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  1. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Anyone on tumblr

    Warning, NSFW: https://sumtingwet.tumblr.com/
  2. PoPoDiaperFetish

    What do you do for an income?

    Law enforcement. I haven't worn at work while actually working, only on side jobs sitting in a parking lot not having to interact with anybody.
  3. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Why do you wear diapers?

    I wear them because I feel comfortable and safe in them as I am by myself when I wear. It's a change and relief feeling safe compared to working so much.
  4. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Help it burns

    I don't know about do it yourself kits. Maybe if you just schedule and appointment and go without saying why, there won't be any problems.
  5. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Help it burns

    If you can, I would look into Brazilian waxing, male or female.
  6. PoPoDiaperFetish

    thong jeans

    Maybe it is just me, but if I saw a person walking around in just a diaper I would ignore them (maybe admire it :-p) But, if I got a call about it and found the person, I would do my best to make everybody happy (complainant happy person is gone, DL happy that there is a DL popo who understands.)
  7. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Well that was weird xD

    Are you sure they were for her daughter?
  8. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Diapers at last

    Right now is the first diaper I have been able to wear since about September. So happy and comfy right now
  9. PoPoDiaperFetish

    First Responders, military

    Same here. Don't want to be found out at work.
  10. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Bambino Magnifico. 2 nights in a row I have been able to wear after about 2 months not wearing.
  11. PoPoDiaperFetish

    First Responders, military

    Are there any first responders (LEO, fire, EMS) or military on here?
  12. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Shaving For Guys

    It is an interesting first time, but I have started getting waxed down there. First time did hurt, but since then it hasn't. No itching afterwards when stuff starts to grow back and it grows back a lot thinner.
  13. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Anyone have spare diapers?

    I do not think that the forums automatically update your age.
  14. PoPoDiaperFetish

    Bambino Diapers Now Carrying Rearz Rebel Adult Diaper

    It is a nice diaper, but not cut as well, for me, as the Magnificos are.
  15. PoPoDiaperFetish

    The Moon Takes Over

    Totality for me where I am in SC.