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  1. Great start, I'm eagerly awaiting more!
  2. Darla was crying she missed Jeff. She knew she was stronger than this just right now being pregnant her hormones were out of whack, she felt better to cry. It was a release. She really wasn't missing him a whole lot. Besides the season would be over with in a few weeks. They had been married for quite a while, every year, Jeff went and played football. Every year he returned to her or she was with them until they had bought a home in the Phoenix area. Now Olivia and Victoria we're getting to know their cousins better! She probably told herself stop it, you're the adult at least a hundred times. That made her feel guilty, which brought more tears anew. She was glad it was almost midnight. The two children were asleep. They didn't want to see their snot nosed, teary eyed mom. The thought of them catching her like this, made her giggle why crying. Then she laughed again thinking how can I be crying and laughing at the same time, sadness and joy are two opposite emotions! You shouldn't be able to experience them simultaneously. Who ever made that rule obviously wasn't pregnant! She had to get up and run to the toilet, again! She should diaper herself for the night, the pee fairy should visit her soon after she falls asleep, the hormone fairy had been working OT with her tonight. She verily made the toilet, it was one of those you started peeing as soon as you got in position over the toilet, before your bum had made contact with the seat even. This must be a boy she thought she had never peed this much with Olivia and Victoria. She remembered Francis when she had Russell, how she had been diapered due to him killing her bladder. She told her during that pregnancy she had shown signs of being a true Mitchel she had awoke in a wet diaper, with no memory of a pee dream or no warning or nothing. She had worn daytime diapers just because Russell would move and land directly on her bladder, forcing her to lose urine. Darla joked with her telling her welcome to my world! Only I don't have to be pregnant for it! Chris had an MRI done about a year ago, it was discovered that he has an unusually small bladder. Probably they all do , why her whole family are still bedwetters and pants wetters. Mom and dad, her and Gary, and Hermione are day timers as well as bedwetters, they got a double whammy! Her crying jag was almost over she was still getting the hitches in her chest. She had to admit she felt better now than she had in weeks. She guessed in order to feel better she had to release tears and snot, who knew hormones hid out in mucus like that?
  3. Stacy was working and working SIS was doing great. Shipments were going all over the world. The Saudi Arabians oil billionaire's daughter loved her three dresses. She loved the sand colored one. Stacy and Ben were talking one night. Seems that SIS was starting to invade their loft and their IIving space. Stacy apologized for it. Ben was no, no! I'm not upset, but between us were clearing $6200 a month. We have two options. We can find another place for SIS, something bigger, or we can find a new place for us, a real home there are several places that are available up by most of the Mitchell clan up past Carefree Highway. We can leave SIS here and we move into a proper home. Stacy had gave it much thought. She loved her loft. It had been her home since she gained her independence from Max Cropper almost. When she sold Max's and her mom's house, she could of never lived there, to many bad memories. Besides it was small. The loft had been hers, it wasn't confining like her childhood home. It had space. But it was true SIS was crowding them out with all the machinery and layout tables. They were about to be over ran. She now had 3 full time employees and 2 part timers. Plus she would soon need help with the high end products. She was verily meeting the deadlines. And she was working 12 hour days. Mildred was happy running the mass produced end. Stacy was trying to figure out move SIS, or move themselves. Even if they moved. SIS would eventually outgrow the loft. If they moved to North Phoenix Ulysses would be closer to his cousins. Ben would be further away from his work. As would she. But owning their own home just hers and Ben's. That appealed to her also. She asked Ben what he thought abut selling the loft and moving SIS into something bigger and them moving closer to her family. Ben liked the idea. He felt that he wasn't pulling his weight, it was her loft, he lived with her. Not vIse versa. Besides she was still making more money than him he took home $2500 a month she was almost doubling that. He was glad that he wasn't one of those guys that were insecure, hating the Idea that their wife makes almost double what he did. For him it was just the opposite, with the life that Stacy had growing up, success in this stage of her life was just what the doctor ordered. Stacy was amazing! He loved her. There was a lady at work that had been chasing him. She didn't want to take no for an answer, he showed her Stacy's picture and said I'm sorry but I'm not risking a lifetime of what I have with this. For 20 minutes of fun with you! The lady was shocked. She had never been turned down like that before. Ben liked the Idea, they were going to look on Saturday, for a new home closer to Chris, Darla, Gary. In the North Valley. And then a warehouse or something to move SIS to. They would sell the loft. There wasn't a day that went by that somebody didn't try and buy it they had been offered as high as $400,000, for it Stacy only payed $120,000 for it. In the first place. She still owed $20,000 for it. The banks loved her she had been doubling the payment for a while. Paying it back way before the loan was due. Same with him he payed his truck off way before the loan was due. Of course with him he had lots and lots of overtime in those days. Not so much these days! He had gotten a call from Cora. Her and Mike, his kids were coming to Phoenix to get married, Cora wanted Stacy as her Matron of Honor, Mike wanted his youngest son as his best man, and Ben as an Usher. With his other sons. They needed places for his kids to stay. They were finally accepting Cora as a step mom.To Mitchell the youngest she was mom. He was glad things were going good for Cora, she might be older than him but with her he felt like the big brother. He got a call from one of his Seargeants. Major burglary at a jewelry store. They came in smashed and grabbed was out in less than a minute. Stealing over $42 grand worth of merchandise. They were just informing him. They have had a few robberies like this of late they had gotten away with almost $100,000 so far. No pattern from Sun City to Chandler same guys they either have an inside person or they have done their homework. They were leaning towards number one option. They know when the places got their shipments and hit accordingly. The problem was it was different jewelry companies three to be exact, could it be the couriers?
  4. Marcus was awed that they would even consider him as team Captain, let alone name him as it. He was walking on autopilot he was in his mind when he run into Jeff. You okay? Yes and no, said Marcus. Larry just retired. But we still have 4 games left, who are they going to get to be Defensive Captain, Jeff asked? Me said Marcus. No way Jeff said then congratulations are in order. I always thought you would be Heir Apparent to Chris, but I thought we had a few years left. I hate to bring this up but us Offensive players have been disappointed by the play of the Defensive players as of late! No kidding Marcus said when Chris was here we were allowing about 14 points a game, we're up to 32 points a game. Were only averaging 27 points on Offense. No wonder we are losing. I tried to talk to Larry about this he shot me out of the water. What do you have planned? Chris belived the harder you work in practice the less you bleed come Sunday. We have Kansas City, this week. One of our own division. Right now we are one game ahead we lose to them we are tied. After that we have Los Angeles Chargers here. The Vikings and Colts there. If anybody can get your defense in line it's you Marcus, they don't call you Mini Chris for nothing, you two are a lot alike. Chris had more confidence that I do said Marcus. Jeff chuckled, if you could have seen Chris. He was afraid of falling the team, but as weeks c went on it got easier for him. But those first few weeks the man was scared to death! So your just like him. Chris was watching ESPN they were talking about the retirement of Larry Ingram the Raiders Defensive End, and Defensive Team Captain, Chris was what the heck I thought he still had one or two years left in him. They had a new Rookie they could put there, that wasn't a problem, who was they going to get to be defensive team Captain he was coming into a mess the Raiders had dropped from first to tenth in b the league as far as defence. They named his replacement. Marcus Jenson. Chris was shocked and glad at the same time. Shocked that Marcus was considered after only two years, it had taken Chris three years before they considered hiim. Marcus was a good player his protégé, he was Mini Chris! Who else to get the defense under control but Somebody a lot like myself, Chris couldn't argue with the logic. The Raiders Defensive slump should be over!
  5. In Vegas the Raiders were not doing well they had been in a slump. Lost one of three games. Jeff was getting depressed. The offense was doing their part and scoring the points. The guy that had taken over as defensive team captain wasn't doing his job. As long as his players didn't kill each other it was a victory for him. Marcus saw the rift that was happening amongst the defense, but he wasn't in a place to change anything. Since Chris had gone out and under the new captains regime, the defence went from allowing only 14 points a game to 32 points a game. Some of the older vets that had came from other teams didn't see the problem. Marcus went and had a long talk with the Coach, and the Defensive Coordinator. The new captain seemed to want all the glory himself when things went right. But blamed everybody but himself when things didn't. When Chris was there it was the opposite when things didn't work, Chris was the first to say, My bad! and the first to share the success with his teammates when it did work. The two assured Marcus that they have seen that happen, and that he wasn't the only one that had voiced theit concerns. They also asked him who he thought would make a better Captain? He had no input there as that was either a defensive team decision, or a coaching staff decision. Marcus was worried that if the D, didn't start playing better, the Raiders might not make it to the playoffs. Whatever the outcome, Marcus was going to play the way Chris had taught him to play., give it everything you got, and then some. At the end of practice the defensive team captain was brought before the coaching staff and was told that their were problems in the defense. That his players had lost respect for him as a captain. He tried to say well most of the people were under Chris, his style was nothing like Chris's. If that were true then those that were new wouldn't be complaining about your style. They only served under Chris for a couple of games. You for most of the season. I don't think their has not been on of your fellow defensive players that haven't voiced their concerns about your leadership. Even a few offensive players. They have tried talking to you but your a closed book.we as the coaches feel you aren't leading the defense the way it needs leading. We are greatful for what you do for our team, but we need to make changes. We hope you understand, but this is business. Marcus was showering and a player came and told him hurry up coach wants to talk to you, he doesn't sound happy. You better hurry! Marcus was running through the 100's of tiny mistakes that he had made. Maybe they are mad that I went and complained about our Captain. They told me I wasn't the only one. What did I do wrong? Marcus arrived at the coaches office. He took a deep breath and exhaled it. He knocked, the butterfly were in his stomach, he hasn't got them this bad even before a big game. The door opened and from the looks of things, coaches body laguage spoke volumes, he was pisssed! Marcus we want to talk to you. Coach have I done something very wrong? The coach looked at Marcus, what makes you think that? Coach you look really upset, if your mad at me I'm willing to do what I can do to get back on your good side. Chris taught me keep the coach happy you'll be happy to! The coach smiled that's what I want to talk to you about. Larry was in here we discussed his being released as Defensive Team Captain, it didn't go to well, in fact effective as today Larry retired. He told me that since I was removing him as team Captain I might as well remove him from the team as well. This was going to be his last season anyway. We're going to need a good defensive end now anyway now. The reason we called you in today was to name you as temporary Team Captain. Coach I'm only in my second year and I missed a lot of my first year due to injury! Marcus said. We are aware but when others came into talk to me about Larry, when I asked them who I should put in his place, your name came up 99% of the time. Your already referred to as Mini Chris! Your two peas in a pod, and pardon my saying so but your so dammed much like Chris. He was your role model since you were here a year ago. We're hoping some of Chris rubbed off on you! If we want to get back to the Super Bowl, we're going to need defensive leadership, like we got from Chris! We're hoping it is you! Just to let you know you'll be one of the youngest Team Captains in Raiders history we have 5 games left we need at least 4 of those to be victories that will put us at 11 and 5. anything less than that we might not make it. I recognize that in some division that might be enough to win it not ours!
  6. Rebbecca was glad for Monica, at least she wasn't the only pregnant woman here, plus she knew thats what Monica wanted more than anything in the world. Face it Monica's life had sucked the past few weeks, not only hers but Willy's too both had sucked since the accident. Well basically for them all. Denise pretty much had the same life she had a few weeks ago, other than she was toilet in now. She saw adults using the toilet so she emulated them and began pooping at first then two days later began to follow suit with her bladder. She still had about maybe one accident a day, but that isn't a bowel accident. She wets herself once a day by accident. Nighttime she is wet pretty much every night. No bowel movements at all at night. She really has no role models at night. All adults were wetting their beds before any injuries. What do they expect, thought Rebbecca. She is just doing what she sees the adults in her life do. Monica has a famous friend apparently that big Football player from the Raiders has the same Physical Therapist that Monica has. For him it's his sister in law. They actually knew each other before Kathy became a Physical Therapist. She married Chris's younger brother. Monica said he looks a lot like Chris but not so big. He's another that she wouldn't kick out of her bed for wetting it. Kathy either for that part. Stu arrived home late. He had to talk about a twist of events that had happened just the past few days. There was a girl abducted. There were no leads hardly at all but a blue car, Stu thought the composite drawing looked like Phil Collins but more Hispanic. Two hays after that a citizen scratches and dents another cars door in a parking lot. He calls the police on himself. The officer notices a golden yellow fluid leaking from the trunk compartment. Believing ot to be urine. He starts to run the plate. The guy that hit the other car enters the store and notices a man acting suspicious, watching th cop around his vehicle. He dropped his grocery bags and was about to run in the other direction, the guy who is in a walker tackles the fugitive as he recognized the man from the composite drawing. The suspect was cuffed and arrested an investigation turned up another 5 girls that had been abducted from other states. It was discovered the guy killed the girls as they were pregnant with his children, 9 different girls had met that fate. The man was stabbed in the chow line, by a fellow inmate and died at the scene.
  7. The Raiders were running out of gas. Without Chris they were beaten by an 0 and 10 team, talk about embarrasing! Chris partially blamed himself. He wasn't in no position to play and this time it wasn't his fault that h ed had been injured. The Patriots had seen to that. They were becoming his new Broncos. He was going to become the educator to them when he returned next year. First he had to get back himself. Truth be told he was mad at himself! Tackling this Ricardo Chavez, and then finding out that the guy was about ready to stab him. That would of made India a widow and his kids fatherless. Would they let India adopt all 3 without a husband? Then his child born in just a couple of months would never know his or her or father. This was something he had never had to face before, his own mortality. Chris thought that even though he was injured again, things hadn't changed. He was still helping others. Annie Carlson was back with her parents, the guy had died in jail. He was stabbed by a guy that had nothing to lose, he was already facing life. Ephraim had told him that even rapist and murderers hated child molesters, this guy had Kidnapped, raped, inpregnated little girls then killed them. It was just a matter of time before some prisoner killed him. The guy saved the taxpayers millions of dollars. The guy that bad killed him murdered about 5 rival gang members. He would be a hero in prison. Even by the rivals. Even though he killed their own, it had been a battle him against the rivals, it was honorable. Then he atoned by taking out the pedophile that raped 5 to 12 year old girls killing them when they became pregnant with his kids. The only down size was that several family's won't get closure finding out where their children are buried at? Chris doesn't regret stopping the guy. He just felt that he had made a mistake in not realizing that he almost died. The guy had a knife and was about ready to stick him. If Officer Bradley hadn't arrested him when he had. The guy thought about sticking him and making the cop kill him.
  8. The Raiders were running out of gas. Without Chris they were beaten by an 0 and 10 team, talk about embarrasing! Chris partially blamed himself. He wasn't in no position to play and this time it wasn't his fault that h ed had been injured. The Patriots had seen to that. They were becoming his new Broncos. He was going to become the educator to them when he returned next year. First he had to get back himself. Truth be told he was mad at himself! Tackling this Ricardo Chavez, and then finding out that the guy was about ready to stab him. That would of made India a widow and his kids fatherless. Would they let India adopt all 3 without a husband? Then his child born in just a couple of months would never know his or her or father. This was something he had never had to face before, his own mortality.
  9. After Georgia Carlson left, India didn't know whether to kill Chris herself or kiss him to death. Chris had mentioned that when bad things happen to him., its somewhat a blessing in disguise. The first time he was injured, they were married, Darla met and married Jeff. When he was injured he had surgery, then Physical Therapy, and his Therapist ends up marrying his brother Ephraim. Another blessing. His new brother in law Jeff both do a Public Service Announcement for the NFL about bedwetting, a very taboo subject. Since both are bedwetters. With all the people there. His sister Francis, and Gary meet their spouses there. 4 of his 5 siblings, met there spouses because he was injured or wet his bed. Here he is injured again. What happens? He just saved a girl from a fate worse than death. A girl that they both know that was the sweetest girl in the world. You couldn't convince Georgia Carlson that Chris wasn't injured because he needed to save her daughter from an almost certain death! If I needed somebody tackled, why not an all star professional Linebacker, like Chris? Fate, kismet, karma, call it what you want. Chris fit that bill he was such a boy scout, just doing his good turn daily. He was a universal equalizer. Often he didn't even want people to know he had done something, heroic! Him figuring that parts for a bomb . we're being transported in booze bottles. He was up for a presidential award because of that. Chris even when it looked like he was cheating on her was comforting their sister in law, Kathy. To him he was just an extra large, industrial size shoulder to cry on. Even if it looked like the rest of the world that he was having an affair on her. Krystal had told him about the horse lady lady, how her daddy had not played with her lady parts like a lot of other guys had. India remembered that he wouldn't even done anything with her, and they actually loved each other, until after they were married. Most guys she knew wouldn't admit to being a virgin even if they were. Chris was proud of the fact even readily admitted it! Chris was different, he wasn't cut from the same cloth as normal guys, he was special. Like even if he was using a walker to be mobile, when duty called he rose to the occasion. Chris should be called the Silver and Black Raider. He should be a Marvel Comic. Regular bedwetting football player by day crime fighter at night. Avenging the weak and defending the little! She also had to admit, being married to Chris, was an adventure! It was never boring. She was thankful that he brought her along for the ride. She just wished he would be careful this guy about stabbed him! Another few seconds and he could of been dead. But Chris if he odied saving a life. He would die happy. It's just her that would have to live without her soul mate. Oh she was sure that the kids and her would carry on without him. She didn't want to find that out for certain.
  10. It was leaking that Chris had helped nab a bad guy! This guy had been active for the past 15 years, in that time they figured he had killed over 9 girls that had gotten pregnant from him. There unfortunately was a couple of the live ones that were so brainwashed by him they had all but forgotten their original familys. One girl even refused to tell the police who she was for fear of being removed. Unfortunately it was the pregnant girl, she wouldn't believe that the new girl that had been recovered was her replacement. DNA identified her as a Rachel Gardner out of LaCrosse Wisconsin. She wanted to be called Lindsey. That was what she had been known for for over 7 years she was 13 years old now. The guy wished he had the cop kill him he should of stuck that big bastard, that had tackled him. He was usually more observervant. He saw the guy as in a walker and his threat level dropped. He was going to be executed, probably several years from now like 20 years or longer. What they didn't know was that he was allergic to peanuts, hopefully they served him some soon he would be gone in a matter of minutes. He was very allergic. One girl he had taken several years earlier had eaten a peanut butter sandwich. She had it on her hands, he got a rash just from touching her. It pissed him off so bad he killed her 2 days later. Not to worry there were always thousands of other little girls out there to chose from. When he was 18 he found out that girls his own age didn't do anything for him sexually. But for some reason 5 to 12 year olds did. He knew this was wrong, but through the years. It got so it just didn't matter. Hiss first girl was out of the Baltimore area, for years he passed her off as his daughter, people bought it. Then he he took one from Boston, one from Trenton Vermont. He had three. Then he got another two one out of North Carolina and Georgia.. his oldest daughter from Baltimore got pregnant. He knew he was screwed she had his baby. That was the hardest decision. He found a girl out of Florida. He killed his original daughter. She was fed to alligators. Before the heat was getting on him in Florida. He was in Texas. He got to stay in Texas a few years, he got 3 replacement daughters from the I-35 corridor. They lived there for about seven years then he decided to head north. He got pretty good at stealing others identities. That's how he got homes, cars, you name it. He had been lucky all the girls that he had killed none had been found. That wasn't entirely true. One had been found, like a dummy he had buried her at the house that they had lived in. Six years later her body was discovered. The septic tank had backed up. She had soaked in sewage. DNA, she was covered in others DNA. It took them almost another year to learn who she was, dental records, she was out of Waco Texas. he called her Lana. He grabbed the girl from her school in Phoenix. How did he know was a bedwetter. Not his first. The girl from Wisconsin was a bedwetter also. Still was for him that was an added bonus. He just kept them in those Goodnight things. They are fairly cheap. He was on his way to dinner and a guy got behind him in line. The next thing he felt something sharp in his back it entered his chest cavity. He felt himself dying. He always feared death but this time he welcomed it. He wasn't looking forward to spending the rest of his life in prison. Wouldn't you know lunch today was peanut butter sandwiches.
  11. Chris tried to down play, his role. Alexandria said daddy was the man who tackled the guy mommy! What? India asked. He can hardly walk! How could he do this? Alexandria got him in further, she didnt realize that she wasn't helping. Yah, the guy tried to stab daddy with a knife. She saw her daddy as a hero. About that time the doorbell rang, Chris thought saved by the bell it was Georgia Carlson. She saw Chris and burst out crying. She thanked him for saving her daughter. The police had told her how Chris had tackled the guy. She said I'm sorry you got hurt playing football, but if you hadn't, we would still be wondering where our daughter was! God put you here to save her, I'm sure of that. I don't know if you heard or not. But he has been abducting girls for years. He gets them at about 5 to 8 years old. He keeps them for sex until they get pregnant. Then he kills them when they do. They are his family until then. He has about 5 or 6 other girls that he had sex with. 1 girl is 12 she is pregnant Annie was her replacement. He was going to kill her, you saved her as well. India was upset with Chris, after finding this out she was a bit more forgiving. She was upset that at the moment he really wasn't at his peak performance level that he plays football at. If he was she would put him against 3 guys like this piece of scum!
  12. Chris was contacted by the Relief Society president she suggested something that they would like them to take the Carlson's dinner tonight. Chris asked what would they like? I've had a request for burgers and fries they claim that about everybody had been bringing Spaghetti, or Lasagna. They are somewhat tired of it. Burgers and fries it is said Chris. He had some burgers left from the last Barbacue they had had and he was sure they had fries in the freezer. He looked and and looked and couldn't find any. He loaded up the kids and drove them to the store. It was close enough to walk to the store but if he had used his walker it would take him until tomorrow morning to get there and back. All the kids had to go with a man abducting kids out there on the loose. Parents weren't taking chances, especially this cost to home. Once he got to the store he parked his SUV, he got his walker and he bumped the car next to his with his door. It scratched the paint on the car. He felt bad he decided to call the police it was his fault. He was waiting for the guy to return and he would exchange insurance info. The cop arrived it was Officer Bradley. Chris explained the situation. Officer Bradley walked around the car. He noticed something that was leaking from the trunk area. It was yellow and smelled like urine. A closer look revealed that it was indeed urine. Why would a car have urine leaking out of it? The car was dark blue later model car it was a Toyota Camery. Officer Bradley Asked Chris to take his kids into the store he would handle the report and have it done for when he came out. He joked with Chris that it would take him a while to get to the inside of the store as fast as he moved. Chris saw Officer Bradley look at the license plate and call it over his radio. He's just trying to find out who it belongs to. Chris entered the store and thought nothing of it . A man was walking out. Chris didn't recognize him but, he was sure he had seen him before, he wasn't sure where but he did look familiar. The guy saw the cops outside around his car, he went pale. Chris saw this, the guy was acting suspicious. He dropped his groceries and a pack of Goodnites fell out. Chris went to help the guy pick up his groceries. The guy looked like he was panicking. He was going in the opposite direction. Chris noticed the receding hairline and thought he looked like a Hispanic Phil Collins. Chris remembered the flyer of the guy that had the info that had abducted Annie Carlson. The reason that he was acting suspicious was because he was the suspect! Chris tossed his walker to the side, he did what he does best and tackled the guy. They fell to the ground and Chris was on top he yelled to Kenny, Get Officer Bradley her now! Kenny ran out the door and got Officer Bradley. They both came back running. The guy had managed to get his knife out of his pocket. He was about ready to stick it in this assholes ribs. He felt something touch his temple he looked and he was looking down the barrel of a 9mm pistol. He thought about still sticking this bastard. Making the cop shoot him the cop told him to drop the knife! He did. By that time several other cops were arriving. The man Identified as Ricardo Chavez was taken into custody. He refused to open his trunk. They got a bloodhound that was used for searching for people who alerted by sitting and wooed once. The cops said we have probable cause now. We think Anne Carlson is in your trunk they popped and she was there she was found still alive. Just verily, they got the paramedics in the started IV's and then after the scene was photographed they removed her and she was rushed by ambulance to Honor Health Deer Valley. They thought about getting a helicopter but it would of taken longer to get one hear and off than they could drive her there. Chris was glad that Annie was hopefully going to be alright. Sergeant Anderson asked how in the heck did you know? Chris said when we walked in the guy saw the cops by his car he acted suspicious. He c was about ready to bolt out the back way. He dropped the sacks he had that had Goodnights in them. I know Annie sweet, sweet girl. I also knew she c wet her bed. Your flyer reminded me of a Hispanic Phil Collins! That guy ma t ched the description and how squirrely he acted I just added 1 and one and got two. Did you know he about stabbed you? No said Chris. He had a knife in your side about ready to use it when Officer Bradley arrested him. Unfortunately your SUV is evidence. how lucky could we get? You scratched his car. You were an honest citizen and reported it and we nabbed a bad guy because of it. Most people we know would have just moved somewhere else and parked, Annie would still be missing. What do you need to get here? Well I came after french fries but I don't need them now. Why not asked Sergeant Anderson? I go to church with the Carlson's. The church asked us to bring a meal into thme tonight. Since Annie has been found they won't be there! Ironic said Sergeant Anderson! He gave Chris and his family a ride home. As they were getting home Sergeant Andersons raidio went crazy. Appearantly they found 5 more girls in the guys home. He left with lights and sirens going after dropping Chris and his kids off. They got in and Chris popped a frozen lasagna in the oven. 20 minutes later ate India arrived home , she was all smiles. I just heard they caught the guy that abducted Annie Carlson. She was found alive but dehydrated. She is in the hospital right now. They said an observe the citizen tackled him and he was arrested. Really said Chris, that is good news! By the way India asked where is your SUV its not in the garage?
  13. Good start.
  14. 12 hours later Annie Carlson was still missing. A man hunt was underway. There was only a couple of leads the older sister gave a description of the guy. He was hispanic, average hight, average weight, his shins were bruised from where the older girl had kicked him. The drawing looked like Phil Collins the entertainer as the guy was partially balding. They estimated him at middle to late 30's. This was nothing that jumped out at you. He drove a blue midsized car, no make or model. For the police there was nothing to go on. Chris knew it would take a miracle to get her bsck. There was greater police presence at the school this morning. Chris recognized his old friend Sargent Anderson, the cop that handled Krystal's assault was there. His name was Officer Bradley. They recognized Chris. Chris had to get out of his car and deliver some more diapers for Alexandria, he had a hard time with his walker and a huge box of diapers. Both Officers came and talked to him. Sergeant Anderson told Chris he was sorry that he had gotten hurt like he had. Officer Bradley got the box and read what was on the outside of the box. He wondered what child Chris had that needed them? The Sergeant asked Chris if he remembered seeing anything yesterday? Chris related about Mrs. Carlson about hitting them but, if he had been in her shoes he would of been just as frantic. He told them that if he remembers anything he will bass it on but from the description. It's sounds kind of hopeless. Not much to go on is there? Well were hoping somebody seen something with more information, this 8 year old was sure we were going to arrest her for kicking the guy. It took us 35 minutes just to convince her we weren't! Officer Bradley asked quietly and discreetly about the diapers. They aren't for your daughter that was attacked are they, I don't remember her needing them then. Is this a result of the attack? No sir the other girl that we are adopting Alexandria, the one girl from the photo? She was born basically without a bladder. It holds about an ounce. She is diapered 24/7. Sorry to hear that Officer Bradley said also sorry to see you get hurt. That just sucked the way it went down, I think Belechek should get a few suspended games. He is the coach. Well that's all above my pay grade said Chris. The team rallied behind me and embarrassed them. Made them look like amatures said Chris. It backfired on them. Chris said a silent prayer for little Annie Carlson in his heart he hoped she was found safe and secure. Chris drove home. He didn't have any appointments today. He put his swimsuit on and went outside and fired up the hot tub. Getting in and out with his walker was a pain in the butt, without his knee brace. Kathy had told him that it would soon be a thing of the past. He liked Kathy, but he loved India. She was his soul mate. Chis was soaking away and the timer hit zero and all the little bubbles stopped. Aww, Chris thought. He got out and the air felt a lot cooler than when he got in. Well it was 112 degrees inside the tub, and 63 outside no wonder he felt cold. He hobbled back inside. He turned on ESPN after drying off and redressing, he was back in the support of his knee brace. This was week number 9 of the season. The Raiders were 1 an 1since the break the Los Angeles Rams beat them for their 4th win of the season. The next week the Raiders beat Dallas in Dallas. For only their second loss of the season Next week the Jaguars were in Las Vevas. One of the Raiders players was suspended indefinatlly, he had been cought gambling. Chris expected to see more suspensionsons. With football in Vegas where gambling is legal. The temptation is there to bet on games. It was one of his fellow Defensive players as well the backup Nosetackle. At least it wasn't a starter. Chris hated being laid up like this it was his job as Team Captain to make sure things like this didn't happen! The Rookie and Jeff were tied in the voting for Offensive player of the year. Rook was front runner for Rookie of the year. Since he was out he wasn't even in the running for Defensive player of the year. Not that he was aspiring for it. It would of been cool to have the Raiders sweep all 3 catagories. Marcus was up for it and looked like a shoe in for comeback player of the year. He turned it to the news at 1pm they had still no leads on Annie Carlson, she was still missing. He wished he could do more. It sucked he could hardly walk but here he was almost famous! He thought about the Carlson's what hell they were going through. It was torture for him just knowing the kids and parents, he couldn't imagine what it was like for them! Chris called his bishop and informed him that if there was anything he could do, being laid up things like passing out flyers and things like were out of the question right now. But meals or a public appearance in their behalf he could do. Chris was told the Relief Society had the meals covered. But he would pass the information along about a public appearance. He would see if they though that would help. Chris said I'm sorry but I feel so useless right now! Chris if you weren't injured right now you would be in Vegas playing football. You probably wouldn't know this was going on! His Bishop told him. Chris said I've always liked Annie she had a smile for everybody! Sweet girl! Keep her in your prayers Chris. The Bishop said. Already there said Chris.
  15. Chris was driving again, he picked up Kenny, Alexanderia, Krystal, Nancy up from school, today was a bad day for both Maria and Darla, it was early dismissal. He also got Karen and Sarah, plus Olivia. As he was driving some lady almost hit him and his precious cargo of kids. This lady wasn't paying attention to stop signs or other cars. The driver looked very upset about something. Chis didn't know what, she looked worried! Chris got all the kids at his house. Darla showed up.first and picked up Olivia. She asked Chris if he had heard anything about a girl being abducted at Treasure Cove Elementry? He hasn't heard but was sure he had witnessed his mom trying to find her daughter! Chris looked on his computer, there was news he subscribed to ABC 15. He got his news via internet. There was a girl that was abducted. Some guy lured a kindergartener with candy. Her older sister was almost abducted to and kicked the man until he let go of her. Chris knew the abducted girl, they went to church with the family, the lady that had about hit him was Georgia Carlson. It was little Annie Carlson that was taken. This was no family custody battle. They were married this was a stranger abduction. Annie had a beautiful smile, cute as a button! Something that wasn't mentioned in the news was Annie was like his Nancy, she was a bedwetter still. India returned to the house she asked Chris how was his day? He told her about Annie Carlson. Anything else. He talked about Physical Therapy with Kathy. Anything else? We went out to lunch afterwards, did you know that Kathy's mother tryed to kill her? No said India , yeah she opened up to me about it was crying everything. Did you comfort her India asked? Of course said Chris I couldn't just let her sit there crying could I? I guess not said India. She figured it was something like that, she didnt know it was Kathy. She trusted Chris. Her friend didn't know Chris very well that could of been a stranger that he was hugging. She had seen strangers tell Chris their life histories about bedwetting and she had seen Chris hold them while they got a life of pain off their chests! It was nothing special to Chris if it was he would be running on his walker as fast as he could in the other direction! India had two shocks today one was little Annie Carlson and the other was Kathy almost being killed by her mother. Chris had told her about Kathy's family when she married Ephraim. Like Chris she knew nothing of this latest development.