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  1. Before mixing pills, even over the counter stuff, you should talk to your doctor or a pharmacist to be safe and make sure there won't be any unintended consequences/ side effects. If you do decide to go ahead and roll the dice sans expert/medical consultation, at the very least, staying hydrated is important (and not just for the amount of pee going into your diaper). Before playing with pills, I'd recommend trying natural diuretics and adjusting your diet/ hydration levels along with the 12 month diaper training program, or hunting up a bedwetting training program. Throw in some subliminal messaging/ hypnosis files (you can find free ones on warp my mind). ETA: If you really want to play with pills, you could always just take a sleeping pill and drink a lot of water just before going to bed, that way as you sleep your bladder will fill up. (But still, even just taking one type of pill, even over the counter, I always recommend consulting with the pharmacist just in case because everyone's body is different, you never know how your body will react, especially if you're on doctor prescribed medications)
  2. I want to say thank you to my supporters on Patreon. I really appreciate it! 😁 This update has been available on my patreon for a few weeks. There's also updates to Bad Seed and a new story, Beach Baby. https://www.patreon.com/Cute_Kitten Blake was there with a puffy eyed, sniffling Jesse. Blake sat at the kitchen table with Jesse in his lap like an oversized toddler. He wore an oversized t-shirt- most likely one of Blake’s- that was pushed up around his hips. A pink diaper with rattles and pacifiers on it was on prominent display. The two males looked up at the sound of Liz’s boots and the crinkle of Chloe’s fresh diaper. “Look at that cute pout. They’re always so adorable and quiet after a spanking.” Liz smiled at Jesse as she stood beside Blake. Jesse just sucked on his pacifier, looking miserable and uncomfortable, rubbing his tummy as the suppositories started working. Chloe wondered if that diaper was from the same package as her borrowed one. She blushed at the thought, once more feeling like she was wearing a stranger’s underwear. Blake caught her staring at Jesse’s diaper and grinned at her. “How did Jesse’s diaper fit?” “Oh, very well, indeed. They do wear the same size- you were right about that. They’d make cute twins. We’ll have to dress them the same for their playdate.” Liz answered. Chloe’s heart skipped a beat at those words. Jesse’s eyes widened then his gaze met Chloe’s. He’d been suspicious, too. Chloe knew well that Liz would never admit to planning any of this; she’d just keep teasing Chloe. But maybe Blake would be more forthcoming. “When did you two plan this? What did you plan to do to us?” “She speaks!” Blake teased, smiling at her. Liz laughed. “Oh, Chloe. You and your conspiracy theories. Today was just a fun day at the pumpkin patch.” Her eyes twinkled in amusement, urging Chloe to poke further. Chloe pouted. Liz enjoyed this far too much. “A fun day that went exactly as planned?” “Well, not exactly. We left the details kinda loosey-goosey.” Blake admitted. He rubbed Jesse’s thigh, just below the leg band of his diaper. Liz frowned at Blake ruining her fun. Chloe’s face lit up in triumph. “That’s not fair. You could’ve told us.” Jesse popped his pacifier out and spoke up before Chloe could. “And spoil our fun? Mommies and Daddies like to play too, you know.” Liz answered him. Chloe shook her head, resigned to Liz’s idea of fun. “I’m afraid of what you two will be like on our playdate.” Getting to know Jesse and have another AB to play with sounded fun, but she knew Blake and Liz would have plenty of embarrassment in store for them, too. Matching outfits- probably matching diapers, too. Diaper checks right in front of each other. Blake and Liz loudly announcing the status of their diapers. Chloe could just imagine it now. ‘Wet.’ ‘Dry.’ ‘Just a little damp. That diaper will last a bit longer.’ ‘Woah, you’re really soaked!’ ‘Whew, what a stinky bum! You really did a number on this diapee!’ ‘Told you she was a super pooper!’ Just thinking of it made Chloe want to crawl under a rock and hide. She felt breathless imagining what was in store for her and her new diapered friend. She glanced at Liz and groaned at the gleeful anticipation on her face. A familiar hand slid under her skirt and squeezed her heavily padded bottom in a blatant poopy diaper check. “I saw the look on your face. Did you just make poopies?” Liz casually asked. Chloe squeaked her protest, cheeks flushing pink. “N-no! I groaned because you’re probably plotting something horrible and embarrassing for us.” Liz feigned an innocent, wounded look. “Moi? I take good care of my baby girl. I’d never do anything to embarrass her, even if she does look adorable when she blushes.” A note in her voice dared Chloe to contradict her. “You’re incorrigible.” Chloe pursed her lips, refusing to rise to Liz’s bait. Liz was just impossible sometimes, and she knew well what would happen if she pressed the issue. Jesse’s giggle at Chloe’s expression turned into a low groan. He rubbed his stomach, squirming. His diaper crinkled loudly. A large hand cupped the front of his diaper. “Good thing these diapers are so thick. This one will be getting quite the workout during your nap.” Jesse whimpered helplessly in response, closing his eyes and leaning against Blake’s broad shoulder. “Somebody else is getting cranky and in need of a nap. I’m gonna get Chloe home and to bed before she throws a toddler tantrum. It was nice meeting you two. Thanks for the hospitality. And for the diaper!” Liz ruffled Jesse’s hair then shook hands with Blake. “Anytime. You’d have done the same for us. I look forward to our next meeting. I’m sure we’re all gonna have lots of fun.” Blake’s words sounded menacing to Chloe, as if he was looking forward to their humiliation like Liz was. Chloe snorted then got a swift, reprimanding smack on her diapered rump. She jump; a little bit of pee squirted out into the mostly dry diaper. She pouted up at Liz, who gave her a warning look. “Sorry.” She mumbled. “I’m excited about playing with Jesse again.” Liz continued to stare her down. Chloe wilted and squeaked out, “And...and thank you for the...the d-diaper.” She grabbed Liz’s arm with both of hers and hid her face in Liz’s shoulder. “Two fussy babies need their naps. I know it’ll have Jesse feeling much better. I’m gonna go give him a bottle of milk and read him a story.” Blake stood up, picking Jesse up. Jesse smiled at that, happy despite the abdominal discomfort, suppositories, and impending dirty diaper. “We’ll show ourselves out. If Chloe keeps being so cranky, maybe she needs some suppositories along with her nap.” Chloe stiffened at Liz’s words, shaking her head. Liz ignored her, waved to Blake and Jesse, then led Chloe out of the farmhouse and back into the crowded autumn festival. The days were growing shorter; the sun had already started to set, casting long shadows over the farm. The temperature had dropped, too. Chloe shivered, not looking forward to the drive home on Liz’s motorcycle. The parking lot was nearly empty. The club bus was gone. Chloe wondered if the whole club had to leave when June got kicked out. “What’s wrong?” Liz noticed Chloe’s expression. Chloe shook her head. “Nothing. Just...June’s not gonna let today go.” She still felt bad for letting June take the blame for everything that happened in the pumpkins. They should’ve spoken up and told the truth. But really, June had started it all. And xie would’ve just made an even uglier scene and kicked up a ruckus, so Chloe didn’t feel too bad. The look of disgust in June’s eyes when xie saw Chloe’s diaper still struck Chloe to her core. What would she do when she had to face June again? “No, she’s not. That nutball is gonna be out for revenge. Nothing new. She already hates me.” Liz shrugged. “Because you won’t even try to get along with her. Xer. You antagonize xer.” “Don’t worry about it. Leave June to me- I’ll handle her.” Liz’s dark grin made Chloe shiver. Liz was relishing the prospect of a confrontation, a chance for another humiliating Youtube video. “You enjoy it! You like pissing xim off.” Chloe puffed her cheeks out in exasperation. Sometimes Liz was just as vexing as June. Liz laughed as she got onto her motorcycle. Chloe shook her head as she climbed on behind Liz and wrapped her arms around her waist. “Maybe...maybe we can all talk and work it out?” The words were feeble even to her own ears. Liz snorted. “Try if you want. But there’s no reasoning with stupid.” Chloe stared at the back of Liz’s head.Clearly. June wasn’t the only stupid one. But Chloe knew better than to say that out loud. She had no desire to have her backside stuffed with wax bullets. Or an enema. She shuddered at the memories. She just didn’t want to come face to face with June again, especially if Liz wasn’t around. She just didn’t want anymore trouble- she wished those two could at least learn to ignore each other. As the motorcycle engine roared to life, she looked around one last time at the people in the fields, colorful autumn trees dotting the land. She glanced at the farmhouse, where Jesse no doubt was nursing a bottle while Blake red him a naptime story. Overall, it had been an enjoyable Halloween. Chloe didn’t regret coming here. She was sure she and Liz would be back. She tucked her head into Liz’s shoulder as Liz sped off down the road, motorcycle roaring down the dirt lane, past trees and fences, driving home in an autumn sunset. End.
  3. I wonder if Rearz, if the trademark gets approved, will try to go after ABU, Tykables, and Bambino for having dinosaur printed diapers. (I'm partially kidding, partially curious)😆
  4. I've never been to either one, but I know one person whose con to capcon and they really enjoyed it. I know a few people who went to Teddycon-online friends who met up IRL- and they all really enjoyed it. I would've gone to Teddycon but I couldn't afford it, and even if I could, I couldn't get that time off of work.
  5. Some fun but not super baby diapers I'd recommend are: ABU Lavender, ABU Kiddo (Name aside, this is one of my favorite prints- blue and green owls with stars!) Rearz Rebel (skull and crossbones! Edgy + diapered!), Rearz Violet (all purple diaper! yas!) And the North Shore Lites in color (purple is my jam) and these ones aren't as thick as the Rearz/ ABU, which could be good if you don't want to wear long/ don't need that much absorption. As for pullups....only thing I can think of is Good Nights for Girls in the bigger sizes, depending upon your body's build. I hope you find a diaper you like! I've worn the Rearz and ABUs and loved them! ETA: And DC Amor. I got a few from wearing clouds. They're pink with a fluffy white kitten on the front. Might be a little juvenile, but I thought I'd mention them just in case you'd be interested.
  6. I'm excited to try these. I like that the Tykables is scented, but the ABU ones look so cute.
  7. I've heard of it happening, too. You might want to be upfront about it though. If you don't tell them the truth, and they find out, the results may not be pretty. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/change-my-diaper-man-pretends-to-be-helpless-infant-in-outrageous-scam/ https://www.abc15.com/news/crime/pd-gilbert-man-fakes-down-syndrome-hires-caregivers-to-bathe-him-and-change-diapers
  8. that's lots of fun, too. Maybe she'd like him as a baby and decide to not un-shrink/ un-baby him!
  9. Guilty feelings can be hard to deal with- I think for some ABDLs that's what sparks the whole binge and purge cycle. Being different from "normal" or "mainstream" for any reason can have it's hard times. Sometimes it's hard to tell that little voice to shut up. I've often argued with it myself. Stories motivated by love instead of force can be fun. But forced stories can be fun, too! Force just kinda didn't go with the Valentine vibe I was after though. :3 That would be a very fun story! Maybe she could be a mad scientist!
  10. Not a literature genre, but there's yuri hentai of the manga/ anime world. 😁
  11. Any form of body modification or self-injury should be carefully thought over, contemplated, then contemplated some more. Collateral damage and unintended consequences can easily happen, and not all of it is repairable. Give it a good, long, and hard thought before rolling those dice.
  12. This was very cute regression story, and I like the hinted-at dark undertones (hinted at through connection to the previous Dependent story). Cute with just a dash of sinister.
  13. Quite the opposite from my POV. I find them very entertaining, plus they've started interesting conversations/ speculations in story threads. 😁