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  1. A Family Affair!

    Two weeks later the Raiders were in Phoenix for the game. Since India worked Thanksgiving's third shift. She got the next two Sundays off. She got her ticket and sat with the Mitchells. She was wearing a Cardinals jersey, since she was routing for the Raiders she had turned it inside out. They were introducing the players, they got to Chris they introduced him as a Glendale High graduate and a ASU Sundevil Christian Mitchell. The crowd, even though he was from the opposing team he got an ovation. Betsy was almost crying that was her son. The word I was a bedwetter like him was heard on both sides. Of them people were admitting it. Chris had another outstanding game. He sacked Carson Palmer at will and kept him from hitting about 56% of his passes by blocking him from throwing. He intercepted him twice. The Raiders won. Since it was their 6th win this season they surpassed last year's wins as it was only the first week of December. Before leaving Phoenix they had a party for the players. Chris took India. He asked about her inside out jersey. Well I don't have a Raiders #58 Mitchells jersey yet. I want one! The reason it's inside out because I was reversing my support to the Raiders this game. Okay got it said Chris. He asked the Equipment Manager for one of his. He gave her one of his and when she put it on it looked more like a dress and the only thing that stopped her from going through the neck was her breasts, his collar stopped there. It went to her knees. Thank you she said for everything. It's just a jersey he said. No not just that, has your mom and dad told you I grew up a bedwetter? No they hadn't, said Chris. Because of you I can admit that I was until almost 18, well 19 she told the truth. I not ashamed to admit it anymore. Well I had no choice said Chris! I know but your our spokesman now. I love you as well. Chris smiled drew her into a hug that felt like a boa constrictor to India at first. She was enjoying it finally and he kissed her. Wow he is a good kisser! She thought. She was enjoying it. All of the sudden he stooped got a scared look on his face and started apologizing! I'm sorry, I'm sorry he was saying I hopeI didn't scare you! Scare me she asked? Chris I was enjoying it! She placed his hand on his shoulder, Chris can I have another kiss, I was enjoying the last one, you aren't getting rid of me that easy. Chris smiled and they embraced again. Kissing was enjoyable and she could at least breath this time, the boa constrictor was gone, the embrace was soft and gentle this time. It was time for the team to leave. Chris asked her India will you be my girlfriend, not just a girl who is a friend? Try and stop me she said like I said I love you Chris! I love you too said Chris. The next day, India went out with her nurse friends from work to a bar. She drank only soda she had her reasons for not drinking alcohol. A guy came and began hitting on her. She told him I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend. Really the guy said. What's he do for a living? He plays football, she said. Oh yeah what team? The Raiders she said, the Raiders really? What position does he play? He is an Inside linebacker, she said. That big son of a bitch? I think your trying to lie to me! Even her girlfriends didn't believe her. The TV was on and the guy said, Who is the redhead seen kissing Oakland Raiders Inside Linebacker, we want to know more after this. The guy smiled at her, that smile was supposed to mean we will find out if your lying or not real soon. The show came back on in Phoenix, Raiders Linebacker Chris Mitchell was seen kissing a beautiful redhead at a party they had for the team before returning to Oakland we got these exclusive photographs. There was India kissing Chris Mitchell. Her girlfriends jaws even dropped. The guy was looking at the TV then at India he looked at each at least 3 times before he believed her. Your telling the truth, I won't bother you any more sorry but that guy is huge! He ran away with his taIL between his legs. Her girl friends were full of questions How, when, What she told them that he is an excellent kisser. They were hanging on every word coming out of her mouth. Her phone rang, it was her mother. Hi mom what's up? Appearantly you. I was thumbing through the chanelsame looking for something good when I see my own daughter kissing a .... mountain. A football player? I thought you didn't like jocks, they are stuck on themselves, you said! Well mom Chris is different, he only considers himself semi famous. He is not stuck on himself like that basketball player dated that thought he was gods gift to humanity in college. When did you meet him, her mother asked? Remember when I told I had been adopted by a family that invited me to Thanksgiving dinner? That's his family. He showed up, they weren't expecting him. It was love at first sight for the both of us. So is there wedding bells in the air or is it to early to tell asked her mom? That was our official first date mom. Pretty chummy for a first date if you ask me teased her mom. Is it a secret or can I tell others, asked her mom? You can tell others especially my cousin Julie, tell her old Indian Rubber Sheet bagged herself a bonfire NFL Superstar! That reminds me I heard he still wets his bed? Yes mom he does he knows I wet my bed until I was almost 17. Yeah two days before your 17th birthday and it took you most the next year until you was almost 18 before you were completely dry. Yes mom I know said India. Don't remind me. What is his family like, her mom asked? His mom is a nurse like I am said India, we get along great. His dad is a computer engineer. He has 5 brothers and sisters. Great family the kind I wanted growing up, but you decided to stop after having me. We loved you though, your father and I. Too bad he's not around still he would be estatic that his little girl was maybe going to be getting married. Then again he may not claim you you though, we're Viking fans and he's a Raider! Daddy would of reminded you of the 1975 Superbowl they beat us that year. He would call you a traitor! India's mom was teasing her again! Just means I have one less reason to come back to that freezing state known as Minnesota, India said! We get warm one month, sometimes two moths a year, her mom teased back! Love you mom, I love you dear. They hung up. Her phone rang again this time it was Chris. Sorry he said, I didn't mean to drag you into center stage into my world. For only being semi famous your every where, India joked back. I saw the show said Chris, at least they don't know who you are, that's one good thing. I don't know said India it stopped a guy hitting on me, he is afraid of you your to big to mess with! Always knew this size would come in handy one day, Chris joked back! Looks like today said India, joking back! Even my mom wanted to know the name of the mountain I was kissing. Though she is about ready to disown me. Why is that asked Chris. Religions she said they are Vikings and you a Raider! Yep she is right you know us Raiders worshi l the devil, just ask any Vikings fan! Ind I a laughed. Chris said before I forget we have our Bye week in about two weeks, I would like to invite you here to spend it with me, I want to get to know you better. Well I will have to find a flight there. I have the time. Chris said let me handle it, the Raiders have a travel agency that arranges flights for us and our families, since mom has adopted you I guess that makes you my sister, said Chris! Not like it's not weird enough, now we're family dating each other India said! Just let me know I would love to visit you!
  2. My mother the bedwetter.

    A few days later Bryce was back at school. Belinda have Bryce a kiss for sticking up for her. Bryce loved it and hated it at the same time. Laurie talked with April, about arrangements. She found two homes, one she could afford, but there was room for only her family. Two she couldn't afford on her own but there was room for both families. It was roughly twice the size of April's current home. Another thing was the smaller home was on the other side of town. The big home was three blocks away and still was in the same school boundaries. That night they had a family meeting 7 kids 2 adults. The options were explained to the 7 kids Belinda and Bryce wanted to stay together same with Jennifer and Jessica, and Milissa wanted to be sisters. Laurie and April voted for being together. The boys Harold and William were the only ones that voted for them being the Gillettes and them being the Breems. They were voted down. The two families made plans to move in together in a bigger house!
  3. A Family Affair!

    India got to know the whole Mitchell family over the next couple of days, she really wanted to meet Chris but he was in Oakland. Betsy got talking about Thanksgiving coming up. What do you and your family have planned for Thanksgiving India? Well I'm working third shift that night, but my family all live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I don't have any family here in Phoenix. Baloney said Betsy, you got ours, you are going to celebrate it with us! We got room my oldest boy is playing football in Oakland, that means we have plenty. He could eat the whole table and then ask for more! We'll have leftovers this year! Betsy smiled. Are you sure asked India, I don't want to impose! Family aren't an imposition! I won't take no for an answer, Betsy said! Okay I will be there mom said India! Good answer said Betsy! Do you want me to bring anything asked India? Just you and your appetite said Betsy. India considered herself lucky her real family was miles and miles away. She had been adopted by a great family and all it took was for her to make an ass out of herself with the father! Since India had to work that night they had Thanksgiving Dinner early so she could get some sleep before working the Third Shift. They had just sat down and the blessing of the food was done by Arthur, he even included her and in his prayer and Chris as well as the 5 kids at home. It was a heartfelt prayer from Arthurs heart. India wasn't used to praying like this at Thanksgiving their family prayer was For what we are about to receive please make us truly thankful. His prayer lasted 4 or 5 minutes. He had just got done and trays and bowls of food were being passed around. The doorbell rang. They weren't expecting anybody else Betsy said. Arthur said I'll get it he got up and went to the front door. He came back and asked Betsy do you think we have room for one more? Betsy looked angry for about a tenth of a second, she said we will make room because of the holiday! Good because I believe this guy can eat! Chris Mitchell, India's hero walked in. Why didn't you let me know you were coming asked Betsy trying to look stern but even India could see she was almost crying to have her son back! I didn't know if I was going to make it or not, coach called a team meeting for today, his wife was shall we say very upset with him, your calling a team meeting for Thanksgiving day? Your guys wives are going to kill you. That's low really low. In order to make peace he canceled it until Saturday at pracctice. I tried to find a flight . Good luck with that said Arthur! Yeah that was a no go so I got in my care and started driving. Hit I-40 got into Flagstaff and had to slow down they closed it after I was on it snowing like crazy. Got to Phoenix took my coat off and all the snow on my car was gone. I have to be back tomorrow in Oakland I need a couple of hours sleep before leaving late tonight . He saw India, did you guys have another kid while I was gone? Adopt? Hi I'm Chris Mitchell, yes you are said India! Chris smiled at her and you are? Uhm, uhm, I India Taylor she blurted out. India an unusual name. For a white girl, I get that a lot she said . My dad was obsessed with going there, loved the country! I was thinking it's a beautiful name for a beautiful woman! It was her turn to blush again. She was sure her face was as red as her hair. They sat Chris opposite her every time she went to look at him he was staring at her. Soon they just sat and stared at each other. Both were thinking He/ she is a god/ goddess I think I want to get to know him/ her better. Don't ask either one of them what they were eating they could of ate the turkey bones they were so focused on each other, the wouldn't of realized what they were eating India said I havever to get some sleep for tonight I have to work thirds tonight. Chris said I have to get some sleep as well I have to drive back l a terrible tonight myself. Listen in two weeks we play the Cardinals her would you like to come to the game as my guest, that and my family of course! I would love to said India! Just go to will call there will be a ticket there for you. India Taylor he said like it was music to his ears, it was! India left to go get some sleep. Chris was drilling his parents and siblings for more information about India. Betsy said I saw you two staring at each other, I heard those wedding bel as well! Mom I love her, I never felt this way about a girl I want to marry her! Maybe you should give it a couple of dates before you do son, you don't want to scare her away, but from what I've seen, I don't think she is afraid of you!
  4. My mother the bedwetter.

    April was upset at the school board, Bryce was defending a girl he saw as his sister, why wasn"t the boy he beat up in trouble for making sexist remarks, she went to the school and told them she would be talking to a lawyer about this. The board was asking her please don't do that, before she knew it the boy had been suspended, that Bryce had beat up. He was suspended one day longer than Bryce! His parents were really upset at him. The second day of Bryce's suspension. While at the store, April and Bryce saw the family there. It took a few seconds but Bryce tugged his mother's skirt. That's the boy I beat up! April looked they had a daughter with them. It took a second to figure out it was a boy that had a black eye and he was dressed as a girl. April said hello Mrs. Adams, who is this young lady? This is Kevin said Mrs. Adams. Since he thinks girls are inferior, we took this suspension to teach him how the other half lives. Lift your skirt and show them what a girl wears. He lifted his dress and he had panties on. He was also red as a beet. April said Mrs. Adams, don't you think,..... this could, I don't know, traumatize Kevin? Right now he is Kelly, dressed like this. It's his choice! You mean he likes being dressed like this? Yes almost every weekend. Most summers! But he looks uncomfortable. That's because you guys know him, if you didn't she would be happy as a clam. We were here buying diapers for Kelly, she quietly said she still pees her bed. Kevin/ Kelly blushed again. Bryce saw Goodnites in the cart for a girl. He knew his mother would kill him if he started laughing now. Bryce extended his hand nice to meet you Kelly! In a girls voice she said nice to meet you Bryce! As April and Bryce were walking away, Bryce said if I ever get like that mom... please kill me! April chuckled, if he ever teases Belinda again just say Kelly leave her alone! Bryce grinned, wow was all he said!
  5. A Family Affair!

    When the Raiders had their first game on a Thursday Night, they played against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Chris was having an excelelent game. He was sacking the QB at will, they had only 17 total yards in the first half. Most of that had been on trick plays. Arthur jumped in to the air in celebration when he came down his knee popped it hurt really bad. Dang it he thought. They took him to the hospital prognosis was he had partially torn the ACL in his left knee. They were needing to operate. They waited a week until his swelling went down. On Monday night a week later. They were playing the Cowboys, in Dallas. Arthur was watching the game in his hospital room his knee was up on pillows, he had surgery that morning to repair his torn ACL. He was sitting there watching the game a nurse came in checked him and asked What's the score? 17- 0 Raiders, Arthur said. About that time Chris sacked the Cowboys QB, Tony Romo. That's my boy Arthur said, being a proud parent! Mine as well said the nurse, he is so fun to watch play. He enjoys just playing football. He's my boy as well! No said Arthur HE IS MY BOY! Mine to said the nurse! No he is my son said Arthur! Get out of town said the girl! No said Arthur he is my son I'm his dad, Arthur Mitchell! Really she asked? Yes I'm Arthur Mitchell proud father! The nurse gave him a smile, I'm India Taylor, emberrased nurse, as she shook his hand. Arthur said India unusual name for a white girl. Yeah I get that a lot. My dad was always wanting to visit there, he was obsessed with India so guess what I was named! I'm sorry about the misunderstanding about Chris, I umm, used to wet my bed, he is one of my hero's for coming out and admitting that he is still! Yeah I get that a lot said Arthur, joking back with her! She liked Arthur he was a real nice guy! India can I ask a huge favor of you, he asked seriously. I wet myself can you change me? Sure said India, Let me get new blankets and sheets she said with a smile. No need said Arthur, in my suitcase right on top, you will find every thing you need! What she found were diapers, you really are his dad aren't you!
  6. My mother the bedwetter.

    The Gillettes/ Breems families were getting along really good. April and Laurie something was happening to them, neither were lesbians but they were finding themselves falling for each other. The talked about it deciding that they weren't into woman but they both felt drawn to each other, they were in love! The most sex they had had was spooning while asleep. If you could call it sex, they had touched each other's crotches through their diapers, while asleep. Neither was sure they wanted the next step. They couldn't argue the fact that they cared for the other each other. In a loving way, April remembered when she had felt this way about her now ex husband. Laurie hadn't felt like this since her husband was killed. Thinking about sex with April, that would make her shudder. It wasn't who, but what they could do as two females. She and she knew April felt the same way. They were sexless lovers for now until they could get over their inhibitions. Bryce and Belinda were going through the same thing In a way, they had found that girls and boys weren't so bad, respectively. They loved sleeping together now. They agreed it made them feel like adults, married adults. They weren't ready for further things in their relationship, things like sex sounded gross to them. The most they had done was kiss each other. Bryce had gotten into trouble for fighting at school! One of his boy friends started making fun of Belinda, telling her she was a girl and had cooties! Bryce tried to tell him girls aren't so bad, especially this girl. He was calm and was just trying to explain. When the boy started calling him a girl, and made kissing sounds. Bryce kicked his ass. He was sent to the Principal's office April had to go to school and bring him home, he was suspended for a day for fighting. He had told the Principal and mother, that if that boy had anything to say to Belinda like what he told her today he would rough him up again. That's how he felt.
  7. A Family Affair!

    Chris was not angry at the QB, he was more disappointed. All through his younger days he had never had a teammate treat him like this. Even that kid that was calling him out in high school, his teammates told him that they got his back, it was no secret that he wet his bed. Most of his teammates knew they had known Chris since grade school. Like his parents before him Chris was a pants wetter he had worn daytime diapers until third grade, when he stopped wetting in the day time. This was the first time in his life where a teammate went out of their way to ridicule him. He believed in a world where your teammates took care of you and you take care of them. The video of him wetting his diapers made it to ESPN. Which kind of went viral, but not the way you would think. There was support for Chris. He was surprised of how many words of encouragement he received. Seems almost everybody was, or was related to, or a friend to somebody that wet their bed or still does. The QB was upset that it hadn't worked the way he wanted it to. At practice Chris continued to humiliate him on the field. That also upset him. Chris had several followers, he was getting famous for two things first he was a good player and second he was the most famous bedwetter. Millions had suffered from what Chris suffered from now. Chris thought about quitting football. He told his mother that the QB was a bully, you had been dealing with bullies since tyou started school in diapers. Remember bedwetting is only something you do, it doesn't define you, you define it! Stand up and admit yes I wet my bed still, you do that and people will remember you for your courage. Chris was named one of the starting inside linebackers for the Raiders. Chris was walking back to change after practice. The QB confronted him. The guy was about 3/4 Chris's size. He tried to shove Chris. And leaned that at 6 foot six inches and 305 pounds Chris wasn't somebody that moved that easy. The QB told him used to eat linebackers like you in college for breakfast! Oh really said Chris? Damned straight skippy, he said back . Chris smiled and said there are two holes in that theory! Oh yeah was that asked the QB? First of all my name is Chris, or Christian Mitchell, and second of all this isn't college! This is the NFL, which for you means Not Fricking Likely? This made the QB, even more upset. The guy threw a punch at Chris who just took a step backwards. The guy had put so much force behind the punch that his momentum got him off balance, Chris used one hand to assist the guy with added momentum and he was on the ground. He began yelling at Chris calling him big bedwetting boy, f-ing bedwetter was one of the words which came out of the QB's mouth the most. By this time the team had seen what was happening and came and stopped the QB from getting up they told him that Chris will kill him if he does. If he doesn't we will! Since Chris had the following the incident was filmed by over 2 dozen cell phones. That footage made its way to ESPN as well it went viral and the Raiders were getting hate mail. They severed ties with the QB. He just wasn't worth the trouble. He was picked up by Buffalo, they were paying him league minimum, he had gone from being one of the better payed rookies to making the bare minimum. Chris was interviewed by ESPN he was called corageous by the interviewer. He was starting as the Raiders inside linebacker. The season hadn't started yet and he was already one of the top contenders for Rookie of the Year.
  8. A Family Affair!

    It’s A Family Affair! Fiction by Drownedinp Drownedinp, on 07 Jun 2015 - 1:30 PM, said: Arthur Mitchell had known Betsy Allen since grade school. It was almost destined for them to get together as they were not only neighbors but we're the two in school every year that seemed to have the most wetting accidents. Well why not they were the kids that their parents seemed to have to wash wet sheets for every day because they couldn't seem to keep theirs dry. Arthur's and Betsy's mother's were talking and found that both of their kids were nighttime wetters and either or both would almost daily come home from school wet or would be wet before supper. Both were happy to have a sympathetic ear to discuss the raising of bed wetters, and pants wetters. They had tried punishments, no liquids after 1800 hours or 6 pm, getting them up at different hours of the night to go potty, rewards, alarms, medications but nothing seemed to help. Betsy was even called Betsy Wetsy by the other kids and her siblings, that really didn't seem to bother her. Finally both mother's started to diaper their kids day and night which didn't cure them but helped them seem to fit in better at least the other kids quit calling Betsy; Betsy Wetsy other than her siblings who continued to call her that. About the time to start Junior High School both mothers took their child out of day time diapers, but both would either wet on the way home or later during play. But more often than not would be wet at school still so the diapers and plastic pants went back on until high school at least, both mother's thought that they would try it again then. Besides they were still wet at nights and between them both had not had more than a handful of dry nights since they were kids Since their mothers were so close Arthur would go over to Betsy's house with his mother or Betsy would go to Arthur's house with hers. They were left alone most times and the two mother's were oblivious to the budding romance between the two teenagers. Each knew the others secret of what they wore to bed and what they were wearing in the day because when the mothers talked it was as if the kids weren't there so when the discussions for day wetting and bed wetting each child knew the other was in the same leaky boat so to speak. Drownedinp, on 07 Jun 2015 - 1:56 PM, said: This continued through Junior High School and when mom's took them out of diapers in Senior High School, the day wetting had improved but there were still accidents during school. But it was decided to let them stay out of day time diapers, nighttime was a other issue entirely. Neither showed any progress what so ever in that department. In fact, the only change had been the size of the diapers and plastic pants used meaning bigger sizes. Both Arthur and Betsy attended a local College because of their bed wetting decided campus life was not for them. During this time though they were dating and falling deeper and deeper in love with each other. They knew that each other still were bed wetters. Arthur had never called her Betsy Wetsy, telling her it would have made him a hypocrite of he had. Since they were both over 18 they planned on marring each other after college. Arthur got his degree in computer engineering while Betsy graduated with her degree in nursing. Arthur was about 5 foot 10 and was a redhead weighed about 135 he looked skinny but was pretty tough as his brothers used to tell him, I'd rather be dead than to wet my bed and be red in the head. After a few years his brothers never picked on him after he'd inflicted bloody noses, fat lips and a few black eyes. Wetting his bed had made him tougher he was sure of it. Betsy was a brunette and people would say she was cute not beautiful but she had an innocence about her that seemed to make her more beautiful. When they told their parents that they planned on getting married their parents thought it was a joke. Both were still wetting their diapers at night and looked like they would forever. They brought up the point &that since they were still wetting at night how much luck do you think we would have if we were to date other non bed wetters? We would probably never marry and continue to live at home until we're your age! Both sets of parents had never thought of it like that, but the more the kids talked it made sense. Besides the parents could see the love that they had for each other, and decided that the at least deserved a chance. They were married on Valentine’s day the following year. Drownedinp, on 07 Jun 2015 - 2:38 PM, said: About Christmas time Betsy informed Arthur that she was expecting their first child she was about 2 months along. Arthur couldn't have been happier as a matter of fact he was over the moon. When he remembered a statistic that if both parents were bed wetter there was a 70% chance that their kids would be, he wondered what the odds were if both parents were active bed wetters. He brought this fact up to Betsy who said if they do are we going to love them less? Arthur said hell no! Betsy said &we will understand more of what their going through right? Arthur could only agree. Betsy said and If they don't have a problem we will teach them to not make fun of the ones who do, including us! about 7 months later Betsy gave birth to a hefty 9 pound baby boy in mid July that they decided to call Christian after Arthur's grandfather, who went by Chris his whole life. Chris was always big from birth until, well just for ever! Of course he was a bed wetter, but that never stopped him he grew up played football and was a dang good linebacker. Went to college was drafted by the Raiders in the 2nd round had to wear diapers at night because he still wet his bed. No one ever made fun of him because he was so damn big. Some kid on an opposing team while playing football in high school said I want you bed wetter! Big mistake, too bad because Chris about took the kids head off with a forearm to the side of his helmet. No one ever called him that again. About 4 months after Chris was born Betsy informed Arthur that she was pregnant again and one more time Arthur couldn't have been happier and was still over the moon. She was was again about 2 months along and at the last of May gave birth to not one but two, a girl and a boy. They decided to name the girl Darla after Betsy s grandmother. The boy was a bit harder until Betsy noticed a pattern emerging we have an Arthur, a Betsy, Christopher, Darla, so this has to start with E. They named him Ephraim. They got lucky Ephraim wasn't a bed wetter but Darla was not so lucky now they had 4 bed wetters and 1 that didn't. Drownedinp, on 07 Jun 2015 - 6:27 PM, said: Betsy taught Ephraim that since he was the only child that didn't have problems with bed wetting that he shouldn't make fun of those that do. One night she heard Ephraim making fun of his twin sister Darla calling her ‘Pissy Darla’. Betsy took Ephraim and put a diaper on him and told him isn't coming off until morning, get used to it. Ephraim thought that it was a Joke so he wet it so mom would Take it off. “Look at me I'm Pissy Ephraim,” and asked mom to take it off. Mom said &No, I told you it isn't coming off until tomorrow morning!” Ephraim said “But mom I've already wet it to be Pissy Ephraim!” “That's too bad you can sleep in it and find out what it feels like to be real bed wetter like the rest of your family then.” Ephraim figured out that he had gone too far. Trying to sleep was almost impossible; the heat and sweat tended to make him more uncomfortable, so he wet it again and it felt somewhat better, not good. he woke up and went into the bathroom and turned on the light, the light hurt his eyes because he was used to the dark, ouch he said as his eyes started to adjust to the light. He lifted up the toilet lid and began to pee looking around he saw the hamper, and the sink and tub, the shelving over the toilet. Dang this pee felt good, then he remembered that he had a diaper on, wait...... he woke up and the diaper was soaked and had leaked and there was a wet spot in the middle of his bed. That was just a dream, but it seemed so real the light hurt my eyes even. Then he really got worried I have to sleep in my bed and it's wet. Do Mommy and Daddy, And Chris and Darla go through this every night? It's harder to be a bed wetter than I thought, I'll never tease them again. After Darla and Ephraim were born Betsy did not get pregnant again for 2 years then she gave birth to triplets this time 2 girls 1 boy the oldest girl fell in line was named Frances, the boy was Gary, and the girl was named Hermione after the girl in Harry Potter. Frances was the only one not to follow in her parents footsteps and wet her bed the other 2 again weren't so lucky. Drownedinp, on 07 Jun 2015 - 7:45 PM, said: With about 2/3 the family are bed wetters the Mitchell's got back to being a family. When Christian was a rookie for the Raiders he was drafted in the second round because the Raiders picked up a Quarterback from LSU in the first round. For some reason he had it in for Chris. When he found out that Chris was a bed wetter he got plain mean, hung Chris's diapers out the window on media day, for everyone to see. The QB thought that he was hot stuff, because he was a first rounder. He never missed a trick trying to humiliate Chris even as going as far as the old hand in the water, piss trick. Didn't take much for him to pee his diapers as he used his cell phone to tape it! What he didn't know was Chris may take a little ribbing about his bed wetting, but the QB was way out of line. The next day at scrimmage Chris wouldn't let him get a pass off sacked him three times, knocked down 4 passes and stuffed up the line on a QB sneak he couldn't get anywhere. On ESPN they started talking about what a bust the QB was for the Raiders, but how impressive their new inside linebacker, Chris Mitchell was the talk is they should of taken him first and let the QB fall to the third or fourth round and saved themselves a lot of money. Back to you Dan! Looks lIke I got the start of it. Let's me revisit the Mitchells as retell their story!
  9. My mother the bedwetter.

    I would really like to get the A family affair back. Would you by chance have that?
  10. My mother the bedwetter.

    Later in the day April received a call from Laurie, she would be in town for business and wanted to see her and meet her kids. April asked about her 5 if they would be with her? You bet said Laurie, the Gillette clan will be there in force! April felt her heart jump for joy she was going to see her best friend from when she was younger, and her kids. She told Jessica and Bryce that her best friend and her 5 kids were coming for a visit. Jessica was happy for her mother and Bryce he could care less! Monday afternoon was the big day, April scrubbed the house top to bottom, everything smeled of Pinesol! While Jessica and Bryce were at school the Gillette family arrived. April and Laurie hugged and kissed each other, like they were sisters. Other than a few wrinkles and Laurie was now a blonde rather than a brunette they pretty much looked the same as they had some, 17 years ago when they had last seen each other! Laurie asked if she could use the toilet. After 5 kids she needed diapers for long trips, not just at night. Her oldest son Harold Jr. was 14 and he needed diapers 24/7 365. His bladder hardly worked, it was a birth defect. She told told April that all but 1 of her kids still wet at night. Laurie's 12 year old daughter Jennifer and her 8 year old daughter Belinda and 5 year old Melissa wet their beds, her 6 year William was the only dry Gillette. He was looked upon as the black sheep of the family! They started talking the news was even better, the business that Laurie was here for was to take over the local office for her company, her and her family were moving here. April couldn't of been more pleased! They were needing to find a place to stay. A home to buy. April insisted that they stay here until they could find a suitable home! Laurie was thankful, she told April it's kind of embarrassing to wet the beds in nice hotels. April told they were glad to have them. Harold Jr. and William, shared a bedroom there were bunkbeds in that room. Jessica and Jennifer were put together Belinda and Bryce were bunked together. Both mothers thought it should be okay they were only 8. Melissa was put in the same room as Jessica and Jennifer. Right now Jessica had a queen bed to herself, Jennifer would share that anfd there was a twin as well for Melissa! April asked Laurie if she didn't mind sleeping with her as that was the only bed left other than the couch is a hidabed that is as uncomfortable as hell. Well said Laurie it's not like we haven't slept in the same bed before. Yeah I know I was at your place almost every weekend and all summer long. Your mom never beat me or called me bad names when I wet at night. You know that's why we never stayed at my house, I figured she would of treated you as she treated me. Laurie said You know my mom and dad saw you as another daughter, don't you? Thats why you were at my house all the time. They knew what a bitch your mom was, they wanted to save you, hell if given a chance I think they would of adopted you! I wish they had said April, I was unhappy in my home, they were better parents to me than my mother ever even dreamed of. Your dad was great said Laurie, to bad he was pussy whipped so bad by your mom, he wouldn't of said shit to her even if he had a mouthful! April giggled. That described her dad pretty well. April still thinks her mom did her and her dad a favor by killing herself! The luggage was brought in and packed on top of every case was the kids rubber sheets. They were added to the beds even though all kids wore diapers there was still leaks and mattresses needed protecting. The school for Jessica and Bryce was just around the corner less than a quarter of a mile. Soon Jessica and Bryce were home and having roommates weren't a problem other than Jessica and Bryce and Jennifer and Belinda and Melissa asked their moms about what happens when Jessica and Bryce, or Jennifer, Belinda, and Melissa find out that they bedwet? They were all so glad to find out that the others would wet their bed as well, so neither had that to worry about. Other than Bryce thought girls were yucchy, and Belinda thought the same of boys everybody got along really well. Jessica had a crush on Harold Jr. like their moms Jessica and Jennifer and Melissa became like sisters. Even Bryce and Belinda cuddled with each other at night, in daytime they were gender enemies, at night they spooned together most of the night. Each slept with a hand on each others diapers, they could feel the other wet the bed, not that it was a conscious thing. They were sound asleep when it happened. April and Laurie were no different than Bryce and Belinda, they spooned and had a hand on each others diapers. William told his mom that he felt left out and started to get a diaper on at night. Unlike the others in the house, he was aware when he wet, at first. After several months that began to change he began to wake up wetting his bed and just finish the deed he had started. After a few more months he was waking up realizing that he was wet. After a coupleasure of more months he was sleeping through like the rest of the family!
  11. My mother the bedwetter.

    Jessica thought mom was abused when she was younger for her bedwetting. She was spanked and called a number of names. That is something we have never had done to us, thank god! Her mother was the worst mom ever in Jessica's eyes. At 12 years old she had figured out that her mom enjoyed being a bedwetter again this time around there was nobody to beat her or call her names she liked it! Jessica had figured out that's why her mother was wetting her bed again. It was good with her if her mom was happy again. Her dad doing what he did made her really sad. There were nights she heard her mom crying in her bedroom all alone in that bed for the first time in several years. One night she got up and went and crawled into bed with her mom and just held her while she cried. She had done it for Jessica enough one was a few years earlier. Jessica's friend Sally Crawford HD found out she still wet her bed and told the whole school, well her entire 5th grade class that Jessica was still a bedwetter. She thought Sally was her friend , she felt more betrayed than embarrassed, she knew she had no control over her bladder while asleep. Besides her mother told her it wasn't her fault, if anyone was to blame blame her. She told Jessica how lucky she was to have her best friend Laurie that wet her bed as well. She was sorry for Jessica that she didn't have a friend like Laurie. Jessica often wondered what it would be like to have a friend like her mom had, or even better like a twin sister or a sister that was her age that wet her bed as well. At times she felt so alone! Mommy was a bedwetter again no denying that fact. Even Bryce who wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box figured it out. He was so stupid he expected dad to come home from his business tripany day now. Dad's business trip had taken him less than 10 miles away, he could come home at nights if he wanted to! She knew he didn't want to. His new whore as mom called her, Cheryl didn't want dad to have anything to do with us little bedwetters as she referee to us as. She found us gross that we peed in our sleep. I guess she came out of her mother's tummy already toilet trained the bitch. If one thing positive had came out of this was the fact her and her mother were closer. She always knew that her mother loved her that was a given. That night she went to her mother and held her while she cried, it was a bonding moment for them. For Jessica her mother stopped treating her like a child and more like the young lady she was. She felt more like Laurie must of felt. Her mother had never talked to her about the things her mother had done to her when she was growing up. She never knew her grandmother growing up she was gone before she was born. It was a good thing she hated her now! Jessica's mother was the nicest sweetest lady she knew. Even her friends told her that. She had always been there for her and Bryce. She never once had a cross word for their wet beds. Jessica asked her once why? What her mother told her shocked her. She told her the last person on earth she ever wanted to be was her mother. Jessica was shocked because when she grew up she wanted to be just like her mom!
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  13. My mother the bedwetter.

    I did it, I was able to find Laurie Thompson, Her name is Gillette now. Her mom still has the same telephone number. she is like 77 now. Laurie's dad is dead now. her mom was real surprised to be hearing from me after all these years now! we talked and talked about people from the old neighborhood, my family was still there. Well at least my dad my mom was gone she committed suicide when she found out about her breast cancer. I wasn't to late or nothing like that, she couldn't picture herself bald after chemo that and being flat chested as she was at 11 years old. She took the chickens way out. The sign of the times was all the people that were her age in the neighborhood were dying off! I got to talk to Laurie it was like we had never been separated by miles or time. I finally got the nerve and asked if she ever got dry or not? Yeah she said before college, it was hard to let go because you knew I wanted to wet forever! Uhmmm. That has no bearing on if I still wet my bed or not! You still do don't you? There was a small chuckle on the line, April if there was somebody else asking besides you I would deny it with every fiber of my being! I started to laugh. What's so funny she asked? You aren't the only one I told her, when I get stressed I still pee my bed. after the separation, divorce from my ex, I was wetting on a nightly basis. Its a part of me again like you I don't want to quit this time! Good for you! I stopped so I could go to college. Imagine my surprise when the dorm I was in was the active bedwetters dorm! When I filled out my paperwork I was still wetting my bed so in was honest and said I was. 10 months later I wasn't and was placed with others that were. I was still wanting to be a bedwetter 3 months later I was a true wetter again. I met Buck he was a rodeo cowboy, hence Buck! besides that sounded tougher than his real name Harold! I was honest and told him I was a bedwetter, he found that sexy and me sexy as well, we have 5 kids to prove it! Unfortunately, Buck was killed in a Rodeo a year or so ago! Got hung up on a bull and his neck was broken.
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  15. My mother the bedwetter.

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