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  1. littlemiki1981

    Little friends again

    I am from italy
  2. littlemiki1981

    Little friends again

    Hi, nice to meet you, where are you from?
  3. littlemiki1981

    Cheap chastity cage?

    I'd like very much to be diapered and after caged with a chastity belt by a girl
  4. littlemiki1981

    Have you ever desired to be handicapped to be changed?

    The important thing is that someone must change us the diaper
  5. littlemiki1981

    Diaper deprived

    Try to find some new situations or to speak her, it'too bad to remain without diaper for a little time too
  6. littlemiki1981

    Fictional character you'd want to baby you?

    I'd like Lisa Simpson and Jessica Rabbit
  7. littlemiki1981

    Have you ever desired to be handicapped to be changed?

    A mental handicap, to remain at the age of 4 or 5 without the stirring of pee and poop. To think, to speak and to act like a 4 year old baby, with diaper of course
  8. littlemiki1981

    What Color Is Yours?

    well my pee is sometimes yellow, sometimes clear.... It is caused by how much water you drink and by what you eat too
  9. littlemiki1981

    pee on a wet diaper

    I have a fantasy. Maybe it's not a watersport but i like the idea to wear a wet diaper by a girl. Explained: She wets the diaper, after she puts it on me and I wet the diaper too while she looks at me
  10. You'll hate me but sometimes, maybe subconsciously, I have desired it. Not free, not indipendent, total incontinent, to think and to act always like a 4-5 years baby with diaper.... I think (but it's just a dream, nothing real) that I'd like that life
  11. littlemiki1981

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    If I had I'd tell that I wet bed and myself just to my female friends
  12. littlemiki1981

    Nursery’s in Europe

    excuse me then, I thought to make you pleasure
  13. littlemiki1981

    Do you have a memorable diaper change or fantasy?

    I change my diaper alone too. I'd like very much to be changed by a young and nice mommy...
  14. littlemiki1981

    Adult Baby Quiz (Not What You Think)

    My result: 87% baby
  15. littlemiki1981

    Is ageplay a sexual thing for you?

    For me absolutely no, it's a psychological need