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  1. My mother the bedwetter.

    It was weird but yeah I did said April. I decided it was 3 different reasons. 1. Was it was a male. And 2. It was done with love! 3. I deserved it. She spent the rest of the day downplaying the fact that the enjoyed the spanking. She couldn't get over the fact that Georgia had told her that she enjoyed getting spanked by William she was hoping to get her by herself and talking to her to find out why she likes them. She asked Georgia if they could talk somewhere private. They went to Georgia's office it was nice not as big as William's, but had books for wedding things. What do you want to talk about, as if I didn't know? Spankings, right? Tell me dear, Georgia said when you were younger you were punished for your bedwetting? Yeah, how dud you know, asked April? I let you on a little secret, I was as well! Every morning I was wet, I had to kneel with my wet butt exposed in the air, with my face in my wet pee spot. My dad would come in and beat me with a belt. I hated it, he figured the more he beat me the faster I would stop peeing my bed. My but hurt so bad I could hardly sit down there were more cuss words thrown at me in anger that a lady like myself would never repeat. I guess in those days you would call my family white trash! My dad was drunk about 90% of those times he beat me. I couldn't wait to grow up so those dang beatings would cease. All through school I was really smart, with the parents I had I was a genius, compared to them. Anyway I liked school it was the one place my parents weren't! I met a boy named William, yes he is that William. He was always in second place behind me in the schooling department. His family was from the right side of the tracks mine wasnt! Seems we were always in the same classes. When we got old enough he asked me too the school hops and dances. Then the proms in high school. For college I got a scholarship to go his family had enough to send him we both went to a state college's due to our bedwetting. Yes we knew about each other's struggle. We were married our senior year of state. William got in with a financial firm. He played it smart and even though he knew of insider trading he didn't participate in it like those others ahead of him did. Most went to prison for he rose through the ranks pretty quickly soon he was running that company and was making loads of money. He gave me a generous household budget. Like an idiot I didn't check the balance and overdrew the account. William was mad. He spanked me. Like you I hated the idea of a spanking, i remember what they were like from my father every morning I was wet. No belt just his hand. I still peed all over his lap. He talked to me no yelling, no name calling, I knew he still loved me! I hated to admit it but I loved that spanking! What the heck is wrong with me I liked It? Your not supposed to like getting a spanking but I had. I know I deserved it not like what my dad had done to me. I thought maybe it was just a one time thing. I went and confiessed to William about past things I had done and he spanked me again, I loved it! I thought I was nuts. I talked it over with William. We incorporated it in our games and I think the night I got pregnant with Richard I was spanked. Later on after we got the computer I found others like me, people who liked getting spanked! Now my son brings home a fellow spank liker, you! I haven't told everybody I like spankings. Just you! So April what's your story? When I was younger it was my mother that abused me for wetting the bed. Unfortunately she didn't limit the punishments to just spankings, she liked to use her fists. She beat me pretty bad one time. A friend took me in and I lived with them for a while. They had pictures of my beaten body, they told my mother to stay away from me or those pictures would find their way to the authorities. I was never beaten since that day until today. Georgia asked the family that you lived with was that Laurie's family? Yes it was said April. Today I know how bad I hated getting a beating. I think for me there were 3 different factors. 1 was I deserved what I got Today! Wetting your bed I had no control over that, just like you! 2 was your husband did it with love. He held me after it was done I felt loved. 3 it was a male that did it, it wasn't my mom. Does that make sense? With love not matter that makes all the difference in the work said Georgia!
  2. A Family Affair!

    The reception was going on. Chris hadn't even teased Ephraim yet. Hermione introduced Chris to Paul even though he was glad to meet her oldest brother, Paul was intimidated by Chris's sheer size. He was thrilled at actually being in the presence if a real life bonifide player in the NFL! If he played his cards right he could be marriedto his sister. Plus he got to meet Jeff who played for the Patriots. Not many families could claim two family members that played in the NFL. The guy getting married was a corrections officer. His new Bride was a Physical Therapist, she was very beautiful. Hermione's other family members were becoming Teachers or were doing something with computers the brothers and sister they were marrying were becoming a teacher as well, and a childhood specialist. Then there was him a successful Lawyer, he had a secret he hadn't told Hermione yet even. His family almost had more money than they knew what to do with. When he got married he got a very substantial trust fund. Getting married easily part of it, there were other hoops to jump through. He didnt tell girls he dated he was rich. They only wanted him for his money. He wasn't in love enough yet to put Hermione through part two. Yet. The festivities were coming to a close. Mr. And Mrs. Ephriam Mitchell were on their way for the honeymoon they were going to Vegas tonight, then Northern Utah to some skiing. The Vegas strip was just to get a good night sleep so they weren't driving for the next 14 hours or so. They got to Vegas and they slept it had been a long day for them. After about 5 and half hours or sleep, they are on the road again. Following I-15 about 7 hours later the arrived at Snow Basin a resort that was a ski lodge. They were here for the next 4 days. Kathy was a bit apprehensive about staying so long. Ephraim asked her what the problem was. What happens when I wet my bed. Ephriam said I got that covered already. He sat on the bed and she heard it crinkle Dud you tell them I wet my bed still? No said Ephraim, I told them I still wet my bed. Why would you do that Kathy asked? I don't ever want you to feel bad about your bedwetting. Besides I'm Chris Mitchell's brother ain't I supposed to be a bedwetter? You would do that for me asked Kathy, why? Because I love you, said Ephraim.
  3. The Naughty Couple!

    Believe it or Not the only ones to have problems with my and Candy's marrage and off spring was mytwo oldest kids. I basically tore them new assholes especially my oldest son, he hadn't bothered showing up for Brenda's Funeral. I asked him what right he had to tell me to live his life, I reminded him people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! Not unless he wanted a lecture on same sex marriages. He drew in his horns pretty quick! The biggest out spoken peson was Melissa's older sister turns out she was more concerned about the family fortune going from three to fiive, with Candy and Russell. The shocker for her was when I told her Candy was my wife and entitled to it all now since I am legally married to her and she has my son now! She disowned me, I thought that it was funny, I know if let's say Candy and I divorced she would be the first back through the door to get back on my good side! I didn't have any plans, on dying soon or divorcing Candy I had a will drawn up giving everything to Candy and Melissa. Since Richard was my son as well. If Candy was out of my life somehow the provision was for 25% each for the 3 older kids and 25% for Russell. I thought about having in my will telling the other 2 about my relationship to Melissa. Her and Candy begged me not to. I was getting to the point of retirement I had about 2years left of work I could retire at 62 with 40 years of state service. I was trying to decide just work until I'm 65 just 3 years past that and I could get social security and and my federal insurance. I would have to work until 72 to hit my age of Social Security maximum i wasnt looking firward to 10 more years or 12 more years total, screw that.
  4. A Family Affair!

    After work that night India had the next 4 days off from work due to Ephraim and Kathy's wedding. She gets to spend all day Saturday with her husband. Her plan was to spend the day in bed. Getting up when Nancy needed attention and only then. The cops showed up at his house seems the restaurant called the police on the guy that attempted to fight him yesterday. Seems he got mad at now I had beat him and did some damages to the place in the tiune of $1200. He is claiming that you did it not him! Chris said I did.......The cop said yes we know the cameras don't lie al you did was move out of the way of his punch. Letting him fall flat on his face. What was he mad at you for? I play for the Oakland Raiders and we beat the Arizona Cardinals in the Superbowl. Your that Chris Mitchell then! Yes sir said Chris. Your not leaving town anytime soon are you? Not until next season in August or so. Okay then said the officer hopefully we have this cleared up by then or you will have to return for the trial then. Chris spent the day at the church getting things set up for the night. Chris was floored when he saw the new and improved Hermione, he told her I knew if you ever got cleaned up you would pur Darla and Francis to shame in the beauty department and I was right! Jeff came and they hung out Darla, Francis, Hermione, Betty and Kathy got the place decorated using the guys when they needed something heavy moved or Chris when they needed something up high. The guys were giving Ephriam grief about getting married teasing him. Chris reminded him that his soon to be brides used to gave a big crush on him. Yeah when She had the crush on you she didn't look like she does now. She was falling for the guy that looked the most like her in those days my ugly older brother! Chris had to admit that mother nature bad been more than kind to Kathy. It was the ugly duckling story in real life! Then they stared teasing him that he wasn't beautiful enough for her! The bishop that had married Jeff and Darla was marrying Ephriam and Kathy. When it came time to say I do Ephriam's voice chose that moment to crack, he sounded like he was going through puberty. I was his normal bass voice. Do, came out like he was 11 again, there was sniggeing from everybody. Especially Chris! Oh he us never going to live this one down, I'm can't wait to tell his kids that their dad wasn't as cool as he wants them to think he is! After the wedding ceremony Chris went to welcome Kathy to the family. She asked him what was up with the I does? I, said Chris very deep then Do in falsetto. Just to let you know said Chris I got to tease him about that forever okay? Kathy said I know brothers and I know you and Gary and Jeff just can't walk away from this. Just dont make him go and cry to Betsy over it okay? That got Chris laughing again. She had just married him and knew how he did that when Chris teased him.
  5. The Naughty Couple!

    Candy was thankful that I came when I did, she was starting to think that her mom and were going to take her and our son back to their home in Alabama. Daddy prides himself on getting inside people's heads. He never got inside yours, if anything you got inside his. Sounds like you know the scriptures pretty good you quoted them beautifully. I know you go to church on Sundays. Candy I said I'm a hypocrite, I know the scriptures I don't live them. I'm a sinner! All I want to tell you daddy is I love you! Our marriage is one of convenience. That day we became more than just a daddy, daughter type relationship. I think that day was the day we actually became a husband and wife, like Brenda she didn't mind sharing me with Melissa in fact if Melissa wasn't there Candy and I didn't have sex. Candy knew that if I could I would of married Melissa. After her parents were out of their lives Candy and Cyndi both came to me they thanked me for saving them. Seems daddy was in prison. Mommy had divorced his ass and had ran off with his partner the one who used to screw her when daddy was out of town, Candy and Cyndi both think that Cyndi was this guys daughter. His family had a history of bedwetting where as mommy and daddies didn't. Cyndi was falling for me as well. She explained how their dad had made their life hell. Though he had never molested her, she had seen it happen to Candy while growing up. At first she was to young to understand what he was doing to her sister. As she got older she knew what he was doing. Lucky for her when Candy left she was still a bedwetter this disgusted him and he wouldn't touch her while she was a bedwetter. That didn't stop him him from fiddling with my tits! You were the first man I had met that wasn't repulsed by my bedwetting, you didn't treat me like a leper like I was unclean or something. I didn't mind losing my virginity to you. As long as it wasn't my father. Cyndi and I had sex whenever we could. I don't think her husband and Melissa knew, somehow a along I think Candy knew, but she didn't ever say anything to Melissa or me. It wasn't very often maybe once twice a year sometimes more, never less in a way I guess she did become #3. Melissa named her son Richard after his grandfather/ father. Candy named ours Russell she has always liked that name and Russell was a good friend of mine growing up. He was killed the summer after graduation from high school he got a job working second shift and was on his way home from work he was hit by a guy that was drunk and as high on PCP as you could be without it killing you. He ran a red light hitting Russell who was on a motorcycle he was hit so hard Russell flew almost half a block the only reason the guy stopped was his car died he got out and just walked away. It didn't matter that Russell wore a helmet he was dead before he was totally off his bike. The judge gave the guy the maximum of 7 years in prison he been out now for quite a while, I wonder if he ever learned his lesson? While Richard had my last name the name of my daughter as she went back to her maiden name after the divorce. Russell also had my last name as he was my son I am legally his father.
  6. A Family Affair!

    UIt took like 12 and a half hours he made it home. It was almost 3 am. He walked in and scared the heck out of India. Once she saw who it was she was all over him kissing his face. Chris got himself ready for bed. Unfortunately for India as soon as his head hit his pillow he was asleep. She said until tomorrow my Chris and she fell asleep herself. The alarm went off at 0630 she woke up and, Chris slept right through it. She got up showered got her wet diaper off. Chris was still asleep. She got the baby ready and dropped her off at the sitters. Then she showed up at her work. Chris awoke at about 10 am he got out of his wet diaper and showered. He called India and made plans to meet her for lunch she called the sitter and Chris went and picked up Nancy. They went and India was at the restaurant already. They ordered their food and they spent the time talking. Chris apologized for falling asleep on her last night. India saw several people pointing at Chris and whispering to others. It happened all the time. She saw it. Chris sometimes saw it. Anytime soon somebody would come up and ask for an Autograph. I guess that's what in get for marrying somebody Semi famous. They were about done eating and she had to leave. Just as he kissed her good bye. The guy came up. India thought here it is, the autograph. It wasn't, apparently the guy was an Arizona Cardinals fan. He was wanting to fight Chris. Chris was still sitting down. When the guy shoved him. Chris stood up. The guy hit his chest in highth Chris was about a foot taller and had the guy by about a 150 pounds. The guy took a swing at Chris who just turned sideways. The guy that had One to many landed on his face. Chris reached down and picked the guy up by his belt with just one hand. And stood him on his two feet the guy was drunk enough he almost fell over again. Whoa guy Chris said as he helped steady the guy. Chris wasn't angry he had been challenged by guys smaller than him his whole life. Someone this size had always heard that the way to make yourself look tough was to fight the biggest guy they could find. The problem was Chris's dad had thought him to fight. This guy was just another guy, he was also drunk which put him at more of a disadvantage! Chris could of killed him with just one finger. His buddies took him and pulled him away from Chris. One guy said I'm so sorry he usually isn't like that if he was sober he would know that you would kill him. It's the alcohol talking. Chris reached out and shook the guys hand. Give him that when he's sobered up! Chris took his daughter and paid their bill and left. Chris chuckled about the guy he isn't the first and unfortunately won't be the last guy that tries to fight me drunk or not.
  7. The Naughty Couple!

    Melissa, Candy and I, were quite the threesome. One day out of the blue I awoke to Melissa and Candy going at it sexually. I found this to be a real turn on. Then I thought of my oldest son and his husband. I thought why is it a turn on when two girls go at it but it turns my stomach to think about 2 guys? I guess I'm not enlightened as I think. Don't misunderstand me I like my son's husband. It just to bad that him and Melissa werent married he would be perfect for her. Her ex would be perfect for my son! I guess that's irony. Daddy you don't mind do you Candy asked, when they realized I was awake watching them. Why would I mind I asked, don't cha know It's every guys fantasy to see two girls go at It? But I'm your wife daddy? Yes you are and you let me share myself with Melissa. She was yours before I came along. She understood that I didn't mind. They ramped up the intensity I was sure for my benefit. I enjoyed the show. After They were done I showed them how a man would do what they had been doing. I had a part that only they could simulate with a hard piece of plastic. Later that day when I got home there were people there I didn't know and Candy was there and was crying. The nan said we assume your the father of our grandson? This was said with enough disdain. I saw Candy and said yes I am, i wasn't going to give these folks the opportunity to dampen my mood, it looks like they had already rained on Candy's parade! Your an old man what right do you have leading a girl like this astray? Astray I asked in a nice as punch voice. I have to admit at first I had no inkling that this would happen. Soon your daughter started falling for me, it took a while for me for even see it. Then I started falling for her I love your daughter and she loves me! We've came to remove her from this house of sin. Sin, I asked? Your almost 60 she is 25, that sir is wrong, that's what he said to me. Once again I comply said yes she is 25 years old, in most states an adult is 18 or 21 years old. They don't need mom and dad's permission to marry choose where they live etc. I could see I was dampening this guys mood he was getting pissed! We were entrusted with this girls spirit were responsible for it to return it to our heavenly father's care the same way we received It! Won't happen I said didn't god also tell his to go out and populate the earth? We have a son together. Just like you two had kids two of whom I've met. You kicked one out if your house for wetting her bed! That's between her and the Lord, all she had to do was ask for forgiveness and the Lord would have stopped the bedwetting. Forgiveness from what? My daughter was a bedwetter until 12 years old what sin was she guilty of? She had wet since she was taken out of daytime at 4 years old. What sin can a 4 year old do? It's called original sin he said Adam and Eve sinned against God! So you two are sinners then to, I asked? We were but we had made ourselves clean the the atonement of Jesus Christ! Well I think you still are sinners, didn't Christ say Judge not least yea be judged. You've came in here judging me my wife. Your other daughter. Your a sinner your kids hate you, you know I know I'm not perfect but none of my kids are afraid of me, ask Candy if I've ever done anything to scare her like she is scared of you. Candy got a fire in her eyes. You know something Richard is right I am an adult. You come in here and start judging me. Christ also said yes without sin cast the first stone. I know you have plenty of sins daddy why don't you tell mommy who took my virginit when I was 13? Mommy why don't you tell daddy about while he goes out on business who takes his place at night? Both mommy and daddy looked at each other shocked. Oh by the way if you don't believe me test Cyndi's DNA I think you'll find it different than yours! Candy's dad went to raise his hand to his daughter. I stepped in between them he tried to swing at me. One little bit of information about me as when I was a teen I wanted to be the next white Muhammad Ali! I as learning how to box I blocked his slow as hellmpunch and followed through with a right I was sure broke his nose, he was looking copius amounts of blood on my living room floor. Sure enough 30 minutes later the police showed up to arrest me he claimed that I had provoked him and he took a swing at me to protect himself but he missed and I clobbered him! He tried to claim it happened outside there was a blood trail from my living room to where they had parked their car. They talked to Candy and she told him everything how of when she was 13 he had raped her. The case was being built against him being a court reporter I knew there was no statute of limitations on sex of child under 15 years old. Could he live with the fact that people would find out he wasn't as pious as he tried to make people think he was. Oops there I am judging a man, Judge not least yea be judged!
  8. A Family Affair!

    The Raiders returned to Oakland, early Monday morning like 2:30 am they were surprised to see so many people at the airport to welcome them home. It looked like half of Oakland was here to greet them Since Chris was MVP he got to thank them for being the best fans in all of the NFL. Most if these people had to be at jobs or school in the morning! Chris wanted to leave and drive home to Phoenix right now. They had to turn things in in the morning. Wednesday they were throwing them a parade though downtown Oakland after that he would gave his car packed and head back to Phoenix Jeff and Darla would be there, on Friday Night Ephraim and Kathy were getting married, Chris was best man. Francis and Gary's boyfriend and girlfriend would be they Larry and Maria. He couldn't wait to see the new Hermione and her boyfriend Paul! Mainly he wanted to see his beautiful wife and new daughter. Make love to his wife. He got home threw his diaper on and went to bed. Football was the farthest from his mind he was at home with India it was a pretty erotic dream. When he woke up and realized he was still in Oakland his thought was just two more days and that will be for real. Monday all equipment was handed in he was almost done when the coach and GM called him to the coaches office. Have a seat , Uh oh Chris though am I in trouble? Your brotger in law to Jeff Washington. What kind of player is He? Does he have a good work ethic? Do you think he will fit in good with another team like us. Chris gave his opinion of Jeff, his opinion was that he is a good player, I think he's under used by the Patriots, we run together, I don't know other than he is like me he will work hard. I think he's smart enough to learn different teams way of doing things. I don't know if you liked it or not but in high school he got hot day after the play like he was accused of doing to me last year. It left him like me but worse. What do you mean asked the GM he had some nerve damage he wears diapers like me said Chris. Okay so he's a bedwetter then said the coach. That's part of it said Chris it left him not knowing when he has to go even in the day time. You mean he's incontinent said the Coach? Yes sir but he doesn't let it interfere with him playing football. Why are you asking asked Chris? We're thinking About seeing how much it will cost us to get him from them. Like you we both think they aren't utilizing him enough. We think he has more talent than they have let him show. We're going to try and get him for the least amount of money possible. We didn't have this talk okay Chris, the coach said gotcha coach. Tuesday the city threw a banquet for them. Wednesday they had the Parade. As soon as it was over Chris was on his way to Phoenix!
  9. The Proffesionals.

    Rebbecca went to Tim find anybody new in diapers yet. Just a couple said Tim. Any eligible young men just a couple said Tim believe it or not more ladies then man of late. Really said Rebbecca? There is a guy he is not a lawyer but he trades stocks and bonds. He's with that new commodities brokerage firm on the seventh floor. Why you looking for a new man asked Tim? I got a friend who's husband was killed a couple of months ago. She was a bedwetter until age 12. She has been having nightmares and her old friend has returned. Wow said Tim how did he die? He was a cop and killed in the line of duty. Not that just recent one was It, asked Tim. I cought that funeral, on tv. She is mighty pretty. How do you know her? Stu my husband and him used to be partners. When I first married Stu he was best man and she was my maid of honor. Gotcha said Tim! I'll have a talk with the guy find put if he's married or not. To tell the truth he's a hard one to nail down I will get him and find out. Just to let you know he does have pictures of kids on his desk no woman though. Might be divorced or something. About a week later. Tim got back with her. He's a widower, 5 kids 4 girls 1 boy. Seems he caught the Funeral as well and couldn't take his eyes off her, he is interested. He was in a plane crash. How his wife died. He was left incontinent like me said Tim. He wants to meet her. A week later Rebbecca, Monica, and Cathy went to a restaurant. They met Michael Hyde. Cathy and him hit it off. Turns out that their lives mirrored each other she had 4 boys he has 4 girls she has a daughter that is a bedwetter like mom he has a son that also is a bedwetter. He had been a bedwetter until 14 himself. Rebbecca noticed that they were having problems keeping their hands off each other. If this had been more private she was sure they would of had sex right there. About 3 months later they were invited to Michael and Cathy's wedding. Rebbecca was invited to be maid of honor and Monica a Bridesmaid. They made it work with 10 kids. Yes if your wondering for Cathy the nightmares stopped but the wet beds didnt.
  10. Glory Be Repost

    Eve said my dad's family was like that as well grandpa Lloyd was in Korea, he got shipped there he was at some main base being processed when the treaty was signed he still did his tour but he never seen any real action. He told us that he got to guard the border of North and South. At nights he said you could hear your name being called out from the north. They knew who was on duty. He told us it is kind of eerie! A friend of mine's Dad was also in the military the 1st Gulf war was getting over. He got out before the second he was artillery. He's deaf as a post now. That's not true he hears but higher pitched sounds like a woman's voice he has a hard time hearing that the tv and radio are always blaring when he listenes so he can hear. Also he has the close captions turned on so he doesn't miss anything. He's only like 60. He told me that he was a Sophomore in high school when Viet Nan ended he had one brother there and in 1965 he had an older brother that was wounded in a place called The Dominican Republic. Got some shrapnel wounds in his butt he lost part of a cheek when people ask him where he was shot he pulls his pants down and shows them, shuts them up pretty quick. But since he lost part of a cheek he is considered disabled and he gets a check from the government every month. His brother was in Life Magazine his finger was hit his bird fingered sitting there with his finger all bandaged up looking like he's flipping everybody the bird, My dad was in Nam said Adam, he never talks about it, indont even know what he did over there. I asked him once he told me he would tell me when I was older. I guess I was about 13 or 14 when I asked him. I figure he doesn't want to talk about it. When scary movies used to come out when I was a kid I tried to talk him into taking me, he would tell me sorry but I've already lived my nightmare! I dont know what he did but it wasn't pleasent!
  11. My mother the bedwetter.

    April wondered why she liked getting spanked by William? When her mom used to heat her she hated it and as she got older the spanks turned to fists of rage from her mother. Could it have been that it was a man? Her dad had never raised a hand to her, it was always mom. Her dad was a milquetoast. If mom had said we need more money, Rob a liquor store on the way home, by god he would! That had to be part of it. The other was when she bedwet it wasnt a conscious act she did while asleep. Getting pregnant she was there and awake, she deserved it. Okay so it was from a male, it was because she deserved it. Her body tingled when she realized she deserved it. That's it because imma had girl! She felt her panties moisten thinking she was a bad girl and deserved it. Right on Georgia! I do like getting spanked. It was because William held her and kissed her told he that he didn't like spanking her. Her mom the bitch took pleasure beating the shit out of her! With William she felt love! Towards her With her mom that anger was directed at her only because she had wet the bed it wasn't towards her it was the action of doing something while asleep, her mom raised the roof because she snored. That's why the fists were used. You put her on the same status as me! Laurie asked her If she was alright? Yeah why asked April? You've been awfully quiet since your spanking, did it remind you of what your mom did to you, did it give you like flashbacks or something? Not in the leastsaid April for one when mom used to punish me she was mad, really angry not a me I think it was because the bed got pissed on i just happened to be the one in the bed when it happened. Mom used her fists remember on my face and body. Yes William used a brush but he only hit what I think the good Lord put it there, for that. Another was he held us that he loved us. Mom never told me that even if I had an odd dry night. She just said it will be wet tomorrow! She was always right! April can I ask you a question said Laurie? Sure what said April? Did you like it ! Asked asked Laurie? What makes you ask that, said April? When we three were being spanked we cried, you never shed a tear. You had a look of enjoyment on your face, if you didn't notice I even wet myself. I think you had an orgasm! A different kind of wet. Would you think I'm weird if I did asked April? No all I know is it wasn't my cup of tea. When I was a kid I wished we could change mom's I wanted to find out what it was like to be punished for a wet bed. I'm kind of glad now I never felt that!
  12. The Naughty Couple!

    Candy liked living with me and Melissa she called her family and told them she had decided to move to Phoenix with us. I half expected Melissa to kill me over getting Candy pregnant. She asked me why daddy I brought her here and to your bed, I could also blame myself she said, but you and mom always taught me to share. I shared you with her. Melissa and Candy was a husband's nightmare they had the midnight cravings lucky for me if one mentioned something like ice cream the other wanted it as well. Thank God for alnight stores and restaurants I was worn to a frazzle. Soon Candy started wearing diapers all the time so I had her, Melissa, and Brenda to change the only one that seemed to be getting out of daytime diapers was Brenda. And she was still wetting at night like the rest of us. I had basically two wives And I'm not even a Mormon! I started feeling sorry for those guys it isn't even worth it at times. Then I reminded myself that at somebody getting closer to 60 years old i was screwing 25 year olds. One day there was a knock at the door it was somebody looking for Candy. She looked a hell of a lot like Candy I was sure she was her sister, her name was Cyndi, I think she was maybe 20 years old. She didn't want to talk to me. When Candy came in I gave her a heads up about Cyndi. I was right it was her younger sister. Seems the come from a religious family and any kind of negative behavior is grounds for getting kicked out of the family. With Candy being pregnant and not married. That would of had her banned for life. Cyndi was a bedwetter and since she couldn't stop and had just turned 18, they banned her with her sister in Phoenix. After Candy vouched for me she opened up to me Candy told her about finding diapers comfortable, she wanted to try them before but was afraid of the repercussions if she got cought from her parents that night I had 4 girls to diaper. Candy taught her sister what it is like to be screwed by an older man. She was a virgin I was her first. I would like to tell you she became my #3 but that would be a lie. She met a guy on a site for bedwetters and the guy was from Phoenix and they hit it off they were married. He was also a bedwetter. He was a year older than her. Since Candy was having my baby. Her and Melissa talked about me marrying her that way it would be legit her parents would still be mad that I was older than her dad but at least the kid would be mine. He wouldn't be seen as a bastard to her parents. We were married and her and Melissa both had boys.
  13. A Family Affair!

    They watched film after film of the Cardinals. Chris felt comfortable with the game plan. The coach was still surely with the sportscaster especially the ones still picking the Cardinals. There were a few that were picking the Raiders to win a few even were saying that the Cardinals should not be here in the first place Saturday night at the NFL Awards Chris got two awards. One was the Comeback Player of the Year somebody Who was injured that comes back and has a stellar year. He was also named Defensive Player of the Year. He was surprised he got it there were a few players that were up for the award he thought personally were better players, better athletes than him. He was upset that the person who got Offensive Player of the Year was from the team that tried to hurt him 2 weeks ago the Raider QB was right there with him in passing. The Raider QB had more rushing yards than the guy who won it. Of course he isn't 30 something years old either. Chris told his guys it wasn't me that earned that it was the Defense it isnt mine I can't do it without you. His guys told him to enjoy it that he deserves it you make us look good as well. It was game time and Chris was waiting for his name to be called when they did he ran out there and he had the biggest yells so far. On the coin toss the Cardinals were the home team. They called heads it was tails and the Cardinals were receiving and they chose the East goal as the sun would only be a factor in the third quarter for them it would be a second and 4th quarter for the Cardinals. After the meal, went out the back of the end zone it was placed at the 20 yard line of the Cardinal's they faked a run Chris leapted into the air and batted it into his hands as he intercepted it. He got into the end zone. It was only less than a minute and the Cardinals were down by 6, 7 after the extra point. The Cardinals after the kick off started to run it being conservative. They got a first down and then a second near midfield when Chris sacked the runner 3 yards deep. It was 2nd and 13 at their own 37. Carson Palmer kept the ball a second to long and was sacked by Chris for 5 more yards it was 3rd and 18, from their own 32 hard line. Chris went up the middle again. Carson threw it deep making him hurry. The guy missed it but was hit by a defender a fraction of a second before the ball got there. It was pass interference, on the Raiders first down at the Raider 45 yard line. They tried passing the ball the Defense batted it away. They tried an end sweep, Chris was there and caught the ball and got it back to the Cardinal 35 before being tackled by 6 cardinals including the QB. The Raiders got it back to the Cards 15 yard line and they kicked a 30 yard field goal making it 10-0 and theire was still 8:28 left in the first quarter. Next for the Cards they managed to get down to the Raider 20 but thats as far as they got they settled forva field goal. It was now 10-3 and it took them 6:15 to get that. The clock was down to 2:13 in the first quarter. The Raider Offense took them to the Cards 12 before they settled for 3 on a field goal by this time there were 12:56 left in the 2nd quarter. The score was 13-3, Raiders. Next set of downs for the Cards they went 4 and out the Raiders had the ball at their own 27 yard line after the punt. They fought back to the Cards 20 before getting a field goal making it 16-3 Raiders. With 6:22 left in the half. The Cardinals hung tough and got their first TD of the game, after the 2 minute warning it was now 16-10 with 1 minute and 55 seconds left. On the kick of the receiver ran it back to the Cards 37 with 1:40 left. The Raiders faked the run and then threw the ball into the end zone for a TD. It was now 23-10 after the extra point. There was 1:23 left in the first half the Cards didn't do much with the ball With 1:23 left that was how the first half ended. The coach was yelling at them, you would have though they were the ones down by 13 points at half time! Chrus wasn't immune He had started out good but he had eased off. The coach told him he wasn't giving a 100% Before the third quarter started Chrus was pacing up and down the side lines he was in the zone, nobody had cheated against him but the coach was right he wasn't giving his all. If he gave a 100% and lost that was better than giving 66% and winning to him. The Raiders got th ball kicked to them on the kick off thdrecidver took it in the end zone and went all the way to the opposite end a 105 yard TD on a kickoff return after the extra point it was now 30-10. Chris and the Defense went out there and he ran right up the middle as the QB went to hand the ball to the running back Chris grabbed it and was on his way to the end zone it took them a second to figure what had happened they thought that the ball had been fumbled by that time Chris was already at the Cards 10 yard line and on his way to the End zone for a TD. The replay looked like the hand off was meant for Chris. It was a blooper they were seen like you got it I don't? Type thing as Chris just scampers into the End zone. After the extra point it was now 37-10 the 3rd quarter was less than 2 minutes old and they had scored 14 unanswered points Chris just batted down balls sacked the QB quite a few times the Raiders Offense just got Field goals in the 3rd quarter. The score was 43--10 By the start of the 4th quarter. In the 4th the Cards started getting scores they scored 17 points two TDs and a field goal but the final score was 46-27. Chris was named as the MVP for his hand off. The season was over and they had won their first Superbowl!
  14. The Proffesionals.

    When he got home Rebbecca asked what took you so long. Stu said Cathy came on to me so we had sex! Rebbecca smiled, you didn't take your saline! Your right he said. She is pretty lonely I sat and talked to her. She did confide in me that she is having nightmares and is waking up wet. Did you also know that the daughter they have wets her bed as well. Cathy did until 12 years old. No way Cathy, asked Rebbecca, no wonder I like her! Did you share our history with her asked Rebbecca? Yes, said Stu. She said if ever we want a threesome with another bedwetter given her a call! Doesn't she know about Monica? No I never got into the fact your a switch hitter. Maybe I need to spend some time with Cathy. The following Weekend she invited Cathy out with her and Monica. Cathy left the kids with a babysitter. She was glad to have a friend. Monica and Cathy hit it off. The subject of bedwetting was brought up when Rebbecca asked Cathy if she was still having nightmares and wetting hers. Cathy gave Monica an embarrassed look. Monica said don't mind me, I'm a lifelong bedwetter as well and since the accident she tapped her framework for the halo I piss myself in the daytime now as well. Rebbecca saw the wave of calm come over Cathy as she realized she was with friends who understood. Last night there was no nightmare but I was wet this morning as well! I'm afraid that I'm getting like I was before age 12 a bedwetter again. I'm just so glad to have others to talk to about it. You don't know what a relief it is to have somebody that understands how you feel. Rebbecca put a hand on her arm, we do understand, believe me! Now that I have a daughter following in my footsteps I used to have to tell Erik that his yelling at her wasn't helping after her wetting her bed. He couldn't understand why I guess. Unless you've lived, as a bedwetter you don't really know how it feels to be one. Amen said Rebbecca I come from a small town population 120 people. Everybody in town knew I was a bedwetter, my mother had no problem telling anybody about me. At least she wasnt abusive, physically like Monica's mother. Your mother beat you asked Cathy, unfortunatly.it went beyond spankings and yelling, she used her fists! I'm sorry said Cathy. My mother just yelled and I could feel my self esteem wash away with every word. Yeah parents said Rebbecca, we've kind of got lucky said Rebbecca we found husbands with the same problem. Really asked Cathy do you think you could find me somebody who is a wetter? I'll check with Tim maybe he is a good source of finding them. That's how I found mine said Monica! Who is Tim asked Cathy, is he a match maker? Kind of but he washes windows at our building, Rebbecca said. He knows everybody that wears diapers in that building. Nobody checks outside their window when they change in their office. That's how he cought me! He caught you Rebbecca, Cathy asked? Yep I was changing one day when I looked out and there was a guy there it was Tim. He flashed me a bit of diaper and went on working. He wears diapers asked Cathy? Yeah He had a fall from his scaffold and injured his back, said Rebbecca, He is always on the lookout that's how he saw Willy for Monica. Wow said Cathy keep him looking!
  15. My mother the bedwetter.

    The next day being a Saturday they went to Richard and Ted's home. They confronted mom and told her of the latest developments. They checked schedules and the weddings were moved up to June now about five weeks away. She sighed and shook her head no. I'm disappointed she said. 5 minutes later William came and asked Richard and Ted Laurie and April to join him in his office. In his office William said boys, girls. I can't express to how disappointed I am in you 4! I know we raised you better Richard, Theodore! Laurie, April you have kids you know how they are created. You all know better! Getting pregnant shows a lack of responsibility, haven't you guys ever heard of condoms? You girls birth control pills? I know the temptation of sex is out there but I thought you 4 were stronger than that. April said Ted wasn't the first to ask for sex I was, it had been like two years, if anybody is to blame I know how to say No! So your saying it's your fault April, William asked? Yes sir she said. Okay but you got to remember it takes two to tango. Did you get pregnant that one and only time that you asked for it? No it was later, much later. Okay so you've had sex more than once April? Yes sir she said unable to meet his gaze. How about you Laurie more than once? Yes sir unable to meet his gaze as well! Well what do you think I should do to you 4 William asked? Just to let you know. The boys I love them they are a part of me. You two girls I love you like daughters since one day you will be my daughter in laws. Now sooner than later! My boys know how I handle behaviors. This here is my office, it's also my punishment room. I've meted out justice from here. I don't have a child that hasn't been here for some kind of punishment. The last time I had these two here they took the family car out joyriding, was it? Yes dad, Richard and Ted said in unison. After the barbecue we had I had Teri in here for punishment for her actions that day. Who s first boys or girls? I know what your thinking that your too damned old for a spanking, I don't believe you are, you've acted childish by having sex like rabbits. I think in will do you first Richard then you Laurie, then you Ted and finally April. Richard get the brush. Richard paled but did as he was told. He got a huge wooden brush off th desk handed it to his dad. He went over a chair with his rear end raised in the air. William said I love you son but you have been bad haven't you? Yes dad, he said. William brought his arm all the way out. He swung that brush and the sound it made as it contacted Richard's butt. He flinched on the chair as it hit. William said hold still. As he repeated the swats again and again. Richard wasn't crying but there were tears coming from his . After about 30 swats William helped Richard from the chair. William sat down and pulled Richard into a hug andbkissed his cheek, I'm sorry I had to do that ! I know said Richard. He stood up and with an open hand he moved his arm to Laurie. The chair had a plastic cover, which was a good thing. Laurie was about ready to pee herself. She laid across the chair like Richard had. William took his irst swing and as soon as it connected. Lauries bladder let loose! That sometimes happens said William. Laurie wasn't as brave as Richard She was bawling her eyes out by the third swat. She was only given about 15 swats but She was bawling. He sat her up and like Richard sat on her wet seat and even with her wet pants hugged her and kissed her told her how he loved her and apologized for making her wet herself. He pushed a button on his desk. Soon Georgia showed up and he asked her to take her to clean her up. Ted was next he cleaned the seat for him he assumed the position and William began to spank his son with the brush. After about 30 spanks he sat cuddled and told his son how sorry he was that he had to do this to him. Then it was April's turn she felt like she needed to pee as well . For her this was the first punishment she had had since her mom had beat her For her bedwetting. How was she going to handle it would she wet like Laurie. The firstmswat came, she felt her but sting. Her bladder was okay. The second swat and The third the fourth. Th8s wasn't that bad at all in fact she...... liked it what the hell? It hurt but she liked it! How come she hated being abused by her mother and loved this? Your mom was punishing you for something you had no control of, bedwetting. Plus she did it our of anger. Deep down you know you deserve this spanking, plus William is doing it out of love! She felt herself getting wet but it was urine. Oh my god, she thought your getting turned on by being spanked. It hurts but you want more. Soon she felt herself being lifted by William and he was hugging her he kissed her and told her how sorry he was that he had to be the one that punished her. She kissed him back which I think surprised him even. Thank you for caring about me! He pushed the button again and Georgia came again. William whispered something in her ear which hated her smile. Come along dear, let's get you cleaned up! She went with Georgia to the master bedroom. Now dear as she pulled down her pants and smiled at April's panties. Yes you do said Geogia! Yes I do what said April? You like getting spanked. You are totally sticky down there. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I get like that when William spanks me, you aren't the only one who likes to get spanked. I do to!