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  1. hey kitty! missed you. really liking the stories and stuff you've been posting :)

  2. Hey

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    2. Alvin Seville
    3. ghostie


      *gives fortune cookie* :)

    4. Alvin Seville

      Alvin Seville

      *eats and read the note inside* "it says, mommy will always be the bestest" :)

  3. Did your package arrive yet?

    1. DailyDi


      ...must...resist...urge to.... offer...my "package"

    2. Alvin Seville
    3. ghostie


      i haven't seen it :/

      i'll be back later btw :)

  4. Hi Ghostie, so you want me to get you some diapers?

    1. ghostie


      id love that :)

      hope you can get on. seems like each time i check Skype you're away

    2. Alvin Seville

      Alvin Seville

      I should be on Skype again

    3. ghostie
  5. hi scooty! sorry i've been dealing with a cold. i'll be on later today :)

    1. Alvin Seville

      Alvin Seville

      ok :)

      are you feeling better?

  6. fear wetting

    well, i wear dry 24/7 to bed. they're the best, totally worth it. i have worn those (and other diapers) in the day before.... but i've been trying to stick to goodnites the last few months. mostly because i worry i'll just start losing control faster if i give up undies completely. idk, its stressing me out.. and i was dealing with bladder problems before i even came out as trans and stuff
  7. fear wetting

    i'm a little embarrassed to talk about this but uh... does anyone else have problems wetting from anxiety? i've worn diapers for bedwetting pretty much since i can remember but it seems like the last 4-5 years i've been having more daytime problems. it kinda comes and goes but its frustrating losing control during panic attacks or something >_< it seems to be mostly from that, idk
  8. my little boy is doing such a good job helping out. keep it up kiddo :)

    1. Alvin Seville

      Alvin Seville

      I'll twy my best mommy :)

  9. Mommy your the best EVER! *hugs*

    1. ghostie


      *hugs* thank you sweetie :)

    2. Alvin Seville

      Alvin Seville

      your welcome mommy :)

  10. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    at this point he really deserves whatever she gives him
  11. What does it feel like?

    Varies tbh. Sometimes I get a sudden urge but most of the time its just leaking, like if i cough or something. actually the stress incontinence tends to be worse when i'm sick. i have been woking up from feeling cold and wet on occasion but normally i just wake up to a wet diaper in the morning without any memory of anything.
  12. Sissy Bunny Boys going outside to play

    where did you get them? my sisters used to have this cool straw colored stuffed bunny but i can't find him anywhere