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  1. It seems Moira's translator has worked out most of the bugs. 😅 Great chapter. A few typos here and there but nothing too bad. If you'd like I'd be happy to look over the next chapter and polish it up before you post it? :)
  2. Saying the robot had Claptrap's voice made this chapter 115% more enjoyable. 😁 Although there was a wierd part in the middle where you switched to using colored text for Clara. What was up with that exactly? Other than that great chapter. I look forward to seeing more Moira in the next one. ♡
  3. God, I don't log in to DD for a few days and what do I miss? FOUR CHAPTERS of Keeper's Pet! And what a wild ride those chapters were! Like damn... Too bad I only have 3 Likes to give. 😅 I'm glad you're back, Kimmy. I missed you and I hope you have fun at CapCON! ♡♡♡ *Hugs* ♡♡♡
  4. Hey there, @NaughtyBabyBoy22! I saw that you started following my profile and I'm flattered! ♡

    Might I ask what made you follow me? I've barely been active here in the past few months.

    (P.s. would've said this in a PM but you have messages blocked.)

  5. Hi Valentine! I'm a fellow South Carolinian here too. :D Newberry to be more precise. If you're really looking to meet some fellow ABDLs here I'd recommend posting in the "Meeting Places" section. Hope you make lots of friends here! ♡♡♡
  6. You'll hear no argument from me! Like... damn! But it does bring up an interesting moral quandary: is having sex with your own Clone just an elaborate form of masterbation? 😂
  7. That was certainly interesting! I don't know what masterpiece you had in mind for this story, but this is hardly crap at all. Also I too love the play on wirds with the name "Daria N. Grey." I can see why you couldn't let it go. ♡
  8. Dear J: I am so sorry for the trouble you've had in your life. :( *Hugs* Let me try to tackle these problems one at a time: On the job front, if these potential employers don't see 7 years of full-time Invalid Caretaking as "real work" then you're either not presenting the information properly or you're applying to the wrong fields. Most businesses here would LOVE to have soneone your age with that much experience! On the "Should I leave or stay" front, I don't know where you live, what the economic status there is, or what your long-term goals are. So I can't adequately answer that question. But I will say, Family is very important. You rarely know what you've got till it's gone so if just this one little boy is enough to make you question whether or not you should leave the country then I'd say weigh your options very carefully. Lest you lose what little good you have in your life. On the relationship front, all I can say is I used to be 99% certain I would never have a girlfriend for a multitude of reasons. Not the least among them being my Kink, my social anxieties, and my own lack of experience in the relationship department. Now I'm practically betrothed to a girl I met online who says I'm the best thing that's ever happened to her. 😍 And we've never even met IRL! If it's specifically Sex that you're worried about, well, there are plenty of people out there who feel the same way. Who want closeness and intimacy without necessarily bringing sex into the equation. Mayhaps you could try looking up "asexual dating sites" or something along those lines? If you want or need someone to talk to about any of these things in more detail my PM is always open. :)
  9. I know. I was just teasing. 😁 Great chapter btw. Of course that pretty much goes without saying by now. ;)
  10. Clara agreeing to be Moira's "Ward" felt a bit too rushed to me. Like, "Hey, I know you only woke up 12 hours ago, and you're currently having an emotional breakdown, but you need to decide your fate RIGHT NOW!" If it were me, I would've had Moira give Clara a little time to think, she'd reflect on her options for a bit, and THEN Clara would agree to stay. But that's just me. :) I'm out of Likes for the day, but can give Hugs. ♡ *Hugs you super tight* ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  11. Theory: Miles is self-aware and knows Rain is the Protagonist of the story. 😂
  12. Yet another good chapter, although not a whole lot of anything dramatic happened. This was more just to showcase Clara's living arrangements.
  13. If Aliens used Google Translate during first contact. Lol. 😅 In all seriousness, this is very interesting. I will say I hape the "Translator Software" works out the bugs real soon because, while it's humorous at first, I feel it will get very old very quickly for Moira to always speak in broken English. *Shrugs* That's the way I feel anyway. Also you mixed up Clara & Christine's name multiple times. Let me point out a few of them: There may have been others as well.
  14. Whoa! Haven't heard from this thread in a while! Sorry guys, my account hasn't been sending me notifications lately. :/ I'll try to go through and answer these. And I am postulating that there is no difference. Predestination = Foreordination because Free Will is an illusion. Now the question is: Do you have a counter argument? As I have already covered a dozen times, this is a logical paradox. You cannot have a universe created by an Omniscient God And still say we mere mortals have any control or uchoice in our lives. And I am saying that it is impossible for God to make a decision without knowing the end result already because he is Omniscient and Timeless. As such, he decided how your life would play out to the minutest detail before the world ever began. Can anyone who believes in God deny this?