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  1. Baby Toni38

    The excuse!

    Yay !!!! Please keep this story going.
  2. Baby Toni38

    Done Adulting, Forever? (Chapter 18 posted)

    Absolutely great. Please keep it going. However I will need more tissues for the next installments.
  3. Baby Toni38

    VA and cloth diapers

    I have not tried this with the VA but Angel Fluff has a VA benefits link on their Web sight. Hope this helps. Main site url. https://www.angelfluff.com/nfadult.htm Site VA link. https://www.angelfluff.com/VA_benefits.htm
  4. Baby Toni38

    Pull Up/On Or Belted Undergarment?

    This is what I use and they do a good job contain floods from my urge incontinence. YMMV but give them a try. Tranquility will send samples out. Go to there Web sight. I hope this helps you. Tranquility SmartCore® Brief – L (2313) Breathable sides help eliminate heat and moisture, providing an ideal micro-climate for skin integrity.
  5. Baby Toni38

    The Shrink

    Great story
  6. Baby Toni38

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Looking forward to the next update. You are a very creative writer. Please keep up the great work.
  7. Do we need to RSVP or register so we can get in?
  8. Baby Toni38

    Am I becoming incontinent ?

    Talking to a doctor should be on the top of your to do list.
  9. Baby Toni38

    Tucking Device

    I belive something like this is want they are looking for
  10. Baby Toni38

    Pubic Hair Removal

  11. Baby Toni38

    Difference between stents and catheters?

    If you are looking for a actual medical device look for a prostate stent. Something like this
  12. Baby Toni38

    I started a 24/7 Blog.. follow me on my journey?

    Thanks for your diligence in recording your progress.
  13. Baby Toni38

    Pubic Hair Removal

    Dmavn It depends on the salon that you go to.