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  1. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Oh wow. Good job. I could actually feel the slight tension there. The guilt of what happened. Keep up the good work
  2. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Loving the story so far
  3. My onesie finally came


    1. deedee747


      very nice outfit, cute

  4. Overwatch PC and PS4

    Would you like to exchange tags?
  5. Overwatch PC and PS4

    Looking to make some new fellow peers to play Overwatch with. I play on both the PC and the PS4. If you would like to share Battle tag or name Tag, just let me know.
  6. Looking for.....

    Hello. Looking for a mommy or a daddy. Or a friend/play-mate or just someone to hang out with that has the same common Interests. I love gaming, watching movies, bowling, fishing (not really good at it though). Currently Live in Grafton WV. I like to watch sports as well. Football, soccer, Auto racing, baseball, and hockey.
  7. Hello from Grafton

    I have two actually..well..three. The Fifth Element, Snatch and Deadpool
  8. Just another pic of me self. :)



    1. littlesara_sissybaby


      You look lovely sweetie <3

    2. BabyGirlSamantha
  9. World of Warcraft and/or Final Fantasy XIV

    I am looking for a guild to join on World of Warcraft and/or a Freecompany in Final Fantasy XIV to join.
  10. Gaming

    I play that as well. XD I have not played for a wile due to lack of friends. I would play if I had someone to play with. I sent it xRuinationx
  11. Gaming

    Ill add you when I get on
  12. Roommate RP

    Looking for someone to RP woth Wanting to do a Roomate Role play. We can do both diapered roommates that takes care of each other or something along the lines that that my secretes gets discovered wile I am out and I get forced into being a Sissy baby. Willing to To the RP with a guy or girl. I am open to ideas. I will playing as a 28 year old Steve.