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  1. Heehee Kimmy has the cute factor going for her, for sure. Not to mention the writing talent. Diaper Dimension is definitely her playground.
  2. I do it for the chicks. And the lulz.
  3. Not exactly the right place for "looking for a story" inquiries.
  4. writer

    Being that what you're talking about is essentially more of an editing role than a writing role, I'd be interested if there were pay involved, but it's not something I'd want to do for free, no.
  5. Going full out

    People "could just turn away" - after already being exposed to the sight. Which is what the exhibitionist wants. He's seeking that reaction. People don't do absurd things on the street (walking around in a onesie and a diaper is hardly exclusive) in order to attract attention to themselves. Asking someone to ignore something that is right in their face is like asking a woman to just "ignore" a guy pinching her butt on the way by. "If you just pretend it didn't happen and keep walking..." The "enjoyment of humiliation" - again, inviting derision from strangers by putting yourself in their face is non-consensual involvement. They didn't agree to be part of your sexual play. And no, streakers in the park don't "disruptively (block) someone's way or view". They pop their coat open and run. Just like they do at sporting events, where they are rightfully arrested for doing so. It's absolutely kink-involvement.
  6. abdlmatch a review of a former user

    Maybe read the TOS before you try to post a profile? I've had numerous interactions with people on ABDLmatch, some of which I've encountered later on Fetlife and other places. Never had a problem with Admin about my profile. Never had a problem with fake profiles interacting with me. For all the bullshit people claim is wrong with that site, I've picked up two profiles where their pictures popped up other places in a Google search, and one of those was part of a set that was clearly one person, just some asshole lifted it from her profile. https://abdlmatch.com/WillowBTatus No issues at all.
  7. Loss

    As I said, I'm right in the middle of it. I haven't gotten over it. I'm just expressing empathy with you, buddy. I know exactly how you feel, because I feel exactly the same way right now.
  8. Loss

    I know exactly what you're feeling, because I'm right in the middle of the same thing. And I was fairly certain this one was going to be forever, until it wasn't.
  9. Outline/planning

    I think the key to the "write every day" ethic is to have more than one writing project available to work on, and be open to new ideas to explore as they come to you. I've never had a problem with burnout from working on the same story too long, but I've certainly had problems with being able to get into some kind of writing mode when I don't do it often enough. As it sits right now, I have probably 20 or more different writing projects in various states of completion in my "work" folder, ranging from "nearly complete final draft" to "just an idea I want to play with", along with several little universes I've built that I can revisit as the mood strikes, not to mention collaborative projects I have going with other writers. No matter what, as long as I pick something up and invest a little creative energy in it each day, it keeps me in the mode to write and keeps the inspiration coming. I totally get the burnout thing, though. My work on my one big novel project, The Panda's Ashes, put me in a state of burnout for a good long while, because I invested so much effort into trying to "finish" it that I got sick of looking at it. My creative flow is much easier now that I've adopted so many little projects and concepts to play around with from day to day. So, while I'm not arguing the validity of your premise, I'm certainly offering a suggestion that you might try. Experiment with the daily writing thing, but don't be so laser focused on a single project when you sit down to write. Let whatever muse comes be your muse for the day. I once wrote over 20,000 words over the course of three days because a muse caught me while I was just in that daily focus mode - you can find that story somewhere around here on the board; it's called "Don't Dabble With Forces You Don't Understand".
  10. ~*Feeling Broken Again*~

    Online relationships can get very scary, as the fantasy in your mind is uninterrupted by the reality of the experience. In 5 years, I imagine there were a LOT of those sorts of things built up inside your head, and I also imagine having them all torn down in one swift motion (or even worse, piece by piece as the person distanced himself from you) could be very painful. As a survivor of a number of these sorts of interactions, I can tell you without equivocation that having a non-physical relationship dissolve is not an indictment of you as a person. The fact that it went on for 5 years is astonishing, because at some point the lack of physical connection starts to wear on both participants, and the need for real human contact pushes out whatever is happening via cyberspace. E-relationships are doomed to fail if they never progress beyond the chat window. If you learn nothing else from this experience, learn that.
  11. Read First... No Excuses!

    It's not so much a tit for tat thing. It's about not wanting to take the trouble to provide a detailed and honest criticism and then be berated for it.
  12. Read First... No Excuses!

    For the most part, the only people willing to offer critique will only do so in this forum, not because of you the writer, but because of how people (who are not the author) in the main forum react to critique. Literally, this has become something of a "safe zone" for people to be honest about story writing because mobs armed with pitchforks and torches are instantly available to attack someone for giving their (anything less than glowingly positive) opinion on the main story forum. Heck, I got attacked for giving an unfiltered opinion here in the sub-forum.
  13. Phone Conversation

    Sounds like compelling fiction to me.
  14. Phone Conversation

    Personally, I'd still love to see you fill in the big time gap on Vicky's Story. Even if it was just for a special Amazon release of the entire anthology.