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  1. Hey

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bartman
    3. ghostie


      *gives fortune cookie* :)

    4. Bartman


      *eats and read the note inside* "it says, mommy will always be the bestest" :)

  2. Did your package arrive yet?

    1. DailyDi


      ...must...resist...urge to.... offer...my "package"

    2. Bartman
    3. ghostie


      i haven't seen it :/

      i'll be back later btw :) just haven't been feeling too great

  3. Hi Ghostie, so you want me to get you some diapers?

    1. ghostie


      id love that :)

      hope you can get on. seems like each time i check Skype you're away  lol

    2. Bartman


      I should be on Skype again soon :)

      I ordered you some DC Amor, should arrive by Wednesday :)

      that ok?

    3. ghostie


      awesome :) you're the sweetest *hugs*

      i did message you on there again 

  4. hi scooty! sorry i've been dealing with a cold. i'll be on later today :)

    1. Bartman


      ok :)

      are you feeling better?

  5. short but sweet
  6. well, i wear dry 24/7 to bed. they're the best, totally worth it. i have worn those (and other diapers) in the day before.... but i've been trying to stick to goodnites the last few months. mostly because i worry i'll just start losing control faster if i give up undies completely. idk, its stressing me out.. and i was dealing with bladder problems before i even came out as trans and stuff
  7. i'm a little embarrassed to talk about this but uh... does anyone else have problems wetting from anxiety? i've worn diapers for bedwetting pretty much since i can remember but it seems like the last 4-5 years i've been having more daytime problems. it kinda comes and goes but its frustrating losing control during panic attacks or something >_< it seems to be mostly from that, idk
  8. my little boy is doing such a good job helping out. keep it up kiddo :)

    1. Bartman


      I'll twy my best mommy :)

  9. Mommy your the best EVER! *hugs*

    1. ghostie


      *hugs* thank you sweetie :)

    2. Bartman


      your welcome mommy :)

  10. you actually own a crib? you're brave! even i'd be too embarrassed *giggles*
  11. could you make an adobe version? right now i'm sharing a kindle with other people, lol
  12. absolutely adorable. i miss being able to click like for stuff like this, lol
  13. at this point he really deserves whatever she gives him