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  1. “You fucking cunt!” Max snarled at her. "Kiss your mother with that mouth?" Liliana's face was hard, her gaze ice cold and her voice clipped, full of snark. "L-Liliana!" The rage fell from Max's face in shock, surprised to see her of all people there. The girl he had tried to sleep with several times, had tried to get with after seeing Priscilla. The girl he imagined laying on Priscilla's bed, spreading her legs for him. Their bodily fluids combining on Prissy's old bedsheets, the same bed where he had once taken Priscilla. He almost got to bed her, once. But Lili...her scar freaked him the fuck out. Lili's mocking laughter as she taunted him with that horrid scar until he'd run from her once more. He left her laughing in the bed where he once fucked her cousin. After that night, he had tried to get with her again- she was so casual about shit; she wanted none of that romance garbage the other bitches were into. And he just knew the slut was great in bed. Then, the bitch had rejected him. Repeatedly. He was just a notch in her belt. Fucking whore. "Just Lili. And you ran the red light, ran me right off the road." She crossed her arms under those deliciously plump breasts, their roundness and fullness visible even through the small hoodie she wore. Max stared at them, remembering the weight of them in his hands. She knew where he was staring, but she did not correct him. Not just yet. "The light was yellow, you were the one who ran the light and hit me." His voice was firm, rage tinged down by his awakening sex drive. She had rejected him, and his cock still yearned for her. Any of the pretty girls at school would happily bend over for him, and the one he had chosen wanted nothing to do with him. Who the hell was the slut fucking that could be better than him? Some obnoxious college asshole? Lili shifted, arms under her breasts pushing them up and making them jiggle, taunting him. Max's eyes stayed glued to them... "Liar. Our light was green the whole way." "You'll have to prove it." She smirked. "And so will you. I have a witness." Max's eyes flashed to the car, and he spluttered. He knew that pretty face, knew what horrors hid beneath his clothing. His jaw dropped. "What the fuck? Freddy Kreugar? You're fucking Freddy Kreugar? Seriously? He shits his pants- he's- he's a fucking big baby!" His senses reeled, his universe sideways. Liliana dressed like a freak, but she was so fucking cool, just like Prissy. They even talked alike; on Facebook he couldn't tell which one it was, though he knew it was Lili. She typed just like Prissy and all the other girls he knew. But she never joined their circle, not fully. Sure, she’d come to her senses, ditched that goth shit and dressed normal, but she was still a fucking weird, pierced freak. And here she was, fucking the freak Prissy had loved to make fun of, taught them all how much fun it was. And it was. "Cameron, dickwad. His name is Cameron." Her voice was cool and hard as he raged like an inferno. He snarled, then laughed. "You're fucking Freddy Krueger. Wait 'til I tell everyone. " He stepped past her, heading towards the car and the boy he used to have such fun tormenting. Aside from that ridiculous pacifier, the boy looked almost normal. Maybe he should rip his pants off like he did in gym class once, see if the hideous fucker still wore diapers. He laughed maliciously. Lili blocked his way, her breasts pushing into his chest as she invaded his personal space. In the car, Cameron shook, his eyes huge. Max licked his lips, Liliana forgotten. Here he was, no one around, and given access to his once-favorite punching bag, the perfect thing to take his anger and frustrations out. And said punching bag had stolen his girl. He would make his world right again; kick the pants-shitter's ass, pound him good and teach him a lesson. Make Lili realize who she should be with. "Touch him, and I'll fucking kill you like I did that puppy." She snarled in a deadly soft voice. Max backed up at the sudden challenge to his personal space, even though Lili was shorter and female. She advanced, hips swaying. "What? You said it wasn't true!" She smiled. "And Prissy alway told you it was. Didn't you used to call me 'that fucking little psycho' when you were with her?" Lili challenged him with lies sweet as poisoned honey. "Yeah, I killed that puppy. Fucked it up real good. Poured gasoline on it. Set it on fire." The incident was old, but not forgotten, so scandalous it lingered in the community's collective knowledge and gossip mill like an old winter coat hung out in the closet in summer. She toyed with Max- there had never been any gasoline or fire on the puppy and she was not the one who hurt it, but rumor had blown the incident out of proportion and twisted it sideways. "Knew you were fucked in the head-" Max's snarl was cut off as she came closer to him. He backed up some more. "Just think of what I'll do to a human. What I did to Prissy." Liliana's black lipstick covered lips curved into a sinister, mocking smile and the metal rings on her lower lip glinted in the afternoon sun. She was good at lying; so good her lies sounded like God's gospel truth. "That was an accident. You weren't even here." He took another step back. She sashayed forward so close he could feel the heat of her body. "Sure about that, Maxie-pad? Bet your life on it?" "You're fucking psycho! You should be locked up! Insane bitch!" He burst out, raising his fist to make her back up. Lili did not move. "Go ahead. I'm warning you, mess with me, and I'll fuck you up real good. You might be Daddy's Golden Penis, and most of the adults don't like me much. But it's common knowledge how badly you fucked Cameron up in the past. Your daddy had quite the time sweeping that scandal under the rug. The town's infamous burned boy bullied to the point of suicide. And now, here's the town's star lunk head, at it again. I'm sure you really want to stir up that pot of shit with football scouts from colleges sniffing around to see if you're university football material. " Her words sunk in, penetrating the rage and he lowered his fist. Get into a good college, one with a stellar football team. Make it to the pros. If he screwed that up because of some old scandal, for once he was afraid of what his father would do. Take away his car, throw him out, disown him. Max's father never disciplined him; it was the only thing he ever drove into Max's head. The only thing he was firm on. His father had hollered at him over the incident with Cameron, only when said incident became public knowledge and newspaper articles had been written about it. He had almost lost it then, almost was kicked off the team. Only Mrs. Beatrice's cooperation with his father and Priscilla's grandmother had help stopped the scandal. Lili watched Max's face intently as the emotions flickered over it. "You just stay the hell out of my way and leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone. Cameron's my plaything now, not yours. Just forget about him. Understand?" Max's huge hands balled into ham-like fists. "You'd better watch your back, psychotic bitch." Liliana shook her head, heaving a falsely disappointed sigh. " You're just as stupid as you look. Maybe dumber. And you'd better watch all your sides. I'm telling you, mess with me and I'll fuck you up so good. As good as I fucked Pissy Prissy up. Maybe even better." "You threatening me?" His voice shook with rage and he started to raise a fist to swing at her. Lili moved fast. His ham-like fist was only partially extended when pain erupted in his groin, enveloping his entire being, followed by several more waves of pain as her knee, then her booted foot found contact with his genitals. He curled in on himself, falling to the gravel. Lili's boot planted firmly on his chest, forcing him onto his back. She bent low, one hand on his throat, squeezing in just the right place to put pressure on his trachea and make his eyes bulge as his airflow was cut off. He was aware of nothing but the pain washing over him and the psychotic bitch above him, pressing down. Her eyes were deadly intent and serious. Lili smirked down at him. "Listen, Missing Link. Accidents happen. You don't want an accident to happen to you like it did to Prissy, do you?" She bent low, weight on her hands, in turn putting more pressure on his neck. He gurgled, gasping as his breath was cut off. Her free hand fished in his pocket, pulling out his keys. She stood up, releasing him and jumping back in case he tried to lunge, but the pain in his swelling, throbbing groin was too great. He closed his eyes, trying to ride the waves of pain drowning him and gasping, drawing deep ragged breaths into his hungry lungs. Her sharp bark of laughter cut into him, making him open his eyes and look at her. "If you were smart, you'll have learned your lesson. Don't fuck with me. Simple, yeah, stupid? " She turned to go back to her car and the wide-eyed, effeminate boy in it. As she did, she tossed his car keys down the nearby storm pipe.
  2. The Disney trip sounds fun! Love how his diapers are getting thicker!
  3. I've always been a fan of frilly rhumba panties covering a very thick diaper and peeking out from under the hem of a short dress
  4. I wear plastic panties over my night diapers since I flop around a lot. The plastic pants help prevent leaks.
  5. 2-5 diapers a day, depending on how absorbent the diaper is and my fluid intake.
  6. I sleep better while diapered. I feel more comfortable and secure in a nice, thick diaper.
  7. Wet diapers don't bother me; if I'm in an absorbent diaper and it's only a little damp I'll wear it to bed. I won't wear a soaking, near capacity diaper to bed since I'm not a fan of leaks. I don't mind messing my diaper, but I always change shortly after.
  8. 0. It's part of my private life, and it stays private.
  9. My usual time to write is "whenever I have the time + motivation", which usually involves me being able to resist getting distracted by the internet. When I can focus, my most productive time for writing does tend to be in the morning, but thanks to participating in National Novel Writing Month in November, I've learned to write whenever/ where ever I can.
  10. If you want to be incontinent, that choice is totally up to you. I would recommend going to a doctor and getting checked out just to rule out any serious medical problems.
  11. Those sound awesome. I haven't come across one, but if I ever do I'll make sure to give the table a try!
  12. I'm very comfortable- I wear most of the time, no matter what I'm doing. I'm careful about keeping my diapers covered and discrete.
  13. I don't carry a diaper bag. I do carry a big purse though, with one zippered compartment reserved for 2 extra diapers, wipes and diaper cream and some plastic bags.
  14. I tend to go by weight, and if I'm ordering online I usually try a sample before I buy a bag or case. Sometimes if I'm unsure, I'll order more samples before I commit to being stuck with a bag or a case of diapers I don't like.
  15. I noticed that on their shop. I'm going to have to give them a try!