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  1. Drownedinp

    My mother the bedwetter.

    Bethany had been with the Evans family a week. She knew her uncle wasn't going to find her. The lady she was given to her new mommy was great, even with like 40 11 kids she still had time for her. She still talked to her like she would talk. Her new daddy wasn't so bad from what she seen he was fun. She didn't want to let her guard down though. Once they got left alone together alone. She was about ready to panic when he got up and left, he could see that she was uncomfortable around him. Uncle Charley was nice once to then he hurt her. The new mommy was good when she used to poop and pee herself her mom would yell and scream at her tell her she almost 6 for God's sake, not 2 years old, grow the fuck up. It wasnt that she wanted to pee and poop herself. Like a baby it just happened she couldn't help it. She didn't know why it was happening but it was. New mommy just changed her. She never screamed at her or swore at her. She also noticed that most of the kids wore diapers to bed at night some even wore them in the day time as well, like her they wet them none were like her in the pooping part though. One of the kids was a boy that dressed like a girl. She wondered if they would ever let her move back with her mommy and daddy, it would be alright if Uncle Charley wasnt there to hurt her anymore. She wondered why her mommy and daddy didnt listen to her when she told them that Uncle Charley hurt Her? For that she was still mad at them. Daddy was reading a book to the mexican girl again when she laughed and laughed when he made different voices up for the different characters, Bethany found herself smiling as well. Later when mommy asked her a yes or no question she let her guard down and said "Yes." She looked at her new mommy, expecting her to make a fuss about her talking. Nothing registered on her face, she must of not heard her. Inside April was thinking " Yes she can talk! That was the sweetest sound I have ever heard!"
  2. Drownedinp

    Bedwetters letters

    Chapter 9. This went on for about a week more. Beckie knew she had never felt like this about a guy, ever! Johnathon knew he had been bit by the love bug for sure. The talked and talked. Beckie called her friend Bonnie and she drove them some place, if you must know it was to the Justice of the Peace Offices, even though they had known each other only a couple of weeks. They decided to get married. The weird part was they weren't going to tell anybody, the only one who knew was her best friend Bonnie, she had been sworn to secrecy! This time when Bonnie dropped them off, they went to Beckie's house this time they went all the way and had sex, why not they were married after all. They were in the passion of sex for the second time, they hadn't been paying attention when they heard "Oh my god?" It was Beckie's mother! Her dad came in and Johnathon saw look of murder in her father's eyes, his own! "What the hell" her dad roared? Before he even knew what had happened her dad had punched him in the stomach knocking the wind out of him. Even if he wanted to with out any breath Johnathon was trying to say were married, were married but he was just moving his lips. Her dad was rearing his arm back to punch this little bastard in his fing nose! Beckie was in shock, coherent thought had eluded her. Mrs. Wilson was watching her husband about ready to kill this kid. She wasn't deaf but she could read what this kids lips were trying to say, They're married, what the he'll married, since when. She was able to stop her husband from further hurting his son in law. She grabbed at his fist before he could punch him. Her husband looked at his wife with a look like "are you out of your mind?" About that time, Johnathon was able to fill his lungs with air and verbally said "We're married, we're married!" Now Beckie's dad was looking at him like he had 2 heads. Beckie finally got her faculties to confirm what Johnathon had just said. "Who, When, How" both parents asked at the same exact time? Beckie said "About 3 hours ago, in town, were both over 18 mom and dad." "What about your condition" her mother asked? " You mean my bedwetting, mom? Johnathon knows I still wet my bed mom!" "You're okay with that," now looking at Johnathon with a look like he had 2 heads like her husband had earlier? "Yes ma'am, and she knows I still wet mine." "Son of a bitch, they both are still bedwetters, her dad said!" "You can do that," asked her mom, like it was the most alien thing she had ever heard before? "Yes mom, said Beckie they even let gay people get married these days!" "The way you hated men, I wondered about you Beckie." "Mom it's not that I hated men, it's just I never found one I really liked before I met Johnathon!" "Do we know your parents dear," her mom asked Johnathon? "Probably not, I'm not from here in Ogden," said Johnathon, "but you know my aunt Shirley your next door neighbor." You're that Johnathon asked her mom, your Aunt Shirley has talked a lot about you. I often wished from when she talked about you that you could meet my daughter, but at the time I didn't know you had the same condition as her. I didn't know how you would of handled her still wetting her bed, at her age?" Her dad asked "Have you two consummated the marriage yet?" "Yes said Beckie, that was round two when you caught us." Mr. Wilson looked at his wife, "Too late to get it annulled then!" "Why would we want to Henry," She asked? "Didn't we pray she would meet a nice boy that would love her in spite of her bedwetting?" "We just never counted on him wetting his bed as well," said Henry! "I just wished you would of gave us more time dear, " said her mom. News traveled fast that night when they went to Aunt Shirley's house, the two twin beds were pushed together as one. Shirley said "Your dad's giving you the farm, it all yours, when you get back to Sommerville. Your going to have to find a place to live, if you sell a few acres that should get you a start on a home. Why didn't I think of you two getting married, I guess I was so worried about you two having sex it didn't cross my mind! Your parents had been praying that you would find a girl that didn't mind you still wetting your bed Johnathon, guess it never crossed our minds that you would find a girl that wet her bed as well. Guess there is still hope for me!" "What do you mean Aunt Shirley both Johnathon and Beckie asked?" "Didn't you two know that at almost 60 I still wet my bed, asked Aunt Shirley?
  3. Drownedinp

    It's a Family Affair

    Chris made it back to Oakland and they left for Phoenix, he arrived back on Saturday evening. He called India and they talked. She had to go to work so she had to go. She was still coming to the game tomorrow. Chris couldn't wait to see her, there was a party on Sunday night. If they beat Arizona on Sunday afternoon they wouI'd be over .500 even if they lost their last few games. That would be the first time in over 10 years that they had been over .500. The game they started announcing the teams when they got to Chris they introduced him as a graduate of Glendale High School and ASU Chris Mitchell! Chris got an ovation from the crowd he was a popular player and with anybody who had been touched by bedwetting he was a hero. Betsy got a tear in her eyethese people were cheering for her son, to think he almost quit and came running home when he was outed as a bedwetter. He was a hero to lots of these people because of it he had more support because of the fact he had been outed than he ever would of if he hadn't, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Chris had a great game, he was batting down balls, sacking Carson Palmer several times. He stopped a goal line stance late in the fourth quarter that would of brought them within a field goal of tieing the score. If they got the TD and the onside kick. It was a fourth and goal from the one yard line. They won 19 to 9 he also had a safety, and intercepted for a pick so She had 8 of their 19 points himself. They were also the #1 defence in football but only #22 on offence. At the party Chris took India. She was wearing a reversed Cardinals jersey Chris asked her about it? "I have either Vikings jersey or Cardinals jersey I don't have a Raiders one yet. So I turned it inside out to showbiz was supporting the Raiders, sitting in the section where we did I feared for my life wearing the Cardinals jersey." Chris talked to a guy that left and came back with a white jersey. That had Raiders on it but wasn't Chris's #58 it was a 2 it had the name of the place kicker on it. "This a real jersey that the actual players wear. Not something you get at the pro shop!" "Thank you" she said. Chris dragged her into a hug, she felt like she was getting a hug from a boa constrictor. She finally relaxed and it made it less painful. Suddenly Chris blushed and started apologizing. "For what," she asked? This time she drew him into the hug and kissed him. She didn't have half the strength that he did she couldn't squeeze him like a boa constrictor, even though she tried. A few players started to give Chris a hard time this was the first time they had ever seen him with a girl. He gave them a look that they just as quickly backed down. An hour later it was took me for Chris to leave, he said to her "Will you be my girlfriend, and not a friend that's a girl?" "Yes" she said very enthusiastically! Chris pumped the air with a fist and said "Yes!"
  4. Drownedinp

    The Visitor

    Trudy may have gave us her blessing. That didn't mean Trudy's mother would and her other kids, or my daughter who saw Julia as a gold digger after my money. Her kids saw me as a guy out to replace their dad, which I wasn't, I wanted nothing to do with being the father to her kids, hell me being gone so much working away that I used to do, I think it screwed up my own daughter. One of the reasons she was so dead set against Beautiful was because it meant I would have an heir other than her, my daughter's objections were purely financial. All the names that she called Julia were names that I seen in her, gold digger, she was waiting for me to die to get my money. What she didn't know was the company would be passed on to the next guy in line like it was to me. 33 million was to go to a trust fund for my Autistic granddaughter to care for her. Another 10 million, was to go to her kids another trust fund for education. The oldest who is 14 has that I know everything and you don't know shit type attitude. If she knows everything why is she flunking 4 of her 5 classes she is just a freshman. She doesn't believe that high school get harder, of course she knows that it doesn't she knows everything. If her attitude doesn't change and quickly she won't be going to college. The youngest one though if he doesn't become a holier than thou teen he will be getting it all to go to school on. My daughter gets 7 to 10 million to herself that's how my will is set up right now. If Beautiful does come into my life. through marriage that can go to 20 Mil for my granddaughter 5 mil for education 20 mil to Beautiful and still 5 to 10 mil to my daughter. I can see why she doesn't want the competition. I also have clauses that stipulates if they try and contest the will they forfeit their share. I'm not an idiot, I know my daughter. Like I said I don't want to be dad to Julia's kids. I've never been father of the year fodder I made mistakes, guess I didn't watch enough Leave it to Beaver, Father knows best, My three sons and Ozzie and Harriette reruns to learn good parenting skills. To bad I can't leave my fortune to my Alma Matter, The School of Hard Knocks. I may not have a college degree, but I feel I got a life degree.
  5. Drownedinp

    My mother the bedwetter.

    It wasn't long before Mr. English graced her door again. He looked ashamed to ask April for help. "I have just one girl she is 5 years old, her uncle had sexually assaulted her, were talking vaginally and rectaly as well he did lots of damage she constantly wets and has no control of her bowels. She hasn't talked in months. Every since the abuse began,the worst part was the parents knew but didn't do anything to stop It!" "How damaged is she mentally," asked April? "She is still there but she won't communicate verbally, she will point, nod yes or no but won't speak verbally. We feel she is right up your alley, another thing she is deathly afraid of men, she wets to the point of leaking when left alone with a male. Boys are fine just not men." "Can't say I much blame her, said April, men haven't treated her very well in her short life." Ted saw Mr. English and cane to greet him, "Got another one for us do you?" He said this with a smile. Knowing very well that he did. "I'm sure April will take him or her!" "Well this one may break you of taking kids from me, very difficult," said Mr. English! "What's the story," asked Doctor Ted? Mr. English went into the speal that he had given April already. "The urinary problem, a good urologist could fix and the bowel a Proctologist should be able to fix," said Ted. "I could do the surgery myself. I do know a few Proctologists that could fix her rectum." Mr. English said "I'm sorry to say this, but some men are assholes! I'm not a swearing man, but these guys bring out the worst in me. I think mandatory castration for these guys is what is needed! I'm sorry I will get off Mr. English's soapbox!" "No I agree," said April. "The only problem with that is it's against the Hippocratic oath, rule one is do no harm that is harming. No doctor would do that," said Ted. "Your opening yourself up to a malpractice suit." The little redheaded girl named Bethany was dropped off. She had never seen so many kids. There was one guy that at first she was afraid of, one girl brought him a book and he read it to her, he made up different voices for the different characters the little Mexican girl was sqealing with laughter. She seemed to think the guy was okay, he wouldn't hurt her like her Uncle Charley had hurt her. She tried to tell mommy and daddy that uncle Charley had hurt her but they didn't listen. She quit talking nobody wanted to listen to her, so why talk. She felt herself poop she didn't even know she had to go, she felt it when she dropped it in her diaper and could smell herself that's the only thing she knew, that and when she wet her bad parts that Uncle Charley liked playing with, before he hurt her really bad. Why did Uncle Charley hurt her like that? Didn't he like her anymore? He told her that he loved her then hurt her making her wear diapers and pee and poop them like she used to when she was a baby, she still was a baby she peed and pooped without warning. Babies can't talk, since she was a baby she couldn't talk either.
  6. Drownedinp

    Bedwetters letters

    Chapter #8. They were both dressed and they left Aunt Shirley's for the day. They caught a bus that took them to the town about two miles away. The theater was an older one with only one screen it had a sign that said "Welcome to the Country Club Theater bringing you popular movies since 1956!" Johnathon taught Aunt Shirley wasn't even born until 1958 she turns 60 this year, this theater was in business 2 years before she was born. When your only 19 like he was that seems like ancient history. His dad told him when he was 10 the Country of America celebrated the bicentennial in 1976 that's how he knew his dad was born in 1966, February 18, 1966. Aunt Shirley was born October 11 1958. Uncle Josh was born November 27, 1960. Aunt Rhonda was born July 1, 1962 by the time that Aunt Rhonda was born, Aunt Shirley was having trouble with potty training. She was almost 6 before she got day timed trained, but still wet Her bed way past that. The boys Uncle Josh and his dad seemed to catch on to toilet training faster than the girls. They were daytime dry by 3 and a 1/2 years old, but like their sisters continued to wet their beds. That's how Johnathon got his bedwetting gene was from his dad, Uncle Josh and Aunt Rhonda and his dad all stopped bedwetting at about the same time about 1975. He wasn't sure when Aunt Shirley stopped wetting hers. For Beckie neither of her parents were bedwetters no history of it until her in her family, then BANG after her there were a few cousins but she and her cousin Randy were still the only ones still wetting their beds, Randy was 4 years younger than her he was 14, he looked to be stopping soon. There were a few of her generation getting married she had several older cousuins that bedwetting had hit, she was the oldest and still wetting her bed. They watched the movie together. Well they kissed and hugged they couldn't either one of them tell you what the movie was about. Beckie had placed one of Johnathon's hands on her breast that's as far as they gotten there at the theater. On the way back they stopped at her house next door to Aunt Shirley's. There was more groping and prodding there. Both were to scared do actually do anything like have sex, but petting and anything but actual penetration was on the agenda. They made it home and was just sitting there on the couch holding hands when Aunt Shirley arrived home from shopping. That night they fell asleep holding hands both diapered and in a tee shirt looking very much like they had the night before.
  7. Drownedinp

    Glory Be Repost

    With Adam in the financial side of the company things weren't adding up. One project was verily under budget that would of been a good thing, the problem was nobody but the CEO knew about the project. It was a government project, but everything was signed by Jack Donald Sprague CEO there were no other workers that he knew of that even had an inkling of this project. He began to wonder if his boss was syphoning off money for his own profit. He had requested that Jack give him the names of those working on the project. He was told it was on a needs to know basis. Frankly it was only a few million but it was clouded in so much secrecy. Usually a company will give their company a seed monies to begin the project. There was no money put into a fund, the seed money came from the company that they worked for it was their risk they would lose about $29 million dollars if this didn't pan out. Not a lot of money but still it was the principal. They could claim the loss on their taxes. To Adam it stank like dead fish! He talked to Eve she agreed with him it sounded fishy! They both went to confront the CEO. He did an end run around them, he made Eve a part of his financial team, something he had denied in the past, it came with her own office, not as large and spacious as Adam's but still hers, it also came with about a $30 grand a year more raisethan she was currently making. Eve was a member of the financial Times. She had been giving her input to the team already as a secretary. Now she was a team member. Adam got a hold of the SCC and let them do an audit they found the same things that Adam had found they started digging into Jacks records and started finding inconsistencies there as well he had spent over $25 million dollars in the past 6 to 10 months. They followed him. They found him with a noted member of a major crime family. They told Adam to back off for a while, which he did about 6 months later the SCC arrested Jack and several members if this crime family. It turned out they invited the CEO`s of several companies to Vegas where they lost big in a high stakes poker game. Soon they were receiving money from bogus projects, not just in Adams company but several others as well they were approaching over half of a billion dollars from this scam. When it was found out that Adam had discovered the discrepancy the board and share holders insisted that he become the next CEO! Adam was shocked he was happy being CFO. He took the job and , he wanted to put Eve in as CFO as his replacement. She thought it better if she didn't, she saw it as a potential conflict of interest. They named somebody else the CFO from their group.
  8. Drownedinp

    Bedwetters letters

    Cgapter #7.They awoke the next morning, neither wanted to have the other see them wet. They heard the shower running and knew Aunt Shirley was already up. Jonathon was thinking, she already saw me wet yesterday morning she didn't say anything. She already knows that I wet the bed, because she does to. Beckie was thinking dammit I leaked, I wet enough that my diapers couldn't handle it. Even though he wets his bed I don't want him to know what a loser I am! Jonathon got up and Beckie saw his diapers were soaked as well. He probably didn't leak like I did. It's now or never she thought as she climbed out of her bed, it wasn't much of a wet spot but her tee shirt was wet as well. Johnathon saw her wet tee shirt, he wasn't about to say anything it happened to him quite a few times. Poor girl she is probably embarrased as hell! "Morning beautiful" Johnathon said! "Beautiful, I look like crapand I leaked," Beckie said! "Your still beautiful to me, nothing would change my mind, don't feel bad, I wish I had a dollar for every leak I sprouted, I would have my own car by now!" "Yeah, said Beckie I could of bought you and I both one! Thank you for making me feel better." Johnathon walked up and kissed the top of her head. "Do you really have feelings for me or were you just pulling my chain?" "Johnathon I have never felt for a guy what I feel for you. Besides I've slept with you and I look forward to sleeping with you tonight as well! You could care less that I'm a leaky bedwetter, that's hair looks a fright. You think I'm beautiful." They were standing in the middle of the room in each other's arms holding each other. Aunt Shirley said "Nice to see you two up. Who gets the shower first?" "Better be Beckie, she leaked Aunt Shirle," said Johnathon. "Good deal then sweetie you go and shower I will get your sheets in the washer. You have my permission to remove your diaper for your shower." Beckie left and went into the bathroom. Aunt Shirley stripped Beckie's sheet and took it to the washer. Johnathon sat on his bed waiting for Beckie to get done with her shower. He heard the water turn off and her moving around in the bathroom. The door opened and in ran Beckie naked looking over her shoulder into the living room she saw Johnathon. She blushed, "I forgot to take my clothes to change into sorry!" Johnathon wanted to stare but he averted his eyes, what he had seen he liked! "I won't peek while you dress." "I thought you would be in the living room not still in here." She hurried and got dressed, Johnathon was a man of his word he never looked. When she was done. He got his clothes and went for his shower.
  9. Drownedinp

    The Proffesionals.

    "Having kids is great said Stu, never a dull moment. I mean just when I think I have them figured out they pitch me a curveball! I mean I can see Denise wanting a training bra, we have had her longer than Cynthia! I never in a million years thought that Cynthia would want princess panties, I mean just a few short months ago she was passing as a girl much older than her 14 years of age." About that time Cynthia came in tears, "Whafs the matter dear," asked Rebbecca? " I wet myself, I needed to go pee and I couldn't get my panties off they are too tight!" Stu and Rebbecca looked at each other and smiled. With both Stu and Rebbecca pulling and tugging they were able to get the now wet garment off of her. Cynthia looked the happiest of the three to be rid of the wet panties. After she had left Stu said that's one down, one still to go. Getting her ready for bed, Stu saw Denise was still wearing her training bra. It was doing a very good job of covering her belly. Nowhere near her chest area. "Daddy do youse think Cynthia would trade me back for my pwincess panties?" I don't like this bwa, it don't fit." "I think she might said Stu. All you can do is ask her, but something tells me she will be willing to trade." He didn't go into her accident with the panties earlier. It had been only 8 hours since they had traded with each other and they had hopefully discovered that the grass is not always greener on the other side!
  10. Drownedinp

    It's a Family Affair

    India became a permanent member of Clan Mitchell. She never missed an opportunity to watch Chris play football. The Mitchell's had NFL Ticket they watched every game That Chris played. Chris was having a stellar year. There was talk of him being rookie of the year and possibly defensive player of the year. It had been several years since a rookie won both. Chris was being compared to a guy named Dick Butkis he played with the same intensity as Dick Butkis. Chris had been a runner up for the Butkis award in college it went to one of the best linebackers in college football. Chris took third his junior year and second his senior year to the same guy who was not having the year Chris was having. Soon it was Thanksgiving week the season was half over. India was invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Mitchell`s. They were a bit disappointed that Chris wouldn't be here. He was coming Sunday the Raiders played the Cardinals in Phoenix. They had just sat down and was getting ready for saying the blessing on the food when the doorbell rang. Arthur hobbled to the door. He came back and asked "Do you think we could make room for one more?" Betsy looked a little bit put out and then softened "Because of the season we can make room." She began to wonder what hobo had wandered off the street. When Arthur said "Good, because I'm sure this guy can eat a lot!" It was Chris he picked his mom up and hugged her she said "Put me down you fool!" She tried to sound angry but she wasn't, she was So glad to see her oldest son. All the Mitchell's had to say hi to their brother. They sat Chris opposite India. He saw her and he couldn't take his eyes off her, "Did we have another kid while I was in Oakland?" Hello he extented his hand, "Hello I'm Chris Mitchell." India was star struck she managed a weak, "Yes you are!" "You might be" Chris asked? Arthur said, "This is Miss India Taylor." "India what a pretty name, a pretty name for a pretty lady!" India giggled and snorted, she realized she was screwing up while meeting her hero this wasn't the first impression she wanted to make while meeting Chris, she was blowing it and blowing it big. She came to her senses and shook his hand. The blessing was said. They began to eat. Chris explained that he had driven all night and needed to get back to Oakland by early Saturday morning so he was going to get a few hours of sleep and then leave again. He asked India if she could come to the game on Sunday. It just so happens I have to work a double this afternoon and tonight but she would have Sunday off she would be there. He told her how to get her ticket and he hoped to see her there. All through the meal, both sat and stared at each other, it wasn't a staring contest it was a loving look into each other's eyes searching each other's souls. Chris had to get some sleep and India had to get to her shift. He gave her a peck on the cheek and they left. After she was gone Chris was teased by his siblings Chris and India sitting in a tree K I S S I N G..... Chris was too tired to fight with them besides they weren't far off he had feelings for Miss India Taylor.
  11. Drownedinp

    Bedwetters letters

    Chapter 6. That night as we got ready for bed, Aunt Shirley diapered us, we both had just a tee shirt and diaper and plastic pants on nothing else. Aunt Shirley did this for several reasons main which was she could see if we wet before bed. Secondly we knew each others histories with bedwetting, we knew each other wore diapers, we shouldn't be embarrassed to see each other in one. The problem wasn't seeing each other it was we were both uncomfortable to be seen by each other, other than her parents and Aunt Shirley, Beckie had never been seen wearing a diaper shince her friends quit wetting their beds some 5 years earlier, that was the same for Johnathon. One thing that they could both agree on was the other looked sexy in a diaper and plastic pants! Aunt Shirley laid out the ground rules. "You are not to remove your diapers, only me, unless I tell you to undress yourself for your shower in the morning. I only have the one bedroom other than my room, there are two twin beds you will be sleeping in the same room you stay in your bed Johnathon, and you stay in your bed Beckie! Johnathon respect Beckie enough to not try and do anything deviant! Beckie respect yourself enough to not let him do anything that you wouldn't let a date do to you, you've told me they see you as fridgid! Be fridgid to Johnathon! I will be checking on you two through the night, don't let me catch you two doing anything.... Sexual!" We were put into our beds. At first it was embarrasing, both the beds crinkled as we got in them from the plastic sheets that Aunt Shirley had put on them. Even though we knew the other wet the bed it still was embarrassing to be reminded that we needed protection for the mattress. Besides the diaper and plastic pants that we each wore, were evident enough. "Johnathon," said Beckie? "Yeah," said Johnathon. "If there was a boy that I ever wanted to sleep with, it would be you, I mean have sex with! I really like you Johnathon!" "I like you to Beckie, I respect you for saying it but if Aunt Shirley catches us doing anything, she will neuter me!" Beckie smiled, "I think your right she giggled!" Johnathon reached his arm out and took Beckie's hand. They fell asleep holding each others hand. That's how Aunt Shirley found them, well I never said they couldnt do that, she thought. I am so glad they are getting together. I knew they would pe perfect for each other. Being a bedwetter in a non bedwetting society, how much of a chanse did they have to find love? She checked her own diaper she knew first hand!
  12. Drownedinp

    The Visitor

    Beautiful payed me a visit and brought her granddaughter with her. The three younger girls hit it off, that was fine with me it left us old people by ourselves. We even sat in the loveseat. Why did I say old people? Thats what her granddaughter said "Lets leave the old people by themselves," she said that to Yvette and Casidy. I never considered myself or Beautiful old! Thinking back to when i was 6 or 7 years I remember thinking anybody over 20 had one foot in the grave already. For some reason OLD has always been 20 years older than I currently am 80 sounds old to me now, of course there are some mornings old is me! There is more popping and groaning and gruntting coming from me than a hundred year old. That doesnt include the farting that I use as jet propulsion that I need to get out of bed, as I race to the toilet to keep my diaper from leaking as its already past capacity. But I'm not old yet! At least that's what I keep telling myself! Trudy came and was all smiles. "What are you so happy about," asked Julia/ Beautiful, her grandmother? "These girls are just like me, they wear diapers 24/7!" Well so do I said Beautiful, does that make me cool?" Trudy looked flabberghasted! "Its one thing to wear then and another to need them," Trudy said! This made Beautiful say, "But you need them at night!" Trudy blushed. I said "Yvette and Casidy need them at night as well." It dawned on Trudy, "How did you know my granda needs diapers?" "I told her our first date I showed up to find your grandmother crying, she had leaked and wet her dress that she was wearing, she thought I would hate her because of her incontinence." "You dont mind that she has a wetting problem, Trudy asked?" "The truth, I sometines need them at night myself, i had surgery to my groin area and it left me an occasional bedwetter." "So your perfect for gran then", said Trudy? "I hope that I am, I do love her immensly, and I know she loves me!" "I do, I do," said Julia! "Are you going to marry my grandma," asked Trudy? "Thats still yet to be determined we're still in the dating phase, I said. "I hope you do, i can tell she loves you, and you love her as well. I love whast you call herz Beautiful, it fits," said Trudy. "You have my blessing!"
  13. Drownedinp

    The Naughty Couple!

    The problem with having a much younger wife was being mistaken for her father. Candy was great, I never had to say a word, she set them straight faster than I could that I was her husband NOT her dad! Most guys my age that had made that mistake gave me a look of awe, I had a hot young wife and they....didn't! By Wenesday Sandie tried to go to work, I had to bring her home after lunch. She was still in too much pain. When Candy and I returned we found her in tears. We asked her if she was alright, thinking maybe her foot was hurting her. No its just I feel so blessed having friends like you two, these are tears of joy, I know im probably not your perfect house guest right now im a HUGE pain in the ass! I'm sorry to be a big pain. We assured her she wasnt, to prove it we ended up in the bed and we had a about a two hour session of making love to her and with her. I ordered dinner in as it was so late to cook anything. After dihner we all ended back in bed, dinner was just an interlude to move making. We lasted until 1245 am before I diapered my two girls and myself for bed. Thursday Sandie knew better than try and go to work her ankle still hurt too bad. I didnt know how to tell Candy, but I was starting to have feelings for Sandie like I had for Candy.
  14. Drownedinp

    Glory Be Repost

    Suzi began to wonder where her mom and dad had gone they left her with her new mom and dad. Didn't they want me anymore? Did I do something bad for them to not want me anymore? Was I bad? I like new mommy she doesn't yell at me like old mommy, she used to scare me when she would yell at me. It was usually because I had poohed, i hate pooh in my diaper it makes my bum itch, and it smells bad. Old mommy hated when i poohed because i woukd cry alot. New mommy says "Does somebody got a stinky diaper?" She knows it's me but she still asks anyway. She calls it a clinker, when she changes me out of a poopie diaper. Maybe someday I wont pooh my diapers but like new mommy I will be wearing them for pee pees. Old mommy never wore diapers like new mommy maybe that's why she is nicer to me than old mommy. Mommies that wear diapers are nicer than those that dont. Glory loved her new kids the triplets were good and she had been blessed with Suzi as well. She wondered if Suzi ever thought about her parents, I wonder if she thinks that they left her here with us, and abandoned her here? She seems happy here with us, does she see me and Tommy as her dad and mom, or is she still waiting for her real mom and dad? One thing I've learned is she hates a messy diaper, she cries louvder than the triplets conbined when she is messy. She is learning that I know when she is messy I change her immediatly. I wonder if her mom hated changing the messy ones. Suzi knows I kwear diapers as well. The other day she found me chwnging my diaper. She came and touched mine then touched hers she mumbled something incomprehensible then giggled i dont know if she loves it or hates it, but she doesn't seem to mind. She is a real lovable girl, I want to wish she would hurry and grow up but she will do that fast ehough. She got good new s her cousin got out of Adobe finnaly. She remembers her first trip there thats when sdhe met Tommy, in some ways that was the best day of her life, it was also one of her worst anybody with in eyeshot of what Tommy calls the Sallyport got a great shot of her wet diapers and plastic panties, not one of her better moments in that regards!
  15. Drownedinp

    Bedwetters letters

    Chapter #5 Aunt Shirley asked if they wanted to go swimming? She didn't have a swimming pool like the ones that have a diving board. Hers was an above ground pool about 4 foot deep. It had a ring you blew up and as you filled it it made the walls of the pool stand up. Johnathan changed in his room and Beckie was in the bathroom to change into their suits. They met at the pool and Beckie was in a one piece suit and it was kind of a Tourquise color. Johnathan was in a speedo. They met at the pool. Beckie said "I though I was the only one!" "Only one what, asked Johnathan?" "Your rings on your legs from where you're plastic pants seal on your legs." She touched his rings and showed him hers. "Oh yeah he said I never even think about them any more I've had them since I can remember!" "There was a girl that used to make fun of mine, she saw them when I was undressing for gym. I told her I wear a pajama bottom that are shorts and they are a little tight in the legs, said Beckie, she bought it. Then started asking me when I was going to get rid of those bottoms. I always told her as soon as I possibly can! I always wondered if she knew what they actually were?" Aunt Shirey came out and soaked with them. They had to be quiet in the pool Aunt Shirley just bought it to sit in and soak, to her it wasnt a swimming pool. So they were obedient and sat there and under water. Beckie reached over and grabbed Johnathon's hand they held hands. For Beckie this was a bold step, she never did this on a date, thats why the boys she dated called her frigid. She really liked Johnathon! Aunt Shirley got up and said, "I got to cook dinner is fried chicken okay with you two?" "Yeah sure, they both said." Aunt Shirley got herself dried off and went inside the house. Beckie whispered in Johnathons ear, "Being in a pool makes me so horny! Just being wet, I really like you Johnathon!" "I really like you Beckie! Aunt Shirley thought we would really hit it off that's why she gave me your name and address so I could write to you. Then when I saw your picture, Wow! She didn't tell me you still wet your bed, like I still did until later, I amost didnt write you, I kind of was feeling low about still wetting my bed at my age. I never thought that I would ever meet anybody like you! Your a hottie! I always thought I never had prospects out there, I was going to die a lonely bedwetter. I even tried meeting others on a diaper lovers board, I met a few girls none really excited me, one turned out to be a guy, he was the best looking of the bunch. We hit it off like me she claimed to be a bedwetter. Then he showed me a picture, Yikes! I'm just not into things like that. Aunt Shirley said I should write to you, I was embarrased what would happen once you found out I still wet my bed? I put it off and I put it off. Aunt Shirley asked me what the hell I was waiting for. I told her about how I felt. " Didn't I tell you she wets hers still?" "Nope I said you never said that!" An hour later that first letter was in the mail!" "I'm so glad you did write, I feel the same way. I have dated a few guys, they always want more from me than I'm willing to give, what if we sleep together and I actually fall asleep, I dont know if I could handle having the fact that I wet my bed become public knowledge, said Beckie. I have a reputaion of being fridgid. Thats better than being known as the girl that still wets her bed!" She laid her head on his shoulder. They sat there until Aunt Shirley called them in to get dried off and ready for dinner.