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  1. Managing in summer

    Hey Gemma, I bought the splash about swim diaper for the summer this year. So far so good. It's very discreet (for a guy) under a pair of swim trunks. For women, maybe board shorts and bikini top is the way to go rather than a traditional bathing suit. Anyway, the splash about is good because although not waterproof, it does delay leaks a bit when you wet them so even if you are walking to/from the beach it's not obvious that you just wet yourself. I haven't had a bowel accident in them, yet, so I can't comment there. In the past I wore the trekking containment diaper and it was not so comfortable - a bit bulky and restrictive.
  2. How long have you been incontinent?

    I started wearing diapers for my commute during my early 20s. I had sudden almost painful urges and it made my life very uncomfortable. I didn't know it at the time but it was probably OAB. As years progressed I started wearing diapers more often because they made my life much better. I wasn't having to worry about those frantic moments throughout the day (sometimes every 30-30 minutes). I often wished my bladder would just release without any feeling at all because of how uncomfortable those urges were. By my late 20s I was pretty much diapered 24/7. Over the past few years my bladder has started just emptying on it's own without any urges. I don't mind diapers at all. They improved my quality of life as I don't have to constantly be thinking about where the nearest bathroom is. I know for some incontinent people the two options they see are being continent and being incontinent. For me I could only see being uncomfortable and have uncomfortable bladder urges 15-20 times a day -or- wearing diapers and not having to worry. I chose diapers and my life is better for it.
  3. What diapers do you wear

    I've been in diapers for about 10 years so my diaper preference has changed a bit over the years. I'm very active as well so I'm always experimenting to find the right level of protection vs. comfort level. Right now my go-to diaper is Attends active fit 9 or 10. They are great! they just have one tab on each side and are kind of a bikini-cut. They feel very light, quick to change, and the absorbency level is very high. They are also plastic-backed, and this is after I've been wearing cloth-backed for years. If you have to be in diapers 24/7, it's worth it to try out different diapers every once in awhile - you might find something out there that really improves your comfort level and overall happiness.
  4. Drinking and bedwetting

    As a teenager I would sneak a glass of wine from the box my parents kept in the refrigerator. I quickly found out that if I chugged a glass right before bed I would sleep so deeply and would always wake up in a wet bed. It was foolproof. Later, in college, this "training" seemed to carry on in my subconcious and I experienced more than a handful of wet beds after a night of drinking. This would have been very embarrassing but luckily I was never caught out. Once I started keeping diapers around for "just-in-case" this wasn't a problem and it got to the point where even if I would just have one or two beers I would wake up in a wet diaper.
  5. Travelling to Dominican Republic

    One more thing - I will look on google maps at my destination and search for pharmacies and see if they have a website and what they offer. In Santo Domingo there is a chain of pharmacies called "Farmacia Carol" and they offer Tena slip and some other brands in their online shop. http://farmaciacarol.com/
  6. Travelling to Dominican Republic

    When I go on vacation I pack my diapers in a soft-sided duffle bag that collapses down to solve the problem of the empty suitcase on the return flight. I also assume I will be able to buy at least cheap pull-ups wherever I go. These are good for to-and-from the beach when you don't need much protection. Finally, I will look and see if there is a website for a big diaper brand (i.e. Tena) available at the country I will be traveling to. In this case Tena does have a DR website; http://www.tena.com.co/Dominicana/ I would advise you to write them and ask them about their availability. In some countries Tena actually has an online shop. Otherwise, as someone else said, if the suitcase is medical supplies you might be exempt from the extra bag fee.
  7. Nappies and airport security

    I fly pretty frequently and have my bag checked probably 50% of the time as something must have been picked up on the x-ray. I'm not going to say it doesn't make me a little bit embarrassed but they check the bag and then I'm on my way with nothing being said.
  8. Am I becoming incontinent ?

    It was when I was in my early 20s that I started having similar problems as you, punk18. I would have very sudden urges to urinate and would sometimes be peeing every 15-20 minutes. I could easily be peeing 20 times daily. This made life difficult but I never did anything about it except I began wearing diapers during my commute, etc. It wasn't until 10 years or so later that I realized that it was caffeine that was causing my frequent urination. Even if I just had one cup of coffee or tea my bladder would be very affected. If I knew then what I know now! My advice is to cut all caffeine from your diet and see how your body reacts.
  9. Miss Diaper Queen

    Here's a post on all the different bizarre "Miss" pageants. Scroll down and you will see "Miss Diaper Queen" being crowned...err...pinned, by two other ladies in cloth diapers. http://allday.com/post/5488-from-miss-diaper-queen-to-sweater-girl-12-totally-bizarre-vintage-beauty-pageants/i/
  10. Why do you like Cloth backed adult diapers

    I don't think I can add any other advantages to cloth-backed disposables but I do prefer them to plastic-backed. I've never had the tapes fail on me. The tapes are adjustable - I like this because after an hour or two, the diaper does stretch out and it's nice to re-tighten the fit and make it more snug. The diaper is silent, not crinkly (which is important for me, someone who wears diapers 24/7). And those are probably the top three selling points for me. At this point I wouldn't want to go back to plastic-backed diapers. If you haven't tried Abena Delta-form briefs M3/L3, I recommend giving them a try.
  11. Any cyclists around?

    I've tried a lot of different things for cycling; recently I was wearing depends real fit under my chamois and that worked well for a 2-3 hour ride. Even better, last season, I switched to Abri-san Super pads for wearing in my chamois. They worked perfectly! They are about the same size as the pad in the chamois so they are completely undetectable. The chamois acts as a support stocking so it keeps the pad well in place. A "Super" should be enough protection for 2-4 hours on the bike but if you need a change they are so compact that you can carry a spare in your jersey pocket and a change only takes a minute as you don't need to remove any clothing. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  12. Just want to warn everyone - Japanese diapers are meant to be worn with a booster inside. On their own they are about as absorbent as a depends. I'm not saying the quality is bad, but at $10 per, you will probably be disappointed (considering that a pack of 20 costs about $15 in Japan).
  13. Bicycling

    i used to wear depends real fit under my lycra - they were very discreet and can last me a good 2 hours as you don't really pee very much when exercising. now i wear abri-san super. they are cheaper than depends real fit, can hold much more, and are completely discreet as their shape pretty much matches the shape of the padding in your cycling shorts. if i were to do a longer ride - over 3 hours, i would just put an extra abri-san in my jersey pocket as they are pretty compact. and, of course, changing a pad is much quicker and easier than changing out a whole brief.
  14. Seni Super Quatro

    Repaid - no, these leak guards are different from every other diaper. Yes, most leak guards are at first stuck down, but always are pointed in towards the center of the diaper. Seni's leak guards are pointed out. It defies logic. I guess you need to see them to understand what i mean.
  15. Seni Super Quatro

    I've been using the both of the Seni styles from Xpmedical. I haven't had any problems with them so far. My only question - is anyone else puzzled by the stand up leak guards? I don't think they would be as effective the way the are positioned (lying flat, pointed "out").