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  1. Drownedinp

    The Visitor

    Families are supposed to be embarrassing. My daughter was waiting for me to die so she can get her hands on my money and company. Would she know how to read a blueprint? I guess you can learn, I did and I don't consider myself the sharpest crayon in the box. There is one thing about reading a blueprint and another knowing what the building will look like from the blueprints. I worked with a guy for years, he was shocked at how every building we constructed looked after we were finished, this guy could almost read a blueprint blindfolded but he couldn't visualize what it would look like from the prints. When our boss that owned the company that was going to give it to one of us. The building that we were building he gave us the finished project pictures, plus threw in a couple of others. He asked us to choose wgat the building would look like when finished. We both picked right. When he asked me why I chose the particular rendering? I told him in my minds eye that's what I visualized the building like from the blue prints. Ben, the other guy said according to the blueprints that's the one that meets the structural property's of the building. Meaning it looked the most like the building we were building. Not that he could see the finished project, it looks the most like the framework we are building. That's how I came into my company. The other guy was upset with me he quit and now works for one of our competitors. Still he almost got fired as the last building he completed the outside looked nothing like the Architect's vision. He had to admit to his boss that he just can't seem to vision the finished project. Now he has an assistant that can. I got a new set of blue prints that I was studying on when Beautiful came and watched me figure things out I was figuring steel how much we would need how concrete. Glass, man hours this was to be only a two story structure but 30000 square feet. She began to ask about symbols and the like I explained that's Eldctrical, she figured out the bathrooms from the toilets and their shapes. It wasn't as complicated as the big high rise we were building down town. In an hour I'm sure Beauty already knew more about reading blueprints than my daughter did about 6 hours later I already had the plans on what we could build it for and how long it would take to build it. I sent my bid in and just waited, it might take us more on building supplies, good building weren't cheap and cheap buildings weren't good. I didn't believe in using inferior products. But with the crew I have I think we can shave two weeks off the job, they were expecting 4 months and I think we can get it in under 3 months 2 weeks. That was my bid i can give them the good building they want and the cost would be saved on man hours. Beautiful could see the benefit of hiring me. Good building with a quicker building time. She confessed to me that she was glad that t wasn't her that had to make those kind of decisions. She had no idea that that much planning went into building a building.
  2. Drownedinp

    It's a Family Affair

    Hermione and Paul had set their date for the wedding it was still quite a few months away. In June, just before Chris and Jeff have to be returning to Oakland and Foxboro. Paul and Jeff hit it off and Jeff was to be his Best Man. It was just verily February. June was still 4 months away. Betsy went into planning mode. Paul had all kinds of ideas, he was a member of the local Golf and Country Club he had arranged to get the Ballroom at the Club for their reception. He had ordered Ice Sculptures and lots of other expensive things including a live band just what he has planned already is like $37,000 already and the invitations and and dresses, tuxes, were not even bout or rented yet. Hermione overheard her parents talking and they were talking about taking out a second mortgage on the house to pay for it since the brides family are the ones to pay for the wedding. Hermione fe.t bad for her parents her and Paul's wedding was going to bankrupt them! On their date, Paul noticed that Hermione was unusually quiet. He asked her what was wrong? "Paul I love you but our wedding is going to bankrupt my family. I understand that you have the lawyer image to keep but, my parents are talking about taking out a second mortgage just to pay for our wedding!" "Why would they do that," asked Paul. "It's the brides family's responsibility to pay for the wedding!" "But I'm the one who ordered all this stuff, shouldn't I be the one that pays for it? I know it the brides family that pays, and I know that your brothers and sisters marriages were at your church and stuff to keep the costs down low. But my family expect a grand affair. I will tell you what I will do everything that I order or get like the country club, band the ice sculptures I will pay for your family gets everything else!" "Do you have that kind of money," asked Hermione? "I have over $20 grand in the bank. Plus I have my friends Mr. Visa, Mr. MasterCard and Mr. Discover Card! Each with at least 15 grand one with 25 grand." Hermione said "But that will put you in debt for when we get married!" "You forget I get my inheritance when I get married. That's over 250 million dollars, I can pay my cards back then," said Paul. For their date they went to the country club and Paul paid for the things he ordered that night. Hermione loved Paul even more.
  3. Drownedinp

    The Proffesionals.

    One Saturday Rebbecca planned a day for herself, Monica, Amanda, Jeanette, Rachel, Brenda, Cynthia, and Cyn. They all got their hair done, facials and manicures and pedicures. There was only one Beautician in town it took most of the day for her to do everything for them. They went to the Merc. for lunch had the Antimony Burger there. It was almost to big for them to finish. They found themselves alone in the back private room and they talked about what it was like growing up a bedwetter, they were surprised that Monica was abused for her problem. Rachel hadn't grown up in diapers but her husband made sure she needed them now. Amanda talked about what it felt like to be finally get dry and how when she started wetting again later after having children it was like an old friend returning. Most of them that knew Rebbecca's mom knew what she was like. They referred to her as a busy body, that was them just being kind. The two younger girls even got to say what they felt, Cynthia talked about being embarrassed until she met her friend Alexandria who was born without a bladder and how confident she was. Cyn opened up how it felt to have a friend like Cynthia that understood about her and her bedwetting, how thankful she was for Cynthia, it was like having a sister now. They decided that the "Antimony Bedwetters Club as they befan to call themselves, would meet monthly. They also decided to invite the others that might be out there next month they set the date and then all went their separate ways.
  4. Drownedinp

    Glory Be Repost

    Glory Be loved being the secretary yo the CEO. Adam had to admit she ran a tight ship, nobody got into seeing him without an appointment! That was unless it was his wife or children he always had time for them. The company was growing, Adam had to think about putting a building something like they were in now in either Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin or London, Toronto, Mexico City. He had even thought about Zurich, a Swiss Bank Account sounded awful tempting. After the former CEO was caught doing what he was doing, Adam wanted to be transparent he had three lovely daughters and two sons, a beautiful wife. There was no way he was going to screw that up. Prison didn't appeal to him one bit! The best part was the company was sending him to visit all those cities. Of course Eve and the kids were going along. They had to wait a couple of months until the older girls got out of school. Christmas Vacation was going to be barked this year. His new CFO had very good things to say about a member of his team an Eve Anderson, he joked any relation? Yes she is my wife. The guy was stunned he had meant it as a joke as Anderson us a pretty common name."She is your wife, really?" "Yes really said Adam, her dad is the Lieutenant of Security Thomas Taylor, her step mom is my secretary!" "Did you teach her about finance she is a natural." "Adam said, my secretary was injured I got a temp. I had an account that was overdrawn hugely! She stayed and she found out we had double paid them, not me but my temp secretary. She just gets the financial side. Here I went to Harvard, and she was taught at a residential place she lived at because she was on the streets." "She was on the streets at one time, was she a druggy?" "Yes she was, she was also a hooker, if you must know," said Adam. "What happened," the guy asked? "She got pregnant she knew that where she lived and what she did for a living wasn't the best environment for raising a kid. She got to a place that helped her get off the drugs and get her back into society. She came to work here in the secretarial pol and the rest is jyst history shall we said said Adam! That and my Autistic daughter dreamed that Eve was going to be her mommy. My daughter was kind of non verbal, she meets Eve once and she starts talking up a storm. She knew that Eve was going to be her mother before I knew I loved her." "So this is like that movie "Pretty Woman" hooker meets rich man and they fall in love," the guy asked? "Kind of, but I don't remember Richard Gere having kids already," said Adam!
  5. Drownedinp

    My boss's daughter.

    When I was 14 my parents suffered a financial setback. My dad was working but his hours were being cut at the plant. We were still in our home, we had food to eat, it was just money was tight. I begged and begged my parents to let me get a part time job, just to help out. At 14 I didn't realize that at part time it wouldn't be enough to offset what my dad was losing. I was only making minimum wage. My dad was making $17.92 per hour, for those days an excellent wage, I would be making a whopping $2.10 per hour. The deal was if my grades slipped in school the job was over. I worked for Mr. Mauzer. I did anything he wanted me to do from pulling weeds to shoveling snow. Believe me when I say he got his $2.10 worth of work out a me! Now Mr. Mauzer had no sons only daughters why I was hired, there was Carrie she was a bit older than I was at 16, Patricia my age and Deborah age 12. Now Mrs. Mauzer was very pretty and all of their daughters took after her. At 14, for some reason I had my heart set on Patricia. She wanted nothing to do with me what so ever! I think it was the time that I caught a frog and as I was showing it to her, it jumped and landed square in her face. She always thought I had done it on purpose. I hadn't but she still didn't like me. As I was working every time I turned around there was Debbie. I thought she followed me just to make sure I was doing what was asked of me by her father, you know just making sure I was earning that $2.10 an hour. She would come ask me what I was doing, then ask Why? I would explain it to her. She always liked my explanation she would smile at me. When I was thirsty she would bring me a glass of cold water. She treated me better than Patricia ever had. I even told her why Patricia didn't like me. I told her about the frog. She laughed and thought it was what she deserved. Debbie told me she liked frogs! Even though she always wore a dress that was as blue as her eyes she was more of a tomboy. We talked and talked as I did my work. I liked Debbie. On one occasion I asked her why she hung out and watched me work. She blushed a little and said "Because I like you! You don't tell me to go play in traffic or jump in the lake." "Who tells you that I asked?" "My sisters and other boys that used to work for my daddy!" I told her "Well as I see it your dad's my boss which kinda makes you my boss as well." She liked my explanation. About 2 years later I was 16 and my wage had increased to $2,98 an hour, I saved my money and I got to buy my own clothes for school every fall. My mom no longer had control of what I got for school. Debbie was now 14 still wore dresses still hung around while I worked. One day while I was working and she was watching me work her mom came and asked if she was good still? "No," was all she said and her mom took her to the house 5 minutes later she was back. We were talking again, it looks like rain as their were clouds coming to the west. Soon the wind picked up and it began to blow. Debbie was sitting there when a gust blew her dress up. I was expecting to see panties but got a view of her diapers, I'm not sure who was more shocked me or her. She tried to put her dress down but the damage was done. She looked like she wanted to cry. "Why do you wear diapers for," I asked? If you must know I still wet my bed, my mom and dad think that if I wear diapers at all times except for school it will embarrass me enough that I will stop wetting my bed!" "That doesn't work I said!" "How would you know," she asked? "My parents did that to me when I was 11, I said. I still wet mine." "You do?" "Yep, the only thing it did wearing most of the time was I got kind a dependent on the diapers started needing them and not knowing when I went." "Me to, my mom just changed me and I think I'm wet again but I didn't pee on purpose. Do you still wear diapers, cloth and plastic pants like me?" I looked around to see who was watching if anybody, and unzipped my pants. She could see my diapers through the hole. "I couldn't stop wetting myself now if my life depended on it," I said. Tell your mom that's all this leads to. Debbie grabbed me and gave me a kiss. No little peck this was a real live lip lock. "I love you she said!" "Debbie I love you as well!" From that day on we became an item. Her dad was kind of upset that I was dating his daughter. He took me to his office and talked with me. He wanted to know why I loved his daughter, he came out and told me she was a bedwetter thinking that it would scare me away. I told him "I knew about her bedwetting and showed him my diapers and told him he might want to rethink the diaper punishment thing, it only causes you to lose more control, take it from somebody that is now diapered 24/7/365 thanks to my diaper punishment at age 11." They tried to get Debbie out of her diapers but it was too late. Like me she was dependant on them now like I was. At 18, I started college so did Debbie at 17. As soon as she hit 18 and I got a great job making $26.56 an hour we were married. Come to find out that due to the heat of wearing diapers and plastic pants I'm shooting blanks now. My mom felt low when we told her that there were no children in our future due to their bedwetting punishment. So did Mrs. Mauzer We're still married and were both diaper dependent thanks to our parents.
  6. Drownedinp

    My mother the bedwetter.

    April wasn't becoming an adoptive mother for the accolades or the pats on the back. She was becoming a mother to these kids because of what happened to her, every kid deserves a chance to live in a happy, loving home. Her first home wasn't that, Laurie's family taking her in taught her what it was to be loved and happy. The last day she lived there her mom tried to kill her. She had awoke wet again. Her mom was just as bitchy as ever calling her piss pot and several other names, telling her she was nothing but a little baby that still wets her bed. She got her bedding and panties and a tee shirt she had worn to bed that was wet as her bedding in the washer. She cleaned herself up in the tub so she wouldn't smell like a baby that still peed her bed. She had a white tee shirt and a pair of clean dry panties on only. She was in her room awaiting her daily bedwetting punishment. 13 swats from the belt, she was 13 and the swats numbered her years, she hated her birthdays because in three months she would be 14 and when she wet her bed she would be receiving 14 swats. While waiting she heard her mom and dad arguing, well mom was yelling at dad for something he had done or not done. Dad knew better than to argue back. Finally it was April's turn. "Okay bedwetter, you had another wet night. That's 13 more spanks from my belt for you, assume the position. April bent over the bed and slid her panties down to expose her bottom. April didn't even cry any more it didn't do any good. Her dad came and asked her mom something. Mom said "Yes!" What ever it was it aggravated her mother. She commenced to spanking and mom was in a foul mood from her dad. She strikes were worse today. About swat number 4 the belt fell apart. It broke into 5 pieces or so. April laughed a little not because she found it funny it was because she was spared 9 more swats and was relieved. This just put her mom in a foulest mood she stood April up and pulled up her panties. Then slugged her in the stomach, the wind was knocked out of April. Her mom began punching at her yelling that "I will teach you to laugh at me you little pissant!" She hit April in the nose and blood began to flow. April covered her face and turned and went into a ball on the floor. Her mom was hitting her in her back on her ribs or shoulders. April's mother decided that she wasn't doing enough damage. She grabbed one of April's arms and was able to get it away from her face by twisting it making it hurt for April to try and protect her face with it. With her other hand began punching April in the face with her other fist. She felt her lip cut and an eye was hit she felt, like it must be cut because she could feel blood running into her eye making it hard to see. She could taste copper from her lip it was bleeding and she could feel it was fat. April became scared and wet her clean panties. Her mom stopped mom told her not to move, she wasn't finished yet! She went and got a drink and a towel to wipe the perspiration off of her face. As she was gone April decided this was only the end of round one. She knew her mom was going to beat her to death, she bad been threatened with that almost on a daily basis. April decided to run, she went out her window having to tear through the screen. She began running like the devil himself was after her. She saw people look at her, but they turned away, not wanting to get involved. April knew it wasn't every day that they saw a bloodied and peed wet panty girl running down the street. She wondered if anybody would help her. She knew Laurie would help even if her mom wouldn't. She arrived at Laurie's house and beat on the door. Laurie's mother answered the door when she saw it was April and the state she was in she saw Laurie's mother turn white as sheet. She got her inside and brought April into a hug. She was getting April's blood and piss all over her. For the first time April began to cry. Laurie came and saw April. April was kind of embarrassed about crying she was almost 14 after all. She saw Laurie who was crying right along with her. Laurie's mother took her to the tub and removed her clothes and gave her, her second bath in lest than an hour. Her mom took picture of her the bruises on her back the cuts to her lip and at the side of her eye. 30 minutes later the phone rang. April knew it was her mother, she heard Laurie's mom say "Yes, she is here, what the hell did you do to her? Why? No ma'am, she will not be coming home and if you even try to come within 100 feet of her I will give the cops the photos we took of her injuries, you hear me!" April was so glad an adult got involved. She still looked like she fought 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, but she was clean and was wearing some of Laurie's clothes. The next day she hurt everywhere but she was told that she was loved by Laurie's mom and Laurie. She was there until she was almost 17, 4 years. She was treated as a member of the family. If she messed up she was punished just as Laurie was. Her bedwetting stopped being an issue she stopped right around 17 years old. Laurie's mom told her that it's okay it's just a piece of furniture, you are more important than a piece of furniture, besides it can be replaced, you can't.
  7. Drownedinp

    The Naughty Couple!

    It was time to catch the Big Bird back over the "pond". Our flight had a stop in Leeds, Yorkshire, England this go round. It was about 130 miles south of Newcastle, Leeds was where grandmothers father was born. He joked he emigrated to Newcastle. Seems great grandfather was a coal miner and they paid just a little more in Newcastle. Pennies really. Her dad died of a coal miners compliant, Black Lung. Grandmother told us she can remember her dad having a harder time breathing out than in. She saw him cough so hard that their was blood on his handkerchiefs. Her dad went from this strappling man to this frail little man. It ate him up from inside. "My brother that you met in Newcastle. He is starting to succomb to the same thing. He will probably die like me Da' did in hospital not able to breath because his lungs are so full of coal dust. It a bad way to die! If any of my kids wanted to work in the mines, I think I would of beat them until they changed their minds! Your grandfather my husband, he was a Yank soldier in World War 2, he made cars in Detroit started out on the lines and moved his way up to management. Then your mom met your dad Candy, I always felt uncomfortable around your father, now I know why. The incestuant pedophile! They moved to the bible belt. Leeds, had about 4 or 5 people get on and we were back on our way to London Heathrow. About 35 minutes later. We landed in London. 2 hours later we were on our way back to Phoenix. We arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at 5pm it felt like somebody had taken a baseball bat and hit me in the face with it. It was 103° England had been in the high 60's you could feel the dry heat, it felt like the sun was sucking the moisture from your skin that we had absorbed in England. Welcome home I thought, can we go back to England now?
  8. Drownedinp

    The Visitor

    That night I thought about introducing Beautiful to my mother. My mother though not quite as old as Beautiful's parents was the complete opposite of her parents. Where hers rarely left the home, my mother was rarely at her home. She had traveled the world she had been on digs in South America. After my father died and we were all out on our own mom went back to school got a degree in archeology, now she is hardly home last I heard Puru. My mom was the type if she thought you an ass, she would tell you your an ass! Lucky it was me and not my mom that had Robert in her face, mom would of kicked his ass! Then told him what she thought of him as he was lying there bleeding! Mom was a tough old lady. She had 3 sons and we learned early dad wasn't as tough on us as mom! If you got in trouble at school you told dad before mom. Oh mom would still find out as dad would tell her but she would be mad at dad. He was the buffer before you got punished. Don't get me wrong, I knew what I got was deserved, bit there was a time between the infraction and your punishment that wasn't as severe as if you told mom direct. Mom was very candid and open, I had already talked about mom giving me sex tips about pleasing a woman, my dad never taught me that. I know what she would tell me, "Your married again, haven't you learned your lesson yet?" She would then get after Beautiful about not becoming like my exes. She needs to love me and then I'm sure she will tell her how to please me sexually and how to keep me in line, as her husband. I'm sure they will get along great and talk about me like I'm not right there with them. The the stories of the crazy things I done growing up. You know the pictures of when I was a baby and naked right before my bath, "The Baby Porn" as I call it! Families I guess are supposed to be embarrassing, I know mine is!
  9. Drownedinp

    It's a Family Affair

    Paul was getting flack from his boss Mr. Kessler about his girlfriend not knowing her place. He asked "Was she rude to you or something?" "No, she just needs to learn who is boss around here!" Oh so she stopped your attempts to feel her up thought Paul, good for her! Jeff, Darla, and Olivia arrived in Phoenix. Her own brother seemed more glzd to see her husband than her and to meet his only Neice! She new Jeff and Chris are close. Jeff felt like he was being black listed by his team, he felt like an outsider, he just didn't feel like he was trusted by them anymore. Up until recently he loved playing for the Patriots. Now he still loved football but he felt they were trying to get rid of him. Chris was a player like him and maybe they could figure out what he could do. He thought that maybe he would be out of football the next season. The Patriots owned his contract they decided his life. Needless to say he was scared. If it had been him no big deal, but he had a wife and a child to support now. He had a four year degree in engineering, but nothing beyond that, he needed a master's or a PHD to do anything with that. He had invested a good part of his salary and had savings they would be fine for a while, but they would have to sell his house in Massachusetts. Chris took him for a run and talk to him, Jeff told him that Miami, Dallas and San Francisco were interested in him last season, he didn't know if they still were or not. Chris told him the Raiders are interested in you as well. "No way said Jeff! Chris told him about wgat they asked him about you. "They feel the Pats aren't letting you play up to your potential." "Really, said Jeff I agree wuth them!"
  10. Drownedinp

    Glory Be Repost

    Being a Sergeant. I had an officer do something like this on my day off. Bein the Sergeant. It was my fault that I didnt teach them any better, I was my shift!
  11. Drownedinp

    The Proffesionals.

    After a few weeks while at home Brenda Roberts paid Rebbecca a visit. They sat for a while before Brenda spoke. "Word has it your a Bedwetter." This kind of stunned Rebbecca she wasn't expecting this. "Yeah," she said vdry unsure where the conversation was going. Brenda smiled, "I'm so glad I'm not the only one!" "You never were the only one," said Rebbecca! "I'm not?" Said Brenda. "There are a few more of us some were here before we even moved here." Said Rebbecca. "No way," said Brenda, "Who?" "I'm not sure I'm the one who should tell you, but there are several!" Said Rebbecca. I, I thought I was the only one, but I've always felt that way. Oh I had friends when I was little that were bedwetters like me but where they grew out of it, I never did." Said Brenda. "I do know that feeling, said Rebbecca. When we moved here just to let you know we increased the bedwetting population of this town immensely! There is me, my husband Stu, he was shot as a cop a few years back it left him a Bedwetter as well. He was also one of us until he was 8. My best friend Monica grew up as a Bedwetter her husband Willy and her were both left incontinent after a serious crash a year or two ago." "Yeah I've seen Willy in his wheelchair I wondered what happened to him?" "Drunk driver going the wrong way on the freeway. They were the lucky ones they lived, she also killed a pregnant lady. Monica had a halo on for over a year her neck was broken. Left her incontinent, Willy was walking, his spinal colum was broken leaving him paralyzed from the waist down." I dont mean to be insensitive but they have a child." Said Brenda. "Yeah, they had sex just before the accident and Monica got pregnant. That is the only child they will have now that Willy is paralyzed. My daughter Cynthia is a bedwetter as well. She took after her dad." "Didn't she rake after you as well," asked Brenda? "Nope, were not related biological, Stu and a girl he knew when he was 15 created her, Stu never knew he had a daughter until just the past year or so! We've also adopted Denise she wasn't ours, she fell into our laps her parents were killed and she survived we ended up with her. She is getting to an age where she can be considered a bedwetter, up to age 7 it's considered normal now, she is only 5," said Rebbecca. "Who else, asked Brenda? I've heard rumors that Roy and Amanda Irish are wetters?" Okay you heard right but only Amanda grew up as a Bedwetter her husband Roy was hurt riding rodeo quite a few years back leaving him incontinent after having kids shd is the same now as well. If you haven't heard Rachel Weber, her husband turned her into a baby." "Yes, I did hear that but she isn't the only one, she took a breath. When I met my husband Terry we dated and dated, well he proposed, I almost said no not because I didn't love him, it was because I was still a bedwetter. I loved him enough to tell him my secret. I expected him to run and never look back, he didn't. He told me "That's so damned hot!" I was speechless I had never expected that reaction. We were married he confessed to me that he had a cousin that wet her bed. For some reason this excited him she was like 12 years old, but he found it erotic. He found me erotic that I still peed in my diapers. He admitted to me later that he wished that he was a bedwetter like me. Next time I ordered my diapers I ordered some for him as well in his size. I got to diaper him the first time, how do I put this I had a hard time getting the diaper on him because he was so hard. Next morning I wasn't the only wet one in the family he admitted that he needed to pee about 4 am so he just let go. He wanted to be diapered the next and the next. After a few months he started calling me mommy and I called him daddy after about 8 or 9 months he told me he wet his bed at night like me he was no longer waking up to wet his diaper. A few months later he order other things on line adult sized pacifiers and baby bottle nipples in an adult size. I got pregnant once and the baby was still born. My milk came in anyway. I breast fed my husband. Now there are days all he wants to do is play baby, unlike Rachel this was Gary's idea I still produce milk and my husband gets it he is my husband and my son. Some days we switch he's the daddy and I'm the baby. We still love each other even more now I think it's because we've seen each other at our most vulnerable!" "That is wonderful, said Rebbecca, Stu sometimes plays my daddy not so much since we got kids, I played more if a toddler if I wore panties and wet them, some times on purpose, he would send me to work in a disposable the next day, I have to admit I've been to court wearing diapers."
  12. Drownedinp

    Glory Be Repost

    Tommy Sr. Had to get after the second shift sergeant and his team. His guys got a golf cart that they had to patrol the outside and they got playing around and rolled it onto its side, besides road rash one officer suffered a dislocated shoulder. He had to be taken to the hospital. Worst part was that everything was caught by a camera. The officer that was driving filed a report that was one of the greatest works of fiction that Tommy had ever rea. After reading the report and seeing it on the video screen. One of them was lying and it wasn't the camera. When the Sergeant seen it, he was surprised because he had believed what his guard had told him, up to that point. They called the guy in and when confronted with the truth, resigned on the spot, before they could fire him. The guy that got hurt. Told pretty much what the camera showed he was seen talking to the guy, since there was no audio he claims that he was telling the guy driving to "knock it off!" On the camera it appeared he was egging him on. Not only was the guy hurt but a $3000 cart was damaged, it needed to be repaired which meant that they were down one of two carts. They were told that unless they wanted to walk the perimeter in 107° weather they better treat cart #2 very gently. The rest of the shift was seen to be following safe cart driving from then on. Tommy just knew it would just be a while until one of the officer did something stupid to again to the carts. About twice a year somebody did something reckless damaging the cart or themselves. The last time a cart was damaged, the officers built a ramp and were seen jumping the ramp with the cart. That was until a strut that kept the ride smooth broke loose and came through the fiberglass body of the cart. $900 worth of damage was done that time. Thd cart was out of commision fkr 6 weeks. The guys were good until the second cart was returned and the he guy was doin slaloms and turned it to sharp causing it to roll, also injuring a coworker in the process. Tommy knew that when some guys get together their IQ levels drop 30 points and they do stupid things. But lying about it only made it worse. orse than that not admitting to your mistake. This guy had done both and was now looking for a job. If their HR was contacted they couldn't say why the guy was fired or quit but could say, no they would never hire that person again. Uncle Dick had better not put in any applications anywhere. He was probably stupid enough to use Tommy and Glory He as referances.
  13. Drownedinp

    My mother the bedwetter.

    When April arrived at school to pick up Bethany, Mrs. Bashton ushered her into the teachers lounge. Finding themselves alone, she smiled and said "I want to thank you, my husband and I took your advice and, well let's just say I'm a very happy woman!" April thought for a few seconds, it suddenly dawned on her, "You had sex?" "Did we ever we hardly got out of bed all weekend long!" It was April's turn to smile! "Good for you guys!" Amelia said "I'm sorry for even thinking about adopting Bethany, your a wonderful mother to her! I expect my husband will be ready to go again tonight, I can't wait! If we get pregnant, we get pregnant if we don't, we don't. I had to admit our marriage was missing something. That's why I guess I was so ready to divorce him. I think we found what our marriage was missing!" If you ever need help with adopting look me up. I have 8 kids I've adopted or adopting, and few more that I have given birth to." "What kids do you have," asked Mrs. Bashton? "Well I had two Jessica and Bryce from my first marriage. Kerri her mother died and willed her to me. Then I got Kevin/ Kellie." "Why do you say it Kevin/ Kellie?" "Kevin was born a male, his dad killed his mother, Kevin liked to dress up as a girl named Kellie. After his mother was killed. Kellie took over Kevin was buried in Kellie's mind she was actually Kellie for a while and she saw female genitalia not male." "Wow!" Said Mrs. Bashton. That was children 2 adopted, making it 4. Then I got Twins, Sheila and Sheena, abused by their mother. Then Sean, his mother beat him for wetting his bed, the beating did nerve damage to his spinctor, he wets his bed uncontrolaby, like Bethany." "That's kid of ironic, said Mrs. Bashton, she beat him to stop his bedwetting and only made it worse!" Then I got a brother and sister, two Hispanic kids, Robert, and Yolonda." "That isn't the little girl that runs around here with the brace and built up shoe is it, that Yolanda," asked Mrs. Bashton? "Yes that's her she has CP, Robert is her older brother," said April. They were abandoned by their mother. Then there is Bethany. I'm due to deliver one of my own in a month or so. My new husband and I." "New husband, asked Mrs. Bashton?" "Yes, we have only been married a few months." "How does your new husband deal with 10 kids," asked Mrs Bashton? "Great, said April he has legally adopted all 7 so far and were adopting 8, 9, and 10!" "How did you get so many kids asked," asked Mrs. Bashton? Well most of my kids were bedwetters or worse incontinent like Bethany. I grew up as a Bedwetter, my two are bedwetters. Most of my kids were abused for bedwetting Kerri, Kevin/Kellie, her dad would of killed her along with her mom if she had been home and not at my place. The Twins, Sean, Robert and Yolanda were never potty trained. Bethany was silent refusing to talk for several weeks after we got her. I guess I'm kind of a miracle worker. It's not me it's the kids, most never had love like we offer, we give them love and show kindness, I was abused for my bedwetting by my mother, a good friend of mine and her family took me in, I'm sure they saved my life, im sure my mother would of eventually beat me to death just because I pee on a piece of furniture at night! Yes I still wet my bed, I stopped but after my divorce from my first husband it returned with a vengeance! I have one daughter, Kerri she no longer wets her bed, my husband Ted is a Urologist he found that she wasn't producing a Horemone at night that stops the production of urine. She takes pills and only wets when she forgets to take them now!" "I'm impressed with you said Mrs. Bashton, I see why they bring you these kids."
  14. Drownedinp

    The Naughty Couple!

    Our time in Newcastle and Gateshead was coming to an end. In a short while I had came to love the people that I met here they were some great people. We had less than a week left here. I hit the candy store again and bought some more English candy, how could I ever eat American chocolate again after eating English chocolate? Being somewhat of a chocoholic I'm sure I could. I was taking a lot back with me, I had about a week or if I rationed it maybe a months worth. Right now I'm sure I could ration it to make it last. I knew I was like a junkie it would only take one. Then another and another until I'm near a diabetic coma and my whole stash is gone in 1 day. I have very little will power when it came to chocolate. I wonder if the have a Chocoholics Anonymous like AA, but a CA? Or are we doomed? I was glad Candy hadn't discovered English Candy like I had, in England they Havana weight called a stone which I was told is equivalent to 14 pounds when I got her I was about 170 pounds which is roughly 12 stone. Since coming here I had gained about 1/2 a stone or 7 pounds. What can I say I love food. Ive never been a picky eater in my house growing up you ate what was served or you went hungry! My parents told me "How can I not like something without trying it first?" There are very few things I won't eat, radishes, spinach, and Egg Custard just to name few, liver I can take it or leave it, but I don't hate it, just not my favorite. Candy on the other hand, "I don't like it!" "Have you ever tried it?" "No, and I'm not going to!" She would of starved at my house! Her sister is the same way. I found a dish here, actually grandmother turned me on to it, Steak and Kidney Pie! I found it yummy! Candy wouldn't even kiss me after I ate it. Grandma did also turn us both on to Sausage Rolls sausage in a puff pastry. She also tried to get us hooked on Scottish Eggs. This is a hardboiled egg inside like a sausage and wrapped with a dough. It's cooked then served cold. Maybe if it was warmed up I might of liked it more, Candy loved it, it just wasn't for me! She ate mine as well. I also learned the hard way, I got a roast beef sandwich and had them put mustard on it. After I took one bite as my nose was running and my eyes watering, I discovered one bit of information, they use the Chinese mustard with horseradish! Lesson learned!
  15. Drownedinp

    The Visitor

    Beautiful wanted me to meet her family, I had met her children. She wanted me to meet her parents and brother and sister. She was estranged from her brother and sister. Her parents were not in the best health hey were approaching their late eighties. Her brother and sister both divorced have bled her parents dry financially. Hence why her and her siblings are estranged, she felt that her siblings should stand on their own 2 feet and not rely on her parents. Her parents had a very nice home, they had been living on the equity doing a reverse mortgage. She didn't know what her brother and sister were going to do once her parents pass away, what are they going to do then? The house is owned by the bank. They all lived in Flagstaff where Beautiful is from a graduate of Northern Arizona College, when she went there it wasn't a University yet. That happened a couple of years later after she graduated it became NAU. She hadn't been home in quite a while she was looking forward to the visit. Her parents weren't healthy enough to come to our wedding and her siblings wouldn't come. Her parents were looking forward to meeting me. I hope I don't disappoint. We arrived and it was nice in Flagstaff it was about only 3/4 of what it was in Phoenix. I was enjoying the visit. Until her brother got home. He got in my face. "How are you and my leaky faucet of a sister getting along. I saw why Beautiful disliked him, I decided I wasn't too fond of him myself. I was about 5 inches taller and had him by about 35 pounds but here he was getting in my personal space, I so wanted to pound him into the ground. His mother said "Robert, leave him alone!" He gave me a smile as he backed off. That smirk I wanted to wipe it off his face. I was a good boy and played nice, just because he was being an ass didn't mean I had to be an ass as well. He wanted to fight me. We had dinner. Afterwards we left and as we were going home Beautiful apologized for her family, where her brother was wanting to try and test me her sister didn't say word one to either one of us. She looked like she wanted to cry. 'I'm so embarrassed," she said! "Don't be, I said, families are supposed to be embarrasing! You just haven't met mine yet!" She gave me a small smile. "I wonder how How my brother found out I was incontinent?"