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  1. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    She sees your smile. "You know, even if these people rub me every wrong way for some reason, the fact that they make you so happy means there's no way I won't love them by proxy." Soon the two of you arrive. The parking lot is mostly empty indicating the lunch rush must've just ended. She comes over to your door, unbuckles your seat belt and helps you out of the car. "Shall we?"
  2. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    She hugs you and kisses your forehead, leaving a bright red lipstick mark which she quickly wipes off with a baby wipe. "Alright, let's go get some pizza!" And with that she grabs her diaper bag and leads you out to the car. On the way there a thought occurs to her. "So... just to be clear, are we going lovers? I don't know if these people know you're a lesbian. If you're not ready to admit that I'm perfectly okay pretending we're just friends. It's totally up to you, baby."
  3. Wannatripbaby

    To Catch a Falling Star - Chapter 5 (09/17)

    Another excellent chapter. It will certainly be interesting to see how this whole acting job goes. How will the other Actors/Actresses treat her? Will they be nice on camera and complete monsters off stage? What will happen if she bumps into someone she knows? The possibilities... On the critiquing side, I must say that your dialogue seems rather... mechanical. And it was okay here since Mr. Townshend and Erika were conducting business, but I'm wondering if it was really intentional or if you're just uncomfortable writing dialogue?
  4. Wannatripbaby

    Brutal Pet pt 1

    That was a good start. I loved Isabella and Marina! They were so cute together! I'm not really into Metal. So much of the fluff of this story won't appeal to me. But thankfully (so far) that hasn't been necessary to the enjoyment of this story. One little critique I have is that, unless I missed something, you didn't specify the main character's gender until nearly a 3rd of the way through the chapter. Up until then I thought she was a guy! Sure, Amazona is a fairly feminine name, but there were quite a few weird names in this. Plus when I heard her best friend was a guy, I guess my brain shortcutted to think she was a guy as well? Oh well, no big deal. In future works try to specify important details like that earlier on. All in all, a great first chapter. Well worth a Like.
  5. Wannatripbaby

    After The Rain Has Fallen

    Ohhhhhhh okay sorry. I must've been in one of my dense moods when I read that. 😅
  6. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    You like it, huh? Good." She comes over and helps you up. "Because if all goes well today you may become intimately familiar with this dress when I let you remove it tonight," she leans in close to your ear and adds "with your teeth!"
  7. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    She decides to change into an elegant black dress that would seem more appropriate for dinner at an upscale restaurant rather than lunch at a pizza joint. Her makeup is minimalist except for the cherry red lipstick that coated her lips. Finally she did her hair up in a tight bun. When she was done she looked the polar opposite to you. Your attire said childish, cute, carefree. Whereas hers clearly proclaimed sexy, elegant, a woman of class.
  8. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    "That's more or less what I meant. I certainly wouldn't expect you to discuss your fetish with them! But I needed to know if you felt comfortable going in your current attire. Now that I know they're okay with it, that's all I was worried about." She kisses your forehead. "I have a feeling I'm really gonna like these folks."
  9. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    She helps you to put your Shortalls back on followed by some shoes. "Have they ever seen you Little before?"
  10. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    "It's a little after 1:00. We could probable go to that pizza place and meet your real family anytime you're ready."
  11. Wannatripbaby

    Long Story

    dear Girlygirl, I am so sorry. Nobody should have to go through what you've been through. What you're still going through. I just want to wrap you in a big ol' hug right now. Although part of that is the CG in me talking. Despite what others often say, time does not heal anything. Time allows for healing, yes. But it doesn't heal by itself. The reason you're hurting so much right now is because you've spent the last year re-structuring your entire Being around your Boyfriend. And now that he's gone he's literally left you empty and hollow because you put all your eggs into his basket, so to speak. The only way you can begin to recover is to re-align yourself with a new goal; new ideals, so that you can start rebuilding your foundation. If you want help in doing that, or if you ever need someone to ralk to, I'm here for you 7 days a week. Feel free to PM me anytime. P.s. I do think the universe was somehow keeping you alive for a reason. I can think of no other explanation for surviving so many suicide attempts. So please, for all our sakes, don't give up just yet, okay? ♡♡♡
  12. Wannatripbaby

    After The Rain Has Fallen

    Silly Ellie. *boops nose* I'm confused, are you saying you are trying to learn how or that I need to learn how?
  13. Wannatripbaby

    Keeper's Pet - Part 7 (Updated 9/16)

    You were right; Eleni is best girl! Seriously, she's very similar to my Myrtle. Which, as you know, was a character that came out of one of the deepest parts of me. Eleni's fear and pain were almost tangible. She's most def my new favorite character. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  14. Wannatripbaby

    Plot-Pacing advice?

    Hmm... that's a tough one. Have you considered exploring where this new "high-tension" situation could take you? Even if it isn't what you expected? It sounds to me like your characters have done something you didn't expect at the outset (happens all the time) and now you're trying to shoehorn them back into your original box.
  15. Wannatripbaby

    Double Life (Private with Wannatripbaby)

    "That's true. Which means at your current rate of wetting you shouldn't need changing until just before bedtime." Not at all true. It would be more like mid to late afternoon. But it'll be fun watching her squirm at the thought of being wet, and eventually messy, all day.