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  1. Cute_Kitten

    Pizza Love

    This was a silly story written for Valentine's Day. It originally appeared on my Patreon. There's not much plot or characterization- it was just a fun little scene. If you'd like early access to story updates and new stories, please consider joining my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/Cute_Kitten I want to thank my generous patreon supporters. Your support really does mean a lot to me! I haven't mentioned names- I didn't ask if anyone was okay with that, even just initials, and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I need to ask before I'd mention names, but I'm very thankful for their support. HEART SHAPED PIZZA by CK Could he really do this? Liam stared at the big wooden high chair just waiting for him. His stomach knotted up with anxiety. He never sat in one before. Hell, he’d never done an age play scene before, especially with another person. The only times he’d ever indulged in his AB side was when he was home alone, doors locked and curtains shut. He’d put on a cute, thick, crinkly diaper, a onesie, and break out his secret stash of toddler toys. Today was a huge step for him. His first play time with another person, his girlfriend Zoe. This was her Valentine’s Day gift to him. One night, while looking at pictures on Fetlife together, he’d expressed the desire to deepen his AB indulgences. “Leave it to me!” She’d said with an excited clap of her hands. It was a whole lot of work on her part and a whole lot of blind trust on his. They’d been dating for 6 months after meeting on Fetlife. Liam was 25, a young architect and Zoe was 23 and a legal assistant at the District Attorney’s office. For both of them, this was their first serious relationship, though Zoe had more dating experience but not much age play experience. This was her first time as mommy doing something aside from checking and changing Liam’s diaper. The high chair loomed at the end of the dining room like a king’s throne. A knot formed in his throat; Liam swallowed noisily and froze in his tracks. This was too much; he couldn’t do it. Couldn’t plop his butt in that chair though deep down inside he wanted to. The people in the Fetlife photos all looked so happy in their own highchairs, so carefree and in touch with their Inner Baby. So what was stopping him? The rational part of his brain that screamed how ridiculous this was, the part of him that was ashamed of his desires to be diapered, to be dressed as a giant baby, to play with toys. “Go on, don’t be shy!” Zoe’s hands shoved on the small of his back. Her voice was chipper with enthusiasm. Liam was a big boy, just over 6 feet tall. Zoe was a shorty at barely 5 feet. Their height difference seemed like a colossal joke by the universe. Judging off appearances, tiny Zoe should’ve been the baby and big Liam the daddy. Zoe was a little pudgy, with frizzy brown curls in a mop cut. Liam was big and broad, muscled from years of working at his dad’s construction business while he put himself through architecture school. Liam stumbled forward, catching himself on the door frame. “M-maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…” He mumbled nervously. “It’s your highchair for our special meal together! Come on!” Zoe shoved harder. Despite their vast size difference, her moxie often made her seem much larger than her small stature. Liam’s fingers slipped off the wooden door frame and he stumbled into the room with a series of crinkles from his thick, plastic backed diaper. He blushed at the noise. He wore a blue t-shirt with a cartoon dragon holding a pink glittery heart on it. His diaper was a thick, crinkly ABU Peekabu with the green dragon. Zoe wore a red t-shirt with a panda bear holding a purple heart and a pink corduroy skirt and a pink bow in her hair. Liam braced his legs, stumbling forward as Zoe pushed him. He leaned his full weight back; she grunted but still pushed. “You’ve just got cold feet like our first date. C’mon. I had to drag you out then and I’ll drag you to that chair now. You’ll thank me later.” She was full of exuberant confidence, sure her boyfriend was just being shy and nervous. “This IS our first date. In a way.” He blushed harder. Their first Mommy and Baby dinner together. A dinner she’d put a lot of thought into. Something special for him. For them. Guilt twisted his heart. He really, really wanted to sit down in that high chair and let himself go, be the happy silly baby Zoe loved to fuss over, but self-disgust held him back. “Yes. So why are you being such a wet blanket?” Zoe pushed him again. He stumbled several steps forward, diaper crinkling with each one. “Because.” Liam didn’t want to say what was in his heart. Zoe was so happy; why couldn’t he just let himself go and enjoy it like she was? “Because why? You’ve been wanting this for so long. You’re just a big chicken.” She pushed him some more, grunting with the effort as he resisted more. He crinkled, feet heavy as he approached his highchair. “This is wrong!” Liam blurted out, face red and struggling to suppress his tears. The arms pushing him suddenly stopped as Zoe stepped away. She came around in front of him, reaching up so she could stroke his cheeks. “Liam? What’s going on in that head of yours?” Her tone was gentle despite her brusque words and her big blue eyes probed him. He shuddered. “I want to. I really, really do. But I’m scared. There’s a voice in my head that tells me this is wrong. That it’s disgusting. I’m disgusting and dirty and perverted for wanting this. You’ve worked so hard planning our Valentine’s and I’m ruining it. I’m sorry.” He closed his eyes; a few tears trickled out. Her thumbs wiped them away. She stood up on her tiptoes, but even then she was still too short to reach his face. She grasped his cheeks, gently but insistently tugging him down so his face was near hers. “Hey. Shh. Are we breaking any laws? Nope. Who are we hurting? No one. Okay, so our little activity is a little odd. So what? That doesn’t make it immoral or perverted.” He bit his lip, closing his eyes and leaning into her soothing touch. “How are you so confident?” “Because I know I’m right. You’re worrying about what the rest of the world supposedly thinks. But who cares what they think? You can’t please everyone. All you’ll do is stress yourself trying. You should please yourself. You should please me, too. Since I’m your girlfriend and your hot mommy.” Her tone was warm and soothing as she teased him. He sniffled and smiled. In such a short time he’d come to trust her so much. Just a few gentle words of confidence from her were enough to waylay his fears and uncertainties. She wrapped her arms around his waist, nuzzling her face against the cartoon on his babyish t-shirt. He hugged her back. Her hands drifted lower, cupping the thick plastic backed padding and giving it a squeeze, checking him. “So, you wanna be my baby?” He blushed harder and nuzzled his face against her frizzy curls. “Yes Mommy.” “Good baby. Now, lets get baby in his highchair for his special Valentine’s din-din!” Zoe cooed, giving his diapered bottom a playful pat. His diaper rustled loudly and he smiled, both shy and happy. His insides tingled. Seconds later, his bladder released into his diaper. Zoe took his hand and led him over to the highchair. He followed obediently like a good baby. The high chair was huge, even for his big frame. He climbed up in; his thick diaper made a nice cushion on the hard wooden seat. He blushed, adrenaline racing. He felt like such a baby as his diaper crinkled under him. “First we gotta get the baby ready to eat.” Zoe chirped. She tied a pink bib with little red and white hearts around his neck. He blushed some more. She followed this up with a pair of thick, padded blue mittens than rendered his hands helpless. Liam’s eyes widened and he whimpered his helpless distress. “Mommy, how will I feed myself now?” “Don’t worry, baby. That’s Mommy’s job!” Zoe tweaked his nose playfully, kissing his cheek as she slid the big tray onto the highchair. The tray clicked into place and he felt helplessly trapped, at Mommy’s mercy, and utterly babified. With that, Zoe rushed into the kitchen, leaving Liam sitting there in just his diaper, bib, and t-shirt like an overgrown baby. He wiggled; the high chair was heavy and held him steady as he ran his mitten covered hands across the plastic tray. The padding on his hands was so thick he couldn’t feel the hard plastic tray. He smiled at how helpless and little he felt. He wiggled and crinkled his bottom in excitement. All too soon Zoe was back from the kitchen, carrying a pizza box from a local pizza place. “Close your eyes.” “What?” Liam blinked, wondering what his Mommy was up to. Even sitting in his high chair, he was still bigger than her, but her stern gaze made him feel like he’d shrunk several feet. Made him feel helpless and little inside, like she towered over him. He withered under her Mommy stare, and closed his eyes like a good baby. “Good boy.” The honey in her voice melted his bones and he smiled with a faint blush. He heard the pizza box open. “Okay, now open your eyes and see your Valentine surprise!” She giggled at the silly rhyme. Liam opened his eyes. Instead of a normal round pizza, this one was shaped like a heart. Even the pepperonis were hearts. He stared, not expecting that. But it was a brilliant marketing strategy on the side of the pizza parlors. He looked up at Zoe, who beamed at him. The joy in her eyes was infectious and he grinned back then burst into giggles. Her own smile brightened even more. “Tank..thank you, Mommy. I love...wub...you.” Baby babble was one thing he’d never managed to successfully imitate. He tried, but even when he was happily playing with his baby toys and wetting his big baby diapers, he still talked like a big boy. It was as if some part of him deep inside- the same part of him that was ashamed of this whole AB thing- held him back, kept him from fully immersing himself in it. He knew how much Zoe wanted to hear him talk like a wittle baby boy, and he tried hard. But at the last second his tongue always got tied and big boy words came out. Zoe sat the pizza down on the table and put a small slice on a plastic kiddie plate before cutting it up into little pieces so she could feed him with his plastic kiddie fork. He blushed both in anticipation and embarrassment. She sat the plate down in front of him. “I love you too, baby.” “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy.” “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. Now, open wide for the choo-choo!” He might not be able to babble away, head lost to little space as his inner baby came fully out, but he could still make his Mommy happy. He closed his eyes and obediently opened his mouth, letting his Mommy feed him and telling the nasty voice in his head to shut up. He was going to enjoy his Valentine’s Day.
  2. Cute_Kitten

    Morgan Thinks She's Sly!

    I'm not speaking of this story specifically, but I'd say if a reader has any concerns about any story, especially if they think it is one that involves pedophilia, then they should report the story to the admins or mods and let the admins/ mods handle it from there. They can check it and verify the story is acceptable, and that puts the entire debate to rest.
  3. Cute_Kitten

    Dependent (Complete)

    I was surprised reading this- I haven't read anything like this from you. Then again, I haven't read all your works so maybe there's similar ones I missed. But this was very enjoyable. The pacing and tension were well done. There were only a few procedural errors, but those are just minor nit-picks and don't effect the quality of the story/ writing. Very nice twist at the end, with Amanda and Liam.
  4. Cute_Kitten

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Cute_Kitten

    Bad Moon Rising (COMPLETE)

    This was originally written for a story contest that had a word limit. The focus was Prudence and Lucas getting together, but I agree- there are still many places it could go. I did that intentionally for some sequels; I'd like to write some more stories with these guys.
  6. Cute_Kitten

    Adult sized potty

    Closest I've seen is either something like those commode chairs for the disabled- I've seen pics of them painted in bright colors/ decorated to resemble a child's potty. Or something homemade, like this:
  7. Cute_Kitten

    Pumpkin Patch (Updated 12-23)

    This update has been available on my patreon for several weeks. There's also updates on Bad Seed, The Chikan, and a Valentine's Day story. https://www.patreon.com/Cute_Kitten Chloe closed her eyes and prayed the ground would open up and swallow her. She didn’t know who was more embarrassed- her or Jesse. “Forgot your diaper bag? You can use Jesse’s. I’m changing him in the bathroom. He needs cleaned up after leaking. Plus he always pees on me during a bare bottom spanking. After a few years in diapers, he’s got no bladder control left. Oh, he’s getting a suppository, too.” Blake leered at Jesse, who cringed and whimpered his protest from behind his pacifier. “Oh, yes, sweetheart. You went all day yesterday without one messy diaper. You’re backed up. Some medicine will make you feel better. I’ll change you after your nap.” Jesse looked at Chloe for sympathy, with a helpless ‘save me’ expression. Chloe smiled weakly in empathy and encouragement, too afraid to speak up less she find Liz stuffing her backside with wax bullets. She winced at the thought. “Chloe doesn’t have that problem. She’s a regular pooper. Three dirty diapers a day, like clockwork. Sometimes, I think she regrets diaper training herself. Like the time she was giving a presentation in American History and messed her diaper in front of the entire class.” A strangled whimper leaked out of Chloe’s lips. Her face flamed red. If it was possible to die of embarrassment, she’d drop where she stood. Jesse looked just as mortified. How would Blake and Liz like it if Jesse and Chloe talked about their bathroom habits so casually? But Blake and Liz changed their diapers, so their bathroom habits were Blake and Liz’s business. They were just like parents talking about their diapered toddlers. Blake picked Jesse up, settling him on his hip like an overgrown toddler. Chloe was both jealous and relieved that Liz was not able to do that with her. Jesse obediently wrapped his arms around Blake’s thick neck. Blake hooked a finger through the pacifier ring and popped the nipple out of Jesse’s mouth. “What do you say to our guests?” Jesse blushed, dropping his eyes. “I’d weally wike it if we couwd pway together sum time peese?” He mumbled in a shy lisp. Liz laughed her delight. “How adorable! I should make you talk like that!” She teased Chloe, who vehemently shook her head. Liz laughed harder at her reaction. “Of course you two can play together. I can just see it now. Maybe in matching short dresses that show off those cute diapered bottoms.” “We’ll have to arrange a date then. Jesse’s diaper bag is in our room. Down the hall, first door on the left. The bag is purple with a pokemon plushy clipped to it. Can’t miss it. Oh, and don’t mind the big tank- that’s just Albert, my albino python. Now, I gotta get Mr. Drippy Drawers here cleaned up before he leaks all over me.” He carried Jesse from the kitchen. “C’mon. Let’s get you changed as well before you spring a leak.” Liz started down the hall. Chloe meekly followed. She’d talked to both Piddle Pants and Big Daddy D online and knew they lived in the same general area as her, but she hadn’t known who they were. Even accidentally meeting them face to face, they still felt like strangers. She was in a stranger’s house, about to be put into a stranger’s diapers. She felt uncomfortable and intrusive. Blake and Liz were too comfortable with each other; Liz seemed at home here. Chloe wondered if she’d visited before. They were way too chummy to have just met. Perhaps they’d met up to plan a play date with Chloe and Jesse? But then why hadn’t Liz told her? Because Liz loved seeing Chloe blush and squirm in embarrassment. Liz could not have planned this whole day out. She couldn’t have planned the confrontation with June, or meeting up with Jesse the way they did. Hell’s bells, Liz hadn’t even wanted to take her to the pumpkin patch. Chloe had to beg. Unless that refusal had been a charade- Liz knew how uncomfortable June made Chloe. Liz played fast and loose; she was an opportunist who knew how to take advantage of whatever came her way. It would be all too easy for her to change her plans, adapting to unexpected occurrences. Like the scene with June and bumping into Jesse the way they did. Chloe chewed her lower lip, wishing for her pacifier. Asking Liz would be pointless; she wouldn’t give Chloe a straight answer. Chloe had learned that through past experiences. She had little choice but to just go with Liz’s flow. Besides, it would be nice to get out of this saturated diaper. It was swollen and heavy between her legs, swaying with her waddling movements. She chalked her feelings up to her own awkwardness, and in the end she was all too glad Liz was here to take chare. All Chloe had to do was passively obey. Besides, she needed a new diaper. Going without a diaper was not an option; without a diaper, she’d pee everywhere. She blushed at the thought. Chloe closed her eyes and concentrated on her diaper. It squished, warm against her crotch as she waddled after Liz. She definitely wouldn’t make it home without leaking if she stayed in this wet diaper. The room was normal except for a diaper genie. Jesse’s family might not know about his AB side, but they clearly all knew about his diaper dependency. She wondered if they knew what kind of diapers he wore. The purple diaper bag sat innocuously on the floor, hidden in plain sight at the foot of the huge tank. Albert was a mass of muscled yellow coils under his heat lamp. Liz wasted no time helping herself to the diaper bag; she pulled out an adult sized changing mat, wipes, and a pink diaper. The changing mat was purple with pink hearts all over it. Chloe nervously watched, wishing she could be as comfortable and confident as Liz. Once everything was set up for the diaper change, Liz looked up expectantly at Chloe and patted the changing mat. Chloe’s heart fluttered; she licked her lips. She moved slowly, limbs wooden as she laid down and stretched out. Her diaper squished upon contact with the soft mat, and she hoped no pee leaked out. She ran her hands nervously along the changing pad; the vinyl was smooth and slippery beneath her fingertips, reminding her of her plastic backed diapers. At school, she mostly changed her own diapers, so it usually was a treat when Liz changed her. This time, she was too nervous and insecure in a strange house with a borrowed diaper bag. Liz pulled her leggings and skirt down. At the tugging sensation, Chloe obediently lifted her hips to help Liz out. Liz pushed her sweater and cardigan up around her flat, boy chest. Chloe clutched the bunched up cloth. For one wild moment, she ached in painful longing for breasts. Little breasts to prove to the world, and to herself, that she really, truly was a girl. Just as much of a girl as Liz was. Chloe scrunched her face up. She hated those feelings, those uncomfortable moments. To ignore them, she turned her head to the side and looked around the room. It was just a normal bedroom. She could find no signs of hidden AB paraphernalia anywhere. Just the diaper bag, diaper genie, and a few plushies on the bed. So Blake and Jesse were just like her and Liz, keeping the AB on the discrete side. Both her and Jesse flashing their big baby diapers to the world today had been accidents, so that didn’t count as violating discretion. “You’re still tense. Close your eyes. I’ll make this quick.” Liz picked up on Chloe’s discomfort. Chloe obeyed, closing her eyes. The huge house was silent; all of the family was outside working. She could just make out the faint sounds of sobbing and something hard repeatedly smacking into soft flesh. In her head, she pictured Jesse laying over Blake’s lap while Blake paddled his bare bottom. She shuddered, feeling bad for Jesse but also relieved she wasn’t the one being spanked. Liz could have her cheeks glowing as red as a candied apple; Chloe could only imagine what someone as big and strong as Blake could do a big baby’s bottom! Two hard tugs ripped the tapes on her diaper loose then she felt the front pulled down. Cold air washed over her damp crotch and she shivered, missing the sodden warmth of the old diaper. “Hey! Don’t pee on me!” Liz scolded. Chloe winced. In that moment, she felt like such a boy. Only boys and pre-op trans girls had a body part that shot pee up into the air. A penis. She cringed, desperately wanting her boy-bits safely hidden inside a girly diaper. The girlier the better. “Sorry. I can’t help it.” She mumbled, each word a fist in the gut. Soon as she graduated, she was saving up her money and getting her surgeries. Then she was sure she’d never ever have to deal with her dysphoria again. “I know.” Liz tapped her thigh; Chloe obediently lifted her hips up high so Liz could slide the old, used diaper out and replace it with a fresh diaper from Jesse’s stash. A little dusting of baby powder then the front of the diaper was pulled up and the tapes fastened nice and tight. “Ha! Perfect fit. You two even wear the same size diapers. I bet you wear the same size clothes. Remind me to ask Blake.” Liz patted the front of Chloe’s diaper. “I feel like I’m wearing his underwear.” Chloe brought her legs together and sat up experimentally. The pink diaper crinkled just like her own diapers; it was as thick as her own diapers, too. If she didn’t know it came from Jesse’s diaper bag, she’d have thought it was one of her own. She still felt awkward and weird in it, but she brushed it off as mental discomfort. “Better than having no diaper. We’ll thank him by giving him one of your diapers next time we meet. At our playdate.” Liz leered at Chloe, driving her point home. Chloe blushed and pulled down her sweater and cardigan. She didn’t answer Liz. Instead, she held her hands up; Liz took her hands and pulled her to her feet, then tugged her leggings and skirt up into place. “We can give him one of your yellow princess diapers with the pink stars and crowns. They swell up so nicely. Jesse will barely be able to walk in those. Blake will love them just as much as I do.” “Just as long as you don’t plan on putting me in one of those monstrosities!” Chloe stuck her tongue out. “You’re the one who bought them.” “Did not!” Chloe’s cheeks went pink. Liz swatted her padded bottom, making the plastic backing crinkle. Chloe jumped; sudden warmth spurted over her front but was quickly absorbed by the thirsty padding. “Hey! No fair! I was just changed and you made me pee in my clean diapee!” She pouted. Liz snickered. “It’s not funny- Oh, I guess it is. A baby trying to keep her diapees dry.” Chloe’s fake indignation fell away with a giggle at the silly notion. Liz cleaned up. She tossed Chloe’s balled up, used diaper into the diaper genie and put all the changing supplies back into Jesse’s diaper bag. “Blake’s probably waiting to put Jesse down for a nap. We should get going.” Chloe nodded, and the two headed back to the kitchen.
  8. Cute_Kitten

    ABDL privilage?

    This is something I'd expect from The Onion. Is this an early April Fool's? If so, well played, OP. Well played.
  9. Cute_Kitten

    IS ABDL changing? Help online issues?

    You want to talk about Topic X (poop), but go into a chat room about Topic Y(babyfur stuff) Then get upset and complain when people don't like it. You're pushing your interest (messy diapers) onto a group of people who don't wish to hear about it. They want to talk about other things (pacifiers, baby bottles, etc) They have vocalized their wishes. You should respect that. Just because there are more people in a chat room, does not mean all of those people want to talk about what you want them to talk about. They've voiced their opinion- that they don't even want to hear about it. Since messy diapers are not the topic of the room, that opinion should be respected. Not every AB is into messing diapers.
  10. Cute_Kitten

    Exchanged - Complete

    I just realized I never commented on the end. It was quite a ride- and awesome job on finishing this! It's been a long (but entertaining and good) ride, so congratulations! Finishing a long piece like this is an accomplishment all on its own and I hope you're proud of it.
  11. Cute_Kitten

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    That was delicious! Poor Nick, he's at his lowest point yet and Jack is being a real jerk and I'm loving every minute. I hope there's some more in store for poor Nick!
  12. Cute_Kitten

    The Chikan

    Thank you! I hope that's interesting in a good way lol! thank you
  13. Cute_Kitten

    It Takes a Village Conclusion 1/8

    I remember this when you first posted it. A very well written, sweet story. I still stand by what I said then- take the diapers out, and I could so easily see this as a Hallmark Christmas movie!
  14. Cute_Kitten

    Desperate Demon

    This is a nice set up- good world building. The Middle English-sounding text was a nice touch!
  15. Cute_Kitten

    Brenda’s beaver needs a barber

    That...was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!