories and check out of bunch of other cool stuff totally free... and as always, if you like the story please let me know in the comments. AdultBaby.XXX Disclaimer: The following story has been rated utterly silly and 100% immature by a jury of it’s peers. I hope you enjoy it. All things considered, the trouble probably began at breakfast, when Daddy fed the girls their usual meal consisting of apple juice and a highly fibrous oatmeal, especially designed to keep them regular. Daddy served it with a little brown sugar mixed in, and they were always eager to fill their bellies in the morning after a long night in the crib. But the stage for disaster was truly set at lunchtime, when Daddy sat them in their high-chairs and presented each of them with a heaping bowl of beans with a couple of hot dogs cut up and mixed in. They’d spent the morning playing in the garden, and both Kayla and Molly made pigs of themselves, each gobbling up one massive helping, then greedily accepting seconds. The two Adult Babies wolfed them down, stuffing their faces until they were near bursting, then sat back contentedly in their high chairs, diapered butts crinkling beneath them, and smiled lazily as Daddy detached the trays and sent the giggling girls off to the nursery to play, then set each of them up with a bottle of prune juice before heading off to get some work done. They set up a tea party, sipping their bottles as they did. Both of their tummies were rumbling now, gurgling and growling inside them. The beans were starting to kick in with a vengeance, and both Kayla and Molly were filled with more gas than a dirigible. Each of them eased out a few soft belches, which did nothing to relieve the pressure. At last, the inevitable occurred: Molly stooped down to pick up one of their plushies, her big, bulky rump bulging out behind her like a giant bubble. The stuffed pig was just a little-bit out of her reach, so she bent down just a little lower, folding at the middle and putting just a bit too much pressure on her tummy, which had the totally unintended result of pushing out a loud and juicy fart. “Oooo!” She squeaked, covering her mouth as her cheeks turned red. Kayla burst out laughing at her friend and adopted sister... if the fart was funny, her mortified reaction was hilarious! Poor Molly could only redden as Kayla brayed with laughter at her embarrassing moment. It was during one particularly boisterous peel of laughter that Kayla pushed just a little bit too hard. A quick but incredibly loud guff sounded from the seat of her pampers, barely even muffled by the thick padding. Now it was Molly’s turn to laugh, and Kayla could only redden and look away. She’d been hoist by her own petard in a most mortifying way. Molly took pity on her and cut her laughter short. And minutes later, when they were in the midst of their tea party, she broke the tension by leaning to the side and breaking wind, a powerfully wet and bubbly blast. They broke out into giggling. “’Scuse me,” said Molly in a distinctly sarcastic tone of voice, which was followed by another round of cheeky giggling. They chatted pleasantly and sipped (both water standing in for tea in their cups and juice from their bottles.) They each gave voice to their favorite stuffies, enacting silly and playful little conversations between plush bears and horses and raccoons. But it wasn’t long before Molly noticed a brief pause in the conversation. She glanced at Kayla and noticed a far off look in her eye, and she realized what was coming moments before it arrived-- Kayla laid a big, fat, juicy fart, a multi-toned and somewhat greasy blast that rudely interrupted their tea party. Molly giggled approvingly, especially when Kayla shrugged it off with a matter-of-fact “pardon” before returning to the game as though nothing had happened. Molly wasn’t going to be outdone. She waited until she had what felt like a good one, casually leaned to the side, and cut a loud, rumbling gasser that sounded like a dump truck struggling to start. “Ahh!” she sighed, slowly lowering her bottom back to the seat. “I think you should call daddy to check your pampers after that one!” Kayla laughed, fanning her face against the stink that was slowly beginning to emerge. But it still didn’t stop her from passing gas with a short, gooey eruption, like a tuba submerged in water. “Eww!” Molly giggled pinching her nose shut, Kayla breaking into a toothy grin. “You’re going to poop your pants!” she scolded before lifting up a cheek and blasting a dangerously wet bubbler of her own. “You’re one to talk!” said Kayla in faux outrage. “You smell like you loaded your diaper already!” They continued on like this, and for nearly fifteen minutes, their elegant little tea party was interrupted by the World War Three of flatulence-- each adorable Adult Baby taking her turn producing a fart loud enough to rattle the windows and stinky enough to peel the paint from the walls. In between entries, they would giggle like a pair of naughty girls, making silly comments and teasing each other. BbbbbbLloooorrrtt! “Whew!” Molly teased, Kayla sighing in relief, “Did someone leave the door open? It’s getting very breezy!” FLORP! “Ooo! Is there a duck in here?” Kayla laughed as Molly made her diapers rumble. BBBBllluuuBBBrrrTT! “That’s not gonna wash out!” said Molly, pinching her nose shut daintily. PPRRRAAPP! "Molly! How rude!" Kayla scolded, moments before raising up in her seat and pushing out a noisy fluff of her own. And so it went, each fart raising the bar for the next, until there was a pause, Molly raising herself out of her seat and sticking her bulging, diapered rump out behind her dramatically, and began grunting softly to herself. For a long moment there was silence, and Molly began to worry that she’d run dry. But then, she felt a mass beginning to descend into her colon, and she smiled, sure that this was gong to be the biggest toot yet. A noise emerged from inside her diaper resembling a rusty chainsaw cutting through a watermelon, and Molly grinned, realizing that it was indeed the biggest, loudest, juiciest, grossest fart yet-- there was no way Kayla could compete with that! But almost as quickly as it began, it started to go wrong: she felt a thick, muddy gush from her backside, and instantly there was a big, hot, gooey slick in the back of her pampers, Molly gasped, desperately trying to stem the flow, but it was too late-- she would have had better luck trying to stop an avalanche, and she couldn’t do anything more than grunt and squeal in dismay, accidentally loading her diapers with a warm, poopy mess. “Oh my Gawd!” Kayla screamed with laughter. “Did you just poop your pants?” she asked, rather unnecessarily considering the way Molly’s diaper bulged and sagged behind her, not to mention the distinct poopy-diaper smell that had began to emerge. With a bratty smile, she reached out and gave the back of Molly’s pamper a couple of swats, making her friend squeal and squirm uncomfortably. “Stooopppp!” Molly whined, though she didn’t move away, but merely stood by and wiggled her bottom as Kayla patted the mess into her plump little tushy. “Ewww! Stinky!” Kayla teased, scrunching her nose up as she pattied and squished the gooey load into her playmate’s bum. “You pooped your diaper-- just like a little BABY!” she chided, seemingly forgetting that she was also sitting in a big, bulky cloth diaper and a pair of crinkly plastic pants. Molly was growing more embarrassed by the minute, exacerbated by her sister AB’s teasing-- and the more embarrassed she got, the hornier she became, her pussy moist and growing wetter every time she felt the greasy pile in her pants squish up against her skin. “Just for that,” said Kayla, smiling mischievously and putting her hands firmly on Molly’s shoulders, “you have to sit in it for the rest of our tea party!” And before Molly could voice any reaction, Kayla pushed her firmly into her seat, the thick, creamy mess in her diapers compressing beneath her rounded buttocks with an audible splat! “Kayla!” she shrieked. “This is gross!” she said, wiggling and squirming in her seat in a way that suggested she didn’t really mean it. “That’s just too bad,” Kayla said casually, filling Molly’s cup with water from their plastic tea-pot. “That’s what little poopy pants BABIES get,” she smirked smugly as a blush spread across her friend’s face. “Let this be a lesson to you to be more mature in the future,” she lectured haughtily, moments before passing gas loudly. “Excuse me,” she said casually, helping herself to a cookie. They sipped “tea” and ate their cookies, Molly blushing as she squirmed and squished in her loaded, messy diaper, trying to pretend she wasn’t enjoying it… and failing completely. Meanwhile, Kayla was frowning and rubbing her tummy. The contest had effectively ended when Molly had her little accident. But Kayla was still producing more gas than a Texaco, tooting every few minutes, each one getting increasingly wet. “Uhhhg…” she groaned, leaning to the side to squeeze out another obnoxiously loud ripper. “My tummy feels funny.” Molly, filthy and aroused, maintained her silence and kept an eye on her friend, sensing what was about to happen. She didn’t have to wait long-- only a few minutes had passed before a strange sound emerged… like an out of tune lawnmower crossed with a sputtering motorbike… Kayla gasped, indicating that it hadn’t been strictly voluntary. And before she could clamp down, the noise abruptly ended with an ominous squish. The already potent stench increased tenfold, and Kayla’s lips formed a perfect little ‘o’ of shock that sent Molly into giggles, knowing that her friend had just had a little accident. But it wasn’t over yet… another goopy, flatulent mushing sound emerged, and Molly would swear from that day forward that she saw Kayla actually lifted in her seat on a cushion of poop. Kayla squealed, utterly helpless to stop her accident and tremendously aroused by that fact. Reflexively, she climbed to her feet and stuck out her rump behind her, her diaper already all saggy and slimy behind her, and getting worse by the minute. Hot, oily poop was positively gushing out of her with a series of sick, gassy, sloppy noises, and poor Kayla could do little more than grunt and moan. “Uhh! Eee! Oooh!” her voice was sharp and breathy, and Molly knew it was motivated by more than exertion and embarrassment. Reaching down to rub her pussy through the front of her diaper with one hand, she reached out with the other and, with a naughty grin, began to press and pat and smush the diaper up against Kayla’s bottom, even as she continued filling it, her efforts rewarded by a lusty gasp from her friend. “Phew-wee! You really filled this pamper up! Looks like I’m not the only big baby around here, am I?” Molly teased, tossing Kayla’s own words back at her. She was treated to another noisy toot in response, and Molly giggled and swatted her AB sister’s bulging backside with medium force. Kayla squeaked in response as the load mushed up against her quivering rump, even as she continued to uncontrollably load her diaper with a massive, mushy evacuation. “PU! You naughty girl!” Molly lectured, somewhat hypocritically considering she was sitting in her own bulging, stinky, messy diaper. She swatted Kayla's hiney, who gave a disgusted and delighted squeal. The mess was still blurping out of her at a rapid pace, accompanied by a cacophony of rude, squishy noises, and even as the existing pile was flattened against her buttocks by Molly’s playful spanking, there was more and more mess being pushed out if her by the second, beyond her control.. At last, Kayla’s messy diaper mudslide sputtered to a stop, and she was left standing, sweating, shaking, her knees wobbling behind her as Molly continued to squeeze and spank the load into her butt, pressing the mess against her in a most delightful way. “Don’t forget, Kayla,” Molly said, filled with mischief, reaching out to take her hand. “Immature little babies have to sit in their mess!” and she quickly tugged Kayla down into her chair, making her gasp as she felt the massive, mushy load squishing against her backside. Kayla sank slowly into the gooey mess in her pamper, oooing and aaahhing, softly wriggling her tushy in the big, pulpy slurry in her pants. “Aww,” Molly teased, “did the big baby have some diarrhea in her diaper?” she broke into giggles. “SHUT-UP!” Kayla whined, “you have diarrhea too!” They sat there for a few minutes, blushing, holding hands and wriggling their bottoms in their seats, the messes in their diapers increasingly compressed between their buttocks and the hard seats. Kayla shot her friend an embarrassed little smile, her eyes all starry. “We really stink,” she confessed with a chuckle. “YOU stink,” Molly giggled, leaning forward to give her friend a sweet, sexy kiss. Kayla eagerly returned it, and soon they were making out and reaching around to squeeze and squish each others poopy diapers, shivering and groaning in response. All thoughts of crying out for a diaper change were momentarily put aside, and the two little Adult Babies enjoyed their secret pleasure. Meanwhile, Daddy had a secret of his own. He’d intentionally stuffed them with gassy foods, plus a little laxative, to spice up his adopted Adult Baby’s little tea party… then filmed the proceedings via the nanny-cams in the nursery. Once he’d edited the footage together, he was sure the readers on his blog would be quite amused by the girls' antics. Of course, Molly and Kayla would probably be rather embarrassed about their newfound fame, but he felt they’d earned it with such shameless behavior. He smiled and watched, biding his time before he went in to offer them changes. My Patreon Babes In Diapers
  2. Parker Longabaugh

    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Sorry about the wait on this on, everyone. As always, if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon then don't forget to take the poll to determine what happens next. Even if you're not a patron, I'd still love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments. You can also check out my blog for a bunch of cool stuff. “Hhhhuuggghhh...” It didn’t take long for Monica to start feeling rather full... her belly, inflated like a big water balloon, hung down heavily beneath her. She sagged limply in the automatons hands, her plump hiney still pointed up in the air behind her, her cute little anus spread wide by the greasy nozzle, the hose leading from her hindquarters like a tail, still pumping water up her butt at an alarming rate. A quick glance in front of her revealed Ashley in much the same position. With her infantile pig-tails swaying with the gentle movements of her head, she hung like a rag doll, eyes glazed, drool running down her chin. Monica couldn’t help notice the way her butt wiggled in the air as she gyrated her hips slightly in a distinctly sexual manner. Monica shuddered and looked away (all the while suppressing her own desire to wiggle her own bare butt in a shameful attempt at gaining some sort of satisfaction from the situation.) At last, Monica felt the flow trickle to a stop, and she let out a thankful sob as the nozzle was popped out of her rump and retracted once again behind a panel that slid closed neatly behind it. Biting into the thick rubber nipple that had been strapped into her mouth, grunting as she frantically flexed her asshole, somehow managing to maintain control of herself... at least for the moment. With a series of whirs and clanks, Monica found herself being gently lowered down to the padded surface of a changing table that folded itself out of the wall. Within moments, she lay side by side next to the pig-tailed Ashley, her bare breasts wobbling as her wrists were pinned to the table at either side of her head. In a blur, almost quicker than her eyes could follow, Monica found her ankles grasped and lifted by one set of powerful robot fingers while another set dusted her jiggling bottom with powder. At the same time, another set of automatons removed a thick, adult sized pamper from a package beneath the table and slipped it under her wriggling tushy. Moments later, Monica’s bare butt made contact with a diaper for the first time in decades, and before she could even think about struggling (a likely impossibility anyway considering how swollen she was from the enema), the diaper was tugged up tight between her silky smooth thighs and fastened shut firmly around her waterlogged middle. With a discomforted groan, Monica turned just in time to see Ashley suffer the same fate, her butt lifted, powdered, lowered and diapered quickly and with perfect mechanical precision. In moments, the pair were laying next to each other, each one as thickly swaddled as a newborn babe. In the control room, Ms. Simmons chuckled gleefully, scrolling through the computer’s extensive catalogue of Adult Baby outfits, looking for something sufficiently degrading for Monica Yasutake’s first day back in the nursery. Keeping half an eye on the proceedings on the monitor, she scrolled through the computer’s wardrobe, grinning to herself as she selected an outfit that was sufficiently embarrassing before hitting enter and sitting back to watch the drama unfold. Monica had been sealed into her diaper for just a few moments before she was scooped up under the arms and lifted into the air again, and then deposited unsteadily on her feet, her bulging stomach sloshing uncomfortably, the padding of the diaper beneath her so thick and stiff that she was forced to stand bow-legged. Inside her, her bowels were groaning and gurgling, the mess pushing away at her back passage urgently, but she had it under control... for the time being, at least. In fact, she was so focused on her struggle to keep her pampers clean and dry that Monica hardly even noticed what was happening until the dress, a pastel yellow concoction of lace and ruffles, had already been pulled over her head. With bulging petticoats and a short hem that revealed her puffy white diaper from every angle, there was no doubt in Monica’s mind that she must look exactly like an overgrown two year old on Easter Sunday. The frilly bonnet came next, soft yellow and frilly, perfectly matching her dress as it was tied beneath her chin. She gave a surprised squawk as she was briefly lifted into the air so her feet could be threaded into a pair of white, semi-translucent tights, which were quickly drawn up her legs and into place against her butt, three matching rows of frills clearly visible across the bulging seat of her big adult diapers. At last she stood awkwardly, her status as a sexy, powerful, mature executive revoked indefinitely. Instead, Monica was horrified to discover that all that had been erased and replaced with a new role... that of an overgrown adult toddler. In the control room, Ms. Simmons felt almost intoxicated, her pussy throbbing at the thought of all this power at her finger-tips... the power to utterly control the lives of the naughty bimbos in front of her. Licking her lips, she began typing into her console, ready to heap a giant mound of embarrassment onto her already disgraced rival... What’s next for Monica and Ashley? Confined to the crib Spanked until they release their enemas Click here to take the poll Babes In Diapers
  3. Parker Longabaugh

    Lunch Date (One shot, re-post)

    Thank you both. I don't think you need to feel too bad for her... after all, she is a willing participant and she only winds up suffering some (as you say) intense embarrassment and humiliation instead of outright shame and castigation. In real life, I don't think it's fair to expose random people to your fetish like that in general and I do think it's damaging to the community. Hopefully, stories like this allow people to vicariously live out their fantasies (with the characters suffering only a little good natured embarrassment instead of public disgrace and possible arrest.)
  4. Parker Longabaugh

    Lunch Date (One shot, re-post)

    This seems to have gotten nuked, and it was always one of my favorites, so I'm re-presenting for anyone who's interested. If you enjoy this story you can check me out on patreon where I have a bunch of exclusive stories and more for just $5 a month, or you can visit my blog to read some stories and check out of bunch of other cool stuff totally free... and as always, if you like the story please let me know in the comments. “I have a feeling I’m going to be changing a very messy diaper soon.” Amanda gasped and blushed… she could feel him behind her as he pulled her chair out for her, the warmth of her cheek as he pressed into hers as she sat and whispered in a quiet but clear voice into her ear. Just one simple sentence… in most relationships it would be a complete non sequitur. But Amanda knew exactly what he was referring to, and she uneasily settled in onto her padded tushy and looked around with her cheeks flaring soft pink, hoping nobody heard him. His words had made her heart throb wetly in her chest, and as she looked into his cocky, smiling face, she felt herself flush. He was supremely confident in his prediction, and Amanda felt the giddy panic of the world closing in around her—like fate was conspiring against her. They were half-way through lunch when the laxative kicked in. Amanda tried to act naturally, but Daniel could detect the subtle shift in her posture, the tiny frown she was unable to fully suppress. She squirmed in her seat, blushing as the plastic-bag crinkle emerged from beneath her dress—barely loud enough to notice unless you were listening for it… never the less, she scanned the surrounding tables for any suspicious stares in her direction. Daniel smiled to himself— looking at her, nobody would ever guess that such a fashionable and ravishing young lady could possibly be wearing a thick disposable diaper under her expensive clothes… but by the time we leave, who knows? He thought, watching Amanda take a long drink from her wineglass and touch her tummy softly. She forced herself to take a few more bites of her pasta, but ultimately set her fork aside, swallowing heavily. Inside, her tummy burbled and groaned, a general discomfort building inside her that was gradually turning into something far more serious. She sipped her water and prayed that she’d just eaten too fast… but she knew that wasn’t it. She squirmed uncomfortably in her seat, cursing the crinkle that emerged, and felt the discomfort inside her blossom into a serious urge to move her bowels. Daniel studied her features, the paleness of her face, the sweat on her brow, the way her eyes darted about and the adorable, sexy way she nibbled her lip nervously. She eyed the ladies room enviously, but Daniel quickly nixed that: “If you even think about making a run for it,” he said steadily, “you’re going over my knee and into the corner with a red bottom when we get home.” Again she flushed, her eyes darting around to their neighbors. It was one thing to be spanked and diapered, it was entirely another thing have that fact broadcast to the world at large. Their booth was in a fairly secluded spot, but there were still other diners about, mainly couples exactly like them enjoying a romantic lunch in the late afternoon sun. Well, almost exactly, she thought, blushing, suddenly vividly aware of the thick padding beneath her bottom and pulled up tightly against her pussy. Her stomach rumbled urgently, her desperation increasing. Amanda gasped and squeezed her buttocks tightly, giving him an anguished look. Daniel took her hand, brought it up to his mouth and pressed his lips against the back gently. “You look so beautiful when you’re desperate,” he said truthfully, shifting over toward her in the booth. “The way you blush is so adorable, and I love the way your eyes go so round and bright.” He slipped an arm around her, stopping to briefly pat her diapered rump before his hand slithered into place against her hip, pulling her tightly against him. “And of course, I simply adore hearing your pampers crinkling under your dress,” he went on, enjoying the way she blushed and squirmed—the word ‘pampers’ never failed to make her shudder with embarrassment. She glanced around desperately, praying that nobody could hear him. Inside, Amanda’s bowels gurgled and bubbled, and her abdomen was starting to cramp. A noisy burbling in her tummy filled her guts with gas, and her eyes widened as she felt her bowels inflate like a balloon. His other arm slid around her front, and he leaned in slowly to kiss the nape of her neck, smiling as she wriggled against him. “Are you getting very desperate now?” he asked softly, kissing her ear and making her shiver. “Yes,” she whispered back, squirming against him, desperate for him to let her go and dash to the toilet—and even more desperate for him to hold her in place and tease her as she soiled her big-girl diapers like a helpless little two year old. “Please…” it was one word, whispered frantically, though whether she was begging for him to release her or begging for further attention not even she knew for sure. “Please… what?” He asked firmly, one hand disappearing beneath the table to subtly rub the front of her diaper. “’Please let me make boom-boom in my dydees, daddy?’” He chuckled and kissed her gently. Breathing heavily, sweat running down her face, Amanda blushed and tried to resist, but was betrayed by her own body… Daniel’s manipulations through the front of her diaper were making her horny quite beyond her will. Combine with the ever increasing urgency growing in her stomach, the burbling discomfort quickly turning into sharp, hot cramps, their intensity increasing with every round. A weight was growing in her colon, a heavy, liquid mass straining against her tightly puckered little anus, the pressure growing stronger and stronger. Amanda gasped and groaned and squirmed, eager to both escape and to spread her legs even further to allow Daniel unfettered access to her privates. She felt her body was in rebellion against her, nearly tearing itself apart trying to come and go at the same time. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it in much longer. She farted like a rifle shot, barely muffled by her big-girl diapers. A thick dollop of warm brown mush fired out of her back passage and into the seat of her pamper. Amanda gasped and went pale… there was no mistaking what had happened but she wriggled her butt anyway, her heart plummeting when she felt the moist, gooey spot in the seat of her diapers—only about the size of a half-dollar, but still enough to make her blush. And she knew it was only the beginning. Amanda had hoped that her little accident would be enough to bring her a bit of relief, but her bowels were still bubbling, growling angrily, aching to release their load whether she approved or not. Daniel chuckled to himself… he knew she was reaching the end, even suspected that she’d already soiled herself a bit. His plot to rob her of her womanhood was progressing smoothly. He couldn’t wait to see confident, sexy, modern Amanda reduced to a whiney overgrown baby. Inside her, a storm was raging, her guts cramping and gurgling and aching, pleading for a relief. Amanda clenched her buttocks and squeezed her asshole as tightly as it would go, squirming her bottom in her seat, no longer even caring about the babyish diaper-crinkles that emerged with every shift. She was about to have a big, messy accident, right here, in the same room as all of these people… the idea made her feel faint. She was humiliated, mortified at the very thought, even as her pussy grew increasingly moist the closer the idea came to being a reality. My name is Amanda Dubler, she thought to herself, dazed. I’m 27 years old and I work at an ad agency (the cramps were getting unbearable now… the end was drawing near.) I’m educated, I’m liberated, and more than one man has described me as beautiful (her guts contracted and groaned loudly inside her, the weight in her colon growing unbearable.) I could be out doing almost anything I want right now (she farted once more and felt a warm, wet slick between her butt cheeks.) And in spite of all of this, here I am about to shit myself in public (she focused on the wet mushyness in her diaper and started to feel horny.) Yeah, that’s right… here I am, 27 and about to have an accident in my diaper (and she blushed at the thought of referring to it as “her” diaper, as though she belonged in them.) A big accident. A big, messy, mushy, gooey… She lost control with a bubbly explosion of moist gas, followed by a muddy surge rumbling out of her backside and flooding into the seat of her diaper, rushing to fill every fold and crease and pocket of space. Amanda gasped and shuttered, squeezing her buttocks so tightly she nearly shook. Gasping, she rose in her seat as much as Daniel would allow, lifting her diapered rump off the chair to accommodate the large bowel movement currently oozing into the back of her pampers utterly beyond her control. Her efforts where woefully inadequate: she was totally helpless to stop the diarrheic explosion into the seat of her diaper, the mess filling the back of her didy with a cacophony of farts, squishes and squelches. Amanda gasped, clenching down, trying desperately to stem the flow of goopy brown mush flatulently erupting into the now bulging seat of her big-girl pampers. It was utterly useless—even in spite of her best efforts, Amanda was unable to stop herself from further loading her diaper with a big brown mess, accompanied by a seemingly unending series of muddy squelched and noisy farts passed through the muddy mess inflating the seat of her diaper, puffing out every crease and fold as it coated her buttocks and made her squeal softly. Daniel smiled. Sitting back, he sipped his wine slowly and enjoyed the show chuckling at the rude noises that emerged from under the dress of the outwardly refined and beautiful Amanda, smiling as she cycled through expressions, first shocked, then embarrassed, then agitated, then grossed out and then back to shocked as her buttocks parted and another gooey installment came blasting out of her backside and settled wetly into the seat of her pampers. At last, relief dawned upon her. Her lips quivered, her knees shook beneath her, and she couldn’t hold herself off the chair any longer. She sat back with an audible squish, the mess squashing across her buns and spurting up into her crack. “Uh,” she grunted involuntarily, her face scrunching distastefully—she felt like she was sitting on a cushion of poop. Faintly, the smell began to emerge—Amanda struggled listlessly against his grip, instinctually fighting to free herself and run for the nearest toilet, even as she thrilled at the sensation of being held in place by him… trapped in this embarrassing situation. Again she scanned the restaurant for any curious stares or twitching noses. Frantic, desperate, she turned to him, her eyes big and wet and pleading: “can we go now?” she begged, hating the way she sounded like a whiney little girl. Daniel smiled and patted her hand. “Not just yet…I want you to have to sit in it for a bit… to feel it squishing up against your cute little tushy,” he said, his voice a soft, amused purr. She looked into his eyes, mouth gaped, a plea forming on her lips… but the way his eyes danced and sparkled as he drank in her embarrassment and growing arousal silenced her and made her swoon. He bent in and kissed her temple before moving his hand back into place under the table… “Aww, don’t you two look cozy?” Amanda startled, her stomach rolling as she felt the diaper squish beneath her. She looked up with a guilty expression and saw the waitress standing before them. “Are you guys doing ok?” She asked, thoroughly enjoying this display of public affection. If she noticed Amanda’s fiery blush or the trace odor hanging in the air she gave absolutely no sign. Daniel smiled back. “We’re wonderful, thanks.” She smiled and bustled off. Daniel slowly released Amanda and slid back around to his plate, leaving her a quivering mess with a hot, smelly load in her pants. “Try to finish your lunch, sweetie,” He said, taking an encouraging bite of his own lunch. Amanda picked up her fork, but the sensation in the seat of her diaper had robbed her of her appetite, so she set her fork aside and spent the rest of lunch pretending she wasn’t wiggling around in her diaper, squeezing her thighs together to press the padding into her crotch. He ate slowly, occasionally looking at her with laughing eyes. For the most part, Amanda just blushed and squirmed and fought the urge to sink beneath the table when she caught him looking at her with amused and lusty eyes. The mess in her pants was a warm, thick paste that clung to her skin and squeezed itself into every nook and cranny… her crack was filled with the sticky, gooey mess. Nearly 20 minutes crawled by before Daniel wiped his mouth with the napkin. “OK honey,” he said with a smile, “ready to get that messy didee changed?” “Yesss!” She hissed, not even bothering to check around this time to see if anyone was looking or listening. He stood up abruptly and took her by the hand. “Come along, sweetie,” he said, pulling her unsteadily to her feet. Amanda winced as the contents of her diaper shifted. He picked up her diaper-bag and slung it over his shoulder before pulling her off. She was confused—weren’t they going to pay the bill before they left? Then she realized they weren’t going towards the exit… he was taking her toward the restrooms. Surly he wasn’t going to…? But with an increasing feeling of nausea, she realized they were heading straight for the changing station. “No!” she protested quietly, trying not to draw any attention to them. She dug in her heels and tried to pull herself free from his grip. But Daniel was adamant, and to avoid a scene, Amanda was forced to trail behind him like a fussy toddler, waddling after in her daddy in a stinky, squishy diaper. “Come along,” he said sharply, encouraging her along with a swat to her bulging tushy. People were beginning to stare now, and Amanda was desperate to get out of their sight. Reluctantly, she picked up the pace, waddling quickly behind him, grimacing as she felt the mess smearing across her entire bottom with every wiggle of her butt. She prayed for the changing room to be unoccupied, but immediately upon opening the door they were confronted with the sight of a young mother sliding a new diaper under the bottom of her squirming newborn. “Oh, hi!” she said, “I’m just finishing up and then it’s all yours.” “Take your time,” Daniel replied with a grin, “I’m not really looking forward to changing this big, stinky diaper anyway,” he added, emphasizing his point by patting Amanda’s bottom through her skirt. Her cheeks flared bright red, and she suddenly became faint. The mother started to nod, then did a double-take, staring at them with shocked round eyes as the meaning of his statement slowly dawned on her. “Oh,” she said, “oh my! You mean… she’s…?” “Little Mandy had an accident at lunch,” he said. “Isn’t that right, honey?” She looked at him pleadingly, but found no mercy in his face. Her humiliation flooded over her even as her pussy grew dripping wet. “Yes daddy,” she said in a trembling voice. The young woman let out an amused snort, but was able to maintain her composure for the moment. She watched, eyes sparkling with amusement, as Daniel quickly and efficiently stripped off Amanda’s dress, leaving her standing in nothing but elegant high-heels and a bulging, poopy diaper. “Oh my!” said the young mother with no small amount of mirth, “That is a big diaper, isn’t it?” “Yes, and quite smelly, I’m afraid,” Daniel chuckled sardonically. Amanda was beginning to pray she’d melt into a puddle on the floor—anything to escape this awful embarrassment that was kindling an unbearable passion in her loins. He took her by the arm and spun her slowly in place, the bulging, sagging, heavily stained seat of her enormous diaper coming into view. The young woman was unable to stifle a full-fledged guffaw in Amanda’s direction. She tried to cover her mouth and politely stifle her laughter, but it was obvious to all involved that she was pretty amused—especially to Amanda, who could only blush and squirm helplessly in her poop-packed pamper. “Goodness! I can see that somebody does need a little change—did you make a big ol’ messy in your britches, sweetheart?” The woman laughed and crinkled her nose. Amanda merely blushed and squirmed in response… but when Daniel patted her bottom and prompted her with a look, she knew that she was expected to answer. With her cheeks bright red, she looked at her feet and mumbled “yes ma’am.” The young mother couldn’t contain her laughter. “I think your daddy is clearly doing the right thing by keeping you in diapers, sweetheart.” She fanned her face mischievously: “Baby, you are stinky!” Amanda’s cheeks glowed a fiery red, waves of arousal spreading out from her diaper and engulfing her entire body. Daniel spread her changing mat out on the floor and pointed simple. “Plunk that messy tush down, babykins,” he instructed, “and we’ll get you changed into a clean pamper.” She obediently lowered herself to the mat, winching as she felt the ooey gooey load in her diaper squish and smush against her pretty skin. She reclined back and waited, sucking in deep breaths, unable to believe how completely she was being humiliated in front of a total stranger… and how aroused it was making her. The woman at the changing table quickly fastened her baby’s diaper, and Amanda hoped she’d beat a hasty retreat before Daniel tore open her pamper, revealing her mess and proving once and for all that this wasn’t some sort of insane prank. But the woman simply balanced her baby against her hip and stood back smiling, eager to take in the show as Daniel slipped off Amanda’s shoes one by one, leaving her clad in nothing but her bulging didees. Amanda heard the tapes tearing open, felt the front panel being pulled down. She groaned, closing her eyes in a vain attempt at shutting out the horrific embarrassment she was about to suffer. “Ewww!” she heard the young mother exclaim. “And I thought I had it rough changing stinky-pants here,” she said with a good-natured chuckle, jostling the giggling baby for emphasis. “Yes, we’ve got quite a big job ahead of us,” Daniel sighed, regarding the Jackson Pollock-esque smear in the seat of her diaper. “Poor dear…. Sometimes it seems she’s completely incapable of keeping her pants clean.” He lifted her legs and wiped a bit of the mess off with the relatively clean front of the diaper. Amanda’s poopy tushy came into view… she squeezed her eyes shut as the young mother began to laugh. “Oh my! She does have a messy little hiney doesn’t she? Poor little dear—that must be so uncomfortable!” “She took it like a trooper,” he said, folding up and setting aside the dirty diaper before he started to work with the baby-wipes, “but I’m sure she’s going to be happy to get a fresh diaper—right, honey?” “Yes daddy,” she whispered, mortified to have to admit that she was looking forward to another one. “Well, good luck,” the woman said to Daniel, bustling over to the door. “I hope for your sake she’s ready to start potty training soon.” “Sadly, I think that might be a lost cause,” he said with a good natured chuckle, and the woman exited having a good laugh at Amanda’s expense. Daniel went to work and soon had her messy hiney completely cleaned off. She shut her eyes, groaning as she felt him take his hands, all slick with a palm full of cool cream, and proceeded to kneed and massage it into her vulnerable bare rump. “Can’t have you getting a diaper rash on this cute little tushy, can we?” he said, grinning as she groaned and squeezed her eyes closed, trying to shut out the world. But it was no good, and Amanda was mortified to find herself cooing and sighing like a little infant as her ass and privates were dusted with powder and firmly patted into her silky soft skin. “That’s a good girl,” he said, pretending not to notice how he was tickling her adorable little anus or stroking her squirming pussy… not to mention the build-up of moisture it was beginning to produce, shining wetly between her legs. In spite of her grave embarrassment, Amanda felt herself beginning to lose control and give in to the passion quickly building to a volcanic climax… She let emitted a positively infantile squeal of disappointment when his manipulations suddenly ceased, and he wrapped her ankles in one big hand and lifted her butt up off the matt with ease, then slid a fresh diaper under her bottom. She pouted and wriggled, but was utterly powerless to stop him from pulling the diaper up tight between her legs and sealing her in, trapping her aching, sopping pussy beneath several layers of thick plastic. She lay on her back on the changing mat, groaning, breasts heaving as she struggled for air. With a knowing smirk, Daniel gave the front of her diaper a couple of firm pats, making her twitch and shiver. “Alright, darling,” he said, helping her up to her feet. “Let’s get you dressed.” He reached into her diaper bag and pulled out a bundle of cloth. At first Amanda thought he’d made a mistake—whatever it was, it was much to pink and satiny to be the dress and black bra Daniel had removed before her diaper change. Where was her outfit? It dawned on her with horrifying rush of vertigo. “No,” she whispered to herself, as though the simple denial could banish this vision like a dream. She stood, gaping, as he unfolded and held it up for her inspection. Amanda stared with wide, disbelieving eyes. The dress was a positively infantile creation of frills and bows and lace and ruffles—hemmed just below the bust line, it’s lower edge would come to the tops of her thighs, just barely keeping her diaper covered—if she held still, that was. She looked up at him, pleading, eyes already brimming with tears. “Daniel… please…” “Arms up,” he instructed like he hadn’t heard her. Amanda opened her mouth to protest further, but a look from Daniel froze her voice in her throat. The last thing she wanted was to return to the dining room with a spanked bottom as well as a diapered one. So she reluctantly raised her arms and stood by, blushing furiously as he threaded her arms through the openings and tugged the dress into place. She caught sight of herself in the mirror and nearly burst into tears—the dress was utterly childish, its cotton candy coloring, frills, and lacy petticoats suited for a little girl of about two, as was the diaper that Amanda had correctly assumed would be quite visible as it bulged from beneath like the cap of a giant white mushroom.. But the neckline plunged provocatively, amply revealing and enhancing her cleavage, and below her shapely legs were bare and smooth and alluring, leaving no doubt that she was a mature and very beautiful woman who had been thoroughly infantilized. “Daniel,” she begged, near tears now, “I can’t wear—mmuph!” he cut her off by popping a big pacifier between her lips, the rubber nipple effectively filling her entire mouth. “Hush now,” he commanded sternly, making the final adjustments to her little dress. “You’re almost ready… you’re going to look so cute,” he assured her, taking a frilly pink bonnet from the diaper bag, placing it atop her glossy black hair and tying it firmly in place under her chin. A pair of frilly ankle socks came next, followed by a pair of shiny Mary Jane shoes, which he buckled into place before stepping back to admire his handiwork with a smile. Amanda glowered at him from beneath the brim of her babyish bonnet, her eyes big and wet and pleading behind the pacifier that she was nervously working in her mouth, watching him roll up the changing mat and gather the supplies back into the bag. She blushed and sucked in deep breaths, trying to calm herself. It’s all a big joke, she tried to assure herself. He’s just trying to scare me… he’d never actually make me go out there like… What happened next seemed to occur both instantaneously and in slow motion: Daniel reached out, took her by the hand and tugged her across the floor and out the door. Amanda squealed and braced her legs, trying to act as an anchor, but it was no use—he pulled her out the door behind him and into the din of the restaurant. She stood, frozen in place, a look of abject horror plastered to her face as she surveyed the dining room, vividly aware of the cool breeze on her bare thighs. At first nobody seemed to notice—but slowly, one by one, heads began turning in their direction. Amanda grew increasingly self conscious as more and more disbelieving faces turned in her direction, many of them openly staring, watching Daniel lead her across the room, weaving through the crowd to get back to their table. Each step attracted more and more attention, and Amanda could feel their eyes on her, inspecting the infantile dress and bonnet, taking in the pacifier in her mouth and the obvious bulk of the diaper that protruded ever so slightly from beneath her dress and crinkled with every step. She could even feel some of them inspecting her bust and checking out the entirety of her long bare legs, and felt a moment of pride in spite of herself—even poured into this infantile outfit, she was still a knockout, the pinnacle of sexy feminine maturity. But even this realization withered into hideous embarrassment—she was a beautiful, desirable woman, sure… but she’d still allowed herself to be rendered infantilized and powerless in front of an entire room of strangers. The realization made her want to cry… or perhaps, she realized grimly, just reach down the front of her big-girl pampers and masturbate herself to a furious climax. By the time they’d arrived back at their table, nearly everyone in the restaurant was staring and whispering, or in some cases just openly laughing. Amanda followed one loud laugh to the young mother they’d met in the changing room, and she arched her brow and lifted her drink in mock salute when their eyes met. Amanda stared at the table, the conversation swirling about her, making her sink into her seat. The waitress came over, her eyes dancing with amusement. “Can I get you guys anything else?” she managed to say without snorting with laughter. Amanda expected him to ask for the bill—she was horrified when she heard him say “I’d like another coffee.” He turned to her, smiled and patted her hand: “and the little princess here will have a strawberry milkshake.” She gasped, shooting him an anguished expression, but he halted her protests with a sternly amused look. “Coming right up,” the waitress said with a chuckle, and she beat a hasty retreat into the kitchen. Amanda prayed for the floor to open up and swallow her… anything to spare her from being the center of attention. But she continued to here chuckles and remarks being tossed in her direction, could still feel the mocking (and occasionally lusty) stares of the patrons on her body. Inside she felt as though she were splitting apart, one half of her so humiliated that she wanted to crawl into a hole and die—the other so painfully aroused it was all she could do to stop herself from begging for Daniel’s fat cock right here in front of all these people. She felt him slide around close to her again, wrapping his arm around her middle and cradling her against him tenderly. “It’s ok, baby,” he whispered, kissing her gently and making her groan. “You’re all right—daddy has the prettiest princess in the whole wide world, doesn’t he?” “…Yes,” she admitted shyly. “And princess knows how much daddy cares for her, right?” “…Yes,” she said, shutting her eyes and enjoying his lips on her neck. “And daddy knows how to give princess exactly what she wants, right?” “…Yes,” she admitted, breaking into a delighted smile. “And princess knows,” he said, his voice steady and rich, wrapping her up like a warm blanket, “that she’s in for a very nice treat if she can just behave for a little while longer… right? “Mmmm…” she trailed off dreamily. She sagged and pressed against him with a sigh, the tension seemingly evaporating away from her body as she melted against him, murmuring and squeezing her thighs together in anticipation of the delights that awaited her. The waitress returned, depositing the drinks on the table in front of them before retreating with a bemused smile. Amanda didn’t care… in fact, she no longer cared about anything but the soft security of her big, bulging diaper wrapped around her dainty bottom, the silky satin against her skin, the warmth and strength of the man beside her… and the pleasures the rest of the afternoon held for her. She sipped her milkshake, shivering in delight of its rich taste, daydreaming of sweets and sex. My Patreon Babes In Diapers
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    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Thanks to everyone who's left comments etc. about this story so far. If you pledge $8 or more on Patreon then don't forget to click here to take our poll and determine what's in store for our characters. From the playpen in the corner, Ashley watched the proceedings with nervous fascination, clutching the bars with mitten-clad hands and sucking her pacifier thoughtfully. She watched as the newcomer was lifted into the air and stripped, bringing humiliating flashbacks to her own introduction to the world of the automated nursery. She watched as Monica called out Ms. Simmons by name, issuing threats and demands pompously before she was cut off by the ever familiar pacifier gag. “I’ve got something special lined up for your first day of your new life!” Simmons gushed into the microphone, entering a string of commands into her console and hitting enter with a spiteful grin. “MMMPH!?!?” Monica grunted behind her pacifier, flailing spastically as her position was adjusted, the hands maneuvering her until she was spread out in the air, suspended by her arms, legs and waist. Her rear-end was raised into the air behind her, presenting an almost irresistible target. Behind her paci-gag, Monica sweated heavily, struggling fruitlessly against her bonds, horribly aware of how vulnerable she was. Ashley flattened herself out in the playpen, trying desperately to avoid notice... but just seconds later, she was emitting a squeal of dismay as a set of strong, sure mechanical hands scooped her up under her arms. Her thick, cushy diaper (swollen and moist with the almost continual spurts and trickles of pee she uncontrollably let out throughout the day) was torn away from her body, leaving her ass and pussy naked and chilly in the air conditioning of the nursery. Clad only in a ruffled purple t-shirt that didn’t come down to her navel, her long blond hair banded up in pig-tails, she was hauled up into the air until she was facing Monica in the same position, her bare butt stuck up lewdly behind her. The women gazed into each other’s eyes, their cheeks burning. For both, it was like staring into a living mirror, and Monica realized, with horror, that she was getting a glimpse of her future. For Ashley, it was like a glimpse into the not too distant past, although it seemed a lifetime ago; seeing this beautiful woman, so lovely and mature just moments ago, stripped bare and about to be reduced to a helpless, squirming adult baby only reminded her of what her life was like just a short time ago. For a long moment, Megan simply let them hang there and anticipate what they had in store next... then, with a shudder of pleasure, she typed a new series of commands into the console and hit enter. There was a menacing, mechanical whirring from somewhere above them. Monica glanced around as best she could, trying to anticipate the nursery’s next move. She heard a panel slide back above her, followed by the sound of mechanical arms moving into place behind her, and sweat began to bead down her forehead. All around them, annoyingly sweet nursery music was playing, but she didn’t have time to worry about that now-- she had the feeling something awful was about to happen. In the control booth, Ms. Simmons watched the automatons approach their targets, each one gripping a large, thick thermometer, the cold glass dripping with messy KY jelly. Megan smiled, watching their hindquarters quivering in the air behind them, the thermometer approaching with agonizing slowness. Monica squealed when she felt her buttocks parted for her, gasping as best she could when she felt the cool glass bulb at the end of the thermometer placed up against the pucker of her anus. Behind her pacifier, she protested vociferously and struggled against her bonds, which amounted to little more than shaking her head emphatically. The machines neither noticed or cared about her protests... the well-lubed thermometer was plunged deeply into her rectum. Monica’s eye’s bulged, and she was left with nothing else to do but watch poor Ashley undergo the same treatment, wincing as the large glass tube disappeared up her butt. Familiar with this routine as she was (having undergone this treatment several times over the course of the last few weeks), Ashley took her thermometer with hardly any visible struggle or fuss; in fact her only reaction seemed to be a slight wince as the greased up glass penetrated her dainty little asshole. Monica had no idea how long they hung there like that, suspended from the ceiling, their womanly backsides stuck up lewdly behind them, adult-sized baby thermometers protruding from between the pleasantly plump mounds of their rounded buttocks. For a long while, the silence was broken only by that damn music... Monica and Ashley gazed into each others faces, locking eyes and sharing their humiliating ordeal on an intimate level. At last, the thermometers were simultaneously tugged from their hineys, and Monica sagged against her bonds with a sigh of relief, happy to have at least one ordeal behind her. In the control booth, Ms. Simmons checked the computer analysis: Both subjects displaying slightly elevated body temperatures. Recommendation? With an evil smile, Simmons typed in her new command, thankful the computer had provided her with the opportunity to heap more humiliation on her test subjects. With a ticklish, throbbing arousal building inside her, Megan hit enter and sat back to watch the show. In the nursery, Monica’s relief was short-lived as a new rumble began growing all around them. She glanced at Ashley who was looking around with the placid curiosity of an animal hearing distant thunder, and Monica was oddly horrified by the way Ashley had seemingly accepted her new reality after such a short time. A panel in the ceiling slid back and two long, telescoping hoses snaked their way out of the openings, seeking their prey. The nozzles at the end were large, and entirely more phallic than strictly necessary. Each had a tiny camera embedded seamlessly at the head-- and it was these cameras Simmons was using to line up her targets from her control console... almost like a video game, she thought, chucking at her little joke. She nudged the controls until she had their squirming butts firmly in the cross hairs, then hit enter with a sadistic shiver. The nozzles shot out like striking serpents, and before Monica knew what was happening, the large, black nozzle had plunged itself into her anus and firmly into her rectum. She let out a shocked, liquid grunt behind her pacifier, her eyes bulging like dinner plates. “Huugguuhh!” She moaned, biting into the pacifier and squeezing her hands into fists, the thick nozzle stretching her anus and burying itself deep inside her. She squirmed, half in outrage, half in pleasure. A glance at Ashley’s face revealed no conflicted feelings-- her enjoyment was written all over her face. From somewhere above her, Monica heard an ominous click. A long, nervous moment followed, and then she felt the warm water beginning to trickle through the nozzle. Within moments, the trickle became a gush, and she was left hanging, suspended in the air, her backside stuck up behind her, the nozzle firmly stuck up her butt and the hose extending out behind her like a tail. Heaving for breath and occasionally struggling against the restraining hands, she succeeded only in exasperating her discomfort and making her large breasts wobble beneath her. The water flowed, gushing up her tushy and filling her belly, which swelled and hung down below her. Monica groaned wondering where it was all heading. Should the girls be allowed to release into the potty or should they go right back to diapers? Potty Diapers Click here to take the poll and let us know what you think.
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    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Thanks to everyone who's left comments so far... please keep them coming if you're enjoying the story and you'd like to see more like it. If you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, click here to vote in the poll to help us determine what happen next in the story.Also, you can check out my blog for more great stuff-- free! Several Weeks Later: There was only one obstacle left in Megan Simmons’ path now-- the vice president of development, Monica Yasutake, a tough as nails young exec who fought her way onto the board at a ridiculously young age, earning her the nickname Wonder Girl among the staff. As cold and hard as steel, she ran her department with strict discipline, personally signing off on every project that got the green light. She was the only person in the organization closer to Mr. Milken than herself... and she made no bones about the fact that she had no respect for Simmons or her project. Ms. Simmons knew the little bitch had personally advised Mr. Milken to shutter the project on more than one occasion. Only Simmons’ own close, personal relationship with the boss had kept it afloat during the last couple of years. But now that things are up and running, it’s a different story... she thought, grinning widely. It had taken some time, but she was finally ready to show off her results... and she knew just whose nose she wanted to rub into it. By the time Monica arrived, her nose adorably crinkled in a permanent expression of distaste, Ms. Simmons had been watching the live feed from the nursery for 10 or 15 minutes already. She’d schedule the meeting shortly after Ashley’s lunch for a very important reason-- she’d been bombarded by subliminal messages for weeks now, and she’d recently settled into an infantile routine of wetting and messing after meals and while sleeping. She had just watched Ashley having a prodigious bowel movement in her bulky adult pampers, and by the time Ms. Yasutake arrived, she was up on the changing table about to undergo a messy diaper change. “Ah! Monica! You’re just in time to see the fruits of our labour,” Ms. Simmons said, gesturing towards the monitor. Monica sat in one of the plush leather chairs and turned towards the screen. The robotic arms went about their business with choreographed precision, gathering supplies even as Ashley was laid out on the changing table and her diaper was unfastened. Ms. Yasutake let out a gasp of horror and disgust when the diaper was pealed down, revealing a messy brown stain that made the seat resemble a Jackson Pollock painting. “Good lord!” She exclaimed, wrinkling her nose distastefully. On the screen, Ashley’s legs were lifted to reveal a corresponding smear across her round, womanly backside. “Just a couple of weeks exposure to the subliminals and she doesn’t even think twice about using her diapers anymore,” Simmons bragged, enjoying the executive’s discomfort. “We’ve completely removed all vestiges of her day and night-time potty training... now we’re going to work on her speech centers, after that, her fine motor control. We’ve got our people finishing up the intelligence reducers even as we speak.” She smiled smugly in Ms. Yasutake increasingly outraged face. “In just a few more weeks, she’ll be locked into a totally infantile state, helplessly dependent on the nursery for her care-- until WE decide to retrain her.” Monica bristled at Megan Simmon’s arrogance... arrogance she intended to squash down right now. “Well, I can see that all my concerns were absolutely founded!” She said, looking Ms. Simmons right in her smugly smirking face. “As you know, I wasn’t in support of this project from day one... I argued it was at best a waste of resources and at worst, a violation of our female employees most basic rights, and now I have the proof!” She allowed herself a tight smile, savouring a victory. “You yourself have just provided me with the evidence I need to get the board to shut you down for good!” But to her disappointment, Simmons didn’t seem worried, or even mildly concerned. The smug smirk never even left her face, and Monica glanced over at the screen in time to see Ashley’s butt being oiled and powdered. “Oh, you’ve misunderstood, Ms. Yasutake,” Simmons said pointedly. “You see, I was digging into our records recently,” she said, neglecting to mention that she’d done so with the aid of the powerful AI they’d designed to oversee the Nursery system, “and I came across some, shall we say, ‘irregularities’ in your department...” “I- I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Monica said, starting to sweat. “Allow me to spell it out for you,” Ms. Simmons said, relishing her power as she settled back into her chair and looked Monica over with an air of authority, relishing the was she nervously squirmed in her seat. “I’ve accumulated evidence that you’ve been funnelling cash from your department straight into your own pocket-- and I’ve made the board aware of it... not to mention Mr. Milken.” She smiled, predatory, as Monica began to babble excuses. “Now look here, Simmons...” she thundered with as much authority as she could muster, not liking where this was going one bit. “You don’t seem to grasp the situation,” Ms. Simmons said, casually typing a command into her keyboard and hitting enter. “Hey!” Monica cried as a set of manacles suddenly appeared, clamping her wrists tightly to the armrests. A second set snapped around her ankles, and just like that, she found herself immobilized, locked tightly into her seat. “The board has given me license to deal with this situation as I see fit... can you guess where this is going?” Simmons asked, smiling sadistically. “No!” Monica cried, struggling futilely against her bonds. “Megan, listen to me... lets talk it over! We can make a deal!” “See you downstairs,” Simmons said, entering another command into her console. “NNNNOOOO!” Ms. Yasutake had time to shriek before a hole opened in the floor beneath her chair, which dropped out of sight like a shot. Like a cannonball, Monica plummeted through the guts of the building, the metal straps holding her firmly in her seat. All the way down she screamed, her shock and terror actually forcing out a small spurt of pee into her panties. For a moment, all rational thought had been totally abandoned in favour of blind panic, and all she could do as she plunged into the darkness was cry out in terror, visions of being splattered against the hard floor below dancing through her head. Thankfully, it was a vision that didn’t come to fruition-- she gradually came to a stop as she hit the bottom floor slowing and finally coming to a halt in something that resembled a small, dark, empty closet. Monica sat there for a long moment before the surface in front of her slowly slid out of the way with a soft mechanical hum. The light was bright, and she had to close her eyes against it, blinking, trying to get them adjusted. The manacles vanished as quickly as they appeared, but her freedom was short lived... she was set upon by a group of strong, steely hands attached to long, mechanical arms, confirming her worst nightmare. “No!” she screamed, knowing what was coming next. “I’m still an officer of this corporation, damn it, and I demand my due level of respec-- mmph!” Monica’s pompous speech was cut off by the paci-gag that the automatons popped into her mouth and swiftly buckled around the back of her head. Meanwhile, Ms. Simmons had just arrived in the command center via private elevator. Taking her place behind the console, she watched, slyly smirking when she saw her rival hoisted up from the ceiling, utterly helpless and at her mercy at last. The board had given her carte blanche to deal with this little minx... after that, the project would be green lit and she could begin in earnest. Typing a string of commands into her keyboard, Megan turned to the monitor, eyes glistening when she saw the automatons closing in on their target. Hanging from the ceiling, Monica kicked and struggled against the hands that gripped her tightly, but it was to no avail, and she could only watch nervously as a new set of steely mechanical digits closed in and began removing her clothes. “Hey!” she screamed, her skirt and blouse literally torn from her body. Her underwear quickly followed, and soon Monica was hanging limp and powerless, with nothing left to do but await her next indignity. What’s Monica’s first step back to adult infancy? A spanking An enema A bath Click here to vote now! Babes In Diapers
  7. Some of you were asking for a preview of this one, and since part two will likely be up on Patreon later this week, I figured now was as good a time as any. You can read this and other exclusive stories right now for a $5 pledge. For those of you who don’t know, the lead character here is “played” by the amazing Totally Transformed… check her out on Tumblr and Patreon. Just a brief word of caution: this story takes place within her universe of restricted women’s rights, so if you’re uncomfortable with that you should probably give it a pass. You can also check out my blog for more great stuff totally free. A FEW YEARS FROM NOW When she walked into what used to be the ladies room at work (but was now collectively known as “the changing station”) Elisa was immediately greeted by the now familiar stench of a messy diaper change in progress. Sure enough, she was quickly confronted with the image of her boss changing one of his former employee’s thoroughly loaded pampers. Elisa watched with a mix of fear and morbid fascination as the front of Rebecca’s diaper was folded down to reveal a gooey brown load caked thickly across both the seat of the diaper and Rebecca’s well toned hiney. It was just a few weeks ago that Elisa and Becky were engaging in lively, intelligent conversations over lunch and during breaks. Looking at her friend now, Elisa hardly even recognized her. It was almost as though the sophisticated, educated young woman who had worked hard to earn a place on the faculty at the university had ceased to exist-- in her place, Elisa saw a babbling, squealing adult toddler with a pamper full of poo-poo, about to be changed by the dominant male figure in her department. “Hi, Elisa,” her boss said, lifting Rebecca’s legs and revealing to Elisa the full extent of her dirty diaper. Elisa winced at the sight of her friend’s rump completely caked with greasy brown poop, and the seat of the diaper reminded her of a Jackson Pollock painting. She groaned internally, but found herself unable to look away. “Look who came in to watch you get your diaper changes sweetie!” he teased. Rebecca giggled happily at the joke, then gurgled warmly when she saw Elisa, displaying not one ounce of shame-- which was the thing that unsettled her the most. To see her friend totally robbed of her maturity, her dignity, her very identity as a woman was unnerving... to see her not only not bothered by it, but to see her seemingly enjoying herself was downright disturbing. “Ugh.... what have they been feeding you, little girl?” Elisa’s boss chuckled, going to work with the wet wipe. Rebecca squealed and shivered as the mess was cleared away, and Elisa watched with knots in her tummy as the sticky mess was slowly wiped away revealing more and more of the bare, pink skin of her tushy beneath. Elisa watched, inexplicably fascinated by the process, gauging Rebecca’s reactions. She knew there were varying levels of regression available, that there were women out there who were fully aware but trapped in a body that had been re-programmed to behave as infantile as possible. But that didn’t seem to be the case here... If anything, Rebecca seemed to have embraced her new role wholeheartedly. “And when am I going to see you up on the changing table, young lady?” Elisa’s boss asked her teasingly, chuckling as her cheeks turned red in response. “Uh... well, I...” Elisa stammered, growing more embarrassed by the second. She glanced at Rebecca with her legs up in the air, cooing softly to herself while somebody else wiped her plump, womanly bottom for her, and for a moment, she could almost see herself laying there in that exact position... Her boss chuckled at her discomfort. “A pretty girl like you, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone sends you back for re-education!” he said, and she knew by his tone that it was supposed to be a complement. “Um... thanks,” she said, slinking by them and into the stall. Baring her bottom, Elisa sat on the toilet and forced herself to tinkle, trying to ignore the fact that a woman that she’d worked with for years was getting a dirty diaper change like a two year old just a few feet away by her male boss. She sat, a small stream of pee trickling into the water beneath her, listening to her boss playfully tease Rebecca as he changed her messy diaper. “Oh my yes,” he said, and Elisa peeked through the crack in the door to watch him finish cleaning her friend’s dirty rump with a baby wipe. “I think little Becky is almost ready for a new pamper,” he said, pulling the messy one out from under her backside and balling it up to discard it in the nearby bin. “Upsey daisy,” he said, lifting Rebecca by the ankles and sliding the fresh diaper under her wriggling tushy. “Some powder, for your stinky bum, lil’ lady?” he joked, drawing a pleasant (if uncomprehending) giggle from Rebecca, who wriggled with glee as her pale buttocks were dusted with powder. Elisa finished as quickly as she could, wiped and flushed. She washed her hands, watching in the mirror as Rebecca’s new diaper was pulled up between her legs and sealed closed, reminding her of just how far her bright, lively and intelligent friend had been reduced. Overwhelmed with strange emotions, she beat a hasty retreat. The atmosphere around the college had certainly changed since the new laws suppressing women’s right’s had been passed, Elisa had to admit. Most of her female colleagues had already been remanded for re-education, either by their significant others or by their parents. They entered the re-education centres mature, dignified young women, filled with potential and looking forward to a bright future. They emerged dull, docile, and adorable. And the idea seemed to be catching-- rather than being outraged, society seemed to have embraced the idea with gusto, and Elisa had been catching sight of more regressed women by the day, both in real life and in the culture at large. And through it all, she couldn’t shake a certain guilt-- hadn’t she, after all, spent years both online and in private fantasizing about this exact scenario? Hadn’t she imagined countless young women stripped of their rights and rendered docile, infantile little playthings for the amusement of their friends, families and lovers? And how many times had she imagined herself in the same situation, pleasuring herself guiltily as she pictured herself crying and jabbering helplessly through a diaper change, the people in her life laughing and cheering as she was stripped of everything that made her a woman? But that was fantasy, and it was one thing to imagine women stripped of their rights-- it was another thing entirely to see it happen in real life. And nowhere was it more evident than the campus she worked at. The amount of female students and faculty members had been dramatically reduced, the majority having been removed to attend re-education. Not many returned to school after that, their new caregivers opting to keep them at home or enrolling them in one of the Adult Daycare centres that were springing up all over the place these days... however, there were those who liked to keep their “special girls” close to the people and environments they were familiar with from their ‘previous lives.’ Therefor, many businesses and universities had opened daycare facilities designed specifically to cater to former students and employees, and the school Elisa worked at was no different, and it was quite common to see a 20 year old woman who should have been on her way to class laying in the middle of the courtyard and giggling her way through a diaper change, or a onetime member of the staff happily sucking a bottle as her former colleagues pushed her around the campus in an adult sized stroller. Arriving at her afternoon class, she tried to put her anxieties out of her mind and focus on the lesson. But she found herself stammering and stumbling, preoccupied... it didn’t help that every time she looked out into the faces of the (largely male) audience, they seemed to be smirking in her direction, and she couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that they were regressing her with their eyes. Elisa imagined herself regressed into adult infancy, cavorting on the floor in front of her leering, smirking class, naked but for a thick diaper crinkling between her legs. She tried to reign in her imagination, but once the image had been planted, Elisa couldn’t stop picturing herself, robbed of her status and intelligence, crawling on the floor and babbling happily to herself in front of her amused former students before squatting down to push out a load of muddy brown poo-poo into the seat of her pampers. “Everything alright, miss?” Elisa was jolted back into reality by her student’s voice. “Err... y-yes, thank you,” she said, blushing when she realized she’d been caught daydreaming, and if her students hadn’t been thinking about how she was better qualified for pissing her diapers in the nursery than trying to teach a class before, they definitely were now. “Um... anyway, as I was saying...” Babes In Diapers
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    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Say hello to our "lucky" winner-- Congrats to everyone who voted in our last Demoted poll. I've already had a couple of suggestions for names (Jessica, Stacy, & Kim); if anyone has any more name suggestions let me know and we'll have a poll in a couple of days. Also, if you'd like to suggest a reason for her demotion, let me know in the comments here or on my Patreon.
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    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Here's hoping you all had a wonderful fourth of July! As always, thank you all for the comments and messages, and especially to my patrons for their wonderful support. If you're enjoying the story and you'd like to see more like it, don't forget to hit like and leave a comment below... and if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, don't forget to vote in the poll to determine where the story is going next ... or click here to visit my blog for tons of cool stuff... free! The minutes slid by slowly. Ashley hung limply in the baby bouncer, pouting, wincing every time she accidentally squished the load in her pants... which was pretty much every time she moved even a little. Every few minutes, the automatons would tug on her feet, sending her springing up and down, the load in her pants mushing across her buns and into every crack and crevasse with every bounce. Worse, she somehow still had some mess left inside of her, and she suffered three more mushy, flatulent eruptions from her colon. Poor Ashley could do little more than grunt and moan, trying to endure her predicament until Simmons decided it was time she had a diaper change. She had no idea how long she hung there, the stink of her own mess wafting up into her nostrils, occasionally making a vain attempt to shift herself into a more comfortable position, succeeding only in mushing the muddy mess in her pants around her plump, round booty, tightened and toned by hours of yoga and exercise. Finally, the automatons descended again, taking her under the arms and lifting her out of the harness, which quickly disappeared into the ceiling. With her loaded pampers mushing behind her, Ashley prayed she was being taken for a change. Instead, more noisy, mechanical clanking emerged from within the room. Ashley watched, frowning, as an enormous set of bars and railings emerged from the floor, along with a padded floor lined with blankets and toys... a king sized playpen for an Adult Baby, she realized, letting out a groan when she found herself deposited heavily on her rump within, wincing when the mess squished beneath her buttocks. “Uuhhhhgg! So gross!” she whispered to herself, scrambling to her knees and lifting her bottom off the floor. Frowning, she investigated her surroundings... the bars looked like they reached the top of her head, maybe even higher, and they were spaced close enough together to prevent much more than her hand from passing through. Ashley huffed a sigh, inspecting the contents of the playpen... dollies, plush animals, blocks, and rattles-- strictly entertainment for the preschool set. She stretched out on her tummy, vividly aware of the hot, muddy pile in her diaper behind her, but happy that she could avoid sitting in it for a little while. In the control booth, Megan Simmons let out a giggle, clickity clacking away on her keyboard, eagerly deploying one of the new features she’d personally designed and had installed... a state of the art sound system designed to deliver subliminal messages beneath a variety of prepackaged nursery songs, all of them designed to chip away at an aspect of the subjects’ maturity. Megan gleefully scanned through the menus, selected a subliminal designed to erode Ashley’s continence and another to induce thumb sucking and chuckled to herself as she hit play. Reclining on her stomach and poking listlessly at the toys in front of her, Ashley was actually considering trying to take a nap when the music kicked in above her... light, tinkling melodies designed for the most sensitive of tiny ears. She groaned, the sickeningly sweet music filled the room and wormed it’s way through her ears and into her brain. Although it wasn’t loud or obtrusive, there was something oddly infectious about it... she could feel the tune getting stuck in her mind like an annoying pop song already. She settled in, trying to ignore the heavy pile in the seat of her pants weighing down on the soft, smooth cheeks of her tushy. Ashley yawned... she was embarrassed to admit it, but the cutesy nursery music seemed to be doing it’s job; she was beginning to feel quite sleepy. She folded her hands and rested her cheek on it, feeling herself lulled to sleep. The world went dark, everything fading... everything except for that strange music, which seemed to follow her into her dreams. Ms. Simmons watched on the monitors as Ashley drifted off into dreamland on the floor of her crib, her pampers obviously stained and bulging behind her with a smelly load of poop. With a grin spreading over her face, she walked over to the window and gazed out at her creation, perfectly designed to her specifications... an instrument of justice, doling out appropriate punishments to deserving targets. Finally, she thought, smugly gazing out over her empire of pampers and baby powder, all the naughty girls in the company will finally get exactly the treatment they deserve! Then-- But she didn’t get a chance to finish her thought... instead, she gave a startled jump as one of the mechanical hands smacked into the glass in front of her. It held of course... the builders had assured her that the window could even withstand a gunshot. But there was something about the way that hand pawed at the glass, feeling for a weakness... almost as though it sensed her... and it wanted her... wanted to bring her into the nursery and... With a shudder, she made her way over to the console and typed a series of commands, ordering a total diagnostic followed by a system reboot... she would need to have all the kinks worked out before they moved the operation into the next phase. Simmons was still thinking about her encounter with the automaton at the window, but she tried to put it out of her mind as she called up the files of the her next possible test subjects. Who should the next resident of the mechanical nursery be? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Vote for your favorite candidate here-- and if you want to suggest a name and a reason she’s up for demotion, just let us know in the comments. Babes In Diapers
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    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Big thanks to everyone who's left comments and such thus far-- please keep it coming, especially if you'd like to see more stories like this in the future. Also, Don't forget that if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon you can take the poll and decide what happens next in the story. Speaking of Patreon, I posted the latest chapter of Big Daddy at the beginning of the week-- click here to read it or here to read a free preview of the series. You can also visit Babes In Diapers for more great stuff... totally free “Uuuhhgg...” Ashley groaned, forcing herself to open her mouth to accept another spoon-load of icky stewed prunes. The goopy brown and purple mush was lumpy and tasted awful... she was near nears as she forced herself to chew and swallow, her jaw sore and her tummy already bulging to the limit after all the food she’d already eaten in the past few minutes. She forced herself to swallow, belching noisily almost immediately after she’d choked it down. Her normally flat belly, kept taunt and tight by hours of crunches, was pooching out, positively filled to the bursting point with food... but she didn’t dare stop. Every small act of resistance earned her a shock on her diapered backside from the cackling Ms. Simmons in the control booth. So she opened her mouth to accept each spoonful, chewing and swallowing mechanically, her face screwing up with every tortured bite, the icky taste forcing tears from her eyes that rolled down her cheeks in fat rivulets. Her only consolation was that the contents of the bowl were rapidly disappearing, and that the more full she was, the closer she was to finishing. In the control room, Megan Simmons watch the monitors gleefully, thoroughly enjoying the show. She chuckled, watching Ashley’s face getting messier with every bite, pausing only to emit the occasional belch to relieve the pressure. She thought about the havoc the combination of foods Ashley had just been force-fed would wreak on her bowels... Simmons settled back for what was sure to be an entertaining afternoon. Ashley finished her lunch with a sizable belch, topped off by a noisy fart. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment-- the haughty, dainty Ashley had never passed gas in public before, but it was simply unavoidable... the pressure in her belly seemed to be growing, and her tummy was beginning to gurgle in strange and ominous ways. But she didn’t have time to worry about it-- the tray was unsnapped and removed at rapid speed, and the next thing she knew, Ashley found herself scooped up under the arms once more and lifted from the high-chair (which retreated back into the floor). A panel opened in the ceiling, and a mass of straps and buckles tumble from within. She inspected with a kind of curious dread, knowing that whatever it was, it spelled disaster for her. Her prediction was proven correct only a few seconds later, when she found herself strapped in, her legs threaded through a pair of holes cut in a canvas sling that served as a seat for her diapered bottom. Her feet dangled near the floor, and she could barely touch it if she stretched... which was made possible by the elasticized straps that kept her suspended from the roof, allowing her to “hop” in place a little. With a fiery blush, Ashley suddenly realized where she was... she’d seen babies in contraptions similar to these, was pretty sure she even had one her self at one time. Never in a million years did she think that she’d be sitting diapered in a baby bouncer in her early 20-- and in a diaper no less! She kicked and squirmed a bit, trying to get used to her position. Her full to the point of popping belly was presenting a new set of challenges, and for a moment she thought she was going to be sick. But she quickly got the hang of it-- literally, as she discovered her best bet was to simply relax, put all her weight on her diapered butt, and let the sling act as a seat. She heard a panel open and looked over, groaning when she saw the automatons brandishing a large bottle. “Oh come on!” she whined, struggling against her bonds (which merely made her jiggle in the air a bit.) “I don’t have any room left in me!” But the machines ignored her, popping the nipple into her mouth and waiting patiently for her to reach up and take it with both hands, exhaling angrily through her nose as she did. She frowned, sucking slowly, identifying the contents as apple juice with a sigh... something else to stimulate her digestion. She tried to relax as much as she could, but the bouncer was unstable, constantly bobbing or twisting with every move she made. More to the point, the contents of her belly were gurgling and grumbling noisily, and her bowels were starting to cramp painfully. She sucked the juice slowly, only drinking as much as she needed to keep the automatons at bay... still, her stomach was filled to the max, and she was forced to push out a lout fart to ease to discomfort building inside her. Embarrassment turned her cheeks red, but couldn’t stop her from sighing, relieved to have alleviated at least some of her discomfort. “Um... excuse me?” she said to no one in particular, not sure if anyone was listening, but pressing her luck anyway. “Can I uh... use the bathroom? Fun’s fun and all, but I kinda gotta go...” Ms. Simmons ignored Ashley’s pleas, studying her discomfort on the monitors with no shortage of amusement-- she’d waited a long time to test her creation out on a live subject, and it seemed as though she’d chosen right. Sending this brat back to pampers and watching her ordeal up to this point had been quite stimulating... but it was what was coming next that she’d been waiting for oh so patiently. She settled in, making herself comfortable, preparing herself to watch the upcoming struggle. That struggle began in earnest a few minutes later, when Ashley finally finished her apple juice, the bottle emptying with a hissing pop. She removed the nipple from her mouth and followed up with a large burp. A mechanical hand snatched the empty bottle from her grip, and Ashley sagged into the seat of the baby bouncer, trying to get comfortable. Frowning, she lifted a diapered butt-cheek as best she could and blasted out another wet rumbler, so loud it was barely muffled by the diaper. Her pampers didn’t do much for the stink either, and she was left to fan her face against the stench. But the fart brought no relief, and for a little while, Ashley simply hung limply in the baby bouncer, twisting gently to and fro in the air conditioning, her face growing pale and distressed. Inside, the grumbling and gurgling was growing louder as the cramps grew stronger and more painful. She was passing gas at regular intervals, the farts getting noisier and greaser all the time. Finally, a cramp bit into her side that was so powerful it forced her to double over, the baby bouncer bobbing and twisting in response to the movement. Her tummy emitted a series of tortuous gurgles and rumbles, and she was clenching her buttocks almost as tightly as they would go. She realized that she was desperate to piss... deciding it was one thing too many to have to concentrate on, Ashley simply slackened her bladder, wetting herself in one hot, wet gush, emitting a satisfied sigh as her diaper absorbed the liquid, a wave of relief washing over her. It was short-lived-- Ashley was farting heavily and loudly now, embarrassing as all hell but also almost totally involuntary. With the pressure increasing to an almost painful degree, she turned to the two-way mirror and pleaded once more. “Bathroom!” She spat desperately. “I gotta go to the bathroom right now! Please don’t make m-- uumph!” She grunted, gut off once more by a pacifier being shoved into her mouth and fastened behind her head via strap and buckle. It was too late anyway-- she felt a mushy surge from her backside, even with her sitting with her full weight on her tushy. Her buttocks parted and she felt her anus open, totally beyond her will, a huge, mushy dollop of poo-poo forced out into the seat of her diaper, accompanied by a rude, gassy sound. Her relief was almost as strong as her embarrassment, and she emitted a noisy sigh, hoping that now that she’d let a little out into her pants, controlling the rest of the load wouldn’t be an issue. Seconds later she realized how wrong she was when a powerful cramp in her bowels simply opened up her back passage in spite of her strongest resistance, leaving her to do anything but emit a distressed grunt, her cramp pushing out another accidental, flatulent round of mushy brown poop into the seat of her diapers. She grunted to herself, trying to tighten her sphincter to keep the rest of the load in... A cramp squeezed her belly like a giant fist, another hot, mushy surge escaped her backside, totally beyond her control... all Ashley could was moan and grunt, the mess spreading out against her bottom and lifting her in her seat, smearing her buttocks and filling the cleft between them. This couldn’t get any worse, she thought to herself, struggling vainly in the muddy mess in her pants to find a more comfortable position. As if in response, a pair of mechanical hands slid out from the floor and grabbed her ankles, pulling her downward in the bouncer. The pile in her pants squished audibly, and she let out a muffled cry behind her pacifier, a plea for mercy. But neither the machine nor Ms. Simmons had any, and the hand swiftly released it’s grip, sending Ashley bouncing up and down in her thoroughly loaded diaper. What’s next for Ashley? A diaper change A bath Playpen time Click here to vote now
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    The Descent: Stand Alone Patreon Preview (Season Two Preview Added)

    Thanks for the honesty... If you're interested, you can check out a complete list of everything I currently have available here. You get all of the Descent (currently 12 chapters and counting), plus a couple more story updates per month, plus some other completed stories. I'm also working on some art projects now. I hope you'll consider giving me a chance.
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    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    As always, if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, don't forget to click here to take our poll and determine the fate of our heroine. Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to leave comments so far... please keep them coming if you're enjoying the story and you'd like to see more. You can also check out Babes In Diapers for more stories and other goodies-- totally free. “You need a nice, healthy, nutritious lunch,” Ms. Simmons cackled over the intercom, tapping a series of commands into her console and calling up the nursery’s menu, scanning the list for the most babyish and unpalatable foods available. She entered her selections, grinning gleefully when the whirring and grinding of the automatons preparing the food emerged from within the walls. Meanwhile, Ashley emitted a squeal, the hands pulling her into the air, a large high-chair springing up from the floor beneath her before she was slammed into the seat on her thickly diapered rump, a tray snapped into place in front of her. “Hey! Lemme outta here!” she whined and complained, struggling, powerless to prevent the automatons from seizing her arms and binding her wrists to the side of the chair, trapping her in place. Ashley squirmed, futilely attempting to free herself. But her efforts were wasted, and she watched, sweat dribbling down her face, as panels in the wall slid open, revealing a pair of mechanical hands carrying an ominous looking bowl of food, which approached with maddening slowness. Ashley watched as it was placed on the tray in front of her. She peered into the steaming bowl of oatmeal disdainfully, the grey, unflavoured mush staring back at her, bland and unappetizing. She turned her nose up at it snootily-- there was no way she was going to eat any of that slop... One of the hands took up the spoon, scooping up a large portion of warm mush, which it brought towards Ashley’s mouth. She sealed her lips tightly and turned her head defiantly. The oatmeal was smeared across her lips and down her chin, but Ashley held firm, resolving to maintain her dignity at all costs. “Come on, Ashley,” Ms. Simmons said from the control room, scrolling through command prompts on her console. Fortunately, she’d made some adjustments and additions to the equipment in the nursery, and she was prepared for this eventuality... but she didn’t want to deploy it just yet. Let’s see if we can’t do this the easy way, she thought, typing a command and hitting enter. “Here-comes-the-airplane,” a mechanical voice croaked over the intercom, smearing even more of the mush on her lips and chin. Still Ashley stubbornly clenched her jaw and bobbed her head, her face getting more messy by the second. “Well,” Megan said, sighing as she entered a new command into her console, “you can’t say I didn’t try to do this the easy way.” Only her sadistic grin as she hit the enter button betrayed her true feelings. “Yeee!” Ashley cried, a small electric current running through the seat of her chair... not enough to do any serious damage, but enough to deliver a sharp shock to her fleshy rump. The hands took advantage of the situation, pushing the tasteless mush into her open wide. She winced, the warm, flavourless pulp filling her mouth and forcing her to swallow. “You’d better cooperate,” Megan warned over the intercom, “or you’ll get it again.” She sat back and watched, grinning when Ashley reluctantly opened up and accepted the next bite, which she chewed and swallowed mechanically. “Open-wide-sweetie,” the computer chirped, it voice cool and electronic. It spooned another helping of oat-mush between her lips. Ashley let out a frustrated growl, but she could do no more that squirm and wriggle in her seat, trying futility to escape as she was spoon-fed the entire dish. At last, she’d emptied the bowl, and she sat back with a soft burp-- at least that was over... Another set of hands emerged from the wall to place another bowl in front of her. “What the hell?” Ashley muttered, leaning forward to inspect it. The bowl contained a sickening looking paste made from what appeared to be mashed peas. Ashley felt her stomach lurch a bit... peas weren’t her favourite food at the best of times, and mashed up as they were, she couldn’t help but think about how much it resembled a bowl of green slime. “Chuga-chuga-choo-choo,” the machine intoned, coldly mechanical, bringing the spoon full of green slop up to her mouth. Ashley hesitated for a moment, her lips and chin becoming increasingly smeared with every moment she resisted. For a moment she thought of refusing... but she though back to the stinging shock she’d just received on her diapered bottom minutes before, and she had no desire to repeat it. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and took a bite, her pretty face instantly registering her disgust. She shook her head, frowning, tears springing to her eyes as she forced herself to swallow the putrid green mush, choking it down painfully. “Guuaah!” she complained, sticking out her tongue distastefully. The hands had already scooped up another spoonful, and before she knew what was happening, it had been pushed between her lips. With a groan, she began the painful process of swallowing again. She forced it down, letting out a sob when she saw that the automatons had already loaded up another spoonful. In the command centre, Simmons watched the monitors with a big smile, gleefully watching Ashley swallow the mushy peas, her face smeared with green and grey paste... a far cry from the snooty, fashionable office floozy she’d been just a few minutes ago. Ashley squeezed her eyes shut, mechanically opening her mouth and swallowing, not even taking the time to chew. She was getting full, and her tummy was starting to feel bloated. At last she was finished, and she almost cheered with joy as the dish was lifted from the tray and disappeared behind a panel in the wall. Her head lolled back, and Ashley allowed herself a wide smile of triumph... she’d made it, and although she still had the taste of the awful, squishy peas and bland, lumpy oatmeal in her mouth, she was happy to have gotten through one more test. She sucked her breath in, feeling stuffed, but strong, re-energized, and ready for whatever Simmons and her crazy nursery had in store for her next. A whirring on the far side of the room drew her attention. She belched softly, looking over with sleepy eyes, her mouth and chin covered in crusty goop. She watched the small hatch slide open, and a pair of mechanical hands emerge, carrying yet another bowl with a spoon sticking out. “No!” She cried, struggling in her seat, thrashing against her bonds as it was placed on the tray in front of her. But it was futile, and she was forced to settle back into her seat and inspect the lumpy, purplish-brown mush she instantly identified (with her stomach rolling) as stewed prunes. “No... Please... come on-- don’t make me eat that!” she whined, whipping her head from side to side, the hand taking up a heaping spoonful and bringing it towards her mouth, which she hesitantly accepted, almost crying-- she just knew all this food was going to play havoc with her digestion. “Open-wide-sweet-pea,” the nursery intoned without much enthusiasm before popping another spoonful of icky mush into her mouth. After lunch, what’s next for Ashley? A Nap A haircut The baby bouncer Click here to take the poll and let us know what you think should happen next Babes In Diapers
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    The Descent: Stand Alone Patreon Preview (Season Two Preview Added)

    With this story starting back up again on my Patreon, some people were asking if I was going to post a preview of the new "season," so for those who are interested, here's the first episode of season two. Six Months Later Karen stared at herself in the mirror, the pacifier (strapped into her mouth via a buckle fixed at the back of her head) working between her lips, in and out, almost reflexively. She barely recognized the woman standing before her as herself, indeed barely even recognized the image in front of her as a woman at all. The bonnet on her head was from another era, looking like something Julie had pulled out of an old cartoon before placing it onto Karen’s head, grinning and laughing at how Karen peered out at her from under the brim with big, wet eyes. Her dress was a creation of frills, ribbons, bows, and soft, pastel pink, perfect for a little girl… except that the cut was not just decidedly adult, it was positively risque. The neckline plunged, and Karen’s ample cleavage was placed on sumptuous display. The hemline was short, revealing the entirety of her sexy bare legs and did nothing to hide the giant diaper bulging out from underneath. The seat of her massive pampers stuck out behind her like a big bubble, her crotch was puffy and padded in front of her, and between her legs the material was so thick she couldn’t bring her thighs together. Over top of the bulky diapers, Julie had pulled a frilly, silken diaper cover, complete with lace at the leg bands and ruffles across the seat. Behind her, her seat bulged comically, the ridiculous frills adorning the back the perfect complement, the babyish cherry on top of an infantile sundae. Karen just gazed deeper and deeper into the mirror, drinking in every babyish detail, her face growing redder by the minute. It was hard to believe, looking at herself now, that anyone had ever taken her seriously as a mature, adult woman. Indeed, the oversize infant staring back at her from the mirror looked like she had no concept of adulthood or responsibility whatsoever. If anyone ever saw her like this… her coworkers, her friends, hell, even her own family, Karen knew there was no way they could ever see her as an adult ever again… let alone respect or treat her as an equal. Inside, her guts were cramping, the suppository that Julie had pushed inside of her only minutes before beginning to go to work as it melted inside her. Karen cringed at the memory of being pulled over Julie’s lap after her morning bath, squealing, assuming that she was in for a spanking on her wet, naked bum… which would have been preferable to what she actually got. As Julie pried her buns open with one hand, Karen unleashed an outraged squeal when she felt the cool KY jelly being spread against her anus, and she was about to protest. She turned her head, glancing over her shoulder just moments before she felt the cool, waxy nubbin of the suppository being eased up her tight little asshole. “OOOOO!” she squealed in response, helpless to do anything but grip the bedspread with white knuckles as Julie pushed the suppository firmly into place, then quickly withdrew her finger, leaving Karen to collapse onto her stomach, heaving for breath, a strange, prickling tingle already spreading throughout the inside of her ass. Julie quickly washed her hands, then reappeared, re-diapering Karen before picking out one of the infantile little outfits she’d purchased over the internet and dressing her carefully, like a living doll, before she went to get herself ready, leaving Karen to rise awkwardly to her feet and cross unsteadily over to the mirror. She stood like that, in a daze, gazing at herself in the mirror for several minutes before she noticed Julie, leaning in the doorway, watching her, a strange smile playing about her lips. Karen found herself blushing… just being seen like this was enough to send a dizzying shock-wave of embarrassment through her system, even if it was the person who’d put her in this position in the first place. Inside, she could feel the suppository melting, her bowels roaring to life inside of her as the medicine was absorbed into her system. She tensed her buttocks, easily maintaining control… for the moment, at least. She turned, slowly, to face her tormentor. “Don’t you look cute?” she said proudly, beaming at Karen, her perfect teeth gleaming, predatory. Karen averted her gaze, blushing… it seemed like she lived in an almost permanent state of being embarrassed these days. “We’re going visiting today,” Julie announced, making Karen groan inwardly, “and I want you on your absolute best behavior, or I’m going to take you across my knee in front of everyone, young lady,” she said sternly, grinning at the thought. “Yesh ma’am,” Karen lisped from behind her pacifier, both dreading and salivating at the thought of such dire public humiliation. “Good girl,” Julie said condescendingly. “Come along,” she said, taking her by the hand and dragging her towards the door. “We’re already running late!” Karen found herself loaded into the car and buckled in… in the back seat, as usual. The pacifier worked in and out of her mouth steadily and she took deep breaths, trying to keep herself calm… but she couldn’t help but wonder nervously what Julie had up her sleeve for her this time. Not only that, her stomach was really beginning to ache, her bowels cramping and coiling tightly inside her, the medicine contained in the suppository really starting to kick in now. The trip wasn’t overly long, but it was uneventful, and Karen soon found herself gazing out the window, daydreaming. Occasionally they’d stop at a red light and someone in another car or on the sidewalk would spot her, sitting in the backseat and sucking an oversize soother like a giant toddler and would do a double take, staring incredulously at her, forcing her to blush and look away. Worse, her guts were really starting to cramp now, her belly groaning and gurgling ominously as the urge to defecate grew stronger and stronger. Karen squirmed in her seat uncomfortably, clenching her butt-cheeks tightly and gripping the upholstery with white-knuckled fingers. Her intestines inflated, filling with gas, and Karen chewed her lip in nervous discomfort, sweat popping out on her brow as she tightened her anus against the pressure growing inside her. Julie took her time, driving slowly and obeying all the rules of the road, occasionally shooting a glance back in the rear-view mirror so she could watch her charge’s increasingly desperate wriggling on the backseat, smiling to herself… she loved watching Karen squirm. Julie couldn’t wait until she saw the surprise she’d cooked up for her. Karen shifted and clenched and squirmed uncomfortably on the back seat, her belly percolating noisily inside her. Beads of sweat popped out on her forehead and trickled down her face; she reached up and wiped it off with the back of her hand, then reached down to rub her tummy in a vain attempt at soothing her discomfort. It was a futile effort, and it wasn’t long before another cramp squeezed out a loud, gassy fart that rumbled the seat of her diapers. She blushed as the subtle stink enveloped her, sighing. She prayed Julie wouldn’t notice, but her hopes were dashed when she glanced back at Karen in the rear view mirror, catching her eye with a smirking look. “Nice, Karen,” she said sarcastically, rolling her window down. Blushing, Karen huffed and turned her attention out the window… she couldn’t believe this was happening to her again! Read the rest of the story at Patreon-- read a new episode every month and a whole lot more for just a $5 pledge.
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    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Since "lunch" won the last poll, I thought it might be fun to take some menu suggestions from the audience-- what do you think Ashley should get for lunch? Let me know here or on my blog or via direct message.
  15. Parker Longabaugh

    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Updated Aug. 10)

    Thanks to everyone who's left comments and such so far. If you pledge more than $8 a month, don't forget to head over to Patreon and take our poll to determine what happens next in this story. I'd also like to say once again that just because you can't vote doesn't mean we don't want to hear your opinion... let us know what you think should come next in the comments. I'd also like to thank DiaperedXtreme for donating a couple of photomanips for this project... check him out on Tumblr and Patreon I'll post a couple more in future installments: Megan Simmons tapped a new series of commands into her console, relishing the power she had literally at her finger-tips. She gazed down at Ashley from behind the two way mirror, confident that she could see everything without being observed from the safety of the nursery’s control centre. The girl kicked and screamed, demanding to be let out and making vague legal threats... but Simmons wasn’t worried. Ashley had signed the standard contract when she became employed, and it contained a clause, buried somewhere deep within, not only volunteering her in advance for any ‘product testing’ the company might require in the future, but also waving all legal recourse on her part-- legally, both she and the company were in the clear. She watched Ashley struggle, her large, bare breasts wobbling alluringly. From the bank of monitors on the side of the room, Simmons could inspect Ashley’s struggling, nubile young body from almost every angle, and she took a moment to admire her neatly trimmed pubic hair, the sexy curves of her hips, the way her plump, womanly buttocks jiggled behind her as she fought and kicked, struggling to free herself from the mechanical hands that held her in place. “This is only the beginning,” she whispered to herself, hitting enter with a suppressed shiver of pleasure, then turning to the window to watch the show that was about to unfold. In the nursery, suspended naked from the ceiling by her wrists and ankles, Ashley kicked and fought against her confinement, struggling so hard that a light sheen of sweat had begun to pop out on her pretty pale skin. She heard the clanking starting up again all around her as Ms Simmons shifted the nursery from ‘containment’ mode into ‘active,’ bringing all it’s system’s and functions online. Ashley emitted a squeak of horror as she was lifted and twisted in the air, eventually finding herself on her back in the centre of the changing table, dazed, held in place by strong mechanical hands. “No!” she cried, kicking and pulling at her restraints. “Get away from me! You can’t-- Mmmmph!” Her screams were cut off by a large pacifier being popped into her mouth and quickly strapped and buckled around the back of her head, reducing her to muffled grunts and squeals. The hands gripped her tight, leaving her unable to do much more than buck and shimmy in place on the table. “YYEEK!” she squealed when she felt a fat line of cold baby lotion squirted onto her naked body, stretching from her crotch to her collarbone. Ashley struggled, but was unable to stop two more pairs of mechanical hands descending from the ceiling and rubbing it into her nubile young body. Meanwhile, even more mechanical digits were appearing from the floor, gathering and preparing the various things she would require for the first diaper change of her adulthood. The lotion was rubbed into her soft skin, in spite of her muffled protests. Ashley squawked as her ankles were lifted off the table, raising the pale, plump heart of her bare bottom into the air. She struggled, curling her toes into little fists as another fat dollop of lotion was squirted onto her jiggling tushy. She growled, fuming, outraged as the soft but steely fingers kneaded and massaged her buttocks, working the greasy lotion into her seat. Meanwhile, in the control booth, Megan Simmons watched the proceedings on her monitors, taking in the action from every angle. She allowed herself a grin of pleasure as she watched Ashley’s bottom being thoroughly coated with cream and then dusted with a goodly amount of baby powder. She sucked in a deep breath and held it as the big, thick pamper was slipped under Ashley’s wiggling rump. Simmons licked her lips, watching intently as Ashley’s backside was lowered, making contact with the thick material and bring her inching ever being stripped of her adult hood indefinitely. Standing she went over to the window, her hips rolling slightly more than necessary as she went, a tingle of pleasure pulsing in her panties as she watched. On the changing table, Ashley’s struggle increased when she felt the diaper under her butt, her big beautiful tits wobbling in time with her movements... but it was no use-- her legs were easily held in place while her pussy was dusted with powder. She bit down on the pacifier and growled furiously as the diaper was pulled up tightly between her legs and taped into place around her waist. In the control centre, Megan sucked in a deep breath as she watched the hands open the tapes and press them down, sealing Ashley into her padded prison. Her face broke into a wide, almost manic grin as she watched Ashley vainly struggle, her efforts unable to even slow the process down. Things were working out even better than she’d planned, and Ms. Simmons was practically giddy when she saw the hands go for the wardrobe, pulling it open and reaching in to select an outfit for their new charge. Of course, with her command console, she could select an outfit for Ashley manually-- but she wanted to see what the AI would select on it’s own. She wasn’t disappointed... a cute little pink and white sundress was selected and brought over. Ashley was pulled into a sitting position, and before she knew it, the garment had been tugged over her head and her arms were threaded through the sleeves. The dress was short enough to expose almost the entirety of her giant, puffy pampers, making checks and changes easier. Additionally, a large slit in the back made taking the dress on and off easier, not to mention revealing the bulging seat of her diaper and a large portion of her bare back. Fingers clacking on the keyboard, Simmons scrolled through potential hairstyles. The nursery possessed all the materials necessary to cut and style Ashley’s hair in any number of babyish styles, but for the moment she settled for a simple set of pigtails... after all, there’s plenty of time to get creative, she thought with an evil grin, watching the hands descend towards their charge. Ashley held her breath when the hands started taking up fistfuls of her hair, expecting the worst. But she had to admit, she could hardly even feel it as her hair was styled and banded into a pair of childish pigtails. At last, the ordeal was over, and Ashley blushed when she caught sight of herself in the mirror on the far side of the room-- she certainly looked the part! Ashley fumed as she scanned her own image, hardly even recognizing herself. The stylish young lady who had entered the office that morning no longer existed... in her place sat an adult toddler, looking like she just walked out of the doll isle at a toy store. Her thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Simmons cold laughter of the speakers. “Ha ha ha! Don’t you just look adorable?!” Ashley let out an angry breath through flared nostrils, folding her arms under her breasts in a huff. “Awww, don’t be pouty baby,” Simmons said over the intercom. “I know what you need...” What’s in store for Ashley next? Lunch A nap Playtime Head over to Patreon now to take the poll. Babes In Diapers