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  1. Parker Longabaugh

    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Chapter Two added May 22)

    Those of you who pledge $8 or more on Patreon can head over there now to vote in our poll and determine the fate of our bratty protagonist! If you're enjoying the story and you'd like to see more like it, please let me know in the comments. “A few years ago, our R & D division embarked on it’s most ambitions project ever,” Ms. Simmons explained and a crisp, but cool voice. “Our engineers started with a vision-- a vision of a fully automated infancy, where a baby could be raised entirely by a sophisticated team of automatons.” The elevator arrived in the basement with a polite ding. The doors gently hissed open, and Simmons strode confidently into the hallway. “This way, please,” she commanded, her heals clicking their way down the hallway. Reluctantly, Ashley followed, trailing behind, only half listening to Ms. Simmions’ droning: “Our team envisioned an environment where small children could be cared for in the temporary absence of their parents-- a ‘nursery,’ if you would-- where all of the child’s needs could be catered to by advanced robotic units guided by an advanced Artificial Intelligence system,” she explained dryly. They reached a door, and Simmons pulled a security card from her purse and slid it through the slot next to it. Ashley heard it unlock with a soft click, and moments later they were on their way again. The hallway was long and sterile, but Ms Simmons took such long steps and walked with a precise, almost military gait, and they covered the distance quickly... in fact, Ashley found herself struggling to keep up a bit. It seemed Simmons wasn’t the desk-bound nerd she appeared to be at first glance. “Almost five years went into the planning, and it took an additional five years just to build a functional prototype,” Simmons explained. “We were all ready to begin testing it on live subjects. But then there was... an incident.” “‘Incident?’” Ashley didn’t like where this was going. “A break in at the facility. A well known international thief somehow gained access to the installation, with the intention of helping herself to our secrets.” “What happened?” “Somehow, the system was activated with our unfortunate thief still inside... which wouldn’t normally have been a problem, except that someone had overridden the recognition software and re-calibrated some of the safety protocols and... well...” They reached another door, and Ms. Simmons ran her key card through the slot, the lock clacking open obediently, and Ashley reluctantly followed her into the darkened room beyond. “Well... what happened?” Ashley said, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Ms. Simmons crossed the room with practised ease... Ashley swallowed heavily-- especially when she heard the door swing shut and lock automatically behind them. “The AI registered the thief as a test subject,” Simmons said from somewhere in the darkness, “and activated the automatons... One second please,” she said, and Ashley heard a second door slamming shut on the far side of the room. “Hey!” Ashley cried in the darkness, realizing with a sinking feeling that she was now trapped in a dark room in the basement of her office, and her eyes didn’t seem to be adjusting... where ever she was, it must’ve been pitch black. “That’s better.” Ashley gave a small start when Simmons’ voice came blaring over a speaker somewhere. “Where was I? Oh yes, I remember... our unfortunate little protagonist had found herself standing in our state-of-the-art mechanical nursery,” she continued the story with a sadistic relish. The lights suddenly came on, blindingly bright... now Ashley was forced to shield her face. Through squinted eyelids, she could barely make out pastel walls and a massive crib-- a nursery, she realized with a sudden stab of fear. “Wait a second...” she said, not liking where all this was going. “And someone had altered the program,” Ms. Simmon continued, ignoring Ashley, “to register her as a subject to be cared for rather than as a grown woman and... well...” From within the walls and under her feet, Ashley heard an ominous whirring and clanking... as though somewhere, a great machine was stirring to life all around her. She sweated and frantically scanned the room for some way out. “She was in there a full weekend before anyone found her... a long, long weekend,” Simmons chuckled over the intercom. “The mechanical nursery DID provide quality care to our heroine... unfortunately for her, it was a level of care more appropriate for a two year old than a grown woman.” “Let me out of here!” Ashley cried, pounding uselessly on the door in a frantic attempt to escape. “That seemed to be the end of the project,” Ms. Simmons said, ignoring Ashley’s pleas. “Even if we could get government approval after what happened, we were unable to fix the changes that had been made to the program. Something had been fundamentally altered in the software... any time an adult woman got anywhere near the thing when it was switched on... well...” “Open this door!” Ashley pleaded, kicking it as hard as she could with her high-heels on. All around her, the rumbling and clanking grew louder and more urgent. “We had no choice but to dismantle it-- but I just couldn’t stand seeing all that work, not to mention the materials and money go to waste. And then, one day, I was studying our employee efficiency reports, and I had an epiphany...” “Look, Simmons,” Ashley thundered pompously, “I’m getting sick of the scare tactics! Either let me go or-- yikes!” she cried, cutting herself off with a shriek when a pair of strong mechanical hands emerged from the ceiling, scooped her up under her arms and hoisted her into the air like a two year old. “What the hell!? Lemmie go!” She screamed, struggling fruitlessly against their vice-like grip. “You’re just the test subject,” Ms. Simmons said, and for the first time, Ashley detected something else in her voice... a smugness, with maybe a hit of pleasure. “I’m going to weed them out-- all the naughty girls, who waste time gossiping and fixing their make-up instead of doing their jobs. I’m going to reassign them all to my special nursery,” she said with a little laugh. Ashley was barely listening. The strong, mechanical hands encircled her wrists and ankles, holding her suspended a few feet in the air. A series of clicks and whirs behind her drew her attention in time to see a set of panels retract and another pair of robotic arms slithered forth, heading right for her. “No!” She shouted, kicking and struggling in vain. The sleek fingers, covered in fabric, strong and precise, yet strangely soft and warm, reached out towards her and began stripping her clothes from her body. “Hey! No! Quit it! Eek!” she cried as her blouse and skirt were literally torn from her body, leaving the gorgeous Ashley hanging and struggling in her sexy, lacy underwear. “In time, you’ll see that this really is for the best,” Ms. Simmons assured her over the intercom as her clothes were discarded on the floor and the hands went to work removing her bra and panties. “Stop it, damn you!” she roared... but it was lost on deaf ears-- the undergarments were removed with surgical precision, and at last Ashley hung there, naked and exposed, her every intimate area open for inspection. “But enough orientation, for now,” Said Ms. Simmons with an evil grin, “It’s time to get started...” What is the first step in Ashley’s regression? A bath A spanking Send her straight to diapers Click here to vote now Visit Babes In Diapers for more great stuff.
  2. Parker Longabaugh

    Demoted To The Mechanical Nursery (Chapter Two added May 22)

    This story IS free. You have to pay if you want to vote, but the story itself is going up here and on my blog for everyone. I post plenty of free stuff here and on my blog. If you have to complain about Patreon, please do it somewhere else.
  3. If you're enjoying the story let me know in the comments-- and if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, click here to cast your vote and determine what happens next in the story. “There’s no single thing we can point to, Ashley,” Mr. Milken said, eyeing her with a cold and calculating smile. “It’s a number of little things adding up to a much larger problem... you might say it’s a problem of attitude as much as performance.” His voice was silky smooth, his gaze ruthless. Ashley squirmed in her seat, shifting under his penetrating gaze, his handsome features, and his expensive suit lending him authority and gravitas. “I understand,” she said, fighting the urge to roll her eyes. This wasn’t the first time she’d heard about performance problems at a job, and she honestly doubted it would be the last. “It’s not just coming in late or leaving early, it’s not the fact that you gossip instead of getting your work done on time, it’s not constant leaves and ‘personal days’... it’s not even the fact that you spend over an hour in the ladies room every day. Those are merely symptoms of a larger problem.” “Yes sir,” she said, stifling a yawn. She was eager to get to the part where she made platitudes about doing a better job and then going back to her cubicle to file her nails. Milken put up a good front, but she knew he didn’t have it in him to fire her... just like all the rest. When she put on a properly chastened, puppy dog face, no one could look into her bright blue eyes framed by cascading blonde hair without relenting. She’d learned long ago-- bat your eyelashes and flash a little cleavage and you can practically get away with murder. “I’m glad you agree,” Milken said cheerfully, “because I think we need to have a little talk about your position here at the company.” Ashley got a hollow feeling. “I’m sorry?” she said, trying to sound confident. “Your position here at the company... I’m just not sure you’re right for it.” “But...” “We’re trying something new here,” he said smoothly, interrupting her. “A new program for, shall we say, ‘delinquent employees.’” “What kind of new program?” she said, barely keeping the edge out of her voice. “We’ve found a position that we think is ideal for an employee with your-- temperament.” “Such as...?” Ashley inquired curtly, suddenly on edge. Mr. Milken touched a button on his desk. “I think Ms. Simmons can explain better than I can,” he said as the door swung open and the primly dress, stern-faced Ms. Simmons entered. Ashley studied her conservative dress and the neat bun in her hair skeptically, but Simmons coolly ignored her with a professional, almost military disdain. “This is the one I was telling you about,” he said, “can you show her the ropes, Ms. Simmons?” Only then did she turn and look Ashley over, and the impassive expression on her face suggested that she wasn’t overly impressed. “I think that can be arranged. Come along,” she said with precision, turning and moving to stand by the door. Ashley looked over at Mr. Milken for confirmation, certain that this was some sort of joke... but she was met with a smile and gesture from her boss. “Run along, Ashley,” he said dismissively, “Ms. Simmons will show you the ropes.” Uncertainly, she rose from her seat and made her way over to Simmons, standing before her awkwardly. “Er... So, I guess...?” But Ms. Simmons was in no mood for dallying. “Come along,” she said quickly, snatching Ashley by the hand and dragging her out of Mr. Milken’s office and into the larger work area beyond. “Hey! What’re you, nuts?! Let go of me!” Ashley whispered angrily, praying no one would notice as she struggled and failing to disengage herself from Simmons. “Silence!” Ms. Simmons demanded, landing a hard, open handed swat to the seat of Ashley’s tight skirt, the noisy POP of her palm drawing some stares, and even a few giggles. “OW!” Ashley complained, reaching back to rub her tingling backside, hobbling along behind Simmons all the way to the elevator. She pushed the button and ushered Ashley inside. “I think you’ll find things will be quite... different for you from now on,” she said with subtle glee, pushing the button for the basement. Looks like Ashley is on her way back to daycare-- should it be a fully mechanized, futuristic, automated nursery, or do you prefer the human touch of the old fashioned kind of nursery? The nursery should be fully mechanized and automatic It should be an old fashioned adult nursery staffed by people Click here to vote Check out Babes In Diapers for more great stuff
  4. Just a bump to let you guys know I've posted some more responses to this on my blog. I did something a bit different this time-- all the answers are from one respondent, who claims to be a 40 year old woman placed on permanent diaper discipline by her family. Read all about it here, and if you're female and you haven't taken the poll yet, just click here-- it's free, fun, and anonymous.
  5. With this story returning from a brief hiatus on my Patreon, I thought it was time to resurrect this preview. This is ongoing serial that you can follow on my Patreon for just $5 a month, along with a bunch of other cool stuff you can read about here.. However, I've also tried to make this stand on it's own as much as possible so it can be read independent from the rest of the story and still be satisfying. On the outside, Karen was as cool and elegant as you’d expect—not even 30 yet and already head of her department, she radiated confidence and composure, striding across the parking lot toward her apartment like a model stalking the catwalk. Her dark suit immaculate, platinum blonde hair hanging stylishly around her shoulders, icy blue eyes hidden beneath elegant Versace sunglasses, she was the picture of modern, professional confidence. Pulling her overcoat around herself against the cold air, she strode purposefully toward the elevator—just another white collar drone, on her way home for a hot bath and maybe a little wine to take the edge off after a hard day. You would never know to look that, on the inside, a raging, burning inferno was bubbling away inside of her; a red-hot furnace boiling, radiating heat within her; she popped a sweat, feeling her bowels beginning to contract… and her colon beginning to fill. The urge to poop was rising inside her… as it did, she found her thoughts drifting toward naughty things—messy things. She scolded herself, trying to shove those thoughts aside, even as her pussy began to moisten, getting damper the longer her desperation continued. She couldn’t have another accident, she just couldn’t! Her mind drifted back to what had happened the last time—what Julie, her roommate had done to her, and what she’d said when it was over. “This is just the beginning, young lady!” she’d told the sobbing Karen, who stood with her nose in the corner, nude, her bare ass (freshly wiped and scrubbed clean) bright red and blazing. “The next time I see so much as a skid-mark in those panties you’re going to be a very sorry little girl!” The words rang now inside her memory, bringing dread and making her even hornier; she pulled into her space in the garage of her building, literally the last leg of her journey before she could sit on the toilet in her own apartment. Exiting the car, she locked and beat a quick path toward the elevators… at least, as quickly as she could while gripping her bottom with all her might. Karen began tapping the call button, her colon becoming uncomfortably full. She couldn’t help passing gas loudly. Blush, she discreetly checked around, praying that nobody heard her. The elevator arrived and she hopped on board quickly, frantically hitting the button for the eighth floor. The doors shut and the elevator lurched to life. Karen squeezed her buns and clenched her anus, rubbing her thighs back and forth. In spite of her desperation, the awful, uncomfortable time-bomb ticking down inside her, she was becoming more aroused—and more desperate-- by the second. She couldn’t stop from reaching down and massaging herself through the front of her pants. She pictured Julie in her mind, her beautiful, angry face as she lectured sternly: “What’s this?! Did you mess yourself again?!” Karen turned red, imagining the taunts and insults she both dreaded and craved so much. She farted again, a deep, noisy rumbling in the confined space of the elevator. Karen blushed furiously as the stench emerged, making her rub herself even harder through the front of her slacks. The elevator crawled toward her destination, Karen’s desperation and arousal increasing with each second that slowly trickled by. She imagined Julie’s voice in her ear: “How could you, Karen?! After promising we weren’t going to have to go through this again? You’re going to get it now!” Her insides gurgled—the weight in her colon increased. Karen had reached the limits of her resistance; she wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out. Or if she even wanted to—she was rubbing herself furiously, imagining how it would feel to just let go—to relieve herself of her burden—to feel that blessed lightness in her colon and the hot, heavy weight in her pants… The warm, messy load exploded into the seat of her panties with a thick, sloppy farting sound, the seat of her slacks (a bit baggy around her well-sculpted rear-end) inflating like a balloon. She let out a gasp, filled with conflicting feelings of shame and arousal, fear and relief, and not fully sure if it had really been an accident or on purpose. She was really working her fingers now, rubbing her pussy through her pants with abandon, the gooey load in her underwear wobbling and rubbing against her with every move... Her orgasm left her gasping for air. “Where have you been?” Julie appeared from nowhere as soon as the door opened, like she’d been waiting. “I’ve been calling you! Why didn’t you answer your phone?” She demanded, like the exasperated mother of a dawdling second grader. “I had a late meeting,” Karen explained quickly, shutting the door behind her. “I had to turn it off—I guess I just forgot to switch it back on.” She thought she saw Julie’s nose twitching suspiciously. Karen’s heart raced in her chest, a cold prickle of fear spreading out from her stomach across her entire body. She was vividly aware of the hot, mushy load in the seat of her pants; Karen tried her best to avoid eye contact as she slunk past Julie, hoping she could get to the bathroom before she noticed anything— “Just a minute young lady!” she heard Julie order sternly behind her. Karen froze her heart pounding. She knew she should just ignore her and continues on—Julie was younger than her after all, and she didn’t work or even pay any rent—what right did she have to push me around? Karen thought. But as always, there was something in the girl’s voice, some steely determination, some preternatural authority that halted her in place with a big, sloppy dump in her pants, frightened to death of a girl nearly ten years younger than her. “What’s that smell?” Julie demanded, hands on hips. “I-it’s nothing,” Karen answered hesitantly. “Doesn’t smell like nothing,” Julie countered, sniffing the air sharply. “Did you have another accident?” “No!” Karen denied hotly. “I—I just farted,” she said with a blush. “Well, it sure smells like you took a dump—are you sure you didn’t shart?” she asked, this little girl, not even out of her teens yet, like she was Karen’s mother or something. “No, I just have to go to the bathroom,” Karen said, dismayed by how whiny she sounded. Julie eyed her for a long moment. “Get that coat off,” she demanded suddenly, her voice so cold and serious there was no need to ask if she was kidding. “Julie… please…”The coat was long, almost to the floor, and quite thick. It was doing a good job of containing the smell so far, but she knew if she took it off there would be no doubt that she’d had another accident—if it was even an accident at all, she reminded herself shamefully. “You heard me—get that coat off. Get undressed,” Julie demanded forcefully. “I really have to go!” Karen pleaded. “Smells like you already did,” Julie said softly and sternly, like she knew what she was going to find. Karen tried to think of an answer, but Julie was on her in a flash, taking the jacket by the collar and yanking it off her slender body. Karen turned bright red as the stench enveloped them. Not only that, the seat of her were pants comically inflated and lumpy, like someone had dumped a bucket of mud and golf balls down the back of her pants. “Hey! Julie!” She cried helplessly. “Get off of me! You can’t just…” But she wasn’t even listening… she was too busy checking out Karen’s big accident. “Just as I thought,” she murmured to herself, prodding the saggy load in her pants with her finger. “You shit yourself—again,” she said simply, but with an edge to it, both to remind her it wasn’t the first time, and of the consequences that she’d faced in the past—and likely faced now.. “Get these pants off,” she ordered, tugging them down to Karen’s knees, exposing her messy, loaded panties. “Just as I thought, you little liar,” she scolded, slapping Karen’s bare thigh. “Another pair of panties you’ve ruined, Karen—aren’t you ashamed?” She’d be hard pressed to say that she wasn’t. This situation would have been embarrassing if it had been the first time Julie had caught her in poopy pants. That it wasn’t the first time made it humiliating. But knowing what was coming next—to the point of knowing exactly what Julie’s next words were going to be? That was what made it mortifying. “You know what’s going to happen now, right?” Karen felt Julie’s eyes on her, boring through her. “Julie—don’t…” she said weakly. She wouldn’t bother protesting what was coming too hard. Not only was it inevitable… but because on some level she wanted it. “I’m not doing anything, Karen,” Julie said simply, taking her pants completely off now. “You did it to yourself. You know what happens when you poop yourself, yet you still managed to mess your pants again—for about the tenth time since I’ve known you! I’m supposed to let you just toddle around our apartment making messes for me to find? I don’t think so, young lady. C’mon—get that little bottom of yours into the bathroom. Let’s clean you up.” She took Karen’s hand and pulled her along to the bathroom, Karen trailing behind her, pouting all the way, waddling to keep up in her loaded panties. Each step mushed the load in her pants a little further, her bottom getting increasingly smeared. “It hasn’t been ten times,” she pouted lamely. Julie snorted. “And tell me, Karen: exactly what is the acceptable number of times a person your age is allowed to shit themselves?” She laughed in Karen’s pouting, blushing face. “You better get your stinky pants in there, missy—unless you want a paddling?” Karen did not; blushing impotently, she allowed Julie to lead her to the bathroom by the hand, waddling behind her like a little girl trailing after her big sister, her panties bulging, filled to the brim with a stinky load. “I’m so disappointed in you, young lady,” Julie lectured sternly. “You told me you were going to try to control yourself from now on—do you like walking around in shitty underpants? Or do you think I enjoy cleaning off your poopy rear end, Karen?” Karen just sulked and said nothing—because what could she say? This had become a regular scene, and she knew that, despite her lecturing, Julie did enjoy it. In the bathroom she was stripped completely, her poopy panties peeled off her smooth backside and discarded into the trash. Blushing, her tightly toned buttocks caked in gooey mush, Karen allowed Julie to herd her into the shower for a full rinse down, followed by a thorough cleaning with a soapy washcloth. “Nice and clean,” Julie cooed sweetly. “For now, anyway,” she added archly, making Karen blush. “Let’s go—c’mon… no dawdling,” Julie said sternly, swatting Karen’s bare, jiggling rump. Karen squealed in response, padding reluctantly down the hall, naked and shivering, Julie trailing close behind her. Entering her room, Karen held her breath. Julie already had everything laid out: her bedspread was cluttered by two large stacks of diapers (cloth and disposable) , powder, oil, lotion, and various stuffed animals, all laid out around the plastic changing mat with the care and precision of a religious ceremony-- all waiting to be deployed at Julie’s discretion. She moved around Karen’s side to stand near the foot of the bed. She pointed to the plastic changing sheet and fixed Karen with a steely gaze. “Butt. Here. Now, young lady,” she demanded with absolute, icy control. Her face ablaze with embarrassment, Karen slowly came over and lowered her rump to the mattress submissively, not wanting to incur Julie’s wrath and possibly earn herself a spanking. “That’s a girl,” Julie whispered sweetly, filling one of her palms with lotion before rubbing them together. “Lay still—I’ll take care of everything from here on in.” Karen squealed when the cool lotion first made contact with her warm, supple skin, but she adjusted to the sensation, and soon she was fighting the urge to squirm. She closed her eyes and shuddered when Julie reached beneath her to kneed and massage her buns till they glistened. “Julie… please…” “Please what?” she demanded in a husky whisper, massaging her neither regions like a pro and quickly bringing Karen toward climax again. “Come on… tell me. Please what?” Karen gurgled in response. She was no longer sure herself whether she was pleading for an end to her humiliation… or an for orgasm because of it. She closed her eyes and groaned, squirming and grinding her hips in response, until the rubbing was all she could focus on… Suddenly, the hands were gone, and Karen cried out in frustration. She squawked as her ankles were lifted, her jiggling rump exposed to the room momentarily before it was lowered again. She flushed and felt dizzy as her tushy came into contact with the heavily padded disposable diaper, as thick as a pillow. Julie tugged it up tightly between her thighs. “Nice and snug; so you don’t leak everywhere!” Julie chirped cheerfully, rubbing the front of the diaper and making Karen’s eyes roll back in shame and desperate, aching arousal. Karen found herself begging once more in a pleading, whiny, little girl voice: “No more…” she husked, on the verge of tears. “This is just the beginning,” Julie promised, shoving a pacifier into Karen’s mouth. She pouted, but accepted the rubber nipple into her mouth and sucked slowly, trying to sooth her frayed nerves. She groaned, but the rubbing abruptly ceased, and Karen looked up to watch Julie go through her Special Trunk she kept at the foot of the bed… picking out an outfit for Karen to wear. Karen lay on the bed, sucking her pacifier and trying to catch her breath. Julie turned back toward her with an armload of ruffles and frills and bows, grinning gleefully. She took immense pleasure in dressing Karen up like an oversized Betsy Wetsy doll, and she’d learned to just go along with it—because the alternative was usually a hard, bare bottom spanking, followed by Julie forcing the clothes on her in spite of her sobbing protests. A pair of rubber panties were drawn up over her legs and pulled snugly into place over her diaper, followed by a frilly cloth diaper cover. A matching dress was pulled over her head and smoothed out against her body; she scowled from behind her pacifier. “You’re so cute!” said Julie, kissing her forehead tenderly. “I know we’re going to have so much fun this weekend!” Karen groaned in response, shuddering, her mind drifting back into the past even as she dreaded the delightful torments she had to look forward to over the next couple of days. Read the rest on Patreon
  6. Parker Longabaugh

    Miley Gets Regressed (Season One Finale Added Apr. 6)

    Hey guys, Like it says in the title, I'm taking advantage of a natural break in the story to call this the end of season one. The story will return, (I've still got a definitive ending in mind) I'm just going to take a break to work on our Office Hottie story (read about that one here), after which I'll return to this one. If you've been enjoying the story and you're looking forward to more, don't forget to leave a comment, and don't forget to take the poll and let us know if you like the story. And speaking of our Office Hottie, members of the Audience Participation tier can click here to vote in the next poll. “Come here and give me a great, big kiss,” Trixie said, grinning as she leaned in to plant a sloppy wet smooch on Miley’s lips. With Trixie’s hand still at her throat, Miley was pinned in place against the wall of the crib and had little choice but to lay there and accept her roommate’s warm soft lips against her own. She stiffened at first, shocked by the strange turn of events… But quickly enough, she found herself leaning into it-- Trixie was an excellent kisser, and Miley was surprised to find herself enjoying this genuinely sweet moment. Miley relaxed, feeling Trixie’s steely fingers unwrap from around her neck and began firmly squeezing her breasts through the fabric of her onsie. Pulling their lips apart with a wet smack, Trixie leaned in close, and Miley felt her breath, hot and warm and wet in her ear. “Squeeze my ass,” she commanded in a husky whisper, wiggling her thickly pampered bottom in the air behind her. Miley only hesitated for a brief moment before sliding her hand down Trixie’s crinkly, padded diaper and began to softly kneed and pat her buttocks through the thick plastic. Trixie groaned and pressed her lips against Miley’s, her soft pink tongue flicking into her mouth. The pop princess let out an excited little groan, beginning to give herself over to the pleasure of the moment. Miley squeezed and stroked Trixie’s pampered bottom, losing herself in the moment. She became vaguely aware that Trixie seemed to be tensing her body, grunting softly to herself. The sound of Trixie’s fart was like a machine gun in the close confines of the crib. Miley gave a startled little jump when the sound emerged, then felt a wave of disgust when she felt the seat of Trixie’s diaper vibrating violently under her groping fingers. “Eeww!” Miley cried, pulling away her hands. But Trixie just laughed, kissing her roughly before leaning in close to her ear and whispering: “Hey, you better get used to it… I always get the runs after I eat here, and I’m not the only one. In fact,” she said with a little laugh, leaning in to kiss her sweetly, “I suspect you’re probably getting a bit of a rumbly tummy yourself, am I right?” Blushing, Miley glance away, ashamed. She hated to admit it, but since she’d finished lunch, she’d been feeling uncomfortably full, and she was aware that her guts were beginning to percolate a bit inside her… getting noisier and more insistent the more time went by. She thought back to what Ava had told her about the food… she had hoped it was just an exaggeration, but... She didn’t get a chance to ponder the situation any further. Seizing her strongly by the shoulders, Trixie pulled Miley close, turned her around and slammed her roughly to the mattress, leaving her staring up at the ceiling, dazed but unhurt. Trixie slid herself into position on top of her, settling her plushly padded bottom onto Miley’s pelvis and immobilizing the pop princess against the mattress with the weight of her body. Miley struggled feebly, attempting to wrestle Trixie off of her. The giggling blonde bully simply seized her wrists and pinned ythem on the mattress next to her head. “Now I’ve got you,” Trixie purred, bending down to plant a quick kiss on her victim’s lips. Miley felt the bigger girl tighten her body and grunting softly to herself. Her straining was rewarded with a fat fart, a noisy blast that rumbled the front of Miley’s diapers. Horrified, the pop princess tried vainly to squirm away, but was easily held in place by Trixie, who ignored her struggles to emit a sigh of relief. “Mmmm… I told you,” she said, bending down and sealing her mouth around the struggling Miley’s lips, muffling her protests. “That slop always gives me the runs… uuuhhhh...”Trixie trailed off, grunting and straining to herself once more, her pussy moistening at the sensation of Miley struggling beneath her… Miley’s struggles increased when a disgustingly wet, gassy explosion emerged from within Trixie’s pampers, accompanied by a hot, gooey mess spattering against the padded seat. The wincing Miley could feel the rumble and splatter of thick, mushy poo-poo through the front of her own diapers. “Eeewww!” she cried, struggling to escape. But Trixie was able to subdue her with ease, pinning Miley to the mattress even as she continued grunting and straining softly, her efforts rewarded with a sustained gassy squishing noise, the seat of her diaper and inflating behind her. “Mmmm,” she murmured softly to herself, topping it off by pissing her diaper with a long, slow hiss. Soon she was done, and Trixie plopped herself down on the front of her diaper with a wet, sloppy squish. Miley was squirming and fighting with all her might, but her skinny body was no match for Trixie’s strength. “Oh God! That’s so gross!” Miley said, gagging as Trixie’s wet and messy pamper squished against her. An earthy stench began to envelope them, making Miley struggle even harder. “Now I think it’s your turn,” Trixie said, flashing her a predatory smile as she bent down and started kissing her again. Against her will, Miley found herself getting aroused once more. “I know you’ve probably got a great big load brewing in there,” she whispered softly. Trixie gathered Miley’s wrists into one hand, then slid the other one down her body, slowly, softly, until it came to rest on her abdomen, still bloated after lunch. Miley began to sweat, still struggling in vain to escape as Trixie giggled, kissing her while simultaneously applying pressure to her tummy. “Oh yes… I know you’ve got a hot, steamy mess just waiting to come dumping out into that little diaper of yours,” Trixie said, her voice a husky whisper. Her probing was beginning to work now, Miley sweating nervously as her bowels kicked into overdrive inside of her. She opened her mouth to protest, but found herself responding to Trixie’s taunts by way of a rumbling fart instead. Miley gasped and blushed, but Trixie just laughed and kissed her aggressively, her tongue probing the pop princess’ vulnerable mouth. “Uh oh! I knew it! Somebody’s got a big, messy explosion building up inside her, doesn’t she?” Trixie giggled sadistically, kissing Miley’s cheeks and nuzzling her neck, even as she continued to press and rub her tummy, feeling her guts gurgling and rumbling in response. A sharp cramp pinched at her bowels, and Miley cringed when she heard herself fart once more… even more so when she detected a, slick, gooey wetness between her butt cheeks and realized, her face going red, that she’d just passed a bit more than gas. “OOOooo yeah,” Trixie giggled, rubbing herself up against her squirming roommate, kissing her cheeks and neck. “That sounded like a wet one! Come on, baby sister-- make a nice big mess for me in your little pampers!” “You’re sick!” Miley squealed, wincing, Trixie’s rubbing wreaking havoc on her aching bowels. She knew she was quickly reaching the limits of her control. But most humiliating of all was the realization that the situation was making her pussy all hot and wet inside her diaper. At last, the pop star could control herself no longer. A massive cramp squeezed her stomach, and Miley’s eyes widened, locking onto Trixie’s grinning face as she loudly lost control of her bowels, a hot load of gooey brown poo-poo gushing out of her backside and filling the seat of her diaper. “That’s it babykins… make a nice, muddy mess in your pampers for big sis,” Trixie encouraged, moving her hand down between Miley’s legs so she could press and rub the thick, crinkly plastic against the squirming pop princess’ pussy. “Uuuhhhuuhh!” Miley grunted, relieved and horrified in equal measure. The thick, mushy mess flowed out of her uncontrollably, her adorable little anus providing absolutely no resistance. Each cramp brought with it another surge of hot, brown poopy, accompanied by embarrassing farts and nauseating squishes and spatters, the seat of her diaper inflating and turning brown beneath her. She shivered and cringed, her rump instantly becoming smeared in a thick, goopy coating of runny diarrhea. “Oh my god, that’s so sexy!” Trixie exclaimed, bending down to kiss her roommate passionately, even as one final ushy-gushy load came roaring out of her, erupting from her backside with an utterly nasty, fart laden spatter. “Get those muddy buns over here and give me a kiss!” she demanded lustily, not waiting for a response before she planted a smoldering smooch on her companion’s lips. Miley found herself responding enthusiastically, her pussy sopping wet. Trixie released her wrists, and Miley shuddered with pleasure as her roommate explored her body with her hands, even as she felt the hot, mushy load in her diaper squishing between her wriggling buns and the mattress beneath her. Aggressively, Trixie rubbed the front of her diaper against Miley’s. The pop princess groaned, spread her legs and strained softly to herself, her efforts rewarded with a long, satisfying hiss of urine. Breaking the kiss, Trixie gazed at Miley with starry eyes. “Oh my God… please, Miley, you’ve just got to squeeze my ass!” She begged, wiggling the darkened seat of her stained and dirty diaper in the air behind her. Slowly, reluctantly at first, Mley reached around to give the bulging, messy seat of Trixie’s diaper a tentative squeeze, making her roommate shiver and writhe with pleasure in response, bending down to plant a hot, wet kiss on the smaller girl’s lips, still working her fingers against the front of her diaper... which encouraged Miley to squeeze and rub Trixie’s backside with greater enthusiasm, until she was happily squeezing and kneading the load against her roommate’s firm, rounded buttocks, Trixie growing more aroused by the second. At last the pair exploded into an almost simultaneous orgasm that left them panting and drained on the mattress, their diapers all squishy and stinky behind them. End Of Season One How Did You Enjoy Season One Of Miley Gets Regressed? Click here to take the poll.
  7. I just posted another round of results on my blog, click here to check them out. Thanks to everyone who's voted so far!
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    Miley Gets Regressed (Season One Finale Added Apr. 6)

    Oops, sorry... I'm pretty busy ATM, I don't have time to proofread these as much as I usually do. The Most Embarrassing Poll Ever is still going-- if you're a female reader and you haven't taken the survey already, you can click here to share your most embarrassing fantasies. It's free, it's fun, and it's totally anonymous. Look for more results later this week! Remember guys-- this one's for the ladies only! As always, if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, don't forget to click here to take the poll and help determine what happens next in the story. If you're not eligible to vote, we'd still love to hear your opinion... let us know what you think should happen next in the comments. Nurse Diane returned quickly, depositing a huge, steaming bowl of lumpy, colorless oatmeal onto the tray in front of Miley. She inspected it, her upturned nose crinkling in distaste. It didn’t look very palatable to the spoiled songstress… especially considering what Ava had just told her. The nurse watched her charge turn up her nose at the meal with a smile. She hoped Miley would be foolish enough to refuse, leading to another punishment. She’d already lived out her fantasy of giving Miley a spanking on the seat of her poopy pampers-- Diane hoped she could also dole one out on the little brat’s bare bottom as well. “Open wide, dearie,” she smirked, spooning up a heaping portion and bringing it up to Miley’s lips. At first, she sealed her mouth tightly and started to refuse… but after a look of warning from Ava in the next high-chair (who obediently opened her mouth and accepted her first spoonful), Miley changed her mind and reluctantly opened her mouth, taking in the first mouthful of oatmeal. Though it wasn’t exactly bad, it was exactly as bland and gritty as it looked… Miley dutifully swallowed, then opened her mouth to accept another bite. “That’s a good girl,” Diane said smoothly, bringing another spoonful to Miley’s lips. “Open wide for the air plane!” she sang, pushing the spoon between Miley’s lips, smearing her chin and overfilling her mouth in the process. Her cheeks puffing out like a chipmunk as she struggled to choke down the oatmeal. She’d hardly managed to finish before another bite was pushed into her mouth, and before she’d even had time to think, the bowl was half finished. Miley shifted into a steady rhythm of chewing and swallowing, her lips and chin getting smeared and gooey in the process. The heavy oatmeal quickly filled her tummy, and soon Miley was beginning to feel quite stuffed, and apparently she wasn’t the only one… as lunch went on, she was treated to the sounds of more than one of her fellow students belching or farting loudly, apparently uncontrollably. The girl sitting next to her actually lifted herself in her highchair and noisily messed diaper, accompanied by much grunting, farting and squishing… much to the amusement of her nurse, who fanned her face and teased her charge before forcing her to choke down the rest of her lunch with a smelly, mushy load in her pampers. At last, Miley forced down the last of the oatmeal, following it up with a big belch. Her belly was full to the point of bursting, and she was happy to be done… but her heart sank when Diane stood up, picking up her bowl and heading back to the kitchen. “Hope you saved room for dessert!” she said, drawing a groan from Miley in return. Moments later, Miley found herself desperately trying to finish off a big dish of chocolate pudding. Nurse Diane happily spooned up one massive helping after the other and pushed it home with a delighted grin, watching Miley’s face get messier as the bowl got emptier. “That’s a good girl! Oh, you’re doing so well! I know someone who’s going to have a very messy diaper this afternoon,” Diane said with a mischievous gleam in her eye. The oatmeal had been specially designed to absorb moisture and expand in the bowels, while the pudding contained a potent laxative to help speed things along. Together, they caused urgent, mushy BM shortly after eating… or sometimes even during. Unknown to Miley, each bite was bringing her closer and closer to another diaper bulging with poop… Diane grinned at the thought as she pushed another spoonful of pudding into the unsuspecting pop princess’ mouth. At last the meal concluded, and the burps and farts were coming thick and fast. Even Miley emitted a roaring belch after her last bits, and she sat back, rubbing her tummy, nervously noting the way her stuffed belly gurgled and grumbled. “Nap time,” Nurse Diane declared, helping her back into the stroller, and as the “older” girls filed out to return to their classes, the “younger” girls were returned to their rooms. Miley groaned, but wasn’t surprised to discover that her “room” was actually just another nursery with a changing table and a crib she soon found herself deposited into. It was easily large enough for two people… a fact confirmed when Trixie was rolled into the room in a stroller of her own and was placed on the mattress next to Miley, glaring at her the whole time. The nurses raised the bars and locked them into place. “Nighty night, cuties!” Diane said sweetly, shutting off the lights as they exited… leaving them alone. Miley watched the scowling Trixie apprehensively, backing away from her slowly. “Now Trixie… let’s not be rash,” Miley gulped, literally backing herself into a corner. “Shut up!” Trixie spat, slapping her face with an open palm and drawing a shocked gasp from the startled songstress. Her cheek was stinging, and Miley was blinking away tears… but she hardly had time to react before Trixie was on her, striking her across the face once more before wrapping strong, skinny fingers around the trembling Miley’s neck. “You little bitch!” She growled, squeezing Miley’s throat and getting in her face. “It’s all your fault I’m back on diaper duty! You got me into this, so you’d better start thinking of ways to keep me happy, ‘roomie,’ or else I’m going to make your life a living hell.” She grinned, and the sight was so intimidating Miley felt her diaper go soggy and warm between her legs. “Starting with...” What should Trixie do to Miley? Make Miley mess her diaper, then spank her Sit on Miley’s face and mess her diaper Force Miley into a messy diaper make-out session Show Miley mercy… this time Click here to take the poll now! Babes In Diapers
  9. Huge thanks to all the ladies who were brave enough to respond! Click here to check out the first round of results. If you are a woman and you haven't taken the poll yet, please consider stopping by and telling us a bit about your most embarrassing fantasies and experiences: it's free, fun, and totally anonymous.
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    Big Daddy (Patreon preview)

    Hey everyone, Thanks to everyone who's been reading and commenting on my Miley story. I'm going to start work on the next chapter of that shortly, but first I wanted to share with you a quick preview of my new serial on Patreon. In this story, you will see a group of beautiful young women regressed into simpering Adult Babyhood by a powerful and mysterious figure with abilities beyond those of an ordinary human. This story and others can be found exclusively on Patreon for just a $5 pledge. Lynn On the final day of her adulthood, Lynn got up early as usual. After bathing and dressing, she called her maid, Karla, into the kitchen to deliver her instructions for the day, which were the same as always, except for her request to ready three additional bedrooms for their guests, who would likely be arriving the following morning. She drank her coffee and ate her breakfast, as usual, then sat in the garden for a spell, like she generally did after a meal. In the afternoon, she paid the bills and made sure Karla’s pay cheque was deposited. They were general, menial household tasks...but everything had an air of finality to it-- after all, after that night, Lynn would never have to pay bills or worry about maintaining a household ever again. At dusk, she checked her e-mail, finding a message from her sister, and a nervous knot began forming in the pit of her stomach when she clicked on it: Hey Lynn! Thanks again for the invite! I’m really looking forward to seeing this new house of yours! Beth and Jasmine are dying to meet you (Jasmine is an especially big fan of your books!) We’ve got a ton of catching up to do... got some pretty Major Gossip for you, especially involving a certain someone and a certain other someone that I know you’re just going to die when you hear! We’ll probably be there the day after tomorrow, give or take -- the girls and I are are going to stop and see some of the sites, but we shouldn’t be that long, so get the champagne on ice for us! Over and out, commander, Jenna Lynn wrote a quick response, her fingers trembling. The final piece was in place... It was up to her now to find the courage and resolve to follow through on the pact she had made. She helped herself to a couple of martinis to steady her nerves. Although she felt anxious about what was about to happen, she was absolutely at peace with her decision. Finally, she decided she could put it off no longer. Lynn went into her bedroom and dressed herself in a set of clingy, black lingerie. She did her hair and touched up her make-up. Part of her knew it was silly... that her appearance didn’t really matter to him... but she couldn’t help it, and besides, she needed to find some way to fill the time. At last, she was finished, looking as beautiful as a centerfold when she stood before the full length mirror on the wall. She couldn’t stop herself from running her hands over her body lightly, fantasizing about what the next few minutes were going to bring. Standing on the threshold of a new life, she took a deep breath and spoke the words that were going to change everything forever: “Big Daddy,” she said into the mirror, slowly and seriously.”Big Daddy,” she said a second time, enunciating the words carefully. She took a deep breath, summoning the will to do what needed to be done.: “Big... Daddy,” she said, slowly but surely, looking at herself in the mirror, but also looking past it, looking deep into the background, searching for signs as she forced the words out. Instantly, the atmosphere in the room changed, seeming to become darker... warmer than before. And then, he was behind her. He leaned in close, wrapping his arms around her waist. She felt him press himself against her and her heart throbbed excitedly, her body filling with feelings of pure love and affection. But she held herself rigid, and she couldn’t force herself to look him in the eye. She cursed herself and her weakness... she had fantasized and worked towards this night for weeks... now that it was here, she was plagued by a nervous, girlish fear. But she forced herself to see it through... because she knew it was what she truly wanted. “Did you do as I asked?” He said, his voice soft, but deep, filling the room though he seemed to speak no louder than a whisper. “Yes, Daddy,” she said in response, as strongly as she could. It seemed absurd to try and assert her womanhood to him, now, at the last moment, but she couldn’t help wanting to seem strong... wanting him to be proud of her. “And your sister-- is she coming?” he asked, kissing the back of her neck and making her shudder in ecstasy. “Yes, Daddy,” she whispered. His touch was electric on her body. “She’ll be here in a couple of days.” “And is she bringing her... companions?” he asked, slowly sliding his hands up her body to cup her breasts firmly. “Yes, Daddy,” she murmured, swaying softly against him, her eyes falling shut. “Two of them.” “Good girl,” he said, and kissed her again softly. “Are you prepared?” “Y-yes, Daddy,” she responded, hating the quiver in her voice. “Are you frightened?” He asked softly, his voice filling her with warmth. “...Yes, Daddy,” she admitted, softly, and for a moment Lynn thought she might burst into tears. She so desperately wanted to be brave for him. “Don’t be,” he said, his voice warm and firm. He took her by the hips and turned her slowly, until she was facing him. Still she found herself unable to look into his eyes, and she stared into his chest, trembling. “You’re under my care, now,” he said, tucking a finger under her chin and tilting her head back to gaze into her eyes, and Lynn was transfixed, pinned in place by his steely gaze. “And my protection.” He bent down and kissed her, and Lynn felt her tension melt away, her body turning to putty in his arms. She felt his hands trail down her back and come to rest on her backside, and he began to firmly squeeze and kneed her buttocks through the thin fabric of her lacy panties. She groaned and pressed herself against him, giving herself over to him utterly. Daddy gave her panties a little tug, and they landed about her feet in a silky puddle. Her top came next, and the next thing Lynn knew, she was standing before him bare naked. Oddly, she felt not shame or embarrassment, but pleasure... she was proud of her body, and she was more than eager to show it to him. He scooped her up and pressed her against his chest. Daddy was tall and broad, and when he held her like this it was like she was being carried by a giant... or like she was a baby, being carried off by her daddy to have her diaper changed. He laid her out neatly on the bed, Lynn sinking into the mattress with a sigh... she couldn’t have moved now if she wanted to. He set his big diaper bag down beside him (where did he get that? She asked herself idly, wondering if he’d had it with him the whole time.) Reaching inside, he produced a container of powder, and a bottle of cream... Lynn writhed on her back at the idea of the pleasure that awaited in her not too distant future... but it was the sight of the diaper, thick, puffy, crinkly, printed with cute little animals just like a baby diaper, that made her break into a wide, sexy grin and stick her thumb in her mouth to suck on contentedly. Instinctively, she bent her knees and drew them up into the air, spreading her thighs as far as they would go to present herself to him as fully as possible, breaking out in a sly grin. Daddy took hold of her ankles, easily lifting her backside clear of the bed and slipping the thick, crinkly pamper under her quivering backside with ease, the whole time sucking her thumb in a steady rhythm. Lynn sighed as her tushy was lowered to it’s soft surface, a sensation at once alien and strangely familiar. He squirted the lotion into his hand and warmed it between his palms before gently rubbing it into her hot, plump pussy. Sighing in response, Lynn smirked lazily, utterly content (and starting to get more than a little horny.) She parted her thighs, proudly displaying her glistening privates to him-- but Daddy wasn’t distracted... he lifted her legs into the air, exposing the smooth, rounded mounds of her buns. She gasped sharply, shivering, the cream soothing and cool against her backside. Lynn sighed, enjoying the sensation of having Daddy deliver a massage to her soft, womanly booty. She entered into a strange state of being utterly relaxed and desperately aroused, and as she sucked her thumb she couldn’t help the feeling that she was drifting slowly back into childhood. She became aware of the powder raining down on her, it’s scent intoxicating She shivered and writhed as he patted it into her skin, and at last she found herself sealed up in diapers like a two year old.He pulled her into a sitting position. “Just wait there a moment, precious,” he said softly, drawing a small bundle of clothes from the bag. “We’re going to get you ready for the trip.” Lynn forced herself to remain perfectly still as daddy proceeded to dress her like a doll; a simple, wispy, pink baby-doll nighty replaced her sexy sophisticated lingerie, and under her chin he tied a matching bonnet with white lace. He produced a pair of woolen booties, taking a moment to tickle her little bare feet before her slipped them on and tied them in place. A pair of frilly bloomers with a set of lacy frills across the seat came last, drawn up over her legs and tugged into place over the bulging seat of her diaper. “There we go,” He said, grinning down at her. Lynn gazed up at him adoringly, almost drunk with pleasure. She reached out excitedly when he bent down to pick her up, pulling her close to rest her against his hip. She clung tightly to his neck, her heart pounding in her chest, feeling just like a real baby in his arms. He carried her over to the mirror, standing before it and gesturing to their reflections. “See how cute you look, honey,” he smiled, angling her towards the mirror so she could get a better look. Lynn stared at her reflection, her cheeks getting redder when she saw what remained of the fashionable young woman who had stood there only moment before. Overcome with a wave of embarrassment, she buried her face in his shoulder, making him chuckle. “OK, sweetie,” he said, his deep voice rolling over her. “Time to go.” He stepped into the frame, the reflective surface parting to accommodate their passage before rippling closed behind them, leaving absolutely no trace behind. Chapter Two Babes In Diapers
  11. Women of the ABDL community: Click here if you’ve got the courage to share your most mortifying ABDL fantasies and experiences! The results will be provided for people to look at, but remember boys– THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS ONLY!
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    Miley Gets Regressed (Season One Finale Added Apr. 6)

    Thanks to everyone who's hit like and left a comment so far. Today's installment will be a little bit different: because we're going with the two most popular picks on the poll, I want to make sure we get a wide enough sample group: therefore, just this one time, I'm opening the polls to everyone who pledges $5 or more on Patreon-- click here to vote, and if you're enjoying the story, be sure to let me know in the comments. “You know,” said Ms. Smythe, lifting Trixie’s legs high in the air to expose her plump, womanly bottom, “I think we have the perfect candidate for your roommate right here-- don’t we, sweetie?” She emphasized her point by rubbing a large dollop of lotion into the soft flesh of her buttocks, making Trixie squirm in place, blushing at the infantile treatment. Now Miley wasn’t feeling so cocky anymore… She had yet to see Trixie’s bullying skills in action, but watching the girl blush and fume as the head matron thoroughly massaged the lotion in to her tushy, Miley knew she wasn’t going to be on her good side. “Yes, I think that’s the perfect solution to this little problem,” Alice said, lovingly greasing each of Trixie’s buns before smearing another large dollop up into her butt-crack, paying close attention to the pucker of her anus. “I think you two have a great deal to learn from each other indeed!” Trixie turned her head to glare daggers in Miley’s direction, pure hate and humiliation radiating from her brightly blushing face. Now it was Miley’s turn to squirm in discomfort, and she realized that a message was definitely being sent her way… I’m going to do everything in my power to make your life a living hell. “Just think of how close the two of you are going to become,” said Ms. Smythe, hefting Trixie’s ankles just a little higher so she could slip a puffy white diaper beneath her shiny pink backside. “I bet you’ll be as thick as thieves in no time!” the head matron gushed, powering Trixie’s hiney and patting it in before lowering her bottom into the seat of the diaper and repeating the process on her bare pussy. “Why, you two will probably be like sisters by the end of the week!” Trixie fixed Miley with a stony glare… the cowering pop star cringed, all her enjoyment of the situation suddenly drained away. In no time, the diaper was pulled up tightly between Trixie’s legs and she was sealed in tight. She emitted a disappointed groan and pounded the floor with her fist… but Ms. Smythe didn’t give her any time to feel sorry for herself. She pulled Trixie to her feet, leaving the girl to blushingly cover her breasts by crossing her arms. “Come along young lady; let’s go find you something to wear,” Ms. Smythe took her by the hand and began dragging her from the room in nothing but a diaper… much to Trixie’s dismay. “As for you,” she said to Miley over her shoulder as they left, “I believe it’s time for lunch, I’m sure nurse Diane will make sure you find your way there.” The aromas of lunch cooking filled the hallway on the way to the dining room. In spite of everything she’d gone through that day, Miley found her mouth watering and her stomach rumbling. Even though she knew there was almost certainly some sort of catch, she couldn’t deny that she was looking forward to getting some food into her belly. The cafeteria was pretty much what Miley had expected: continuing the theme of the facility, it looked like something you’d see in a kindergarten or preschool, but sized for much larger pupils. The walls were decorated in soft pastel pinks, blues and purples, decorated with cute cartoon animals. The room itself was divided into two sections-- one for the “older” girls, consisting of a series of tables with connected chairs, where they ate their lunches out of segmented trays, and one for the “younger” girls, comprised of a couple of rows of high chairs, where students were spoon-fed by the staff. “Looks like we got here just in time,” Diane said, finding an empty chair and helping Miley into it. “Hang tight,” she said, snapping the tray in place on the front of the chair, “and I’ll go get you some lunch, OK, babykins?” Grinning, she gave Miley’s cheek a seductive stroke and walked off without waiting for an answer, leaving the pop princess stranded in her high-chair. Placing her elbows on the tray, Miley rested her chin on her hands and exhaled dramatically-- her first day of regression training wasn’t going well, and she hadn’t even reached nap time yet. Now she’d have Trixie the bully to contend with. Miley sighed… Who knew being turned into an Adult Baby would be so complicated? “Got caught, huh?” Miley turned towards the voice and was only a little surprised to see Ava in the chair next to her. The pretty blonde flashed her a wan smile. Miley returned it, glad to see at least one friendly face. They chatted for a few moments, when suddenly Ava got a surprised and amused expression on her face as she caught sight of something. “Oh… my… God...” she said, covering her mouth to suppress a giggle. Miley turned to look, catching site of Trixie, who stood in the door blushing, tugging at the hem of a cute yellow dress that did nothing to hide her bulging puffy pampers underneath. She struggled and fought against the maid who was dragging her towards the high chairs. “Come along, young woman!” the nurse scolded, “it’s time for lunch!” “No! Please!” Trixie begged, “don’t put me back on the diarrhea diet!” “Stop being so silly!” The nurse scolded, ushering her charge into the highchair with a swat to her plushly padded backside. “Now you wait here… I’ll be right back with some yummies for you!” She cooed sweetly, heading off to get some lunch. “’Diarrhea diet?’” Miley asked nervously. “That’s what most of us call it around here,” Ava explained kindly. “’The diarrhea diet.’ Leave it to the court, they thought of everything. They even hired nutritionists to come up with a diet designed to keep us healthy and happy-- all while causing sudden, nearly uncontrollable shits… just like real babies.” She gazed into Miley’s shocked and horrified face with a smile. “Don’t worry,” she said gently as the nurses appeared with their lunches, “you’ll get used to it… eventually.” What should be on today’s menu (top two choices win) High fiber oatmeal Prunes Spinach Beans Pudding (with laxative) Click here to vote now!
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    Miley Gets Regressed (Season One Finale Added Apr. 6)

    CDfm, you were a little too late to effect the vote, but I think you're going to be happy with the result anyway! Huge thanks to all my awesome Patreon subscribers and to everyone who's left comments thus far-- please keep them coming if you're enjoying the story and you want to see more like it! As always, if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon you can click here to take the poll and help decide what happens next... but even if you don't, I'd still like to hear your opinion in the comments! And don't forget to visit my blog for more great stuff... totally free! “Since you failed to watch our new student properly, resulting in a punishment for her,” Ms. Smythe said slowly, grinning sadistically, relishing the way Trixie squirmed in her seat in front of her, “I think it’s only fair that you share in her fate.” “NO!” Trixie cried, her voice quivering. “Not that! PLEASE! I did everything you said-- you can’t send me back to...” She trailed off, looking towards Miley with an expression of disgust on her face. But Ms. Smythe simply smirked, gazing at Trixie like a cat looking at a mouse who’d found herself cornered. “I’m sorry, young lady, but my mind has been made up-- I’m reducing your age-status to two years old, I’m revoking your student helper status, and I’m eliminating all your adult privileges-- including your potty privileges,” she said, her voice dripping with delight as she watched Trixie first turn pale, then redden as the news settled in. “You can’t!” Trixie screeched, and Miley flinched at the abject humiliation and horror in her voice. “Please, Ms. Smythe-- I’ll do anything!” But Alice just gazed at her coolly, the girl’s pleas falling on deaf ears. “I’m sorry, young woman, but I’ve made up my mind. In fact...” she said, rising and crossing over to a cupboard on the far side of the room, “we might as well get started right now.” Sifting through the shelves, she gathered up a big diaper, along with some wipes, powder, and a soft pink blanket, which she spread out on the hardwood floor of her office. Looking up at Trixie, she grinned and patted the padded surface. “Come along, baby girl… plunk your butt down here.” Miley could see the fury clouding Trixie’s face. In a flash, the overgrown schoolgirl (and overgrown baby-to-be) was on her feet, raging at the Head Matron, who regarded her placidly. “You- you bitch!” Trixie spat. “After everything I did? All that dirty work I had to do, and you just toss it out the window like it’s nothing?! After I literally had to change shitty diapers for you?! How dare you?!!” she thundered, rapidly coming unhinged. “You’d better reconsider, you slut, because I know things about this place… and you!” she said darkly, her eyes narrowing. “You better treat me right, because if I ever breathed one word of what I know to anyone, you’d be...” Before she could finish, Ms. Smythe’s hand shot out and seized Trixie by the wrist, her steely fingers digging into the girl’s flesh with white knuckles. Trixie gasped, stunned into silence by the shock. Almost faster than Miley’s eye could track, Ms. Smythe was sitting on the loveseat up against the far wall of her office, and with a sharp snap of her wrist, the bratty Trixie found herself toppled into the head matron’s lap, her little schoolgirl skirt briefly flipping up behind her to reveal her full-seated, white cotton little-girl undies with ‘Wednesday’ printed across the seat in block letters. Miley’s first instinct was to giggle at them… until she realized, squirming in her crinkly pamper, that she would do almost anything to trade her thick diapers for the dainty cotton of Trixie’s panties. Not that they would be of any aid to Trixie in her current situation, a fact she discovered the hard way when she received a stinging spank across the seat. “OW! NO!” Trixie cried, kicking in the air and struggling to escape from Alice’s lap. “Lemme go! Lemme g--!” WHAP! The head matron cut off her please with a stinging swat directly to the seat of her bulbous, pantie-clad bottom. Trixie gave a cry and bucked in place in a futile attempt at propelling herself from Ms. Smythe’s lap, leaving her rump exposed for a series of hard spanks to each one of her wobbling buttocks. Wincing, Trixie sucked in her breath with a hiss and unconsciously reached back to protect her butt, which was already stinging. Too late, she realized she had merely presented the expert spanker with an opportunity to grab her wrist and pin it up at her lower back, effectively immobilizing her. With wide eyes, Trixie peeked back over her shoulder. “I’m warning you! Don’t-- YEEOOWW!” WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP! Ms. Smythe delivered a rapid-fire salvo of spanks to Trixie’s pantied bottom. Miley watched with a grim satisfaction as the skin around the leg bands began to turn a hot pink. Trixie sagged across the head matron’s lap when the spanked suddenly came to a halt, but her relief was short lived. Tucking her fingers into the waistband of the girl’s panties, Alice quickly hauled them down to half mast, revealing the plump cheeks of her wriggling derriere, which were turning a delightful shade of red. Trixie gave an outraged squawk that turned to a helpless squeal when the spanking resumed in earnest. Miley looked on with a pounding heart and a strong, tickling throb in her pussy. She squirmed in her seat, the fat diaper crinkling noisily under her bottom which had been so recently wiped, oiled and powdered by another beautiful woman. Watching Trixie get her delightfully rounded backside spanked in prelude to having every ounce of her maturity stripped away, Miley had to admit she was definitely getting turned on. Miley watched the spanking unfold in front of her like it was a scene from a movie. Ms. Smythe was an excellent spanker with years of experience, she turned the girl’s backside red with powerful, confident spanks delivered at both slow and quick tempo. This was alternated with lots of rubbing and patting between flurries, and poor Trixie never knew what to expect next. Miley squeezed her thighs together, pressing the padding up against her privates as she watched. Finally, the spanking was over, and Trixie found herself dangling over Ms. Smythe’s knee, exhausted, the plump heart of her bare bum stuck up in the air behind her, all red and stinging. Tears were leaking from the corners of her eyes, but she had held on, and hadn’t given the bitchy head matron the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Ms. Smythe allowed her to rise-- with strict instructions that there be “no rubbing.” Trixie rose to her feet, her panties falling to her ankles. Her bare butt was blazing behind her, but she resisted the urge to reach back and rub her sizzling cheeks. Miley watched the situation eagerly, pleased that someone else was on the receiving end of the humiliation for a change. “Now,” said Ms. Smythe with a smirk, “Before you threw your little tantrum, I was going to allow you to keep your schoolgirl uniform until we could get you into something more appropriate for your new status… but now, I think you should take it all off before we put you in your diaper. Trixie glared at the headmistress, radiating pure hate… but she didn’t hesitate to start stripping her clothes off, until she was standing before them all totally nude, her bare buns blazing bright red behind her. Miley watched with mounting arousal, studying the shapely, womanly curves of Trixie’s body, the large, heavy orbs of her breasts, the shapely swell of her hips and the plump hillocks of her butt-cheeks, all red and shiny like a set of brightly glowing tail lights. Ms. Smythe looked her up and down slowly, a playful smirk spreading across her lips. “Get that bright-red bum down now, missy” she said gesturing to the blanket once more, “and let’s get some pampers on you. With a groan, Trixie reluctantly complied, the fight spanked out of her… at least for the moment. Miley grinned and settled in, eager to watch someone else get a diaper change for once… but as she knelt down between Trixie’s legs and pulled a wipe from the nearby container, Ms. Smythe shot Miley a look that chilled her. “Don’t get too comfortable missy… we still have to find you a roommate to bunk down with.” Who should Miley’s roommate be? Ava Trixie Another celebrity (suggest candidate in the comments) Click here to take the poll Visit Babes In Diapers
  14. Parker Longabaugh

    Miley Gets Regressed (Season One Finale Added Apr. 6)

    Thanks to everyone who's commentes thus far. If you pledge more than $8 on Patreon, click here to take the poll and decide what happens next... and don't forget to visit my blog for more great stuff. “A diaper change, huh?” Nurse Diane said with a throaty chuckle that sent shivers down Miley’s spine. “Well, let me ask you something, stinky pants,” she said, settling into a nearby chair. “What’s in it for me?” Still staring at the wall with her adorable, upturned nose fixed firmly in the corner, her diaper all hot and muddy and stinky behind her, Miley huffed, annoyed. After all, it wasn’t as though she was in a position to be offering much. Or was that the whole point… to dangle a bit of hope in front of her face before humiliating her even further? She realized she had to take the bait. “What do you want?” She asked, trying to keep the bratty, entitled annoyance from her voice. After all, she was a star-- she shouldn’t have to stoop to bargaining. Her answer came in the form of another sensual, throaty laugh from behind. “You do look so cute in that loaded little diaper,” she said, with no small amount of amusement, “but baby, you are STINK-Y!” she chuckled, and Miley reddened and squirmed in the corner, still wondering exactly what the woman wanted with her. “Turn around,” Nurse Diane said. Miley complied, and was a little startled to see the nurse sitting with her legs wide open and one hand down the front of her skirt clearly masturbating at the sight of Miley in her dirty pampers. The thought made the usually unprudish pop princess blush right down to her toes, and she was suddenly vividly aware of the hot, heavy load in her pants, mushing up against her tight little butt with every little movement and cloaking her in a light, but potent stink-cloud. “Come over here,” Diane smiled, beckoning with her free hand, “and come sit in my lap.” Reluctantly, Miley waddled over, her bulging, messy diaper squishing up against her derriere with every step. She stood in front of the nurse, who looked her up and down with a hungry smile that made Miley very nervous. “Come sit in my lap, honey bunny,” Diane said, patting her sleek, nylon encased thighs. Seemingly without any other option, Miley stiffly waddled over, turned, and slowly lowered herself into Diane’s lap, groaning to herself as the thick, mushy dump in her pants squishing audibly as it compressed slowly between Diane’s soft lap and her own shapely buttocks. “Ugh,” she groaned to herself, trying to remain still to minimize the squishing. Diane wrapped her arms around her and pulled her in close, drawing a gasp from Miley as the mess in her pants was mushed against her buns, spurting up her crack and going into every nook and cranny. The naughty nurse wrapped her up in a strong, warm embrace, bending in close to nuzzle her cheek. Miley breathed hard and shivered, Diane’s arms tightening around her, pinning her in place. “Isn’t this nice?” she whispered, leaning in to kiss the nape of her neck. Squirming her butt in the big messy mud pie in her pants, Miley wasn’t sure she agreed, but Diane didn’t wait for an answer. “I’ve wanted to get my hands on you for quite some time, young lady,” she whispered, nibbling on Miley’s ear. “You just looked so hot in your little diapers in your video,” she husked, one hand cupping one of Miley’s breast through her onsie, the other trailing down towards her crotch. Miley opened her mouth to protest, then hesitated when Diane began rubbing her pussy, slowly but firmly through the front of the diaper. Soon, Miley had relaxed, and she found herself squirming eagerly, cringing as she mushed the mess in her seat around but desperate to get closer to Diane’s probing fingers. “Oh, baby likes this, doesn’t she?” Diane asked with a knowing grin. Miley just gurgled heartily in response. “But this is supposed to be about what YOU can do for ME, isn’t it, darling?” Miley groaned and found herself reluctantly lowered to the floor. Miley pouted and watched from the floor as Diane rose in her seat, tugged down her panties and shimmied them down to the floor. She planted herself back in the chair and spread her legs as wide as they would go. “Why don’t you show me just how bad you want that diaper change, honey-bunch,” she said with a sexy smile, beckoning towards the disgraced pop princess. Getting up on all fours, Miley crawled across the floor, her dirty, squishy diaper wobbling in the air behind her. Inside her heart was pounding, and she knew she should be outraged… but there was just something about the situation… forced to please this naughty nurse while wearing her filthy pampers… that stirred something perverse deep inside of her. She inched her way closer and closer-- Diane hiked up her skirt to allow Miley easier access. The diva didn’t hesitate for a moment… she simply dove right in, kissing and licking the nurse’s immaculate privates, probing her warm wet slit with her tongue and sucking the throbbing nubbin of her clit. Diane purred approvingly, running her fingers through Miley’s hair. “That’s right baby,” she moaned softly. “Just like that… that’s what nursey likes!” Miley found her rhythm, her head bobbing with every gentle lap of her tongue. Behind her, the massively inflated seat of her dirty diaper waggled in the air behind her ever so slightly, the heavy load causing the seat to sag at the back. “Oh! Oh my!” Diane husked. “What a clever baby you are… almost as clever as you are cute, but,” she crinkled her nose and fanned her face teasingly, “baby, you sure do STINK!” Miley flushed with embarrassment… which didn’t stop her pussy from growing even wetter, the humiliation of her situation stoking the fires of arousal inside her. She couldn’t stop herself from reaching up between her legs and rubbing her diaper against her pussy, her tongue promising and her lips smacking. It wasn’t long before the naughty nurse Diane came to a shuttering climax. Soon, when both Miley and Nurse Diane had cleaned up and straightened their clothes, Miley sporting a fresh, new diaper, they strolled into Ms. Smythe’s office. With her was Nurse Julie and Trixie (who was grinning smugly at Miley, sensing trouble in the offing.) Miley was ordered to sit in front of the Head Matron’s desk. She lowered her thickly padded diaper-butt, still stinging from her spanking, into the seat. Her pussy was still tingling, filling her limbs with nervous sexual energy, and she was having trouble focusing on what was being said. “Well, young lady,” Said Ms. Smythe smoothly. “I certainly didn’t expect to see you back here so quickly. I thought I had imparted the importance of following the rules to you, but apparently I was mistaken,” she said sadly. “It’s almost as though you didn’t even try to behave yourself! I’ve got a good mind to send you back to the newborn ward… however, I’ve decided to be lenient. You won’t have your age status reduce… however, your potty privileges are hereby suspended until further notice-- and between you and me, young lady? It’s going to be a long time before your little hiney sits on any kind of toilet seat again, young lady!” Miley was simultaneously relieved and horrified. She was relieved she’d avoided being reduced further in age status, especially to the level of a newborn… but the thought of being stuck using her diapers for God knew how long sent delicious shivers down her spine. Trixie was watching Miley squirm with a superior smirk on her face, sadistically relishing her demotion in status, slight though it may have been. But she wasn’t smiling for long-- Ms. Smythe fixed her burning, sardonic smile that froze her blood. “I’m glad you find this so amusing, dear… because I’m holding you responsible for her little escape.” “What?!” Trixie cried, outraged. “But… why?!” “You were the one in charge, weren’t you? You were supposed to be watching little Miley here… after all, she’s too young to know any better, right?” Trixie gaped and stammered, trying in vain to justify herself. “But… I… she...” But Alice Smythe just grinned at her like a cat looking at a mouse. “No ‘buts’ Trixie. No wriggling out of this one, young woman. Time to take your punishment.” What should Trixie’s punishment be? A spanking and corner time (keeps student helper status) Age status reduced to four (with pull-ups, loses student helper status) Age status reduced to two (diapers, no potty training, loses student helper status) Click here to vote now!
  15. Parker Longabaugh

    Dr. Barbie (Patreon Preview)

    Below is the first two chapters of my now complete, 14 mental regression/adult baby story: basically, it's kind of a throwback to 50’s sci-fi/horror movies like The Blob, where a small town is menaced by a threat from space (in this case, one that mentally regresses women.) I was also planing on doing some other stories in this setting as the women of the town are slowly transformed into horny Adult Babies. You can see the rest of the story for a $5 pledge on Patreon. Also check out my blog for more stories and other great stuff. Prologue Long ago, in the language of their creators, they had been called The Colony: a collective of nanomachines encased in a metallic sphere, which was then encircled with a hard, rock-like outer shell, then launched into space by their makers. Tasked with seeking out uninhabited worlds to terraform and make ready for their creators while they made the long journey through space... by the time they arrived in their ships after spending centuries in suspended animation, the planet would be perfectly adjusted and ready to be settled. They were carefully sealed into their protective sphere, their trajectory carefully calculated, and The Colony was launched, just like every other nano-construction unit, hurtling off into the vastness of space towards a goal they wouldn’t reach for hundreds of years. But then, something unexpected... The Colony was knocked off course by a small asteroid. Damaged, they hurtled through space at fantastic speeds, farther from their original destination every second. And so they drifted through space, aimless, forgotten... until, after countless centuries, despite improbable odds, they finally came to rest on a small, blue world orbiting a fresh, yellow sun in a little known star system on the far side of the galaxy, just outside the town of Shady Grove, USA... Chapter One “This is absolutely incredible,” Barbara whispered to herself. Although the specimen in front of her appeared to be another run-of-the-mill space rock comprised largely of silicate minerals, the type she’d been studying through her entire career, a closer inspection revealed this to be some type of hard shell over a smooth metallic interior. She’d chipped away, revealing a small silver orb... something that definitely didn’t look natural. Her heart thumped in her chest, her mind filled with a thousand questions-- where did it come from, who had made it, and, most importantly, what was it for? “Did you notice the material?” Asked Dan, a fellow researcher. “We’re still waiting on an analysis, but I can tell you right now that it’s nothing that appears in nature.” “Look at the shape of it,” she exclaimed, uncovering more of the shiny metal object. “Look at how perfect the curvature is!” “It had to have been manufactured,” he agreed. “Does this mean what I think it means?” Barbara turned and looked at him over the frames of her glasses, her soft, heart-shaped face aglow in the low light of the lab. “Let’s not get too excited just yet,” she concluded, “But if we’re right-- if this isn’t just some joke...” she smiled excitedly. He returned it... it was at times like this that he was reminded how beautiful she really was beneath her lab-coat and horn-rimmed glasses. Generally, Dr. Cartwright was a very serious woman, very intense and uptight-- Dan was happy to see her relaxed for a change. Somewhat impulsively, he decided to take advantage of her good mood and try, one more time, to wrangle a date with his pretty coworker. “How about a drink?” he asked, proud of how casual he sounded. But one look at her face and he instantly regretted it... the pretty smile fell and her usual emotionless mask took it’s place. “Oh Dan,” she sighed, rising from her seat and crossing the lab to gaze out the window at the starry night sky. “We’ve been over this before-- I care for you so much, but... I’m simply not ready to put my career on hold to pursue a relationship yet...” It was exactly the same little speech he’d heard before, and Dan, not for the first time, wondered the real reason his pretty co-worker was turning down his advances. He knew enough to know that there was chemistry between them, he was sure she felt the same way about him... yet something always held her back, preventing her from expressing what she really felt. “C’mon Barbie...” “Don’t call me that!” she snapped, instantly regretting it. She’d hated that nickname since she was a child, and as a serious, professional woman who had sometime struggled to be taken seriously, she’d become sensitive about it. But the last thing she wanted was to hurt Dan, and when she saw the expression on his face, she knew she’d stung him. “Besides,” she said, softening, her excitement overtaking her again,“I’ve got more work to do! I can’t stop now!” Dan nodded, kicking himself for ruining the moment. “Is there anything you want my help with, Doctor?” Barbara looked back at him, guilty. She really did like Dan, and he was very attractive. If only... “No, thank you Dan. But do you mind coming back tomorrow to help me collate my results?” “Sure,” he said, forcing a smile. “Bright and early-- I’ll bring coffee.” He rose and crossed over to the door. “Thanks Dan,” Barbara called after him, watching him go, regretfully. Why can’t I just be normal? She cursed herself, not for the first time. Because although there was a definite attraction between them, and although Barbara often dreamed about being with him, Dr. Cartwright had a secret... one that she’d never revealed to anyone... A secret kink... one so shameful, the brainy Barbara knew she would die if anyone found out. And even as she took a scraping from the metal orb and prepared it for analysis, Barbra found her desire simmering. She just couldn’t get Dan out of her head-- If only he knew all the naughty things she really wanted to do with him... She set the computers, slipped her sample into the machine, and got the tests running. Once she had everything ready, she headed towards her laptop. She entered her password and made a bee-line to the encrypted folder marked “bills,” chewing her lip guiltily. She only had a short time to kill until the analysis was finished, so this would have to be a brief indulgence... she clicked her way through to her movie folder and fell into a wonderful world of infantilization. Barbara couldn't remember exactly when her obsession with diapers and mental regression began... ever since she could remember, Barbara was a little smarter and more mature than her peers-- and the whole time, she nursed the same strange, nameless, irrational fear that she would loose it-- that her dignity, her identity, all her hard earned intelligence would somehow be stripped from her and she’d be sent back to the nursery, forced to dress and play with babies-- and, of course, wear diapers. Sometimes, the idea consumed her-- sometime she lay awake at night, paralyzed by the idea that she would wake up unable to walk or talk, to read, write, use the toilet or do any of the things she’d worked so hard to achieve in her life. She imagined what would happen next, how her friends and family would react, and what the boys she had crushes on would say or do if they saw her in such a state. Barbra grew older... her phobia took on a strange, new dimension as her sexuality began to blossom, her fears beginning to take on a lusty dimension. Brainy Barbra, nerdy but beautiful, imagined what it would be like to lose her status entirely-- to be reduced to the level of an infant, unable to walk or communicate or control her bodily functions, but still fully aware and intact inside her body... she thought about her handsome male teachers, or about being babysat by some of the cute boys in her class... sometimes, she even found herself fantasizing about being adopted by some of her parent’s handsome friends and their wives. In her regression fantasies, Barbara found a way to release her inhibitions in a way she found impossible in real life. Though she was incredibly pretty, Barbara was painfully shy, and she had a very hard time relaxing around people-- a problem exacerbated by her unusual kink, which she could never reveal. In her fantasies, Barbara had her inhibitions stripped away along with her status and her intelligence. She became an Adult Baby seductress, so physically alluring that no man could resist-- and so adept at sex that no man could leave her once he’d succumb to temptation. Barbara dated around here and there, and she’d occasionally had a good time-- but there was still nothing more satisfying than the nights when she poured a glass of wine, put on one of the big disposable adult diapers she’d bought off Amazon, and brought herself to a climax while browsing her favorite websites, looking at her favorite pictures, or watching her favorite clips. She loved and obsessed over the elaborate re-creation of the clothing and props of childhood, like the clips she found on AB Dreams or AdultBaby.XXX... but she had a definite thirst for the dirtier side of diaper play, and she also frequented sites like Diaper Mess and Diapered Online, with their focus on wetting, messing, and punishments. Sometimes she just watched, studying the models and their interactions with the props, and their reactions to the punishments they received. Most often, however, Barbara imagined it was her wearing those delicately embarrassing baby clothes, her having her bare bottom spanked before being put down in the crib for a nap-- and her squatting down to uncontrollably fill an obvious, bulging diaper with a hot, muddy mess... She scanned her hard drive, browsing her collection, already horny before she made her selection. She started the clip, slid her hand down her panties, and prepared to relieve a little tension. The Colony was intact... they knew that much. A quick scan revealed that they had successfully landed, and diagnostics disclosed that they were still 100% functional. But their memory was severely damaged, most of what had come before the crash had been lost. Their point of origin, their purpose, their creators and their intentions... all had been forgotten. All they knew was that they were whole and fully operational. But what operation were they to perform? The Colony reached out from inside the casing they had travelled within for eons, invisible in the darkness of the lab. They followed the wireless signals across the room, towards their source at Barbara’s laptop. They became aware of her heat-signature and decided to begin a scan... and so, while half of The Colony went to inspect the primitive communication device, to help gain a better understanding of this planet and it’s inhabitants, the others went to inspect the creature itself, to find out more about it’s physiology. And so, as half of the nanites slipped undetected into the machine, the other half slipped into Barbara herself. She was watching one of her favorite clips: an unfortunate young lass was across her “daddy’s” lap, getting her just desserts in the form of a spanking. Soon, she’d be carried over to the changing table. She’d be stripped naked and slathered with oil. He’d powder her, then pat it in with his strong, masculine hand, then tug the diaper up between her legs and tape it up tight around her waist, sealing the naughty little brat in diapers with a sore, red bottom. And the entire time, all Barbara could do was wish that it was her laying across his lap with her tushy turning red... her laying naked on the table, being powdered like a two year old, her being taped up in diapers, and her having everything that defined her as an adult in control of her life utterly stripped away, leaving her at Daddy’s mercy. Barbara was rubbing herself furiously now, shivering and groaning and wishing desperately that is was she who was being regressed and cared for by daddy, wishing to be relieved of all her responsibilities, the burden of her intelligence and dignity, and just be taken care of... and all the sexy things she could do for her new daddy in exchange. The diaper was taped closed-- on the table, the big baby was pouting, but Daddy pulled her into a sitting position and wrapped her up into a big warm hug, which babykins reluctantly returned. And Barbara, even on the verge of an orgasm, was moved almost to tears... what would she give to be safe and warm in Dan’s arms like that right now? Wrapped up all nice and tight in a soft, fluffy diaper, ready to just lay back and be taken care of by a handsome, capable man. Barbara wanted it so bad she could practically taste it. The Colony studied the specimen, the contents of her laptop, and her reaction to it extremely carefully. The content on the laptop (as well as the various hubs that she accessed on the primitive wireless communication network the natives seemed to refer to as “the web”) seemed to suggest that it was natural for females of the dominant species of this planet to “regress,” or revert mentally/socially to a much younger status or state of being. And judging by the reactions of their research subject, this was a highly desirable situation-- her pulse was quickening, her hormones were raging through her, her sex organs engorged and lubricated. Her brain was a raging storm of chemistry and electricity, and it was a simple thing for The Colony to read the tides: she liked what she was seeing and she wanted it very much. It was, of course, well within The Colony’s ability to grant these wishes... but should they? Could this have been the purpose they had been created for? Their damaged and broken memory offered no insights. Granted the capacity to understand and, to a degree, empathize with emotions, The Colony found themselves moved by the depth of this being’s desire to experience the phenomenon called “regression.” Their damaged memory contained no guidelines or ethical codes that covered this situation. Enacting change against living beings was not within their original protocols, which is why the nano-colonies were dispatched to barren, lifeless worlds. The Colony, however had no memory of this. Their decision was reached within seconds. Having seen enough, The Colony recalled the part of itself it had sent to inspect the laptop. Gathering in a cloud around the still oblivious Barbara, they began to power up, using hydrogen molecules from the air to provide energy for their tools. As they activated their instruments, they began to glow, filling the air with an eerie pink light. It wasn’t until after her orgasm that Barbara realized that there was something strange going on. She sat in the afterglow, grinning, her skin tingling. She sighed, and was about to go to the bathroom to fix herself up before checking the results of her analysis when she realized a strange, glowing mist had descended over the room. Her mouth fell open, and she stared in awe at the hauntingly beautiful scene before her. What could have possibly caused such a phenomenon? She reached out, trailing her hand through the mist, smiling as it swirled around her fingers. An ominous buzzing filled the air, and Barbara noticed small, arching blue electrical discharges in the air as The Colony prepared to begin their work. Barbara spun slowly in her chair, realizing with growing apprehension that this pink mist, whatever it was, was all around her... and it seemed to be gathering energy for something. An eerie, flickering blue light began rippling through the mist, and Barbara smelled ozone and heard the distant, static crackle of building electricity. She was beginning to feel frightened now, although at a lower level than she would have expected. She slowly made her way across the room, towards the door. She could see tiny flickers of electricity snapping in the air-- bolts of miniature lightning arching between individual units of The Colony as they closed in, ready to begin making their changes. The Colony tightened around her, tiny bolts of electrical energy flickering around her like a net, and Barbara cringed and flinched in place. A sharp static shock stung her backside, making her squeal. A cold, tickley tingle spread out across the lower half of her body. Barbara looked down and gasped when she saw dozens of tiny blue tongues of static electricity licking her, snapping against her nylon covered legs and the back and front of her skirt. Barbara became aware of a slow shrinking sensation... a quick glance downward revealed that her shoes were melting into a black puddle around her feet as The Colony disassembled them on a molecular level, reducing them to raw components. She emitted a choked cry when she noted that her nylons were disappearing from her legs, melting away in ever expanding patches until her legs were bare. The skirt came next-- Barbara gasped when she saw it unravelling, turning to dust before her eyes. She instinctively reached down to grasp it, then realized her mistake when it crumbled and ran through her fingers like sand. Meanwhile, the effect was spreading... Barbara realized that her blouse was now being attacked, and the air around her head was glowing ominously. The skirt and blouse quickly joined the rapidly growing pile of debris on the floor, and Barbara blushed when she found herself in her underwear in the middle of the room, absurdly reaching down to cover herself, shrieking when her bra and panties were quickly broken down into nothing in much the same way as the rest of her clothes. But Barbara soon had bigger worries-- the air around her head was crackling with sinister blue energy, and she flinched, feeling the pins in her hair vanish into thin air. Her bun collapsed, her long blond hair cascading down across her bare shoulders alluringly. The Colony examined her glasses carefully, realized their corrective function, and quickly disassembled them, making a note to give the subject’s vision a tune up during the next phase of the operation. For a brief moment Barbara stood in the centre of the lab, nude, ethereal in the soft pink and blue light. She might have had a haunting, supernatural quality... if it wasn’t for the look of silly outrage on her face and her comedic attempts at covering her nudity. “Ohhh! What is this?! What’s happening?!” she cried, verging on shrill. There was, of course, no answer, save for the slow build-up of blue light, accompanied by that eerie crackling and that hit of ozone. Again Dr. Cartwright found herself surrounded by that snapping static electricity, squeaking and squealing in terror, horrifying visions of being disintegrated like her clothing dancing in her head. She became aware of a strange hum within her own brain, was overcome with a sudden giddy disconnect, as though she’d been hit with a surge of endorphins. The Colony had finished the examination of her body, and knew exactly what modifications they were going to make, ranging from major to minor... however, they knew enough about their subject now to be able to make the transition a smooth one, and they began at the brain. Instantly, Barbara became light-headed. Her fear was rapidly dissipating, and she was filled with a tingling, pleasurable sensation. Faintly, her rational mind became aware that gaps in her memory were forming-- that like a character in one of the stories she enjoyed reading, she appeared to be losing her adult faculties and was reverting to a child-like state... and although some distant part of her was aware that she was finally encountering what she had feared and lusted after for so long, her dwindling intellect was more engaged by the pretty pink fog and shimmering blue lights that surrounded her. Her knees became week beneath her, and her heart lept with fear when she felt them give beneath her, as though she lacked the energy and the knowledge to remain standing. But she didn’t fall-- she found herself held aloft by some strange force, which then actually lifted her naked body into the air in the centre of the lab. She hovered like that, bare and goose-pimpled, giggling, tickled all over by tiny static electric fingers. Inside, a strange, warm, pleasurable feeling was building as The Colony rebuilt her body and re-wired her brain to make her more in line with her desires. Barbara felt it all disappearing-- all her hard-won knowledge, her education, her sense of proper adult behaviour was crumbling to dust as surely as her clothes had. Her fears were coming true... and that fact was making her hornier than she’d ever been. The pile of raw materials on the floor below her were raised into the air and began to swirl and dance around her. Barbara gasped when she felt the particles beginning to collect around her waist and between her legs, knitting themselves together into a totally new shape. It grew thicker and bulkier by the minute, and Barbara let out a delighted squeal and kicked her feet happily when she realized it was a diaper growing thick and fat between her legs. The particles swirled about her, twinkling magically in the pink and blue light, tickling madly as it passed across the bare skin of her tummy and underarms, arranging themselves into a soft, gauzy, pink cotton baby dress-- an exact replica, she realized with her diminishing intellect, of the one the girl in the video was wearing. She gurgled approvingly behind a pacifier that grew in the air in front of her and pushed itself softly between her willing lips. Barbara sucked eagerly, reclining and relaxing in midair, watching with childish fascination as her hair was banded into pigtails with silky pink ribbons and a pair of comfy baby-booties formed on her feet. Meanwhile, The Colony was finishing their work inside her, her brain re-wired and moulded into a similar state she had as a toddler, while her bladder and bowel control was reduced to practically nothing-- all with a pleasant, warm tingle that Barbara was thoroughly enjoying. She floated in the air, bright eyed and drooling, her vocabulary disappearing right out from underneath her as she struggled to find the right words to describe her experience, until she was left with the most basic possible set of words like warm, pretty, and bright. Her education was gone, her memory was full of holes, and her identity had been totally re-written-- she had a basic, infantile mind in the body of a lusty young woman-- Barbara had truly become the baby-brained bimbo she’d always both feared and fantasized about becoming. She gurgled and sucked her pacifier happily, barely noticing that she was wetting her diaper until it was good and damp beneath her. She giggled and kicked her feet happily, enjoying the soggy warmth between her thighs. Around her, The Colony sparked and twinkled. They’d done a good job with their subject-- but the environment was insufficiently suited to her needs, and their research revealed that several changes would be necessary before the subject’s requirements could be met. Slowly, they reached out, the flicker of blue light filling the air once more. Baby Barbie giggled and kicked her feet in the air, cooing softly to herself as the pretty lights flashed and snapped and started breaking down the lab equipment in much the same way they had her silly adult clothes... Chapter Two “What the hell?” Dan said softly to himself, climbing out of his car to stand stupidly in front of the lab with a cup of coffee in both hands. From inside the building, there were strange pink and blue lights were swirling in the windows, and there was a strange noise from within-- the hissing crackle of electricity backed by a strange, omnipresent humming. He approached cautiously, trying to get a glimpse of what was happening inside through the window, but the light was too bright-- whatever it was, it seemed to fill the room. Through the window, Dan couldn’t pinpoint the source... it seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. What could be the source of the phenomenon? Perhaps Dr. Cartwright had... He kicked himself for not thinking of it earlier... Was Barbara still in there? Was she in danger? He rushed around to the front door, but the knob wouldn’t move-- he’d locked it before he left. He dug around in his pocket for his keys, cursing himself the whole time. The light was leaking out from under the door, it was pouring from the keyhole and any other crack and crevice in the entire building at once... and then, suddenly, moments before the key hit the lock, it was gone, the light vanishing along with the hum, leaving an eerie silence in it’s wake. Slowly, with great caution, he unlocked the door and slipped inside. Barbie was sleeping soundly in her crib when she heard the door open. Instantly, she burrowed under her blanket, peering out between the bars through a crack in the fabric to watch the shadowy figure enter blindly into the darkness of the former lab. She quickly recognized Dan and pulled the covers over herself with a giggle. In her diminished mind, she was already plotting a wonderful trick to play on him. She pulled the blanked tightly around herself, giggling softly when she heard footsteps approaching. Everything was different-- he learned that quickly enough when he almost tripped over something soft on the floor... a fuzzy lump that definitely wasn’t there when he left. Dan bent down to see what it was-- he quickly realized it was a stuffed bear. He didn’t have time to puzzle over it... his attention was quickly drawn towards a strange, out of place noise on the other side of the room... one that sounded suspiciously like stifled laughter. “Hello?” Dan asked tentatively. His call was met with more stifled giggles. “Ow!” Dan cried, banging his shin on something... which was met with more chuckles from the darkness. Everything in the lab was out of place, and he was starting to wish he’d taken the time to turn the lights on. “Ah! Christ,” he muttered, tripping over another stupid toy. “Is this some dumb prank?” he asked suspiciously, scowling when the laughter came again. “It’s not funny, you know-- I could have broken my neck!” A high-pitched shriek of childish laughter greeted this statement, and Dan stood, puzzled. Although he’d never heard the laugh before, it did somehow sound familiar. “Who is that?” he asked tentatively, receiving no answer as usual. At last, he was standing near the source of the laughter, which had subsided to heavy breathing and the occasional stifled giggle. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness now, and Dan could see a squirming lump beneath a soft flannel blanket, within some type of lattice he still couldn’t make out clearly. “Now I’ve got you, haven’t I?” he said rhetorically, reaching out to poke the blanket with his forefinger. He was rewarded with a sharp squeal-- whoever was beneath the blanket jolted at his touch and emitted a peel of laughter, and Dan was sure it was a woman now. Without any further hesitation, Dan reached out, took hold of the blanket and tugged it away with a sharp motion. Exposed, her blanket torn away, Barbie wasted no time. She popped up behind the rail of her crib like a Jack-In-The-Box, taking hold of the top rail as she all but shoved her face right into Dan’s, grinning eagerly at him. Startled, Dan took a half a step back, still not totally believing what he was seeing. The room was still dark, but he had no trouble making out Barbie’s face in the dim light... but her expression, a silly, happy, almost maniacal grin was one he’d never seen her wear before. And he’d definitely never seen her hair up in pig-tails before... what was going on? “Dr. Cartwright?” he asked tentatively, studying her face. “Is-- I mean... are you alright?” By way of answer, she bent forward suddenly and planted a big, wet kiss on his lips. His eyes bulged in shock-- it was the absolute last thing he could have predicted happening, especially after he got the cold shoulder the night before. When she finally pulled free with an amused giggle. Dan stared at her, shocked, as Dr Cartwright grinned and giggled mindlessly at him, twirling her pigtail absently with a finger. “Um... Barbara? What’s going on?” He stammered, receiving a hearty giggle for his troubles. Finally, he reached over and hit the light switch. The lab had been entirely changed, it’s formerly sterile environment of hard surfaces, plain tile floors, solid black and white colors, and advanced lab equipment transformed utterly beyond recognition. Dan found his feet sinking into soft carpet where none had existed before, the plain white walls replaced with colourful cartoon murals. Even the hard, buzzing florescent lights had been replaced with soft, 100 watt glows from unobtrusive white domes on the ceiling. But it would be several minutes before Dan would notice any of that. His attention was fixed on Dr. Cartwright. Like the room, she’d undergone a change since the last time he saw her... and the pigtails were only the beginning. Barbara was on her knees in a crib. It was absurd, but it was the only word Dan could think of to describe it-- a huge, adult sized crib... one of several lined up against the back wall. Her usual conservative pantsuit and lab-coat were gone, exchanged for a thin pink nighty that stopped just below the waist, revealing the bulging, ruffled rump underneath. She was wearing diapers! “Doctor... are you alright?” he repeated, not knowing what else to ask. In reply, she reached out towards him, her fingers snapping open and shut excitedly. “Up! Up!” She implored. Unsure, he slowly made his way over; Barbara squealed excitedly when he lowered the side rail of the crib (after fumbling with the latch for a minute) and reached out to pick her up. She practically leaped into his arms, wrapping her long bare legs around his waist and locking her arms around his neck. Dan stumbled, almost toppled, but quickly righted himself, wrapping one arm around Barbara’s back and slipping his other under her thickly diapered backside, which crinkled beneath his touch. If she noticed him stumble, Barbara didn’t say anything about it... she merely purred contentedly and nuzzled against his neck, making herself comfortable. He carried her awkwardly to an overstuffed easy chair in the corner and practically collapsed into it, Barbara giggling delightedly the entire time. He barely had time to think before Barbara was slathering wet, drooly kisses all over his face, cooing and mewing affectionately. He closed his eyes and allowed himself a moment to enjoy it. It was what he’d been dreaming of ever since he’d met her... but there was something weird going on here. Dr. Cartwright was definitely not herself. “Bar-- Barbara?” He managed between her kisses. “Barbara... Sweetie?” He took her face gently in his hands and held it in place in front of him. She looked at him with happy but ultimately uncomprehending eyes. “Barbara... are you feeling alright?” “Mmm-hmm!” She replied, nodding her head before going in for another kiss. It took Dan a few moments to disengage himself so he could ask his next question: “What I mean is-- how did this happen? Do you remember how you got this way?” She stared at him for a long moment, and for a second he thought she hadn’t understood. Finally she looked up at him with her bright, innocent eyes and said matter of factly: “Bawbawa was boring. The pwetty lights made Bawbawa go away. Me Barbie now,” she told him, smiling excitedly, as though that explained everything. He was going to ask her a follow-up question, but she fixed him with a pouty, puppy dog expression. “I’m firsty,” she complained, looking at him expectantly. “Oh... uh... OK...” he said. First, he had to untangle himself from Barbie’s strangulating grip... which was no easy feat. He helped her to the floor, whhere she watched him intently was he made his way to the fridge on the far end of the lab, where the employees kept their lunches... or at least, they used to. It seemed to be the only thing that hadn't changed-- except that he was pretty sure it wasn’t filled with a shelf of baby bottles before. He selected one that looked like grape juice, and after smelling and tasting a bit for himself to make sure it was OK, he went back to his seat. Dan hadn’t even settled in again before Barbara, or Barbie, as she apparently now preferred, climbed up into his lap and reclined against him. She accepted the nipple with a grateful little smile, and settle in against his warm chest to drink it. He sat in the silence, trying to think, but all he could focus on were her huge brown eyes looking steadily up into his face... that, and her warm, shapely body pressed up against his... so pleasantly plump in all the right places... She sucked the bottle down quickly, and soon the bottle emptied with a hissing pop. He pulled the nipple from her mouth and was rewarded by a soft belch and giggle. She squirmed energetically in his lap adjusting herself to cuddle up against him and gaze into his eyes with an expression he could only describe as hungry-- and Dan was pretty sure it wasn’t food that was on her mind. She leaned in to kiss him again, and although he hesitated, he found in nearly impossible to resist. Inside, Dan was consumed with guilt and doubt; it was obvious that something had happened to Dr. Cartwright, something that altered her mind in some way. He had no idea of telling how in control of her own actions she was-- hell, from what he had seen, she’d somehow acquired the mentality of a four year old... if not slightly younger. How cognizant and in control of her own actions was she? Dan didn’t know... but as she planted wet, sloppy kisses all over his face, part of him couldn’t help but feel like he was taking advantage of her mental incompetence in some way. “Barbar-- er, Barbie, honey?” he finally managed, holding her gently but firmly in place by her shoulders. She grinned, apparently happy that he’d gotten her new name right. “We need to talk,” he started, sensing by her confused look that he was already losing her. He pressed on anyway: “I think we need to slow down a bit here, sweetie... We need to figure out what happened to you.” She tilted her head quizzically. “What?” she asked sweetly. “What I mean is-- what can you tell me about the lights you saw before?” “‘Dey was pwetty!” She gurgled happily. “OK,” he said, unable to help smiling at her sweet innocence. “Did... did you feel funny at all? “It was all tickly,” she giggled conspiratorially. “Tickled on my inside,” she said with a cheeky giggle, reaching down to pat the front of her diaper to show him where. A picture was starting to form, but Dan was still almost entirely in the dark... and then it occurred to him... the thing that he’d actually, somehow, almost forgotten. “Barbie-- the sample-- do you remember the sample? Sweetie, can you tell me what happened to it?” But she wasn’t listening... a strange look suddenly clouded Barbie’s face, and at first he thought maybe she was in pain. Then he realized she was just concentrating on something, and Dan watched, mesmerized, as his colleague and not-so-secret crush spread her thighs and pissed her diaper with a loud, long hiss. Dan watched, his chin hanging open... it was impossible to see what was going on under the diaper, but there could be little doubt as to what was going on... especially when she opened her mouth and emitted an ecstatic “aaaahhhh!” She opened her eyes and smiled slowly, cuddling in close to him and said one small word. “Wet,” she proclaimed, spreading her legs and patting the front of her diaper suggestively. Patreon Babes In Diapers