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  1. Regression hospital

    "Come on, baby, what's wrong?" Jean asks.
  2. Regression hospital

    "I'm sorry Ms. Je-- uh, Mama. She just started crying and I can't get her to stop." Jean comes over and tries to calm you down.
  3. Regression hospital

    "Please, Grace. Please stop crying." She continues to hold you and stroke your hair.
  4. Regression hospital

    "No no no no wait! Please don't cry! It's okay. You didn't know. You're not in trouble. I still love you." She comes over and hugs you, trying to calm you down.
  5. Regression hospital

    "Whoa, okay. Could you warn me next time you do that? It's a little jarring."
  6. Regression hospital

    Oh, I uh haven't had a chance to think aboit it yet. But I feel like if I had to choose I'd rather be a... toddler?"
  7. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    Hahahaha! I get it! Because my name's Wannatripbaby! ^doesn't know how to count to 8 sideways.
  8. Regression hospital

    "Sounds a bit too rich for my blood." She says smiling.
  9. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    Well doesn't everybody? ^can't actually do whatever a spider can.
  10. If you could have?

    I'm assuming you mean a Swedish bikini model?
  11. Regression hospital

    Nancy slowly opens her eyes, "whatcha got there, sis?"
  12. Regression hospital

    When you wake up Nancy is snuggled up next to you.
  13. crime and punishment (open)

    "Next is Nicole. Or Nikki as most of us call her. Some days she's okay. Others she's a total brat! She's also a huge tattletale. But don't tell her I said that." She winks.
  14. Regression hospital

    He sets you in the crib, "I think someone's a little tired. Luckily I brought something to help you sleep. Or rather, someone." He opens the door and in walks Nancy, "hey, sis."
  15. Regression hospital

    "Come here." He wraps his strong arms around you. "I hope you know that daddy doesn't like to punish his little girl. I love you so much, the last thing I want is to see you hurt."