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  1. CDfm

    The Little Hunters (January 21st Update)

    Fantastic new additions. Hayden is a sneaky little girl but I don’t think she is quite as good as she thinks she is. Saul seems to be a little slow picking up all the hints but once he does her goose is cooked. It could have just started with Grandma showing up. I know Hayden doesn’t want that again. I was happy I could give this a like and I am looking forward to reading more.
  2. All one can really say at this point is THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS AMAZING STORY WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize this is simply wrong and very selfish after all your work on this story, but I cannot wait for your next story to start. Exchanged will go gown as one of the all time best stories written on these sites and I have no doubt any more stories from you will be equally as entertaining and pleasurable to read.
  3. CDfm

    Manifestation 1-7

    Dang Les Lea who would have ever thought you were such a talented horror writer? Especially considering all the great AB/DL stories you write. I have really enjoyed this story. I am hooked and need to know how taking in Dolly and possibly the other two figures as well are going to end up effecting Stephan. I am not sure how Tom Cruise fits in either. I will definitely be looking forward to reading more. At the same time I apologize for not keeping up with you thus far. I have been a bit under the weather and just didn’t have the energy to read anything. Hopefully that’s all behind me now and I can catch up again.
  4. Oh my that was such an amazing story! I almost want to cry thinking it’s over. I know I am really going to miss reading about Stacy and her families. Deep down in my heart there is a spark of hope that someday you will continue the story. I did my part to get the epilogue posted this weekend and I am looking forward to reading that. I really think you, Baby Sofia need to stand and take a bow for the standing ovation I am leading. You richly deserve it.
  5. CDfm

    Too Old (One Shot Short Story)

    I loved the story. I did feel like Sylvia had a exceptionally horrible life. Seemed like every time something good happened, it was backed up with another horrible loss. Even the loss of her parents was rough. I was so very happy she could finally find some happiness in her life. As fast as the growing old, I guess I am about as close to the expert here as you can get. I will be turning 60 in a few months. While I am well aware of the physical changes my body has gone through that limit what I can and can no longer do. I am by no means ready for an old folks home. If I hadn’t broken my leg and had that rod insured, I would still be running daily. I still manage to walk at least 5 miles a day and can still hold my own when I need to get physical with someone. I may be breathing hard when finish but they are still wearing the cuffs. Some of the other things I felt this story brought out were the relationships between some one older and the younger crowd. I do find my self thinking when I see a pretty lady wow she is hot. But I immediately think what’s wrong with me, I am old enough to be her father. I can’t be sure how the next 10 years treat me but I think I will better associate myself with your character in 10 years more so than now. I was happy I could give this a like.
  6. Well I gave you another like, but I don’t mind telling you that I don’t like that there is only one more chapter to go. I am also not so fond of the fact that you left us with yet another cliffhanger and then let us know the last chapter will be late coming. I thought these last two chapters were pretty awesome. Stacy can be my partner anytime. Heck I would have more trust in that baby girl than I do many of the officers in the department. I was really surprised to find out that it was the Doctor and his wife behind all of this. I still have a bad feeling about that Dean. I am sure she is involved in this. I am not sure how much information Bella is going to be able to provide but I am sure Stacy is going to get her back to normal or very close to that. I also think she is the tie to the dean through her parents. I really am mixed about this next chapter, yes I want to read it but at the same time I want to go slow and savor it because it is the last.
  7. I wasn’t sure what the heck happened to this comment . I was sure I had written one and know for sure I read that chapter but the comment is still here so I will post it anyway. This is cruel and unusual punishment and I should tell you it’s outlawed everywhere. I don’t think it is allowed to leave us hanging with the ending to this chapter. We have to wait a hole week now to find out what is happening with Stacy. Something tells me she is going to be fine. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I was happy I could give this a like.
  8. I understand the point of not being associated with any stories involving minors but it is done all the time on sites like this. As long as the actions within the story remain acceptable, I personally don’t see any problem with having an underage character. As for this story, I am positive I have read this in the past somewhere. I can’t recall where or when but I know I have read it. I don’t recall anything inappropriate and would enjoy reading it again.
  9. CDfm

    Roses (repost)

    I must have missed this the first time it was posted. I loved it. A complete new twist to this kind of story. I almost feel bad for Eliza. She was kind of left by the wayside. I guess this kink was never really her thing but I had the impression she enjoyed it. Still I was glad to see that the two who were truly into it got together. Well worth a like. I would love to read any other stories you have written.
  10. CDfm

    A Pampered Life

    Good addition. I am pretty sure that Lilly is enjoying having a big baby as much as Paul enjoys being one. I am not so sure parading that lifestyle in public is going to be a very positive experience for either of them. I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I hope it doesn’t get to embarrassing for either of them.
  11. CDfm

    Piper Belle - update 2/17

    Still has me captivated. I still have so many questions flying around in my head. I really don’t think he is a AB/DL. He might have some deep down desires to check out a diaper but he wouldn’t have needed to google “the weird baby stuff”. I see it more like they are driving each other’s lives through the dreams. I am really enjoying this and I look forward to reading more.
  12. CDfm

    A Space Trip Gone Wrong

    I really liked it. I realize I am very slow getting to read all the stories here but I do eventually get to them. For your first attempt I thought you really did an awesome job. I didn’t even noting any of the simple errors most writers here seem to make. Great job! I was happy I could give it a like. I would also love to see more.
  13. Awesome. Just leading us up to what I think is going to be an epic battle.
  14. I loved it. I don’t think I have ever read where a parent could actually be credited with creating an AB/DL. Glad I could give it a like.
  15. Another pretty short addition. Still not far enough into it to get much of a feel for things. I am looking forward to reading more.