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  1. I like my diapers under my clothes, especially outdoors. There's always privacy fencing, but that doesn't help much in suburban or city areas where neighbors have two + story houses and can still see into the backyard. Even out in the sticks, there's aways the chance of drones or google maps snapping a pic of a person in their diaper then boom, they're on the internet in a diaper. Like that topless chick a few years ago who was on google maps.
  2. Well, you could always wear a skirt... Just had to say it. Or a kilt. But kilts generally tend to be around knee-length so they'd be pretty good at hiding a diaper, except for on a windy day or jumping around...
  3. Yikes! I don't have any diaper stories, but a hotel-horror one. In my freshman year of college, I was on a roadtrip with some friends to the beach and we stayed in a cheap-ass rotel (dirty, disgusting motel with complimentary cockroaches) and all of the rooms had the deadbolts/ chains removed. There were holes in the door where the deadbolts had been. Of course, we only found this out after we paid for the room- it was cash only, pay first then you get the room key. And no refunds. After handing off the room key- and when confronted about the toxic dump of a room, the manager suddenly lost
  4. On the website they did look pinker but I like this shade, too!
  5. Just ordered my author's copies of 3 of my stories that are now available in paperback- Summer Swim, A Haunting We Will Go, and Padded On Parade. I'm excited to see how the books look in person! 

    1. LittleFenny


      Whoa! 😁 Hope the come out looking even nicer than you expect!

    2. Cute_Kitten


      Thanks! I hope so too. I've got a few weeks left until they ship. 

  6. Does that mean kno mor storee? eye iz sadness. it wuz gewd storee. 😭
  7. It's like catnip. I can't resist.
  8. I can empathize with the girlfriend. Incontinence can be an emotionally hard condition to tackle because of the social stigma. There is nothing wrong with being incontinent- it's a medical condition. There should be no shame in it- society needs to change! But I can emapthize with the boyfriend, too. According to the article, it's been affecting him too- she's wet the bed 3 times, peed on the car seats twice and once at the movie. The movie doesn't affect him much, but the wet bed and car seats (who cleaned those up? If he did- volunteered or wanted to- it was his decision.) But he wasn't out
  9. The closest I've found is My Diaper Blue- it has knights, stars, and unicorns on it. Dragon diapers would be cute- several brands have dinosaur themed ones. And Rearz came out with llama diapers, so maybe dragons will be next, who knows!
  10. Dotty the pony diapers are cute, but I also like just a plain colored diaper for a nice balance between plain white diaper and baby print diaper. Hope these will be coming out in larger sizes soon! The Megamax are awesome, and fairly quiet for a plastic backed diaper.
  11. Diapers are underwear and toilet all in one. 😀
  12. Just binge-read this morning. Levi's back! 😁 I'm sure that'll throw a wrench into any rescue plans. Or there will be some nasty twist of fate for Lily.
  13. You know, Halloween is just around the corner....😇 This would also make good fodder for a story....
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