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  1. It could be to check for a hernia. Fair warning though: that won't be the case much longer. I've only had my doctor check my prostate once, but my next checkup will include the glove. Not much medically happens to us between puberty and our 40's (at least for males). Woman have much more complicated plumbing.
  2. That sounds a bit like me, and in my case, I've sometimes had to nudge it to start the flow. I tried to create the 'accident' sensation by involuntarily releasing urine, but it resulted frustration, and when I finally did pee in the diaper it would be one giant release and flood my diaper. That was partly because I wasn't using as good of diapers as I am now. What I found worked better is frequent short bursts of urine, so I may wet 10 or 12 times over 3 hours, but barely leak a cup of urine. It's still not completely automatic with a completely dry diaper. I know standing will cause an automatic void of my bladder when my diaper is sufficiently wet, but not when it's still dry.
  3. spark

    Reactions of your doctors

    In my field, I'm bound by a similar law (FERPA), but it's the same deal. The information they can't share and are very careful about not sharing is identifiable information. While it's used to share crazy stories (which ABDL diapers might qualify- but there going to be something better), but it also used as support and advice for colleagues. I'm not that worried about a doctor sharing my story as a crazy patient story. My name is not going to used, and it's not going into a file unless it's medically relevant. Worst case scenario is you the subject (without sharing any names, or identities) of a crazy patient story, bur since you're not there- who cares.
  4. spark


    Yes, and it's all part of the process. I think we all go through it at own pace. The access to information and understanding that there are many others who are similar is so much greater than it was back when I was younger. At 20 I literally thought I was the only one who felt this way. For the longest time, it felt morally weak to wear a diaper and tried to limit my use. As I got older I began to accept that it was part of me, and wondered how I could it make medically necessary. Slowly (and in my case it was slow) I finally came to grips that I like to wear to diapers and regress My advice is to let it happen naturally. If you feel like regressing, regress, if you don't- don't.
  5. For me it's pretty much a requirement. That's not because I'm incontinent, but it's so much more convenient. I wear a jumpsuit which makes using a urinal a bit difficult, and walking in ski boots is a pain. It just seems natural to me. But asking a question like this is a little bit like asking what's the strangest place you've ever gone. A better question might be "Where is the strangest place that you've gone without diapers?"
  6. spark

    New Mummy with a Baby Boy

    I'm going to recommend a book from a poster here Rosalie Bent. There are a couple of short books that she has written, and is probably the best explanation of ABDL and how it relates to be a caregiver and life partner at the same time. If she reads this thread, she'll recommend, but There's a Baby In My Bed is the first book that I would check out. I don't have the first-hand experience because I'm by myself, but I know that each case is unique and you both have to figure out what works for you. Based on what I've seen, honesty is the most important thing. It's important that you be honest with him just exactly what you want, and hopefully, he is honest with you about his wants and needs. Gifts are always nice. Chances are he has items such as pacifiers, bottles, onesies, and the like. And a lot of it is going to come down to diapers (it's always diapers). Understand what boundaries you feel comfortable with, and what boundaries he feels comfortable with. By that I mean, wearing, and/or changing wet or messy diapers. The other thing I can recommend is exactly the same thing that it would be if his biological age was the same as his 'little' age, It's time and attention. I think it was Rosalie, but it's been stated by others, but giving a lot of attention is key. If you read the ABDL fiction, which is a pretty good clue what goes on in a little's mind, you'll notice just how much attention is paid to accidents. In a non-ABDL situation and a leak or bowel malfunction occurred, a loving partner would likely be supportive and discreet as possible, while making as little fuss about the accident as possible. Shaming, teasing, or anything else would likely be a sign of a toxic relationship. In the 'little' space world, that is a cry for attention, and he wants you to fuss over it. Just like you would if he were 3 or 4, but with a different goal in mind. Depending on the relationship, and only you know where that is, the shaming, teasing, and punishing can be exactly what he wants, or can be toxic.
  7. spark

    Tips for Wearing 24/7?

    I haven't shared this with anybody yet. If, or when, I ever get another intimate partner, I will be honest why I'm wearing diapers. It won't be one of the first things I'll share, but it will be shared when it feels right. However, I'm not shy about wearing around friends and during outings. Like you, I work at home, so wearing 24/7 is no problem. I never need to change a diaper in public, because I've worn enough to know just how far to push a diaper. If I'm going to be out for more than a couple of hours, I'll change to a fresh diaper. Since I do have choice, sometimes I choose to use the potty when I'm out rather than risk a leak. And obviously I don’t poop in the diaper, because I have that choice. I can easily get 5 to 6 hours out of a fresh diaper, and if I need more- I’ll use the potty to extend it. I’ll go to friends houses, shopping, drinking, playing golf, skiing, and pretty much anything else in a diaper. I’ll typically wear an Abena, but I’ve worn some of the thicker ABDL diapers in public, and so far, haven’t been discovered. Or at least, nobody has ever asked. I put boxers over my diapers, which seems to do a good job protecting against wardrobe malfunctions. Literally, the only time I ever go out unprotected is when I’m running late and don’t have time to change to a dry diaper, or doing something (like Dr. visit), that I’m expected to undress. I’ve had a couple of close calls, including one recently when I went to a class at my gym in a Abena that I underestimated it’s dampness. It was starting to bunch as I performed the exercises, and I was a bit uncomfortable. I was with one of my best friends (like Turk and JD in Scrubs), so at some point he is bound to find out. I’ve also had him comment a couple of times about me not visiting the toilet and having an iron bladder (he’s a bit like the OAB guy), and had one of my golf buddies hear something when I teed up my ball. Like Betty Pooh said, I need to plan for the exposure. In his case, I have so many other medical conditions that it wouldn’t be surprising that incontinence would be a problem (I’m 49). I’m sure if any of my other friends discovered, they would assume it’s some medical issue, and would give me the privacy that I deserve. In his case, it might cause undo stress, because he would be more concerned about the underlying issue (cancer), so I might have to share a little bit more. He has been a great support after I found that I have type-2 diabetes and had to drastically change my diet and lifestyle. This all begs the questions: why I don’t just tell him. Because, I don’t have to. He doesn’t need to know this, and I don’t need his support to deal with this. I told him about my diabetes because if I didn’t, I don’t think I’d go to the gym and exercise like I need to. I can’t treat my diabetes with his help. I can handle being diapered without his help.
  8. spark

    What started you on wearing diapers?

    What started you on wearing diapers? Like a lot of posters, my desire started at a young age. I was potty trained at a moderately late age. I believe I was still wearing diapers well beyond my third birthday, or possibly still regularly using them after my fourth birthday. I remember having frequent accidents when I was four, and have vague memories of wearing diapers while being sick when I was 4 1/2. I might have been older than than, because it was in the Spring and my 5th birthday was in early September. I only remember one childhood accident after that, which wasn't really an accident. I was five and realized it had been a while since I had an accident and pooped my pants. My mom had almost no response to it, and just cleaned me up. There were a couple of toilet-related incidents after that, and I had other thoughts of diapers and babyhood. While I didn't have any other toileting issues (IE bedwetting), I was emotionally immature. Those feelings got stronger as I reached puberty, and throughout high school, I began to fantasize about wearing diapers again. I read parenting articles about bedwetting and discovered kids wore diapers at an advanced age. I tried make my own diapers in college, but never had any success, but I started to experience dribbling related accidents. Goodnites came out when I was old enough to purchase my own pair, and those were the first absorbent product. How did you feel about them when first wearing them? That first set of diapers was awesome. It was far better than I ever imagined. I finally purchased Attends from HDIS and they were my first pair of real diapers I ever used. It was even better, but I still felt this huge guilt. Around 1998 I started using the internet and internet searches. One of the first searches was "Diapers" and "Bedwetting" which eventually led me to DPF. Even though I realized I was not the only one, I still felt like I was part of a freak crowd, and was ashamed of my thoughts. How do you feel about them now? Honestly, that guilt didn't go away for a very long time. I was still very much in the binge/purge cycle when I started posting here, and still had unhealthy fantasizes. I went through some hard personal times and began to realize diapers were diapers were just a part of me. It was several of our long-time posters that helped me recognize the role that diapers and being 'little' played in my life. I read the proto-type of Rosalie's first book, and it was an epiphany. I finally understood what I was, and how diapers play a role in my life. That's when diapers stopped being a taboo item that I indulged in and became something I did because I could.
  9. spark


    I've been debating how I would respond to this, because I've made similar progress to bladder control. I've been wearing diapers nearly 24/7 for the past two years. I wouldn't say it's 100% of the time, but chances are I'm diapered. What I found worked best is to make frequent small voids. Something like a ml, or maybe a little bit more. If I do that a couple of times over the course of an hour, it becomes involuntarily. At least when I am standing. It's not all that difficult to wet while lying, but it's easier to wet when on my stomach than my back. It's still very difficult for me to initiate a urine stream while sitting, especially when I'm driving. I can do it, but it's roughly the same as it was when I first returned to diapers and had to focus to wet my diaper, and would flood the diaper in a single void. I find having absorbent and good diapers is a definite plus. I've never had a strong desire for bowel incontinence. Ironically, I've had some unintended bowel accidents as an adult, where I've messed myself while not protected. I don't think that's unusual, because most adults have had incidents where it was going come up one side or the other. I mostly choose to do that on a potty rather in my diaper. In the past, pooping in a diaper was always a huge come down. I wouldn't ever go there unless I was ebbing in little space, but then I had to clean up after that messy diaper and would crash out of little space. However, that's not the case anymore. I come out in a regressive state. I still don't choose to do it very often, but if I had a caregiver who was willing to change them- I might enjoy it. I'm pretty happy with my level of incontinence. I can easily wet and use diapers, but don't need to use them and can go without. I usually choose to go with Pullups when I'm looking to be a 'big boy'. I'll still use the toilet when needed, but the protection and security are there if I need it. I usually go through 2 diapers a day. I change into a diaper right before I go to bed. I'll wet while in bed, but it's normally a conscious act. In most cases, I'm not ready to change my diaper in the morning. It's wet, but not to the point where I need a change. I can lower my diaper to poop on the toilet, pull it up and keep it on for most of the morning. I work at home, so it's not a big deal to push my diaper to full capacity. I change out of my nighttime diaper, and use another diaper. That diaper will usually last until evening, but I usually require a change before I'm ready for bed. And then I just leave my diaper off and wait till bedtime to put a fresh diaper.
  10. spark

    East Bay DL looking for diaper friends

    I live in Hayward
  11. spark

    Do you like where this is going?

    I'm 49 years old. This is not something I chose. My desires to wear diapers developed from a time well before I was even aware that sex was a thing. I'm fully comfortable wearing diapers when I'm out, but I'm very discreet. I'm not ashamed of it. It took me a long time to accept this as part of me, but I don't have any feeling of shame about it anymore. I live in one of the most open and liberally open metropolitan areas in the entire world. For the most part, it's an area where regardless of what letter you present, LBGT is pretty much accepted as 'You do you." That didn't happen overnight, and people were literally killed because of it (Gwen Araujo). Please don't get triggered because you think I'm comparing ABDL to LBGT, because I'm not. But, if I were gay or transgendered, I would feel comfortable sharing it with my closest friends. But this is something I haven't shared with my friends? They don't know that I wear diapers most of the time, or that I've bought pacifiers, baby bottles or the like. Why do think that is? Is it my fear, or just me not wanting to explain my choice of underwear? And in reality, it's way more than just my choice of underwear. It's deeper and more ingrained. This started with a question whether becoming mainstream is a good thing, which IMO is a weird question. First of is BS to say it's not mainstream, and never will be. What do you mean by mainstream? If it means being able to walk around in public wearing a diaper and being publicly open with it, then no. In my opinion, that feels creepy. I think it means we reach the "You do you," stage, and that time is getting closer. Almost all, if not all, incontinence suppliers are ABDL aware, and lot even actively market to ABDL. ABDL specific products are sold everywhere. I bought an adult baby bottle that works really well and came with an adult pacifier from Amazon a few months ago. The cost was fairly low, where it used to be hugely expensive and would require a private vendor that I would email the details. It's a sign that it's recognized and the market is there. It's more and more common for television shows to reference ABDL and diapers. Most are mocking references, but no longer in the 'OMG-, that's so creepy' area. Compare what you would see today to King Baby., and that was a huge step forward to what we saw before. And then there is this public acceptances (kind of) of convenience diapers. In a few years, they won't do articles about people wearing diapers to New Year's Eve at Times Square because it won't elicit any response. They wouldn't have done one a few years ago, because it was too strange. And none of these are bad.
  12. spark

    Getting use to diapers

    Maybe it's because I'm a guy and hate tight fitting clothes, but I've never noticed any problem with my regular clothes. I've worn diapers and Pull-Ups almost exclusively for the last two years, and haven't had a single comment. I've worn to the doctor, but won't if I know I'll need to strip. But I also do not have a body type that should ever wear tight clothes
  13. spark

    Do diapers give you a feeling of sadation

    For me, diapers give me the same feeling that a security blanket gave me. By now, I've worn diapers so much that definitely aware when I'm not wearing one. It's not really stimulating anymore, and it's not like I'm taking a sedative. It's just something that makes me feel comfortable and makes it possible to take on the world.
  14. I can't imagine trying to play a soccer game while trying to keep from having a back side problem, and it sounds like they had other issues. They were risking it coming out one side or the other. These players were from Singapore, and it sounded like it was not just cold, but flipping cold. I know first hand that 75 is a cold day in Singapore, so they had to be miserable. Possibly peeing in the diaper to keep you warm. I understand that driving a race car is so intense that urination is not usually a problem. I would imagine the purpose for the pasta is primarily loading carbohydrates for the same reason endurance athletes do..
  15. I was just recently diagnosed with diabetes, and it has forced a huge change in my daily habits. Eating regularly, and eating better meals. Giving up soda and ice cream. My friend asked if I could give up my beer and wine. I know it's not helping, but I'm there just yet. I know I can give up alcohol if I must. The diapers are obviously not an issue, but that would be something that would be almost impossible to give up. Like most of us have said, this isn't something I need to be cured of. I'm dealing with anxiety, and coping with health issues. Diapers are providing me with a coping mechanism. As far as I know, they have a limited effect on my health- I might be shooting blanks, but at my age, that's not a problem. It has a positive effect on my mental health and has zero effect, anybody else.