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  1. littlemiki1981

    Have you learned to accept and enjoy your bedwetting?

    Sure I accept it and I feel very good while I pee in bed or in diaper. I feel very childish, as I'd like to be
  2. littlemiki1981

    Suggestions for bedwetting training

    Good advices. I'd like very much to have a real teacher to training me to bedwetting and incontinence
  3. littlemiki1981

    I hear voices

  4. littlemiki1981

    how many nappies do you use in 24 hours

    3 or 4 every day, I wear diapers all the day
  5. littlemiki1981

    I hear voices

    Well, these voices, these imagines, sensations, tell me when and where I must pee for example, if I must wet the bed with or without a diaper, which toys to use and where.... If possible I do what my body and my mind tell me
  6. littlemiki1981

    losing control?

    Sure it happens and now I wear diapers 24/7. It's so childish and relaxing to pee on me
  7. littlemiki1981


    A dollie no even if I love dolls but I have a peluche, a teddy bear who is names morbidina
  8. littlemiki1981

    I hear voices

    I don't understand.... I have everything, family, health, job, friends but I miss something.My body and my mind tell me every day that until I'll have the control of my bladder and until I'll be able to wash, wipe me and change me alone I shalln't feel complete and happy. I hear these words, a far but strong and real voice that speaks me and tells me all this.
  9. littlemiki1981

    I feel fine when I wet the bed

    I want a mommy or a babysitter to wash and change me
  10. littlemiki1981

    I feel fine when I wet the bed

    Yes, I have a job and I pay what I must but I do it just because I must do it to live and I do it very reluctantly, it's against my nature.
  11. littlemiki1981

    I feel fine when I wet the bed

    I don't know how, I know just that from that moment, even if phisically I grew up, mentally and psichologically I am yet a child
  12. littlemiki1981

    I feel fine when I wet the bed

    Because peeing in the diaper every time I have to do it makes me feel so good, so at peace with my inner self, it is as if putting on the diaper I had found something fundamental for me that I had lost and that I had been desperately looking for. To lose the diaper at the age of 3 for me was a trauma, I didn't want to learb to go to the bathroom and also today I don't want.
  13. littlemiki1981

    I feel fine when I wet the bed

    I wear diapers too because I want to lose my bladder control and to regress phisically and mentally to a baby situation
  14. My mother removed me the diaper when I was 3 years old and she put it me never more. But I didn't want to remove it, I wanted to wear and pee inbthe diaper all the day for all life. It was a trauma for me so I never grew up and now I want to become a very little child, clothed, washed and changed by someone.
  15. littlemiki1981

    I feel fine when I wet the bed

    Drinking before to sleep was useful the last night. While I was in the bed I fell the need to pee.Then I tried to relax as much as possible, I closed my eyes and I tried to imagine a newborn with a diaper.As soon as I heard the pee starting to come out gently I fell very relax, I fell at peace with my inner self.While the pee was coming out I saw this newborn who was wetting the diaper while he was sleeping but without realizing anything.I fell a real little child. Now I am a bedwetter but I hope to become real and total incontinent