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  1. Cute_Kitten

    Changing in a public bathroom tonight with several others in there.

    On the occassions when I do have to change out in public, I still wait for the restroom to empty (or until I think it's empty lol!) I used to wear thinner diapers to be more discrete, but that leads to more frequent changing. These days, I'd rather wear a thicker disposable and have fewer changes.
  2. Cute_Kitten

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    I'm looking forward to trying these. Hopefully they'll be another super absorbent option for going a long time between changes. Holidays and everything are coming up soon, very busy times.
  3. Cute_Kitten

    Northshorecare MegaMax

    Reading this on the site makes me think they might be comparable with the Dry 24/7s, ABU Peekabus or Rearz Incontrol+Inspire. If so, they just might be another go-to everyday diaper for me. https://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/fitteds1/northshore-megamax-briefs.html Description: With a near limitless absorbency and quick wicking core, NorthShore MegaMax Briefs are the total package when it comes to protection. Starting on the inside, the extra-wide and extra-long absorbent core compares to other diapers with a 6500ml capacity- that's almost 2 gallons of liquid! The extra-large core also provides excellent coverage in the front and rear even for side sleepers. Tall stand-up leak guards, leg cuffs, and waistband elastics protect against leaks from the leg openings as well as around the waist.
  4. Cute_Kitten

    Waddle... Waddle... To the store.

    That was a lot of padding. The closest I've come to going out double diapered is wearing a Dry 24/7 well hidden under my clothes.
  5. Cute_Kitten

    Stepping down as "Greeter" of DailyDiapers

    It was very nice of you to spend time and emotional effort to make others feel welcome.
  6. Cute_Kitten

    Put the PeekABU to the test

    They're some of the most delightful diapers I've ever worn. They certainly do stand up to the test.
  7. Cute_Kitten

    Almost car jacked

    I was just going to suggest that lol! But glad you got away unscathed. Just imagine the look on the jerk with the knife's face if you'd held a gun up in response to his knife! (Just joking on that part). I hope the creeps do get caught by the cops!
  8. Cute_Kitten

    Taken advantage of for too long.

    I've cut off toxic family members. I know it can be hard- but you also have to remember to look out for yourself and take care of yourself. Users won't care if they bleed you dry- they'll just dump and move onto the next person they can take advantage of.
  9. Cute_Kitten

    The end of Disposables?

    A lot can happen, so I'd take a wait and see approach. Even if a hypothetical ban did come to pass, it might not be permanent. Bans can be lifted. Like with the American Prohibition. Now I'm getting amusing mental images of diaper riots and baby diapers on the black market. 🤣
  10. Cute_Kitten

    PeekABU from ABU

    I like the peek abus- I like the fit, to me it feels about the same as other ABU diapers or a Rearz, and the absorbency was up there with the dry 24/7 ,which is my go-to day diaper.
  11. Cute_Kitten

    Just ordered rearz

    I love the print on Little Monsters, but haven't tried them myself. I know the Princess and Safari are comparable to the 24/7s, as are the inspire incontrol
  12. Cute_Kitten

    Bad Seed (updated 9/27)

    Thank you for commenting. I'm glad to hear it- it means I've been doing my job as an author and keeping readers on their toes, though I do hope the unexpected still feels organic/ naturally unfolding and not coming out of nowhere. We're entering the climax of the story, so if I worked things right, the tension (and the drama, always fun!) will be ratcheting up. Thank you for commenting. I always enjoy hearing reader thoughts and speculations. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but being a big boy is something Cameron's going to have to fight for. But he's got Lili on his side, so that can either help him, or blow up in his face.
  13. I enjoy the sensation of being thickly padded. It's a comfort and security thing. I also like the feeling of a warm, wet, soggy diaper in need of changing. Then changing my wet diaper for a fresh, dry one.
  14. Cute_Kitten

    Favorite Places To Wear Diapers.

    Practically anywhere and everywhere.