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  1. Actually, he posted the whole story. The story he posted is full and complete. He mentioned the other two stories in his short story collection for readers who enjoyed this one, so if they wanted to read more stories by him, they could go and purchase the story collection. You can read this whole story and enjoy it without buying the other ones. The other stories have different characters and scenarios from this one.
  2. Great to see you back! Line breaks or anything else indicating a time skip would be awesome if you feel like it.
  3. Very true. Heck, even a cup of coffee costs more than that. (Okay, maybe not basic coffee. But the fancy ones from coffee houses do)
  4. I enjoyed this. It's a completed story, so I don't see a problem with the author saying "hey, if you liked the freebie, there's other stories available in my book". To me, it's kinda like when booths (usually food) give out free samples. We got a new, free story to read and the author got some advertising. Win-win in my book. It's not like it was a half-finished teaser with a "buy the book if you wanna read the rest!" Just my opinion though.
  5. Gabby’s chubby chipmunk cheeks flushed at the words dirty diaper. She followed Hester’s voice. Her diaper rustled with each little shift and muscle movement. The noise was slightly less loud than when it was dry, due to being swollen full of her pee. She should’ve been upset with Kaoru’s aunt for talking about such an intimate subject as her diaper. That was like talking about underwear and toileting all rolled into one. Very personal. Yet after all the events of the night, she didn’t care. Hester was used to caring for her niece, so she would think nothing of mentioning Gabby’s diapers. She’d even adjusted Gabby’s diaper earlier. Right now, all Gabby wanted was a fresh, dry diaper and her own bed. Her leg muscles throbbed, protesting each movement. They’d grown stiff and sore, cold from sitting in the stroller after all the walking. Her muscles weren’t used to the odd waddle-walk the bulging diaper forced her into. “There you are, dear. Kaoru’s in the guest room getting her diaper changed. You remember where the bathroom’s at, right?” Auntie Hester held out another big, orange diaper like the soaked one Gabby currently wore. Her implication was clear; she expected Gabby to change her diaper in the bathroom, same as she’d changed earlier out of her wet pullup. Gabby stared at the folded disposable as if it were a live snake poised to bite her. For a moment, she almost wanted her usual pullups. She had no pullups; the only one she’d worn was wet and in the trash. Her choice was either another diaper or go commando and pee all over herself. “Well? Go on. Unless you want some help?” Hester extended the diaper towards Gabby insistently. Gabby reached out, taking the diaper with unsure fingers. She didn’t feel as violated as the last time, but she was still uncomfortable. “No! Um, I mean. Thank you! I’m good! I got it!” She grinned nervously then darted off to the bathroom as fast as her aching legs and swollen, saggy, ginormous diaper would allow. The last thing she wanted was Auntie Hester checking her diaper. Again. “There’s wipes on the back of the toilet!” Hester’s voice followed her. “Okay! Thanks!” Gabby called back before shutting the bathroom d voor. This time she double checked the lock. She had the niggling feeling a locked door would not keep Auntie Hester out if she wanted in. She brushed the notion off as an overactive imagination. Her clothes were folded neatly on top of the closed toilet lid. Gabby bit her lip; hadn’t she left them in a pile on the floor? Maybe Auntie Hester picked them up. Or Danny. She shuddered at the thought of that hulking mountain of a man touching her clothing. A small spurt of pee squired into her saturated diaper; a few drops trickled down her leg. “Eep!” Gabby jumped into action; she needed a fresh diaper on ASAP. She pulled the mop cap and attached wig off, shaking her head. Her scalp could finally breathe again. The mopcap and wig had been comfortable and added a layer of warmth when she was out in the cold autumn night. Layer by layer, she swiftly undressed- frou frou dress, bloomers, onesie- until she was just in a bra and leaking diaper. The heavy weight of all her urine caused the diaper to heavily sag. Without the support of her onesie’s snap crotch, the monstrous diaper slid down her hips. The top that had been up to her sternum was now below her belly button. Her legs splayed wide; the saggy crotch brushed her knees. She was afraid to move. Even over full and leaking, her pullups never acted like this. “Time for a change, indeed.” Gabby snorted. She picked gingerly at the tabs, but they held tight. She was too timid to just rip them, so she settled on just treating the used diaper like a pullup. It already hung half way off her hips, so she just shimmied it down the rest of her legs to land with a soggy squish on the tiled floor. Cool air wafted over her bare, wet crotch and she shivered. The baby powder Hester had dumped down her diaper had morphed into a pasty mess that clung to her. “Ewwe. Yuck.” Gabby grimaced and reached for the wipes after stepping out of the diaper. A fresh smell h it her nose as she plucked a wipe. She paused to sniff the moist, adult sized towlette. Baby powder. The scent was oddly pleasant- she didn’t mind it as much as she thought it would. It took several wipes to get the pasty mess and urine smell off of her. She put the used wipes in the used diaper, balled it all up and squished it into the garbage on top of her old, smelly pullup. She carefully put the new diaper on, making sure it was centered and fastened the tapes securely. She thought she did a better job this time around.
  6. Tabi gasped when she saw it. “Go! Fowwow!” She hollered. Being pushed around in the stroller was nice if humiliating. She hated being small and helpless, dependent upon Josh to go chasing after the leaf. His reluctance and fear were frustrating. They were the children of witches! Why should they be afraid? Did Josh ever feel like this all the times she’d teased him? If he got them through this, she silently vowed to herself not to pick on him so much. “No. Something bad’s down there. I can feel it.” Josh’s diaper crinkled as he took an unsteady step backwards. His eyes never left the alley. “NO! GO!” Tabi hollered, voice squeaking. She scowled. Josh winced, warmth washing over his crotch as he peed. “J-just to the bottom of the hill. A-a small peek wouldn’t h-hurt.” He mumbled. His sister might be smaller but she was still a pain in the ass. He could turn the stroller around, wait until Auntie Gertrude came home and tell her all about it. The leaves hadn’t bitten anyone so far. But maybe a quick look, just to confirm the leaf really was down there was a good idea. His legs shook, the plastic of his diaper rustling loudly as he slowly waddled down to the mouth of the alley. Purple and blue leaves scuttled along the alley lip, disappearing into the darkness. Like they were gathering there. He whimpered, wishing he had his binky to suck on for reassuring comfort. Tabi kept her eyes glued to the leaves, repeatedly yelling at her stupid brother to go faster. She growled, banging her small fists on the stroller frame in her frustration. At the lip of the alley, they argued. Josh wanted to go home. Tabi wanted to go down the alley. She shrieked, throwing a shrill tantrum that pierced through his ears and right into his skull. He started to turn to head back up the hill when his foot slipped in the too big boot. He tripped on the crumbled edge of a curb, falling onto the sidewalk. He cried out as he lost his hold on the stroller. The steep slope caused the stroller to roll forward. Tabi and Josh locked eyes in the split second before the stroller went careening down the alley. “Tabi!” Josh cried as she started screaming her lungs out. He struggled to get up, tripping over the boots in his desperation to get to his big baby sister. He reached out, fingers closing on empty air as the darkness swallowed Tabi, her terrified cries filling the night. “I’m coming! Hold on!” Heart pounding, Josh scrambled after her. The alley was in horrible shape. Chunks of asphalt lined the numerous potholes. In his rush, he skidded on cinders and slipped on pebbles before a deep pothole caught his toe, tripping him. He tumbled head over heels down the steep incline, disappearing just like his sister. He landed in a heap. He hurt everywhere. His face throbbed, sticky with blood and cinders from scratches. The thick cloak had protected the rest of his body. His head swam, throbbing too much to think straight. The world spun. He moaned softly. The stench of rotten meat filled his nostrils, making him gag. He sputtered, coughing feebly. Tabitha whimpered softly, causing him to open his eyes. Slowly, ever so slowly, his sight adjusted. The clouds shifted with the wind, spilling moonlight that illuminated the bottom of the dark alley. Parts of an old cobblestone road shone through the cracked and broken asphalt. Abandoned, overgrown yards lined the road. Three houses, all burned down to their foundations long ago, were the only dwellings down here. The woods pressed in, slowly reclaiming the abandoned area. The houses were old, some of the oldest in the neighborhood, forgotten leftovers from more prosperous times. Tabi whimpered again. Josh moaned, slowly moving his pain filled limbs. A soft chittering sound approached. Fear spiked through him. His eyes shot wide open. He immediately jerked back from the teal, purple, and blue furry leaves. Little beady red eyes glowed in the dim, pale light and their stems swished, resembling rat tails. They were drawn by the scent of his blood, chittering in excitement. The scent of his fear filled the air. A rustling behind the monsters sent them scurrying away with disgruntled screeches. At first he thought it was just a pile of dry leaves. Brown, dry, dead leaves of late fall. Then he realized they overlapped like scales on a fish, forming a cloak or robe of sorts. Abnormally long, skeletally thin arms coated with rough, bark like skin poked out like branches. A long, beak like nose protruded from the knobby, misshapen head while two yellow eyes stared at him with a yearning hunger. Behind the creature, Tabi sat unharmed in her stroller. Her own eyes were huge in a ghost white face. They both knew what the creature was, and what it did. Any child of the supernatural world knew. Erkling- meat eaters who heavily favored the soft, sweet, tender flesh of the easy-to-hunt young. Nausea churned Josh’s stomach; this was the source of wrong he’d been sensing all day. “Sweet child.” The erklilng husked in a voice as dry as the leaves clothing it. “I’ve been waiting for you ever since I first smelled you. Such a sweet, tender babe.” Terror washed over Josh. He barely noticed his diaper flooding with warmth. He scrambled backwards in a crab-like scuttle, hands and feet tangling in the voluminous, torn cloak. He screamed with all his might, desperately calling for help. He screamed until his lungs and throat ached. He reached inside him, clawing at his own magic, but like his bladder and bowel control it was beyond his reach. The erkling chuckled, amused at his terror. Savoring it like a sweet dessert. “Scream all you want. They can’t hear you. Get that blood pumping. Makes your meat all the more sweet.” It chuckled at its own joke, drifting closer. It moved faster than Josh could crawl. He clawed at the cloak, screaming with a raw throat. The erkling loomed over him, leaning low. He lashed out with a boot, his foot getting caught in the leaf cloak. The flesh eater laughed. It’s putrid breath washed over him.
  7. Thank you all for commenting! I enjoy hearing what you think! “Come on, Cameron-baby. Let’s go out for icecream after I check your diaper. .” "Not wike dis!" He took a waddling, crinkly step back as fear spiked through him. He could not go out dressed in his normal baby clothes. He needed big boy clothes. Grandma Beatrice had been very clear about that ever since he first came home from the hospital. He was a big baby, and big babies stayed in the nursery where they belonged. Staring at the same walls everyday- nanny got him ready for school, escorted him to the car where the chauffeur dropped him off at school, picked him back up and it was right back to the nursery. The routine was boring. Safe. He was safe in his regression classroom and his nursery. No one would make fun of him. No one would hurt him. Yet, Lili...she had a scar just like him, but she did not curl up and hide like he did. He wished he could be brave like her, face the cold world. Going out for ice cream- something so simple, thrilled him. He could stay covered, his scars hidden so no one would know or stare and he would cause no trouble. Lili would be there, so everything would be alright. Not dressed as a big baby though. He shook his head, motioning to himself. "Baby." Lili closed the space between them. "Shhh. We'll change you, get you some big boy clothes. It's alright. " She slid her hands around his tiny waist, pulling him flush against her. Cameron's eyes widened as the soft mounds of her breasts smooshed against his chest. His heart beat fast and his eyes widened. He looked up at her. She smiled down at him, her head lowering to his. His heart pounded and he felt light headed. Was she going to kiss him? His first kiss. His stomach flipped-flopped and he panicked. He shoved his binky into his mouth, sucking nervously on it. This time, for the first time, it failed to soothe him. She was still so intoxicatingly, terrifyingly close. Lili paused, her eyes half lidded, partially open. "You're so shy." She grinned as if that delighted her and drew even closer still. He could see the indents on her skin where the piercing pushed through her skin. His face felt like it was on fire. He looked into her eyes, saw the passion blazing there. She wanted him- like-like- he didn’t know. The heat in her gaze overwhelmed him, scorched him. Liliana was a wild creature of passion and emotion, and he was her polar opposite; quiet, demure, shy. He had been content in his little diapered world, even if he was lonely there. He squeaked as she closed the remaining distance between them. Her teeth grabbed the ring of his binky and popped it out of his mouth. He whimpered and instinctively took a step backwards. Her arms still held him captive, so he could not move very far. His heel landed on a rattle that had fallen out of his playpen earlier that morning. The hard plastic slipped on the carpet, sending him tumbling backwards. Because of her hold on him, Liliana went with him. They landed with a thump on the carpet. "Ouch!" "Oof!" The rattle dug into Cameron's back. His thick diaper cushioned his bottom, but Lili's elbow dug into his side. She landed on top of him, her legs splayed on either side of him. He lay stunned. His first instinct was to start crying like an infant, but the feeling of Liliana's weight on top of him soothed him. Her scent surrounded him. His feelings for her confused him, but for the first time in a long time, he felt the desire to be a big boy. Big boys did not cry when they fell down. Lili had cried out in surprise, not expecting to fall. She quickly recovered, popping back up immediately. In India, she had helped her grandfather and Asha out with the tigers. Most of that was watching and caring for the tiger cubs, but she had worked with the bigger, older animals, too. She had been tackled a few times by huge, still growing cubs who did not know their own strength, so getting knocked over was nothing new to her. She straddled Cameron, sitting on his stomach. His huge diaper poofed out, giving her a cushion to sit on as she pinned him, catching his wrists and pinning him down. Just like she had pinned Priscilla. Pin her down and take what she wanted. No, not like Priscilla at all. She had wanted to hurt her cousin, intimidate her. She could not imagine hurting Cameron. He shared her feelings- she could see it when she looked into his eyes. She saw the uncertainty, the hesitancy when she got close. But she also saw the warmth and longing. He wanted her, but he was afraid to get close. Even now, his eyes were shut and his breathing was ragged; she could feel the fast rise and fall of his chest under her. Her own breathing was even but her pulse pounded in her veins. Shame washed over Cameron. Lili's weight pinned him down, so he could not crawl away. Trapped. His first instinct was to flee. Was she upset with him? Disgusted? But she wasn't pulling away...she was holding him in place. He opened his eyes to see her smirking down at him. "Falling for someone isn't meant to be taken literally." She joked and he blushed. "Silly baby." Her head lowered and he froze, having nowhere to go, unable to squirm away. As her lips inched closer, he panicked once more and squirmed, diaper rustling noisily. Her weight held him trapped. He thought his heart was going to break his ribs with all that frantic pounding. "My baby." She whispered, voice low, her breath washing over him. He froze, eyes widening as her teeth clamped onto his paci ring, gently holding it still. Cameron nervously tried to suck on the rubber nipple, but she started to pull it out of his mouth. He whined in protest and she stopped just before the nipple slipped out of his lips. Her eyes twinkled mischievously down at him, and she gently slipped it back in. He stared up at her and heat washed over him, making him dizzy. He yielded under her, soft and sweet in her arms as he surrendered to her, trusting her. Fear and panic faded, melting away under the warmth of her body pressing down on his. His body turned to jelly. He was lost in sensation, drowning under her touch. He never felt the front of his soggy diaper grow warm again, or the soggy back of his diaper push out as his bowels suddenly released. The mushy mess squished against the hard floor, trapped with nowhere to go but up between his legs. He squirmed a little at the sensation of the mess smooshing around in his diaper, but was too distracted as Liliana moved. The warm rubber of the nipple glided over his lips as she pulled it almost out again, teasing him. He closed his eyes as his mind went hazy. Was kissing like this? All these swirling emotions...they were confusing but felt so good, so right. Like it was meant to be. Fate written in the stars...that’s what Nanny Isabelle’s soap operas said. Maybe this was why unregressed boys loved kissing so much? It felt so good. Her butt pressed down on his soggy diaper, smooshing it. Her hands let go of his slim wrists, and she shifted again, placing them on his tiny waist. He was so soft and sweet she almost felt like she had a girl under her. She wanted to pull Cameron’s binky out and kiss him. She could feel his delicate body shivering under her and held herself back. She didn’t want to push him too hard or too far. She imagined kissing him would be much like kissing a girl. The idea of kissing a girl had never bothered Lili, and she had gotten to try it out quite a few times at various concerts. She had gone far in her brief bouts of experimenting. Spending most of her time on her grandfather's tiger conservatory, she did not get to socialize with others her own age very often; only when she accompanied Jack and Asha to the States did she get let loose off her proverbial leash. Babysitting Rajesh wasn’t the same as hanging out with a peer. And when she was off her leash, she ran wild. Thoughts of past one-night stands fled far from her mind. All that existed for her right now were the emotions swirling in his big doe eyes. She teased his binky some more, gently pressing the shield into his lips. Right over his nearly faded bruises from the last time Nanny Isabelle watched him. The pressure sparked memories of the angry nanny looming over him, smashing his pacifier down. He immediately stiffened, eyes screwing tight shut as his breathing became fast and shallow. Lili immediately dropped the ring and sat up. “Cameron? Baby, what’s wrong?” She touched his cheek, voice full of concern. Cameron barely heard her as he fought against the memories. This was Lili, and she wouldn’t hurt him. He clung to his trust in her as he struggled against the fear the memories dredged up. Moments passed in silence as he struggled to calm down. He wriggled a little under her, his diaper crinkling noisily. The thick diaper pushed up into Lily as Cameron squirmed beneath. He shivered, eyes tightly closed and never wanted the moment to end. Lili shifted, smooshing Cameron’s puffy diaper down and he did not even notice the mess inside squishing against him. He cracked open one eye to peek up at her. She was still so close, but instead of making him nervous, he enjoyed it. Wanted to open up to her. He wanted to say something savy and cool or romantic and sweet but words failed him. All he could manage was a clumsy nod. It was all the confirmation Lili needed. "Knew you would." She rubbed his stomach for a while until she judged he was comfortable enough. Her hands slipped under his sweater, rubbing the design on his onesie. Beneath the cloth, she could feel the uneven bumps of his burn scars. Old and healed, his flesh forever mutilated. Forever a reminder of the nightmare his father put him through. Just like Lili’s scars would always be a memento carved into her flesh from the tiger, and her dance with Indonesian law. Her hands roamed lower. Instead of burned skin she found the soft, crinkly padding of his diaper. A little lower her roaming fingers encountered the elastic waistband of his pants. Her fingertips dipped in, the onesie still covering his diaper, keeping her from getting to it. Cameron suddenly pulled away, head lolling against the floor as he panted, needing oxygen. She could feel the desperate rise and fall of his thin chest. Her breathing had increased but not like his had. She smiled crookedly. "You forgot to breathe." Cameron peered up at her, his eyes hazy. She was teasing him, and he blushed in response. He automatically opened his mouth to apologize. "Such a shy baby." Lili purred. His innocence enchanted her, reminding her of a fairytale princess. she tickled his sides. He squirmed, diaper crinkling but his face stayed covered. He struggled to say something, to retort, but all that came out was a strangled squeak. He coughed, clearing his throat and drew unsteady breaths, trying to get himself back under control. "Cameron. Baby boy. Look at me." Her tone was gentle but firm. A command. Cameron hesitated then spread his fingers, peeking out at her. She gently grabbed his thin wrists and lowered his hands. "Baby. Do you want to be a big boy? A big baby?." He said nothing but looked up at her doubtfully. She rubbed his kiss swollen lips. "You liked it, yeah?" His blush spread all over his face and he lowered his eyes. All the answer she needed. "It felt good.". He nervously licked his lips, his tongue licking her finger. She grinned. "You want to do it some more." he did not meet her.eyes but nodded his head. "Baby that doesn't make you a bad boy. I males you a big boy.my bug diaper baby." she teased then started tickling him, hands under his sweater once more. Cameron writhed and thrashed as he was tickled, laughing loudly. Lili had no trouble keeping him pinned. In one swift movement, she pulled his infantile sweater over his head. His bib tore off with the loud sound of Velcro ripping open, and his paci clip stayed firmly attached to his sweater collar. He lay before her in just his long sleeved onesie and pants. Lili tugged on his waistband, tugging his pants down a few inches over the thick bulge of his diaper. Cameron froze, grabbing at his pants. She tugged on his waistband, tugging his pants down a few inches over the thick bulge of his diaper. Cameron froze, grabbing at his pants. "No, please!"
  8. You have a lot of story notes there. You've got most of the story basics planned out. You should try writing it yourself. You might have fun.
  9. Asha's intevention was mentioned briefly in an earlier update- Asha bumped into Beatrice when out and offered to have Lili babysit. Thank you for noticing Cameron's dilema. Part of him does want to be a big boy and grow up a bit so he can be with Lili, but he feels safe as a baby.
  10. There's still a good bit of fun left on this one! I just need to get time to write it.
  11. Magic and diapers are one of my favorite mixes. Suspense! We'll have to see just what's in store for the babies! Spooky is perfect for Halloween! *waves and hugs* More will be coming up shortly.
  12. Everyone padded? Gabby and Kaoru got some more time left together. Gabby and her dad do have communication issues to work through. ^^ Glad you've enjoyed the journey! Dealing with her dad is Gabby's next hurdle. We'll have to see! Whatever happens, if she doesn't get out of her diaper soon, she will leak just like she does in her pullups. Gabby's not done with diapers by a long shot.
  13. Thank you all for commenting. I had to cut this one a little short cuz google docs was being a butt- it kept freezing on me. “Oh, goody. The candy’s all gone. I do hope the kids enjoy the extra special treats.” Hester cooed in a syrupy sweet tone as the group strolled up the walkway to her front door. The skeleton and big, empty candy bowl sat on the porch. Gabby sleepily rubbed her eyes. “Hey. Wait a minute. Wasn’t that thing at the table under the tree with all the bats?” She frowned, thinking maybe she remembered wrong. It had been a long, eventful night after all. “Yes, dearie. It was. Now it thoughtfully moved to a more convenient location.” Hester spoke as if the skeleton had moved all by itself and picked up the candy bowl to boot. Gabby figured some neighbor or trick or treaters moved it and Kaoru’s aunt was just being silly. “Speaking of candy. You gave bars to Gabby and Kaoru.” Danny interrupted. “Yes, I did. They’re already in diapers, so what difference will it make? It’s just some chocolate.” Hester shrugged. Their bladder control was already damaged, so what difference would a cursed candy bar make to them? “Kaoru won’t eat all of that bar.” Danny said pointedly. Hester smiled sweetly. “Then you finish it for her.” She dropped her voice to a low, sultry whisper and leaned in so only Danny could hear her. “Let’s see how it affects you. I could get diapers in your size.” Danny’s kind generally had a high resistance to Hester’s kind, though specific scenarios depended upon the strength of the particular witch in comparison with that of the particular werewolf in question. So even for Danny, messing with Hester’s magic was a gamble. Danny bared his teeth at her. The move would’ve looked ridiculous on a human, the sharpness of his big, white teeth and the animalistic intensity of his gaze stripped the humanity from him, leaving something wild and predatory. He looked like a snarling dog in a human’s body. “You’re wicked. Sometimes, I think there’s no end to the depths of your depravity.” Hester’s laugh erupted in a lascivious cackle. “Darling, I never claimed to be good or nice.” “You’re lucky there’s babies here.” Danny growled. At the bottom of the porch, the stroller stopped moving. “Ah, here we are.” Hester sighed, still chuckling to herself as Danny stormed past, carrying Kaoru into the house. Gabby looked up at Hester in confusion. “Oh, don’t mind him. He’s just butthurt over a little Halloween joke. He’ll get over it. Or not.” She shrugged. “Now, can you get up, or do you need help?” “I-I’m good.” Gabby automatically replied as she tried to rise. Her tired muscles had stiffened up. They screamed in protest at the sudden activity. She grimaced, grunting as she forced her shaky muscles to move. Her soggy diaper crinkled as she toddled slowly like a sleepy, unsteady toddler. Hester fetched the diaper bag and pillowcase full of candy from the bottom of the stroller. It took all that time just for Gabby to stand up and go up a porch step. “You sure you’re okay?” Hester eyed Gabby doubtfully. “Yupp. I’m good as gold.” Gabby beamed as she waddled up another step, holding onto the porch railing. Auntie Hester swept up past her. It took all Gabby’s strength and willpower just to move her sore legs. Was this life for Kaoru on a daily basis, with her weak body and feet? Her sympathy for her friend rose. Gabby followed Hester into the house, screen door swinging shut behind her. On the porch, a sleek, black cat sauntered out from behind a haybale and pumpkins to sniff at the stroller. Scorn stretched up on her hind legs to get a better scent of the seat. She recoiled upon hitting the scent of wet diaper. Turning her head, she pinned Gabby with a withering scowl. Nose in the air, she sauntered away with a flickering tail. Every hair on her furry body dripped disdain. Gabby stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes. How could anyone like that cat? No sooner had Scorn disappeared when Hester’s other cat tumbled out from behind the pumpkins. The cat’s black and white puffy, fluffy fur made him as round as a pumpkin. Spooky jumped up into the stroller, turned in a circle, then curled up in the soft seat for a nap. Gabby shook her head in amusement. “Heh. Furballs.” “Gabby! Come get out of that dirty diaper!” Hester’s voice called from beyond the kitchen.
  14. Thank you for commenting! “I’m off now. You two stay here. I already put the candy bowl outside so kids won’t bother you. Dora’s in charge. Fresh bottles in the fridge. Fresh diapers on the babies.” Gertrude laughed at her little joke. “Bye Auntie. Have fun! We’ll be good. I’ll help Dora out!” Josh promised. “I know you will, sweetie. It’s not you I’m worried about.” Her gaze slid to her niece, who lay on her back on a floor playmat. Tabi shook her rattle loudly, pointedly ignoring her. “Now give auntie some sugar!” Gertrude kissed both Josh’s cheeks. With that, Gertrude stepped back and headed for the door where Mr. Toadwart was waiting. He handed over her fancy black dress cloak with silver embroidery then extended his elbow to her. She blew Josh and Tabi kisses, then was gone in a swish of cloak and skirt. Soon as the door shut, Josh stood up from the floor and waddled to the bay window. The sun hadn’t set yet, and auntie already had him in his extra thick, noisy night diaper. The plastic backed monstrosity covered most of his torso and was almost as thick as Tabitha’s cloth diapers. His candy-corn striped sleeper barely fit over all that bulk. He was just glad this sleeper didn’t come with attached mittens or feet. He waved as Mr. Toadwart’s shiny black cadillac whizzed past. Gertrude and Mr. Toadwart both waved back. Once the shiny car disappeared around a corner, Josh stared out into the empty street and festive yards. A few houses hadn’t decorated, but most had happy or spooky Jack O Lanterns and yards full of witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, werewolves, bats, skeletons and other assorted Halloween spooky ookies. Some kept it cute and kid friendly while others went for outright horror worthy of any R-rated slasher. Soon the streets would be teeming with costumed kids on a candy hunt. He sighed, drifting into memories of his own childhood Halloweens. The wind picked up in a sudden, leaf blowing gust and fat rain drops splattered on the glass. Something heavy smacked into the window with a wet thump. Josh screamed, jumping back. His diaper grew warm as he wet. Tabitha jerked at his scream, turning to the window then let out a little shriek of her own. A blue leaf plastered to the window right in front of his face. In the middle of the leaf, a little slit opened, revealing rows of tiny, jagged teeth that dug into the glass. With a puff of black smoke, Pandora appeared at Josh’s side, growling softly. The wind picked up, dragging the leaf across the window. Loud screeching filled the room as the tiny teeth scratched the glass before the shimmery, pretty blue leaf was whisked out of sight. A strangled whimper escaped Josh’s numb lips. He placed a shaky hand on top of Dora’s thick, coarse black fur. His fingers dug deep, searching for the soft pelt of her undercoat, seeking comfort. Tabitha struggled to stand, fighting the enormous bulk of her cloth diapers. Her plastic panty rustled noisily. Pandora suddenly whirled, racing for the back door and barking madly. In a panic, Josh waddled after her as fast as his bulky diaper would allow. The leaves were mutating into little monsters. Magic was complex and unpredictable, especially spells that went wrong. This was something only a fully trained and experienced witch could handle. Josh had limited magic, even more limited training along with little idea what went wrong with Tabi’s spell. He knew even less how to fix it. His mother had given him minimal magic training. She’d been more interested in her own affairs than her son from an accidental pregnancy. Auntie Gertrude had promised to train him when he was a big boy again. But now, he was overwhelmed and scared. Pandora had simply ran through the backdoor. Small skeins of black smoke lingered by the heavy wood. The old oak tree by the workroom window had a foliage lush and vibrant with unnatural hues. Dozens of purple, cyan, and pink leaves floated on the breeze while Pandora raced around the yard, barking madly. A few leaves made it out of the yard, escaping on the autumn wind. The barghest turned her attention to the yard line; the rest of the leaves smacked to a half, as if they hit an invisible wall. The scent of magic tingled in the air. Pandora had thrown up a barrier. Colored leaves fluttered around her; she snapped and growled at the ones that got too close. All those little leaf monsters and she was out there all alone. Whimpering softly, Josh struggled to open the door with a trembling hand. He finally pried it open, stepping onto the back porch just in time to see a purple leave scrape by on the ground. It was purple, plump and furry, screeching angrily as its little teeth left long scrapes in the wood. More leaves fell from the enchanted tree, screeching when they hit Dora’s barrier. Josh watched as the escaped leaves fluttered down the street with nerve-wracking chitters. One leaf fluttered inches past Josh’s face; it chittered and snapped at him. He screamed, stumbling back into the house. He shut the door as the wind shifted, another pink one coming at him and smacking off the door’s window. Pulse racing, he stared at the whirl of leaves confined to the back yard. What about the escaped leaves? In a puff of dark smoke, his aunt’s barghest appeared at his side. “Dora, what should we do? We need to get Auntie.” Dora snorted. The neighborhood whistle blew, signaling the start of Trick or Treat. “We go Twick Tweat.” Tabi lisped as she toddled into the room, diaper crinkling loudly. “We wook for weaves.” “Go look for leaves? But Auntie said to stay here.” Josh chewed his lip and looked at Pandora, but the hellhound was focused on the back yard and swirling, chittering leaves. Those leaves were dangerous and the streets full of Trick or Treaters....Pandora couldn’t leave; she had to contain the rest of the leaves. “Gotta go.” Tabi insisted, frowning up at her little half brother. She hated being so helpless, so dependent on others like the big dumb baby that was her brother. She didn’t care much what the leaf critters would do to any humans, but if anything did happen, Aunt Gertrude would probably blame her. “We’ll go walk around and find those things. Make sure no one gets hurt.” He wrung his hands nervously. When he made no further move, Tabi huffed. “Wet’s go, dum-dum.” She held her arms up; Josh was bigger and his legs could toddle faster than hers. Her cheeks went red in embarrassment and she silently cursed her aunt. Josh picked her up, carried her into the living room, then dug a folding umbrella stroller out of the largest box. He also found a faded orange pumpkin candy pail. The crinkling of his diaper filled the room as he worked. He focused on his tasks, trying not to think. If he thought too much, he’d think himself out of this crazy, terrifying plan. He wanted to be a baby again, safe and sound with Auntie Gertrude. “Costumes.” Tabitha lisped out. They had to blend in with the Trick or Treaters. Joshua just nodded his head, digging through the boxes and pulled out a faded baby peapod costume. She glared at the green sleepsack as he dressed her. Then he dug through the closet, pulling out an old, worn cloak and Gertrude’s rainboots. The cloak dragged on the floor and his feet slid around in the too big boots. He strapped Tabi into her stroller then hesitated at the front door. “Go!” Tabi hollered, pointing imperiously with one small, pudgy arm. Her plastic pail sat on her lap. Biting his lip nervously, Josh waddled out, pushing the stroller. The long cloak hid his bulging diaper even if it didn’t muffle the crackly crinkle. This was an old, old neighborhood, surrounded by woods. Cracks ran along the uneven pavement of the sidewalks and potholes filled the roads. The houses were in better repair, though a few were boarded up here and there. Most were cheerfully decorated for this most ominous night. The sky blazed bright pink and orange as the sun set, dying the heavy rain clouds dark purple. Shrieking, laughing children filled the streets, racing from one brightly lit house to the next. Josh held onto the stroller with a nervous death grip. His head swivelled around but he saw no sign of the drifting leaves. They went from house to house under the guise of getting candy, Josh toddling slowly to peer at the shadows, under bushes, piles of leaves in the yards. No one noticed the crinkling rustle of his diaper. Tabi thrust her pumpkin out at each door, lisping “Twick Tweat!” and leave a blushing Josh to stammer out a thank you. Josh’s thick, padded protection forced him to waddle slowly. Holding onto the stroller helped him balance. He toddled down one side of the street and up the next, growing more worried the further they got from Aunt Gertrude’s house. He felt like he was leaving a safe refuge far behind. Street after street passed. Josh emptied the candy pail into a grocery bag hanging from a stroller handle. Night pressed in, held back by street lights, porch lights and Jack O Lanterns. They press on with no sign of the cursed leaves. They clearly weren’t causing any damage. Josh wanted to go home, but Tabi insisted they press on. The houses at the bottom of a steep hill were mostly decorated, but all of the lights were out. None of the myriad of costumed children went down there; they considered the steep walk too much effort. At the bottom of the hill, a Dead End sign marked an even steeper alley. The streetlight was burned out, making the alley seem like the gaping maw of a monster. An eerie, familiar feeling tingled down Josh’s spine. The same sensation he’d been feeling all day. He tensed, frozen on the spot and staring down the hill, into the darkness of the alley. The wind blew and he shivered. Such a dreary, cold Halloween. It didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the excited children racing around behind them. All it did was convince the adults to stay indoors, leaving the children to ring doorbells. A few fat raindrops fell. “What?” Tabi frowned when Josh wasn’t moving. He just kept staring, shaking. She didn’t sense anything. “Go!” He never replied. Something small and teal glimmered in a shaft of moonlight escaping the thick rain clouds. The wind picked up, sweeping the teal leaf up. It chittered angrily, open mouth and exposed teeth biting at the air. It disappeared down the dark alley.
  15. Thank you all for commenting and sharing your thoughs! Lili raised a hand in casual thanks and farewell. "Thanks, man. Appreciate it." "Just take good care of that baby." "Plan on it." Lili grinned. Cameron blushed and waved bye-bye to the driver. He smiled and waved back, then walked over to join the other chauffeurs. "Aight. Now it's just us, yeah? So, let’s decide what to do today. But first let’s get you out of the cold-" Lili stopped, suddenly looking around. "Wait. Baby. Where the hell’s your diaper bag?" She just realized upon seeing the diaper bulge straining against Cameron’s pants. He was a baby. Babies used diapers. They needed diaper bags. Cameron timidly squeezed her fingers to get her attention. "Gwamma no take. No diapee bag." He lisped softly, afraid she would be angry and blame him. His diapers, his fault. "Sowwy." Lili watched his pretty, girly face crumple; how he seemed to shrink in on himself, as if expecting punishment. "Hey. Baby. Shh. It’s okay. We’ll just go to your house and get it.” She didn’t sound mad. He peeked at her warily and nodded, bonnet frills bouncing. Was it really that easy to take care of? Lili tapped his pacifier with her pink painted nail. "It’s ok baby. Now come on." She tugged on his hand and he toddled, crinkling noisily along behind her to the back seat. He was both relieved and disappointed to be in his car seat. He was a big boy and was able to sit up front- part of him wanted to, just to be close to Lili. But he had been mentally conditioned to be scared without his car seat, to feel safe and secure in it. To bawl like the big baby he was if he was not in it. He whimpered softly, wanting to be a big boy so maybe Lili would like him more, but craving the safety of his seat as well and hating himself for it. "Baby?" Lili saw the distress on his face and immediately bent down and tore open the poppers on his crotch, poking at his thick diaper, checking it like she had seen the teachers do at school and had been taught to do when helping Asha with her regressed grandnephew Rajesh. Cameron shook his head, forcing a shaky smile. He had to quit being such a baby so Lily would not get sick of him. Maybe that's why Grandma was so distant from him. He didn’t even realize they were out in a public parking lot and she was poking at his diapers. When he did, he blushed and whined softly in protest. But Lili was already done, snapping them closed and standing up. "You're wet. I think you're gonna leak soon. " He just nodded and caught her hand, boldly giving it a squeeze. She blinked in surprise then her grin grew. "Come on, baby." &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& "Holy shit." Cameron peeked nervously up at Lili, but the stupid ruffles on his bonnet blocked out his view. He turned his head. Her eyes were wide and lips parted in shock. He still preferred her purple lips to the pink monstrosity they were now. At least she still had her snakebites. Again, he wondered what happened to her. Lili stared in flabbergasted awe at his nursery. Baby blue walls with trimmed with yellow duckies. White crib with Winnie the Pooh sheets, complete with matching mobile. Baby monitor. White changing table. White dressers with little ducky handles huge. Handmade toy box. Winnie pooh lamp. Huge, life size stuffed teddy bear in one corner. Playpen. Baby toys scattered about, from wooden blocks to rattles to a yellow Tonka dump truck and one ball left alone in a corner. She walked in, checking it out with Cameron crinkling nervously behind her. "Holy shit." she said again, picking up a rattle, turning to Cameron and shaking it at him. He blushed and said nothing, ducking his head. She put the rattle in his limp hand then dug through his closet, checking out his walk in closet the size of a small apartment. He toddled after her, tossing his rattle into his playpen. Add a normal desk and chair for homework and studying and a white bookshelf painted with Winnie the Pooh and lined with books-some baby books and others more suited for big kids. Baby clothes filled the closet. A few big boy clothes were crammed in the back. He had sleepers, infant sleep sacks, onesies galore. All of his normal pants had snap crotches. Cameron watched her; she seemed...delighted and fascinated...he sucked on his binky, shifting from foot to foot. "Omg. Seriously. This is fucking adorable." He squeaked at her cuss, glancing around, afraid someone would overhear. But no nanny was on duty today. Lili was the nanny. Just the two of them. He smiled and giggled, shocked and delighted by her vulgar mouth. He saw her holding up his little sailor suit. He paled and shook his head. He hated that one the most. Lili grinned. "Don't like it?" He shook his head, bonnet ruffles flapping. She put it back. "It’s too cold for you to wear it, anyway. But when it gets warmer..." She trailed off suggestively. Cameron's heart sped up. That meant she planned on still being here with him...that thought gave his heart wings. He just hoped she forgot all about the sailor suit with the ducky on the butt. But somehow he didn’t think she would. She checked out his strollers and found several diaper bags. None of them packed. "Gwamma fowget" he lisped. "Me, too." "No worries. It’s rather cold out and I heard you got sick easily. So well just hang here for the day. That okay?" He nodded, ruffles flopping. He whined and tugged in them. "Off? Peese?" Lili laughed, delighted with how cute he was and that he was finally relaxing more around her. She untied the wide ribbon and plucked the bonnet off his head. Cameron breathed in a sigh of relief and took off his bunny sweater as well, leaving him in just a long sleeve onesie tucked into his pants. He toed off his shoes. "Getting comfy, yeah?" He blushed and nodded. Now he wanted sweatpants on, but he did not want her to see his scars so kept his pants on. She unlaced her boots and slipped them off. "I'll admit, that does feel better." She poked around his closet some more. "I swear, you've got way more clothes than even Prissy has." Most of his clothes were regression wear. Big baby clothes. Satisfied with his closet, Lili went over to his dresser and rummaged.through the drawers. Cameron blushed, wondering if she always helped herself or felt comfortable since she was in charge of him and had to know about these kinds of things or some combo of the two. He knew she was not a reserved person by any means. "Damn, my baby boy goes through a lot of bibs. Two drawers full!" Booties, mittens from his days as a hospitalized, regressed infant. Bonnets. He shuddered at that drawer and Lili smiled. Burp cloths. Baby socks, some with lace on them. And finally- "What's this?" Lili held up a large square of padded cloth. Cameron blushed bright red and mumbled. "Cwoth diapees." He waddled over to her and pointed out the next drawer, full of plastic panties plastered with baby prints or ruffles. "I'm gonna have to learn how to put these on you." She waved the cloth, bunched it back up then poked at his plastic panty collection, which was vast, indeed. It paled in comparison to the disposable diaper stash in the closet, though. Bags upon bags upon bags of thick diapers filled the closet. Different brands and baby prints. Some in colors, some white. All with the same horrid thickness and loud plastic backing. All huge on Cameron’s tiny, slender frame. "Damn. You never have to worry about running out of diapers, yeah?" Lili whistled when she saw the diapering supplies packed under the changing table. Diapers galore. Rash cream. Vaseline. Suppositories for when he was constipated. Several tubes of diaper cream. Tubs of baby wipes. And more diapers still. Bottles and bottles of baby powder, from corn starch to unscented to a wide variety of scents. She poked at the cushioned, plastic mat on top of the changing table, where Cameron would lay when a nanny changed his diaper. She fingered the security strap. Cameron let her nose through his room. He didn’t have the guts to stop her and didn’t want to. She was just getting to know him and his diaper world and he hoped she would be a part of it She looked at Cameron over her shoulder; he just stood there watching her. "You've gotten quite chatty, baby boy." She teased with a wink, trying to help be comfortable around her. He blushed and squirmed, wondering if he had annoyed her. "Sowwy?" he apologized softly. She stepped closer to him and gently touched one pink cheek, cupping it with her palm. He could feel her callouses and the metal from the rings on her fingers. It felt so warm, and she smelled so good, just like she had weeks ago in class. So long ago. Not one word. Such an agonizing amount of time, and look at how she changed! It kept needling him no matter how much he tried to push it aside. He still believed she had a good excuse. He wasn’t going to ask, he trusted her....but he would really like to hear it. He waddled backward, losing his balance and falling in his diapered bottom. The soggy padding squished under him and more urine leaked into the damp diaper. He whimpered in surprise, not pain and startled tears welled in his eyes. Before he could start crying like a scared toddler, Lili knelt next to him and gathered him into her lap. Her scent wafted over him. "Shh. Baby boy, its okay." She cooed.his head nestled against her plump breasts and he squirmed, managing to scoot away. "Liwi wate. " He held up his slim fingers. "I wait and wait. No Lili." He spat his binky out. His lower lip trembled. "Baby, I'm sorry. I would have been here the next day if I could. Some….some stuff came up…” She trailed off, not wanting to tell him what she’d done to Prissy. She didn’t want him to know about that dark side of her, that part that got out of control. That dark monster in her heart that scared her. She couldn’t bear it if Cameron looked at her the way Prissy had. Like she was a monster. “And I couldn’t get around your grandma.The old bird is tougher than she looks. So I had to wait. I tried. I really did. I’d never hurt you on purpose." Lili puffed her cheeks out then exhaled noisily. She slumped, then took both of Cameron’s soft hands in hers. “Shit kinda hit the fan.” She gestured to her outfit. “I was a little stupid, got carried away...and...well...Asha.” She sighed, not really explaining. She slumped forward to rest her forehead on Cameron’s hands. “Your grandma kept turning me away. Asha intervened. I don’t know what she did.” She sounded as if that galled her. “But here I am, and these god-awful clothes are my punishment for...for something stupid I did. It’s nothing important.” She choked on nervous laughter, imploring Cameron to believe her. Cameron stared into her eyes and decided he believed her. Her voice was too sincere and full of pain. Who would say they missed a big baby if they did not? Slowly, he nodded, showing he believed her. He’d never seen this side of her. She looked pained, agitated. He heard the slight creep of fear into her voice at the mention of Asha. He blinked in surprise, sucking on his paci. He never thought fearless Lili could be afraid of anyone. Or intimidated. He leaned forward and laid his head on top of hers. She grinned, as if his touch magically restored his good spirits. Her head popped up. "I really am sorry." She touched her forehead to his, and Cameron blushed, but he did not drop his gaze. "I’ll make it up to you. Promise." The spikes twitched in her mouth as her tongue played with them. She really did feel guilty, but she had been preoccupied with Prissy. The biggest obstacle had been getting around the old biddy. Cameron was locked up tight like a fairytale princess high up in the tower, and Lili had felt like a prince slaying a two-headed dragon. Only Asha had given her access to the delicate diapered boy. Cameron watched the emotions flit across her face. To him, she seemed sincere. Then again, he was not always the best judge of that. He chewed his lower lip, staring at the metal spikes piercing her flesh. He wondered how much that hurt and if that felt funny. "....I-I bewieve yew..." He mumbled softly, her gaze holding him captive. Her pink lips stretched in a cheshire cat smile. "Good enough for me. I'll take it. Now, about that squishy diaper of yours…” Cameron’s eyes widened and his heart leapt into his throat. No, no no no no. He could NOT let her see all his ugly scars! His eyes flew to the Winnie the Pooh clock on the wall over her shoulder. The next nanny shift would be starting very soon; he just had to hold out until the nanny arrived. His rash hadn’t bothered him all day; the heavily medicated cream did its job very well.