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  1. Drownedinp

    My mother the bedwetter.

    At school Mrs. Bashton was teaching them about the planet's and the moon. She had taken a ball and used Paper Mache she had used more to make mountains and geographical places that correspond with the moon. She had labeled these places she told them all about the moon landing of Apollo 11 in July 1968. It sparked an interest in Bethany, she wanted a telescope for Christmas a really good one that she could actually see things like the Sea of Tranquility where Apollo 11 had landed. About this time the State Of Arizona had a Fair for the Foster Care kids. Bethany talked Mrs. Bashton into attending with her they had Bethany and her new telescope and Mrs. Bashton had her planet. They had kids come and check things out. It was after dark and you could see the things on Mrs. Bashton's planet on Bethany's telescope. There were two girls that came Linda was about Bethany's age Kacey was a bit older. They never went to any other places they stayed and looked through the telescope and just seemed as interested as Bethany. Mrs. Bashton struck up a conversation with Linda. She was totally immersed in what was being said. Linda asked about what Mrs. Bashton thought about the fact that lots of people think that the moon landing was staged and didn't really happen? Mrs. Bashton was surprised that this girl had heard that theory. "What would be the reasoning behind that?" Asked Mrs. Bashton. "I don't know said Linda but I just heard that before?" "I've heard that for years. Myself I don't believe that it was staged! Your every bright girl Linda, most kids your age, things like that don't matter to them. Linda smiled she wasn't used to getting compliments like this. She hadn't been told she was smart in a long time. If anything she had been called anything but. She had just been removed from her parents and put in the Crisis Nursery. They were not very nice people to her. She always felt that to them she was a burden, unwanted one at that. They never told or showed her anything different. Her father beat her so bad she was in the hospital for about 3 weeks she had a broken arm from her dad twisting it, he dislocated her knee from him stomping on it, her Coxic was broken from him kicking her in the ass, your Coxic is your tailbone. She had cracked ribs and one broken one from where he had kicked her in her crib cage. The broken one had almost punctured her lung, it was touching her lung on the xray they told her if she moved wrong it could have done so. Her dad hurt her than left state so he wouldn't get in trouble. They were looking for him. Mom stood by and laughed ad daddy while he hurt her. She was stoned or drunk again or both. Mommy was arrested for child endangerment she didn't stop him from hurting her. It was because she wet her bed. They got mad when she did, which was pretty much every night. Since arriving at the Nursery she has also been wetting in the day time. They put her in diapers. How many other kids her age have to wear diapers all the time? She was sure there werent vefy many. The girl Bethany her mom came and asked her something she looked at Linda and blushed and shook her head yes. Kacey asked her if she was wet, she blushed and looked at Bethany. They both made their way to the restroom with their other person, Bethany, with her mom and Linda with Kacey. Mrs. Baston wasn't far behind she needed a changed as well. The arrived at about the same time. Kacey told Linda to hop up on the changing station. She couldn't even make eye contact with Bethany. She probably thought she was pathetic, almost 7 and still on diapers! A tear ran down Linda's cheek. She wasn't crying but she was tearing up. Soon it was over, what a looser you are she thought. Soon Bethany was up where she had been seconds before. What the heck Bethany was diapered as well. "Why do you wear diapers," Linda asked? "My uncle molested me he raped me." "I thought I was the only one that still needed diapers in the daytime." Said Linda. "Nope I got damage, I have an older sister that that wears in the daytime, she still wets her bed but likes to be in diapers all the time." "Really?" "Yeah, why are you diapered?" "My daddy beat me up pretty bad, I'm scared and I wet so I haft to wear diapers. They call it?" She looked at Kacey. "PTSD." Kacey said. "Yeah thats it! It's got a big name they call it PTSD for short. That's why I haft to wear diapers." Mrs. Bashton came out after changing her diaper. "You poor girl. My daddy did the same thing that Bethany's uncle did to her. I wear diapers all the time too." "Really you, but your an adult, when did your daddy do that to You?" "When I was about your age. I've worn diapers my whole life!" "Wow that's a long time!" Said Linda. "Do you have a Fostor Family that you live with?" Asked Mrs. Bashton. "No not yet I'm in the Crisis Nursery until tney can find somebody for me to live with, I have Special Needs she whispered." "Don't we all asked Mrs. Bashton?" Mrs. Bashton was introduced to Mr. English. They talked and talked. They talked about her husband and about her and Mr. English got her certified to be Linda's Foster mom! Down the line Mrs. Bashton was able to adopt Linda.
  2. Drownedinp

    My mother the bedwetter.

    Australia was an entire continent, let alone a country. April thought it was looking like a needle in a haystack! It took a while but they did find Charlotte's long lost cousin. His name was McKenzie Cooper, the problem was he was a drunk he was never sober, he made a living panhandling money for booze. He would be given a long lost cousin if he could stop drinking he didn't want to do that so Charlotte was now a ward of the state. Mr. English also found Raymond's relative near Boston Massachusetts. He was a deep sea fisherman and was gone months and months at a time out fishing he didn't want a child holding him back. He was also now a ward of the state as well. Nobody was more pleased to being adopted as was Charlotte. She was already going by Charlotte Evans. There we nothing legal yet but she was ready. Raymond had also had papers filed for adoption. After all the kids they had April and Ted dec8ded they were though. They were no longer willing to take kids in they had Kerri, Charlotte, Jessica, Bryce, Kevin/ Kellie, Sheila and Sheena, Sean, Robert, Yolanda, Bethany, Laurie, Raymond, Ted Jr. 14 kids and 2 parents. That's 16 people in their family, that was enough for anybody.
  3. Drownedinp

    The Naughty Couple!

    At school Clairissa and Genesis were the top of their class, we helped them finish their homework, one thing we wouldn't do was give them the answer. We explained all about spelling, you know I before E except after C. Mathematics rules. I was talking history as the things that they were learning was stuff I had lived through. Same with Candy. One of the chapters was on the 911 attacks when Candy and I was talking about the attacks and Clairissa asked us when it happened September 11, and when Candy said the year Clairissa said "Your Really Old!" Candy felt bad, that was the first time she had been called old. I was used to it I've been called old for years. It barely phased me anymore I believe this was probably the first time for Candy to be the old. She took it to heart, she was depressed she stayed in bed and refused to get up. I don't remember taking it so bad the first time, of course I'm not a woman and when an 8 year old calls you that. Consider the source to an 8 year old 10 years is a long time. I remember a time when I thought that 21 was ancient. What I wouldn't give to be 21 again, in a few more years I would be 3 times 21 or 63. I'm closer to that than I am 42 years old. I explained to Candy and she thought for a while I was right to Clairissa 10 years old was older than she was. 10 years ago she was 18 years old, she had just finished high scool and was a Freshman in college. She just moved away from home where she wasnt getting sexually abused by her father anymore. When Clairissa was born she was a Junior in college. Her and my daughter Melissa were roommates at ASU. I and my wife Brenda had met her. Melissa had brought her home for a weekend every so often. Of course in those days other than she was cute she was not on the menu. I was happily married to Brenda. I thought to myself in those days she will make a great wife for some guy. Little did I know that it would be me.
  4. Drownedinp

    The Visitor

    After my daughter moved back in with me, I was out to prove she was loved by me. We talked one night and we talked about everything. Why she had abandoned her kids. I told her it was going to take some time before she was back in favor with them. We talked about Francine and Rachel's bedwetting. Making them sleep in the same crib. They were beyond the age of being babies. Just because you see their bedwetting as a childish behavior doesn't make it one. I told her Trudy is still a bedwetter and is approaching 14 years old the same age as Denny and still wets her bed. Her cousin Yvette is still a bedwetter. That was when she told me since being in jail that her nightmares she had makes her wet her bed. She said if I have to I guess I will be sleeping right between them now. I also admitted to her since having children Beautiful is incontinent. And since hernia surgery I wet mine on occasion now as well. "Poor daddy" she said. I explained that I have found adult diapers, plus your two are wearing diapers at night as well. They haven't actually wet the bed in weeks, diapers yes, beds No! It's a lot more comfortable in diapers. I took her to the place that i get mine and we got some for my daughter. At first the stigma of wearing and wetting her diapers at her age, was totally embarrassing. Soon I was getting her and her two diapered every night for bed.
  5. Drownedinp

    It's a Family Affair

    Norman decided to stay with Susan. He went to his meeting and was diapered. There were drinks passed around. He almost leaked but he arrived back in time for Hermione yo change him. He had also stopped by and checked out of his hotel room. He had his suitcase with him. The next day Rebbecca, Paul, Susan, Hermione and Norman were diapered and put in the playroom. At first Rebbecca hated Norman, he was after all looking to marry her youngest daughter. Therefore he was the enemy. Rebbecca was more protective of Susan than she was of her other two Wanda and Paul. Susan was much more delicate medical wise than her other fwo. How many other 28 year olds require them to still be diapered and bathed by their mommies? With her problems of producing no Horemone to stop Susan from wetting her bed. It took a few years but she had stopped Susan from waking up in wet sheets every morning. Then having to bathe her so she won't drink her tub water or even from the toilet if needs be. That's why she needed more hands on than her others. Here was Norman getting ready to possibly take her baby girl away. Then on the other hand Susan was her most beautiful daughter, she deserved to find happiness. Rebbecca saw a blossoming since Hermione had came into Susan's life. A confidence that wasn't there before. A strife to be more interdependent. She loved Hermione, Susan saw her as a long lost sister. Rebbecca saw Hermione as a long lost daughter as well. Even Wanda liked Hermione, that was saying a lot! Wanda usually held everybody in disdain. They were all babies that day Susan was overly quiet, she had a task to do. She had to propose to Norman, he had to turn down that proposal. She was scared he might say Yes! Hermione had changed her twice as much as she had the others including herself. Hermione knew that Susan was scared to the point of wetting herself. Hermione said they had ran out of diapers, she took Susan and Paul to get more. Susan began to cry when she got away from Norman. "Paul were you as scared as I am when you had to propose to Hermione like this? What if he accepts? "Susan don't you think I wasn't in ypur shoes just a few short months ago? I was scared what if she said Yes? Remember it took a couple if days for her to say no. I knew she hated the idea I could see it on her face, but she didn't want to hurt our family by saying No! You don't think I didn't sleep well for a couple of nights?" "Susan your my sister, I will hold your hand while you ask him if you need you can squeeze my hand until you crush it if needs be," said Hermione. "I got your other hand Susan!" Said Paul they got more diapers and returned to the playroom. Susan felt like a condemned man walking towards their final moments. Every step that they took towards the playroom she felt her diapers warm and get heavier. They were there it was execution time, for Susan. She wiped her eyes and took a deep breath as they all three entered the playeoom. The three sat opposite Norman, Hermione had her right hand, Paul had her left. Rebbecca knew that Norman was a true bedwetter, he accepted the family as babies, it wasn't weird or foreign to him. Part three the marrage proposal was coming up. Susan looked like the deer caught in the proverbial headlights. In her heart Rebbecca was praying for Susan, she wasn't the only one a person on each side of her was also praying for Susan. "Norman I really like you, I want to marry you! Susan had to swallow, she wished she had something stronger than water right now something with lots of alcohol to get her through This! What would you think about slipping off to Reno it's only a couple of hours away, we could get married that rather quickly!" Susan blurted that out she knew she would need a new diaper in a few minutes, the one she was wearing was positively soaked. "A Reno wedding, hmm"? I don't think so Susan. When I get married I just don't want Elvis or somebody impersonal like that marrying us! If you gave a clergyman that you like that can do it right that's fine by me. My family hardly ever goes go church I don't know anybody that is religious, other than Hermione here. Ask her if she knows anybody that can marry us when we do get married!" Norman said. Susan's heart leaped in her chest. She flooded her already soaked diaper but This time it was because she was so relieved part three was over. Rebbecca asked Norman "What's your favorite color?"
  6. Drownedinp

    The trip that changed my life!

    Needless to say Lenore moved from our house. We were just us again. A few months later Trixie gave birth to our first a daughter. We named her Carrie. 7 months later Trixie was pregnant again. 8 months later we had a boy we named him Colin Russell Twitchell Jr. I wasn't very happy because when a kid becomes Junior I always felt that the parents had no imagination. Now what do we have but a Junior. We did consider other names but we settled on Junior. About a year later Trixie got pregnant again. My dad teased me telling me, " They know what causes that these days!" 8 months later we had twins a two little girls. We named them Mary and Lenore. Mary was about 4 inches shorter that Lenore who at 16 was 5' 11 inches tall. My height. Mary took after Trixie. They were named after my Aunt Mary and Trixie's mother. The funny thing was all my daughters took after Trixie and I they were bedwetters, Colin Junior wet his until 7 years old then stopped. The other 3 girls and his parents never did stop. Trixie started getting really sick she got breast cancer. I was so worried that I hadn't played attention to my own body. At 56 years old I was struck with a heart attack. I needed oxygen from there on out. I died before Trixie and she buried me close to my sister Gayla. Her mom Lenore died within a few months of me leaving Trixie with 4 kids. The End!
  7. Drownedinp

    The trip that changed my life!

    Approximately 6 weeks later we were in court to disolve the marrage of Trixie's parents. The lawyers had done their bit and decided since Lenore brought in almost 66% of the income she was awarded 66% of the savings and the house. Her dad Joe was asked if he was in agreement, had said "Whatever it takes to get rid of the bitch!" The Judge asked him "Excuse me?" To which Joe repeated his statement. The Judge told his lawyer to get his client under control. Joe then said "Whatever it takes to get rid of the bitch, your honor!" At that time the judge found Joe in contempt of court. Lenore sat and shook her head from side to side she couldn't believe that he was so full of himself that he would disrespect the judge like that. Joe was removed from the proceedings. The Judge did ask what it was like to be married to a man like that. She made one of the best statements. "Your Honor I and the courts do not have the time it would take for me to tell you what kind of life I've lived. The worst thing is our daughter, our only child did not abide his wishes, she married a fine man whom I am proud to call my son in law. This angered Joe that his daughter wouldn't listen. He denied that she was alive to him and since I was his wife I had to agree with him, she was dead to me as well. That is what brought me to my decion to divorce him. Im now back in my daughter's and her husband's life and they are expecting their first child in few months. I can not wait to be a grandmother! The judge agreed and the divorce was granted. Joe also got to spend 3 more days in jail because of being found in contempt of court. Lenore in a way was relieved and in another, she felt naked, she had been married longer than she was single, it just felt weird to be alone and single again. It was like a part of her was missing. Lenore wasn't single for long a guy she worked with was a widower. He had always had a thing for Lenore. But even though his wife had been killed, Lenore was still married. He adored her from afar. Now that she was just as free as he was. He made his move and Lenore said yes, to a date, then a second and a third. Arthur swept her off her feet. He had a son from his first wife that died, she was about Trixie's age Anna met Chuck Arthur's son and bam they were in love and getting married. One weekend Arthur and Lenore disappeared. Police reports were filed and the two were found, no foul play was involved they had flew to Vegas and had gotten married. Eloped without telling any body. Trixie had a Step dad and brother now. Soon Chuck asked Anna to marry him. When I met Chuck, i could figure out if Anna and him were going to hate each other. Both had the habit of asking you a question and awnswering it before you could answer.
  8. Drownedinp

    The trip that changed my life!

    Trixie's mum didn't have much in the way of things she brought with her, a change or two of clothes, no money, her dad had always handled that. Her mom worked. Her check was depositited into their account but she was only given enough to run the household, groceries, bills, supplys for cleaning the house. She hardly even knew how much she made. Since her check was deposited in their joint account which he had forbade her from using. We helped her open her own account and change her direct deposit. Unfortunately she would still loose one check to the account that they had had before it went to her account. We helped her buy clothes for work. She worked for the State of Arizona at the Department of Revenue. She wanted us to buy her Cheap diapers as since having Trixie through the years her bladder muscles have weakened and she was becoming incontinent. We helped her get some good diapers for day and nighttime use. Her mom never complained about anything I began to wonder how if began. I was sure Trixie's mother hadn't always been this subservient. Through the years she just accepted what was thrown at her by her husband. She spilled something at the dinner table and she looked panicked, like I was going to hurt her or something. I just helped her clean up the mess. She looked shocked. I told Trixie about it she told me her dad often used an iron hand against her mom. She had seen it. She had felt it herself. The more I heard about her dad the more intense my hatred for the man became. So after Trixie's mom Lenore, when her paycheck started going into her own account we discovered that she made quite a bit of money, she had been at her job about 24 years and was supervisor over her area. She wasn't rich but made about $55,000 A year. Before taxes insurances and things she had taken out. Still her take home was in the high $30, 000 range. Once her check diverted to her account Joesph, Trixie's dad came looking for her. He was pissed that she would do this to him! We were at the pub. Trixie and Lenore were actually eating and Lenore was enjoying a beer even. Joesph saw his wife now separated from him and demanded that she give him his money that was due him. He was becoming loud people were looking at the mad man yelling and screaming. I was proud of Lenore. She said "Your money? Well let me tell you that $126, 984.56 that we have in the bank, according to my lawyer is half mine.!" "It isn't it's my money. Said Joesph, I will take it and spend it and you won't get a dime!" "You see that's a shared account. Your wrong, Joe. My lawyer has put a freeze on that money until we split it evenly. You cant touch it and neither can I. Your allowed to take out what your paycheck is every two weeks but you can't touch anything else until after the divorce. You should be served papers the next few days." I had been watching from close by Joesph brought back his arm to punch her. "Come now Joesph are you going to assault me in here in front if all these witnesses? Right now all I have is Hearsay testimony that you were abusive, by all means go ahead and hit me and let me have all these witnesses I will get about 80% of everything." Joeseph punched at her anyway. That's when I jumped in and stopped him. He turned towards me leave me alone, mother fucker this is between me and my wife. No it isn't it's between me and my mother in law. We were both about the same height, I had him by a few pounds plus I had age on my side. I ran every morning which I'm sure he hadnt done in quite a few years. Besides my dad had brought out "The Enforcer" right behind him my dad had the Cricket Bat he used to defend his pub with. I have only seen him use it once in all my days. Looks like #2 was going to be tonight. He took a swing at me. It was such a slow punch I could of gone out and ordered pizza and had it delivered before it connected with me. I side stepped and her dad went to the ground, just as he started to swing at me dad swung "The Enforcer" at him in the back catching him in the kidney area. The force he used to punch st me coupled with the force from dad's bat he ended up on the floor. Mom had called the police they were on their way we could hear sirens in the distance. Joe could to, he tried to get up and run he decided he was hurt worse then he thought he went back to his knees. His eyes grew wide when he looked at me. It was the deer caught in the headlights look. The sirens were right outside our door. He made it to his feet and began to run only to be grabbed by two copes and put in handcuffs. Dad already had "The Enforcer" back under the bar. Everybody was interviewed incuding Lenore who made sure the cops knew that he attempted to beat her up again! It wasn't looking good for Joe Harrison. He was taken to the hospital as his back hurt. The biggest surprise was the next day when he went to pee and instead of yellow got blood red pee!
  9. Drownedinp

    The trip that changed my life!

    At first we lived with my parents. I hadn't moved out on my own yet. Then we got our own place. It was a small 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house. The yard was bigger than the house. We set up our first home. For us it was perfect. I would of liked to have a mansion for Trixie, but I knew I couldn't afford it. We got a dog a Whippet that is a Geordie dog. A poor man's Greyhound! He loved the back yard ne could leap and in about 9 leaps cover the whole yard leaping around the wooden fence. We named him Magpie, after the name of Newcastle United. Magpie was black and white and that was the color of Newcastle United. He was a smart dog he loved Trixie. I can't site him for that I did as well! One day for dinner we had baby back ribs, baby carrots and baby corn. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Trixie was trying to tell me something. She was expecting. I was overjoyed! A few weeks later I'm helping at the pub and so was Trixie. A lady came in that I thought I recognized. Trixie said "Hello mom!" "Can I talk to you and your husband?" We took her into our kitchen area where there was an office. "I don't know where to begin, your father and I are splitting. I'm so tired of him trying to tell me what to think and say, it wasn't my idea to kick you out of our family. That was all his doing. He is an Ass! Myself, Beatrice I was proud of you when you got married. But your father gave me his opinion and told me it was mine as well. I wasn't strong enough to tell him Hell No! I've been wanting to find out how you two are doing, he stopped me. Finally he drove that wedge between us that he drove between us and you. I decided I can't spend another day with that insufferable asshole! The problem is I don't have anywhere else to stay. I was hoping that you two would let me stay with you until I can get back on my own two feet?" I said "Your welcome to stay with us, I'm sure Trixie is going to need help in the next few months!" "I was going to ask you Beatrice are you pregnant? You look a little fuller in the tummy area!" "Yes mom I am pregnant!" Mom came looking for me. "We got customers!" "K, mom I will be right there!" I went out and it was Anna, Elinore and Robin. The girls that Trixie bad gone to England with. In Geordie I asked them if they wanted anything. To my surprise Anna said "whay, aye. Geordie for why yes! Bangers and Mash. Spotted Dick for desert!. Sorry I said no Spotted Dick but we do have Trifle for desert tonight. Trixie came out and gave the girls hugs all around she hadn't seen them since we left England. We found out they had stayed and traveled for a while not just Gateshead and Newcastle. We hiked Hadrian's Wall All the way to Carlisle. Then we went through the Lake District. Then down to Manchester and Liverpool. We seen where the Beatles all started. Instead of two weeks it was more like 2 months. We had a ball! "What's up with you, Anna asked. You pregnant yet? Of course you are!" I had to smile she always asked the questions then answered them herself. Trixie asked Elinore how she was doing? "Still having problems?" Robin answered "If your asking is she still wetting her bed, yes she is. We love the new Elinore. Another thing is we kind of found out that we like each other, were a couple now! We didn't know that either of us was gay but things happened and we've even had sex. Both our parents were shocked to say the least. Elinore said to me Aunt Mary sends her love to you two!" "That wouldn't be wor, sister Mary, now would it?" "Yeah dad these are Trixie's friends that she went to England with. Elinore here is the niece of Mary's husband John." "Of course she is she looks a lot like John." "Who is that lady in the Office?" Asked dad "That is Trixie's mother" "Oh!" was all dad said.
  10. Drownedinp

    The trip that changed my life!

    After arriving home we attempted to go talk to Trixie's parents, they actually were looking into getting it annulled. But since Trixie was over 21 and in a sane mind they had no legal recourse. So they told us since she had not taken their wishes into account, Trixie became dead to them. I told them that was kind of harsh she is your only daughter, only child! To them I was just as dead as Trixie. They even acted like we were not there, they literally turned their backs on us! We left. It broke Trixie's heart! Which in turn broke mine. The words of the Magistrate that married us came back to me for good times and bad this was one of those bad times. My family loved Trixie, she couldn't figure out Why my family loved her more than her own. One day mom and dad took us aside. "Colin do you ever remember visiting my family, Grandma and Grandpa Smith?" I thought back no I hadn't. "No mom I haven't!" "When I married your dad, just like Trixie's family my family disowned me! Not because your dad was English or anything like that. My dad was a preacher, one of those bible thumping fire and brimstone preachers. Just because your dad ran a pub where alcohol was served. The devils brew as my dad called it we were sinners, have you ever seen me work the pub part much?" "No mom I haven't!" "That is why, I grew up in a church, I thought that my church family would accept me. But my dad poisoned them against me, the whole congregation turned their backs on me. Friends I've had since childhood were now just like my parents. We almost divorced over It! Your dad loved me but he was willing to let me go so I could have my family back. It took a few years but I got over them. Soon your sister was born, we had already been married a few years already before that happened. Then 7 years later we had you! I tried to talk to my parents telling them that they had grandkids. My dad told me that you both would only be Bastards to them. I told my parents in no uncertain terms to fuck off! You two were the innocents here! Several of my friends that I had growing up have came and we have reconciled. They decided my dad was somewhat of an asshole. He told them that if they associated with me that he would ban them from his church! Most of them were banned and I heard a few years ago that my dad lost his church due to losing to many members. He wasn't replacing the ones he kicked out. At almost 62 my father came crawling back to me, the church owned the house they lived in. They were homeless. He came begging for me to take them in. It was my turn I told them sorry but your daughter is dead! My dad looked like i had slapped him. I also told him that he wouldn't want to live with his bastard grandkids. It was tough but it was my turn to turn my back on him. He called me an ingreat! That pissed me off, after the way he treated me and your dad we were supposed to be grateful for the way he treated us. I see them occasionally they wander around with the homeless now days because they still are. That's why we donate so much to help the homeless. I believe in Karma now. Their isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to just go find them and bring them here. Then I remember the hurt, then I don't want them around. I went to my mom and hugged her. "Mom I never knew I'm sorry!" "Don't be, you never did anything except be born! We decided that when you or your sister before she was killed, ever brought a boy or girl home even if we may not approve we would welcome them with open arms. Trixie we very much approve of you! Colin looks so happy." Dad said "Colin when you was growing up and still wet your bed I was disappointed, I thought I was cursed my son still pees his bed. Then you got to be a teenager, then a man that still wet his bed. I know that I kind of kept myself aloof from ye! But I have to admit today I'm very proud of ye! Trixie we do love ye! Sorry your parents can't see past the end of their noses, they lost a treasure!
  11. Drownedinp

    The trip that changed my life!

    Sunday I was miserable. For one Monday couldn't get here fast enough for me. I couldn't wait to marry Trixie. It seemed like her friends were shutting Trixie out, they would be talking up a storm, as soon as Trixie or I came close they quieted down. Was it because she was getting married? Trixie was almost near tears. She felt outcast by her friends already. Then they disappeared completely! Everybody was just missing. I had just about reached the end of my rope when Aunt Mary said "Colin and Trixie I need your help." We followed her into the pub. She said "I have a party in the Hall I need to get things set up, can you two give me a hand?" We walked into the Hall and...... "Surprise!" There were all of Trixie's friends. The place was all set up. It was decorated. There was a guy i didnt know standing at the front. Aunt Mary said "This is the magestrait. Mr. Taggart. He is going to marry you two. Today! "But Aunt Mary I don't have a ring to give her yet!" "Yes you do you daft boy! She handed me a ring. "That was your grandmothers ring. She gave it to me to give to my eldest son for when he got married. I never had any son's or daughters, so your the closest I have to a son dear boy! I would be honored If you gave it to your wife to pass on down to your son or daughter if you have any! Trixie looked at the ring it is very pretty I would be honored to wear it after were married. She tried it on it fit like a glove. We faced The Magestrait, Mr. Taggart. "We are gathered here today for the marriage of Colin Russell Twitchell and Beatrice Rose Harrison or Trixie as she is known to her friends by. Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people that have agreed to spend their lives together. It is a covenant not to be taken lightly. It is a giving of two halves to make a whole, the bible tells us a wife is to leave her family and cleave unto her husband, that also goes for the husband, he needs to cleave unto his wife! Now do you Colin take Trixie to be your wife, in sickness in health for better for worse in good times and bad times until death do you part?" "I do, I said!" "Beatrice, or Trixie, do you take Colin to be your husband, in sickness and health, for better or worse, in good times and bad times, until death do you part?" "I do said Trixie!" "If there is any here that know just cause that these two not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace!" He paused for about 15 seconds! By the power vested in me I now pronounce you Mr. And Mrs. Twitchell! You may kiss the bride and place the ring on her finger. Which I did both! The reason that her friends had shunned us most of the day was because they had been planning this wedding for us, all was forgiven. Aunt Mary had made a luncheon and had baked us a small wedding cake. We were married. I thought it unusual, that this day and age that the groom and bride both enter the union as Virgins. Other than the little oral sex we did the other night, we signed the forms I didn't have a best man, Trixie had Anna as her maid of honor, all her friends were brides maids. The best part was there was no ugly bridesmaid dresses that they had to wear. Everything was casual dress, Trixie wore a white dress but it was far from a wedding gown. I wore a button up shirt and tan Dockers. Anna asked Trixie if she had called her parents and given them the news yet? "Not yet I haven't, remember it's 9 hours earlier there it's still early morning. We went to my room and this time had sex, nothing oral about it! Later on we called Trixie's parents. Where my parents were open about us getting married and glad. Hers weren't. I felt sorry for Trixie! Her parents asked why the hell would you get married. They reminded her about her bedwetting, they wondered what kind of guy I was that would marry a bedwetter? Was I weird and somehow got off on bedwetting? I saved her I hung up and severed the call. Trixie couldn't understand why her parents would treat her that way. We talked, they should be happy that a man loves their bedwetting daughter enough to marry her. Her parents attitude stank and it was putting a damper on our wedding day. The next morning Trixie and I left for home. Me late and her early. I called my parents from the Airport and they were more than happy to pick us up. They couldn't wait to meet their new daughter in law! I explained that her parents weren't thrilled at us for getting married. For Trixie she was glad to have a new family, one that accepted her for who she was, not what they wanted her to be.
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    The trip that changed my life!

    That night when Trixie crawled into bed with me, I began to cuddle up with her. "Colin can we talk?" I was a bit taken back by her request. I gulped and said "Okay!" But I wasn't okay I was sure Trixie was going to dump me, everything that I had done, or not done to her or for her was running through my mind. "Colin the past three days have been wonderful!" I thought Alright here it comes I thought as I felt my heart leap into my throat! "I've really enjoyed our time together." A kiss off if I've ever heard one! "I want to take our relationship to the next level!" Huh? It wasnt a break up? "Colin like your mom and dad, I think we have loved each other since we first laid eyes on each other. I know I felt something when I met you. Anna told me that you felt it as well. In Hotel Transylvania they called it a zing! I zinged when I met you. The fact that I still wet my bed I was to embarrassed to act on it. Even when I found out you wet your bed as well I waited for the other shoe to drop. It hasnt! I guess if you asked me to marry you I would have to say yes!" I realized the ball was in my court now I got out of bed clad in only my diaper. I got down on one knee. "Trixie Harrison will you marry me? I know I don't have a ring but I promise I will get you before I marry you!" "So Monday were going ring shopping and getting married then?" "If that's what you want, thats what I want!" From behind our door we heard yeah! Lots of them I assumed all of her friends and Aunt Mary were listening to just what happened. I crawled back into bed and Trixie said "It's okay guys were semi decent!" The door burst open and everybody came in including Aunt Mary. I was hugged and kissed by them all as was Trixie. A few of her friends asked about how I was going to handle Trixie's bedwetting. I shocked most of them when I pulled off my covers exposing my diapers. Elinore said "I thought I saw you in diapers the other night! I guess I wasn't as drunk as I thought I was!" Aunt Mary had tears in her eyes. I asked her "What's wrong Aunt Mary?" "I guess there can be no more cheek and embarrassing you about having sex with you any more your lovely soon to be bride would clout me around me lugs, and hawd me gob!" A Geordie expression meaning she would hit me around my ears and hold my mouth! Your still my favorite Nephew!" Even Elinore gave Trixie a hug and me as one as well. She moved my hand to her butt cheek and I felt a diaper there as well. She winked at me. She was letting me know she was still wearing diapers. Was thIs a ploy to get to me or what? After everybody broke the party in our room and went to bed an hour later. I looked confused. "What's wrong," asked Trixie? "When Elinore kissed me she moved my hand to her butt and she was diapered, I don't know if she isn't still trying to put a wedge between us?" "It's nothing like that, Elinore and I talked, since that night she got drunk and we diapered her she has been wetting her bed again the past couple of nights. She told me she forgot how comfortable diapers were, she likes wearing them again and she is for now a bedwetter like us. She asked me if it was alright to share that fact with you. I was just hoping she would just tell you, but you know Elinore she has to make a production out of it!" "I just thought that maybe she was still trying to get to me by becoming more like you!" "Nope, but your right she is becoming more like me and it's for the better. If you haven't noticed she is getting nicer! If you must know I really think the reason she was so damned mean was because she missed her diapers. She has been an angel the past couple of days. Anna even noticed it!
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    The trip that changed my life!

    Next morning once again we bathed together. This timd I got to solo! We dressed and went and watched the teli. It was Saturday and a lot of games. I never knew it, I had only heard of the premier league. There were several others there was the first division, second division, and even a third division some of the towns were pretty large Bath, Carlise were in the third division. They had matches on all day they showed highlights of all games. They made the NFL seem like amatures. Even Trixie said that. We went to a Chinese Food place they had sweet and sour pork and fried rice it was very good. Anna went with us. We came back and I taught Trixie how to pour a pint of beer. I got orders and she filled them. Anna watched us. I couldn't prove it but I think Trixie started picking up on the Geordie language. Because there were a few times that I forgot and ordered in Geordie I'm sure! We worked and it was steady for like two or three hours then it trickled down we only had 2 customers in the whole place. One of them attempted to talk to Trixie. She had to tell them she was an American and didn't understand Geordie. I translated for him and her. He was surprised to find out she really was from Phoenix Arizona. He thought she was teasing him and she even showed him her drivers licence. He tried to pick her up but she assured him and me that her heart belonged to me. Then he wanted to fight me for her. I stood up I was way bigger than the bloke, luckily he backed down. I didn't really want Aunt Mary to kick me out for fighing. Besides he was drunk and I wasn't. He went to hit me and it was so slow I could of cooked a Pot Roast in the home it took to hit me I moved and he was so drunk he fell on his face. Literally, he came up and his nose and face was bleeding, I hadn't laid a hand on him and it looked like I really clobbered him! "Colin did you fight that man Aunt Mary asked?" "No ma'am I just moved to where be wasn't and he fell flat on his face, this was self inflicted." She gave me a look I know meant she didn't believe me!
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    The trip that changed my life!

    They ate their dinner, " Mom makes great Toads in the hole at home. We have Bangers and Mash we swerve in our restaurant." "What is Bangers and Mash Trixie asked me?" That's sausages mashed potatoes and onion gravy, one of my favorites!" "Sounds good, what else do you like?" "On Sunday were closed, mom makes Roast beef, mashed potatoes, oven fried potatoes and Yorkshire puddings!" "Sounds good but how sweet are Yorkshire puddings?" "Not at all, you know the batter that the Toads in the hole were cooked in. It's the same thing, just the Yorkshire Pudds are individual sized and filled with gravy themselves." Anna asked, "How do they cook them with gravy in them?" "They don't, you pour the gravy on afterwards." "Oh that does sound delicious," said Anna!" Despite the name they enjoyed the Spotted Dick. Robin said "Your so right this is so much better than egg custard!" Elinore came down to eat dinner with us, she still wasn't out of the woods yet but she was feeling better. That night I called my mom and dad and told them I was staying in England a bit longer. When they asked me why I told them I had met a girl and I just wanted to see where it took me. My mom did ask what about your nighttime problem? I assured her that Trixie new about me and I knew about hers. "Really her too?" My mother asked? "Yes mom!" "Oh son I am so glad for you! Are we ever going to get to meet her?" "Yes mom, she is from Phoenix!" "She is an American," mom asked?" "A native Arizonan mom, just like you!" "Where did you meet her?" "Believe it or not at the Airport in Phoenix, we talked on the plane over here." "Is that where you found out about her bedwetting,"asked my mom. "Kind of, we both fell asleep. She leaked through her diaper. She was wearing in case she fell asleep like me!" "Sounds serious, when are you two getting married?" "We haven't set a date yet, we do want to get married but, we just dont know when." "Son I'm really happy for you!" That night Trixie followed me to my room I helped her get her diaper on and she assisted me we cuddled in bed. I noticed she hadn't put her nightgown on tonight. I had had dreams like this,fantasies actually. Here it was happening for real and I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Trixie! I was frozen! Soon I felt her kissing my chest and my belly she worked her way down and she was fishing inside my diaper. She looked up at me smiling, after my penis was free. "Sorry I didnt get enough sausage at dinner!" Next thing I knew she was giving me a blow job! GOD, I LOVED IT! I never knew I would enjoy it this much! She came back up and I removed her diaper and it was my turn. I had never had eaten a girl out before. She was moaning and she seized up she began to wet herself I quickly put a diaper up to stop the flow when I pulled it away it looked like glue it had tendrils still stuck to her this wasn't pee! I had given her an orgasm, I smiled to myself at first I thought it was some type of seizure or something! She went back to my penis licking and sucking until I exploded. She had pulled my penis out of her mouth, but she had my cum still all over her face and lips. I used her dniaper to clean up my mess. I rediapered her and we fell asleep. In each other's arms. We were still cuddled together the next morning. This time I escorted her to the bath and we began and finished our bath together before returning to our room. Anna came and saw us walking back, she didn't know what we had done, but the look she gave us she knew we had been up to something!