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  1. Does anyone know of an alternative nappy similar to molicare which I could try? Hopefully I won’t get a rash.
  2. Such a shame I’m wondering if there’s anyway to stop it. Molicare are such a nice fit compared to Tena.
  3. Such a shame as molicare are such a nice fit
  4. Changed nappy brand and my bottom becomes rather sore after wearing that particular brand.
  5. how many nappies do you use in 24 hours
  6. The bedwetting program that I’m following states to take a kids chewable vitamin with added vitamin C, what effect will this have on me to make me bed wet?
  7. Just found the right nappy and pants for me. Molicare. Nice snug fit and the tapes don’t come undone like Tena slips. Molicare premium slip for during the night and molicare pants during the day. All I want to do is wear wear wear!
  8. waynescott

    What brands do nhs use

    Just a thought what brands do the nhs here in the uk use?
  9. waynescott

    Tapes unstick from nappy

    I wear the cloth feel ones last night I stapled the top tapes but forgot to do the bottom tapes. I’ll try again tonight and let you know how 8 get on but this seems to be the way forward.
  10. waynescott

    Tapes unstick from nappy

    Hi I wear the Tena slip during the day. Over time the tapes come unstuck from the nappy. I think this is because I am so active during the day with walking etc. Can anyone recommend an alternative nappy or a way to solve this issue.
  11. How can I overcome the fear of wearing tena pants in public and in school?
  12. waynescott

    ignoring bladder signals

    I know what happened. It was a strange senstation.
  13. waynescott

    ignoring bladder signals

    Ooops! After 2 nights wearing tena slip super. Wetting on purpose. I today awoke. Laid in bed, only to find that a sudden stream of urine came out. I feel I maybe getting somewhere...
  14. waynescott

    ignoring bladder signals

    Ignoring the need to go and letting hte bladder take control / make its own decision?
  15. waynescott

    ignoring bladder signals

    i have seen that ignoring bladder signals can cause bedwetting and incontinence. is this a recommended way to permantley becoming incontinent? what are the dangers (if any)?