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  1. Dress up

    Awww yay you did it! And Totoro <3
  2. PrincessPansyPad!

    Just some pictures of me!
  3. Shittens?

    Omg I could have used some of these today! I use latex gloves to keep my hands clean but they'd definitely make cleanup more efficient for big messes.
  4. 24/7 and Sports

    Depends on your degree of incontinence. I wear pullups to the gym and change into a brief when I'm done.
  5. *waves* Hello!

    Hi skunkbear! I'd love to be friends. Im a fox.
  6. Picture I coloured today

    Cute! Coloring is good for you.
  7. I'm new here...

    Hi Emily, I'd love to chat! There are plenty of people on this site who arent freaked out over diapers.
  8. I'm so glad we got to hang today! Totally need to do it again :)

  9. Anyone in Raleigh?

  10. Do you stay in your poopy diapers?

    30 to 45 minutes is the longest I've gone, I think. I usually change after about 15 minutes. And for me it can change the way that the diaper absorbs urine. Like Spokane Girl said, the poop isnt absorbent, so the pee can trickle off the sides of the load or even into the back. This isnt too uncommon if I have had to sit down in the mess and stand up to go change. Fortunately the leg gathers stop the pee from getting out in this situation, as long as the diaper isnt already about to leak. I have male plumbing down there, but I tuck it downwards very snug, and it doesn't move at all, so I do pee more downward. This does make a leak slightly more likely while messy, but the benefit of being able to pee into the core of the diaper, and not have to worry about it getting "loose" and draining into a weak spot around the tapes, outweighs the risks.
  11. What's the best style of plastic pants?

    I have a pair that has snaps and comes on and off like a regular diaper. I think this makes it easier to change, because the tight pull-up style plastic panties usually cause me to almost trip. I really want to try big bloomers like this : here's what mine look like.
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  13. Dash1

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  15. Dash2