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  1. spark

    Peeing in the potty

    I don't like talking about such things in polite company😊 I will if I'm in a situation where I'm concerned that my diaper won't last until I can get home, or some times if I'm not wearing a diaper at home.
  2. spark

    Youtube "My Strange Addiction"

    Think about it: what is the purpose of putting on a show like this? Is it to educate viewers about harmless quirk they use for fun, or to shock viewers and make them feel superior to those being displayed. This is a modern-day version of the freak show. It takes two to tango, because there are always those who are attention starved and like the attention, even it's negative.
  3. Totally different than the adult baby reference, but people just need to grow up when it comes to women breastfeeding in public. They are boobs, you're an adult, learn to act like one and just accept that babies need to be fed. There is no need to lose your ---- because it's exposed and a baby is attached to the thing.
  4. spark

    Feeling Alone

    I wish I knew what to tell you. Like others have said, breakups are rough. If you are younger, it's probably one of your first break-ups, which only makes those mood shifts even more drastic. Personally, I think you made a good first step. You opened up and talked about it. For the most part, this is a safe place and we are willing to offer an ear. It sounds like you're going through the stages of mourning, which is not necessarily related to the little behavior. You found solace in the little behavior that you were introduced by your boyfriend but there is still that connection between him and diapers. You can't help but think of him when you think of diapers. I would say your first priority is to process the break-up. If you understand the stages of grief, you can understand where you are in the process. This is normal and it takes as long as it takes. Once you process that, the answer to the whole diaper issue may answer it. If you are like many of us, you may have tapped into something that was hidden in your psyche. For me it wasn't hidden that well, because I started feeling those things when I was five. To deny it would be like denying food. If that the case, at some point the desire to wear will be strong, and you will wear. If it's just something that you enjoyed as part of your relationship than that desire won't return and you will move on to something else. Good luck
  5. I've told the story of a good friend of mine who smokes pot as routine, mainly for anxiety reasons. It helps him, and makes him feel comfortable. I get the same feeling from diapers. It's not so much that I need them to stay dry, but this point- if I don't wear them I feel naked.
  6. spark

    Why I am an ABDL

    I can definitely relate to the potty training struggles. I don't remember being diapered much of the time, but I know it happened at least one time. Along with an emotional immaturity. I started Kindergarten just after my 6th birthday, because I wasn't emotionally ready. I literally just out of diapers, and still needed speech therapy. But once I was potty trained, I didn't have any other issues with the toilet. I didn't wet the bed and didn't have accidents. However, even by five I knew there was a desire to be put back in a diaper.
  7. spark

    Being caught 'not' peeing

    I'd imagine that my experience would be. The funny thing is that he's the one who is always running for a tree, and it would bring up some interesting discussions if this became an open item. It just not an item yet, and if it might also be like the other situation- where it's known but not discussed.
  8. spark

    Being caught 'not' peeing

    Rusty, I apologize if I implied that I took offense to your response. I knew you were teasing me about golf. I came to conclusion about the money I spent on golf when I visited a friend of my dad's who had an awesome toy train set and one of those larger ones in his backyard. It was really cool, but he probably spent more $30k on the whole thing (That's a WAG, but it wasn't cheap). That was well within his means (also had two Alfa Romeos), but I realized any hobby is going to be expensive. The same buddy likes to go backpacking in the back Sierra, and just the gear alone can cost more than $1000. I used to sell SCUBA equipment, and that can be a very expensive hobby (also dominates any vacation you get). I do spend a lot of money on diapers. It's probably less than some, but it's a significant part of my budget. The other discussion that Rusty brought up is interesting as well. There is a very good chance that he might be suspect that I'm wearing a diaper. In the last few years I've probably been diapered around him more than I haven't, so he's definitely had the opportunity to spot it. It begs the question, how would you react if you spotted a very good friend in diaper, but they shared it with you? Would it change if it was an obvious situation like a used diaper in the trash or open package? For me, it would almost have to be the elephant in the room before I would approach it. If he wanted me know, he would have shared it with me. If he does suspect or know- he is probably in the same boat.
  9. spark

    Being caught 'not' peeing

    FTR, if there is one friend who would figure out that I was wearing diapers, it would be him. We are bit like Turk and JD from Scrubs. We both have anxiety issues. His way of working through them is to smoke marijuana, and it's not to get high. He does it relaxation and taking the edge off. I wear diapers for the same reason. It's never come up, and I haven't shared it. If it did come up with him it would be easier to admit the true reason rather than allowing him to think it's a symptom. It would cause him anxiety if he thought I was having leakage issues, and pester me to get checked by the doctor. He is the guy who always has to pull over and find a tree, so it would be an interesting conversation I typically wear whatever diaper is my daily diaper, which my favorite is Abri-form Classic that is plastic back (I don't like cloth-like diapers). It's a risk, but obviously one I'm comfortable with because I wore after the first 'near' outing. I honestly don't know if they suspect, or even know anything. I've played more than a hundred rounds with these same 4 guys, and have been diapered for at least 30 of them. I've worn them skiing and worn plastic backed diapers when I've gone to his house. And I use them while being a little cautious to avoid leaks. If they do suspect, they haven't said anything. But- would you bring it up if you noticed a good friend wearing an adult diaper, but hadn't shared it with you? I'm totally into diapers, but I would keep to myself unless it was obvious. Even I saw the top that would confirm my suspicions, I wouldn't bring it up. My cleaning lady already knows, but hasn't said anything to me either, However Rusty, you might be right about him trying to confirm those suspicions. It's a strange question to ask, and combined with the tell from the week before. It would be ironic if that was what caused me to be outed, because I really didn't wet my diaper during the round. And he would be more upset at me for getting dehydrated than wearing a diaper. However, I do agree- next time I'm going to make sure to hit the porta-potty. As far as the expenses of golf, skiing, and diapers (basically my 3 hobbies). Most people think that golf is an expensive hobby, and it can be. However, I play golf about 50 times a year, so it's fairly significant hobby. I spend an average of $30 on green fees around, so I spend under $2000 a year on green fees. If you amortize my equipment (new about $1000), it's probably about $200 a year. That's $2200 a year for a hobby. That's comparable to any other hobby.
  10. I think there are quite a few posters on this thread that I would enjoy meeting in person. Especially the ones who my age, and share some similar experiences. To emphasize what Rusty said, the one time I met up with an ABDL was awkward. The only connection we shared was diapers, and at the time I was less comfortable with my desires than I am now. I do have one friend who I used to work with, and his name appeared on a BBIF email, which I don't quite understand. To be honest, i wouldn't be surprised if he was part of the community, but I never quite knew how to bring it up
  11. spark

    Being caught 'not' peeing

    I have a regular foursome that I play golf with I've been playing golf in diapers for at least a year (Pull Ups cause chafing). The last two times I've had some 'close' calls. For the most part there is no way to tell that I'm padded, but the diaper makes a sound when I bend down to tee up the ball. It's not loud, but one of my group heard it when I bent down. He didn't know what he heard, but made a comment and I ignored it. And then today I got caught with the classic mistake of not using the bathroom. My buddy noticed and asked if I had peed during the round. Even if I had, I wasn't going to tell him, but to the best of knowledge, I hadn't peed in my diaper.
  12. spark

    Metro article on what it's like being ABDL

    That's professional writing? The cover illustration is cringy, and that sets up a bad tone for the article, and the writing was not very strong.
  13. spark

    41 Week Unpotty Training Update

    That would be interesting study. We know there is a strong correlation between incontinence and advancing,age, but AFAIK it's far from a certainty that you will become incontinent if you just live long enough. However, what happens to those of us who aren't fighting keep it?
  14. I believe that was actually what happened in the first manned space flight. I'm not sure which one it was, but the astronaut was in position for such a long time that he needed to use the bathroom. Having no choice he wet himself, and they realized they needed a plan to take care of the toilet. A lot of busses don't have toilets, and I've been on some trains without toilets. However, if a plane were to be in the air for me than 2 hours- it's either put in a toilet or plan to clean up a few messes. The cost of the toilet will be less than the time to clean up the mess. Do military transport planes have toilets?
  15. spark

    The Psychology Behind Incontinence Desire

    I think you have a few years on me, but I grew up with the same code. Fortunately, I don't recall the message ever being physically enforced. I was told pretty quickly when I got near the line, and either had enough fear or respect to stay behind the line. I think I understood from an early age that there was time to be a kid and a time to be mature. It definitely has stayed with me. I don't believe I'm seeking out some lost childhood with my desire for diapers. It might be a desire to return to my idyllic childhood, but that desire was there when i was young and barely out of diapers. And I think I would cringe at some of the restrictions that children would normally face. But diapers just seem to give me this comfort. As I've gotten over the guilt about wearing the them the thrill has left, but it's more like my security blanket.