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  1. Profile gender options

    In the spirit of inclusivity and to ensure no one feels left out, here's a nice list of a lot of genders. http://genderfluidsupport.tumblr.com/gender
  2. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    Maybe Sophie should be double-diapered, just in case?
  3. Omg! SOO geeked right now! One of my favorite youtubers responded to me! :35_EmoticonsHDcom::04_EmoticonsHDcom::26_EmoticonsHDcom:

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    2. babyluv13


      Cool beans,CK. I'm also thrilled to have made friendies with you on fet. The chief misfit bebe is pleased! :)

    3. Cute_Kitten


      Fetlife certainly is an interesting place. It's nice to have met you there too. ^_^

    4. babyluv13


      Interesting is an understatement. Sometimes it is best described as a vast cornucopia of kinks and fetishes,and other times with the creepers on there as never a more wretched hive of scum and villainy lol. But you take the good with the bad anywhere you go. :) you seem very nice to get to know better,and I hope to do that.  Huggiessnuggles

  4. Pastel is the New Black

    Well done. Short, sweet, and right to the point. This feels like a slice of life/ vignette. We got a glimpse into Megan's life and a day in the baby psych ward. You' paced and packed it all nicely in- the build up and back story to the present situation that also gave us a glimpse of her future and what happens to the 'bad babies'. Nice touch with the ambiguity of her guilt, too- yes, she made some bad decisions like being teh first to throw the brick. But she wasn't the ring leader inciting the violence. Like, 'yes, she's guilty but she's not a completely bad, spoiled rotten brat. You made her more likeable, so the audience is inclined to feel sympathetic towards her. On the other hand, you show she made a series of bad choices/ didn't think abut the consequences so now she's paying for it. So maybe the program would work and be good for her, if she wouldn't fight and cooperate with the docs. Love all the hints and puzzle pieces we get to put the whole big picture together.
  5. That sounds similiar to a round robin story. I've participated in those before. They're fun. Best of luck with your stories!
  6. Bad Husband, Better Baby

    An emotional cliffhanger.
  7. Shiori

    The scene with Kenji and Bina was adorable.
  8. Dry 24/7 changing

    This is sad news. the 24/7s aree some of my favorite medical diapers.
  9. That looks suspicious...

    After watching it 10 times in a row, I have to conclude I do believe is posterior is padded. I'm not sure enough on what brand of diaper to take a guess. But it really does look like he's wearing some kind of printed diaper!
  10. What if I use ice

    I'm a little confused. But if you go to sleep with an icepack on your bladder, you just may end up loosing the ice pack in your sleep. Your bladder is inside your body, so I don't think you'd loose your bladder. All an ice pack will do is make you really cold. Which is what an ice pack is supposed to do- make things cold. So yes, it will work at making things cold. As for loosing continence, I don't think ice packs will be very helpful. I don't even think they'd make your pee cold. Unless you press the ice pack up against your diaper.
  11. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    Genius!!! Six layers might sound like bit much, but it's better to have extra protection. Just in case!!! I mean, we don't want another restaurant flooding....and the waddle from that many diapers= adorable!!!!
  12. Completed Stories forum: Yay or Nay?

    My vote is for "keep it". As an author, I like knowing there's a place, almost like a library if you will, for the finished stories. Having it as its own section makes completed stories easier to find. The alternative is wading through pages and pages of currently-in-the-works, abandoned, and discontinued fics. As a reader, I like having a completed section for when I have the time and mood to read a whole abdl fic. Almost like sitting down to read a book.
  13. I have a kitty!

    Congratulatins!!! They're so much fun in the kitten stage. A lot of work, too! Almost makes me want to go out and get a kitten! Alas, one of my fluff balls has aggression issues so it wouldn't be fair to her or another living animal to bring said animal home.
  14. I tend to not stick to one strict POV- I head-hop, so I end up writing from both perspectives of caregiver and baby. I write both males and females in diapers, though so far most of my stories depict female caregivers. I do have one with a male caregiver so far. As for content, mine's all over the place. Everything from almost mainstream except for the addition of diapers/ incontinence (as seen in Sweet Nothings) to full-on babying (as seen in Tricky Treats and Bad Seed).