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  1. Monday morning Arthur had to go to work. Betsy got the girls up and took them to the school to get them registered. Some of the older teachers came and asked about their older chiLoren one was very surprised to find out about Hermione, AKA The Mess. Holy Crap was said when she was shown pictures. She couldn't believe that it was the same girl. The Principal was concerned abut the two girls still in diapers. Betsy had to explain that normally yes the two girls were bedwetters only, but they had gne through trauma recently and had reverted back to day time wetting as well. The Principal said that yes being removed from the family setting can indeed be stressful. Removed asked Betsy? If it was that simple! What do you mean asked the Principal? These two girls saw their father beat their mother to death with a dumbell. Then he told them they were next. The cops came and arrested him before he was able to carry out that threat. Little Eve thinks her mommy is just asleep, she can't bring herself to the realization that her father killed her mother. I heard about that on the news he said, all I could think then was poor children. I never thought they would be coming to my school. I have heard that your kids attended this school. Some of them were legends Christian one of the best inside linebackers in the business. Came here. So having a Mitchell her in diapers is nothing new. The nurse will handle the changing. Did you bring extras? This isn't my first rodeo smiled Betsy. I have a case of each small youth for Eve, and medium youth for Danielle. I've also heard about your youngest daughter that was a Champion wetter, way into high school, they called her The Mess? That would be Hermione said Betsy, she cleaned up really well she married a very rich lawyer and is in her fourth year of law school. That would be her as she showed him her picture, she isn't my youngest we got Stacy here after they were out of this school. Very beautiful said The Principal, very lovely picture soon your going to have to get another with two more younger girls in it. That other guy isn't that the receiver from the Raiders as well Washington. Yes he married my oldest daughter, said Betsy. Not only teammates but Brothers in Law with Christian. When they first met they were both rookies but Jeff was a Patriot then. They had a little accident and Chris was injured. Missed the last of his Rookie season. I remember that they thought that the guy had hurt Chris, he used the shortened name as in all the paperwork in the district referred to him as Christian. His mom just called him Chris, on purpose. Turned out it wasnt. Jeff came to our house to plead his case to Chris. We all were ready to lynch him. He came in pleaded his case. Darla was ready to scratch his eyes out. were pretty protective of our own Mr. Sawyer. Chris almost had to tackle her. 20 minutes later her and Jeff were holding hands. Chris was going to marry his wife India after the season was over. His season was over. Just before Christmas they were married, they only met at Thanksgiving. Jeff was his best man. I've seen his family that photo from Sports Ilistrated. One of my favorites said Mr. Sawyer! Mine to said Betsy, that means family said Betsy! How is the adoption going with, what his three? In about 4 months all will be Mitchells said Betsy, as well as my third son he has one adopted already, her best friend from school, Sarah her parents decided to dump her because she wasn't perfect. What's wrong with her asked Mr. Sawyer? She is a bedwetter. You mean to tell me that just because she wets her bed her parents didn't want her any more? That is correct said Betsy. That's absurd said Mr. Sawyer! I have over 600 students in this school, about 56% still wet their beds, that's the ones I know of said Mr. Sawyer. Other than those in Special Education, probably 23 of those, now 25 are changed daily by the nurse. About 15 wear diapers still including your two. There isn't a day goes by that a kid not diapered doesn't have an accident that's Kindergarten through 6th grade. One of the meanest girls I have, has about an accident every there days. I'm sure she still wets her bed and takes out what she gets at home on kids here. To bad you can't get her and show her their is kindness in the world for us... yeah I wet my bed to until I was 11. My mom was good about it my dad, not so much! Chris is a hero of mine, he came out it made it easier to mend fences with my own father about the things he did and said to me. We would be pleased to add your two newest additions. One to our 5th grade Danielle, and one to second grade, Eve.
  2. The weekend was drawing to a close, tomorrow Glory and Eve would return to work who knows what the new week, Tommy had to be back to work that night. Grandma and Grandpa dropped a bomb, last week they had snuck off to Vegas, a 45 minute flight, and we're married. Spent the night, lost about 25 dollars each, and returned the next day. He had moved in they were selling off Lloyd's home. Arlene's home was bigger. Eve asked about buying it. She had a couple of grand saved up for a down payment on a house. Great grandpa said I will sell it to you for what I payed for it $15,000 my payments were $103.56 a month. Do you think you can swing it, he joked. I think I can swing that my apartment Is $885 per month. Of course said Lloyd you'll have to pay your own utilities. The light bill in the summer can be more than your house payment. The stove, water heater, and heating are gas. Tommy if you want anything from the house I suggest you get it, I'm having a yard sale, anything unsold will be tossed, there isn't a lot that I'm moving to Arlene's. When do you want to move in asked Lloyd, just it will be a couple of months before I'm completely out. If you want anything before the sale just let me know okay that way I can keep it for when you move in, I know you want that old roll top desk, Eve but I'm taking that with me. That's been in the family for years. It's yours when I'm dead and gone though, okay Eve? That's fine gramps, said Eve, to tell you the truth I would rather have you than that desk anyway. You know you've always been my favorite Great Granddaughter. That's only because I'm your only Great Grandaughter she said. That was true there was Tommy Jr. And Tommy Sr's brother had 3 boys. His sons had only daughters though. Her Tommy was the first great great grandson. The next day st work the CFO, his secretary had been injured in a car crash, he needed a secretary for a few months, while his was mending from two broken bones one left arm and a right leg. A few months ago this would of been perfect for Glory but with getting married to Tommy in the near future. She just couldn't spend the time away from Tommy it would require overtime and weekends sometimes. Somehow Eve got volunteered she really wasn't excited obout it, but for a while she wold be making about 25% more than she was. She could use the money. She reported the next day to the Executive Floor. She had been there almost 9 months and this was her first visit to the 6th floor. Her temporary boss was named Adam S. Anderson. He had been a whiz kid. He had been a Harvard Business School grad, he was 29, and he had been a QB. At Harvard. Eve thought he was handsome but he had pictures of two girls on his desk they were his daughters. She later learned, Leeza, and Lindsey. Leeza was Autistic and Lindsey was normal. Lindsey was 3, Leeza was 5. Eve assumed that him and his wife were very happy with their two daughters. Her job was mostly greeting and getting things for them when they were waiting to meet with Steve. She also made coffee for her boss and typing, dictating letters for others. He found her capable, she was cuter than the lady she was replacing, she was hand picked by his wife she was like 60 years old plump and had the personality of a lightbiulb, a burned out one at that! She also set his social calendar. She didn't feel right about leaving she stayed until he was ready to go home which was 7, 8 or 9 pm every day. He told her that she could leave but she said what about if you needed anything dictated or typed? Well I guess it could also wait until morning, said Steve? I've never met a secretary as eager as you to please! Do you like Chinese food, I was about ready to order me some, it looks like it's going to be a late one for me, we got a project that went over budget, my job is to find out where. My only thing is I have to call and have someone pick my son up from daycare, thats all I have, said Eve. I'm lucky said Steve I have nannies taking care of my 2. What about your wife doesn't she help take care of them, asked Eve? What about her? She decided she she didn't want to be a mother anymore and would rather spend her life screwing random men and sometimes women. Monogamy wasn't in her vocabulary. Ms. Taylor. May I ask your given name? It's Evelyn but everybody just calls me Eve. I like that he said it suits you. My regular secretary is Mrs. Benton. She would never tell me her first name. I'm just Mr. Anderson to her. He placed the order for the Chinese food, and contacted the front desk. While Eve contacted Glory and let them know that her step mother was piing up Tommy. They had codes like pin numbers and she had given hers to the daycare and to Glory. They began pouring through a stack of read outs continous stacks of computer paper. After about 4 hours Eve found it one of their suppliers had received a double payment of over $700 thousand dollars. Holy cap said Adam no wonder were over budget. But that's only 700 thousand were like 1.4 million over budget that's half of it. The door opened and Security was making their rounds. One of the officers was her own dad, Sergeant Taylor they flashed their ID's very good said Tommy and winked at Eve as they walked out. She saw Adam smile that new Sergeant is getting the Third Shift wiped into shape. How do you know him? I didn't miss that wink he gave you, unless he was winking at me? Actually he's my dad. Taylor and Taylor. I saw his name embroidered on his shirt. Well he is not the only one of my family members here, his soon to be wife also works as a secretary here in fact until Saturday, I had not seen my dad in about 3 years almost. 3 years wow said Adam, how did that happen. You really don't want to hear my sordid life history do you, asked Eve? Why not asked Adam probably not something I haven't heard before. She started with the death of her mom, told about her bedwetting returning and about leaving home to go with her so called friends that helped get her addicted to drugs so she sold her body to get more. How she found out that she was pregnant and vowed that she was cleaning her life up for her son Tommy. Then how she started here and her best friend Glory is her dad's fiancee, a soon to be her step mother. Saturday she just found out that the guy this lady had been talking about was her own father. That her dad had been right under each others noses but since he was Security and she was Secretarial, the just didn't seem to meet. We had something like that just a couple of weeks ago did your dad tell you about the childhood rapist that was caught on his shift. Knew all about it, how do you think my dad knew about it, the girl that guy raped at 14 was my soon to be step mom, Glory. No shit he said? Sorry my laguage! I think those were the same words I used she smiled, no offence, but I've heard worse. Man the guy said you know it's almost midnight. We cleared up half of this mess, should we go home. I've been at this since 7am this morning. Can I escort you to your car? I would like that said Eve. Adam asked can I be so bold to ask you a personal question? What's that asked Eve. Uhmm you mentioned the fact than when your mother died you reverted to bedwetting, correct? Yeah said Eve. How do I put this, Adam said, do you still suffer from enuresis? Eve blushed unfortunately I do she said, Why? I played QB at Harvard playing Dartmouth my senior year I was sacked by a 312 pound linebacker it left me some what incontinent mostly at night, I sometimes wet my bed, not every night just 2 three times a week. Sometimes more sometimes less, since it's happened I've gone from two weeks of wet nights, straght. To two weeks dry, straight. One more reason my wife left me. The bitch brought out the fact that I was a bedwetter during the divorce, oit was oka you I proved that she was a slut! Sorry for my Laguage again. The guy that escorted them to their cars was none other than her dad. He let Adam out and asked okay what's up? She told him about his secretary getting injured and how she got nominated to be his girl Friday. So this is a temporary promotion, asked Tommy? Yes said Eve just for a few months, until she heals. By the way I will be parking in her stall for a while, tell them to not tow my car! Got it maam, said Tommy that will be passed on to First and Second Shifts! Her dad started to giggle! What's so funny she asked her dad, you haven't seen it yet have you? Seen what she asked? Your names Adam and Eve!
  3. What took you so long asked Betsy? We had a talk said Chris. Abut asked Betsy? That's private between me and Eve right? Yeah said Eve. Eve found India and talked with her for a few moments then India and her shook hands, India gave a small smile at Chris. Betsy looked at the way things were happening, there was something more than met the eye here. She went and talked to India. India took her to where things couldn't be overheard. What's with all this secrecy, Betsy asked? Eve was infatuated with Chris, that's why she wanted Chris to change her. When he got done she planted a kiss on his lips, that she thought would curl his toes. No, said Begsy, little Eve? Yep said India he let her down easy he convinced her since I was a bedwetter, I couldn't find a new husband. So he had to stay with me, she saw his point of view. She came and told me she wouldn't try and steal Chris away from me anymore! Betsy smiled, Gotta give that girl credit, she sees what she wants and goes after it, at 7 years old. You know Chris has this way with women they find him like a giant Teddy Bear. I have to admit, this is the first time I've had competition from a first grader! He is always getting kisses from girls, I just wish once some guy would come and kiss me like those women do Chris! But alas! Like that song from a few years back by Rod Stewart, Some guys have all the luck. Eve still liked Chris but he was right with India still wetting her bed at that age, she could never find another guy like Chris. Arthur and Betsy, Danielle and Eve were invited to Chris and India for Sunday lunch. It was the day of the day second Wild Card game for the NFC, Arizona at Atlanta. Being Phoenicians it wasn't much of a no brainer who they were rooting for. The Raiders coach was still getting heat for that last moment TD yesterday. Everybody had an opinion either pro or con about it. It will stick out as a controversy for years. Like the Immaculate Reception. Did Franco Harris catch it or didn't he? Chris felt that all things would be cleared up eventually, once technology got a hold of it. But did it really matter now?
  4. After great great grandpa's outburst, things calmed down, everybody was civil to each other. Eve fell in love with Arlene, Glory's grandma. She saw where Glory got her kindness from. She learned that even though Glitzy was older she could be a bit naive in sexual matters. She was starting to see Glory as her step mother, she wasn't like the wicked ones in every story she had learned as a kid. She shared something that as far as she knew her great grandfather didnt even know that she had relapsed into her bedwetting after her mother died. She knew that Glory was pretty much incontinent. She remembered that as her mom got weaker, she had to help change her diapers. She could see her mom was embarrassed about her teenage daughter changing her diapers, she told her mom not to worry she had changed plenty of hers through the years. Eve said and I wore them longer than most kids. So I owe you about 10 more years worth! Mom kept her sense of humor and asked her if she was still going to be taking care of her when Eve got to be 40? She died about a year later. She knew her dad used to miss mom, they were kind of kinky together, she knew mom and dad wore diapers and knew dad wet his bed when diapered. After mom got sick she couldn't seem to stay dry dad never batted an eye. As she got more and more unsteady standing she also became fecal incintinent. That was hard for mom not controlling her poop was down right embarrassing. Dad didn't like the poopy ones but he never complained. She asked him how he put up with it once? He told her she is the love of my life, should I love her less just because she can no longer care for herself. If I do what kind of husband does that make me? Just to let you know I love your mom now more than when I first married her, and I loved her a lot then! She was always thankful for the example her father set. With the VD she had there was a chance that I could have affected her Tommy. She didn't care if he was born a vegetable he was her son! She was so glad he wasn't but should she love him any less if he had been, she didnt think she could.
  5. Lloyd and Arlene, Glory's grandma arrived for dinner. They noticed one extra adult plate and a kids plate. Who else is coming asked Lloyd? A girl I work with, said Glory and her kid! Is this your good friend from work asked Grandma. Why yes, said Glory! She has a young friend she has taken under her wing. I'm glad said Lloyd, some of these kids today said Lloyd. What about us kids today gramps asked Eve? Good lord said Lloyd, I never thought I would see you again kiddo! This is the girl you work with asked Lloyd? Yes said Glory, imagine my shock when I seen her picture in Tommy's livingroom. I called her got a feeling of how she felt about seeing her dad. She was great about it. I didn't even know about Tommy. Tommy who asked Lloyd? My son said Eve. Evelyn Anna Taylor said Lloyd, when did you have a baby? About a year ago baby Tommy came and crawled into his mom's lap. Tommy Sr. Said grandpa don't judge her but she worked as a prostitute, and got pregnant. So we don't know who the father is even, my great, great grandson is a bastard! Lloyd, said Arlene! That was uncalled for! Yeah I guess it was, sorry. His name is Tommy said Glory and he is as sweet as they come! Eve is my friend. She works where I do as a secretary. The reason she doesn't do that anymore is because of Tommy, she cleaned up her act for him. It wasn't easy either! Eve has a good head I think one day she might even be my boss! Said Glory. I guess I just alienated all the woman here! Eve I need to apologize to you and your son.
  6. Everybody that saw Eve sitting in Chris's lap said you must be Eve! Chris took Eve to his mom. Mom we got a wet one here. You want to change her? Eve said Chris can you change me? Mom he asked? Why not she is your sister mom said. Okay but I would feel better of you done it mom! Nonsense, it's not like you've never changed a 7 year olds diaper his mom added. Chris took her into the family restroom and hiked her dress up and removed the wet diaper. He took some diaper wipes and began to clean her he maintained eye contact with Eve. He felt more comfortable changing India's diaper the first time in Oakland on her first visit, than he did this 7 year old girls. He put powder on her and did up her diaper, as he did this it was the first time looked at her diaper area. After she was tightly encased in it he picked her a up and stood her in her feet. She was about the same hight as Chris. She grabbed his neck and gave him a kiss on the lips. Chris was surprised as he hadn't expected it, it kind of shocked hm, it wasn't a thank you kiss but an I love you one! Thank you Chris I love said Eve. I love you to little sis. No Chris I love you! I kind of thought you did said Chris. You know I'm married to India, I have to admit I love her a lot, I couldn't hurt her like that, I love you but just not that way Eve! Sorry! Do you like me at all asked Eve? Yes I do , your my sister just like Darla, Francis, Hermione, Stacy, Danielle. I don't want to hurt your feelings. But I only love India that way. In a few years you might meet a boy your own age and love him. I will be forgotten. Do you like me even at all? Eve I love you like I love Danielle. But I'm am proud of you, said Chris. Proud of me, what did I do, asked Eve? You and Danielle have accepted my mom and dad as your new mom and dad. That has made them very happy! It's easy they love me, said Eve! My mommy even used to get mad when Danielle and me, used to pee our beds, new mommy just cleans us up. If you didn't know she whispered I still pee my bed so does Danielle. No said Chris, really, sounding shocked? Yeppers, can I tell you a secret asked Chris? Yeah said Eve. He looked left and right, and whispered so do I! Uh uh, said Eve. I promise you it's true, I still wear diaper to bed because in my sleep I pee, so does India! Really asked Eve? So you see she wont be able to find a new husband because she still pees her bed, see why I have to stay with her? Yes I see said Eve, can I still like you best? Of course said Chris! Can I still sit on your lap asked Eve? You may but remember I have kids of my own, I have lots and Neices and Nephews, if one of them isn't using it it's yours! Sorry I can't marry you but India needs you more than I do. I understand said Chris, stifling a laugh. I will be okay though. Good said Eve!
  7. Toddler Tommy came and crawled in Glory lap. He laid his head on her chest. He was getting over his shyness, these people were becoming familiar to him. Before he only knew mommy and and the people at daycare. These were new people to know. He liked meeting new people. He liked to go places. Mommy hardly took him anywhere daycare and home. They got to go to a big place where he met these two, then they came here he had something gold to eat yesterday he really liked it it was sweet and had water in it, it was red he certainly hoped he got more. The ladies lap he was on now she wore the same things as what mommy wore at night, he still wore them all the time they catch his tinkles and poo poos, Mommy and that other guy aren't wearing them right now just him and this lady. He wondered if the other guy wore them to bed to catch his tinkle and poo poos. Eve saw her Tommy crawl up into Glory's lap look like he belonged there. Her dad could of done worse than Glory, Glory made her feel welcome from day one. She didn't believe her when she told her about her past, she told her she didn't look the type. That made her feel better about herself, she thought she had Whore written all over her face. Because Glory accepted he r everybody else had also. She wasn't as self conscious of her past, Glory became kind of a mother figure to her, the first person that she had ever admitted to that she was still a bedwetter was Glory. Imagine my shock when she told me she was incontinent, I thought she was lying at first then she slid up her dress and I saw her wet diaper. Then yesterday Glory calls her out of the blue wants to meet her at the mall. Glory had been a substitute for her dead mother. She knew it sounded weird but she was hoping that Glory would take it to the next level and kind of adopt her as a daughter. She knew Little Tommy kind of got in the way while on dates so she dropped him off at day care. Then met up with Glory. She got what she wanted and more, Glory is going to be her step mother. She is marrying her dad it was great her dad had told her pretty much what was going to happen she was going to get hooked on drugs then she would have to sell her body, to get more drugs. She lived in a roach, infested house because the rent was cheap, she had more for drugs. It was like he was writing a book about her life. Other than the being dead part. She hadn't been feeling well, she went to the clinic. They did tests found out she had different cases of VD. She also found out she was pregnant. She was wondering what to do she didn't have the money to leave hooking, the drugs would hurt her baby. There was a lady from Dignity House came and talked to them, she had mocked her before, like all the others had. This time she realized this was her way out. She went they helped her though the withdrawls, then she got the penicillin. Then she had her baby, It was a boy, if it had been a girl she would be named Anna after her mom, if it was a boy Thomas just like her dad she hadn't added a suffix yet, her dad was senior, her brother Junior. She thought about calling him Thomas the I, that way he was the first after Senior and Junior. At the time she never thought that she would reconcile with her father.They taught her secretarial skills and she started pounding the pavement looking for a job, actually Dignity House helped find this job. Seems the CEO is on the board for Dignity House, she got rhe job at first it didn't pay very well, then she got her tenure. Her wages went up and she and Tommy once again was able to find an apartment. It wasn't the best but it was clean, she saw an occasional roach, but at least they didn't crawl on her as she slept. Like she had when she was a druggie. Every time she started to get cravings for the drugs she looked at Tommy, she made a promise to him before he was born that she wouldn't go back down that road that she b ad been on when she found out she was pregnant with him. She had dated a few times, she some how found guys that could deal with her and the fact thatb she still wet her bed but didn't want a premade family, or ones that didn't mind Tommy but couldn't get past the fact that at almost 21 years old she still wore diapers and wet them in her sleep. I her dream Anna had told her that was about to change. Frankly she couldn't wait.
  8. In church India and Chris talked about family dynamics, since they were one of a very few families in the ward that had natural children and Children that they were adopting. India talked about the blessings that they had received with a mixed family. Chris got to talk about the family he started out saying we weren't the first in our family to adopt, that would have to go to my parents, Arthur and Betsy. A few years back my youngest sister met a girl in her law classes, this girl was very bright , very shy and quiet. Now my sister couldn't understand how a girl this shy and quiet would pick law as a vocation? This girl didn't have a loud bone in her body. She couldn't stress a point in court if needed. She just wasn't suited to be a lawyer. During an exercise they picked three people 1 was my sister Hermione, one was this macho dude very loud and boisterous, the last was this little quiet girl. The teacher told them that sometimes your going to have to be either the Boisterous man, The even keeled Hermione, or the quiet little Stacy. Hermione had no problem being either. The macho guy could be the quiet little person but he had to really watch himself as he tried to revert back to his normal persona. The quiet little lady, she just couldn't pull it off being the boisterous person she wasn't, she couldn't do it. The girl ran to the bathroom crying. Hermione followed her. She convinced her to come out the locked stall. The girl had had an accident during the exercise, she was son scared. Hermione helped her clean herself up and this girl had scars, scabs and fresh cuts all up and own her back, butt, and upper legs. Hermione asked her about them, her father when she wou l do something he didn't like that upset him would yuse a strap that he had on his daughter this strap tore open flesh, causing the scars, scabs and the fresh cut, that she had gotten that morning for burning his toast! Hermione decided to help this girl she took her to her and her husband's home. Stacy was a normal girl she had been a cheer leader up until her mother had died of cancer. Then dad took over, he wasn't going to get many votes for father of the year. Laughter from the congragatition. He beat what dignity that she had left a almost out of her. When she called her dad on a phone that was Hermione's that had H. Mitchell on it. He got home found the message from his ungrateful daughter. The caller ID said H. Mitchell. He looked up Mitchell the first listing was an Arthur and Betsy, this wasn't to far from him, it had to be the parent of H. Mitchell, and he was correct he came hunting, bringing that strap with him. He rang the doorbell and Betsy answered the door. He hit mom with that belt a most severing her ear, Now Arthur, dad hearing a strange noise coming and finding mom in a pool of her own blood was more focused on her than who was at the door when he was hit with the strap, knocking the wind out of him. He was down but not out, he punched the guy in his stomach. Now the guy was mad enough he was going to take dad's head off with the strap. His arm was back ready to strike! When the very handsome and very large son who plays football for a living, imbedded him into the plaster. He then fell himself and when he reached out to grab that staple I put my size 16's to good use. I put them on his wrist and the more he struggled, the more pressure I applyed. My younger brother Ephraim happened to be there also he dialed 911, getting the police there, then he applied hand restraints. See he works over at Adobe like half of my family does, he is actually an officer where two of my other siblings, one teaches English, the other fixes the computers. I thought he was weird because then he began taking photos. Silly me I never I thought about collecting evidence. He did! The cops thought it was great that he had the smarts enough to do so. After it was all over Hermione brought Stacy to my parents housethey asked her about the strap and her treatment, a female cop took photos off her back and Hermione helped her through it by holding her hand. She was very sorry that she had brought the wrath of her father upon us. Mom saw her for what she was, a bigger victim than even her of that man. Now Stacy was over 18 but we still took her in as a Mitchell, I love her as much as I love any of my sisters, I consider her one of my sisters. If you had only known Stacy as that timid little girl, you wouldn't recognize her today she found that strength, that her dad had tried to beat out of her. I think if he tried anything like that now, he would get the worst of it. She ended up married to the detective that investigated her case, of course he waited until her dad was in prison. Stacy is now a beautiful woman, I'm am proud to cal, my sister. You won't find any legal documents, but if anybody wants to try and tell me different, I'll meet you in the parking lot after church. Then my brother Gary and his wife Maria, they had problems conceiving. She runs a few daycare centers around tow called Kristen's Kids. One of the mothers that had a kid there asked Maria to take her daughter if anything tragic happened to her. The ink was verily dry when the mother was killed in an accident. Gary and Maria had Karen fall into their lap. Karen was a beautiful girl, she had a problem toileting, as Mitchells we were used to that. What we weren't used to was Karen's mother was abusive when Karen wet, her mother got physically abusive. She hit her in the stomach and damaged the nerve to her bladder muscle it doesn't close all the way and she wets herself. She was adopted by Gary and Maria. Karen didn't talk much therefore her speech was delayed. Then they had Taylor. Then just about a 10 months ago Karen's best friend Sarah fell into their laps. Sarah's parents didn't think it was a good idea for her to hang around with the diaper girl. They told her that she couldn't be friends with Karen anymore. Sarah ran away from home to Karen's. Her parents felt since she was so defiant they didn't want her any more, they signed her over to Gary and Maria. Then India and I decided to adopt Kenny and Krystal came into our lives. Krystal upset the family she was living with the father was about ready to beat Krystal, Kenny couldn't let that happen he started protecting Krystal. Soon Krystal was forgotten and Kenny received the worst beating he ever had in his life, the guy used his belt Kenny had cuts and bruises and welts. Now when we got them I knew he had been beat, I didn't know the severity of it, until about 4 days after we got them. I saw the beating Kenny got. I was mad, I was sad, I cried. There was mow way I was going to let them back into the foster care system, if we didn't and let them go and something happened like that again I don't think I could live with myself. Krystal's birthday was coming up we asked her what she got for her last birthday. India and I were outraged the gift was diapers they felt she was kind of babyish so they gave her diapers. Worst gift ever! We asked her what she wanted, she told us a pony! Since we felt she probably had been slighted on a few birthdays and Christmases, we decided to get her a pony. We also got her riding lessons and gear for riding. The first week we were there they had the kids and the parents there, there was one girl whose parents weren't there. I played daddy for her I had two daughters that day. I guess I did okay the next week, her dad was with her. He told me how thankful that his daughter was that you were her daddy last week, she loves you almost as much as me. He wasn't a bad guy even though he was a Broncos fan, more laughter. He asked me to be His daughters daddy in case anything happened to him and his wife I said okay, with them it was father and mother, Karen's mother was a widow. I thought I was safe, he had changed his will and bam both him and his wife were killed. My sister in law, had a baby. We had been up all night and it seemed had just gotten to bed when the doorbell rang there was a lawyer there had me signsome papers I was so sleepy after he left I asked myself what the heck did I just sign? I had a nightmare where I had just signed, everything we had away we were penneyless! When the doorbell rang again, this time it was a settlement from the City of Phoenix for one of their cops scrambling my brains a couple of years earlier. I thought maybe that's what I signed earlier. I had just to back to sleep when the doorbell rang again this time it was the first lawyer again this time he brought Alexandria into our lives, that's when I learned of her parents death. She was hurting. Now I know that I was tired but this girl needed a shoulder to cry on, I got big ones she used them well. We are adopting her as well, what most people don't know is that, Alexandria, came with a trust fund of $100,000,000 we hardly haven't even touched it yet, we will she will be getting braces soon. Indiana and I decided we wouldn't touch it unless it was for medical reasons, we have spent on a thousand so far for medical needs,. Now my parents have upped the antenna for my brothers and sisters, they are adopting two little girls Danielle and Eve, now Eve has adopted me as her older brother, I'm ery surprised that she hasn't came and crawled on my lap yet, she has claimed it as hers! There are lots of kids here in our own state that need adopting, some just need decent Foster homes. Let me tell you it's worth it! Just to know your giving a kid a decent home. Didn't Christ say suffer the children to come unto me?
  9. Bright and early thenough next morning Tommy awoke, Sunday was his day when he got up he showered he had worn a diaper and his body had reacted appropriately he had wet it in his sleep. He dressed and went to the kitchen, it was his day he cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner putting a roast and potatoes and carrots to cook in the crockpot to slowly cook. He heard Glory get out of bed he found her she was still very groggy and wasn't fully awake yet. He could smell the aroma of her wetting her diaper was soaked. He lead her to the bathtub he got her cleaned up and started her laundry. Those diapers would be ripe in about an hour. She came out dressed she looked at him and she came to him, Thank you for taking care of me I guessed I was soaked, but you taking care of me I remember bits and pieces, you know my bedwetting curse I sleep so deeply that sometimes my brain is still asleep even though my body isnt. Glad to take care of you babe, Tommy said, I remember when Eve was like that, still wetting her bed. I think we could of set off a bomb in the house she would of woke up soaked, as usual, and wondering what the hell happened to the house. Thank you by the way, I never thanked you for helping to get her back into my life! Glory said when she told me about her life when I first met her, I couldn't belive it. She didn't seem the type, she said her father told her what would happen, and most of it did. I asked her what is stopping her from getting in contact with you, her father as I didn't know at the time. She told me that she was to embarressed. There was another reason also. She wouldn't tell me. About two months went by, she eventually admitted that she was wetting get her bed again. That's when I told her about my incontinence, as well as I still wet my bed. How did that go Tommy asked? At first she called me a bold faced liar, then I slipped up my dress enough to show her my dampened diaper that day. She told me about growing up a bedwetter, how she had stopped at like 13 or something like that, it had returned when her mother passed. Then I met you, I find out that when your diapered your a bedwetter also. Does she know that? She knows said Tommy, but I just couldn't bring myself to wear after Anna died. I hadn't worn a diaper since she was gone. So when she restarted after Anna's death. She was alone. It wasn't until I met you that I found that desire to wear again. Glory said she never told me about her, Tommy. I learned about him just prior to your arrival at the mall. But I'm so glad you got to see your daughter again said Glory. You know even if I don't see her again ever, we had the chance to reconcile, it's not an issue in my life any more. She a part of this family just like you are Glory. I never would of had her back without you. The doorbell rang and it was Eve. She came in and gave her dad a hug then, one to Glory. You get her pretty early said Eve. What do you mean asked Glory? I mean I just got here and your already here unless you spent the night..... or have moved in with my dad. Either way shame on you two! What do you mean asked Tommy? People of your age, living together. People of our age said Tommy lifting his eyebrows. We aren't dead yet, just older. Eve gave him a sly look and it was at that time he realized his daughter was toying with him. He grabbed her and said I don't know whether to spank you or kiss you! Anna used to tease us that way, he said to Glory. Apparently Little Grasshopper here, took notes, from the Master! He did his best Kung Fu bow at his daughter. Where she said, Ah the student has became the Master, and bowed back. Tommy grabbed her and hugged her. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. I wouldn't miss this it's Sunday Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner cooked by dad. Dad is an excellent cook. Yes, I know said Glory, I've tasted his handy work from the kitchen and the grill now. When did you move in asked Eve, you never mentioned it at work last week. Friday after work, seems were not the only dating couple in this family. My grandma and your grandpa are getting toget, they had bumped the nasties acording to grandma, said Glory. No way, said Eve now they are way too old. I hope one of them doesn't break a hip doing that some night? Can you imagine trying to explain that in the hospital! Ah I broke it having sex with her! Eve started laughing at the mental picture in her head. You can tell them that joke tonight they are coming for dinner, said Tommy. Grandpa! I can wait to see him, sauid Eve. He doesn't know your back in our lives yet, we want to surprise him, said Tommy. I hope it doesn't give him a coronary said Eve.
  10. Sunday, the two new daughters, wereally the aken to church. Neither daughter could remember when the last time they went to church. Danielle remembered a little when Eve was, she couldn't remember the word, bur some old guy washed her head. Baptized, asked Arthur? Yeah that was it, she thinks. Eve asked will Chris be there? No, said Betsy he goes to a church closer to his home, he has to talk in church today. Danielle said the same old guy did all the talking when we went to get Eve Baptryezed, Baptized said Betsy it's a very hard word to say I know, and it's a word you don't hear every day. Do you think we could go to the church that Chris goes to, asked Eve, I want to hear him talk? Arthur looked at Betsy, what do you think dear, their church starts in about two hours. Why not asked Betsy? She called Chris and him and India thought it would be a great idea, we were wondering who to get to watch the kids Kenny was going to do it. They drove north and as the passed Adobe Mountain Danielle asked what's that? That is Adobe Mountain Juvenile Correction Facility. What do they do there asked Danielle? It's a prison for kids. Eve said my daddy is going to prison, is that where he is going? No said Betsy that's for kids only. Your daddy will probably be down in Florence, Arizona. Or Buckeye, Arizona same principal though. Eve asked, Will I go there then since daddy is going to prison? No honey, only people who do bad things go to prisons. But what did my daddy do that was so bad? Danielle told her dad put mommy to sleep so she can't be woke up again. Oh that's bad? Yes dear, said Betsy that's real bad! Putting somebody to sleep like that, they put you in prison, it very wrong! What do they do in prison asked Eve? Danielle said remember when you broke mommy's lamp and she put you in your room for a while on time out? Yeah but I didn't mean to! Prison is being locked in your room for a very long time, years even. You can't come out until mommy says so, since mommy can't wake up daddy has to spend years and years until somebody else says he can go home. By then we'll be adults, like mommy he can't have you there he might want to put us to sleep like mommy! But I don't want to sleep like mommy, I want to play with Chris. Since your mommy is ...... asleep and can't wake up and your daddy is in prison, they have given you to us to take care of for the rest of your life said Betsy. So you are really like our mommy and daddy now? Yeah said Danielle they are our mommy and daddy. I talked with Karen and Sarah and Alexandria, and Krystal they are all being adopted except Karen she is already adopted. I asked her if it hurt getting adopted, she told me it doesn't hurt at all, not one bit. She told me she has a good mommy and daddy now, they love her. Her old mommy gat mad and hit her when she peed her bed or diaper. She hit her so hard that she broke something and like us wears diapers all the time. Krystal and Alexandria both told me that some day we might not need to wear diapers in the day time but will at night to be a Mitchell. Betsy said that isn't true we would love you if you didn't need diapers in the night. Do you think we love Francis any less than Chris because she doesn't wet her bed, and he does? Do you think we love Ephraim more now that he wets his bed than we did when he didn't? The answer is no! If you both do wet or don't wet we will love you two no matter what and you will still be Mitchells. Soon they were at the church that Chris and India and their kids go to. Eve saw Chris and she ran to him. He picked her up and raised her so high that her back touched the ceiling of the hall. How is my youngest sister today, I'm fine and you, asked Eve, she had heard someone ask that once. I'm great now that you and Danielle are here! She gave his neck a hug as big as he was that was about the only place she could get her tiny arms around. She kissed his cheek. When she got older she wanted to marry Chris. She loved him.
  11. For dinner that night everybody pitched in. Tommy Senior fired up the grill for steaks, corn on the cob, baked potatoes. Glory made her macaroni salad. Junior made a tasty punch with cranberrys and lemon lime soda and cranberry juice, usually you added Everclear to this but it was it's non alcoholic cousin tonight. Eve made a fruit salad with watermelon, strawberrys, oranges and apples, mixed with cool whip. Tommy the third had to have a taste of everything he was the official taste tester! He had decided these people weren't bad, if mommy liked them they muse be okay. He took a shine to glory. She was wearing a dress and she wore the same kind of undies that he wore and mommy wore at night. The reason he new is because he thought it was fun to go between her legs. He liked the fact he could hide under this ladies dress. They sat and ate after everything was cooked. They talked about the last time they had met like this Anna was still well enough to tolerate something like this 2 or 3 months later that wouldn't happen. Some people that get MS live for years their mom from the time she was diagnosed,to the time of her death was 25 months just over 2 years. Tommy Senior only heard one faster his friend that had blown his brains out after he retired. His wife was fold to have Pancratic cancer from Diagnosis to death was 11 days. Oh there were the friends and spouses that had heart attacks, car crashes, strokes. The quick killers that they usually don't expect. But the illnesses like Cancer, MS, ALS. Anna used to joke with Tommy, in an attempt to make him feel better, was that she was just ta dumb blonde and already had pockets of air in her head. The first time she told him that they both had a good laugh, as it got worse it was no laughing matter anymore. They ate a very good meal and all were stuffed from the abundant amount of food. Soon it was time for the kids to leave. Tommy Senior didn't want anybody to leave, it was the first time in he felt lIke forever since they had been together. Especially Evelyn. He was not wanting to let her go. He told her call me selfish, but I just got you back. I'm not ready to let you go again already! I feel the same way Daddy. It had been a long time since there was a female voice calling him that. He remembered a saying he had heard years ago, "If you love something let it go. If it comes back to , it's yours forever. If it doesn't, it wasn't yours in the fist place!" WillI I see you and Thomas tomorrow? Yes daddy, I need you and Glory as much as you two need me. Tommy said I will see you tomorrow. She started leaving and Thomas waved by, by to every one Junior left and soon it was bed time and as Tommy crawled into bed, he didn't know if Anna's spirit could hear him or not but he winked and whispered, Anna you did good!
  12. Tommy Senior called Tommy Junior. He asked if he was available for dinner that evening, I need to introduce you to two new people who are very inportal in my life now.I will be there I'm between classes now, we had a cadaver we worked on that had MS, we were shown what MS does to the brain it was hard for me, the teacher asked me why? I told him my mother died of MS. He said as Doctors your going to encounter diseases that may have took the life of a family member, Cancers, Heart atttacks, MS. Your going to have to treat these patients regardless of your own feelings. Just remember Mr. Taylor this is what happened to your mother. What was the first thing to go on your mother? Her bladder Tommy said. She lost continence. That is controlled by this part of the brain, this lady had a lesion in the same place. Looks like this lady had lost her continence same as your mom said the teacher. Kind of helped me understand what mom went through. Just be here please, asked Senior! I'm always looking for a home cooked meal. Beats cafeteria food any day! Tommy Junior arrived about an hour later. Eve was hiding in her old room with Tommy the III. Her dad had left it completely the same as she had left it. In the closet was the opened pack look of Goodnites she had for dealing with her bedwetting. She had bought better dianpers now. Nothing like these cheap things that really weren't that cheap. She hadn't told anybody but her mom had came to her in a dream a few days ago, her mom told her what is it that you two fought over? In her dream she told her what her dad had said to her. Was he right? She had never thought about it but yeah, every thing he told her would happen except finding her dead in a ditch, had happened. Her friends would use her, get her hooked on drugs then she would have to sell her body to get those drugs sgain, when you aren't useful to them anymore they will find your body dead in a ditch! That had happened to Charlotta. She was 33 and guys just didn't want her any more. She was found dead in a ditch. A bullitt in her brain. The other girls never dared say a word or they would be next! It was about that time she found out she was pregnant. Some lady came and asked if any girls wanted out of the trade. She said she did, she had just found out she's pregnant, she didn't want to have her kid raised with a mom who was a drug whore. They took her to a place called Dignity House they got her off the drugs, she wanted to die during the withdrawls, then she had Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Clamydia. She was on antibiotics for like months. Then Tommy was born, healthy. No residual effects of the drugs, and no VD's. The first time she held him she promised him she was going to be a mother he could be proud of just like her mom! Glory her friend had brought her back into her family. Glory came and got her from her room, her brother Tommy was here. She got Little Tommy and came and sat behind her brother. She knew he was always smarter than her he was still talking about med school. Her dad smiled and said here are some of the people important to me two you don't know, one you do. He turned and saw Eve, his eyes about popped out of his sockets. He ran and gave his sister a hug. It was then that he noticed the toddler, yours he asked? Mine, she said, Tommy I would like to introduce you to your Nephew Tommy. I'm an Uncle, he asked? Your an Uncle Said Eve! Tommy Senior said both of you sit down I have something else to tell ya. This is Gloria Beatrice Stallings, she goes by Glory Be. I've asked her to marry me, your going to have a step mother! Eve said that's why you were so happy at work the other day! Work asked Tommy Jr. Yeah Glory and I work together. She just found out that I was the daughter of the guy she was going to marry this morning. We've known each other what 7 months now. The kicker is dad works at the same place, has for two weeks now. He is the Overnight Sergeant now. How come you never seen her I get off at 0600 and she doesn't start until 0900. She is out of there at 1700 hours and I start at 2200 hours. Glory said I had an Uncle who raped me at 14, he worked for your dad he's behind bars now thanks to your dad.. but we started about 7 years ago. Same thing and we both started there seven years ago. Your uncle raped you, I didn't know that said Eve! Yep said Glory. 20 years ago. But after this long asked Eve? Tommy Sr. Said there is no Statute of limitations for sexual conduct with a minor under 15 said Tommy the girl next door could have me arrested for playing doctor when we were 7 said Tommy Sr.. she was under 15, it doesn't matter that I was to. You layman always practicing medicine with out a licence, joked Tommy Jr.
  13. Chris wondered if that last TD was necessary. Like adding insult to injury. He knew the coach calls the plays, a QB would never do something like that on his own he would be riding the bench next week, playoff game or not, Patriots or not. There will be backlash over this one. Arthur turned to NFL Channel they already were criticizing it, during the interviewing after the game. The coach said I made the call, nobody but me. If you criticize my guys it wasn't their call. Blame me. A reporter asked why did you do it? We're going to Foxboro next week. Do you think for one minute the Patriots wouldn't do something like that? Check out what they did to Pittsburg 3 weeks ago, my guys will expect it next time. But that game was tied. They did the same thing, it looked like they were going to OT when the the Patriots took 2 knees then threw a TD, I don't want my guys to get complacent. I apologise to the Colts. They just happened to be our opponent. It wouldn't if mattered if it would if been them or the Seattle Seahawks. Okay said Chris the coach was totally right he never would forget the lesson. Eve asked Chris if he could stay and play with her. I would love to said Chris but I have to spend some time with my family, Thank you so much for asking me though. Eve looked a little dejected and Chris said I will come back tomorrow just to come play with you okay? Okay said Eve, you promise? I promise said Chris! I will see you tomorrow okay. Okay said Eve, your my favorite brother! Arthur said looks like you got a fan! Looks like it dad. I've never had a little sister look up to me like that before. That means a lot to me believe me!
  14. Eve asked can you wait right here, I have to get something from home, I will be back in plenty enough time, I promise! Something my dad needs to see. She returned before Tommy got there she brought a child, this is Thomas IngramTaylor. My son. He saved my life. He's my reason I got cleaned up and off drugs. Why I quit hooking, I moved to a halfway house Iearned how to be a secretary. Why I'm at where your at. She said I'm going to sit over there dad will come in see you, he won't be expecting us. She moved to a different table. About 5 minutes Tommy showed up. He gave Glory a kiss, who is it you want me to meet? Its me dad as Eve walked up behind himTommy turned and saw his daughter he stood up and pulled her into a hug, I'm sorry for the words I said last time I saw you! So am I daddy but what you said it all came true, don't be mad at me but for a while I was the drug whore you told me I would be. I don't care said Tommy said, I'm just so glad to be holding you again, I don't want to let you go if I do I might wake up and find this is a dream again! Dad I would like to introduce you to your grandson. Grandson, asked Tommy? I have a grandson? Yeah I named him after you Thomas Ingram Taylor. But how asked Tommy? Dad when I was hooking I got pregnant. I was a drug user , I had just about every venarial disease out there but AIDS. I decided to get cleaned up. I got into a rehab and got off the drugs got all that VD, cleaned up I started learning a trade I'm a secretary I work with Glory! I didn't know until this morning, saw that picture and recognised her, said Glory! I wanted to get a feel of how she would react. She missed you as bad as you missed her. You mean just like your uncle Dick worked there she had been under my nose this whole time. What do you mean asked Eve. Your dad is the Third Shift Sergeant Glory said. But what happened to the Juvenile Corrections thing. I retired a couple of months ago. I'm in my second week of being third shift Sergeant. Eve said you know when I heard it was opened all I could think of was my dad would be perfect for the job, and you are. Tommy said to Tommy, I'm Tommy also and your my grandson. Your named after me I hope your the Third. I'm your grandpa. Tommy the baby reached up and grabbed his nose. Yah I know it's a big Shnozz said big Tommy. Eve are you wanting to move back home? Dad I've got my own apartment I like being somewhat independent. Besides dad you and Glory need your space. I would get in the way but I would love to visit you all the time if you don't mind. Mind, I insist how about dinner tonight, you don't have a boyfriend. Husband do you? No dad my bedwetting returned after mom died. I was to embarrassed to tell you. It still is an issue. Most guys that will accept my bedwetting, don't like the idea of Tommy, and those that will accept Tommy don't like me, bedwetting. How did you hook still wetting the bed asked Tommy? You would be surprised at how many guys and some girls want to be wet on. I was in demand. Believe it or not.
  15. Good start, awaiting more!