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  1. CDfm

    The Proffesionals.

    Good chapters. I am sure they are going to need a larger venue to hold their next meeting. They will have all kinds of new bedwetters showing up.
  2. CDfm

    Glory Be Repost

    Sounds like that is going to be a Christmas to remember. Wish I could go along.
  3. CDfm

    My boss's daughter.

    I liked it and would have given it a like but still don’t have any for today. I will be watching for more of this.
  4. CDfm

    FAFOP (Ch 3 posted 9/16)

    Of all of these new pet stories, I find myself being able to relate more to this one because much of it so far has focused on the loss of loved ones. I did like the last chapter because it showed both sides to the issue. I am not so sure people are actually understanding what sex with animals is really all about. There are no tender loving moments resulting in a blissful climax and orgasm. It’s a coupling with pain, screaming, biting, and scratching. An act to simply get the job done and fertilize eggs. A female will only allow the male to mount her when her body is ready to have eggs fertilized. And then she really doesn’t enjoy it they are actually locked together until the act is complete and most often both are in a great deal of pain.
  5. CDfm

    Joe Learns His Rightful Place

    Dang I was just informed I don’t have any more likes for the day. I am sure I have only used 1 since the day started. That stinks. Anyway I would have given this one because it is always good seeing a new Sally story.
  6. CDfm

    My mother the bedwetter.

    Nice but that mom should have been prosecuted and sent to prison. I worked a felony child abuse resulting in death while I was with the Naval Investigative Service which is now NCIS. The same thing except the little girl was only 3. The force of the blow that killed her was like dropping her from a3rd floor building into concrete. Put both mom and dad away for many many years. And those were Federal years they don’t get time off.
  7. CDfm

    Blake's Teddy Bear Nursery 2

    Wonderful. I didn’t expect to see both the other two boys put into diapers that fast. I am now waiting for them to get just a little public exposure while diapered. Blake should be satisfied and then everyone can go back to normal. Well the bears may have other ideas. I was glad I could give it a like. I will be watching for more.
  8. CDfm

    Simpsons - Marge Babying Bart

    This storyline is interesting. The story could really use some punctuation. You pretty much have just one sentence in an entire paragraph. I would recommend cleaning it up a little bit more.
  9. CDfm

    The Suit

    I really liked it, but that should come as no big surprise. I like all your stories. The only surprise is that the story isn’t complete yet before I actually commented on it. I wonder if the nappy in school is about to become a permanent fixture for him. If not right now, I am sure it will be soon. I am looking forward to reading more.
  10. CDfm

    Reconnecting (Ch. 5!)

    About all I can do with this chapter is just give it a like because.
  11. Okay, I read Kimmies comment here and this helped me sort my feelings out a little better. At least I get the concept of being free to wear diapers and have them freely accepted by society. The hard part for me is that I am still having a hard time actually seeing that. What I see is a half naked woman being paraded around in a diaper. Now looking deep inside myself I believe the reason I still see things that way is because honestly I don’t want to see a half naked woman being paraded around in a diaper. Surely I want to see society accept that there are people who wear diapers for different reasons and it needs to be accepted. That still doesn’t mean I want to see the diaper wearing being flaunted. Not any more than I want to see the young punk wearing his pants around his knees with his underwear clearly on display. I would love to be able to walk down the street and say clearly that woman is wearing a diaper under those pants. Or I like that guys diaper bag with him clearly showing a bulge under his shorts. I don’t think it is wrong to have people wearing diapers. I know that society would rather I put a diaper on than have me running around with obviously wet pants. Yet I am still embarrassed that I need to wear diapers and I live in a constant fear that others will notice I am wearing a diaper. They don’t recognize that I have a need and they are so quick to pass judgement and believe I have some psychological issues. It shouldn’t matter to anyone what my particular reason for wearing a diaper is. Better get off my soapbox now. I do hope this helps explain why these stories still have such strong feelings for me.
  12. CDfm

    Reconnecting (Ch. 5!)

    I haven’t ever experienced anything like that but then I have never been locked in a cage either. Personally I think I will stick with the more traditional means of reaching a climax.
  13. CDfm

    The Naughty Couple!

    I feel the same way just going from Denver down here to east Texas. Denver is relatively cool but with dry air Texas is so humid I feel a slick on my skin just getting off the plane.
  14. CDfm

    THE PERFECT WIFE : chapters one - five

    That was good again. I guess this is the point where we find out if Chris is actually going to step up and take care of his wife or he is going to be a complete ass and let her stew in her own mess. I think his treating her like a baby is becoming quite obvious as she has no need to be forced to eat babyfood. She still has teeth and I am sure that becoming incontinent has nothing to do with her bodies ability to digest food. I ran out of likes for the day again but it did get one for the day already. I will be watching for more.
  15. CDfm

    Pick Your Battles - Eps. 7 by Sophie!

    How embarrassing to have to clean out your panty drawer only to fill it again with diapers. Sophie is going to need to come up with something really good to get Kimmy back. I will start thinking of what that could be.