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  1. care and love

    You sit down and, as you had decided to do, mess your diaper. If anyone noticed they didn't give any indication.
  2. care and love

    They all go to the living room. Justin & Tiffany sit on the couch. There's a spot next to Tiffany. Britney and Jack each pull up a bean bag chairs on opposite sides of the room. Where do you sit?
  3. Birch House - Chapters 7

    I just noticed that one of the tags for this story is "lief." I'm assuming that's a typo?
  4. care and love

    It's becoming harder to hold, but you hold it for now. And do to your... condition, nobody questions your body language.
  5. care and love

    Speaking of going, your need to poop is becoming much harder to hold.
  6. Repost/Edit - The Woes of Maddison Page

    Ahh, I see you're finally getting around to re-posting this. good. I'll probably give it a read after Birch House. But I will start adding comments to make sure the pages aren't 20 miles long (I did the same thing with Aubrey & Stacey.)
  7. care and love

    Jennifer "Alright children, I believe Cindy has a movie queued up in the living room. I believe Finding Nemo is on the agenda today."
  8. Back to Babyhood for Bad Behavior.

    "But before we go I could use that bottle again. Being attack sure does make you thirsty!"
  9. Birch House - Chapters 7

    My theory is that this is all just a story written by some guy on a fetish website. And that we, the readers, are actively participating in the story as its audience.
  10. care and love

    Jennifer "Oh Jack, when will you learn you don't need to try to impress us?" Jack "I can't help it if I'm ambitious."
  11. care and love

    Jack "Yeah, I think it was going to be a car, then I couldn’t find the right wheels so I was gonna make a plane or something. Well, as you can see it didn't work out too well."
  12. The Rainbow's End

    I'm liking the looks of this one! Not only a possible diaper-lover romance but also a magical fae world? I'm hooked!
  13. care and love

    Jennifer "And last--but certainly not least--Jack." Jack "Well umm, you see, I may have been a bit ambitious in my thinking..." He holds up an indistinguishable mass of legos. "I couldn’t finish it."
  14. care and love

    Tiffany "Thanks." Justin "Yeah, great job sis." Britney "Looks really cozy." Jack "Yeah, you're quite the little architect, Tiffany."
  15. care and love

    "How about little Tiffany?" She holds up what appears to be a house.