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  1. spark

    41 Week Unpotty Training Update

    That has been my process. I don't enjoy the clean, and find myself preferring to do that in the toilet. It's is very easy to slide my diaper down just like I would with underwear
  2. I work at home, so I'm frequently diaperered during the day. I don't always wear a diaper when I leave the house, but it's way more than half the time.
  3. spark

    Madonna Live

    The parody video was made 1995 The cartoon is funny because there is just bit of credibility that Madonna would be touring at 70
  4. Those are all treating symptoms and ignoring the more serious issue. I get it the need to keep browsing history private, but depending on the situation there is such a thing as mutual respect. If we are talking about keeping this from a significant other- discretion is one thing, but go so far out of your way to hide your tracks is hiding a much more serious issue.
  5. spark

    Crinklz absorbency question

    I can vouch for Bambino's Blanco and Rear Z, They are comparable.
  6. spark

    ABDL Personal Profile : There’s a Baby in My Bed

    I'm one of the case studies in that book, but I'm not married. That sort of gives away which case I am. I remember the night I read Rosalie's original draft of her book, and it was an epiphany. I was like Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas when Lucy lists Panophobia as a potential issue to Charlie Brown's problems and he goes "THAT'S IT!" I finally understood something that I had been searching for 40 years. Why was I drawn to diapers, and what did they mean to me? Most importantly, I finally let go of the guilt I was feeling over this. I don't know about others, but I owe Rosalie and Michael a great debt of gratitude. She has probably read these words from me before, but I can't state it enough. FTR- Betty Pooh's postings have also given me a great deal of insight to what is ticking inside of me. As far as a profile, it comes down to either pure internet hogwash, or something that is professionally created by a psychologist. The first is one is garbage that offers no more insight into your personality than any of those "What State do you belong in?" It's amusing, but not really helpful. The 2nd one is much more complicated, because not only does it require a psychologist to design the tool, they need to interpret the results. And often their interpretation is based on the one-on-one interaction that is critical to their final report. I think the most important thing is to understand what makes you tick. I always had a difficulty with the AB/DL label, because I didn't know where I fit on that spectrum. The first time I heard the term 'Little' was Rosalie's book. It's in common usage now, but I don't remember the label ten years ago. At this point, I don't fit in the typical 'little' profile either, For example, a lot of little's identify as little girl's, and seek out princess items. The adult me is not completely adverse to showing my feminity (I don't have much in me), but the little me is completely to little girl things.
  7. spark

    This Morning - ITV

    She did a great job. They got her a little on the question about using diapers. I appreciate how they did emphasize the stress reduction factor
  8. spark

    The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson

    Outside of the diapers, is this worth 2 hours of my life?
  9. Even if you are diapered, and on a 17 hour flight get out of your seat and walk around at least once during the flight.
  10. spark

    Diapers and anxiety

    For me the diapers are a primary coping mechanism. My mental health is actually quite good right now, but a lot of it knowing that putting on a diaper is my security. I could probably abstain for a short time, but know that I will need them.
  11. I'm sure the lady was thinking like a lot of narcistic self-indulgent people think. This guys has this awful kink and I told him he can't indulge and has to engage in my preferred method. It sounds like she assumed she would get a sympathetic audience, because it can't be her. If the letter is real, I guarantee you she is selfish in many other ways. She wasn't asking how she can help him. It was "How can he change, because I think him liking diapers is disgusting?" I'm not a professional therapist, but my advice to him is divorce her. It ain't easy, because they have a child, and she is too selfish to accept him as father.
  12. spark

    Miley Cyrus SNL

    The fact that it does manifest itself repeatedly makes me believe she may have some tendencies. There are some who have the opinion that she is doing it for attention, but I'm not sure if it gives her all that much attention. She definitely got more attention for her drunk and wild behavior than any of this stuff. We pay attention because we notice it, but if you are a muggle- you think it's a bit strange, or don't even notice. I'm certainly not a fan of her pop music, but it's not meant for 50-year-old white men. However I listened to her singing some covers, and particularly the back yard sessions that you can find on Youtube. The lady can sing. Of course, she is also singing songs that this 48-year-old white man actually likes
  13. spark

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    I have been wearing Better Dry Diapers, which are well named. I better be dry, or they don't always work. The big problem with them is that the sides stretch out, and after about 4 hours they are falling down.
  14. I got the mailing, but mine came in an envelope that looked handwritten. Ironically it was the one it was one of two advertisements I received like that. I don't remember what the other mailing was, and probably wouldn't have remembered this one without the thread. I didn't feel violated. If it came as an open postcard with an obvious medical, I would feel violated. However, it might be a HIPAA Violation. That doesn't matter whether it's from the company that I get my eye drops from, or my diapers. I wouldn't be worried that my family might see because it was addressed to me, and they respect my privacy. They don't open my mail. Now, i don't want to advertise to my neighbors. As far as I can tell, the only person who knows that I have thing for diapers is my housekeeper who cleans my house. She has seen the diapers, seen the pacifiers, and onesies. She has never said anything, and treats me the same as she always had. I should be more embarrassed about the state of the house I leave her than my use of diapers. Even so, I don't want to advertise that I'm using diapers, especially because it isn't a physical health issue.