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  1. I was surprised, I knew I would have no problems with wet diapers. I had changed Rachel for the past few weeks since she couldn't see below her belly to fasten the tapes on her diapers. I had somewhat of a metal block of changing the messy ones. I swear the color looked like Princess Stephanie had been eating licorice on the side. They looked green, what she was eating was white, momma's milk and a little formula. How did something that white and pure come out all kinds of funky colors? I learned if I don't look I could change Princess Stephanie messy diapers. If I looked I got the dry heaves. That was at first after a while nothing phased me I guess I went nose blind! I still wasn't Stephanies favorite. I didn't have the spigots that she could feed on. Don't get me wrong a couple of times she latched on to my hairy chest and began sucking. She soon learned dad's hairy chest didn't give her what she was after. One other thing I found funny at night Rachel would get up and change Stephanie's diaper. The thing I found funny was mom's diaper was wetter than the baby's. I got to change mom after the baby was changed. Mom would then get to change dad's wet diaper. I tried to be a supportive husband when Rachel didn't hear the baby because she was so exhausted I answered the call. There were nights I was the exhausted one and Rachel answered the call were I slept through it. About 6 weeks after Stephanie was born we awoke and it was just getting light outside we smiled at each other because we got one full nights sleep without the babies interruption. We considered it a minor miricle!
  2. The due date for our child came and went, it was getting closer and closer to the date we got married. Rachel was a week late already, I was thinking if she held on just another week nobody could prove anything. I knew Rachel wanted "That Damned Thing" as she was referring to it as now out Yesterday! The decided to induce labor. Rachel was yelling at me telling me that I was never going to fuck her again as long as I ever fucking lived! The nurse told me "She says that now but wait until after the baby is born, she will be on you like white on rice in a snow storm! If I had a dollar for every time I heard that one!" 7 hours later our daughter was born . Rachel calmly asked me if I liked the name Stephanie? Looking at this baby she looked like a Stephanie. Stephanie Diana Spencer was what we named her. Diana was from Lady Diana Spencer, Princess Diana. I called her Princess Stephanie! She looked more likse Rachel thank God! She at least didn't have my ears. Mine looked like a Taxi Cab driving down the road with the doors wide open. At least Princess Stephanie's contored to her head. She did have my eyes, a blue steel color more of a grey, not blue like Rachel's. As long as she had two eyes, two ears one nose and one mouth, 10 fingers and 10 toes she was perfect. She proved she was a Spencer, as they began to clean her up she wet catching the nurse wetting her chest. "That's my daughter!" Dr. Hart met my brother Gary. They connected. Soon they began to date. Once Rachel got a nap and was feeling better. The nurse was right, she wanted at least 3 or 4 more like her! Which means I was going to get sex again! She explained that at that moment she felt like she was getting ripped in two. She said that through the pain, funny she couldn't remember threatening me with that! A few hours later we were released and we got to take our daughter Princess Stephanie home! That night I was ready to return her back, she cried half the night! Good thing I had the next few weeks off, it looked like I was not going to get much sleep the next few weeks!
  3. Soon Rachel had "The Bump". If everybody didn't know by now that she was pregnant, and we were married. There was no hiding it now. A few months later I came home from work and found Rachel crying. My first thought was "what I had done to make her unhappy?" I was searching my mind for anything that could be construed as a unkind word or anything that could of been not said, that I should of said. "Why do you love me?" She asked?" "I love you because you put up with me, I will continue to love you as long as you do!" "No, I guess I should of asked how do you love me, I'm a whale!" The tears started to flow again. "Rachel to me you're the most beautiful woman in the world! You're perfect. If you look like a whale, I'm sorry thats my fault!" "Your fault, how is that your fault?" "You didn'tlook like this before I got you pregnant, blame me, okay?" "But it took us both, not just you and not just me." "That is true. But before I got you pregnant. Did you think you looked like a whale?" I saw a smile "I had my days!" "Rachel I would love you even if after the baby is born and you still looked like this. Your my wife!" "So your telling me you like me fat?" I should learn to not argue with her Horemones. "I would love you no matter how you look. Your carrying our child how could I not love you. That child is a part of us both!" "You haven't told me what you want a girl or a boy!" "It doesn't matter as long as it is healthy! Even if its not I'm sure we will love it still!" "What if it is like us and still wets his or her bed?" "He or she will have two parents that understand what he or she is feeling, the embarrassment, the feelings of being alone, that your still the only one wetting your bed." "What if.. He or she doesn't wet her or his bed, will he or she be embarrassed of us because we still do?" "We will teach her or him that bedwetting for us is a medical condition like having diabetis or asthma. But with our family history, your mom, both my parents, our siblings, both of this childs parents. Do you think this child stands a chance not to be a bedwetter?" "No!" "Whether we like it or not this child has like a 75% chance of wetting her or his bed. If we have 4 kids one might skip wetting their beds. Will we love them any less or more I'd they do or don't end up like us?" "No we won't! We will love them regardless!" Rachel had stopped crying several moments ago. I held her I do love this woman and I know she us going to have times of self doubt and self worth until after this baby is born.
  4. We made it home in one piece, that was a miracle in itself, I had let just say other things on my mind other than driving! We went straight to the bedroom I made love to my beautiful Wife! We didn't even unload our car of our gifts until about two hours later! If she hadn't of been pregnant already she would of been so now. We unloaded our gifts and decided sex counted good as desert. Then that night there was nothing on TV worth watching we ended up having sex again! Next day I was at work when I got a call, I had a customer, i checked my schedule again and again i had no appointments. When I got the second call I tried to tell them I had no appointments. They told me that I had a walk in and they requested me. I went up front trying to figure who it could be. When I got there it was Beth Roper, you know Beth not Elizabeth! Like any other clients I have I kept it professional, I have a little blonde number I train that I hate to admit it makes Rachel look ugly, she does modeling and has to look great, that's where I come in. I asked Beth what her goals were, what part of her body she wanted to work on? "It's not my body I want to work on. It's yours!" "Beth you know I'm married to Rachel! I love her I'm not about to do anything stupid to damage the relationship I have with her, she is carrying my baby!" "Greg, I could tell you things about Rachel, that would make you run! Did you know she used to be a bedwetter, I'm not talking like a 6 or 7 year old, or a teenager, she was in her 20's and still wetting her bed like she did when she was 12!" "Yes I am aware of that, did you know I used to wet mine as much as she used to? I met her at the Urologist's Office. The same Urologist I was seeing? Her eyes got big with surprise! "I didn't know that." "It's the truth, Beth whatever you want from me, I can't give you! I can help you look fabulous so any guy that sees you will want you, that's what I do, and I'm pretty good at my job!" Beth and I became friends, I helped her get a fabulous body like I promised! Within 10 months one of our guys that worked out at our gym. One of those Arnold wannabes. But has more muscels than brains.He started pumping me for information I introduced them and soon they were partners I got dropped as her personal trainer and she and him moved in together.They never married but had like a dozen kids. After the birth of each kid he helped get her back into shape. She was still competing in body building contests in her 30's. She looked great! One of my success stories!
  5. Mom and dad told us that were so upset mom didn't feel like cooking. They drug us to the local buffet called Golden Corral. We entered and went into room they had off to the side. I was so busy checking out the desert bar for my favorite Banana Pudding when I heard.... "SURPRISE!" All of our family and friends were there it shocked me so bad that I felt a little urine escape and dampen my shorts. I must of came two feet off the ground! How did I not notice the set up? Since we didn't have a proper wedding reception this was it. Our parents on both sides had planned it. I got to meet Rachel's friends from when she was younger. She had a friend named Beth, not Elizabeth, but Beth. Every time I would look around she was staring at me. I kind of got the feeling that she had the hots for me! There was no way I was going to ruin what I had with Rachel for another woman. Besides she wasn't as beautiful as Rachel! We ate and as usual I ate way too much which happens when I go to buffets! I usually take too much, then when I can't eat anymore I feel guilty for taking so much. My mom always told us we can take as much as we want but we better eat what we take, at home. That's why I feel guilty! We got presents which included three toasters, even though I don't eat bread very often, neither does Rachel. The best part was hanging out with people I hadn't seen in years even my Uncle Joseph was there, he lived about 90 miles away. I hadn't seen him since last Thanksgiving. About 8 months ago! He was the guy that had been married about 7 times. If I would of been him I would of been having sex with Beth right now. He never knew how to say no to sex, why he has been married so many damned times! The weird part was wife number 1 was gorgeous, model pretty. He had traded down. Wife number 7 looked like a pitbull! He was still on the prowl for something even uglier than her, as long as they were willing to have sex with him. Mom referred to him as her "Man Whore of a brother!" It fit! Looking around again I caught Beth's eye again this time she smiled and winked at me!. I was glad when the party started breaking up. Beth had left thank God! We loaded up our car with our new treasures we had received as gifts. Rachel's mother had kept a list of who brought what and had addresses for sending thank you cards. Rachel, once we got in the car began to giggle. "What's so funny," I asked? "When everybody yelled surprise I kind of wet myself, I must of jumped a foot and a half." "No way I did to, right down to wetting myself!" "Uh-uh! I thought I was the only one that did that. Did you have to go into the restroom and remove your panties?" "No but mine were only slightly damp!" "Aha, I've been commando for like the last two hours. I soaked mine!" I reached down and sure enough she was commando under her skirt. I touched her kitty and saw her close her eyes and shiver. "Get home I want you!" Was all she said. I am if anything an obedient husband. I only drove 5 miles an hour over the speed limit. I wanted her just as bad!
  6. The next weekend we were invited to dinner at my parents house. Walking through the door I felt I was 11 or 12 again. You know when your in trouble, you can feel it, just sense it. Nobody is yelling at you, but you know it's coming! It felt like that As I walked through the door my dad slapped me up the back of my head. I'm no rocket scientist but I knew my mom and dad were upset with me and Rachel for not letting them know she was pregnant, and we had married! My mom asked "Why?" Only that one word. I could hear the disappointment in that one word from the tone of her voice. Gary had spent more time in trouble than I had growing up. I never considered how he felt until now. Usually when I was in trouble so was Gary we were usually together. But it was him solo, more than me! "I plead Rachel and my side, I told them "We were kind of embarrassed about finding out we were pregnant, it wasn't until I proposed that she explained her feelings of being pregnant. In case your wondering we did abstain from sex when we knew it was time for Rachel to ovulate. Our guess is that there must of been some residual sperm left or something." "Or you miscalculated the day, said mom, how we got you!" "I thought we had months until we got married. Once she told me that months became days! We chose not to tell anyone we are guilty of that." "You know what hurts the most Greg, was that you felt you couldn't trust us, we felt that we raised you so that when you messed up that you could come to us with anything." My mom laid the guilt on me. Mom's are good at that! "Don't be too hard on Greg, it was my idea not to tell anyone that we were pregnant, and had gotten married!" Said Rachel. "Rachel, my mom said, do you think your the first couple that got pregnant before marrage? Do you think you'll be the last? The same thing happened to us with Greg. But unlike you two we went to our parents! Greg have you ever wondred why our wedding aniversay is only seven and a half months, before your birthday?" "With it being the year before I was born O never thought about it." "Yes you were born in February, we were married July 4th, your birthday is February 18th exactly seven and a half months later! I'm surprised you never did the math, we expected it for several years, you never came. We figured you knew but were too polite, or had just never figured it out. Rachel talking to your mom, your older sister Randi, is like Greg here. Seven and a half months. After They got married. Do you think your parents would understand? We both lived what you are going through!" I looked at Rachel and she looked at me. "We never knew mom sorry," I said! "We would of been slightly disappointed, yes, but you forget we were younger once ourselves, we were in love as well. Sex can be enjoyable as you have found out!" "I swear mom, the next time we find out were pregnant or get married again, you will be the first we tell!" "Greg, quit being a smartass towards your mother!" My dad said as he swatted the back of my head again.
  7. Rachel let it slip that we were living together now. Got a 45 minute lecture from her parents about being responsible. Even though they want grand kids, they would at least like us married first. Her father used the term bastards. I explained in this day and age, kids born to unmarried parents had to out number those that were born to married couples. I didn't have the numbers, but a lot of people our age see marriage as an outdated union. They still live as a married couple but don't have any thing like a marriage license. "You mean they forgot a step!" Her mother added. I almost slipped myself and blurted out that we got married about two weeks ago, because Rachel was pregnant. I also knew in a few weeks that we will no longer be able to hide the fact that Rachel is pregnant then what? I guess we hadn't thought this through. "Note to self talk to Rachel about what happens when we can't hide the fact that she is pregnant anymore!" Her mom looked at Rachel, I swear I could hear her brain working, I think she already knows! "How far along are you dear?" Yep she knows! "Only about 6 weeks." Said Rachel. "How did you know, I asked? We just found out for sure ourselves a couple of weeks ago." "She has a glow about Her! When are you two getting married?" "Mom we did a few weeks ago as soon as I missed my period." "You didn't invite us or Greg's family either?" "Your the first to find out," I added. "A mother should help plan her daughters wedding!" Her dad asked "What the hell just happened?" He was still in the dark. "Our daughter is pregnant and as soon as they figured it out, they got married!" "Married, pregnant, when?" "About two almost three weeks ago." Rachel said. "I'm going to be a granddad! Alright!" "I guess congratulations are in order, welcome to the family son." Mom added. When we got home, "What happened and how did it happen?" I asked Rachel? "Mom figured it out, I could never fool her anyway. I'm sure your parents know as well now, as soon as we got out of there I'm sure my mom was on the phone to your Mom! Don't be surprised if they throw us a reception or something. I know my mom and I like to think I know your mom as well!"
  8. We eloped two days later, we were kind of embarrased, we had gotten caught she got pregnant. I had gotten her that way. We told no one that we got married. She did move in with me, her lease was up anyway and for the price and the lack of size it wasn't worth it. We found a OB/GYN that was pretty close. Dr. Jessica Hart. Was to deliver our baby. I went with Rachel. She asked us many questions about this and that, she asked about bedwetting. Rachel said yes. She asked "Was it after age 12?" "Yes," said Rachel. "How many years ago did you stop?" "Years? Try last night!" "So you currently are still actively bedwetting?" "Yes still." Said Rachel. "How do you feel about that Greg?" The doctor asked me? "I love this lady, her bedwetting is a part of her, besides, I uhmm, still do as well." "Really? Where were you a few years back, I would of loved to of known you. When I was going through my residency and doing my testing to get my doctorate, I was under so much stress I started wetting my bed. I wet mine until I was 17. Then when I started again due to the stress I was under. My then boyfriend dumped me because of it. He had proposed and everything then wham he was gone! I felt betrayed. I thought I would never meet a man who would accept his wife or girlfriend as a bedwetter! You've renewed my faith in men again, thank you!" You're welcome. After your stress left did your bedwetting stop?" "Pretty much, I still have an accident every two to four months or so. Nothing like it was!" "I got a brother that is single, he used to wet his bed as well." "Hmm, very tempting! I have resigned myself to being a bedwetting old maid!" They did all kinds of test on Rachel everything from blood tests to pee tests. They gave her Folic Acid tablets to take. Dr. Hart said that she might want to get some diapers that she can wear in the daytime as our child will feel like he or she is using her bladder as a trampoline at times. Rachel may start wetting herself in the day time When this happens.
  9. Rachel blinked, "I uhm don't know what to say, Greg I really do love you, but!" Greg began to look crestfallen, this was a kiss off if he ever heard one! "Of course I will marry you!" Greg was still in a state of shock, it took a few seconds to register that she had said yes. "You will, really?" Trying to make sure he heard right. "Yes," she said kind of laughing! "There is something else you need to know. She said, I'm late!" "Late for what?" Greg asked as he looked at his watch. "Not time late, date late! We're in the family way!" "How the hell did that happen," Greg asked without thinking? "Well every month the female ovulates and an egg travels down the fallopian tube where it is dropped into her awaiting uterus that prepares a lining every month. If the egg is not fertilized. The woman looses that lining and egg during what is called..." "Alright I know how it happens, but... I thought we were being careful, we didn't have sex when you ovulated." "Must of been some sperm still in my system that did its job, all I know is that I haven't had my period yet. It's a week late. No Aunt Flo visit this month! To tell the truth I'm kind of happy, other than we aren't married yet! That's a simple fix!" "I don't know I thought we had months, weeks, not days until we got married! Thinking about it now the shock has wore off, I'm glad, hell I'm damned glad!"
  10. Monday Greg played hooky from work he went shopping new clothes for him and some exciting things for Rachel. He was embarrassed to buy Lingerie for Rachel. He was sure the sales lady thought they were really for himself. He shopped for things that would look good with a diaper, god knows like him without a diaper the expensive lingerie would soon get soaked. He knew Rachel hated sleeping in a wet bed just like him. Even though for him the stigma at still being in diapers during his teen years was huge, he much would of rather woke up in a wet diaper than a wet, soggy bed! Rachel was the same way, he thought she liked them a little too much! He had heard the stories of males and females wanting to wear diapers and wetting them on purpose. He would trade his bedwetting for their dry bed any Day! He got home before Rachel he cooked them a dinner of Spaghetti and Marinara with sausage and mushrooms with garlic bread. He was going to ask Rachel to move in with him. The Lingerie was for desert so to speak, if she says no he would give them to her on the weekend! He was praying for a yes! He had also been raised religious, he wasn't to sure god would answer his prayer of having Rachel move in, he had been taught that even masturbation was a sin, let alone sex with one of his children out of wedlock! Should he even be praying for that? In Mark Twain's book Huckleberry Finn. Huckleberry trys to pray and he learns a valuable lesson you can't pray a lie! You can't pray a sin either! Rachael returned home and had the same idea, she had steaks, baked potatoes, stuffing that she was going yo cook. "You beat me to it!" "Thought I would surprise you tonight!" "You werent going to ask me to move in were you?" She asked? "That was part of it yes, but I was also going to ask you to marry me!" He dropped to one knee and brought a small blue velvet box out of his pants pocket. Will you marry me Rachel?"
  11. The next weekend I had to work. There was a girl I worked with, I had tried to get into her panties for quite a while. She came to me on Saturday. Blair asked me why I hadn't been chasing her of late. I told her I had met a woman and was now in a relationship! "I kind of miss you chasing me!" "Well I figured I had no chance in catching you and about almost a month ago I met Rachel." "I thought you liked getting rejected by me, saw it more as a game, I thought you saw me as a conquest, I didn't know you was looking for a relationship! I would of taken you more serious!" "Well I was hoping to get laid, but I wanted a relationship as well." "Now you're getting all that from Rachel, did you say?" "Yeah Rachel, if things progress any better we might get married." "Sorry for not letting you catch me. But I hope the best for you two! Rachel is one of my favorite names if I ever have a daughter I'm naming her Rachel! I had no idea that she thought all I wanted her for was sex, I guess in the long run that was it. She wouldn't of wanted to be married to me, I still wet my bed! Rachel understands me better than Blair ever would because she wets her bed still as well. The next week I took Rachel to meet my family. They fell in love with her as Well! My mother took me aside and asked if Dr. Lewis was able to help me as Well? "No, why?" "Does Rachel knows you wet your bed still? That is something you dont want your bride finding out on your honeymoon!" "Mom Rachel knows already, we have slept together already!" "She doesn't think it's strange that you still wet your bed?" "It's not like that mom, I met her at the Urologist's Office. Dr. Lewis told her that she couldn't help her stop wetting her bed, anymore than she could help me!" "So like you she still wets her bed?" "Yeah mom, she does. We still love each other!" "Well you know both your father and I grew up next door to each other and we both wet our beds until we were into our late teens!" "I know mom!" "That's how come your brother Gary and you grew up wetting your beds, just blame us!" "I think we were meant to be together mom, like me she still wets her bed, she has a sister Randi, that Dr. Lewis helped like she did Gary. Growing up I had a Carla, she had a Chet. Both stopped at about 14 years old and then forgot us both! Mom I love her, I want to ask her to marry me! "Good for you two, are you sure she will say yes?" "That's what's kept me from asking." "From what I've seen, i think she is wondering why you haven't asked yet!"
  12. Rachel got a call on Sunday morning. It was her mom. "I tried calling your home phone, there was no answer. So I called your Cell phone. Are you out of town?" "No I'm just spending the weekend with a friend." Said Rachel "Do we know her?" Asked Hanna, Rachel's mom. "What makes you think it's a female," asked Rachel? "Well with your history of bedwetting, I didnt think it would be a male. Is it a male?" "His name is Greg mom, I met him a couple of weeks ago." "Really? He doesn't have a problem with your bedwetting?" "None what so ever mom! We've even had sex!" "What does he do for a living? Does he have a job?" "He is a Personal Trainer, he helps people get into shape." "So I guess he's in pretty good shape himself? About your bedwetting is he.... like into girls....that still... wet their beds?" "No mom! I met him at Dr. Lewis's Office. He is a patient there himself." "Does he still wet his bed as well?" "Yeah mom, he does!" "Good for you! Your dad and I we've always prayed that you would find a man that would accept you and your sisters little problem. Now that your sister doesn't wet her bed anymore, we've mostly been praying for you. Looks like you found a man before she did even! We're so happy for you!" "Thanks Mom!" "The reason I called was to invite you to Sunday Dinner. Bring your new man with you he's welcome as well! Around 5pm. Okay and were looking forward to meeting your new boyfriend! We'll be there mom we will be there. Love you bye!" "Love you to bye!" Rachel hung up. "What was that all about," asked Greg? "We've been invited to my parents for Sunday Dinner!" "We, as in you and me?" Asked Greg? "Yes us, both!" "Rachel, I've never met anybody I've dated family yet. I knew Carla's parents only because they were neighbors. Suppose they don't like me?" "If I love you, they'll love you. Your in already. They are just so dang glad that their bedwetting daughter found somebody that loves her for her! Despite still wetting her bed at 23 years old!" "Only because her boyfriend still does at 24 years old!" Greg said The rest of the day they had sex again then showered dressed. They went to Rachel's parents house. Greg had butterfly in his stomach, heck they were dive bombers, not butterfly! After a while Greg began to wonder what he had been so worried about, her parents loved him. Her sister Randi showed up with this guy that had huge gauges in his ears more piercings than a pincushion and Tattoos on his face and neck. Frankly there wasn't a place on his body that wasn't pierced or tattooed. You could tell that mom and dad hated the guy just by the way he looked! Greg got invited into her dad's man cave. It had a huge 73 inch tv there and they watched a football game. Her dad made the comment about the other guy the last time I saw something with that many hooks it was a fish! They talked and I was good ,that mom and dad both approved of me if i was to marry their daughter. I assured them that we were not at that stage yet, we've only met a couple of weeks ago. Tom her dad said "Nonsense, my dad and mom met two days before my dad shipped out for Viet Nam they were married a day before he left! They are still married 55 years later 1 day was all it took!" "I started falling for your daughter the first day, I began to wonder if it was to soon to tell her I loved her!" "Never to soon son!" We went back in Randi and Death as he called himself had left. We stayed until late. I did find out one thing about Rachel it was her mom that she had inherited her bedwetting from. She hadn't stopped until she was 17 years old. Now after having 2 kids she wet Her bed again now.
  13. Greg didn't have to work this weekend so they spent time together. They ended up at the zoo and just looked at the animals. Greg had to visit the toilet every couple of hours. Why hadn't Rachel yet he thought? He noticed her butt looked big. She is wearing a diaper he realized. "Why are you wearing a diaper?" He asked quietly so as not to embarrass her? "Well for one you guys dont have to sit on a toilet unless you need to poop, for us girls we dont have an option but to sit! Have you seen some of the public toilets? Gross!" "Understood!" Said Greg, "Point taken! By the way, yes, I have, you would be surprised at how many guys haven't learned what a flush handle is for yet! Their mom's or dad's never taught em! The worse ones are the ones with just poop in them. No paper, did they forget a step, or what? Your right Gross!" "I wear a diaper so I don't have to use one as much! By the way we need to hit the family restroom i need a change before I leak. They got in line for the family restroom. A lady said in front of them said, "The regular restrooms are over there, these are reserved for families!" Greg winked at Rachel! "I um got to go change my sisters diaper.!" Rachel played along and said "I went poopies!" "I'm sorry I didn't realize your sister was handicapped! Bless her heart!" Greg had to bite his lower lip he was about ready to burst out laughing, he looked at Rachel who had tears in her eyes trying not to the same thing. The Lady let them go in front of her. None to soon they both burst out laughing as soon as the door was locked. Greg changed Rachel out of her wet diaper and put a clean one on her. He led her out leading her by the hand. Greg thanked the lady and Rachel said "Tank you!" As Greg led her off.
  14. They awoke the next morning, both had heavy heads from drinking the night before. Greg reached down and squeezed his diaper, soaked, soaked to the point I leaked as he felt the wet spot underneath him. He could smell the urine. What happened last night? Rachel awoke dang her head ached. I remember drinking at the club, she felt her diaper, dammit I'm soaked. And I leaked! The sheets are wet under me. I can smell myself this morning, my room smells like it used to before I started wearing diapers. They both thought what happened to Rachel, thought Greg? What happened to Greg thought Rachel? They both thought didn't we spend the night together? They both turned to the side and saw each other. Both blushed. "How do I tell them I wet so bad I leaked, they each thought, this sure is embarrasing!" "Rachel, Greg started. I think I wet a lot last night, I sprang a leak!" "Don't feel bad I'm soaked this morning myself. I guess we both did!" Rachel got out of the bed, she had to smile where they both had laid the wet spot from both of them had made a heart shape. Rachel crawled back into bed. "Did we? Did we do anything last night?" She asked? "I don't know, sorry I just don't remember." Said Greg. "I won't be mad if we did. I wanted it just as bad as you did." "The problem is I just dont remember." Said Greg. "Then we will have to do something this morning then said Rachel!" She began kissing him and rubbing him through his soaked diaper. He returned the favor. 35 minutes later they were both in the shower together. For each it was their first time for sex, they agreed it wouldn't be their last!
  15. It was Friday night before they got together again. They went to the movies, one of the latest Avenger movies. They got a huge popcorn to share and the refillable cups each. They couldn't remember all the movie plot they kissed and kissed. Then they went out for a late dinner. Then about 1125 he returned her home. Unfortunately Rachel wanted to spend the weekend with him. Greg had to work Saturday and Sunday mornings. They made plans to go out Saturday night again. Which they did. For dinner Greg made her dinner at his place. A homecooked dinner. Sunday Rachel cooked a dinner at her place. Afterwards they sat on her sofa. And talked. They talked about their relationship, where it was going. It was the first time they had both uttered those words "I love you!" The next weekend they made plans to go out again and they were both being bold and they made plans to spend the night. Friday came and Greg and Rachel went to to the club. They danced and both drank more than they should have. When they got back to Greg's apartment. Rachel wet herself she couldn't hold it any longer. "Sorry!" She said blushing redder than the crimson blouse she wore. Greg could tell she was really truly embarrassed. Soon his trousers were as wet as she was "oops!" He said. This caused Rachel to smile and soon they were disrobing each other and both sets of clothing found their way to the washer. Their clothes were being washed together. They were both nude and they found themselves in Greg's bedroom. He had a king sized bed and they both decided that they were both too drunk and too tired . They both put a diaper on each other and crawled into bed. Soon were both fast asleep and were holding hands.