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  1. Foundling

    D&D Campaign Ideas?

    I second the one page dungeons site. There's some real gems in there, and you can also develop them further if you need to, either at the time or bring them back later. Check for balance though- some of them are really out of whack. Another good resource is the older printed Dungeon magazine. They had a recurring section called Side Treks that were specifically designed to be dropped in between adventures. And they have one big advantage over the one page dungeons, in that they went through editors before being published, so tend to be much more balanced, have a solid purpose and plot, and are spell checked. There are also random dungeon generators. I particularly like donjon: http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/ Generate a diminutive dungeon of about 7 rooms. Between thee random dungeon name, the dressing in the dungeon and the creatures and traps involved, you can usually get a solid idea of a story for what comes up. Another good resource are the old AD&D book of lairs- there were two of them, but they were all official one or two page adventures that TSR came up with for different types of monsters. Any one of those could be short `in between' adventures.
  2. Foundling

    Pen & Paper Fetish Game

    Also available to help. Been playing (player and DM) longer than the rest of you have been alive, which sounded a whole lot better before I typed it out. Seriously though, willing to help with whatever is needed, playtesting, feedback, etc. Discord: https://discord.gg/Hb2Caw I haven't used it though, so probably better to use someone else's server.
  3. you're the best *hugs* woke up earlier..gonna go get water.but i wanted to give you hugs an stuff :)

  4. Foundling

    new babygirl :)

    Likewise! Not in the area, but I see you already posted in the meeting section. Hope something fruitful comes out of it for you. Just take it slow, read the forums, and visit the chat, and you'll probably learn a lot more than you wanted to know- the majority of mods and members are pretty friendly, I've seen, even if the advice can be blunt (but that's sometimes needed).
  5. Foundling

    John from Tulsa Oklahoma area

    Happy upcoming birthday! You bring the cake, we'll bring the candles!
  6. Foundling

    middle age diaper love from Grand rapids mi

    Always happy to have someone older than me join! Not in your area, but hope you meet friends, online and off!
  7. Foundling

    Harford County

    Anyone else in or near the Harford county area, and interested in either meeting up or discussing the best musician performing during the summer concert series at the maritime museum?
  8. Foundling

    Lehigh Valley ABDLs!!!

    I used to live in Easton, but live in MD now. Still come up to the Easton/Bethlehem area fairly frequently though.
  9. Foundling

    Pen & Paper Fetish Game

    1. Yes, I would definitely be interested in seeing it. While I don't have particular suggestions for additions, reading it over might come up with ideas. And yes, I would play it.One of my groups is a lot more freewheeling, and has used quite a bit of adult and fetish material in play, so this no doubt would be included as well. 2. We have the same interest and you already said you developed the AB/LG, so this does not apply. 3. As above. 4. As above. You might want to look online for a fan-made AD&D supplement called `the complete guide to carnal knowledge'. Inside the magic item sections, they had ever-full baby bottles, magic diapers, and a few other items that might be useful to your project. On that note, how is the project coming along? Still working on it, or has it gone by the wayside?
  10. Foundling

    Any Dungeons & Dragons fans here?

    Big fan of D&D and most other RPGs. Usually I am the DM, but enjoy playing whenever the opportunity. Been running the same hometown campaign off and on for the last thirty years or so, usually whenever I'm in town, but much more regularly since the internet made it possible to stay in touch no matter where you are in the world. Also ran numerous club- or forum-based games. Would like to do so again at some point, but haven't really found a good substitute since Yahoo Groups fell apart.
  11. Foundling

    Lost a Facebook Friend today

    On the other hand, let's assume she takes her beliefs seriously, and they form a large part of who she is and how she lives her life. From her perspective, she just had a relative stranger mock those beliefs. Why shouldn't she have decided to avoid that person on facebook, someone who is nothing more than an old game contact? You aren't close enough to dialogue with it about. It would be different if you were a friend she had a relationship with, but you don't even recognize her name. She didn't go ballistic on you, she didn't insult you, she just said `eh, this guy isn't someone I care to talk to if that's how he feels'. Sounds like a pretty adult, calm way of dealing with it. So sure, I think you were fine making the joke, but I don't see anything snowflaky in her response. And she is equally fine culling someone she doesn't really know who doesn't care to respect what's important to her.
  12. Foundling

    First Responders, military

    25+ year army retiree here. It was a good run. I only wore once on duty, but there were mitigating circumstances.
  13. Foundling

    Spanked Till You Cry?

    I cry when I can't find a matching pair of socks, so I'd guess it probably wouldn't take much. Okay, I'm not really that bad. Good question though. I haven't, but it would be something I'd be interested in learning if I could/would.
  14. Foundling

    Baltimore area friends

    Hey! I see you haven't been online for the last two months or so, but I've taken longer breaks than that. So if you, or anyone else, sees this and wants to say hi, yep, I'm in Harford county in Aberdeen.
  15. Foundling

    Dl'S In Pennsylvania?

    I'm from Northampton County, Easton, PA, but currently am working overseas. Good to meet you all though!