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  1. spark

    Inspiring TED X Talk

    The most powerful part was when he was thinking about ending his life and stopped himself because he knew it would be devasting to his family and friends. How can I do that to my roommate and have him find me? That is a big reason I didn't make a drastic decision in my darkest times. I found how he finally 'owned' his incontinence very inspiring. The talk probably just gave us the Readers Digest version, because he really didn't get into the bullying he sufferred, but obviously there were serious issues, because he had great support from family and a few friends, but still had thoughts of suicide.
  2. spark

    This doesn't help at all

    Was that supposed to be funny?
  3. spark

    Dry 24/7

    I tried them when they first came out. The sizing just didn't work for me as well. Most mediums fit pretty welly. Abenas work better than most, and that's my preferred non-ABDL diaper.
  4. spark

    A Star is Born

    I've watched enough of Lady Gaga to realize just how talented she really is. Country is such an ambiguous genre. I was at the Grand Ole Opry this Tuesday and with witnessed somebody playing some pretty strong guitar, a love ballad, and some truly awesome bluegrass music. I'm listening to the soundtrack, and Lady Gaga has some pipes. Watch Miley Cyrus perform the Backyard Sessions to see just how much range these 'pop' hacks sometimes have.
  5. spark

    Haunted House

    That doesn't sound like it's some kind of joke item on the list. I wonder just how many of those passes they sell.
  6. spark

    Small accidents

    I'm not sure what I can add to this. Like you I don't actually need diapers, but because I work at home I tend to wear most of the time. As a result when I'm not wearing, I increase my anxiety and definitely I've feared about having accidents. However the fear isn't completely justified. Even when I'm padded, I'm pretty sure I could stay dry if I wanted to. Obviously accidents aren't likely without pading, but I'm aware and it causes anxiety. I solve this for myself by wearing PullUps in situations where I might be limited in my ability to change. I'll give you an example. I'm headed to Nashville for a work conference, and I'm not sure if I'll get my room. I don't like wearing underwear for flying because of accidents, anxiety, and convenience. I'll travel in PullUps, and bring enough to last for the 3 days. I won't use them unless it's necessary (IE- on the plane and unable to get to the bathroom), but I'm definitely going to use the toilet before the flight and act like I'm wearing underpants. The PullUps are just my security blanket.
  7. spark

    What do you do for an income?

    I work at home as well, and notice the same thing. It's a bit strange when I'm in a meeting and diapered, or fiddling with a pacifier. My pacifier operates as my fidget
  8. spark

    Peeing in the potty

    I don't like talking about such things in polite company😊 I will if I'm in a situation where I'm concerned that my diaper won't last until I can get home, or some times if I'm not wearing a diaper at home.
  9. spark

    Youtube "My Strange Addiction"

    Think about it: what is the purpose of putting on a show like this? Is it to educate viewers about harmless quirk they use for fun, or to shock viewers and make them feel superior to those being displayed. This is a modern-day version of the freak show. It takes two to tango, because there are always those who are attention starved and like the attention, even it's negative.
  10. Totally different than the adult baby reference, but people just need to grow up when it comes to women breastfeeding in public. They are boobs, you're an adult, learn to act like one and just accept that babies need to be fed. There is no need to lose your ---- because it's exposed and a baby is attached to the thing.
  11. spark

    Feeling Alone

    I wish I knew what to tell you. Like others have said, breakups are rough. If you are younger, it's probably one of your first break-ups, which only makes those mood shifts even more drastic. Personally, I think you made a good first step. You opened up and talked about it. For the most part, this is a safe place and we are willing to offer an ear. It sounds like you're going through the stages of mourning, which is not necessarily related to the little behavior. You found solace in the little behavior that you were introduced by your boyfriend but there is still that connection between him and diapers. You can't help but think of him when you think of diapers. I would say your first priority is to process the break-up. If you understand the stages of grief, you can understand where you are in the process. This is normal and it takes as long as it takes. Once you process that, the answer to the whole diaper issue may answer it. If you are like many of us, you may have tapped into something that was hidden in your psyche. For me it wasn't hidden that well, because I started feeling those things when I was five. To deny it would be like denying food. If that the case, at some point the desire to wear will be strong, and you will wear. If it's just something that you enjoyed as part of your relationship than that desire won't return and you will move on to something else. Good luck
  12. I've told the story of a good friend of mine who smokes pot as routine, mainly for anxiety reasons. It helps him, and makes him feel comfortable. I get the same feeling from diapers. It's not so much that I need them to stay dry, but this point- if I don't wear them I feel naked.
  13. spark

    Why I am an ABDL

    I can definitely relate to the potty training struggles. I don't remember being diapered much of the time, but I know it happened at least one time. Along with an emotional immaturity. I started Kindergarten just after my 6th birthday, because I wasn't emotionally ready. I literally just out of diapers, and still needed speech therapy. But once I was potty trained, I didn't have any other issues with the toilet. I didn't wet the bed and didn't have accidents. However, even by five I knew there was a desire to be put back in a diaper.
  14. spark

    Being caught 'not' peeing

    I'd imagine that my experience would be. The funny thing is that he's the one who is always running for a tree, and it would bring up some interesting discussions if this became an open item. It just not an item yet, and if it might also be like the other situation- where it's known but not discussed.
  15. spark

    Being caught 'not' peeing

    Rusty, I apologize if I implied that I took offense to your response. I knew you were teasing me about golf. I came to conclusion about the money I spent on golf when I visited a friend of my dad's who had an awesome toy train set and one of those larger ones in his backyard. It was really cool, but he probably spent more $30k on the whole thing (That's a WAG, but it wasn't cheap). That was well within his means (also had two Alfa Romeos), but I realized any hobby is going to be expensive. The same buddy likes to go backpacking in the back Sierra, and just the gear alone can cost more than $1000. I used to sell SCUBA equipment, and that can be a very expensive hobby (also dominates any vacation you get). I do spend a lot of money on diapers. It's probably less than some, but it's a significant part of my budget. The other discussion that Rusty brought up is interesting as well. There is a very good chance that he might be suspect that I'm wearing a diaper. In the last few years I've probably been diapered around him more than I haven't, so he's definitely had the opportunity to spot it. It begs the question, how would you react if you spotted a very good friend in diaper, but they shared it with you? Would it change if it was an obvious situation like a used diaper in the trash or open package? For me, it would almost have to be the elephant in the room before I would approach it. If he wanted me know, he would have shared it with me. If he does suspect or know- he is probably in the same boat.