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  1. Yeah... uh... People think wholesale v retail prices are a big rip. Cost of retail space, warehousing, taxes, hell, even duty fees and transport eat up a ton of that "markup". At what point do you think a person running a business deserves to actually get paid for his/her own labor? Because it's not like they take a salary from a startup - they can't afford to take profit until the business is stable and making consistent money.
  2. Um, now he's in the 3rd percentile for 7-year-olds. *shrugs*
  3. Just wanted to point something out here... https://www.cdc.gov/growthcharts/data/set2clinical/cj41c071.pdf 57 inches tall (4'9") is almost exactly 50th percentile for an 11-year-old boy...
  4. I didn't say self-loathing wasn't a problem - I merely posited that her self-loathing is not necessarily the reason she participates in this BDSM relationship. And certainly you casting a pall on the Daddy character by suggesting he's coercing her into this ("outright abusing her", which implies non-consent) got my bristles up. .
  5. Dammit, ran out of distractions, and now back to that horrible emptiness again, with nothing left to keep it off my mind.  I wasn't supposed to have time to brood this week; work was supposed to get crazy just in time for my story projects to wrap up.  

  6. Glad you enjoyed it! Truth be told, I still feel like her sister scowling at her from outside the makeshift crib, pissing in her diaper, would have been a great way to finish it. I just wound up running down a rabbit hole and then did my best to gracefully exit before it got too out of hand.
  7. One of them specifically was asking about whether this site is safe, so it would make sense that it would be the thread title.
  8. Those are two threads started by members. Not an organizational effort to mooch search engine hits.
  9. Last time I posted a CG perspective, the admins on the site got a flood of e-mails complaining that the story was abusive and incestual and all sorts of other things. Except... It was a father and a daughter, and the "diaper punishment" was so tame compared to the Mother/son shit I've seen around here it's laughable. So no, I don't do CG perspectives much anymore. At least not when I'm looking at "parent" tropes.
  10. Thaaaat is where I'd probably cut back on the explicitness...
  11. Considering the wide spread of the BDSM community, I find that statement to be a bit judgmental, Elbs. Many people, men and women alike, participate in M/s relationships willingly, because being punished, even at this level of violence, scratches their itch the way defecating in a diaper scratches people's itches around here. It doesn't mean there's something mentally wrong with her. Notice he used the word "need", not "want". Maybe she casually enjoys the physical punishment, but her real need is centered around the diaper as the symbol of absolute submission. There are so many ways a start like this could go... Wow....
  12. Hell, I'm writing one and am losing interest for the overrun. bbykimmy and BabySofia are doing some cool groundbreaking work in that universe. The rest... not so much...
  13. Die Geschichte muss aktualisiert werden! Macht Schnell! Macht Schnell!
  14. Ah, that makes more sense. And yes, it's true, while they look for other excuses for the official file, bosses still fire people for being gay, trans, etc.
  15. Two of us attempted a video chat today, and we both got hung on the captcha screen - never gave us an option, even after verifying, to join any way but anonymously, so we couldn't do the vid thing.