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  1. They say you always feel better after a good cry. I personally don't believe that but I don't often cry and when I do it's normally because someone close has passed away. Good chapter. I know how emotional a woman can get while she is pregnant.
  2. This story is actually pretty interesting. There are some simple mistakes that could probably be easily corrected with a little better proofread. At any rate I will be waiting for more.
  3. Great addition, I really liked how you are mixing his adult and little lives together. I would think that this would be harder for him to go one way or the other but he seems to be doing great with it. Looking forward to reading more.
  4. I have enjoyed the story so far. I have also noticed that there are many simple mistakes throughout the story and it could definitely use a much better proofread before I would consider signing up for a patreon account for it. Honestly I don't want to come across as to hard but if I am going to pay to read a story it also needs to meet some exptations as well.
  5. I am still loving this. We are getting to learn a little more about them. We know now that Edgar was bullied when he was a child. That could be part of the reason he wants to protect this little girl. I am looking forward to reading more.
  6. This last chapter left me with a few questions. For starters who was it that captured the fugitive? Sounds like it could have been Chris.
  7. Fantastic, little Josie hasn't gotten used to it yet but at least she was able to use her diaper. I wonder what is going to happen the next time she needs to fill her diaper. She seems to think that she will be able to leave before she will need to do that again.
  8. I loved this story! I thought it was an incredible tale that completely sucked me into the characters. I was amazed at how a one page story could take me three days to read but it did and I loved every minute of it. I would love to read more of this even though it did come to an end. But if not more of this one, then your next story for sure.
  9. Sally I am sorry I took so long getting to this. I loved the story and even better it is a complete story. I truly enjoyed how Chris was a little boy pretending to be a big boy. The yellow corduroy shortalls with daisies was a great touch. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. It's always a treat to read one of your stories.
  10. Wow, that was definitely a hot chapter. I am not sure if Koi is doing this as a way to seek revenge for Luzy or if shevis actually turned on by Rissa. Either way it was interesting reading, I did sign up for your Patron account yesterday but haven't taken advantage of reading more yet. I think I will so some more reading now though.
  11. I liked the quick look at what Koi and Rissa were up to. Koi is going to struggle to wait those two weeks. I am sure Nora will manage to keep her in line though. I am really looking forward to reading more.
  12. Good chapter. Still have to say I am really glad I am not in Steves shoes. On a brighter side, at least he will get some sexual relief even if the circumstances are humiliating. I will be looking for more.
  13. I went ahead and jumped on this one again. I am getting tired of always being so far behind on this. I liked the new chapters. You don't need to have more time to necessarily make a good leader. Although developing leadership skills over time is common, I think Chris has tought Marcus enough that he will do fine.
  14. I feel like you are teasing us. Just giving us enough information to have us begging for more. I am begging, I need to know what it is driving Nora and what happened to Marta. This story is incredible and I can't get enough of it.
  15. Great update. I am really enjoying the slow regression Catherine is going through. Everyone knows that eventually she is going to be a complete baby. Everyone that is bur her. Looking forward to reading more.