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  1. Arthur and Betsy had gone out for lunch. It was coming up on their 31st wedding anniversary. They just went out to plan it they went to a place they went quite often it was on Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix. They were eating. Arthur noticed a deaf couple, from the look of things even though they were deaf, the way their hands were moving, Arthur didn't understand sign language, but these two had to be having an argument. Another was a lone guy looked kinda pale he was by himsef. Another table had a guy Arthur assumed was the boss and some woman probably his secretary. She looked uncomfortable. Probably because her boss was like a certain doctor that Betsy used to work for, a real sleaze. Wormed his way in as her work daddy. Arthur had shown him who the real daddy was! Another was a couple they were verbal and they were arguing. From the sound of things it appeared they had both cheated on each other. Don't kids these days know that is not how you base a relationship. In my day you knew if you cheated you were wrong, I guess with all the kids growing up with no boundaries these days, it's neither of their faults! He was thinkin this when he heard a bang, his ears were ringing, he was at the moment deaf, from a shot in such a confined area. He heard another and saw the Businessman's head disinigrate all of it it landed n the secretary. Arthur's brain began to register that the guy had shot the girl and the businessman he was almost the size of Ephraim, he was shooting the males he was aiming at the deaf guy who hadn't heard the shots. Arthur jumped up and began running towards the man he wasn't going to shoot him and his wife Betsy. As he was running towards the guy, he could swear everything was in like slow motion. The lone guy arrived just a fraction of a second before he could and basically slapped the gun out of the guys hand. After the gun was loose the guy stepped behind the guy and put him into what Arthur had learned in high school wrestling as a double chicken wing. His momentum then basically tackled the guy. The guy was trying to stand up and as Arthur got there he grabbed the guys legs so he couldnt. The manager or somebody had called the police Arthur could here sirens. The guy that Arthur was assisting was looking more and more pale. Arthur asked if he was alright. No response. Arthur started praying if this guy gets loose everybody's in trouble. The cops entered and the manager pointed to the guy they were holding down and pointed at the dead girl and the dead guy. The cop put hand cuffs on the guy and the next thing he knew, the guy passed out! The cop asked if the guy had been shot? Everybody said no. The cop called his radio and yelled for EMS. Betsy was already getting his pulse and told the cop, I'm a nurse! The downed guy had a pulse but was having a hard time breathing. The Paramedics came in Betsy identified herself as a nurse gave him a pulse rate as his breaths were rapid and shallow they hooked him up to a oxygen tank. The guys color instant improved. Betsy realized this man was somehow like her daughter Francis. He had his breathing rate go up and his lungs couldn't handle the need for air. Looking they found two scars one in the upper chest area and one in the lower back area. This man had been shot before the Paramedic said. About that time the guy was regaining consciousness. The paramedic asked you still with us. He nodded his head in the affirmitive. He was asked his name and he said Stuart Phelps. His name was written down and then he was asked about his gunshots. He told them he had been a cop shot in his lung, he had diminished capacity in his lungs. Betsy smiled at herself and thought, Knew it! They brought a gurney in and put Stu on it and told he needed to go to the hispital for observation. Arthur knew he wasn't going back to work today he called his boss on a cell phone and basically told him he wouldn't be back in after lunch due to a police situation. His boss wanted more information as to what happened? He looked at the detectives, he said I will tell you later, after I'm all done here.
  2. Waiting to get this story moved to Completed stories.
  3. Had this written once and went to save it they were down for Maintenance lost the chapter. The paramedics sent stu to the Emergency Room just to make sure he was okay. They put him on Oxygen via a nasal canula. He was suckling down the air when a female detective arrived to ask him a few questions. He never caught her last name but her first name was Deborah he started with that he had been in meetings All morning long he popped into one restaurant and it was to busy for him, so he went there he tod her that he likes to watch people. He informed her that he was a cop before getting shot and that he now was the Communications Officer for Phoenix PD. It would be his job to write out and send out the information about today's incident to the media. Deb understood about people watching your always aware of what is going on around you assessing the risk for yourself. There was the older couple he knew now we're the Mitchells. There were the deaf couple that were arguing in sign language. There were the boss and he though Secretary, he could tell that the boss was out to get some, the secretaries body language said it wasn't happening! Deb smiled at that. Then there was the couple they were arguing apparently from what I could hear of the argument. He had slept with her best friend so she did the same with his best friend. He wasn't happy with it. Stu said. He also shot his best friend, we were already looking for him. Deborah said. He shot his girlfriend Stu said then shot The Mr. Business man that wasn't getting any. He was pointing at the deaf guy they hadn't stopped arguing with their sign language. They were oblivious. I reacted more really than thought what if. I had his upper body Arthur Mitchell had his legs. We held him down and as soon as the cuffs were on, I passed out I couldn't tell you anything after that sorry. Well he killed 3, his friend, his girl and your right the boss trying to get laid. The girl was in shock she was covered in what used to be left of her bosses head. Talking to the perp, the guy the deaf guy you the the old guy would of been shot he was going to screw all the woman to show his girlfriend. Like she would care she was already dead Stu added. So you helped save three and saved a lot of woman the heartbreak of being raped today. Deborah said. If you was still a patrol officer it would of been a good day. Deborah asked your the same as a Lieutenant correct? Do you know Lt. Benjamin Harris? Yes I know him Stu said I know him well enough to know we won't see him around here as Mr. Mitchell is almost like a father in law to him. That's right Deborah said. The Sarge was my trainer, before he became Lt. Harris. He's good people. My spouse and I owe him a lot. What do you and your husband owe Lt. Harris, Stu asked? Deborah smiled and said it's not quite my husband, it my wife Deborah said me and my wife were both artificially inseminated and we now have a girl and a boy, The Sarge was the donor. He didn't judge us. Stu smiled I know better I have a wife, we have a girl that lives with us who is bye my wife and I have both had sex with her! She has a boyfriend that really wants to Marry my wife's..., friend. She isn't sure she can turn her back on one sex if she chooses the male she will miss the females and vice, versa. We are trying to adopt a girl that's 4 years old. Deborah said The Sarge has a brother and sister in law that adopted a girl! I know said Stu my daughter goes to Maria's preschool since my wife and I both work.
  4. Doug Stevens was acting weird, he was showing sings of depression, and was placed on a precautionary level. He was I watched closer than the normal inmate. He did attempt to hang himself and was discovered before he had a chance to do himself harm. He was moved to an infirmary where he had a one to one staff. If he hiccuped it was recorded. They called it suicide watch. It's supposed to be an embarrassment to be on it but he didn't seem to mind. The guy that had beat him down got off lucky, as on film it showed Stevens attacking him. He claimed Self Defense. There was no audio only video which showed them talking the Stevens attacking him. Nobody seemed to hear what was said before. One guy seemed to be listening on the video when they came and asked what was said he said No Hobla Ingles! He did speak spanish, and they could never prove he spoke English. Stevens was on suicide watch up until his trial. They watched him so close, he couldn't have sneezed without sobdy knowing about it. Chris and Jeff and Marcus were getting ready to report to training when they got the Summons for court. It would be after the next season ended. Almost 8 months away. They couldn't forget the events of that day. In fact Doug Stevens had pleaded not guilty, against everything his lawyers had advised. He had been given a plea bargain that he had rejected. It would of given him 5 years, in prison for attempted vehicular manslaughter. The inciting a riot and fighting were to be dropped. Instead he was looking at 15 to 25 years. He would have to do 15 before he could be eligible for parole. Arizona, has truth in sentencing rules he would have to do 15 before he could be eligible for parole. He would have to be released at 25 years. He would be 39 to 49 years old, he was 24 right now.
  5. Chris was out running again with Jeff and Marcus. He had been running a few days and wasn't so far behind his two running partners. They were talking about Doug Stevens today apparently he had been in some kind of altercation in jail with a biker looking guy. It had been on the news it showed them talking and then Stevens is the first to make a move and the guy cleans his clock for him. You see his teeth fly out of his mouth. He has had more charges added to his sentence one was since he attacked the guy it was agravated assult and two inciting a riot. He just is to stupid to shut up Marcus said. I overheard how he was playing the victim and was going to sue the Raiders for a million. I told him to please do because I would sue him for two, after what he did to me. Chris had to stop running, he was laughing so hard. You know he laughed I went to the coach and tried to talk him out of firing him once. Jeff said, I'm sorry Chris, but what the hell for? I was feeling bad about breaking his leg. The coach reminded me he didn't feel bad about hurting Marcus here. He caused more problems that he was worth, the coach had more cons than pros. He just wasn't wort it. He also knew that I would eventually come to him like that. He called me a boy scout! After he talked to me I hated the guy even, he almost cost us the super bowl this year, Jeff you were out with your hand broke, he hurt our Strong safety almost breaking his neck. He bit me getting me sick as a dog and having to get the Stent that, let's face it make me wet volumes more at night. Leading me to have a girl shot in my room, a motor cycle gang wanting to kill me as well as Jeff here. Because of him I have had the most bad year for negative publicity. Jeff reminded him also I had to stop you from killing him you was about ready to kick his head off his neck. Jokingly Jeff added, Sorry I stopped you! They ran on a little bit more and Marcus asked Chris, howcome ya never told us about your church before? Jeff said, yeah I've heard more from your sister and mother about it than from you. We know we don't swear much in front of you, not because we are afraid of you, but because we respect you! Your about the only guy that I knew of that would admit your a virgin, most guys that I knew that are virgins would of lied their butts off to make other guys think they weren't. With you, you were proud of that fact. When I heard the story about India throwing herself at you sexually. I couldn't believe it. I don't know that I would of been able to resist that if it had been me. India is a beautiful woman. Chris said I've told you guys before I was raised differently. Woman are in possession of minds as well as bodies, I've never been one to stare at a woman's breasts. Besides I'm a face man I look at the beauty of a woman. Marcus said I was a virgin until I met Maggie, but I'm not sure that was choice. I am a bedwetter, I didn't want anybody else finding out. To late for that Jeff said. You noticed that the Raiders sold those diapers with three different names and numbers on them. Not just Chris and me. Frankly, said Chris do you know of any other players on the Raiders that wear diapers? Marcus hadn't thought abut it befiore, he knew that they were the three that wore diapers, there were only three and they were it. You mean I've been outed, Marcus asked? He was shocked and then decided he was in good company. I didn't even realize until now that they only have the three and it's us! Oh well he said I'm in great company. Jeff told him, Coach has told us several times that if he could get a team that played as well as us three he wouldn't mind if they all wet the bed. Marcus smiled, my coach in college told me the same thing! Chris said, I've told coach to look to smaller universitys and college. Bedwetters like us tend to stay out of the limelight. We're just the exception. The run was completed with not much talking. They were all thinking about the topics they had been discussing. Chris was kicking himself mentally for not discussing what his church was about with his friends and family members. It was more than setting an example, he had done that. Marcus was still thinking about how naive he had been that the world now knew his status as a bedwetter, it had for a while, but nobody had judged him about it. Heaven knows he had done enough of that himself! Jeff was thinking about how some people come into your life, some cause total chaos, like Mr. Stevens, and others bring you such happiness and joy like Darla, Olivia aND Victoria. His new family in the Mitchells. He thought about something Chris had told him they they were always there you just had to let them into your life. That was one of the truest statements that he had ever heard.
  6. Stu was smelling something very unpleasant. It was ammonia. His eyes fluttered why the hell am I smelling ammonia? Did somebody leak into the bed and we forgot to chang the sheets? He remembered the guy shooting people and almost leapt up but somebody was holding him down. Hey calm down he heard. He could hear the guy still yelling about killing more people. He looked and a paramedic was holdin him down. The guy said, the cops handcuffed the guy and you passed out. Are you okay? Stu told them about his lung capacity. The Paramedic said you ahh wet yourself when you passed out. We thought you were just scared. No Stu said, well a little I thought I was going to pass out before the cops got here. I took a couple of bullets a few years back I only have about 35- 50% of my lung capacity left. It also left me how do I say this slightly incontinent also, as Stu blushed. No matter the Paramedic said your okay now. The guy that had the guys legs is almost a celebrity, his son is the linebacker for the Raiders his names is Arthur Mitchell. The guy smiled and shook Stu's hand I understand my daughter was shot a couple of years ago and has the same problem, little lung capacity. She used to run cross country, anything past a quarter of a mile makes her pass out. I was a cop Stu said, couldn't pass the physical endurance test. I work as the communications Officer for Phoenix PD. now. My son in law works for Phoenix PD Benjamin. Before he ciould finish, Stu said yeah I know the Lt. Stu said I also know your daughter in law Maria. My daughter goes to her pre school. I've seen your son and son in law, play football on TV. Stu said. The Paramedic asked I know your son, but who is your son in law Mr. Mitchell? Please Mr. Mitchell was my dad, Arthur please? Jeff Washington, the wide receiver, he married my oldest daughter. No kidding the Paramedic said. I used to play against Your other son the one that played running back, Evan or something like that? Ephraim, Arthur said, that's it the Paramedic said, I went to Agua Fria in Avondale. On the west side of town. What's he do the days the Paramedic asked? He works for the State of Arizona as a Correctional Officer Arthur said. At Adobe Mountain Arthur added. No kidding the guy said with the juveniles I had a nephew there a while back, of course I he didn't get to go home at night, he lived there. Who ever the officer was but somebody scared him straight, or opened his eyes he's a new kid. Wants to go to school now. He has a thirst for learning nowdays. He even wants to go to college now.
  7. Kathy had all kinds of questions for Ephraim about his church. He answered every question about it, the way he had been taught. She told him about the feelings she got from the meeting with the women. He told her what it was and identified the source. She wanted more of that feeling, even if it meant that she had to join his church! She felt like it was a drug and she was a junkie. Ephraim arranged for 2 young men to come talk to her and teach her about the church. She couldn't wait. Maria was like Kathy and wanted to know more from Gary. As the two talked on the phone. She was going to come and be taught like Kathy. She also got India involved as she wanted to know more what made Chris tick. On Tuesday night India, Kathy and Maria all came and was taught about their husband's church. They seemed to be eager to learn. What surprised the two young men the most was they got to meet Chris. It was a great lesson. The 3 girls promised the teachers that they would drag their husbands to church on Sunday. Even if the wives lived in different parts of the city and attended church in different buildings. They would attend Church with Kathy and Ephraim. Saturday night they all met for dinner, including Arthur and Betsy, Chris and India and their two. Darla, Jeff and their two kids. Ephraim and Kathy with Quinn and one on the way. Francis and Larry and Russell with their one on the way. Gary, Maria and their two, Karen and Taylor. Hermione, Paul and Susan. Stacy and Benjamin, Ulysses. Marcus and Maggie were invited. With their expectant child. Marcus was asked when he was going to make an honest woman out of Maggie? More than one time. Marcus had to admit to himself that it was way overdue! Marcus told Maggie any day you want pick a day. I want to marry you. Now it was in Maggie's court, she loved him and was willing to have his child, but after seeing her dad and his marriages fall apart or watching her dad loose 2 wives to ilness, including her own mother. She just wasn't sure that marriage was the answer. She also loved Marcus, and her dad had insisted on a prenuptial agreement there was one out there, she didn't want that brought up, but that's how rich people handled marrage. More like a business transaction that two people who loved each other. Of course Stuart was a sex slave to Abigail now days. If she told him that she wouldn't sign one he would be good with that if Abigail told him it was okay. It was weird seeing her strong father so sorry about the expression Pussy Whipped. It made her smile a bit. Her father was just like her an adult bedwetter that had his mommy change him and clean her up after she had wet her bed as well. If she had known his secret desire was to be a bedwetter and be dominated, she would of done that for him years ago. He did seem happier.
  8. Stu was also having a good day at work. He was training his new shift supervisors with Tricia Clarks assistance. Stu was glad that she hadn't take the fact that she wasn't ready several years ago to be the dispatch lead. She was ready now. Their new shift leaders were doing great and understood the job. Like he had thought earlier they made the right choices. Stu went out for lunch and decided to go to a new place that had just opened downtown. As soon as he got there he decided he didn't like it! The music was loud it sounded more like a discotheque than a restaurant. He wanted quiet when he ate. Right next door he went to another restaurant and this one was more his speed. He smiled at himself and asked himself, when did I get so old? In his younger years the trendy spot would of been right up his alley. Not anymore! He thought I'm almost a daddy now, with an actual toddler. He had always had Rebbecca willing to play the little part for him. Then he got Monica also willing to be his baby girl. Now he had Denise for real at 4 years old. She was trying real hard not to have daytime accidents. Nighttime was different look at her family. There wasn't a role model in the bunch as all of the adults in Denise's life were honest to goodness bedwetters. Even himself, withe the injury he received from being shot had joined the ranks after bedwetters again. He had been older than Denise when he had stopped as a child, about 4 years older at 8 years old, he had wet his bed up until that time. Rebbecca and Monica were still suffering from Primary Enurisis. Neither had ever been dry for more than a day. It had been 20 years for him. His doctor still referred to it as Secondary Enurisis due to Structural Trauma. A medical way of saying he wets his bed due to an injury to his bladder. His lunch came and he began to eat it it was a hamburger and fries, not the most healthiest of foods but it was pretty good. He noticed people in restaurants, he was sure it was the cop still inside of him there were about 8 other people. One couple was lIke him and Rebbecca, the guy was feeding the lady, he recognized it right off he was her daddy. Lucky dog Stu thought! Another couple were not so well conected Stu could almost feel the tension between them. To say they were pissed at each other was an understatement. They were using sign language. Stu saw the way they were communicating and knew they were deaf. But also new as fast and as exaggerated they were signing they were arguing in silence! Another couple for some reason Stu knew they weren't happy with each other they were arguing in whispers not to bring any notice to themselves but Stu could hear snippets of their conversations, the girl had cheated on the guy with his friend because he had screwed her now ex best friend. Some people haven't figured out that two wrongs don't make a right. Now him and Monica have had sex but it was with Rebbecca's blessing. Just as he knew Rebbecca and Monica have had sex with his blessing. These two needed a close eye on as he was getting his vibes from the two, his spider senses was telling him something wasn't right. The iother couples were fine one appeared to be an older couple married maybe 25 years or so and still deeply in love they were holding hands and looking in each others eyes. Stu could tell they still adored each other. The other was a boss and his secretary or some sort of underling. The boss was hoping to score but her body language spoke volumes it wasn't happening! The cheating party was getting louder they were no longer whispering. They weren't yelling but it was getting louder. Suddenly Stu saw the guy reach into his jacket and pulled out a weapon and shot her. He then turned the gun to the boss that was hoping to get lucky and shot him. He then turned the gun to the deaf people that were arguing and still kind of oblivious due to not hearing the gunshots. Stu didn't know when it had happened but he was there and knocked the gun out if the guys hand! And tackled him. The guy had punched him in the nose. He felt nothing his adrenaline was in overdrive. The older gentleman grabbed the guys legs and was assisting Stu in restraining the guy on the ground. Stu noticed the deaf couple had abandoned their argument and we're hugging each other. The scretary was in shock her face was covered with her bosses brains. Stu saw blood on the guy and was doing his dammedest to keep the guy on the ground. He wanted up so he could kill more was what he was yelling. Stu felt his body, he didn't think he was shot but he believed the blood was coming from him. He could hear sirens in the distence and knew help was on the way. He hoped that they got there in time his breathing rate was up and his chest was burning. With his diminished lung capacity he was going to go unconscious shortly. He was using an awful lot of energy holding this guy down. He told himself Stu hold on help is almost here! He didn't know if anybody was safe if he passed out. He saw a cop and the Officer applied hand restraints. Stu passed out!
  9. I helped keep this site opened for one more year!
  10. Ephraim was liking work again, his biggest regret was it took him away from Kathy. When he was at work he missed her like crazy, when he was at home he couldn't get enough of her. Not only sexually, that was part of it but as his companion. He really loved her and wondered how a red headed toad like himself had ever got lucky enough just to date her let alone be married to her. His days off had changed he was now off Sunday and Mondays. The only better day offs were Friday and Saturday. Only Administration got Saturday and Sundays off. He wanted to start to attend church on Sundays. He just worked from 0530 to 1330 and was unable to attend church. Now he could watch his older brother play as it happened instead of having to see it taped. He asked Kathy if she would attend with him and she had been waiting for him to invite her! She thinks that Quinn needed something like what his daddy bad been raised, he turned out really good! On Sunday they got up and bathed shaved and dressed for church. It was the first time Kathy had seen him in a tie other than when they were married, and that was a bow tie. She was surprised that he could tie a tie without looking and seeing what he was doing. His mother once told her she could see him working on Wall Street. When he was in his black suit she could see it, he looked like a millionaire. Other than his suit was polyester. No millionaire would wear anything but real wool. She really saw why she fell in love with him. He was handsome, that almost orange hair looked out of place. But he was one of the best men she had ever met. He didn't scare away when she dropped the bomb that she still wet her bed. He had told her with his family's history it wasn't scary at all. That was true when she first met him him and one other sister were the oddballs in the family of 8 people in the family her Ephraim and his sister Frances were the only dry ones. Then he saved a neighbor from a fire and burned his knees then he got an infection. The antibiotics he got left him wetting his bed just like her. She didn't know whether to rejoice that he was now like her and the rest of his family, or cry that he wasn't like he was. Being a bedwetter wasn't her first choice of lifelong problems, she would trade it for diabetis, or depression anyday, until she met Ephraim it was a curse. His family had helped her see it wasn't as bad as she always had thought. Her parents, especially her mother had her feel ashamed of her body because she wet her bed. There are worse things than wetting your bed. Her husband had almost lost his legs due to the infection. She thinks that wetting the bed would be better than that. His sister the only non bedwetter in the family now was shot about a year ago, she can hardly run without passing out now. She used to run cross country and used to be pretty quick over short distences. She is pregnant now just like Kathy is and worried that she might not even have the lung capacity to give birth to this baby. That is worse than her bedwetting. They arrived at church and people came up and greeted them. They certainly were friendly. She felt at home and she learned that they didn't get payed to participate in church, in fact the speakers were from the congregation. She was very surprised as one guys talk was very good. She was impressed. They then broke off into what he called Sunday School. She hadn't been to Sunday School since she was a kid. But this was for adults and it was very educational. Then t by ey had a meeting just for the ladies and one for the guys, she felt kind of out of place as she wasn't even a member. The talk was on service of others. The ladies talked about when your serving others you are serving god. The scripture was quoted that when Jesus told his disciples that when he was hungry they had fed him or when he was in prison the came unto him or when he was naked you clothed me. The desciples ask when was thought hungry and we fed thee or naked and clothed me or in prison and we came unto thee? Jesus said when you do this unto the least of my brothren, you have done it unto me! Then he told them Feed My Sheep! She felt something that she had never felt before, it was compassion, love, warmth all rolled into one. She shed a tear.
  11. Rebbecca was having a good day at work, she had been pretty much left alone by others. She had gotten her correspondence all taken care of and a lot or that had to do with Denise and her adoption. She had a so gotten her billing up to date. Her next court date was in a week and a half, it was the guy that thought the word owed him, just for him being in it and gracing it with his presence. They were one step closer with Denise becoming theirs. They had court for to see if Denise could become theirs in about 2 1/2 weeks. She was showing signs of toilet training she would come to Stu, or herself or Monica to have her pants or some type of clothing removed so she can go to the potty. She was dry about 35- 50% of the time in the day time. Nighttime forget it. It really wasn't her fault, look at her family now, her role models all are bedwetters. 2 of them have never been dry in their lifetime. Stu had been dry then got shot, his was caused by injury. What excuse do her and Monica have? Sorry dear your Aunt Monica and I are adult bedwetters, we just never seen the need to stop wetting our diapers at night. That really wasn't true, she had tree the medications. They made her so sick, she didn't pee her bed, only because she was awake throwing up all night long. And the alarms the only ones they woke up were her parents. They didn't even phase her. She wasn't sure but with the mother that Monica had she was sure they had visited their share of Urologist just as her family had. And I bet like Rebbecca, there was no reason found for her to be wetting her bed as well. It was just one of those things she was told. How many poor kid was found to be just one of those things? And like Monica's mother, started to basically abuse their kids. Rebbecca never got past the verbally abusive stage. For Monica, it had turned physically abusive. That's why her mother was a ward of the Nevada State Department of Corrections. She had heard horror stories. Maria's brother in law Chris did that commercial where the kids dad lit him on fire and told him to piss on himself to put the flames out. Eunice was a bitch, but even she wasn't that mean, she was sure her dad wouldn't of let her get that bad to her. He had grew up around bedwetting females. Why is it alright to abuse a child because he or she hasn't became like most of their peers and stopped peeing themselves at night. She knew in her heart that she wasn't wetting her bed on pourpose! She went to sleep just as dry as they were, but sometime during the night her body decided to let out her urine. She never remembered peeing. But there she was a teenager that had wet just like an infant. Wetter as her bladder was larger. She prayed several times as a kid that God wouldn't let her wet the bed that night. Come morning she was just as wet as the morning before and the day before that. That was one of the reasons she wasn't as religious as her dad,. God had never answered her prayers.
  12. Rebecca took Thomas to meet her kids, namely Paul and Hermione and baby Susan. The arrived at the Evans place and they rang the door bell. Hermione answered the door, she saw her mother in law and saw who was with her. She recognized the man she was with as a father of an old friend, Sheri. It had been years since she had seen Mr. Bartholomew! She went past Rebecca and gave him a hug. Pop II, how are you doing? How is Sheri. I couldn't find her when I got married. Or you you've moved! Your invite got returned. Seem like you two already know each other Rebecca said. Thomas said I never knew this beautiful creature, I knew The Mess! She didn't look anything like this, perhaps if she did my oldest wouldn't be gay nowdays, he had a crush on you, if you didn't know Miss Fancy Pants. Hermione blushed Miss Fancy Pants, I haven't heard that in ages! Hermione smiled. Thomas you never told me you called my daughter in law Miss Fancy Pants. Why did you call her that? When she was The Mess. She could wet a diaper like nobody's business. They were always looking for the best ones that could handle more than one wetting for her, the diapers kept getting thicker and thicker, plus more expensive. I teased her and told her for the price that they were paying for her diapers, they could of really got her some Fancy Pants undies for the price. Fancy Pants stuck. She called me Pops II as I was kind of like a second dad to her. I think she spent as much time at my house as Sheri did at hers. Hermione said I knew at your house, I wouldn't be judged as a bedwetter, just like Sheri wasn't judged at our house. How are Arthur and Betsy these days? Thomas asked. They are good, Hermione said. Thomas said when I see Chris on TV playing football I always wonder what happened to you? Out of most of my daughters friends, you were the one who stood out the most! I know you looked like crap so nobody would notice you, but you stood out in a crowd, you had more things going for you. You was the most respectful of all of Sheri's friends. You stood out. Then I start dating this woman and find out your not the mess anymore. Your a beautiful young lady that I would be proud to call my almost daughter! Then Rebecca tells me you were such a big help to her during the surgeries and Chemo. She told me you become the matriarch of the family when she leaves us. To tell the truth I think her legacy is in good hands! Soon Thomas was introduced to Paul, who wasn't sure he liked the thought of his mother dating again at her age. Hermione told him about Sheri's dad. He was glad that Hermione vouched for him. He trusted her in that area. He had met people he really liked, and Hermione would tell him don't trust them and she had been right each time. She knew when she had seen a snake. He trusted her judgment.
  13. Denise was at preschool. It was early dismissal day for Karen, Maria's daughter. She came and said hi Denise how are you today? Denise said I'm alright, I want to play with Martin but he pulled my hair, and told me I had bugs. I don't have bugs. He also called me a baby, because I still wear diapers. I don't want to be a baby. If your a baby I must be one too Karen said I still wear diapers. My mom got mad at me because I couldn't stop peeing my diapers. She hit me so hard that I can't stop peeing now. Really? Denise asked with really wide questioning eyes. Yep said Karen it's true. Wow said Denise. My mommy told me she was a wetter bed. Said Denise. You mean a bedwetter? Karen asked. Yeah said Denise. Karen said my mommy and daddy wet their beds too. Plus most of my daddy's family. My cousins and my friends Including my boyfriend Charlie, and my best friend Sarah Jane. I know lots of bedwetters. Denise said I only know that mommy and daddy , Aunt Monica wet their beds still Denise added. My Aunt Stacy does to Karen said and she's really pretty her dad got mad at her for wetting her bed and beat her with this belt like thing and it left scars all over her back, and butt, and legs. Next time Martin teases you you tell him he's stupid. He doesn't know a lot about the reasons people still wear diapers like us. Karen said
  14. The next day was Saturday and they both awoke and looked in each others eyes. They registered about the same time that their bed was soaked. That they had actually wet the bed together. Each were apologizing perfusly to other other for wetting the bed. Thomas razed has hand in a stop manner and said were both at fault, we both have been wetting our beds long enough to know what happens when we aren't diapered at night! We have to get out of here before housekeeping comes. I don't know if I can bear the humiliation, Rebbecca said. Oh I have had the occasional leak in a hotel, this is a first unprotected episode for me. Thomas shifted gears and said we need to clean ourselves up, let's hit the showers! Rebbecca smiled it had been quite a while since she had showered with a male. She thought the last time was when Paul was still young enough to not see much of a difference of boys and girls, he must of been all of 8 at the time. Soon after he watched Kindergarten Cop and learned that Girls have vaginas and boys have penises! That was the last time they had showered together. It had been different with Susan. While traveling to ensure she didn't drain the pipes, drinking, she had showered with her right up until a few years ago. Killed two birds with one stone. She got clean and was able to keep an eye on Susan as well as get her cleaned up. After their shower Thomas asked if she would like to meet his children? Now days she guessed that it was the equivalent of meeting the parents, because let's face it not to many baby boomers like they were, had parents left. Her father passed away about 4 years ago. Mother was still alive but she had became somewhat of a recluse since dad had died. She very rarely left her home. She was the type that had all kinds of interests outside the home at one time. She would be out from 8 am until 8 pm. Now days she never left. Rebbecca saw the interest in the world dwindle in her eyes. She went out for Christmas Mass was about all she left home for now days. She would be honored to meet his kids. She would have to introduce him to Paul, since he was the only one that lived in Phoenix, eventually she would introduce him to Susan. Maddie was a bit tricky, she didnt want to scare the poor man away. After the shower they left a note and each left a $50 saying sorry about the bed. Then they were out the door. They traveled for about 25 minutes into Phoenix. It was on I-10 and they went east as odd number Freeways run north and south and even numbered ones run east and west. They got off an exit that was 51st Ave. And drove to a road called Bethany Home Rd. There were some condos and she got all turned around from there. They ended up at one and Thomas knocked. A beautiful blonde girl opened the door and smiled and gave her dad a hug. What's up pops? She asked. Thomas gave her a smile and said well I want to introduce my only daughter to my best girl. Sheri this is Rebbecca, Rebbecca this is my oldest daughter Sheri they shook hands and was invited in. The condo were spacious. So, Sheri asked Rebbecca your dating my dad? Yes we've had two dates so far. Still in that getting to know you better stage. Rebbecca said. Well what do you think of my dad so far? Sheri asked. I'm really enjoying his company, I'm actually from San Francisco. Rebbecca said. What are you doing here in the desert Southwest Sheri asked? Well I came out to go to the Cancer Treatment Center where I had my beasts removed and was given Chemo and radiation treatments. She pulled the wig off to show that she was only covered in hair that was about a 1/4 inch long. Sorry to hear that Sheri said so I guess Aunt Gabby brought you two together? Yes said Rebbecca she was my case manager. Sheri said if you pass muster with Aunt Gabby you must be okay. I work for dad I keep all of his construction accounts going I'm not into building of buildings but if a costumer is unhappy I smooth the feathers and calm them down and I also find things. One guy at the last moment wanted a koi pond put in his foyer. Took me two days but he was the happiest I had ever seen him in the 5 months it took to build his building. Sheri blushed you know my dad is a bedwetter right? Rebbecca smiled and said yes I know, he knows that I'm a lifelong bewetter also. Since getting Radation Therapy my bladder was burned. I find myself totally incontinent now. So I'm not much better. Sheri said next, you also know my dad is worth millions, about 15 to be exact. You aren't after his money are you. Once again Rebbecca smiled. When my husband died he left an estate worth almost a billion. I got 250 million that I have invested and grew it to be almost 3/4 of a billion, so no I'm not after his money. I have my own. Dang dad you should marry her! Just to let you know we love our dad. We don't want to see him hurt. Have you met Stephen and Sean yet? No said Rebbecca this was our first stop, we will also be meeting my son Paul and his wife Hermione, and granddaughter Susan. They are the only family that I have here in Phoenix. Sheri said I used to know a girl named Hermione, her brother was that big football player for the Raiders, it wouldn't be her she was weird, her name was Mitchell. That's her! Said Rebbecca, I've seen pictures of her when she was known as the mess! She has changed so much you wouldn't recognize her! Rebbecca brought out a picture of her family with all three of her children, their spouses and at the time a very young baby Susan. Oh my god the girl said and that's Stormin Norman! Yes he married my other daughter Susan they both changed a lot. I used to be a member of the Bedwetters when I was in high school. Wow! they both changed a lot Norman kind of got cute, he lost weight and his pimples cleared up. Do they still bedwet? Yes Rebbecca said but so does my Paul and Susan. They took after their mom. Maddie my oldest doesn't. Sheri said I see she is the only one still single. Like my brother Steven he's the only dry one and the only single one, he's kind of an emberrasment to dad he's gay. He owns a flower shop. Then there is Sean he's married to Paula also a bedwetter, I'm married to Neal. Nor a bedwetter but likes diapers, he wears them to bed so I don't feel so bad about having to wear them. We have a son Peter, and Sean and Paula are expecting and they want to name him Neville. Rebbecca told her that Susan and Norman are expecting too they are naming theirs Hermione. She went into how Susan and Hermione think they are long lost sisters, and immediatly hit it off when they met.Sheri said the world just got smaller my old friends are married to my possibly future step mother.
  15. Monica had a date with Willy Wilde again that night, it wasn't a marathon of sex it was just a date dinner at a nice upscale restaurant. He picked her up and the place was very nice it was a Mexican food affair. The Chili Relenos, we're fantastic. Afterwards they talked and Willy brought up the fact that he would like someday to ask Monica to marry him. She told him that yes someday, maybe because right now she was still in a relationship with Rebbecca. She liked to swing both ways. Maybe one day see he would settle down with a man or a woman, but for now she wasn't ready for either. Willy looked dejected he was hoping that she would soon want to see the down with him. He told her not to wait to long he might meet another woman one day then he would be off the market himself. Monica asked where will that leave me? I'm not to sure, Willy said, I want children while I'm still young enough to enjoy them. I don't want to be retiring when they are graduating high school! I'm sure you feel the same Monica. Monica had never thought about kids, she was always under the assumption that she would have some, but she had never made plans for them. Since meeting Denise shte has been more open to being a mother. Her grandfather that had passed on had begged her to settle down and give him some grandkids. She wanted to be a better mother than what her own mother had been to her. That wasn't much of a challenge, she hadn't set the bar very high. Even if her child was gay and a bedwetter like she was, she would love them just as much. If Willy was the father of them, she could almost guarantee that they would be bedwetters just like the two of them.Would that be so bad?