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  1. Cute_Kitten

    Sweet Nothings (Repost)

    I definitely have to get my butt moving on posting more I'm glad you're enjoying re-reading this. I'm planning on posting more by the end of the week.
  2. Cute_Kitten

    Public bathrooms or use your Diaper?

    Diaper. Not all public restrooms are atrocious- it depends where you go. There's a wide variety of public venues, and a wide variety in levels of cleanliness. That said, it's public. You never know what germs are floating around/ how hygienic or unhygienic other patrons are. It's why I switched to wearing thicker diapers like Rearz Inspire Incontrol and Dry 24/7 out in public- they can hold more, so I can go longer between changes/ won't need to even change my diaper out in public.
  3. Cute_Kitten

    Parent Teacher Night (One Shot Short Story)

    BAHAHAAH!!! I LOVE that pic! ROFLMAO! Especially the cats-eye glasses!!! "Nocooterz" SOO needs to become a thing, just as "zeropenises" does. It makes the tags more fun!!! I like "dockingdongz"- it would also be a good title for a story of two dudes getting frisky on a boat!😆
  4. Finished the first part of a new story, and I finally got all that patreon stuff figured out.xD

  5. Cute_Kitten

    Parent Teacher Night (One Shot Short Story)

    Alas, my vagina has no eyes, so it could not read. But my non-sex-organ eyeballs did read and process the words on the page. I like the zeropenises term, it's a little different and fun twist. I think it's a clear indication that the characters featured are female. And zerovaginas is just as valid, but I'm personally more partial to nocooterz myself. Ooh, now I wanna write a gay story and tag it peckingpeckerz 😆 Just for fun (not picking on anyone) lets dig down the worm hole a little further and explore the concept. Again, to be clear, just for fun and a thought-exercise- even if an author said they didn't want someone from group X (men/females/ardvarks/tri-spirited quasi-gendered kumquat-kins/whatever) reading their story, they have no way to enforce it. Anyone can physically read any story they want on here (well, assuming they have internet connection xD). It's not like reader with a penis sits down to read the story, then BAAAMMM! giant fist pops out of the computer to punch the penis-haver in zir face and scream 'ZERO PENISES ALLOWED 2 READ!"
  6. Cute_Kitten

    Your favorite printed diapers

    ABU has cute ones. I'm fond of their Lavender, Kiddo, and Peekabu
  7. Cute_Kitten

    Disney Adventure

    This was a very cute story, well done on the characterization. I loved the diapered boy in a dress.
  8. Cute_Kitten

    feeding mush from stories forum

    Baby food with a laxative?
  9. Cute_Kitten

    Question about The Deal story

    One thing with the views; not everyone who reads the stories has an account, so that's part of what contributes to views but no comments. Some people just lurk and read. That said, getting comments on a story is always nice, and I think it's great you're seeking out feedback.
  10. Cute_Kitten

    SMFH (VERY Dark One Shot Short Story)

    That's great to feel that way. Knowing who you are and being comfortable in your skin is priceless. Writing is a great way to explore different things/thoughts/feelings/ perspectives. I like to get into different headspaces when I write, and I definitely love to play with perceptions/ ways of thinking.
  11. Go with whatever label you feel best fits you/ you like the best. But if you tell people you're a DL without clarifying further, they're going to assume that means Diaper Lover, since that's the dominant association in the ABDL community with the DL acronym.
  12. Cute_Kitten

    SMFH (VERY Dark One Shot Short Story)

    That story sounds interesting! It's the kind that'd be right up my ally. Again, it's dark, and I don't think it's as messed up as you think it is. Horror, yes- but look at some of the stuff Stephen King writes. or Anne Rice's old vampire books. I've got a book on my shelf that has a scene of the antagonist raping his own (grown) son whilst disemboweling him simply because he "turned traitor". then there's fun books like Silence of the Lambs. And I could go on and on. Don't feel like you're weird for liking dark/ horror things. I know how easy it is to feel that way- and not just with the horror or gore. But there's tons of humans on this earth, and there's plenty out there who like dark/horror/and gore. There's a fandom of gore-porn out there, both in writing and in actual pornos- back in my younger years (gawd I sound old LOL!!!) one of my ex's had a thing for zombie porn, and they weren't pretty zombies either. X.x Normal is boring and over-rated. I'm glad you enjoyed mine and Personalias' story! Since it was on Fox Tales, and the title, I can see where it could easily pass as a furry story. It's one of the stories I've had the funnest time writing.
  13. Cute_Kitten

    Northshore Supreme Lite diapers in colors now!

    Ah, those are super adorable!!!! If they have a good absorbency, I just might have found a new day diaper!!! I'm excited to try these out!!!
  14. Cute_Kitten

    Gender Specific Punishments

    Growing up back in the late 80s and 90s, my family didn't have any gender-specific punishments. My grandparents, aunts and uncles- if you were a kid and did something wrong, you got punished regardless if you were a boy or a girl. If the offense was bad enough, the wooden spoon came out. Or, in my grandpa and uncles' cases, they took off their belts. This rarely happened- it had to be something extreme for that punishment- but most of the time, if hollering at you didn't work, they just had to reach for their belt for me/ one of my cousins to straighten up lickety-split. Boy or girl, act up and you'd find yourself on the receiving end of wooden spoon or belt. The only thing gender-specific was in those who doled out the punishments- the women tended to go for the wooden spoon, the men for the belt. On the kids' end, the boys got to get away with more than the girls did, especially if it was one of the men who caught them doing wrong. It was the whole "boys will be boys".
  15. Cute_Kitten

    rearz and the breast cancer society

    This! An all-pink diaper would be awesome, just like the Rearz Purple. I think it would have the potential to generate more sales, especially with Valentine's Day right around the corner.