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  1. Wannatripbaby

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    Ugh! We finally got some more Abe and he didn't use a single mixed-metaphor! I feel cheated! JK that was a great chapter and I loved every minute of it.
  2. Wannatripbaby

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    *facepalm* I'm such a ditz sometimes. 😅
  3. Wannatripbaby

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    Just Friday and Saturday to go? We're barely 2/3 through it!
  4. Wannatripbaby

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    I still hold to my theory that this is just a job to Betsy and that's why she's able to be so frank about the reality of it with Leona. Only time will prove me right or wrong. How much longer do we have with this story?
  5. Wannatripbaby

    Dropped in a new world (re-uploading) ch17 (11-15)

    Ah, Monarch. Ever the badass. But deep down he's a teddy bear inside. ♡
  6. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    "Well then one of the doctors must've taken it and put it with your clothes and other belongings."
  7. Wannatripbaby

    Baby Luvs (Ch. 26!)

    It's a good thing malls have family restrooms!
  8. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    "You took your ring off back at the cabin, remember?"
  9. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    They both wake up with a start and come to your side. "Oh, that's preposterous, Grace." "There there, dear."
  10. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    You wake up some time later in the same hospital room. But instead of Ali, your Grandparents are here, both asleep in their chairs.
  11. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    Tears well up in her eyes. "Grace, please... don't do this..."
  12. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    "What's wrong, Grace? Use your words." She gently urges you.
  13. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    She takes your hand "Grace, I need you to calm down. I can't talk to you when you're crying like that."
  14. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    "Your grandparents know too."
  15. Wannatripbaby

    regression at the lake (private)

    "But before we started these games you were just fine. Now you're saying you have a disassociative personality! And you said last night that you can't control it now that you 'have a Mommy.' In other words, I'm the one causing this."