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  1. Wannatripbaby

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    Whoa! Haven't heard from this thread in a while! Sorry guys, my account hasn't been sending me notifications lately. :/ I'll try to go through and answer these. And I am postulating that there is no difference. Predestination = Foreordination because Free Will is an illusion. Now the question is: Do you have a counter argument? As I have already covered a dozen times, this is a logical paradox. You cannot have a universe created by an Omniscient God And still say we mere mortals have any control or uchoice in our lives. And I am saying that it is impossible for God to make a decision without knowing the end result already because he is Omniscient and Timeless. As such, he decided how your life would play out to the minutest detail before the world ever began. Can anyone who believes in God deny this?
  2. I am by no means an aficionado on the good ol' DiDem, but its been my understanding that, while of course males exist, they are almost considered lesser citizens. Not legally, just culturally. Similarly to how women were viewed up until a hundred years ago. Or maybe that's just been the predominant theme of the particular stories I've read? In any case there is no rule against Male-centric DiDem stories and if you wanna write one write it however you like. :D
  3. Wannatripbaby

    12.6 Million to Freedom….

    I had no idea you actually uploaded this! I guess that's what I get for taking a day off from DD. 😅
  4. Wannatripbaby

    A Second Thought (One Shot Short Story)

    Wow. That... I... wow. I'm not sure if I have words to express what I felt during this story. I didn't react quite as strongly as YourFNF, but that was just incredible. I can see how that would've been hard to write for somwone as emotional and empathetic as you, Lamby. *Hugs*
  5. Wannatripbaby

    Looking to play

    This belongs in the "Meeting Places" section. Also elcome to DD.
  6. Wannatripbaby

    Diaper Deminsion and self defence

    Part of it is probably the lack of self-defense equipment being made for Littles, because why would an Amazon society ever allow that? And also do you ever really see Amazons carrying self-defense equipment for use against other Amazons? Not really that I've seen. Which is why I've gathered that most DiDem stories exist in a basically post-violence society (accept in the case of Amazons vs. Littles, of course.) Not including a certain someone getting murdered in "It's the Little Choices." Although that was by someone who had literally suffered a psychotic breakdown.
  7. Wannatripbaby

    Regular Story Contests?

    I definitely like the idea! And I can easily write a short story in a day if an idea grabs me so I would likely participate.
  8. Wannatripbaby

    New to this site

    This type of post probably belongs in the "Meeting Places" section. Also welcome to the site!
  9. Wannatripbaby

    On The Rocks (One Shot Short Story)

    That honestly sounds a lot better than my idea. :D
  10. Wannatripbaby

    On The Rocks (One Shot Short Story)

    Yeah, like this was DARK, but still WAY less emotionally challenging to read than your average chapter of "AB. + D.L. = <3". True. There is SO much potential here for an entire series! All about various Cryptids and how they function or don't function in society. But I'm not gonna push you on that one. :D I too loved the sweet justice Lizzy got at the end. ♡ It was SOOOO satisfying to see her just straight-up murder her captor when he least expected it! If you were to make another sequel to this to round out the trilogy, I'm guessing it would be about Lizzy finding either a CG or a role in society perhaps as a hunter of other dangerous Cryptids rather than killing people. Just an idea. :)
  11. Wannatripbaby

    On The Rocks (One Shot Short Story)

    Wow. That was... actually not as hard to read as I was expecting. Although that's partially because most of the truly gruesome things happened off camera. Still, that was EXTREMELY gruesome! Well done. Also I loved the nod to "Baby and the Beast." Where will Lizzy go next? What atrocities will follow her? Is this the last we'll see of Lizzy or whatever her real name is? Only time will tell.
  12. Wannatripbaby

    Sweet Nothings (Repost)

    That really was amazing, even the second time! And the possibility of a sequel? Hell yes! I would totally read that! I... I may have actually come up with an idea for a Sequel to this after the first time I read it. 😶 it was nothing earth-shattering. And I didn't actually write it down. It was basically just "Self-insert takes a romantic interest in Gabby and shows her she doesn't need to be skinny to be loved. And also accepts her diapers and becomes her Daddy almost immediately." Like I said, nothing too special. 😅
  13. Wannatripbaby

    Take Your Child To Work Day (One Shot Short Story)

    Oh. I never thought of it that way. You see I'm the type of person who enjoys really any kind of feedback on the things I write. I've had people tell me they didn't like Angel Hunter and I was still happy for their feedback because to me a negative reaction (not an angry one of course) is still better than silence. I didn't think about the fact that others might not see it the same way. In the future I shall try to abide by the rule of "if you don't have anything nice/constructive to say, don't say anything at all." Hugs?
  14. Wannatripbaby

    Take Your Child To Work Day (One Shot Short Story)

    I can't say I enjoyed this one much. It pushed a lot of my Nope buttons: 1: Parent forcing their teenage/adult child back into diapers for "bad behavior." 2: Said child being openly humiliated and everyone just treating it as normal even though she was not only physically assaulted, but was being VERY obvious about. Everyone was acting so... irrational, that I expected there to be some twist at the end like a mind control device or a regressor ray gun or a magic spell or something, but nope. This was all just completely normal apparently. Let me be clear that none of that is criticism. Plenty of people get off on this sort of thing. I'm just not one of them. Also yes, Foofybabykitten is the one who pitched that other idea to you. 😊