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  1. Please please please keep this one going,I am really loving all your stories.
  2. I would like for Kim Kardashian 2 finally succumb 2 the pressures and finally buy a Robot Nanny only for it to turn on her and put her in diapers,her sisters come check on her only 2 land up getting the same treatment done 2 them.Great story keep up the good work.
  3. I would love 2 see Kim Kardashian taken down a peg,that would b quite an interesting read.
  4. I'm enjoying this story very much,I would love it if u could add more to ur other stories as well as this one.Keep up the amazing work.
  5. I absolutely love your stories pls add more female celebs 2 this haunted nursery tale,maybe the other celebs come looking for Miley but also land up getting diapered and mentally regressed,maybe Selena Gomez should be the first one to get the treatment.
  6. I absolutely LOVE this story
  7. Dazza

    Photo Updates

    the one i'd especially LOVE 2 see is from www.ukdiapergirls.com
  8. Happy Happy Birfday Daily Diapers,May U Continue To Provide The Outstanding Service To All Of The AB/DL Community