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  1. The Man In The Gray Suit

    oh, yes. Something foul is a foot. The man in the gray suit will be coming in soon. Very soon, and giving Ro and up close and personal encounter she will never forget. I'ts also a tongue-in-cheek saying. Aurora's doing something dangerous behind Ryo's back and lying to him about it...what could possibly go wrong?
  2. The Man In The Gray Suit

    Ro knew exactly what her friend was trying to say. She wiped her fingers and mouth on a napkin. “Yes. I’ll be your diver.” She said matter of factly. Sheila slumped in relief, smiling toothily. Ro bit back a wince upon seeing the pink lipstick smeared on her pearly whites. “Oh, good. I’m so glad. You’re the best diver, Ro. We make one hell of a team. Best sheller and diver ever.” She giggled like a schoolgirl; an odd, jarring sound with her deep voice. “I really didn’t think you’d be able to. I mean, with Ryo and all...He was so upset this morning. I’m glad you talked him into it.” “Yeah. About that. He’s still pretty sensitive. So it’s best if we don’t mention anything about it to him. He understands, but he’s….the doctors said he’s….still very emotionally fragile. He’s gonna be like that for a long time. Loosing his leg and all…” Ro faked a smile and sucked up a huge gulp of soda. A small worm of guilt wriggled in her belly but she ruthlessly squashed it. Ryo didn’t have to know. She wasn’t lying, exactly. It was for his own good. They needed the money. “I understand completely.” Sheila’s square face radiated compassion. She leaned forward and covered one of Ro’s hands with her large one. “You and Ryo were so supportive of me when I transitioned. Now I wanna be there for you guys. I want to split the profits with you.” Ro’s eyes widened in disbelief. She stared, shocked speechless at the offer. Divers made good money; up to a hundred thousand a season. But the real money was for the business owners who owned the boats and sold the abalone; they could make up to a million dollars. They also absorbed most of the operating costs. “I thank you. But no. I can’t accept. Very generous of you. But. No.” Ro croaked out. “Yes, you can. And you will. I’m so relieved I don’t have to find another diver. Oh, look. There’s Marvin! Tootles!” Sheila jumped up and ran for the door before Ro could protest further. Ro stared at Sheila’s empty seat. Her mind swam with the financial possibilities Sheila’s gift opened up to them. No worries about bills. Savings restored. She could take some time off work to focus on Ryo. Maybe they could even take a vacation once Ryo got back on his feet. Foot. Whatever. A flash of movement caught the corner of her eye. She turned her head. Marvin and Sheila stood outside the restaurant doors, in clear sight of Ro’s view. They ate weird, gritty looking imitation ice cream. Marvin happily dug in, watching Sheila with hopeful, expectant eyes. Sheila took a small bite and shuddered. She grimaced and smiled at Marvin, looking like she was going to be sick. Ro snorted. All that, just to make the dweeb happy? A small voice inside insisted that’s what relationships were all about. Communication. Honesty. Trust. Compromise. Sacrifice. She should’ve talked things out with Ryo instead of going behind his back. Guilt churned the food in her stomach into a leaden ball. He’d never been fully happy about her diving in shark infested waters, but he’d never protested or said anything openly. When there was a shark attack among the surfers, he steered clear of the beach for weeks. He loved it too much to stay away forever. She was the same with diving. Plus all that money. There was no compromise on this issue. All or nothing. Dive and money, or no dive and a bank account shrinking faster than she could refill it. Ryo wasn’t thinking clearly or rationally. It was all up to her. Sheila and Marvin left. Ro stood up and headed home. She thought of her pretty boy lying so pale and frail in the hospital bed. He was so pretty it made her heart ache. So pretty he could pass for a girl. With his looks, he was the one who should’ve been trans. Not big, manly Sheila. Ryo’s long, inky lashes added to his femininity. Especially when his eyes were full of tears, pleading and begging her not to risk her life. He was so vulnerable; he needed her now more than ever. She was his rock. If he ever found out she lied to him, it would break his heart. Shatter his trust. She was near tears when she pulled into her driveway. She harshly reminded herself Ryo would never know. This was for the best. She wasn’t lying, not really. It’s not like she was having an affair. They just disagreed on an income-earning opportunity. Differing opinions on the risk versus the reward. She had to be strong and make a hard decision for both of them. Ryo was too unstable to think logically or clearly. To look at the facts and weigh the odds. He needed her. She wiped her tears, determined to get on with the rest of her day.
  3. Untrained

    There.....there is....only one response to the last two updates.......
  4. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    I'd say I'd prefer to be caught in the nude than in diapers..but I'd probably end up being caught in diapers than in the nude.
  5. LoTR++ Marathon

    Excellent ways to spend the days!
  6. Untrained

    Maybe he'll end up in pink diapers AND a skirt? Sooo adorable! Hehe, naughty Pee Fairy!!
  7. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Yay, I'll be looking forward to it!
  8. Untrained

    Ooooh, Call possibly in a skirt? Adorable! I'm loving him in the pink diapers.
  9. The Man In The Gray Suit

    Sheila's comment about the boat was her trying to hedge around asking if Ro would be her diver or not. She was trying to be sensitive and not come right out and ask. she thinks it's a very delicate topic and she's nervous about asking, so her words came out rather clumsy.
  10. Exchanged - Chapter 20 - 7/22/2017

    Glad to see you back. :3 Sometimes stories or characters end up having a mind of their own and taking over. :3
  11. The Man In The Gray Suit

    Thank you for commenting. Ro is an abalone diver. She can make good money diving, but she's also at risk for sharks. Ryo is worried about her safety, and she's worried about money. So she's decided to go diving and not tel Ryo about it so he won't worry. She's trying to haver her cake and eat it, too. Sheila owns the boat and she's the one who will sell the abalone. so she hires Ro as her diver.
  12. So, I watched a scary movie in the dark.  To take my mind off that, I decide to watch....animated gore and horror. :34_EmoticonsHDcom:

  13. The Man In The Gray Suit

    thank you for commenting! I appreciate it. On her way out of the hospital, Aurora stopped at the nursing station to ask about a therapist for Ryo and told them about his breakdown. After this morning’s tear-filled crying jag, he obviously needed psychiatric help. His recovery was taking longer than she expected. He’d suffered a major, traumatic, life-changing injury, so she knew he wasn’t going to magically heal overnight and bounce back. According to the doctors, he should’ve been further along in recovery than he was. The staff reported him as being listless, almost catatonic at times. Lost in his own head. He never asked for a diaper change, wet or messy. They had to check his diapers. She was starting to think the shark had knocked Ryo clear off his rocker. Instead of a husband, she had a deranged loon. She left the hospital and headed over to Kangaroo Jack’s Kafe; a small hole in the wall diner in a nearby shopping center. It was a well known, favorite hangout spot with locals of all ages. The bennies-tourists and out of towners- passed it on by in favor of loud, flashy, already-known chain fast food and restaurants. It was relatively close to the beach, too. She and Ryo used to come here practically everyday. Now, the next time Ryo would come here would be in a wheelchair or on crutches. She now had a disabled husband. It was a sobering thought. As Ro stood in line, she looked around the greasy spoon with a new perspective. Tables, chairs, and booths clustered together with narrow aisles between. This was an old joint. Judging by the black and white pictures cluttering the stained, faded wallpaper, it had been here since her grandparents were young. Maybe even longer. A wheelchair sticker on a booth was as handicap friendly as it got. She’d have to park Ryo there then go get his food. Had Ryo thought what his life was going to be like from now on? She doubted it. He barely tolerated looking at his leg. His mind was still on the attack, full of sharks. He was almost in tinfoil hat territory. The doctors assured her he hadn’t suffered any brain damage. Just emotional trauma. Surfing, diving, any activity in the sea risked a shark attack. It was common knowledge. Even the landies knew it. Sometimes the dice of life came up snake eyes. Shit happened. She could be struck by a car, by lightning. Killed by a trigger happy robber with a hankering for burgers. Diagnosed with cancer. Just staying out of the water didn’t mean she’d be safe. Given the number of criminal elements in society, she might even be safer in the water with the sharks than she was on land with the humans. Ro placed her order and handed over her money. She’d been diving for abalone for nearly a decade. She encountered no sharks. She had no doubt they were there in the waters with her. Other divers besides Sheila’s dad had been attacked, some of them fatally. Every time she dived, she risked running into a massive, hungry white pointer. Massive increase in their bank account from the abalone was a certainty. Just a few dives would boost their depleted nest egg. Ryo would not be working any time soon; he had a long road to recovery. No more prize money from surfing competitions. No more modeling contracts. All he had was a part time position at his grandfather’s shop. A dinky paycheck compared to the big ones they were used to. She was the sole breadwinner now. Ryo was relying on her to protect and provide for him. He needed her. Diving lessons to tourists wasn’t a bad gig, but abalones were her golden goose. Giving that up was out of the question. Medical bills piled on top of top of their regular expenses. Insurance helped to a point. Now, more than ever, they could use some big, fat abalone pay checks. She took her food and wound her way through the crowd. People she knew called out to her; she waved back but didn’t pause to chat. She passed by before they could ask after Ryo. She was too wrapped up in her thoughts for pleasantries. She should’ve chosen somewhere else for lunch; a place she wouldn’t be bothered. Like an overpriced tourist trap. She’d come here on autopilot; hadn’t even thought about it. One look at Ro’s tight, stressed smile was all the answer well-wishers needed about Ryo’s condition. They left her alone to settle down in an empty corner table by the window. The first bite of burger her stomach up, made her realize just how hungry she was. She ahdn’t eaten breakfast. Supper last night had been a half eaten slice of week old pizza scrounged out of the empty fridge. Most of her free time was spent at the hospital. Ryo tried to get her to go home and rest. Their house was so big, quiet and empty without him. Seeing his dirty, crumpled clothes, surfing gear, stacks of his diapers and bags of his pull ups all just waiting for him caused an empty ache inside her. Even worse was laying in their king sized bed all by herself. She missed the smell of his apple shampoo, his soft breathing and the press of his soft, warm body snuggled against her, and the crinkling of his huge night diaper as he shifted in his sleep. She tossed and turned all night. Exhausted, she’d finally fall asleep for a few hours. Then she got up and did it all over again. Her stomach growled. The first taste of food made her ravenous. Greasy, salty heaven. She almost moaned her pleasure. Not even the enticing smells of grilling meat and sizzling fries when she’d first walked in had stirred her hunger. Worry, frustration, and exhaustion suppressed her appetite. She tore into the juicy burger, barely chewing as she shoveled in some fries. “That’s disgusting. Meat is murder, you know.” The very familiar, nasal whine pierced Ro’s brain. Her already stressed nerves snapped. Marvin. She barely tolerated the vegan yuppie at the best of times. Now, he was the target of her ire. Ryo never would’ve broken down in a sobbing, distraught mess if the snotty weasel hadn’t ratted her out. Ro dropped her half eaten burger onto her plate. Her eyes skewered Marvin like daggers. Disapproval scrawled on his thin, mousy features. His lips were as glossy as his carefully trimmed goatee. His brown hair was slicked back in an artfully coiffed man-bun. His clothes were thrift store chic. The condescending sneer fell from his face as she stood up. He tried to take a step back but her hand shot out, fisting in his shirt collar with all the speed of a great white. She yanked him forward over the table. Their noses nearly touched. “Can it, soyfucker. One more word and I’ll cram this burger down your throat. I’m not in the mood. Got it?” Fear replaced judgemental condemnation in his eyes. He tried to pull away, but Ro held firm. A muffled squeak of protest escaped his lips. He cringed in abject horror at the burger juice on her lips. “Ro, so good to see you! Marvin! I told you not to antagonize her!” A deeply masculine voice growled, breaking the tension between them. A big, burly, very masculine looking woman hastily approached. Her prominent Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. A gauzy pink peasant skirt swished around her meaty calves. At the sight of Sheila, Ro released Marvin. He stepped back, straightening his clothes and looking sheepish. “Ro, so sorry about that. We were just walking by and I saw you through the window. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. And use the restroom.” Sheila’s tone was light and friendly, trying to smooth over the awkward moment. “It’s cool.” Ro picked up her burger and went back to eating. No hard feelings. Marvin was just an annoying, first rate douche-crate in Ro’s book. She didn’t know what Sheila saw in the pinch-faced rat. He wasn’t the sweet, pretty doll her Ryo was. Marvin was probably the only one who’d date Sheila. Marvin watched Ro chew, his upper lip curling in disgust. “If you don’t challenge someone, they’ll never realize how wrong they are.” Ro started loudly chewing with her mouth open, giving him a clear view of her partially masticated meat. He cringed visibly, stepping back. “I thought you were going to get us some frozen vogurt from the new stand that just opened up? While I talk to Ro?” Sheila stood a while head taller than Marvin. The couple looked like a cross-dressing jock with a tweedy nerd. Ro never would’ve voiced such thoughts out loud. Sheila had been a childhood friend, and Ro knew well how sensitive she was about her body. So Ro never said anything, no matter how ridiculous Sheila looked. “I am, sweetie. I just...wanted to say….hello to Ro.” Marvin muttered, his fire doused under Sheila’s reprimanding stare. “I promised Ryo I’d try to get along better, but she-” He cut himself off, closed his eyes, took a deep, calming breath. He looked right at Sheila, pointedly ignoring Ro as she finished off her burger. “What flavor would you like?” “Chocolate. Thanks, honey.” Sheila’s deep voice was super sweet. Soon as her boyfriend left, she plopped down in the empty chair across from Ro. “Vogurt?” Ro asked around a mouth full of fries. “Fat free, gluten free, dairy free vegan yogurt. It’s also taste-free.” Sheila scrunched her face up in disgust. “Going vegan now?” Ro offered plate. Sheila took two fries, dipping them in the salty grease leftover from Ro’s burger then popping them into her mouth. She moaned in pleasure. “Mmm. So, so good. Oh, how I’ve missed meat. I’m trying, for Marvin. I promised I’d at least try. Some of the vegan dishes are tasty. You’d like them.” Ro arched a sceptical eyebrow as she stuffed more fries in her mouth. Sheila pouted. “Well, okay. Most of it is kinda crappy. At least I’m trying. I like steak too much to give it fully up. But I won’t eat it around him. It’s very important to Marvin.” She bit her lip, suddenly quiet. She watched in silence as Ro finished off her fries and chewed. Then had a long drink of her Pepsi. “So…” Sheila grew uncomfortable while Ro remained at ease. “Um…” She hedged. “I was just wondering...did you two talk? Ryo, I mean? About the boat and...stuff?” She knew what a sensitive topic it was with Ryo and she didn’t want to callously bring it up, but she needed to know.
  14. Anyone familiar with writer's clubs?

    Writer's groups are great if you're looking to improve your writing, no matter your skill level. I've been in several, offline and online. Each group is a bit different, but the basic premise is the same. You get feedback/ critique on your story. They tell you what they think of it- what they like, what parts are working and the problems they find. For proofreading, most groups expect you to do that yourself before you hand in your story. You will also be expected to read and give feedback on other members' stories. Everyone gets a turn to have their stories read/ critiqued. For abdl stories, there is a critiquing subforum here, or there are other abdl story sites that are more critique oriented.
  15. Untrained

    oooh evil cliff hanger!!! I'm loving Corles, he's such an adorable daddy!