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  1. This opens with a good hook that grabs the reader's interest right away, and has a strong character voice; it handles 1st person pov very well. I like the unique premise; I haven't seen a story with this before, and I also like how you gave her some other injuries besides jumping straight into incontinence and diapers.
  2. I think it certainly couldn't hurt. I don't use a grammar checker (though I probably should). My grammar and style comes from several college English courses, though I do have Elements of Style on my bookshelf, along with a lot of other books on writing. Grammar can be used as part of style/tone/characterization in a story, even improper grammar. So sometimes, depending on the story, it can be worth paying extra attention to if it would add anything to that particular story. (Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn comes to mind. The first person POV lends itself well to a unique diction that gives the book a flavor of its own and helps bring Huck and his world to life). My biggest grammatical vice tends to be typos that slip by no matter how many times I proofread. It's funny how just one missing letter can change the imagery.....examples from my works that readers have caught: the blue can instead of the blue cane (Naughty Christmas) and the cock on the wall instead of the clock on the wall. (The Man In The Gray Suit)
  3. An ace here. Beyond that, I honestly haven't got a clue. I'm not much of a romantic (never was), which is probably one reason why my relationships never worked out, and why I was always happier when they ended LOL! I've got 0 interest in dating and tend to prioritize many things over my love life (or lack there of) so I guess that's aromantic? I don't know, I never really questioned it. I just always chalked it up to "eh, this combined with liking to wear diapers= I'm a weirdo, a freak, whatever" and never gave it much thought beyond "there's something wrong with me, but would fixing it really make me happy? …..I'll work on that later. Maybe." And just never got around to that "maybe" part. Every once in a blue moon I think it might be nice to be in an emotional relationship, if the guy was also asexual and didn't crowd/smother me. If the right relationship ever came along and it fit, cool, but if nothing does, I won't be loosing any sleep over it.
  4. It's all good, just part of being human. Happy reading!
  5. I'm glad you like it Bad Seed featured Cameron and Lili coming together and growing their relationship (and growing up a bit themselves, though I don't think Lili managed that part very well LOL). This story, Summer Swim, features Andy and Kai. They're characters from another story, Beach Baby. In this story, they already have an established relationship
  6. A very big thank you to my lovely patrons. Your support enables me to spend more time writing (which means more stories for you to read) Part one and two of this story are available on my Patreon. It features Andy and Kai, two of the characters from Beach Baby. This story can be read separately from Beach Baby, which is complete on Patreon, along with Bad Seed. There are four ongoing stories- Secrets to Keep (an ABDL boy who has a secret crush on his female best friend), Summer Swim (ABDL boy on vacation with his girlfriend), Daddy's Girl (a thriller; a serial killer stalk his next victim), and The Rainbow's End (ABDL girl who stumbles across some Fae and pays the padded price). https://www.patreon.com/Cute_Kitten SUMMER SWIM CK Cute_Kitten A warm, salty breeze rustled the palm leaves. Waves crashed in the distance. Kai closed his eyes and leaned into the plump cushion on the wicker chair. The rustle of his plastic backed diaper filled the early morning quiet. “It’s a good day for surfing. Shame about all those shark sightings.” “With the beach closed, you’d think the pools would be more crowded.” Andy pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head like a headband, messing up her already disheveled blonde spikes. “This pool is hotel guests only.” Kai opened his eyes as Andy’s shadow fell over him. “We’re the only ones out here.” The warm husky note in her tone sent shivers down his spine. The look in her eyes heated his cheeks. His lips tingled. Her face came closer. He ducked his head at the last second; her lips landed on his forhead. “Andy!” Kai looked around for witnesses. His cheeks blushed sunset pink in embarrassment. Andy knew how shy he got in public, but she liked to tease him. “Chill, babe. It’s just a little kiss. I couldn’t help it. You’re just too pretty.” She nibbled playfully on his ear, then started tickling him and making him squirm. His diaper crinkled as he tried to get away from her. His crotch grew wet and warm as he peed. “Stop! You’re gonna make my diaper leak!” He giggled helplessly, trapped in the chair. “I just changed you before breakfast. You can’t be that wet already.” Andy stopped tickling him and gazed down at the puffy bulge in his shorts from his thick diaper as if she could judge how wet it was from just looking. She raised an eyebrow. “Do you need another diaper change already?” “I don’t know.” Kai spent so much time in diapers, wetting and messing himself without warning that the only time he knew he needed changed was when his diaper was bloated with pee and on the edge of leaking. Andy often said she couldn’t trust him with his diapers, so she checked him. He scrunched his face up and wriggled his hips experimentally. His diaper crinkled; it felt warm, the thick padding swaddling his crotch and buttocks. Was it warm from just his body heat, or had he peed? “I don’t think so? My diaper is a little wet?” “You don’t know the state of your own diaper? You’re the one wearing it.” The redness on Kai’s cheeks spread as his blush deepened with his embarrassment. “I-I can’t help it. If I knew, I could wear pullups instead of these horribly thick diapers you keep me in.” Andy leaned closer, each hand on the arm of the wicker chair, trapping Kai in. “And why do you need such thick diapers?” “Cuz...cuz they protect me. I can’t control….I don’t know when I need to...I-I- I can’t say it! Andy!” Kai buried his face in Andy’s neck, too embarrassed to say it out loud, in a public place, even though they were the only two people in the hotel pool area. Not even staff were around. Andy kissed the top of his head. “Tell me, baby. Come on. You’re a brave boy. You can do it. Why do you need thick diapees?” She rubbed his back in encouragement as he leaned into her. “Cuz I don’t know when I gotta go.” “Go where?” “Pee-pee or poo-poo.” Kai shivered as he whispered the words against the warm skin of Andy’s throat. He was terrified someone would over hear, yet saying them out loud solidified the truth of the words. “Where do you go pee-pee and poo-poo?” “In my diapee.” “Good boy! And why do you go pee-pees and poo-poos in your diapees?” “Cuz I can’t control it.” “And why can’t you control it?” Kai wondered why Andy kept circling back on the same logic. He kept his voice at a soft whisper. “Cuz I’m a baby.” “Yes, you’re my pretty baby.” Andy blew a raspberry on his cheek, making him giggle and squirm. A hand snuck down his shorts, squeezing his crotch. “Andy.” Kai whined helplessly but not stopping the diaper check. “Just as I expected. A little damp- you’re good.” “I did have a lot of juice at breakfast. I could’ve needed a diaper change.” Kai leaned back and reached for his neon blue juice drink topped with marashino cherries and a little paper umbrella. Andy plopped back down in her own seat, limbs sprawled boyishly as she fished a slice of pineapple out of her bright orange and yellow drink. She sucked on it noisily. Kai shook his head at her vulgarity. “And you call me childish.” “I’m not the one who wears diapers. Blue diapers with little cartoon fishies all over them.”
  7. Ah, thankies! (Somehow I completely managed to miss it that lol! Derpy moment on my part, still getting used to the lay of the land). It's very useful! :3
  8. It's not a hard concept. Yet apparently people fail to grasp it.
  9. Amazon is the biggest online book retailer; it goes up against the Big 5 traditional publishing houses, so I like it for the scope of it's reach. Other sites can be good too, I'm not knocking them. I went with Amazon because it is the largest. As for self-promotion, no matter what site you go on, that's the name of the game. Even for non-fetish, mainstream authors who go with traditional publishing. Publishing houses have a limited budget for promotion, and throw most of that money at promoting the books of the big name authors. This is where the whole "building your author platform/ finding your audience" kicks in. The only promotion I did was one tweet on twitter, and putting up a link in my signature. I just tossed my books up on amazon and left the rest to the wind. I mostly did it out of curiosity, to see how they'd do. I enrolled them in Kindle Unlimited just to see how they'd do. I won't know until Oct-Nov how they did royalty wise, but I figure even a few bucks beats $0 LOL!
  10. Exactly. I figured, worse comes to worse and I sell 0, no skin off my nose. Plus, I'm thinking it's a good excuse to indulge in a picture commission of a favorite character or scene (something I've always wanted to do, but always found excuses not to lol). Congrats on your sales so far. It never hurts to try something, you never know how things will work out until you...well, try lol!
  11. I'm a little late to the party, but this was my thinking as well. I just threw a couple of completed stories up on amazon because I figured why the heck not.
  12. I never read it, so I don't know about short or long versions. I just googled and that's the first link that popped up.
  13. https://diaperstoryarchive.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/the-irony-of-pretending/
  14. If you're still looking, my story "Tricky Treats" has a fairly long scene at a playground.
  15. Make a plot map. Keep a list of unresolved issues. The ending of a story generally solves the plot problems and resolves the issues in a story.