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  1. Sweet Nothings

    That's the end of the story? Man, I was really looking forward to seeing Gabby get the happy ending she deserves. But I understand that not every story can end happily. And ending it after 2 chapters is probably better than watching Gabby destroy herself over 30 chapters. You really captured self hatred with this story. I am all too familiar with the voices of one's inner demons tearing them down. Not because I have body issues, my troubles have nothing to do with my body image, but the voices are the same. I'm not sure if I've ever read a book where someone so perfectly represented what those voices sound like to someone who hates themselves. I guess what I'm trying to say is: Bravo. You really knocked this one out of the park.
  2. Angel Hunter (Chapter 6 up 11/18/17)

    Chapter VI I woke up to a stiff neck and an growling stomach. The stiff neck was due to the awkward position I was sleeping in; I never really got the hang of sleeping on a couch. The hunger was obviously because I hadn't eaten today. Existential crises almost always ruin my appetite. Of course, with Julia still asleep on my lap I couldn't really go anywhere, so I guess food will have to wait until she wakes up. I looked down at her diaper, which was wet again. I swear this girl must be part fire hydrant or something! I just changed her… what time is it? Eleven-twenty! We've been napping for almost two hours! How time flies… *grumble* *grumble* That also explains why I'm starving right now. I wonder if I whisper the demon’s name three times if maybe she’ll show up make me a sandwich or something? Ha, that would sure be something! Does the demon even have a name? I'll have to ask her next time she shows up. Think, what can I do to take my mind off how hungry I am without waking Julia up? Tv’s right out, And my books are out of reach. Which only leaves my phone. Hmm… Maybe it's time I did a little research to figure out what's really going on here. I google “Demon possession” trying to find anything that can help me, but I'm not having much luck. There are plenty of disturbing accounts about people who claim demons forced them to kill or rape someone. Or where they started levitating off the ground or speaking in tongues. But so far I'm not seeing anything that resembles my situation. Nothing about demons asking for help or showing up for a casual conversation. Hell, if half of these accounts are true me and Julia have it easy! Sure, she can't move, but at least her demon had the common decency to get someone to take care of her, which is a lot more than any of these people got from their demons. In fact, Julia’s demon doesn't match the profile of anything I'm reading. All the accounts I've read seem to indicate that demons are beings of pure evil who want nothing more than to kill and destroy. That doesn't sound like Julia’s demon at all. Is it possible we have a friendly demon on our hands? Do those even exist? I google search “do friendly demons exist?” No results. Which means either we’re dealing with something completely different, or the demon is just pretending to be nice to gain my trust. But why would she do that? She could've just been all, “do what I say if you value your life!” And I would probably have done everything exactly the same way. And why would she show up in the laundry room just to tell me I'm doing a good job? I was roused from my internal debate when a moan escaped from Julia as she opened her eyes. “Mornin’ sleeping Beauty.” I say to her. “H-Hi…” If she hadn't been lying in my lap I probably would very fell out of my seat. “Y-You can talk???” “Y-Yeah… Hurts…” “What hurts?” “Talk… Ing…” she looked like she was about to cry as the last syllable left her mouth. “Hey, that's okay. You don't have to say a word until you feel ready. I'm just glad to finally see some progress in your recovery!” i lifted her head up so I could get off of the couch. Sweet freedom. “I believe this calls for a celebration. I think another bottle is in order… Unless you'd like a diaper change first?” “D-Drink…” “Coming right up!” The excitement over her first words had briefly distracted me from my hunger. Being in the kitchen instantly reminded me. I grabbed a banana, thinking it was the only thing I could eat while I gave Julia her bottle. I was about to start feeding her when she told me she was cold. Now that I thought about it, it would be kind of cold in here if I wasn't wearing any pants. After retrieving a blanket from my bedroom and draping it over her body, I set about feeding Julia her bottle and eating my banana. I wondered if I shouldn't be offering her something to eat as well, but I was afraid that would lead to a situation I'm sure both of us would rather avoid. I'm not going to starve the girl or anything, but I think I'll wait for her to ask before potentially putting us both in an unpleasant situation. And who knows? Maybe some solid food is just what she needs to get her strength back. Or maybe her stomach just can't handle food right now. As if in answer to my question I caught her glancing at the banana I was eating. I took the bottle out of her mouth, “You wouldn't perhaps like something to eat would you?” I asked her. “Y-Yes.” Now the question is, what can I feed her? It should probably be something light. “I have a can of chicken noodle soup I could make? Does that sound good?” “Uh-huh.” I set about making the soup. I didn't even really like chicken noodle soup, I just had it because that's what you're supposed to eat when you're sick. Well, if Julia's condition doesn't qualify as “sick” I don't know what does. While the soup was warming up I thought I'd better figure out how to position Julia such that I can actually spoon-feed her. I tried simply sitting her up on the couch, and at first she seemed to stay upright just fine. But as soon as I walked away she fell over on her side, which did not make her happy. However, by the time the soup was done I had come up with the perfect plan: first I sit her at the end of the couch so she can't fall to her left. Then I sit next to her so she can't fall to her right. I'm not quite sure what I'd do if she fell forward, since I'd be holding the tray of soup on my lap. But I'll just have to risk it. As I get the both of us into position I can't help but be reminded of the Princess Bride. She has been mostly dead for several hours after all. I'm just glad she seems to be able to hold her head up. I get a spoonful of soup and bring it to her mouth, “Alright, here comes the airplane.” I say. She squints her eyes at me in an attempt to express her displeasure at my patronizing comment for which I promptly apologized. Have you ever tried to spoon-feed someone an entire bowl of soup? It takes a lot longer than you might expect. It was going on noon by the time we were finished. I then laid her back down on the couch and gave her the rest of her bottle. I wasn't sure how well Black Cherry-Plum juice pairs with chicken, but she didn't complain so it couldn't have been too bad. After that I remembered I still had laundry downstairs and told her I needed to leave her alone for a minute. She said don't be too long and I promised her I wouldn't. I was only gone for about three minutes, but when I got back I suddenly heard Julia cry out from beyond the door. I dropped my laundry basket there in the hall and ran inside. “What's wrong?” I asked her in a panic. She didn't look hurt and she hadn't fallen off of the couch or anything. “I… I'm… Peeing...” Oh deer. I forgot to change her earlier. I don't know if these diapers can take two wettings. I pulled her blankets off and sure enough the yellowed padding hugging her crotch was expanding further up the diaper, slowly overtaking what little bit of white was left. Julia bursts out crying which drew my attention away from her swelling padding. Had this not caused me to panic and jump right into comforting her I might've been able to get her into the bathroom or something before her diaper started leaking on my couch, which only caused her to cry more, whether from the discomfort of a leaky diaper or the shame of thinking she just ruined my couch, I wasn't sure which. But I did my best to comfort her, “Hey now, It's alright. I should've remembered to change you earlier.” “I-I'm s-s-sorry!” she said between sobs. “It's alright. This isn't your fault. And hey, at least now we know that these diapers don't hold very much. I guess that's what I get for buying the cheap brand, am I right?” super-absorbant my ass! “I… I…” “Shh, I'm not mad. This isn't your fault. Now let's get you out of that old, wet diaper, okay?” I picked her up, careful not to get soaked in the process, and carried her into the bedroom. The towel and changing supplies were still there, so I got right down to changing her straight away. She was still crying even as I removed the sopping wet diaper out from under her, but she started to calm down as the change went on. It was getting really hard not to think of her as a giant baby. Not only because of the diapers and bottles, but also because of her uncontrollable emotional outbursts. But then, if anyone was entitled to a little emotional instability it was Julia. She's been through more than I can possibly imagine. “There, all done. Now wait here while I go see what I can do about the couch.” “I'm sorry.” “ah ah ah, now what did I say? There's nothing to be sorry about. It wasn't your fault.” I walked out before she could argue, taking her used diaper with me and disposing of it. I inspected the couch and found that her diaper hadn't leaked as bad as I thought. There was a small wet patch on one of the couch cushions but that was about it. A little soap and water and it was good as new. I went back in to find Julia still sniffling slightly. I picked her up and placed her back on the couch. “See? Like nothing ever happened.” she didn't look at me. Couldn't look at me. Maybe I just need to give her some space. “Well, I think I'm going to make myself some lunch. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask, okay?” I was about halfway to the kitchen before she spoke up, “th-thank you.” “You're welcome.” “I mean it… you've been… So nice to me…” “Why shouldn't I be nice to you?” “I… don't even… know you…” “Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lucas Granger. But you can call me Luc.” “L-Luc…” “Yes?” “H-How did I get here?” Wait, she doesn't know how she got here? “Uhhhhh…” Author’s note: I just wanted to let you know there probably won't be another chapter until at least monday. Sundays are usually rather busy for me. Also I'd love to hear your thoughts on the story so far, as well as some things you'd like to see in upcoming chapters. I could always use a little fresh inspiration.
  3. Angel Hunter (Chapter 6 up 11/18/17)

    Yeah! It's like part of me is thinking ahead; trying to plot out where the story is going. While the other part of me is experiencing it first hand as Luc. It's almost like an out of body experience in a way. A beautiful duality of writer & character. I'm just afraid of what happens when I run out of creative juices. Will I just continue on even though I have nothing interesting to say? Will I hit a roadblock in the story that I can't find a way around? It's why I've never written a story before. I've always thought you need to have everything fully planned out before putting anything down on paper.
  4. Unconventional Solutions - 16

    That was a close call. But I'm sure we'll get her next time (mischievous face emoticon.) Grammer patrol: There was one part around the middle of the chapter where Allen says "you're such a light way with allergy meds." I'm assuming that was supposed to be "weight?"
  5. Angel Hunter (Chapter 6 up 11/18/17)

    Oh, that's not what I meant. I love writing this story and I have plenty of free time. What I mean is, I literally don't know if I can keep this up because I'm kind of discovering this story as I'm writing it. Like, I have ideas for the long run, but as for the individual chapters I'm sort of making it up as I go along. When I sit down to write I have no idea what's going to happen next in the story. It just sort of... comes to me. It's really hard to explain. Does it happen that way for you at all?
  6. Angel Hunter (Chapter 6 up 11/18/17)

    Chapter V When I got back Julia was still asleep and still dry. At least, I think she was still dry. I don't have enough diaper experience to know whether or not you can tell if an adult diaper is soiled just by looking at it. I would assume you can, but I can't say I know for certain. They are made for discretion after all. But no matter, even if she was wet I wouldn't have the heart to wake her up. I'm sure she needs her sleep more than she would need clean diapers right now anyway. I went into my bedroom and laid down on the stripped bed. I looked at the time, it wasn't even nine o’clock yet and I was already exhausted. Both physically and emotionally; Perhaps even more so emotionally than physically. Between the Demon, Julia, and now a possible murder I was at my wit’s end. I wanted to cry, I wanted to die, I wanted to curl up in my bed and pretend this was all a bad dream. But I knew it wasn't a dream. This was real. And I'm stuck in the middle of it whether I like it or not. Even if by some miracle the demon doesn't decide to kill me what will happen to Julia? Will I just be expected to forget about her and continue on as if nothing ever happened? No, I could never live with myself if I let that happen. One way or another my fate and Julia’s are tied together. I will not abandon her to the demon! I looked around the room half expecting to find the demon eavesdropping on my little monologue, but she was nowhere to be found. Which meant she either didn't hear me or she just didn't feel like destroying me at this particular moment. And I couldn't shake the sickly feeling I had that it was most definitely not the former. Think, how do people normally defeat demons? Assuming this is indeed a more common thing than I thought, I would assume they call a priest. Yes! I need a priest to perform an exorcism. But how do I get a priest here without the demon knowing? If my suspicions about the woman downstairs were right then that means this demon can kill people, and she can make it look like an accident… Unless… Unless she needs a host to do her bidding? Maybe she's powerless without Julia’s cooperation? If that were the case now would be the only opportunity I have to nip this problem in the bud before Julia regains her strength. “It would be very unwise for you to do so.” I didn't even bother turning around to face her. I knew I was done for, so I just hung my head and tried very hard not to cry. This is it. She's going to kill me and do whatever it is she has planned for Julia. After everything I've done I just couldn't save her. Couldn't save Julia. That's when I could no longer hold back my tears. Sobs wracked my body as I waited for this creature to end my life. “It's alright, Lucas. I'm not going to hurt you.” Did… Did she just say she's not going to hurt me? Or maybe she just means my death will be painless? “No, I mean I'm not going to hurt you or Julia. It was never my intent to harm either one of you.” I stopped sobbing. She didn't want to hurt either of us? Then how does she plan to explain what she's done to Julia? “That was my mistake. I ran her too hard on our first night. Her body just couldn't bare the strain. I admit I was a bit… Overzealous.” I'm so confused I don't even know where to begin with that statement. “That is to be expected. But there is no time to explain now. There is a Witch Hunter in the building looking for Julia.” “Julia’s a witch?” “No. He is hunting me, and he will kill Julia just to get to me. But you can protect her.” This is unreal. But I'm too tired to argue anymore. “What do I need to do?” “Simple: He will not force his way in, he will try to convince you to let him inside. Do not listen to him.” Sounds simple enough. “Okay.” “Good. He will be here any minute now. I suggest you hide Julia.” I went out to the living room and gently shook Julia’s shoulder to wake her. She opened her eyes and looked at me, wondering what's going on. “I'm sorry I had to wake you, Julia, but I have to hide you in the bedroom. Someone is looking for you and if they find you they may try to kill you.” Naturally her eyes went wide with shock. I picked her up, carried her into my room and laid her on the bed. “Now I need you to be absolutely quiet okay Julia? I'll be back in a few minutes.” Knock-knock-knock. Oh God he's here! I went out to my front door, making sure the chain lock was on, and called out, “who is it?” “Officer Lavine. We met downstairs.” The police are here? I don't have time to deal with cops, I have a Witch Hunter on the way! Unless he was the Witch Hunter. No, surely the police have no interest in hunting witches. That kind of thing died out hundreds of years ago. “Sir?” Oh crap! Here I am monologuing while he's waiting for me to answer the door! I opened the door a crack, “Can I help you?” “Yes, it's about the dead woman downstairs.” Huh, maybe he wasn't the Witch Hunter after all? My paranoia must be getting the better of me. “I told the Inspector I didn't know anything.” “Yes but we've uncovered some new evidence and we think we know who killed Ms. Margot.” “Surely you don't suspect-” “Oh no, Not you sir! We think this is the work of a serial killer. May I come in?” Uh oh. “Umm, I'd rather you didn't.” “Oh? And why is that sir?” Double Uh oh. “Uhh, my girlfriend is sick. I don't want you catching anything.” “Very well sir.” He pulled out a Wanted poster, “Do you recognize this woman?” Julia. It took all my composure not to react. “Uhh… No, sorry.” there's no way he bought that. “Maybe on TV or something?” Better. “She's been making her way across the country leaving over thirty dead bodies that we know of in her wake. From what we gathered about her MO--uh, that means how she kills people--she gets herself invited into her target's home, spends an evening with them, then strikes when they least expect it.” He pulled out a card, “here's my number. If she comes here, stall her and send me a text. Don't risk a phone call, you might tip her off. And don't try to detain her, she is extremely dangerous in hand to hand combat. You cannot beat her in a fight and she never lets her guard down. You get all that?” Wow. “Uh, yeah: If I see her I should text you personally; don't call the police; don't try to take her on by myself.” “Very good sir. I'll just be off then.” “Okay, thanks for the tip.” “Just doing my job sir.” As he left I closed the door and leaned back against it, on the verge of panic. A serial killer? Julia? No, not Julia; the Demon. How long has she been under that creature's control? I shuddered at the thought. I pulled out my phone and entered Lavine’s number into my contacts. I briefly wondered if I shouldn't just text him now and end this nightmare once and for all. But I just couldn't believe Julia would be complicit in all this, which means she's just as much a victim as What's-her-name downstairs. Ms. Margot, was it? If I brought Lavine back here he would probably kill Julia. That is, if the Demon didn't kill him first, or kill me before I could send the text. No. Even if I brought Lavine in the best case scenario is that he kills Julia. I can't let that happen. Who are you going trust? A demon or a cop? Eventually I decided to hold off on calling in Lavine. As I went back in to tell Julia she was safe I was greeted by two startling sights: the first was the pair of black, shadowy hands that phased through my mattress and clamped Julia's mouth shut, muffling her cries into nearly inaudible whimpers. The second was confirmation that you can indeed tell when her diaper is wet by the yellow discoloration of her crotch. “You made the right choice. For a moment I was worried you would believe his lies.” I pointed at the demon’s hands, “Is that really necessary?” “It was a risk I was not willing to take.” I had to know, “did you really kill all those people?” “would you even believe me if I said no? “Just answer the damn question for once!” “*Sigh* No I did not kill those people. Last night was my first outing with Julia.” Somehow I didn't feel any better, “Then where did that Wanted poster come from?” “Were I to take a guess, I would say a printer.” “Oh, so now you're cracking jokes?” “The document you saw could've been fabricated easily enough. Perhaps it could have even been an illusion, but I doubt they would go through the trouble.” then she added, “If you are looking for some form of proof of my intentions I'm afraid I can offer you none. But ask yourself this: Have I done anything to earn your distrust?” “Uhh, yeah! You're a Goddamned demon! You leave a paralyzed woman on my floor and threaten my life if I don't take care of her! You show up whenever you feel like it to say some confusing shit and then disappear without actually giving any answers! Need I go on?” There was a slight pause, “There is much more going on here than you know. I promise you will have answers soon, though they may not be the answers you are looking for. You will soon see why I chose you, but for now I must ask that you be patient a little longer.” And with that the demon removed her hands from Julia’s, who immediately let out a bloodcurdling cry. She must be getting her voice back. I instantly went to her side, “shh, It's okay. The demon is gone. The man at the door is gone. You're safe now. And I promise you, I will do everything in my power to stop that demon from hurting you again.” she just continued to cry like I've never seen anyone cry before. Weeping like she just watched her family being murdered right in front of her. It took me a solid fifteen minutes to get her to calm down enough to address her other issue. “I'm going to get you another diaper. Just sit tight.” she actually whimpered a little as a walked away. Man, she really was scared! I brought a towel and her changing supplies and set them on the edge of the bed. It picked her up and set her on top of the towel with her legs dangling off the edge and resting on the floor. This should be a much easier position to change her from than the couch. “Alright, let's get you cleaned up, shall we?” she was still trembling slightly. Maybe a diaper change will get her mind off of what just happened. I undid the tapes and opened the diaper. The stench of urine was far more concentrated than her previous accidents, but I tried hard not to react. Last thing she needs is another reason to feel bad. I attempted to lift her up to remove the diaper, that's when I discovered a flaw in her positioning: since I was standing between her legs I would need two hands to lift her up. This would be SO much easier if she could only move! I to a step to the left, mover her legs together, grabbed both of them under my arm and lifted up. Surprisingly it worked rather well and I was able to slide the used diaper out from under her. I set her back down and began cleaning her. I asked her if she'd tried moving at all yet and she responded by slowly clenching her fingers into a fist. Then opening them, then closing them again. “That's fantastic!” I praised, “You'll be walking around in no time.” having wiped her entire diaper area I reached over and unfolded a fresh diaper. Now comes the tricky part. I lifted her legs the same way I had done before and placed the diaper underneath her. It only took one adjustment to get it into the right position. I'm getting better at this! I dusted her with powder and taped the diaper up snugly. “There, good as new. Now I'll just go throw your diaper away and get you another bottle. I'll be right back.” I grabbed the wet diaper with two fingers and held it away from my body as I took it to the trash can. After thoroughly washing my hands I filled her bottle with juice again and set it on the end table next to the couch. I was going to try a different tactic. I went in to retrieve Julia and sat down on the couch with her head in my lap. Now I could feed her a bottle while sitting down. She fell asleep again before she even finished the bottle. And since I was so exhausted I thought I might as well get some rest too while I can. So a leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Sleep came almost instantly. Wow! 5 chapters in 5 days! When I started this story I never thought I'd be able to write this much so quickly. Hopefully I can keep up the pace. I thought now would be a fun time for a poll: what do you guys think of the demon? Is she evil or benevolent? What's her endgame? I'd love to hear your thoughts and theories.
  7. Angel Hunter (Chapter 6 up 11/18/17)

    I does seem that way doesn't it? The way I figured it, he simply hasn't had time for all of this to really sink in yet. You may recall in chapter 2 he was on the verge of an existential crisis when he was interrupted by Julia’s cries. He also feels like he needs to be a tower of strength for Julia because she's so helpless right now. If he started freaking out who knows what would happen to her? In fact, I was just in the middle of writing the next chapter (in which Luc does have a bit of a meltdown) when I saw the notification for your comment. Funny how that happens sometimes.
  8. Angel Hunter (Chapter 6 up 11/18/17)

    Chapter IV It wasn't long before Julia was fast asleep again. I quietly ducked out of the apartment and went back downstairs to put my laundry in the dryer. I know you're technically not supposed to leave your laundry unattended, but really, who's going to steal my bedsheets anyway? Besides, it's not like I have much of a choice, I can't just leave Julia alone for an hour while my clothes dry. Who knows what that demon would do to me? “It would not be pleasant.” I spun around and came face to face the demon once again. It looked mostly the same, but it's body was semi-translucent and less defined almost as if she were made of black smoke. “W-What?” “You wondered what I would do to you if you left Julia alone for something so trivial as laundry. You were correct in assuming I'd be very displeased with you.” Oh yeah, I forgot it could read minds. “Oh.” “You are wondering why I am here now?” Come on, say something! “Uhh, now that you mention it,” “I simply wanted to inform you that you're doing an adequate job taking care of my host.” The demon is thanking me? Telling me I'm doing a good job? “Uhh, thank you?” “It seems my faith in you was well founded.” she walked towards me and I backed up against the wall. “Wait!” She stopped in her tracks. Huh, I didn't actually expect her to wait. “Y-Y-You said ‘your faith in me,’ what did I ever do to earn your trust?” “It's not what you did,” she stepped up to me and placed her hand on the side of my face. I flinched remember what happened last time she touched me. “It's who you are.” then she was gone. Leaving me with even more questions than I had before. It's who I am? What does that even mean? I am Lucas Granger. I am a high school history teacher. I am an agnostic. Correction: WAS an agnostic. After the past few hours I don't know what I believe anymore. Am I some kind of Chosen One or something? Is there a prophecy I should know about? Yea verily shalt the scholar of histories taketh the woman, borne of darkness, and swaddle her in baby clothes? Hallelujah, Amen, you are dismissed! There isn't enough therapy or hard liquor in the world for this. On my way out of the laundry room I was nearly knocked over by a pair of policeman who were in a rush to get somewhere. Police? Here? Oh God please no! I ran to catch up with them, “what's going on?” I asked. One of them stopped to address me, “we've got a dead body in apartment one-twenty-two.” He kept going but I stopped to breathe a sigh of relief. For a minute I thought this might have something to do with Julia. One-twenty-two wasn't even on my floor. Wait, a dead body? Someone has died and all I'm worried about is whether or not it's connected to me! Shit! What is wrong with me? I ran to catch up to the police. When I got to the apartment I was stopped by the cop posted outside the door, “hold it sir,” he barked, “this area is a crime scene. I must ask that you stay back so as not to contaminate the evidence.” Before I could respond another cop appeared in the doorway, “Relax, Lavine,” he said, “He just wants to know what's going on same as us.” The officer turned to me and introduced himself, “Inspector Grey, at your service.” he shook my hand, “I take it you live in this building, sir? “uhh, yeah,” I answered, “apartment two-fourteen.” “Did you know the deceased?” “Well how can I answer that if you won't let me see the victim?” The inspector thought about that for a moment and then waved me inside. The apartment was completely trashed; Broken furniture, holes in the walls, Windows smashed, it looked like a tornado made of bricks came through here. In the center of the living room lay the body of a woman. She was probably in her late thirties, tall, dark hair, and wearing a nightgown. “Do you recognize this woman?” Inspector Grey asked me. “Not really,” I answered, “I've only been living here a short time and I don't know much of anyone very well.” Four months probably wouldn't be considered a short enough time to not know anyone, but it was the truth. I generally kept to myself when I was home and the neighbors rarely bothered me. There was an old lady named Mrs. Wilson who lived across the hall from me that I got along fairly well with, but aside from her I didn't really know anyone. This woman could just as well be a burglar as the actual tenant and I wouldn't know the difference. “Did you hear or see anything unusual last night?” You don't know the half of it, I thought to myself. But I knew what he meant, “No, sorry.” I said. “Okay then, you probably won't be needed again unless we find something that connects you to the her death. You're free to go.” “Thanks.” I was about to walk out when a thought occurred to me “say, I'm no expert, but don't murder scenes usually have more blood?” “Murder? Now who said anything about murder?” the Inspector glared at me, perhaps thinking I just incriminated myself. “Uhh,” Not good! “The room is a wreck and there's a dead body in it. What else could it be?” Grey continued to glare at me for a moment, “Good point.” He said with a touch of disappointment in his voice. “Yes, murder scenes do usually have more blood, but we can't seem to find a mark on her. It's almost as if she got up in the middle of the night, trashed her own apartment, then keeled over from a heart attack. We won't know more until the autopsy is completed.” I thanked the Inspector again and made my way back to my apartment. But I couldn't shake the feeling that somehow, someway, Julia and the Demon had to be connected to this. It was just too big a coincidence. I'd have to get to the bottom of this later. Author’s note: Once again, guys, I would love to hear any thoughts, ideas, or criticisms you have on this story. It makes my day to see people getting involved in my story whether for good or bad.
  9. Dropped in a new world. ch 1-20

    Yeah, the important thing is that you informed us that it could be late. We don't mind waiting, it's the not knowing that's torture.
  10. Unconventional Solutions - 16

    Wow! Let me say that backwards: Wow! Let me say that upside-down: Mom! ...Wait, forget that last one. This was an amazing chapter! So sexy! So erotic! And yet so... Innocent in a way. How you managed to write a scene that's both erotic & wholesome is beyond me, but I love it! Also as your appointed editor I must inform you that you wrote Messages in pretty much every spot you meant to write Massages. might want to go in and fix that.
  11. Nightmare Asylum

    This is one trippy story! I love it! Also regarding your answer to my previous question: Your explanation makes perfect sense to me. The only reason it threw me through a loop was because I was comparing this story to your previous ones and assuming it should work the same way. Now that I know it doesn't it won't be a problem from here on out. I love you & Pudding's unique style of writing. In fact, I even incorporated colored text into my first ever story "Angel Hunter." Which I would be honored if you would check out. P.S. I hope we get to see Bridget's perspective on all these events. I'm super curious to see how she handled Kori's diaper.
  12. Angel Hunter (Chapter 6 up 11/18/17)

    Chapter III Twenty-four minutes later I was home again. The shopping took a bit longer than expected since I've never had to purchase this particular item before. I walked in the door and set my groceries down as I went to check on Julia. She was awake and not crying which is a pretty good combo in my book. Well, no use delaying what needs to be done. “Hey Julia. I got you something at the store. Now, it's going to seem a little weird, but it should make life easier for both of us.” with that I pulled the package of adult diapers out of the paper sack and waited for her reaction. Her eyes went wide for a second, then she looked at me with one eyebrow raised as if to say “seriously?” But she didn't start whimpering which I took as a good sign. “I'm sorry I have to do this, but it's the only thing I could think of to protect my furniture and clothes. And it'll be good for you too because we won't have to worry about your fluid intake. Or more accurately, your fluid output.” She stared at me for another moment, then let out I sigh and closed her eyes which I took to mean, “Alright let's just get this over with.” well, no turning back now. I opened the package, pulled out a diaper and unfolded it. Man, these things are a lot bigger than I expected! I didn't know what size to get so I just guessed on a size small figuring that, given the purpose of a diaper, having them be slightly too small would be better than if they were too big. Maybe they just look big until you put them on? I pulled down her shorts and was relieved to find them still dry. By now my hands are shaking I'm so nervous. I've only changed a diaper once before and that was on my six-month old nephew. This was an entirely different ballgame. I just hope the basic principles are the same. It took me multiple attempts to lift her up and get the diaper into position at the same time. I'm not exactly a bodybuilder and she was one-hundred-percent dead weight. But eventually I got it somewhere close to right and I moved on to the next step. I reached over and grabbed the bottle of baby powder. I wasn't sure whether or not you're supposed to use baby powder on adults, but I figured it couldn't hurt. I sprinkled a generous portion on her privates, getting quite a bit all over the couch. I would've been more careful, but I figured since it was a leather couch any excess powder would wipe right off later. I closed the front of the diaper up and taped it on as straight as I could. Having finished the task I stood up and examined my handiwork. Not too bad if I do say so myself. I looked back at Julia's face and she still had her eyes closed. “You can look now.” I said. She opened her eyes and looked down at the diaper wrapped around her hips. She mumbled her displeasure at the infantile garment, but otherwise seemed content with the job I’d done. “I think we could both use a drink after that ordeal.” I said before walking into the kitchen. I was just going to give her more water but then I thought she deserved a treat for not freaking out about the diapers. A picked up a bottle of water and a container of Black Cherry-Plum juice, my favorite, and brought them over to her. “I'm going to give you a choice between water and juice. Just stare at whichever one you want and that's what you shall have.” her eyes went back and forth between the two bottles before finally resting on the juice. “Good choice.” I said and went back into the kitchen to prepare her bottle. She enjoyed this bottle even more than the last one, letting out a few sighs of pleasure as she greedily suckled down the bottle’s delicious contents. By now the absurdity of feeding a grown, diapered woman from a baby bottle didn't even register with me anymore. This was just the way things are right now. And I couldn't deny how adorable she looked in her diaper, although I'm sure that feeling will wear off once I have to change it. Still, it should be a lot easier than cleaning soiled carpets and furniture. I just hope she gets her control back soon. For both our sakes.
  13. Hey! Can you help me? Please?

    Anything by Sophie & Pudding is guaranteed to be amazing. Although I've only read Little Luzy & most of Untrained. They have a list of their stories available for download as well as an overview of what to expect from each. Unfortunately about three weeks ago this site got a virus and a lot of stories were lost. So I can't recommend a lot of the stories I normally would. P.S. There's a recent story on here called "Devoted to her civic duty." I read a few chapters and while it's not quite my cup of tea it sounds right up your alley.
  14. Nightmare Asylum

    Interesting. But also... confusing Correct me if I'm wrong, but in your previous works (Little Luzy & Untrained are the only ones I've read) the color of the text was used to determine not only a character's dialogue, but also their thoughts. But in this chapter no matter what color the text was we were always hearing Ria's thoughts. Am I going crazy here? Somebody please validate my sanity.