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  1. What are you offering in terms of pay rate? I can proof for you (or even be your editor), but it's not a fun job to point out/fix spelling and grammar issues.
  2. Not to self-reference, but look at the battle the protagonist has with her lawyer in the opening of "A Little Legal Issue" for an example here. Focus is completely on the pantsuit she insisted on wearing into the courtroom.
  3. Yeah, that was how I envisioned it, that they don't really show many aging effects, especially not adopted littles. Of course, you also have mechanics that have been introduced (by you - things like nanites) that basically render the physical appearance issues moot. Now you can also make use of things like structural deterioration, arthritis, bone and joint degeneration, stuff like that which might make an adopted little even MORE dependent on their caregivers. Or, again, you can use the super-advanced tech to overcome those things. However you choose to play it is cool, really. There isn't any strict canon.
  4. WBDaddy

    A Naughty Christmas

    Meh. Reila going apeshit every 5 minutes would be enough for them to want to keep her there and get her on some sort of antipsychotic meds. Not to mention her previous criminal history. And yes, they'd have her in some sort of diapers at the hospital, as much as she leaks.
  5. WBDaddy

    Grown up talk

    I was a Daddy before I had a babygirl to be Daddy for. If you want to talk, hit me up.
  6. FoxTalesTimes is the place for ABDL video games. Lot of active people into that over there.
  7. WBDaddy

    Finally happy

    I'm not sure if you're aware that you posted this in the critique forum, but if you did, and you actually would like critique on it, then by all means, let me know.
  8. WBDaddy

    Using stories for wish fulfillment

    I'm sorry, but if you don't worry about a plot, it's not very fun for your readers to read your wish fulfillment as it wanders aimlessly without any direction. It's your wish, not theirs. Completely self-indulgent if you don't invest effort in making sure it's fun for them.
  9. WBDaddy

    Using stories for wish fulfillment

    This. Emphatically.
  10. Heehee Kimmy has the cute factor going for her, for sure. Not to mention the writing talent. Diaper Dimension is definitely her playground.
  11. I do it for the chicks. And the lulz.
  12. Not exactly the right place for "looking for a story" inquiries.
  13. WBDaddy


    Being that what you're talking about is essentially more of an editing role than a writing role, I'd be interested if there were pay involved, but it's not something I'd want to do for free, no.
  14. WBDaddy

    Going full out

    People "could just turn away" - after already being exposed to the sight.
  15. WBDaddy

    abdlmatch a review of a former user

    Maybe read the TOS before you try to post a profile? I've had numerous interactions with people on ABDLmatch, some of which I've encountered later on Fetlife and other places.