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  1. Hey there! Not too far from you. Looking for friends?
  2. My new years resolutions are to be more active in my creative pursuits and to give back to the community. In 2018 my goals were to be more social, go out to at least one social event each month, and I nailed that. It has really helped in overcoming my social anxiety. Another goal was to lose 30 lbs and I lost 20 gained back 5 so made it half way there.
  3. Have you checked out MN Ageplayers Social Society yet? I havent been to one of their munches yet, but it could be a good one to check out
  4. That is amazing! Great facial expressions, and I would want to get to know those characters more
  5. Hello! I'm in minnesota usa! I love the super hero movies too! I would love to visit NZ sometime, it looks like a beautiful country
  6. Hi welcome here. Hope you enjoy
  7. I know this thread is old at this point but thought I'd add to it. I recently signed up for a paid membership to abdlmatch in hopes of finding a little icould be daddy for. A few days later my bank called to ask if i tried spending $600 at an electronics store halfway across the country. Coincidence? Maybe.
  8. Hi welcome! I'm in MN too. I've gotten to know some nice littles and abdls that do meet ups and hang out here. Pretty good community
  9. I like it. Similar fantasy of mine would be after little wets her diaper, I'm changing her and pee on it too
  10. Hi welcome here. Sounds like you have a pretty interesting dynamic! Enjoy
  11. Did you hear about the chainsaw juggler who lost his left arm and leg? He's all right now
  12. I'm enjoy chatting on kik, feel free to message me Norsemanmn I'm a Daddy in MN
  13. Good info! Do you know if Daddys are welcome in there? Or are they just for littles and diaper lovers?
  14. That sounds like a good excuse for some fun!