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  1. Very nice chapter. Mama starts beating Abby arbitrarily! A forgotten credit card is not really a reason for beating, unless you are looking for a reason! The children go out of the kitchen immediately? you ask no further questions? Even though mom did not tell there, what's going on with her older sister! Oh boys, they are very well educated ... I am ask myself, how did mama manage this without punishment ... and why did she fail so much, at abby in her opinion? You emphasize again and again that the children are not beaten, but over and over again you hang the damoklos sword over this house and the family. Example, I quote xxxxx That's when we were interrupted. "What's going on," Ryan asked as he and Emma stuck their heads around the corner. That's when I started crying. Not a lot, just tears of embarrassment, and I put my arms around myself. Tight and stayed away from the doorway. Mom leaned out in front of me so she could see you. God said the Ten Commandments, she said, "Your sister needs a spanking. Now, go back to the family room and stay there until I tell you otherwise, understood? " "Yes," they both said and disappeared instantly. I can not imagine what they were thinking. Unless they knew more than I thought they did, that's the first spanking ever to take place in our house? What must they have thought? xxxxx I think i will see when the Damoklos sword falling down, or you have two storys, a sharp, and a censored ... I belive we have here a censored version ... I think too Abby behaves completely normal for a teenager / young woman. I have not yet seen a single real reason for a spanking, except exceeding the initialtime! I personally hope so that there is much more behind it than just to give a beating. In contrast to Angela, I think the young saleswoman not play any role. But I'm just as excited about, what you have planned for this big family, around Aunt Lisa, Susan, Allison and Abby. good job again A Thank you, from me
  2. Hello Alex This chapter is very good again. Because you are now more focused on the emotional world of your characters. If I still had the feeling, in chapters 4 and 5, you start rushing through the story, can i see again now, you take time again. I really like your 6th chapter. Only the pink diapers, I think rather something ugly. This destroys for me, the special band, what connects Lisa's Susan Allison and Abby. Unless you want to turn Abby into an infantile young woman who will end up playing baby again. I'm looking forward to your next chapter to see where your path will lead. Thank you for your effort to write this. have a nice weekend greetings Nicole
  3. Thanks to CDfm, I have found this here Now I´m clear why nr.3 win! Because you have remained sadistic and your narrative flow is better and the story is different. Here are some hypocrites who pretend that there is enough sadism here, but in truth they love sadism. The clear distance with which nr.3 won is proof enough for me. The first story is only a copy of another story, here where the daughter is a soldier. At the second story you have to be a huge fan of Blade Runner to like them. I would have also chosen 3, because 1 and 2 is just a copy. But, after start from this story, what you have attached in the last piece in story 3 clearly, shows your predictability. At the first story, I bet with you, you have planned the Amazon on the bench, as a friend who will help Alex to save her mother. You can also see that is absolutely predictable. Too bad that you are so easy to calculate. You write really well. Only your imagination turns in a circle. Stop it and you are a really good writer. Allways its only my opinion and i talk only to you Mee and not to other Boys or Girls when i criticize write. Only your answer is of interest to me. When i´m to harsh to you say it and i will stoped. But remember you want criticized. Supplement from 13.08.2019 After I wrote that, it took only 24 hours history nr.3 from 65% down to 58% much ... why only? a rogue who thinks here is a fake at work.
  4. Angela has found the right words for this start of the story. I quote "This is a very charming and well-written story." Angelas worry that it will stay with pullups, however, is unfounded for me. Abby has self start up, in to diapers. Much more exciting is the question of how her Mother will react when she discovers this. The question is not if she discovers it, but when! Your story is unpredictable and thus stimulates the imagination. I like this moment most ... I quote “It’s about hous arrest. I’m only home for a few months. I’m responsible for the kids. I don’t want to miss out on things, and I don’t think it’s practical for me to be grounded while I’m home or to lose my privileges. I mean, if I have the kids during the day, then a car and phone aren’t really privileges anymore.” That is a very mature and smart Adult thinking, from Abby! And so I guess she did not really expect mom to say yes. That's what makes your story so special. You thinking the situation to the end! Her older sister Lisa will probably be a very interesting person ... I like it
  5. Hello Mee Your poll i have never read, i stayed out from this side few weeks ... Your writing style is really nice! I really love him! But after chapter one I stopped reading! Why? Your story is predictable right from the moment Dawn was taken to the bathroom instead of being taken to the car immediately and never to be seen (for the time being). Nope, instead you let the couple intervene immediately ... That was as predictable as anything! Do you like save this story? Then let the couple continue trying to get Heather and if you want to make really exciting you let the evil Amazon back to Dawn. Maybe the couple and the evil Amazon are working together ... In the momment you are on the way to creating a new story that has the following themes "I am an adult" "I hate diapers" "I want to go home" "But the couple is nice, I will stay with them as a baby for the next 100 years. Fuck my former life, I do not need a man or wife ... no orgasm ... if I can always be a baby ... Maybe you can convince me so Part 2 still to read ... In this moment have i no intrest Give the dog a bone ... and not always the same food That is only my opinion to your new story No matter which way you go. I wish you a lot of fun with your new story. I'm out for now, maybe I'll be back ... your other story "shelterd", I have definitely buried. Thanks and have a nice weekend
  6. My personal opinion I really like this topic and read your story with great interest. Some do not like BDSM, I definitely do not belong to the "few" and I´m sure the silent majority who have already read this, like it too! The Story-follower, speaking for themself Please allow me a little bit of criticism of the story here. Try to pay attention, a little bit to them, and your story could be great. 1. You are too fast on the sexual point! 2. You jump too much from one point to the next! 3. You play too little with the fear and fears of Submissive Woman. The same goes for the pride and joy of the couple that they now have a babysklave. 4. You set the couple unsatisfactory in scene. The couple does not interact together. 5. Your story has a huge potential, so make it a little bit slower, around make full use of the potential. Please continue. "a like, from me" greeting Nicole
  7. Bravo If that's from your crap ... Bravo I just do not think it's your story, your writing style is usually never so round and fluid! but if you write this story self and it is your inspiration so must i give you, "a standing ovation" from me It was so good, so soft and so good. ... no stupid AB stuff. I like it realy greatings Nicole
  8. In this first 2 chapter and the prolog must i say now "I like it". Only one snack and she lost the Kontinenz??? Wow, please little bit slowly, that is to fast. I knowing too, the story give it in a Spanking comunnity. i thinking you write and build in diapers, and that make you realy fine. but slowly please and than lost not your way. a thank you from me Nicole
  9. Your first story has a lot of potential. You just have to know which way you want to go ... a; You going the AB way, and she's being swept away by a friendly Amazon because the shop is under surveillance! b; You going the BDSM way and she is caught by a strict and maybe sadistic Amazon or couple ... In any case, it would be a pity if you throw away these possibilities ... At a; I have no great interest. At b; I would be full with you. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x The second storie ... forget it, there you are right with your assessment. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x The third Storie is my favorite, because you have very many possibilities. Every aspect of the BDSM is served by you here. I love these storie, if she is told correctly step by step without hurry. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Your card is great I would like to read more of you best regards Nicole
  10. So after reading the first third of chapter10, I have to say "I've had enough of this easily predictable storie." I am only amazed that you did not call Tohru to Miyagi, otherwise it is Karate Kid meets teacher !!! Already as you mentioned the dojo in (chapter3 I think) I already suspected that it will be boring. I Missing only Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris are. Spoiler Alert .......... Alice will never leave Thoru!!! In diapers, she lives happily at Miyagi's (Tohru) side until the end of every day. THE END No, the story had potential at the very beginning, but you completely lose yourself in the karate kid game. Sorry, but your story is murderously boring. No surprises no turns no dominance, no humiliation, it just has nothing, for me. I'm pretty sure you wanted to write more consistently, but then you are unfortunately only landed on the silky soft AB side. Have fun with your storie, I'm out. greets Nicole
  11. What an ingenious idea, to think such an idea is completely crazy. Good, but crazy! hahahahaha "One guy, loves that fisten!" Kallen is now only knee high to her stepmother? It would have been better if you had let them shrink in the short term ... Now she is much too small to live out any sexual fantasies. A finger of the amazonas would her now let burst open, that was not so good, by not right thought! Does not matter, I found the chapter just refreshing new. I have never read such a crazy idea. I'll say thanks for that
  12. @ Widowmaker Excuse me, I did not want to reach with my critique, that you burying your story! I'm just now a little bit annoyed with myself. Because, I did not think the story was so bad. A little less of everything and a bit more conspiracy behind the locked door and the story would have been very good. I am so sorry for my doubt, my opinion and criticism. Nicole