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  1. Thanks for the feedback after the operation. But I also ask myself: Where do you get the strength to write to all of us? Thank you, so much! 🫶🏻
  2. I know I'm happy with how I'm doing On the other hand, I always think about the price and the cost. And then suddenly I had a personal thought game that really drove me crazy, and that really shouldn't be an offer to anyone here! If someone said make yourself incontinent, I will pay for your flight and surgery. Would I do it? What's it like when you're already on the road and experimenting with it? Money is then no longer the problem. Would I go through with it, especially if I have to wear diapers day and night for the rest of my life? But also because he wants it, he has managed to want to change someone else so permanently through his will and I then want to do this to myself through someone else's will! My God, luckily just a thought experiment?!?
  3. If I'm honest, I achieved what I wanted through OAB, dependence on diapers, without being a bedwetter! But when I read all of this... somehow it touches me, in a certain way! Here too, I agree with the wishes for Reddy!
  4. All the best for your operation, I wish you that everything goes well, greetings from Germany to Mexico
  5. I am someone who wanted to achieve OAB and I achieved it. And it took me 5 years to achieve it. However, I can't say whether this depends on my "advanced" age, or just my training, or both. I say anyone who wants to achieve incontinence should go the OAB route. So you got it exactly right: pee as often as possible! But I did this without an app, just with diapers, as soon as I felt the slightest urge, I let go! I discovered that the development of this slight pressure depends on many things: am I well hydrated, have I eaten something, am I taking medication, ... But I can also say from my experience that in order to achieve OAB, I wasn't always well hydrated, I just listened to my bladder in every way. Therefore, it is absolutely not a question of time-controlled letting go, but rather letting go adapted to the needs of your body. Maybe I'm someone who perceives his body's signals very well and can react to them accordingly. For others, this app timer is the better way. But I think listen to your bladder, don't worry if you don't have to pee for 1-3 hours - your body itself controls the desire to let go. This is the most natural way to get OAB and OAB is the most important first step to achieve complete incontinence!
  6. In the past I had same problems, when I go for a longer walk I put Vaseline between the outside of my diaper and on my legs. It works very well.
  7. I want like to calm you down a bit. I read that you have been training for 3 years and still have floods. That's OK in my opinion, don't stress, it'll get better. As you may have read in other posts of mine, I didn't want complete incontinence to be dependent on diapers, just OAB. It took me 5 years to achieve this, and yes, no more flooding, only small amounts and I'm dependent on diapers too! OAB will probably be an intermediate stage for those who want total incontinence, but from then on you won't have a problem with flooding! So my advice, don't put pressure on yourself, don't be disappointed, it's coming, but it will take time!
  8. Ich hoffe, es ist in Ordnung, aus Ihrem Eintrag ein neues Thema zu erstellen. Ich beschloss, OAB zu bekommen, um windelabhängig zu werden. Wie ich in anderen Threads geschrieben habe, verlasse ich mich am Ende auf Windeln, wenn ich an einen Ort gehe, an dem ich alle 20 bis 40 Minuten darauf angewiesen bin, auf die Toilette zu gehen. Sie sagen, Sie leiden unter Dranginkontinenz, was für mich bedeutet, dass sie es ohne Windel nicht mehr rechtzeitig zur Toilette schaffen. Ich kenne das bei älteren Menschen und es wäre auch für mich eine Option, dies zu erreichen. Ich habe auch in einigen anderen Beiträgen gelesen, dass OAB die Hölle auf Erden ist, sobald man sich erleichtert fühlt, hat man das Gefühl, wieder pinkeln zu müssen. Ich genieße es, wenn ich gut hydriert bin. Aber was ist mit dir? Spielt es keine Rolle, weil Sie sowieso ständig urinieren müssen, oder wie fühlen Sie sich dabei?
  9. I notice you have the same way of approaching things. 😆 No, I don't have "I ❤️ Pampers" on my face, just a full diaper - not that either. But thank you for continuing to comment on the topic in relation to Reddy's much deeper things. 🫶
  10. There were a lot of words here for and against what you want to do, Reddy. I don't plan to do the whole thing (yet), but I'm following all the posts here carefully. I live in Germany and know people here who traveled to Turkey to undergo a hair transplant. (some people find baldness unatractif in themselves). I too would have concerns that this would be done in a country far away and not in a country neighboring Germany. Same problem, same thoughts about aftercare! What is much easier here: you can also do it in Germany for more money. Your operation cannot be carried out in your own country, but “at least” in the neighboring country. And now I come to the topic of follow-up care by nurses in hotels: In Germany there are too few people who want to practice the nursing profession, so a delegation from our state traveled to Mexico to recruit skilled workers there! So those professionals in Mexico can't be completely incompetent! I have no idea what it's like to have an operation in Mexico and the complications have to be followed up in the USA, but as I leave it here, it would be good to give a reason for the problems without mentioning the original reason and doing something in Mexico - I know not sure if this will work, but I think it must be possible somehow. And I hope that others here will tell you a different reasons, that you can use. Perhaps the story of Diapered Dave is one of those usables! And let us hope: there will be no complications! 🥰 And some people say to you, you are to young, if I am older I would do this. I tell you a different story: I am 53 and I get my first tattoos when I wa 51, at this time I said, I want a facetattoo, too! And I got it with 52! So, younger you get what you want, you have more time to life with this, do not wait until you are older, make it now! And I know a tattoo is nothing to a total urinary incontinence, but you want it, get it! (A face tattoo can be seen by every one / wear diapers - the most people will never recognize this!) Good luck to you Reddy with the operation, and keep us updated!
  11. Hi Kerm, but gladly, it was really a heavy bulge! 😆 I have only this diapers with plastic at the moment, so I think I have to order next time, the ones you used. My size is M and not bigger and smaller. 😎 I am not sure, if I can use L with M, perhaps that fits better. I hope there are som others with our special interest, I found it a great stuff! 😁 Perhaps the pics will reach more of us, who will like this special experience! 🤗
  12. Thanks Kerm, yes the description was perfect, however, as already described above, I used the BetterDry, which has a very large capacity as a double diaper. The weight, I think, was between 4 and 5 kg, which was quite a bit of weight between the legs. Which diaper did you use?
  13. So, I've already had the diaper setup on for 3 hours, I have to say it's a nice thing if you're into that kind of thing. 😇 However, you have to be careful that willy is in the right place, it works very well for me when standing, but there was a small accident when sitting. 🧐 Nonetheless, this is a great idea from kerm, and anyone who likes plastic and a large diaper pack should give this a try. 😜 kerm, you have my great respect. I've been wearing diapers for ages now, but this idea just brings more joy and variety to the topic!!! 🥰
  14. Respect! You have to come up with this idea first. Since I also like the feeling of plastic on skin, I tried it out with 2 BetterDry, which already made for a mega package of diapers, now I just drink heavily...
  15. Yes, I've heard of toys like this before, but the fact that you can use them was new to me! Definitely an interesting topic, unfortunately I can't help here, but I think it's good that you posted it here. Some people can definitely benefit from such experiences.
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