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  1. Sorry for disappearing for the past week. I've been busy and feeling weird :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. widdlebabyjacky


      I am here if you ever want to talk

    3. NaughtyBabyBoy22
    4. PrincessPansyPad


      I'm feeling ok now! It seems like this was caused by using too much bug spray. 

  2. PrincessPansyPad


    Enjoy your punk diapers!
  3. PrincessPansyPad

    *Makes Paper Nametag For Her Desk*

    Welcome that was an interesting intro. We should be friends. We can send each other long messages about comics, and also discuss how great diapers are.
  4. PrincessPansyPad

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    I'm primarily a diaper lover. AB stuff without diapers is no fun for me. Being too old for diapers is part of the experience.
  5. PrincessPansyPad

    Dress up

    Awww yay you did it! And Totoro <3
  6. PrincessPansyPad


    Just some pictures of me!
  7. PrincessPansyPad


    Omg I could have used some of these today! I use latex gloves to keep my hands clean but they'd definitely make cleanup more efficient for big messes.
  8. PrincessPansyPad

    24/7 and Sports

    Depends on your degree of incontinence. I wear pullups to the gym and change into a brief when I'm done.
  9. PrincessPansyPad

    *waves* Hello!

    Hi skunkbear! I'd love to be friends. Im a fox.
  10. PrincessPansyPad

    Picture I coloured today

    Cute! Coloring is good for you.
  11. PrincessPansyPad

    I'm new here...

    Hi Emily, I'd love to chat! There are plenty of people on this site who arent freaked out over diapers.
  12. I'm so glad we got to hang today! Totally need to do it again :)

  13. PrincessPansyPad

    Anyone in Raleigh?