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  1. If you are getting a laptop, you may want to spend the extra money for something with higher specs as it will last longer before getting outdated. My last laptop before this one was a high end laptop that lasted 6 year before being inside my apartment that caught fire from a lightning strike.
  2. Do research about the gun makers. You don't need to pay a premium for a handgun, but you need to make sure it is going to function when needed. Do not get hi-point, Jimenez, or cheap hand guns, they work well. . . . If you throw them at the suspect. Never had any issues with my Glock or Springfield.
  3. I have been having to go several weeks without wearing. But as soon as I get a chance to wear for an extended period of time I do. For me it's a security thing while wearing them.
  4. Not notify police, notify EMS. That is all we would do, send us an ambulance (then we would try and locate where the person belongs.)
  5. My favorite are the nJoy plugs. Easy to clean and have different sizes for what is needed / wanted. Kind of pricey, but way worth it to me.
  6. I always use a pad when going to bed drunk. This is also reinforced my the fact that I love to wake up seeing how close I came to leaking if I didn't.
  7. Greenville
  8. I went on a call the other night where a person was having a mental episode, turns out he was incontinent. I saw they had him in a diaper that was dry but severely sagging. While they said he had mental issues (which might be the case) I could not help but think, :maybe he is acting out because he is uncomfortable with what he is wearing:. Places should have the option to use premium diapers for those that want them.
  9. I wonder if manufacturers could create some sort of "pouch" for males that helps distribute the pee down and across the entire diaper. Would eliminate the pointing direction (at least when you aren't hard)
  10. The confidry website is $4 more expensive than xpmedical.
  11. I sent them an email earlier this week, they said it was a defect and they would apply a credit for me to use that would be applied later n the day. Asked for the numbers on the bags which I gave. Will login later to see if I have the credit or not.
  12. Anybody see the problem with these? Open the last pack of case I ordered. All 12 are this way. The front flaps look like they were cut (the sap is exposed) and there is nothing cut out for the legs. All 12 wasted.
  13. Depending what you are looking for where to buy, look at Amazon. They now have Amazon lockers at local places. However, if you order anything large you may have issues. Just research anything related to amacon locker. Also remember that if you share an Amazon with somebody, all your search history is shared with them and if you are not the account holder the shipping and order information is sent to the account owner.
  14. Never have in front of family or girlfriend. Now here I lay, at my parents, diapered and ready to wake up wet.
  15. Hmm. Wonder what I have changed. Just ordered a new case. I did see that with this shipment they are shipping from a different origin location.