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  1. My thick diaperbut :)

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  • Such a precious little doll, so sweetly diapered in her adorable baby outfits, good for you, sweetie!

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  • Baby Banker Upgrade Special - Help Support our new Server!

    I have donated but still no upgrade of my account. I donated on the 23(a week ago)
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  • My new babygirl dress

    So short and cute :)
  • Golden Girls Pink Ruffled Dress

    Wow! Thats a cute dress
  • A Question For Naughty Sissies...

    Me like to take it another step.... Think of the humiliation to have someone elses diaper put over your head. All in the dark, feeling the warmth and the smell. Maybe someone rips a hole in the diapee where your mouth is.... And you dont see what they put in there
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