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  1. Peck awoke at 2:37am, he had been drinking lots of water and hadnt peed before putting one of Heather's diapers on he had to pee like crazy, tonight he hardly had to force it out his bladder was so full. He felt the diasper warm as he wet his bed. He liked the feeling besides what he was doing was so naughty, it just gave him a little thrill to be getting away with being so bad. He had wet so much he was worried about it leaking. He felt underneath himself and it was still dry. Wow this diaper holds a lot! Usually when either Abbie or Heather was this wet he would of changed them into something dry. "Not me!" He thought. I like it like this. "Bed wetting Peck! BWP" for short he liked his new moniker he had just given himself. "If anybody asks other than Heather, he could ust say it stands for Big Wonderful Peck!" He didn't mind Heather finding out what BWP stood for, I think she really likes me wet like her, it makes us closer or something! He was still tired he rolled over and went back to sleep. He awoke a while later he heard "Oh my god!" He awoke and there was his mother! She had caught Heather in bed with Peck! "What the hell is going on here Heather? Peck?" She demanded. "Uhh mom what are you doing here?" Peck asked? "Your sister Abbie awoke crying had a bad nightmare I guess. I go to check on Heather. Her bed hasn't hardly been slept in I go to check on you and I find Heather in bed with you! What's going on?" "Mom, Heather before she came here she was at that place!" "You mean the crisis nursery?" Mom asked? "Yeah, that place, there was a mean lady there she was mean to Bedwetters. Heather is a bedwetter. There was one girl that was older than Heather! She had breasts!" "Most girls get those eventually," said mom. "Yeah but this lady threatened to cut hers off if she didnt stop wetting her bed, she even brought a knife in one morning, she touched the girls breasts with the knife. All the girls including Heather thought for sure they were going to see that girl get her breasts cut off!" "Good Lord! Did you let Mr. English know?"Mom asked Heather? "He knew thats what he talked with me about a couple of days ago!" She began to cry. "Mom, this lady told the girls if they said anything she knew where they lived and she would come and do the same to them! Heather has been scared I let her sleep with me to help her feel safe!" "Is this true?" Asked Carrie? Heather nodded her head still crying to hard to talk. "I'm so sorry I didn't know, I wish you would of told me!" Carrie said. "There is one other thing mom. Peck crawled out of bed and shoewed his mom and Heather his soaked diaper. "Mom for the last little while I've been wetting my bed." "How long? Since we got Heather?" Asked Carrie? "No before, he lied, I've only been wearing one of her diapers since she has lived with us!" Carrie thought, "Come on Carrie you told yourself just the other day that if Peck came and confessed to you that he was wetting his bed, you could handle it!" "Well at least you handled it appropriately wearing diapers and all, but you can't keep using Heather's diapers. We will have to order you some of your own. I do wish you would have came to me and told me. Did I tell you I was a bedwetter when I'm was your age?" "You were?" Both Peck and Heather asked simultaneously. "I was, its nothing to be ashamed of, it just a shock that you would tell me now Peck. How did you deal, with it until you got diapers?" Without batting an eye Peck said "Mom, dad taught me how to use the washer and dryer when I was 5. Abbie used to spill everything remember?" "How could I forget? I'm so sorry you had to grow up so fast.!" "I'm not, said Peck! Most guys my age don't know how to take care of themselves! I remember Grandpa telling us that at 12 he spent most of the time out at the sheep camp in the summers, he was that responsible. I don't know if I will be able to live out at the sheep camp in a couple of years. But I think I will be able to take care of myself better than most boys my age!" "I think you would do great out at the Sheep Camps, you remind me so much of your grandpa. Did you know he was a bedwetter as well? How do you think I got it?"
  2. Kayla gave me a call one night about 2 days later, she was in town at the General Store she needed to talk to me. I drove there and I found her crying in the back nursing a Coke Zero. "What's wrong?" I asked her? "The neighbor lady threatened to shoot me if she ever saw me again!" I called the police including my husband Stu. The police were miles away and took them 35 minutes to get here. She gave them the info of what happened including the history of her and this lady's husband. "I live right next door to this lady and her mother in law, I also take care of my mother, I'm afraid to go to my mom's place I haven't made her dinner yet!" Kayla began to sob again. The police escorted Kayla back Stu drove her back she was in no shape to drive on her own! Three hours later Stu arrived back at home. He was all smiles. "Go ahead and ask me what happened!" "Okay, what happened?" "I thought you would never ask! I gotta little ahead of the cops. When we arrived at Kayla's the lady came out with a gun and said, "I told you if I ever saw you again I would kill you bitch!" She shot the weapon at Kayla. The shot hit Kayla's car. It ricocheted off and hit the other lady's mother in laws house. It ricocheted right into her calf muscle, she had shot herself. Now this lady is freaking out "I'm dying, I'm dying! I'm going to bleed to death!" The cops had arrived just in time to see the lady with the gun and her shoot herself. It gets weirder! Guess who treated the lady for a gunshot wound to her leg?" "Hmm, let me guess Kayla, she is a doctor" Rebbecca asked already knowing the answer. "Ding ding, ding, we have a winner! Joked Stu.The lady was escorted to the hospital by the Garfield County Sheriff's Office where she was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Her kids were taken by Child Services until their dad can get here early in the morning. Appearantly the two had been separated and she booked with the kids. She went to his moms house, she has Alzheimer's she didn't know which end is up! He had been looking for the kids, there was an Amber Alert out for them he had been granted custody of them. His soon to be ex wife had been deteriating mentally for the past several months. She had pulled a weapon on him a few months back! He had to get a restraining order against her. He can't prove it but somebody had slashed his tires, broke his headlights taillights, and mirrors, windshield, he was sure it was her, but with out proof? Then about 2 weeks ago the kids come up missing, never made it home from school. They were found yesterday at his mom's house." "Wow!" Was all Rebbecca said.
  3. We was getting done with the prison job. We were putting toilets that had sinks built in. The sink drained into the toilet these were special sinks and toilets in the back behind the wall thet plugged into electricity in the room or access area aol you had to do was turn a switch like a light switch and it cut power to the toilets they wouldnt flush. It was in case they were doing a search nobody could flush anything down them prior to their room being searched. There was also a little plug that you could unplug for individual toilets. So if somebody was flooding tuey could turn off the offenders toilet and not make everybody else suffer. Electric toilets! If that don't beat all! I was glad that part of our lives were over. I did the walk through the new building with the Prison Administrative Officers. Their Physical Plant Manager was impressed the structure work was exactly what he was expecting. Right down to the specs of the Blueprints. We had also finished 4 days before we were expected to they were moving prisoners into the building after we were through with this walk through. The Officers assigned here were already in place. One was the Officer that had watched us do our job over the past 4 months almost . Before leaving I shook his hand and thanked him for the education about corrections, it had been an eye opening experience. We made one last walk through making sure everything was picked up tools and even little pieces of wire or copper tubing. We loaded our trucks and we left. I never wanted to see the inside of a prison again.
  4. I decided until I'm at least 62 years old I still have go to work, I might like it but that's the rules. 62 is the first year I'm eligible to collect Social Security. I reach where I'm 67 that's when I'm supposed to retire. At 72 I max out. Right now 62 is my goal 3 years from now. Candy went back to set her classroom up and she took our kids to help her! There was a new teacher in the room next to Candy's. Sarah Tidwell was young her first year out of college. She was still in the let's save the world mode. That's when your young and idealistic. Then by the 2nd or 3rd year you're starting to realize you can't help anybody if they dont want your help. Your not going to have the future President of the United States in your class. Your going to have one or two very bright kids. Maybe they will discover a cure for cancer but they are never going to be really famous! The kid that is the class clown he might be the next Robin Williams. But usually that is stifled by the time they get in their teen years. Teachers telling the kid he isn't funny. Robin Williams sites a teacher for helping him become famous. She let him be funny during certain times and he had to be serious about his work the rest of the time. She didn't stifle the funny out of him completely! Look at what he did. Candy was getting Alan Carstairs this year. He was the class clown last year. She had been thinking about how to deal with this kid I offered Robin Williams teachers way of dealing with him, Candy was looking forward to teaching Alan this year. We also got Hecter and Pablo registered in school. For about 20 minutes Pablo was in Candy's class. When she went to the principal who was also new and said she couldn't have him in her class. He did everything but call her a racist for not wanting Pablo Guerrero in her class. After he was done she asked him to look at his registration card, "Recognize any names on the card?" "Oh sorry!" Was all he said, Candy decided right there he didn't have her vote for Principal of the year!
  5. When April came to pick up Kerri, Barbara had to talk to about her family dynamics. "So you guys have a mine and ours, and adopted type family? Do you ever feel like you've bit off more than you can chew at times?" "Sometimes, but believe it or not, at times we feel like we aren't doing enough. That we should take in more kids!" Said April. "Really? More?" "Is it hard to get another child?" "Well yes and no. First you have to pass a background check and a home study. Then your ready to be foster parents. If you get a child hopefully they are able to be adopted. Sometimes they are just kids that have been removed from their homes, our last daughter Charlette her mom was in the hospital. We were just going to be her foster parents. We loved having her. Then her mother died and she had no family. We are in the process of adopting her now." "Kerri said most of your kids have urinary problems, is that right?" "Umm yeah, because I can handle kids that have tose kinds of problems, because I deal with my own problems in that area." "I do to, said Barbara. I have since I had a problem with the birth of Ellie. Something got tore and I've been wetting myself since then, mine is day and night now." "Sorry to hear that, said April. But doesn't it make you understand Ellie and her friends more and have more compassion fot them?" "You know it does! I'm so glad that she has friends that understand her bedwetting. Then there is Gabby's dad he hates having his daughter hang out with our daughters. She isn't a bedwetter like the rest of them but she used to be one like they were. I think she kind of misses being one. She is diapered and wets when she is here!" "See you understand how she and her friends feel!" Said April. "I think your right, I want to say something about your Kerri, she wants to be like her friends and still be a bedwetter. In a way I don't really think she wants to stop." "I know that," said April. When I started wetting my bed after I started to divorce my husband. I felt like an old friend had returned, an old friend that I had missed, it was a part of me! But until I restarted wetting again, I realized I didn't really want to stop at 15 like I had." "When Ellie was born and I started wetting myself, I thought at first it was like a death sentence. Then after a couple of weeks I found it wasnt bad at all. I can't say I enjoyed it but it was livable. After a few years it became a part of me. By that time Ellie was at an age where I was trying to toilet train her, it wasnt working. She started school still in diapers. I figured she would be the only kid still in diapers. I was embarrassed for her being the only kid still in diapers in kindergarten. Turns out she wasn't there were others one girl named Gabbie, a girl named Danielle, a girl named Sarah, and one named Carrie. There were two other boys as well. After that they were all good friends, even the boys. That was until about third grade and boys thought girls had cooties and girls thought boys had cooties. Then Gabhie stopped wetting the bed and so did Carrie or so we thought!" "Carrie thought everybody else stopped she hadn't!" April said "As we now know! Were very glad to have her her back and have Kerri now! It makes them feel to have another like them here!" "I think it's good for Kerri to have friends that are like her, she has brothers and sisters that wet their beds but but most are younger. We're very glad to have somebody her own age." "Who would I contact to maybe get a brother or sister for Ellie?"
  6. I was using a force on a youth on Monday night. He caught me just below the eye on my left cheek.Not even a bruise. I then took him to the wall and soon had four or five other guys on top of me. I went down with those guys on top of me. I was stuck in a corner. My left shoulder wouldn't move. Spent the rest of the shift at the hospital. They think my rotator cuff is torn. I've been off since then. Here it is Saturday and I can only move my left arm about half way up to about shoulder level. I can't raise it above that level. I'm supposed to see a orthopedic surgeon but they won't see me until I have all the info for Workmans Comp. My doctor excuse runs out on Monday night but I can't get into my own doctor until Friday morning. Until I see a doctor I can't get cleared to go back to work. So Im stuck at home. My car the ignition switch locked up so it's at the garage. Talk about being stuck. Sorry to hesr about your illness!
  7. Pamela divorced Tom and got remarried to Jason. Marilyn was their daughter!
  8. Work was work our new president he believed that everyone from the janitor on up should know how to help our customers. What I had done was nothing special to him I had done my job, nothing more. He wasn't much impressed with me. I knew it was a matter of time before I was replaced. I was offered a job making about 7.5% more per year, they were so glad to get me. The new president, alienated everybody in the corporate office, and down to the Janitors. Two years later the company was filing for Bankruptcy. I hated seeing the company go under like that but he had ran it into the ground, my company thought about hiring him for like 30 seconds, I told them that company was a viable company doing very well until he got a hold of it look what happened! Too bad they didn't hire him, in my current position I would of been his supervisor. Let him try and impress me I would remind him when I worked in corporate that company was thriving, look at what he had done to it!
  9. Jeff was home and he basically passed out from too much alcohol. Darlene stayed up and constantly checked Jeff's diaper. The amount th at he drank was now turning to urine and if she didn't keep up with his diapers he would leak into the bed, part of her was mad enough to let that happen. The other half loved this man, until tonight he had never been a problem. I guess the loss of his job shook him to his core. She asked herself what would happen if I couldn't be Olivia's mother any more? It would shake me to my core as well, I might not go out and get drunk, but it would kill me inside just the same! She changed him again and this time as she was cleaning him with a wipe he woke up long enough to grabby her hand. "It's just me!" She said! He let her go and basically passed out again. She was getting tired herself. She changed him the last time at about 4 am before she was to tired to go on. She awoke she felt her lips being kissed. She awoke staring at he husband. He still looked like two miles of bad road. "Thanks for taking care of me last night! I'm sorry I disappointed you! It will never happen again! I think Chris even threatened me last night to drive me into the ground liked a tent stake if I ever disappoint you and him again! I'm not so sure he was joking either!" At 9 am the phone wrang and Jeff officially became a Raider! He accepted the terms it was almost only a half million less than he was making now! Jeff and Chris went for a run later, Jeff had given Chris a Patriots Jersey and he had him Jeff a Raiders jersey for their birthdays, it was a gag gift as neither would be caught dead wearing it. Jeff wore the Raider Jersey that day on the run. Chris just smiled! Jeff encouraged Chris to toss the Patriots Jersey in the trash!
  10. Peck and Heather would look at each other and smile at each other. They were hiding something. Carrie just could tell. Was Heather getting Peck to change her diapers? That would explain the sly looks at each other. She knew Heather had a crush on Peck, has she been showing him her sex? Lord knows Peck had changed enough diapers of his sister Abbie's diapers he knew that girls were different than boys, but at 10 years old would that mean much to Peck? She kept an extra eye on the two. They were still all smiles at each other. With the extra attention she never saw Peck change Heather. She figured it out she supposed, Peck must have a crush on Heather as well. That would explain everything! That night when Heather snuck into Peck's room. She found him already diapered and she kissed him on the lips. Peck didn't mind getting kissed, even though his best friend told him girls had cooties, he had never seen any bugs crawling on Heather. Must just be The girls his friend Bobbie dates. He is the one that told him girls have cootie. Peck thought he had never seen Bobbie even talk to a girl, how does he know they have cooties? Unless he just told him that to scare him away from girls. Bobbie doesn't know what he is missing! Peck took Heather's hand and held it. He had a girlfriend and Bobbie didn't. He was going to ask Bobbie where he had heard that girls had cooties? If it wasnt some kind of study or something. He wasn't going to believe Bobbie! Thinking back he had never seen a girl with bugs crawling on them. He saw a few that had like flys and mosquitos land on them. Never crawling on them. Could Bobbie be wrong? Peck fell asleep thinking about bugs. His last thought was what does a cootie look like, before falling asleep.
  11. I got back home and it was getting late, I had also driven to Richfield to do some shopping and I had stopped by the law office to talk to Willy, there was nothing new far as cases or clients. So I went home. Stu had dinner ready and then after all the kids were in bed we went there as well. Stu had his saline ready and bedwetting mats on my side of the bed, it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to know what he had on his mind, to tell the truth I needed that itch scratched as well. Not like we were going to get pregnant, being as I already was! Let's just say Stu put that smile back on my face! It was a month and I returned to Dr. Sanderson's. She looked more miserable. If that was possible. "What's wrong?" I asked? "Remember how I told you about the boy next door, and how I wish he would return without his wife?" "Yes, I do remember! Did he return?" "Well, I got half that wish! His wife came down to take care of his mother. She saw me I tried to be friendly. She laid into me about how she could never fulfill his dreams because he still loved me. I was called several names that were not very lady like! I was told to never speak to her or her kids again! What a bitch!" "You can't help if her husband still loves you! Obviously she hasn't gave him much to love! The bitch!" I saw the smile on Kayla's face she knew she had an ally in me. She did my examination and everything was going to plan sne said. Thinking I'm sure I knew why she came and not her husband to take care of Daniel's mom. This lady was jealous of just her past, she got along better with Daniel than his wife ever could! 4 more months Stu and I would be parents again then I would only see Kayla twice a year, when I get my Mammogram, and a Pap Smear, after the baby was born. I would miss these visits. I guess it was the Bi Sexual in me I found Kayla very attractive! So far I have been a very good girl. Since moving home this was the first time since Monica that I have felt this way for another woman!
  12. 8Every day going in and out of the prison, I could not wait until this building was done. Everyday I learned more and more about life in a correctional facility, for instance I leaned the guys we called the guards, hated being called guards. They instead want to be called Officers! Calling them a guard is the equvelent of calling a Police Officer a "Rent a Cop!" I learned that these men and woman that do this job went through an Academy just like Police Officers do. 6 weeks of running, exercising, weapons qualifications, laws, everything a Police Officer Candidate goes through they went through, just at the end they aren't Police Officer Service Training certified or POST certified. The fact that the Officers are there 8 hours a day 5 days a week, when at home they don't give this place a second thought. The prisoners are here 24/7/365 all they have time to do is come with ideas like how to make shanks out of plastic wrap or How to braid toilet paper into a noose strong enough to hang yourself with! They think about how to make the Officers lives more difficult. As an Officer you got to have thick skin you're going to be called every name in the book and a few you won't find in any book, anywhere! "When was the last time you had somebody's urine and poop thrown at you about 2 weeks ago for me!" I had to admit I've never had pee and poop tossed at me. I've fell in the corral and had been covered in cow poop and pee before. I've milked a cow to have them plop a poop patty out and when it hits the ground it splatters and some gets on me in my face and hair before. But I've never had a person with cognitive abilities throw their excrement on me. One of my guys asked "Did you break his face for him?" "Are you kidding? I can loose my job for swearing at an inmate! All I can do legally is have him charged with Assault with Bodily Fluids, he is charged and its a Class 6 Felony! They get maybe 2 to 3 years added to their sentence! To a gy doing life what is two or three more years, he will die here what does he have to lose? Dead is dead!" "Gee that sucks, I guess I would be fired I would kick his ass so hard th at he would have to unbutton his collar just to take a piss!" Said the guy th at had asked the question. "Oh no! If I did th at I could be prosecuted and end up here myself, do you know what these guys would do to a guy that used to be a guard here? We had a guy th at used to work here many years ago, he went out got plastered at the bar and decided to drive home. Killed a family of 4 on his way home. They charged him with Manslaughter. He was put in prison but miles and miles away from here like Kingman, Arizona. He was there about 2 weeks and a guy th at used to be here recognized him. He was beaten by others so bad he was in the infirmary for over two months. Then they put him in solitary for his own protection. He went nuts there, tried to commit suicide. Almost made it! Now he resides at the State Mental Hospital, down on Van Burien! Nuts to the max! He attacks anybody that gets to near him, he feels threatened. It doesn't matter if it's inmate or staff he attacks! I like going home to my wife and kids every night, Thank you very much!" I've decided th at I never want to be on this side of the fence for a residence! Like the Officer I like going home to Beautiful and my family every night!
  13. After getting home we put our gear away including new acquisitions from the things that were left by our fellow campers abandoning them like a new cooler that plugged in and was like a fridge, new lanterns some that were gas or propane, one that was battery powered; we got a pup tent that we found blew up in a tree, held two people, two new sleeping bags, brand new! A stove and a griddle that we could cook like pancakes or grill on. We came back with more than what we took in the first place. Now that we were back and had some privacy since the kids ended up in our tent Candy and I we made love in our bedroom without having to worry about kids! We got our paperwork that was in the mail we had to go back to work on Monday August 19, we started getting kids on Friday August 23, that was meet your teacher night. School started August 25, the following Monday. I searched my soul and thought about resigning my position, I knew I still had about 4 years and several months until i hit age 65 and could retire and receive Social Security. I was tired of working every year it got harder and harder to go back to work after having 2 months of summer vacation! It sucked the life out of Me! Until I'm at least 65 years old, I got to go back to work! I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it was still a hellava ways off! Wished I could somehow become permanently disabled! That way I could get more than if I just retired Now! Almost $300 more a month. I wouldnt have to wait until I'm 65 or 67 or 72 to max out! Thats 12 more almost 13 more years! Now i know why senior citizens commit suicide. Waiting for Social Security to max out drives them nuts!
  14. I took that same camping trip to Oak Creek Canyon. Got there it was in the high 40's saw an occasional teeny tiny little flake went to bed and when we woke up the next morning about 6 inches of snow! I had a thin sleeping bag when we went to Wallyworld I got me a sleeping bag th at was good down to freezing. Snowed a couple of more inches that night it was a winter camp trip with the scouts. We had one kid that fell in the creek. Lucky he didnt end up with Pneumonia!