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  1. Born, discovered, or made?

    I choose born, but that because there wasn't an appropriate choice. I don't honestly remember when it started, but it was around when I was young. I was potty trained late, but it was like 3. I think i was having issues through my fifth birthday, but I don't recall bedwetting after five. I wasn't abused. I had two loving parents. But i remember being fascinated by diapers and the urges were definitely there. They remained all the way through my childhood, but I didn' consider acting on them until I was out of high school.
  2. have battle depression. I've not thought about suicide, but I've prayed that it would be my day. I was never clinically diagnosed, but praying for death is probably good enough for a self-diagnosis. I had some learning disability growing up, which has affected my self-confidence, which has played a role n my battles with depression. I know that diapers and acceptance of them have helped me keep things under control Now I have a variety of health issues. None of them are very serious, but require frequent visits to medical professionals. I've had more blood draws in the last 2 years than most people have had in their life. You can tell it gets bad when they only let the best phlebotomist find the vein. Arthritic knees that basically hurt every day and bad eyes. Those health issues can cause stress, which isn't a great pair with depression.
  3. It doesn't matter where you live. You still made a verbally aggressive response which included calling the OP arrogant and rude. What makes this discussion so interesting, and I hope for others as well, is that it is one of the few threads on this board that is more geared for those of us who have a deeper understanding of our personal diaper use. Most the discussion threads are on topics that tend to be much more basic (wetting while lying down for example, or wearing outside for the first time). There is no problem with those threads, but it's nice to have one that is geared towards something that reaches a deeper level. To keep in context of what the original post was. Mark has decided to go full time in diapers, which includes printed Princess Diapers that would likely cause odd looks from his colleagues. In the process of making that decision, he found a comfort level for himself. It's freed him up on anxiety and noticed a benefit that is more than just convenience. That's a very interesting discussion, especially because others have had similar experiences. However, I don't need to lecture him on the cons because it appears that he is fully aware of those cons. I've worn diapers for 20 years and have worn them in public more times than I can remember. Do you honestly think I need to be lectured on the cons of wearing diapers? There are very few of them that I haven't personally experience, or learned to manage in the last 20 years of diaper wearing? I don't need to be told that diapers are expensive because I've been paying them for 20 years. Some of those times I've been nearly broke. I know that diapers can leak, and know that diapers can smell. I know that wearing a diaper on a hot day can create issues. There is nothing wrong with sharing personal challenges of wearing diapers full time in the context of the discussion. But not imposing your personal challenges on others. I mitigate a lot of the challenges that you mentioned, so they aren't big issues for me. When I'm going to out for a few hours, I tend to leave with a fresh diaper that I know can last. I try not to completely flood my diaper, and I don't poop in my diaper. I budget for my diapers, the same way I budget for my medicine or car maintenance. It's important, so I make sure I have the money for it.
  4. I'm not sure why you chose to make a verbally aggressive to something that you likely misinterpreted. The cons of wearing a diaper full time are understood. You mentioned cost, which used to be a factor at times because I couldn't also afford to buy new supplies. Now I can replace my supplies with the same frequency that I replace my prescriptions, which I feel diapers qualify as medicine for me. The whole point of the original post was to discuss the very real benefits that some of us get from accepting diapers as just an everyday thing. One of the key benefits in my opinion, and I think others, is that it frees us up. Diapers just are what they are, and they fact that I wear them to feel less anxious around people and function as regular human being is freeing. As for some of your reasons, I think you might be making more of them than you really need. I rarely have to change my diaper in a public place. A good diaper can hold more than enough that I can usually stay in the same diaper for a long time. I've skied in a diaper and worn the same diaper for more than 12 waking hours. I don't pee constantly in, and sometimes use the toilet to make sure it doesn't get too soaked. If I did need to change, I would cross that bridge when it came. I don't need to worry about carry my supplies to public places that might not allow bags because I would prepare for that. Worst case scenario, I put on a Pull-Up and use the bathroom (no law against using the toilet). I don't have to worry about smells because I don't poop in my diapers, and certainly could plan for that if I needed to. I've never once been confronted by strangers, or friends, about my diapers, and I've worn in front of them. I've never told them, and AFAIK, none of them know. If they do, they don't say anything. If it is too hot to wear diapers in the summer, then don't wear them. You're fortunate, you don't have a physical need to wear diapers. There are those out there who don't have the option and need to wear them to avoid messing or wetting themselves. I won't wet myself but want to wear a diaper. BTW, I'm fully aware of your hyperbole. 120 is not considered a cool day in Riverside. If you had said 95, I would give you a pass. It's hot, but I don't mean to be rude, but I know it takes work. I also know there is a chance for some embarrassment, but I've been embarrassed before and will be embarrassed again. I'm aware of the cost, but I've found benefit in wearing diapers 80% of the time. I'm not 100% and don't really care. Why are you choosing to wear them if you find so little benefit in wearing them, or it causing you so much stress. They are other methods to deal with anxiety. I have a good friend who uses marijuana and needs it. IMO, he needs his marijuana more than I need my diapers. His method works, but it has just as many drawbacks. You have to remember that Rusty Pins doesn't share the same experience because he chooses to avoid wearing in public situations, and he was trying to give advice to somebody who has chosen to wear full time. It's like a Cessna Pilot trying to talk about landing a jet to a commercial pilot. And there was a risk that the discussion would go down a route the OP didn't intend. We've had the discussion about the pros and cons of diaper wearing, and I suspect we will continue. That wasn't the intention of this discussion.
  5. Imgur find?

    Doesn't sound like news. Sounds like a fake account.
  6. This discussion is a little different than most of those threads. A lot of those threads are focused on the incontinence aspect, or the desire to be fully incontinent. This thread is more focused on the emotional security gained from accepting a diaper as a full-time thing. It's not a special thing, it's not a thrill, it's just a diaper that I wear. In my case, it's not all the time, but more often than not. In my case, I'm not at all incontinent in the physical sense, and I don't have a desire to be incontinent either. I use the bathroom for solid waste, but I pee in diapers most of the time. I think somebody like you would likely see red flags of my little status (not sure if red flags is the right connotation) if you visited my home, or if you met me in person, However I've never once been called on it. As for my diapers potentially being noticed by a friend. I'm nearly 50 years old and have a variety of minor health issues. There is nothing unusual with a 50-year-old male with a history of incontinence, and I'm sure most of my friends would see it that way.
  7. Diaper Exercise

    I think I've shared this before, but I got a first-hand experience this weekend when I went skiing with some buddies. First of all, a diaper is an absolute must for while skiing in my opinion. The ski suit I wear is a full body jumpsuit, and it is a big pain to use the bathroom. I didn't use the diaper for #2, because a big load in my diaper might be noticed, and is uncomfortable. However, the diaper worked great for the other things. I have to zip down the suit, and pull down the layers I have underneath. My guy gets a little bashful in the cold, so he doesn't always reach that far (I have small feet if you catch my drift), so the diaper is just easier. There is no way anyone could notice my diaper based on my outfit. As it was, my buddies needed to make more than a few pit stops, but no such need for me. They might have asked how I managed to go all day without peeing, but I did make trips at lunch to avoid flooding my diaper. It held the whole day, and I was very comfortable.
  8. GolfNow Ad

    Golfnow is an ap that allows people to find tee times at various golf courses around the country. Their newest ad caught my attention, because it features an older guy saying that he hoped to play golf once his kids got older and then showed a millennial sitting in a high chair. "This little guy never wanted to grow up."
  9. Thinking before you put a diaper on?

    The only time that becomes an issue is if changing or putting on a diaper may be wasted by not be able to fully use it. I sometimes where diapers when I'm out, but if I know I'm going to out long enough to potentially need a change, I'll probably choose Pull-Ups or just underwear which are easier to deal with. If I change before heading up, I'll probably won't put on a diaper until I get home.
  10. I read a similar story from Rosalie when she talked about her husband and the decision to go full-time in diapers. There is something to the anxiety and angst that occurs when you don't have the outlet. I don't have a partner to deal with, so my situation is significantly less complex. I also work out of my home, so wearing a diaper full time is quite a bit easier than it would be otherwise. I'm not wearing diapers full time, but my diaper use has increased significantly over the last few months. I pretty much where diapers all-day and only use the toilet for #2's. I just don't like the cleanup, and self-changing with #2's is not pleasant. I have no experience changing a messy diaper that isn't mine, so can't comment. I've found that my stress and anxiety have decreased, and I'm generally happier and more accepting. I no longer wish to completely lose bladder control, but I'm just more comfortable with a diaper. I also agree with the diaper use on an airplane. I love the window seat on an airplane. I sit down and go into my own world. I don't interfere with anybody, and they don't bother me.
  11. I ordered the RearZ Inspire, and never had leaks at night. It was the best night time diaper I've ever used, at least for my body type.
  12. I was reluctant to try the single tab diapers in the past, but I tried some from RearZ and I like the diaper. I'm near the end of a case and the fit has been mostly good. I do get some sagging near the end of the use because the plastic gets stretched out, or if I don't get the diaper high enough on my waist, but that happens with all diapers. There are two drawbacks. The tapes are very strong, but if you aren't careful they can fold with parts of the sticky side together. It's probably easier to control if you aren't self-changing, but it's difficult to control if you self-change. 70% of the time I'm fine, but that's still 3 out 10 that I have to mess with. The other drawback is that there is stress point right at the connection between the back of the diaper and tab, and I've had failures at that point in more than a few of the diapers. It's not like the fail at the beginning and the diaper is useless, but near the end of the use- they tend to fail.
  13. 24/7 and Sports

    Sking while diapered has worked out for me. The padding, plus the difficulty using the bathroom while skiing is a natural. I've ridden my bike while diapered, and while the padding is nice- using a diaper while riding is tough. I face the same issues of using diapers while driving. I've played golf in diapers, but that has not been as successful because I walk, and the diapers cause chafing.
  14. Accidents At School

    I want to test if this works to get rid of the underline
  15. I’m tired of playing mommy!

    that was funny.