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  1. That was good. I really feel sorry for Addon. I bet George is going to be calling him a sissy in school so all of his classmates will know what’s going on. Plus now he gets a nursery rather than a room. I am looking forward to reading more.
  2. CDfm

    The Fantasy Became Fear

    I thought this was interesting. You definitely need to be alert when reading this. I was tired the first time I read it and it made no sense at all. I just read it again and it makes much more sense now.
  3. Poor guy! I loved the beginning of this. I can’t begin to tell you the number of people I stopped for speeding who used the excuse of needing the restroom for their speeding. I always told them that they could probably be using one right now if they hadn’t been driving like a mad man. And they always got a ticket rather then a warning. I was happy to give it a like and I am looking forward to reading more.
  4. CDfm

    Visit from the Diaper Lady

    Well I think he was lucky. I was pretty sure Sarah was gone and Bill was on his own again. Cheryl must have been doing some serious talking to get Sarah calmed down again after that. I was happy to give this a like and I am really looking forward to reading more.
  5. CDfm

    The Little Thief ch11 (7-2)

    Even in the story the Nightstar’s offered to pay to have Madeline keep quiet and that angered her and she refused it. So she could still easily turn on them and demand some. They would likely pay rather than risk having her go public with the information she has. That information would ruin the family reputation and it would seem that the family reputation was the reason they wanted to get rid of Alice to begin with.
  6. CDfm

    The Little Thief ch11 (7-2)

    Wow it would be very hard for me to not take some kind of action against that family. I think that what I might do is that once I had all of the papers signed and in my possession I would demand some quiet money from the Nightstar’s. I would make sure it was a large enough amount to make it hurt them and then because I wouldn’t want to have to think about them or their filthy money, I would give all the money to a charity. I am sure there is some company working on youthlock that could use some extra money. This was well worth a like. I am happy you have your internet back. I look forward to reading the rest of this story.
  7. CDfm

    Bad Seed (brand new part added)

    That was awesome. Lily is a natural with child psychology. She is amazing with Cameron. I still feel so bad for the boy but feel like there’s hope for him if he is with Lily. I was pleased I could give this chapter a like. I am really looking forward to reading more of this story.
  8. CDfm

    The Naughty Couple!

    Oh how sad. Almost made me cry even though it’s just a story. Working in a hospital now I see allot of death and some bother you much more than others. The young ones and especially the babies. I can’t help myself but cry.
  9. CDfm

    Sam's Fate

    I fell way behind again. That just made catching up all that much better though. It gave me a good block of excellent reading. I like Sam. Just defiant enough to let Maria know she isn’t going to just become her baby and at the same time compliant enough to avoid any serious punishments. She just needs to keep waiting for the opportunity to get away. I am not sure there are going to me many if any of those opportunities so she better be ready to act and fast. Very pleased I could give this a like today. I am looking forward to reading more.
  10. I don’t remember ever having read this one before. It’s very good so far. I am looking forward to reading the rest of it.
  11. CDfm

    Tales of Camp

    This has been a pretty good story so far. I am sure it would be even better if some of the little mistakes were taken away. I know they could be easily corrected with a good proofreading. As for the story itself, I like the plot so far. I have enjoyed how the babyish items kept showing up with his campers around. I am curious to know how the Nanny is able to manipulate things like she is. I will be looking forward to reading more.
  12. CDfm


    Well she sure got knocked down a notch or two, or many many more. Now I actually feel a little sorry for her. Having no knowledge of this society and what the exptations are has to be rough. Especially when you are facing this kind of treatment so unexpectedly. She is almost sure to fail. I really wish I had a like to give it but ran out and haven’t been given any more for the day yet. I am looking forward to reading more.
  13. CDfm

    Return to childhood

    Honestly if I had more time available I would gladly do it for you, but right now I am working some crazy hours. I am working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. I would be willing to bet though that there is someone out there who is willing to help. Just try asking.
  14. CDfm

    Summer Job

    I liked the start of this. I say start but you already have quite a bit put out. I just finally got around to reading it. My bad for sure. I do like these types of stories but I am really glad something like this doesn’t actually exist. It fits into my idea of a nightmare where I am stuck and have absolutely no control of myself. I did notice that there seem to be far to many little mistakes. The good news is that those can be easily fixed and in doing so the story will be all that much better. I would have liked to give it a like but I don’t have any more to give today. Hopefully with the next chapter I can give it a like.
  15. CDfm

    the world of Youth-Lock. p2

    See that’s the problem. You have more than one good story going at a time and we are forced to wait for the new chapters to come. The wait can get hard at times. Seriously, I am enjoying both stories and I am always happy to be able to read any new chapters. Sorry I couldn’t give this one a like tonight. Apparently I have run out again. Maybe with the next chapter.