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  1. Tommy called Glory, and told her I think I found a job. He tricked her and told her it was with the school. Oh poo! She said I was hoping you might of found one with my company. No he said they have to be armed. No such luck. It's okay the guys at our place that are security just don't seem to care, the last sergeant let his guys sleep on shift, checks didn't get done. Nobody monitored anything and cars, not car, cars were stole from the parking garage. You are probably used to more professionalism where you come from. We call them the Keystone Kops! Heaven help us if there was a real emergency! She giggled. Tommy felt the anger rise up in his neck ant into his face. He wasn't mad at Glory Be, I r the guy that hired him, the last sergeant did this, he took a group that's supposed to be the role model and turned them into laughing stocks. He was to change that image that was his job. One thing he did get was a copy of Policy and Procedures for Seurity so he knew things like dress codes, uses of force, dicipline for officers he wanted to make them great again. He was supposed to go in tomorrow and check out the personnel files for those officers under him. He was sure with it being third shift that's where the malcontents, screw ups, usually there atr a few good officers on Third Shift you need a couple of good Officers to balancestors out the bad ones. Third shift is where the bad ones are put. Keeps them out of the public view. He also knew another thing, a bad leader can make a good officer less motivated. Tommy said sorry but I can't lie to you. I got the Sergeants position. But it will be Third Shift! Glory said sorry about calling them Keystone Kops, it's just they haven't exhibited professionalism in about a year and a half. I have to take a firearms course, other than that I'm going to look over the Policy and Procedures tonight to know what I am looking for. Tomorrow I get to read about the officers that will be under me all 16 of them. When I was a Sergeant at Black Canyon our girls facility, I had 8 officers. I will have more than double that now. I've been Shift Commander before. Where I have had more than 40. Officers at a time. Just how you look at i. Glory said I know you can do it you seemed a good officer when I met you at Adobe those last few weeks you were there. My pants falling down and exposing my wet pissed diaper didn't even phase you, you told me the diaper was fine but the diaper pins werent, like you had seen it a million times before. How do you know I haven't asked Tommy jokingly? So I'm not the first girl you hit on in wet diapers, she joked back? Sorry to burst your bubble Tommy said I have seen diapers like that before, most were male, a couple of them female but the hey looked like they could be male, you were the first real babe I seen like that. Of course your the first Glory! Your luckily I was bent over you couldn't see my penis jump to life. You like girls in diapers then said Glory, have you ever worn yourself? Tommy said truthfully? Yes Gl I ry Be said. My last wife and I wore poo retry much every night if I still wear a daiaper at night my body wets in my sleep, I'm dry if not. So you like to wear diapers, Glory adked? Yes, you don't think I'm weird do you, Tommy asked? No said Glory, the truth is my parents almost had me potty trained at 6 years old I wasn't ready to give my diapers up, I quit trying by age 7 I needed them again for real. I'm 35 and I'm not ready to give mine up still. Being toilet trained is overrated! . Amen to that said Tommy! When I am diapered at night I wet my diapers. Also happens when I get the blanket wrapped around my mid section that thickness sensation causes me to wet also. So I wet my bed in that situation. I haven't told anyone this before said Tommy, my wife knew, grandpa knows I like diapers, my brother knows I like diapers I don't think they know I wet when I'm diapered. Now you know. I haven't even told my grandma that I was almost toilet trained at 6 years old not even she knows how much I like my diapers, Glory said!
  2. Larry was teaching school again after being off for the birth of Yolanda. There was a new teacher, one of his coworkers had gotten a little to close to a student, and had crossed the line. They had been a couple, him in his 30's her 16. Yecchh, he thought. None of these girls were anything that he would risk his career over. That guy had lost his teaching certificate everything. He was called a pedophile. Registered as a sex offender now. The new teacher was female now she was cute, he wasn't looking but you just couldn't help but notice. He was introduced to Miss Simpson when he came back from FMLA. He thought If they had teachers that looked like this when he was in school he might had payed more attention. She was not only cute but she was nice to talk to. She wasn't stuck on herself like some very beautiful woman are. He reminded himself your aleady married with two kids. He was going over his notes for his class it was on the Boxer Rebellion. Even being a history nut this was a boring subject for him. She asked isn't that where sports figures revolted? He thought are you serious? Then he saw the twinkle in her eye she was teasing him. They Talked About It She Was An English teacher like Francis, but she talked about history, she loved it as much as him. She asked if they could talk a little more at lunch as his and her classes were in the same hall. They had the same lunch period. Sure he said I love talking history. It's a date she said. He began to worry!
  3. 3Rebbecca slept for quite a few hours, she was drained. She awoke and things didn't feel right with her body. It was hard to explain, she went to stand up and about toppled over. She was top heavy, while asleep her breasts went from not bad to, Oh my god! Her milk was in and frankly it hurt somewhat. She called the nurse to bring her her babies she needed to relieve some pressure before they exploded. Her son and daughter were brought to her and their instinct took over the began to suck at her breasts. At first it was painful, being sucked at it felt like somebody was giving her a titty twister. The pain subsided and her daughter leaked. She had milk up and down her chin. The boy on the other hand, didn't spill a drop. Must be a guy thing, they inately just know how to suck breasts. Both babies had their fill, and fell asleep almost immediately. Stu came in with Denise she saw the babies at first she was a bit Jealous they were stealing her mommy and daddy away from her. Stu assured her that wasn't the case, besides you get to be the big sister. Me she said? Yep said Stu. You! My Oldest sister Gay is always my big sister, no matter how much bigger I am than her. So I'm always going to be the big sister? Yep said Stu, even if they get bigger than you. Denise thought for a moment and then got a huge smile, I'm the big sister! Stu and Rebbecca both looked at each other, I'm the big sister came out as I'm the Lord and ruler to you two!
  4. Tommy for the past few nights was diapered, even though it had been a couple of years since he had worn diapers to bed his body hadn't forgotten what they were for. When he wore a diaper his body knew it was safe and he woke up wet more often than not. He didn't remember wetting but his body seemed to know, it only happened when he was diapered or got his groin area tangled up in the sheets or blankets. The extra padding was enough for his bladder to release. He went to the company that Glory works at put his aplication in. He was on his way home when his cell phone rang, it was similar to Glory's work number so he answered it. It wasn't Glory but it was the guy that was in charge of the Security force, he wanted to talk to Tommy. Tommy returned and met with the man, they talked about his resume, he said I see you've been a Sergeant before. Did you know we were looking for a Sergeant? Tommy said I realized that but everywhere I've worked, a Sergeant was promoted from within. That is usually the case the man said, but I don't have the people with enough experience for the job, I was about ready to post it as an outside hire, when you applied. I'm sure your up to date with LE techniques, hand restraints. Dealing with irate people. Your current with your weapons qualjficatilns. Tommy said no, we didn't have weapons in Juvenile Corrections. Why not the guy asked? Frankly they were afraid we would use them! The kids tended to be smartalecs so to save officers from being arrested themselves, weapons were not allowed. The guy laughed I know the feeling I've been tempted a couple of times to use mine. To stupid to live should be a category of justifiable homicide! What did you use in a riot, he asked? We had pepper spray, the big ones we called crowd pleasers. Went out as a heavy fog and landed on them causing burning eyes and snotty noses. The guy asked have you ever been sprayed? In order to use pepper spray I had to be done myself. Soo you know about how it feels to be sprayed. That's one up on most of these guys that will be working under you. Tommy didn't want to read much into that statement, but it sounded like he has the job. I've seen it used only once in my 20 years as a Correctional Officer we had a riot at another facility I lived 20 or 30 miles away. They called me on my day off. I figured by the time I got there it would of been over with. How wrong I was. I got there just in time to initiate force with full riot gear and they used pepper spray. The kids thought they were smart and put on bandanas leaving their eyes exposed. It was a rude awakening for them. Bet it was said the guy! I want to offer you the Sergeants job pending completion of a firearms class, we do carry weapons here. The base pay is $40,000 per year with your background I can go as high as $42800. We have Health, Dental, Vision. 2 sets of uniforms are provided, you are given a stipend for more $70 a month $45 after taxes. We have a very comprehensive 401K we are a 25 year retirement not 20. You'll be about 64 years old by then. Just to let you know your crew is somewhat unmotivated on the Third shift. Anything you want to do short of killing them is okay with me. . By the way how did you know we were hiring? A girl I was dating told me about it. An employee that won't cause problems for you will it? No sir, I met her in my final week of working at adobe, she couldn't clear my metal detector she didn't come in that day. I waited until I was retired before dating her. I believe in rules. Great the man your replacing though rules were to be broken, hence the opening!
  5. Maria asked Sarah, do you need to wear diapers in the daytime or just like wearing them? Sarah looked at her mommy. She said at first I just wanted to wear them like Karen, but lately I've been wetting and not realizing it until I feel wetness. It's like I need them now. Please don't be mad at me! We're not mad said Maria. We love you Sarah! But you need to make sure you still poop in a toilet. That's what happened to Aunt Stacy, her dad started making her wear diapers for both and she lost the ability to do both. Pooping is yucky said Sarah. I don't want to do that! Do you care if if I wet in the daytime? We're concerned said Maria, but you know daddy and I have trouble with accidents in the daytime right? Yeah I know, said Sarah but I know like me you can't help it right? It must means your closer to being a Mitchell is all Maria joked. Mommy when we went to the store the other day I saw my real mother, I got so scared I wet my diaper, I thought she might want me back. Please don't make me go back there! Maria said yes I saw her to. I had hoped you hadn't seen her. You are almost about a just a few more months you will be Sarah Jane Mitchell! Sarah said since I'm losing my last name and getting Mitchell, is there any way I can get rid of Jane to? Do to want a middle name at all? Maria asked. I've always liked yours Maria, Sarah said, can I be Sarah Maria Mitchell? I would be honored if you wanted to do that said Maria!
  6. I like the Abena L4. I have used Walmart, Walgreens always leaked. Tried Tranquility. They felt uncomfortable. Atentds the tapes came loose.
  7. He applied to be a rentacop. I think was something in his field of expertise. It wasn't much better than McDonald's in the pay department. He was wondering if Juvenile Corrections would take him back. Glory called him and told him that her company was looking for a security guard to check personnel in and out, you at least know what I have in my purse, what I need you have seen my wet pissy ones. You mean your diapers Tommy asked? Exactly the guy now kind of gives me funny looks going through my bag now Glory Be said. Okay said Tommy. Does it pay well? About $37,000 to start but I've heard those guys complain abou the hours and the weekends and holidays, that they have to work. We'll that's nothing new for me, we were 24/7/365 at Juvenile Corrections, I'm used to it. And $37000 isn't that bad I was making $38800 at Adobe after 20 years there. I started out at about $35,900. So starting out would be better there, they are loloking for a Sergeant to said Glory it pays. About $40,000. I was a Sergeant at our girls facility before they shut it down. Then they moved the girls to the boys side I had had enough of it, I didn't get along with the Lt. I had, so I never went after the position again. Been there done that got the tee shirt. I was a Sergeant for 3 1/2 years making $39,900 for $45,500 worth of heartache! It would be great said Glory at least I would get to see you evertyday! Can I tell you something? Anything said Tommy. I think I'm falling in love with you, so is granny. She hasn't stopped talking about Sunday dinner with you and your grandfather. I think they were smitten with each other! What do you mean asked Tommy? They have been talking on the phone a lot as of late, granny has been sounding like a teenager in love, giggling saying you hang up first, then no you. Then they hang up together. She all smiles after talking to him. She thinks your good for me, and I agree said Glory. When is our next date? When do you want to go out next said Tommy? How about Friday night. Let me make the plans, okay? I will pick you up. Okay said Tommy. It's a date!
  8. Hermione was loving spending time with Paul. He had been so busy that he hadn't even been babied by his own wife. She babies him and he could feel the tension being released from his body. How in the hell did I get so busy as to forget this. He thought I had put this in jeopardy. He hadn't had an affair as yet but he realized he had been flirting with a coworker, it hadn't gotten serious but if things hadn't changed, it could of crossed a line. He loved Hermione and Susan. He knew if he had hurt Hermione, she had some very large brothers. The worst two to face would be Betsy and his own mom, they would of castrated him, turned him into a steer. He grinned at that analogy. He put his family in jeopardy. Also his fourtune, there was a clause that if they strayed the money was to be split between him mom and two sjblings, that was half or a 125 million the other 125 million would go to Hermione. If he had increased the amount the increase was his. Right now that increase was about 3 million dollars. If his spouse strayed they were to get 0 dollars. Hermione had signed it as well as him. Being a lawyer he had read the contract when he got it. He wasn't sure Hermione had. His parents knew sometimes money corrupts people. Even good people like him. When you have money, the girls that usually won't give you the time of day, become available. Want to spend time with you it's like that old saying welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly. He knew the fly makes that choice to enter and baml he's food. He didn't want to hurt Hermione but he was heading dowhn that road, and baby Susan would also be hurt. And for what more green stuff and 15 20 minutes of fun? That would cost him more than 250 million dollars. It would also cost him his family. It wasn't worth it. Even Susan came and sat on his lap, she patted his cheek. He hadn't realized it but he hadn't hardly seen her he was up and gone before she was awake, and came home way after she was in bed. He mentally kicked his own butt. What a fool I've been! Daddy sad she asked? Not no more I got my two best girls right here, I love you and he gave Susan a big hug, she melted into and said missed ya! That did it he started to tear up, being a man he hated showing emotion like this, but he had been neglectful. His daughter had suffered. Daddy why you cry, she asked? I forgot how bad I missed you. She kissed his cheek love you daddy!
  9. Tommy got a call from the school. He went and the guy that talked to him asked him a few questions. As a corrections officer did you supervise youth? Not directly Tommy had to admit, I was security. My job was to make sure things operated in an orderly fashion. I wasn't assigned a unit per se, but if something popped off in one my job was to get there assess the situation and remove the guilty parties. Where did you take these youth the guy asked? Tommy said, We took them to our Crisis Stabilization Unit or Separation. What would happen in this Separation. Tommy said we helped them process their emotions. They talked to the youth. Most of the staff were psyches. The idea was to get them back to programming as quick as possible. What if a youth in your care became so he wasn't following the rules and became violent towards you? Tommy said that happened quite often he said, we had to use force. But it had to be used in a way we had been taught, so as decrease the likelihood of injury to us and them. We called it Handle With Care! It was to be the least evasive amount of force used. If you did step one, and they resisted. What was step one the man asked? Tommy said that as verbal counseling. Step 2 was a like a hand on a shoulder and you attempted to remove them that way. Step three was an upright hold, step four you took them down to a sitting position, step 5 was a prone position and hand restraints were used at this point to prevent the youth from injuring themselves or others including yourself. If you were the one taking them down, the youth was handed off to another staff, you could be seen as the enemy. How often did you have to test with this Handle With Care. At least once a year said Tommy. What happens if you arrived and the situation was already beyond the talking stage? Tommy said in that situation you went steps 3 through 5 as fast as you could safely do. Thank you the guy said, why are you no longer working in that position? Tommy said I started there at age 19. There was a 20 year retirement. Could you if stayed there longer, I mean there was no law that said you had to retire was there? No, said Tommy, but that place sucked you dry. If you make it to 20, your lucky I'm the last one from my academy I have been the last one since we hit out 12th year 8 years ago. The guy said I have heard that there is a high rate of turn over, what happened to the last guy besides you in your academy? Tommy said if you must know he commited suicide, PTSD is rampant in Corrections. I had to get away before I did something stupid myself. I've heard that the guy said about the PTSD, I hear it's higher in corrections than for police officers and it isn't very rare there either. I have a few other people to interview, even a cop or two but I will keep you in mind, thank you for coming! Tommy thought, shit why did I say that about having to get away before I ended up like Stapelton? Well I can kiss that job good bye!
  10. Eagerly awaiting more. Love the premise of Continued Care diapers.
  11. Tommy had to find a job, he was to young to get Social Security his retirement wouldn't last forever. He tried Wal-Mart as a greeter even. He wasn't having much luck. He put in for a school as a Security Officer, he would be working with the Resource Officer. They were looking for a retired police officer, he was only a retired Correction Officer. He didn't have a prayer. He even put an app in at McDonalds, but he couldn't see himself saying "You want frys with that?" With his luck that's the job he would get. It payed minimum wage bit with the new minimum wage it would be about $4 less an hour than what he was making at the State of Arizona. It was more than what he started at 20 years ago. It's bad when McDonald's pays more than the state. He needed a good job something that payed almost as much as what he earned at the State. He needed a second retirement in 20 years he would be at 59 years old 25 years he would be 64 years old and about ready to receive Social Security. 30 years he would be 69 years old. He needed to be 72 to get his full amount 33 years from now. Would he still even be alive? Would be eventually be married to Glory Be? He wanted to be! He could see himself there him sleeping together them both waking up wet together. Him changing her in the morning. Her changing him. Them taking a shower together him rediapering her for the day her going to work and coming home wet and him changing her in the afternoon. Putting her into thick diapers for night. Her putting him in his! Good times! That was still a while off but what a dream!
  12. Rebbecca was in labor and was having the babies the first one was being born, it was a boy. 3 and a 1/2 minutes later a girl was born. Rebbecca an Stu were parents of twins. A boy and a girl. With Denise they had two girls and a boy. Rebbecca saw Stu do something she had only seen him do with Denise he cried, but it wasn't because he was sad just the opposite he was proud he was a daddy! If that makes him a daddy that means she is a mommy! For some reason that had never registered before. She thought about her own mom. She prayed that she never became her mom! Her mom was one that thought she was so much better than everyone else. Rebbecca knew in her heart she wasn't. Her mother was a rumor whore, she shared gossip like some woman sell their bodies. She loved creating chaos, pitting neighbor against neighbor. She enjoyed the he said, she said drama. Being a Lawyer she dealt in facts, so no she was nothing like her mother, and since she was still wetting her bed, she would have more compassion for her kid's wetting theirs! Denise gets to be an older sister now. She will love that!
  13. Stacy and Ben were moving everything into the warehouse on a Saturday. This was the new home of SIS. They had sold the loft and moved into their new home. Now it was time for SIS. Stacy felt conflicted. In a way SIS had only known 1 home, same as her. The place she had been raised was home when her mom was still alive, but after that it became her prison. Since becoming a Mitchell, yes she had spent time with Hermione, then she had the loft that's where SIS started, where it was born so to speak. For almost the past four years almost that was home for both Stacy and SIS. Then she had Married Ben and he had lived there with him as husband and wife then they had Ulysses. Now it was time for another child. She didn't know if it was a boy or girl, yet but she kind of wanted a daughter this time, but she wouldn't be disappointed if it was another boy. She was sure Ben was wanting a daughter also, but then he wanted another son as well, she didn't know if she could be like Chris and handle twins. She wasn't physically as strong as Chris, mentally she was but Chris towered over her by about a foot and a half and had her by almost 200 pounds of solid muscle. Chris was her oldest brother, kind of. She was never legally adopted as a Mitchell. But has been claimed off waivers by them Chris tells her, same way they got Jeff. Chris is her favorite, well him and Hermione. Hermione is Chris's littlest sister. Hermione had saved her life by removing her from an abusive evironment. She really loved her husband Detective Lieutenant Benjamin Harris, Phoenix PD. He had arrested her father for abusing her. She showed her gratitude by marrying him! And having his baby, and soon to be number two. Life is so much better for her now days. Her dad died in prison about a year ago, good riddance. She misses her mom now but she knew it wasn't her idea to drop dead of breast cancer! If she would of had her way she would still be around for when Stacy married Ben and had grandchildren. She would of been so proud of her. But she would of never known the love of the Mitchells and never knew Ben. Chris told her sometimes bad things are blessings in disguise. Right now Chris was injured from playing football he was at home when a neighbors/ friends child had been abducted. Chris tackled the guy saving her little girl. If he wasn't injured he would of been playing football in Las Vegas. A blessing in disguise. Unfortunately Chris had to be hurt to be here. Same with her dad he had just chose that day to be in town when her dad was looking for her and hurt his family members namely his dad and mom. Chris could of been a knight in a former life he is huge, and strong, he seems to turn up just at the right time to save people. Just when he is needed!
  14. Sunday Tommy picked up Glory and her grandmother and took him to his grandfather's house. His grandfather put out the spread. There was Potroast, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, green salads, baked potatoes with the trimmings. They talked and ate. Grandfather watched the interaction between Glory and Tommy. He saw why his grandson was so happy. She was very beautiful, as was Annie, but Annie knew she was beautiful, Glory hadn't got that memo yet. He always thought that Annie was kind of stuck on herself. All that he cared was that she made his grandson happy. He looked somewhat more happy with Glory. Tommy's grandfather and Glory's grandmother made a friendship that day, they talked about raising their kids, kids grandfather Lloyd told about showing up one day and seeing his own son beating up Tommy, not just spanking him, but using his fists on him. It was everything I could do not to do the same damn thing to him. I so wanted to beat the living crap out of him. I told him to leave and never come back, he didn't deserve kids like these. I couldn't even tell you where he's at, if he's alive or dead, I don't know. Sophia, Glory's grandmother said GlorIa Beatrice never caught on how to toilet train. I don't want to embarrass her, but she still doesn't get it. Her mother my daughter couldn't handle an 8 year old still in diapers, she seemed to have forgotten how she slept in diapers until she was 14 years old herself. She gave her to me as she was about ready to strangle Glory Be. After I got her I found what a love she was. At first I was upset that I had a granddaughter to take care of. I have to admit I fell for her big time I guessed I was lonelyer than I thought. I love that girl. Probably more than I loved her mom. I saw your grandson bring her home from their date the other night. Glory tried to get him to do more than he was willing. Fortunately or unfortunately he shot her down. He was raised a gentleman and that wasn't being gentlemanly. I was shocked in today's day and age I was surprised that they didn't have sex right there on the front porch! I had to meet the man that had raised that kind of a boy! I'm sure it was you. Yep it was me Lloyd said the boys when I got them were real yahoo's no manners what so ever! In my day we were taught to be gentlemen, so I taught them what I had been taught. They had learned. You don't know how proud that makes me to hear Tommy was a gentleman! Sophia said how do you think it makes me feel that I have a tramp as a granddaughter she laughed. After dinner Tommy and Glory did the dishes while the grandparents continued to talk. In the kitchen Glory and Tommy were kissing up a storm between washing dishes. It took them about 4 times as long as it should have. Tommy drove them home gave Glory a peck on the lips and grandmother peck on the cheek and went back to his grandfather's to make sure he was good. His grandfather was on the phone, he would talk then listen and laugh he seemed to be enjoying himself. After it was over and the phone was hung up Tommy asked who was that? Sophia I gave her my number and she gave me hers!
  15. Maggie was visited by her father Stuart and this time Abagail was with him. Abigail and her spoke this time and Abigail wasn't the meek girl that she had met when she worked at the day spa where they had met. This time she was nicer to Abagail. Abagail asked her why? My older sister used to tease me merciless about my bedwetting. Most of dad's wives and girlfriends were wrapped around her little finger. We had a stepmom that babied me because I wet my bed when I was 8 years old still. I hated it. I'm sure the idea cam from my sister. I was miserable. You saw right through her, I hate to say this but my sister is a 100% pure bitch! Abgail laughed you are entirely right about that! When she saw how..... well trained I had your dad. She wanted to be my best friend. Her idea was to disinherit your brother and you. She and I would run the company. From what little bit I knew at the time about business, it would of ran it into the ground. Besides Maggie I like you, out of the kids your the one child that actually cares about your father. You introduced me to him. Then you worried about him when we started dating. You were honest and voiced concerns mostly about my age and his age. You recognized that he was a little bedwetting boy in a man's body, you've accepted it. Embraced him and me. I know from an outsider looking in our relationship is odd, to say the least. Your sister wanted to manipulate that arrangement to get her needs met. She thought all she had to do was manipulate your father. She didn't understand I was manipulating his strings already. If you haven't noticed your father is even happier, he is diapered 24/7 now. We found a chastity cage that had a catheter attached. He leaks all the time now. Has the control of a baby. It's a little more hands on to guard against infections, but he likes not having control of his bladder now. He's a total different man than I met over a year ago. He is calmer he wants to please others rather than wanting others to please him. Some lady that he used to know tried to have sex with him, it was a fairly common practice in the old days I understand. She wasn't ready for what she found a locked cage and a wet, soaked diaper with plastic pants. I convinced her that the tube was there to keep his prostate opened so he could pee. The side effect was he wet all the time and needed diapers. She asked about the locked cage. I told her it was there so he wouldn't pull the catheter out. She bought it called your dad a poor man, to be experiencing prostrate problems like that. I couldn't believe she bought it but she led him around like an invalid the rest of the night. I let her get her jollies, I let her change him. I wasn't much a treat for your father as it was to her. She actually thanked him for letting her help take care of him and his illness! He was right he used to date bimbos that didn't have an opinion in their heads until somebody gave them one! Maggie I want you on my side, Abagail said your father told me you showed more of an interest learning how the company ran, the ins and outs. Things I'm still learning. Maggie said, When my father first started dating you, I was mad enough to scratch your eyes out and spit in the sockets. Not because I was jealous, it was the fact that you were only a couple of years older than myself. Then I saw you wasnt after the family fortune either, you really loved dad. This baby thing I thought, excuse the expression what the fuck? But dad was happier than even I can remember. Not since he was married to Kerri who was a former bedwetter, was he so hapoy. Then the Cockpit cage thing. Another what the fuck? But he was even happier, if that was possible. I realizeded one thing, it's not the treatment it the person, you! I don't understand how dad could let this happen? But he's happier than I can ever remember. I can fight you or get on board. If my dad hated any of this I would be telling him to dump you! Since he seems to be enjoying every minute of it, I can't stand in the way. He alowed Marcus and I to live together. For a long time there was no sex because Marcus had given dad his word that it wouldn't happen. Dad thinks the world of Marcus now. So do I said Abagail, if he gets so he can't play football we will hire him. He's like a moral compass. We need people of honesty, your dad has a hard time your father is getting his back. My little chastity gage had worked wonders! I want you to know, Maggie continued that I have some great ideas about doubling or tripling the companies size. Just as long as it doesn't ruin the company Abagail said. No I think we shou,d move an office to San Diego and another maybe here in Phoenix or Las Vegas. Abagail said your dad said that same thing coming in on the plane just this morning he pointed to that Prison down the road. He told me up to about 2010 that was way out of town now it looks like part of the town .