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  1. It's a Family Affair!

    Lisa and Kayla talked whenever they got a chance! So your mommy left when you was little asked Lisa, my daddy left and then he died. My mommy didn't want me anymore she dropped me off at CPS and I met my daddy. He wanted me! My mommy abandoned, us. My daddy drank a lot. He would lock us in the closet so we couldn't get in trouble while he drank. We had water and food, and a porta potty we slept a lot. There was a lightbulb and we had light. But he drank some moonshine. It was poisoned be got alcohol poisoning from it. He died on Sunday. When we didn't go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday the sent a teacher to check on us. My daddy smelled really bad. They found us locked in the closet. My diaper was soaked J.J.'s was to. You wear diapers to, asked Lisa? Kayla blushed yeah I'm a bedwetter. I am to said Lisa. Really you won't make fun of me will you, asked Kayla? If you don't make fun of me said Lisa! J.J. wets his still said Kayla. That's why I'm so glad to be here for one I have J.J. and we don't get into trouble being a bedwetter. Yeah I heard. My brother Kenny has scars on his back, I found out that it was from bedwetting, but not his. My sister Krystal wets her bed as well as Nancy. Olivia does to said Kayla. She told me about her mommy's family it happens a lot! Yeah my mommy and daddy wet theirs as well said Lisa. Well your daddy and my mommy are brother and sister said Kayla, your daddy is the oldest. I'm glad your my friend and kinda like cousins said Lisa, we will be when were adopted. Yeah I can't wait until that happens said Kayla. I've only been here for 1 day said Kayla but this place feels more like home than my home did said Kayla. I know said Lisa I love my daddy he plays football with your daddy! I haven't seen my daddy play football yet, said Kayla. The season is done said Lisa, our daddys goes away to play football for months and months then the come home and spend a few months with us then they go back and play football again, then their gone again. I'm going to miss my daddy when he goes said Lisa.
  2. It's a Family Affair!

    Thursday Chris took all 5 of his school age kids to school. Lisa was trembling she was scared. Chris got down on his knee attempting to get eye level with Lisa. He was still at least a foot taller than her. If anybody gives you grief, you do this you look then in their eyes, you tell them your new daddy is the Special Forces Commando that killed the old Vice Principal here, and made him disappear. You didn't do that daddy, did you? No but that's my street rep. Got it? It's guaranteed to get kids to leave you alone. If not you tell them the truth. That your daddy is one of the meanest, smelliest Linebackers in the NFL. Daddy you don't stink! Lisa giggled. Chris's plan had worked she wasn't scared anymore. He heard Nancy, Lisa, Uncle Chris. It was Olivia. She was with another girl and boy and Jeff was with them as was Marcus and Brent. Marcus had a boy with him. Brent a little girl. Chris was introduced to Jefferson James, and Kayla Kay. She was in the same class as Nancy, Olivia, Lisa. She looked just as scared as Lisa had a few minutes earlier. Jeff said this is your Uncle Chris, Cousins Nancy and Lisa Kayla tugged on Chris's shirt. Are you a giant? She asked. Before he could answer Lisa said no he's just my daddy! Kayla's attention turned from Chris to Lisa. Aren't you scared? No said Lisa he's really nice. My daddy died he's the first one I've ever had. My daddy was mean. Said Kayla he locked me and Jeff in the closet while he drank too much and died, we were there 4 days before somebody found us. My mommy left when I was 2 said Kayla. I got a new mommy and daddy they tell me they love me! Never heard that from my old daddy! They met Mark, Marcus and Maggie were there with him. Since Brent and Lydia their daughter was only 4 she wasn't starting school until next year. Soon the kids were ushered to their classes Nancy, Olivia, Lisa and Kayla. They all went to the same class with Mrs. McDonald. We have 2 new students joining the class with us today. You want to introduce yourselves? Lisa went first I'm Lisa Stanton. I'm 5. I am living with my new Mommy and Daddy, Nancy is my new sister. Are you being adopted asked the teacher? Not yet I'm just a fester kid. I think the word is foster kid said Mrs McDonald. But my mommy and daddy want me like Nancy. Thank you said Mrs. McDonald. I'm Kayla Hobson, I'm a foster sister to Olivia and Nancy and Lisa are my cousins. It's nice to have you 2 in our class, welcome! Lisa said quietly to Kayla that wasn't so bad. Kayla gave her a smile back. Lisa and Kayla had just made friends with each other!
  3. It's a Family Affair!

    Chris told India what had happened with Lisa's mother that morning. It's a good thing it was you dear she said, I think I would of been inclined to do the same to her! I think Mr. English thought I was going to do the same! After I had her apologizing to Lisa, he was most impressed. I used my words not fists, other than I did grab her arm to stop her from assaulting Lisa. Mr. English did tell me something. What was that asked India? You know how Lisa told us her dad was dead? Yeah did he tell you how he died, asked India? No because he hadn't. Is that going to be a problem when we go to adopt her India asked? No said Chris, his rights have already been severed. He is in prison for the next 30 years. He molested all of his kids, including Lisa. Right now she doesn't remember anything but who knows what will happen when she gets older, she may or may not remember! Poor kid said India! No wonder she still wets the bed! She and Nancy both told me that they will be in the same class for Kindergarten. At least she will have two friends said India. She wants me to go to school with her, she is scared said Chris! Afraid the kids won't like her. Said Chris. What did you tell her, asked India? I told her the boys won't be able to keep their eyes off her. She told me Boys are gross. I told her to keep that attitude until she is 20! It won't last said India. We have Krystal dating Stacy's son. She is only 8 almost 9. She used to think boys were gross as well said India!
  4. It's a Family Affair!

    Do I have to go to school asked Lisa as they were at McDonald's. Unfortunately, why asked Chris? I like kicking it with you, just hanging out like today, said Lisa. I'm glad you like me Lisa, but to me education is very important. India as well, you know she is a nurse. Yes said Lisa. But I know that it's important, can you come and go to school with me. Sorry but I don't fit in those tiny desks or chairs in Kindergarten! What's really the problem? I'm scared daddy. What if the kids don't like me? I can't imagine why not, your very likable! Heck those kindergarten boys won't be able to keep their eyes off a cute girl like you! Ugh boys are gross! Exactly keep that attitude until your 20! The lady sitting next to him began to giggle when he said that. I gotta go potty. Lisa got up and went to the restroom.. the lady asked him is that your daughter? Yes and no said Chris I'm only her foster father right now, but we're hoping to turn it into a full time gig real soon. She likes you a lot. How long has she been in your care. Since yesterday said Chris. Really she looks like she could of been yours for month. I was at CPS when her mom dropped her off yesterday. Why would a mother just drop a child like her off, I find that odd, the lady said. She has a few physical problems. Today her mom tried to slap her when we went into CPS for some testing. I stopped her from doing so. I'm Lisa's knight in shining armor now! You protected her like a good dad should, said the lady. I just can't believe a mother could just give up a child like that so willingly! Well one of the problems that her mother had was Lisa still bed wets. That's all said the lady. Doesn't she know that since that great... big... football.... player. That's you isn't it? I thought I recognized you! Yes it is me said Chris. I want to thank you the lady said. My daughter that was 10 when you and that other guy made that commercial she was a bedwetter and you did wonders for her. She still does but she doesn't let it get in the way she has a boyfriend lots of girlfriends she loves life now, that wasn't always the case! Most of her really good friends know that she wets still. Lisa was back. We need to go get you registered at school little one. The lady said you shouldn't have any problems making friends, your a very beautiful girl! Lisa smiled at the lady thank you she said! Chris took her in he had the transcripts of the testing today. The proxy to enroll her in school. She was registered in the same class as Nancy and Olivia. She already had a sister in the class, as well as a cousin.
  5. It's a Family Affair!

    Chris before he left asked, can I get her registered for school? I would say yes, but let me check with the Psych. He came back a few minutes later, he didn't look pleased ! Yes you can he said. Is everything alright asked Chris? Yes now it is now, the psych felt that you might not be a suitable parent. She sited that your a big guy that might be prone to violence, because you play a violent sport. I had to set her straight, that your probably the biggest teddybears out there. Even when you play you play within the rules. Your the poster child of playing fair I told her. Number 2, she felt that with Lisa being raised in an environment with such a history of bedwetting and the like. That it may delay LIsa getting dry. I informed her until Kenny was placed with you he was an occasional bed wetter, but hasn't wet in months. He is the driest in the family. I also clued her into Ephraim and Francis, that they pretty much went their whole lives without becoming bedwetters. Hate to bust your bubble now Mr. English, Chris said but Ephraim is one of us now.? What happened. A couple of years ago he rescued a neighbor from burning to death, her house cough fire. Rescuing her his knees were severly burned. They got infected, there was talk of amputation. They used a Stent that loads antibiotics at the injury site. In 2% it causes bladder spasms. In 2% of the 2% it becomes permanent he was also in that 2%. When I got bit by that guy last year, they gave it to me as well. Since Ephraim reacted to it they expected me to be affected in the day time. It didn't! At night, I wet almost double of what I used to before it. So Francis is the only dry sibling you got? Yes and when she is pregnant she wears diapers as she begins to wet as well. How come we haven't seen her putting in for adoption. A couple of years ago she was shot by a kiss that shot her husband. This wasn't the one in the news was it? Yeah it was she lost the use of about 50% to 75% the use of one lung. Too much exertion causes her to pass out. Tell her to come on in I have a girl that has Cystic Fibrosis she isn't very active either! They are perfect for each other! She is what we call medically delicate. Somehow she ended up in a family of overachievers they run 5K, 10K's Marathons and the dad is into Triathlons. It about killed the poor girl trying to keep up. A underling of mine placed her there. I don't know what she was thinking! She needs calm and quiet. Sounds about what Francis needs as well. Okay said Chris I will let her know! I really appreciate your family getting these kids into a good homes, your not only helping me out your helping those kids out as well. How many kids we got placed in your family lets see Arthur and Betsy have 3. You have 4 with Lisa that's 7. Darla and Jeff will be getting 2. That's 9. Ephraim will get 1 that's 10. If Francis gets Pet, that's 11, Gary and Maria have 2 that's 13. Hermione has one that's 14. Stacy has 2, that's 16. Marcus and Maggie will get 1, that's 17, Brent and Lydia will be getting 1 that's 18! Are you sure you dont b want another 2 make it an even 20. Chris? Chris joked, If I left it up to India I think she would get 4 more and make it an even Dozen for us. I would be happy with just the 2! Maybe I can talk Ephraim and Hermione and Marcus and Brent into another one each, thought Mr. English out loud. On my case load I have almost 50 kids. Your family has reduced it almost half. Unfortunately for every kid I place there are 2 more waiting in the wings. Lisa getting dropped off by her mother like that, she is the tip of the iceberg. At least 20 a day statewide. Is their anything that you could suggest to make it easier to adopt? Chris said yeah one big thing the year between approval to adopt and the adoption. My kids are always saying how long it is, a year is like three in kid years. That's from Christmas to Christmas. Remember it was like forever for Christmas to come every year! Yeah I think you become an adult when a year goes by so fast and it seems they get faster the closer I get to meeting my maker! Six months is a long time for a kid. A whole football season has came and gone since we filed to adopt Kenny and Krystal. Then Alexandria is a few months behind them. Now we have to get ready to adopt Lisa here. Lisa can to go and see if the receptionist has a piece of candy or two for you please? Thank you! Mr. English got serious. Lisa thinks her dad has died. He is still alive. Will that pose a problem with the adoption, asked Chris? No his rights have been severed already. He's doing 50 years for child molestation. He molested Lisa when she was just a toddler, both of his sons. It was easier just to say he is dead. We dont know if one day she will remember or not but their is that in the background! Well cross that bridge when we come to it said Chris. Lisa came back with a miniature snickers bar. You going to want Chicken McNuggets after eating candy, he joked. Yeah I'm still hungry said Lisa! So am I said Chris I think I will get a Big Mac and Fries with 20 piece McNuggets, with a root beer or orange. Maybe a Coke Zero! Yeah I like Coke Zero said Lisa! With that they left.
  6. Glory Be

    Eve, Adam, Leeza, Lindsey, and Tommy arrived back at home. Katie took care of the kids and their diapers, Lindsey was able to stay dry the entire trip. After the kids were all squared away it was time for the parents. Adam was dry. Eve said I am as well I haven't peed yet! Said Eve I'm as dry as Adam! Uhhm said Katie, Ma'am your soaked! But I haven't peed yet! At least I don't think I have, I don't remember peeing! Eve waned to cry. Katie tryed to make her feel better, it's probably due to your pregnancy. Must be said Eve. I was wanting a nap today, I'm pretty tired said Eve. You want some companionship asked Adam? It's your bed said Eve. Its our bed said Adam. They both took an hour nap before Katie came and woke them up for Dinner. Eve felt much better. As she got up she could feel her diaper sag she was soaked again, it has only been an hour or so since she was changed. For the past couple of weeks diapers have been a real turn on for her, wearing and wetting them, exciting the hell out of Adam with the wetting of them! Could she be losing control? Being Adam's baby is making her loose control! Being incontinent was embarrassing, but in a way wasn't this was what she had been doing with Adam playing like she had no control. She was slowly actually turning into a woman that has no control! Be careful what you wish for you just might get it!
  7. It's a Family Affair!

    Why is that asked the psych? Well because I have a daddy and a mommy, they don't yell like my old mommy, I have sisters, all I had before was brothers and they would do things, then blame me and my mommy believed them. I got in trouble for things they did, maybe mommy will find out I didn't do everything they said I did. Chris had to wait while Lisa was given her educational test. She came out and have him a hug. That test was pretty easy! What do you want for lunch asked Chris? Chicken McNuggets, was her answer! What is it with kids and McDonald's, he wondered? Mr. English said as they were getting ready to leave. You got one very bright girl there Chris, she scored real high on the academic part of the test! Nothing glaring from the physical. We won't hear anything from the psych for a couple of weeks yet. But I think she is pretty well adjusted as far as children go. Did you know I knew your daddy here when he was your age? Really, she asked? Yes and he was a lot like you. I always knew he was going to be successful. He was just that kind of kid. Now when I see him play football I tell people I'm with I knew that kid when I was bigger than him!
  8. It's a Family Affair!

    They asked Lisa if she had ever had Cancer, no she said. Diabetis, what's that she asked? Where your body doesn't handle sugar very well. No I like sweet things especially Oreos Double Stuffed Cookies. The doctor marked no. They asked about other ailments. They got to the question about bedwetting, she got real quite and stared at the ground, the guy asked again. Chris said yes, that's why her mother dropped her off here. Because she bedwet? Yes sir said Chris. The doctor looked she is only 5 right? Doesn't her mother know that we as doctors don't see it as a problem until age 7? About 25- 35% of 5 year olds still wet their bed on a regular basis. And about 15% of them stoll have day time problems. Chris said I did until 3rd grade! Really what age did to get dry at night? Chris grinned well as of last night I was still wetting my bed! Really the doctor asked? Yeah said Chris. Well there is still that great big football player that got outed a frw years back. Mitcham or something like that. Mitchell said Chris, Christian Mitchell. That's right I don't follow football much the doctor said, he is probably the most famous bedwetter ever! Said the doctor. Yes I am said Chris! The doctor looked through the packet. Your Chris Mitchell aren't you this little girls Foster Father. Girl your pretty lucky. Why's that asked Lisa? This guy is pretty famous! Really she said to me he's just daddy. He is famous to me for that! I've never had a daddy before. The next part was a psych said I'm going to say a word like if I say Black you would say? White, said Lisa. Its just that simple said the lady. Daddy, dead said Lisa. Is your daddy dead asked the lady? Yes said Lisa. But I got a new one he is still alive said Lisa! Yes I can see that said the lady, with a smile. Mommy? Mean said Lisa. Was your mommy mean to you asked the lady. She brought me here and dropped me off. When we got here today she tried to slap me. Daddy stopped her, stuck up for me. Did he hurt her, threaten her the psych asked? Lisa looked confused no he talked to get nicely about me and told her what a good girl I was, how polite I was. He thanked her for allowing me to be a part of their family. He did grab her hand so she couldn't hit me. Did your mother hit you very often? Not all the time no just sometimes, when she would really her mad at me. What did she get mad at you for asked the lady. Lisa whispered I still pee my bed! Just for that the lady asked? Yeah said Lisa. How did that make you feel? I couldn't help it. I would go to bed dry and when I woke up I was wet I don't remember peeing but I was wet still the same. She thought I had done it just to piss her off, she asked me if I did it just to piss her off. As mad as she got some mornings I knew that I didn't mean to piss her off. I just did. How are your new daddy and mommy about you wetting your bed? I didn't get yelled at when I woke up this morning, neither did Nancy? Who is Nancy asked the lady? She is my new sister she wets her bed to whispered Lisa. Is she a fostor or a biological child she asked Chris? She is a biogical child said Chris. Do you or your wife have a history of bedwetting,? Yes said Chris. Which one both of us said Chris any other children in the home? Yes there are 8 kids with Lisa 4 biological 4 were adopting or wanting to adopt. Tell me about your Children that you have Chris. The oldest is Kenny he is 13 going on 14 we should finalize the adoption in about 2 or 3 months. Does he wet his bed asked the Psych? No not anymore said Chris. Then there is Alexandria, she is almost 12 years old. Any bedwetting in her. She is incontinent, her bladder never developed. Is she adopted as well asked the lady. Yes said Chris then is Krystal she is Kenny's sister she is going on 9 years old. Does she have problems asked the lady? Yes said Chis since the death of her parents at age 4. Must of been tough said the Psych. Then Lisa here we hope to be able to adopt her, parental rights were signed over today. Okay said the lady. Then there is Nancy just a couple of months younger than Lisa, biological daughter, bedwetter. Then Walter he is 2 years old biological child. Too young to see if he will be a bedwetter. Then a set of biological twins, Arthur Adam and Brandt Benjamin both 7 months old pretty nice family. Lisa if you could live with either family would you chose your mom and two brothers or the Mitchell's which would you choose? The Mitchell's she said!
  9. Unconventional Solutions - 9

    Wow, need a cigarette to smoke after that chapter!
  10. It's a Family Affair!

    Next morning Chis and India got the kids up and bathed. Lisa saw Krystal and Chris getting what looked like a huge hug. She asked Krystal about it and Krystal told her every morning and every night daddy and I meet he gives me a big bear hug. My daddy used to do that every day before my parents were killed. I missed the hugs, until I got here he gives them to me and I feel good all day. When things are going bad, I think about those hugs, everything kind of goes away. Lisa asked, Are you afraid he might hurt you? He looks strong! Oh he is, said Krystal he doesn't squeeze as hard as he could, I know that! He would kill me if he went full strength. Mommy told me on their first date he gave her one and she couldn't breathe. Wow! Said Lisa, for me it's great just having a daddy! I haven't had one since before I was born. Mine left and never came back. My mommy told me he was killed. How asked Krystal, did she tell you how he died? No just that he was dead said Lisa. They loaded the kids up in the car, am I going to go to school today asked Lisa? Not today said Chris we have to go back to CPS. I will be with you the whole time I'm not leaving you there, I promise! Part of the deal was since I took you home they need to do tests on you to find out your okay, they are going to give you a physical, test to see how smart you are, and a guy is going to talk to you. That's the psych part said Kenny, they want to see if if your crazy! I'm not crazy, Lisa said. I know your not, said Chris. I will be there the whole time I'm not leaving. If you need a hug or anything I will be there for you. Can you come in with me hold my hand, asked Lisa maybe for the physical I can and the psych part but the education part I have already been told I can't. Okay said Lisa resigning herself that her daddy couldn't be with her. She like the thought of having a daddy. According to Kenny this was a good family. He should know. He's been in bad ones, all you had to do was see his back. After her siblings were dropped off at school, Lisa and Chris continued to CPS. Mr. English was dealing with a lady when they arrived. Lisa hid behind him. He heard Mr. English say, ma'am if you sign the paperwork so your daughter can become a ward of the sfate, otherwise we will have to go to court and you will probably loose your other two sons. You brought your child her dropped her off and left her, we could charge you with abandonment. Either you sign your daughter over to us or we will go after the removal of all children! Dammit, the lady said she wasn't worth it in the first place! Well the people that want to adopt her disagree said Mr. English. They find her a delight. He winked at Chris. Fine whatever as she signed the paperwork. The lady turned and saw Chris, then she saw Lisa hiding behind her. She went and was going to slap Lisa. Chris grabbed her wrist, ma'am I wouldn't do that if I were you. The last person that hurt one of my children is in jail for assault and her teaching credentials have been pulled, she also walks with a defined limp now days! The lady looked up into Chris's eyes. You harm this girl and I'm sure Mr. English there will pull your two boys, thinking maybe you're treating them the same way. Take her she is nothing but a bedwetting brat anyway, Chris said I have not found her to be a brat. She is a perfectly good child. Very well mannered! I am proud to call her my foster child! I have something for her, you forgot a long time ago! What's that the Lady sneered? Love said Chris. Me my wife and our 7 kids love this little girl we want to make her #8 . She will also be our 4th adopted child. You really want her asked the lady? Oh yeah said Chris we do! But she wets her bed. Of the 4 kids that I have that are over 5 years old 3 of them are, one of those was born with a birth defect, she has no bladder what so ever, she wears diapers day and night we love her with that problem and all, she is a very beautiful child! You got focused on one aspect of Lisa, you forgot the whole her! She is somebody else other than a bladder that doesn't work very well! Thank you for allowing us to have Lisa! We promise we will love her, the whole her! He let go of the lady's wrist. Her demeanor had changed. Please take good care of Lisa, I think she is in good hands. Goodbye sweetheart! She left out the door. Lisa was crying and Chris picked her up and she cried into his shoulder. Thank you daddy I have never had anyone stand up for me before like that! I love you, said Lisa! Mr. English came and said Chris that was unbelievable. Have you ever thought about getting a degree in Social Work or Psychology? Your a natural. Something to think about when you retire from football! That lady went from angry to thanking you for taking care of her daughter. I actually thought she was going to be violent! Chris said, If she would of hurt Lisa, I was ready to tackle her, is that part of Psych 101? Mr. English laughed. Should be a prerequisite! He joked back. Are you okay Lisa Mr. English asked? I'm good, I'm glad she is gone. Me too said Mr. English! You can be adopted by Chris now what do you think. Can I be a Mitchell daddy? I think we can arrange that, said Chris. Me to said Mr. English! You ready for some testing Lisa asked Mr. English? Can my daddy come with me? Spendid, I think that can be arranged said Mr. English!
  11. It's a Family Affair!

    India said let's go to Lisa after dinner. Where we going asked Lisa? A surprise said India! They got in the car and began to drive. India looked and Lisa had tears running down her cheeks. When she got off the freeway she parked and asked Lisa what was wrong honey? Your taking me back to where daddy got me this morning. You mean CPS? Yeah said Lisa! That isn't true said India, what makes you think I am? That's where my mommy took me today, she told me a surprise also! I'm not taking you back Lisa, I'm taking you shopping for new clothes. You don't have much. So your not getting rid of me? No, dear said india, in fact we want you to be a part of our family! We hope that your mom's parental rights are severed, we want you to be a Mitchell. Me she asked. You mean you and daddy as my real mommy and daddy? I have to tell you something you might not like me after I tell you said Lisa. I still wet my bed, that's why my mommy took me to that place today! Do you still want me? India said yes I know you do said India. Daddy told me you did. Do you think your alone being a bedwetter? Daddy told me Nancy does, he tried to tell me he still did but I think he was trying to make me feel better. He's so big. Honey, said India he was telling you the truth. I do to said India. The only child we have that doesn't is Kenny and he used to. Alexandria wears diapers day and night, when she was born her bladder was non existent it's a birth defect in her family. Really asked Lisa so I'm not different here? No for our family your pretty much normal said India. Lisa was crying but it was a happy cry this time. Now you understand why we want you asked India? Let's go get you some clothes should we, asked India? Please asked Lisa. They got to the store and she got about 5 outfits and new shoes and socks, underwear that she picked out. Nothing that had cartoons, she called them her big girl undereear. The got her a dress for Sunday why do I need a dress asked Lisa? We go to church on Sunday said India. I've never gone to church said Lisa, mommy didn't believe in much. They got her some youth diapers ordered, like Nancy's. They arrived at home and she was surprised that daddy and mommy came and helped her and Nancy get ready for bed. They were tucked in and kissed good night. Lisa was happiest she had been in quite a while. Tonight was the first night that she was happy to be in bed. She wasn't worried about when she awoke tomorrow morning, yes she would be wet, that's what she did. Tomorrow though there would be no repercussions. She was safe!
  12. It's a Family Affair!

    They all loaded up in the van that Chris had brought them in, they had one extra leaving that they didn't have arriving. Lisa was surprised that all but Ephraim. Played football for the Raiders. He was a cop or something. Lisa figured out that her new daddy, she hadn't had one of those before, hers ran out and was suposibly killed, she was just a baby. Daddy and Darla, and Ephraim were brothers and sister. Marcus and Maggie, Brent and Lydia she hadn't figured out where they fit in the family. Jeff and Kathy, she had the most beautiful smile. Jeff was married to Darla, and Kathy to Ephraim. They went to way up north on the freeway. They got to a fairly large house and the van was parked. And they all got out Ephraim and Kathy got into a car and drove off the others went to homes nearby. This is it said Chris your new home. It was pretty big. Her house had been small in an area she heard her mother call Ghetto, that was the part of town she had grown up in Ghetto! They went in and the place was nice. There was a big picture that had lots and lots of people and kids in it, she recognized daddy Uncle Jeff Aunt Darla, Uncle Ephraim and Aunt Kathy. She wished someday she could be in a picture like this. She asked Daddy who are all these people? That's my family he said he pointed to two older people. This is my mom and dad Arthur and Betsy they wI'll be your grandfather and grandmother. This is me, and my wife India your new mom. That is Kenny, Alexandria, Krystal, Nancy, and Walter. Since this picture was taken we have Twins Arthur Adam and Brandt Benjamin. There is Jeff and Darla. They have Olivia, Victoria and since this picture Christian Charles. Then You Know Ephraim and Kathy they have Quinn and Xandra. Then there is Larry and Francis, they have Russell and Yolanda. Then there is Gary and Maria. Lisa said Maria and Larry look a lot alike. Chris said you are pretty smart. They are brother and Sister as well. Gary and Maria have Karen, Sarah, Taylor. Then there is Hermione and Paul they have Susan. And since this picture they are getting a girl that they are adopting Gayle Gatlin. Then there is my sister Stacy and her husband Benjamin. Stacy doesn't look like you said Lisa! There is a pretty good reason she is adopted. Like Karen, Sarah, Kenny, Alexandria, Krystal. She has Ulysses and they are adopting Holly Hayley and Ivan Ingram not in this picture. My mom and dad are adopting Danille Denise, Eve Evelyn, and Faith Faye. And now we have Lisa Lacy one of these days we'll get un up dated picture. Can I be in it asked Lisa? Of course, you will be part of the family, said Chris! Let's go put things in your room. You don't mind staying with Nancy do you? No I've never had a sister before. We'll move Krystal in with Alexandria. You and Nancy are about the same age. Your both 5 right? I'm 5 and a 1/2 she said! Like the 1/2 made all the difference in the world! They put her things away she really didn't come with much a bag of goodnites one change of clothes and undies and socks. Looks like we need to go shopping tonight for some clothes. I wonder? He gave her some of Nancy's clothes they fit, perfectly. He also noticed that she was still in her wet Goodnite from her nap sorry I forgot you wear diapers for sleeping he tore the Goidnite off gave her some wipes and gave her some undies to put on, he turned his back so she could have some privacy. What are you doing that for asked Lisa? So you can have some privacy said Chris surprised, why? My mommy used to change me with my 2 brothers watching. She told me babies don't care who sees them why should I? Well in our family we believe in privacy said Chris and he said these goodnitescare not the best he gave her one of Nancy's diapers that she wore at night you will wear these, okay? She smiled okay. You hungry asked Chris? Yeah she said. He made her a sandwich, chips and a glass of milk. She devoured it she wasn't used to eating like this. There was cereal for breakfast and school lunch, then whatever for dinner.the sandwich and Fritos her favorite. She burped and said scuse me! Chris smiled at her polite he though. He said you about ready to meet your brothers and sisters? Yeah she said. They got in the van and went to the school and soon a girl crawled in that she recognized as Nancy and the other girl was Olivia. Nancy said hi I'm Nancy and you are? Lisa she said how old are you asked Nancy ? 5 1/2 said Lisa. Same here said Nancy. This is my cousin Olivia said Nancy. Yeah I know I seen your picture in the house. Lisa is going to be living with us said Chris. Are we adopting her asked Nancy? Not yet said Chris she is just a foster kid right now. Cool said Nancy . About 2 minutes later Krystal got in. HI dad she said. She saw Lisa. I'm Krystal you're? Lisa she said good to meet you. Nancy said she is a foster kid. I used to be one of those me and Kenny, we're really brothers and sister but we're being adopted. Alexandria was next she said hi daddy and said hi to her sister and cousin. I'm Alexandria she smiled at Lisa and flashed her a purple smile. I'm Lisa she said, I'm a foster kid. Alright! Alexandria said. Are mom and dad going to adopt you? Chris said she isn't up for adoption right now she is just a foster child! Kenny got in and saw the extra child he extended his hand said, Hi I'm Kenny. I'm Lisa she said. Alexandria said Foster Kid not eligible for adoption yet. How many homes you been in so far asked Kenny? This is my first said Lisa. My mom dropped me off this morning . I met Daddy and he took me home. Great said Kenny! Welcome. Your really lucky, the Crisis Nursery is usually the first stop. This is your first home, don't get used to this, not all of them are this good. He lifted up his shirt and showed her his scars, got this before we came here at our last placement! Lisa almost wet herself when she saw Kenny's back. They left and soon were at a place called Kristin's Kids. Chris asked Lisa you want to give me a hand? Lisa went with Chris and they went in. Everybody said hi Chris to him. They asked who is this beautiful little girl! This is Lisa said Chris. Are you adopting another one they asked? Not yet she is still is a Foster Kid until her parental rights are severed. That's terrific. Said the lady do you want to adopt her? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Maria came out and Chris bent and gave her a kiss on her cheek how are you today, Chris asked? Had a kid try and escape at another facility took a header cut chin and sprained wrist. Here is Walter and the twins. Lisa tugged on Maria's shirt your Maria, Larry's sister wife of Gary. Yes I am said Maria and you are Lisa she said extending her hand. Chris said she is just a foster kid right now. Not eligible for adoption. Fantastic said Maria your what 5 or 6? Five and a half! I have two girls just a little older than you They are in first grade. I'm a Kindergartener said Lisa . Oh the same age as Nancy and Olivia! You guys I bet will get along just great! The twins were brought and Chris asked Lisa can you take Walter's hand? She did and Walter looked up and smiled at Lisa. She smiled back. She was the baby of her family that was no longer the case she had 3 younger brothers now. They got the kids into their car seats and Chris made a call. Hello pretty lady it's your husband. You want to pick up dinner on your way home. We have a guest and a surprise for you when you get home. No its not your mom! Said Chris. No its not Jeff and Darla, it's a surprise! India thought who could it be? It probably is a little friend from school of Nancy or Krystal. Hopefully Krystal she needs friends! She got Italian spaghetti, lasagna ravioli Fettuccine Alfredo her favorite with sausages on it. She got home and was introduced to Lisa, one of Nancy's friends. Not Krystal. Oh well. Lisa Lacy Stanton was a pretty well behaved child. India thought you know I could really love a child like this. She is just so cute. India was falling in love with her. To bad she is somebody else's kid! Chris took her aside. Did you get me more Jewelry? No said Chris should I have? What did you do you told me there was a surprise, from you that usually means something expensive said India! No said Chris they are paying us. Us, who? Lisa isn't a visitor she is a Foster Child. Ours she asked ? Yeah her mom dropped her off at CPS this morning I was there making sure the family attend the classes for mom. I fell in love with her at first she was this little scared girl. Now look at her said India she is confident. Where are we going to put her? I was thinking that we could move Krystal in with Akexandria. Then move her in with Nancy. What about Nancy's nighttime problem, The Mitchell's curse? Already covered, Lisa is cursed herself said Chris. Okay said India. Are we going to adopt her? We can't yet said Chris she hasn't had her parental rights severed yet. You would think that when a parent drops a kid off at a place like that, it would automatically sever those rights, said India. Believe it or not I'm not mad at you Chris! I think she is so cute, I guess I've fallen in love with her as well! I see why you brought her home. We're a good fit. We got to get her some clothes, said Chis. What she came in wearing was about all she owned. You want to babysit the kids while I take her to the store, asked India? I think that is an excellent idea said Chris! You two need to bond more!
  13. It's a Family Affair!

    The lady asked you want to take her home? Yes said Chis is there a problem? Yeah kind of said the receptionist, we hardly know anything about her, what do you need to know? Well we run tests to find disabilities, mental, physical, educationally. Chris said all I know is she needs a good home! Mr. Mitchell this is highly unusual. I've never seen a child come into the program and have foster parents for them right off the bat! Me and my brother both got kids, that came into our homes prior to you getting involved. They tested them in home! Why can't you do that with her? She realized she was beaten, she smiled and said not a dang thing! Are you sure Mr. Mitchell? Yes I wouldn't of asked if not said Chris. She seen a real sweetheart! She was scared until she met you, I don't think I would be scared of anything if I had a friend like you Mr. Mitchell. I will clear it with Mr. English. I hope you guys will be happy together with her in your family. Just to let you know it will take a few days to get her removed from her family legally. You won't be able to file for adoption at least for a few weeks or a month even. Jeff came in smiling. He smiled even more after seeing the little girl asleep on his side. What's this did you talk her to sleep? No joked back Chris she just came and thought I looked comfortable and found out I was! What's her name asked Jeff? Lisa Lacy Stanton. I'm kidnapping her. Said Chris. Well looks like we're getting a boy and a girl the boy's name is Jefferson James or JJ, he is 10, his sister is Kayla Kay, she is 5. You got Lisa Lacy. Marcus is looking at Mark Michael 6. Brent is getting a girl. Nadia Nedra 4. Ephraim and Kathy Ophelia Olive 7. Everything fits said Jeff. We have to wait until out fingerprints come back and a back ground check and a home study is complete. Just a few short days! Mr. English said looks like the weekend. I hate to admit it but I can't wait! Lisa woke up she saw Jeff and Chris. What happened, she asked! Nothing said Chris. I have a question for you Lisa how would you like to live with me and my family? Really you want me, my mommy doesn't. But I do said Chris! Lisa smiled, I wish I could tell my mommy a famous guy wants me as his daughter. Don't forget you'll be my niece as well said Jeff! Lisa asked who are You?
  14. It's a Family Affair!

    After dinner at Jeff and Darla's house, Jeff helped to get Olivia, Victoria, and Christian Charles ready for bed. Olivia was glad to have her daddy home. As was Victoria. Christian Charles wasn't to sure who this guy was, he wasn't the mommy! He threw a fit. After he got them all in bed. Darla wanted to talk with him. What's going on Jeff joked, you ready to divorce me? Nothing like that said Darla, I still love you! Mom wants us to look into adoption of a child. Hermione has one, and Stacy has two. Mom and dad have three. Do you think we could adopt 1 ourselves? I think we could love 1 or 2 more kids? We have space said Jeff, I always wanted a son, we have Chris, but I would like somebody older. I'm glad said Darla I've been wanting to do this but I wouldn't want to make this kind of decision without your input. At first I didn't like the idea, but now I do said Jeff. I want to adopt. I've always felt there was another child out there that we could help out there said Darla, I dont feel complete. Does that sound crazy, asked Darla? No said Jeff I feel the same way! Tuesday morning Chris took Jeff and Darla, Ephraim and Kathy, Marcus and Maggie, Brent and Lydia to CPS they met with Mr. English. 4 of you asked Mr. English? He got to know 4 Raider players with Chris. He recognized Darla and Ephraim from when they were kids. Ephraim was perhaps the least know one of the 4 couples but he did a very important job. He asked Ephraim if he knew this kid or that kid, ones that were formerly his kids that had gotten themselves in trouble and now resided where Ephraim works. Ephraim was surprised he knew most of them. They began the classes for the 8 people. Chris stayed in the waiting area. They brought a girl of about 5 or 6 years old she looked scared, terrified was more like it. She looked like she wanted to cry any second. She looked at Chris fearfully. Chris asked her are you okay. She slowly shook her head no. What's the matter Chris asked? I'm scared she said! What are you so scared about, asked Chris? My mommy dropped me off and told them she can't take care of me anymore. Her voice broke when she said this. So this is your first time being here, asked Chris? She nodded yes! I guess this place can be scary, I have a son and two daughters we're adopting. Really the girl asked you got em here? Well the boy and one of the girls we got here. The girl said your big you won't hurt me will you, the girl asked? What makes you think I would hurt you asked Chris? Your really big the girl said. Oh I don't harm little girls like you I go after big guys that carry football's. They will tell you I'm scary! Chris smiled at her. My name is Chris what's yours? Lisa Lacy Stanton that's a pretty name said Chris. The girl smiled, your quite pretty yourself! Me, she asked, I'm not pretty. Of course you are said Chris, who told you weren't. My mommy she doesn't like me. Why not asked Chris, I like you! My mommy doesn't like me because.... I still wet my bed she said this just verily audible. That's not so bad, I know lots of people older than you that do that. Yeah name one Lisa said! Me said Chis. Uhuh said Lisa your to big. Just because I'm big doesn't mean I don't said Chris I have 3 daughters all around your age that do as well. She started to feel more comfortable with Chris abd she moved closer. What do you do for a job the girl asked? I play professional football said Chris. Do you play for the Cardinals, the girl asked. No I'm a Raider said Chris. They got beat Sunday, said Lisa, my brother said If they had their best players playing they would of won. He said a guy named Christian and Mark were out injured are you Mark? No but it Marcus, I'm Christian, my friends call me Chris! What happened asked Lisa. I hurt my knee. Can I see asked Lisa? He lifted up his pant leg and showed her where they had operated on his knee. Wow Lisa said! She moved so She was sitting right next to him. Soon she leaned on his side her eyes got heavy and she started to call asleep. Chris woke her up sorry I had to wake you up but I didnt want you to embarrass yourself by wetting. Thank you she said. I'll be right back she took her suitcase and went to the bathroom she came out and whispered I got my Goodnite on she cuddled up to Chris and fell asleep. He wondered if India would kill him if he brought Lisa home? The receptionist came to check her and she saw Lisa sleeping on Chris, she smiled looks like you got another fan there Mr. Mitchell! Chris asked Can I keep her?
  15. Glory Be

    Adam asked, I take it you knew my sister's girlfriend? Yeah she said we both worked for Richard for a while. We were bedwetting hookers. Is there much of a call for that asked Adam? You would be surprised said Eve! Some guys are into stuff like that. I had a lady just want to baby me even. Really asked Adam, sounds like something my mom would do, I mean when she was really missing Molly! He laughed not that she would, but I can see how that would bring her closer to Molly. I don't think it was your mom, said Eve, even if it was I wouldn't sell her out! I don't blame you, good way to stay on her good side! Eve changed tactics, Are you glad your sister Molly and her girlfriend Amber are back? Oh yeah said Adam, believe it or not I really do love her, I did miss her. But it was her choice to live on the streets and take drugs. Her thing no mine.!