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  1. Vanquishing The Valkyries (Prologue added Oct. 18)

    I liked the start of this. The artwork was fantastic to. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it had to be for General Allura explain to the Queen that all of her forces were now incontinent. Something in the back of my mind is telling me that Oolon is going to make the Queen mess her pants fir their diversion. I will be watching for more.
  2. Untrained

    Loved the new chapters again. I know Call is confused about his relationship with Corles and Emme, because I sure am as well. I don’t know what to think. On the one hand I believe that Call has deep feelings for Corles, I am not sure if its true love, but definitely more than just friends. Now if Call goes that way with Emme and Corles, then his family is going to be even more disappointed in him. I am not even sure how well Corles’s family would react. Mo matter right now. Right now I am along for the ride and loving it.
  3. The New Daddy

    Interesting start. I didn’t expect her to be a AB. I look forward to reading more.
  4. The Proffesionals!

    Well that covered my question.
  5. The Proffesionals!

    Glad they got her. How did SWAT know she was there?
  6. Good chapter. Given how much in demand little Mikey is, I don’t think the park is the best place to be. Stills don’t have any likes to give but I did like it and want to read more.
  7. Planet Of The Roos

    Still don’t have any likes. I would have thought with it being 4:30 AM I would have at least one to give. That was a fantastic story. I want to continue reading more. I loved how Jenny was able to teach herself to communicate with her adoptive mothers. Even if Dr Kiva is able to reproduce the space ship I really don’t think she would be able to find Gayle. I would sure like to find out though.
  8. The Middle Of The End

    That was a magnificent story! Loved it. I wish I could give it a like but ran out again. I will miss the story but I am sure another one will be coming soon.
  9. Out of their Depth

    Very interesting start. When I started reading this, I was thinking that with the helpers being automated that Brick would just provide the boys with entrance bands intended for babies. So the automated helpers would treat them like babies for the day. Apparently my line of thinking was wrong. I will just have to wait and see what happens.
  10. Unconventional Solutions - 12

    I I really enjoyed reading the new chapter. I wish I had a like to give it. The hospital I am now working at does have diapers and that is exactly what they call them here “Adult diapers” even the cabinets are labeled adult diapers they don’t call them briefs or incontinence undergarments which kind of surprised me. I have never had a hospital offer me a diaper before. Every time I have had to be in the hospital they put in a catheter. I would actually prefer the diaper. I will be watching for more of this.
  11. The Never Ending Yesterday

    Wow you really had me convinced that they managed to get things turned around again. Then only to realize it was nothing but a dream was a huge letdown. I loved her playing with the Sesame Street toy. Now I can’t wait to find out what they manage to do at the park. I really wished I had another like to give but I already used it for today.
  12. The Adventures of Alex Chapter 16 added

    What is it with all these ladies just wanting to make Alek mess in his panties? That poor boy is going to run out of juice the way they keep draining him. Loved the addition and really ready for the next chapter.
  13. The Reformation of Jen Pop (epilogue added)

    I was able to give that like today. I am sorry to see another good story come to an end. I was very pleased with how everything turned out not just for Jen but for Jacqueline to. Overall I was very pleased with the story and thought you did a fantastic job writing it. I will be looking for your next story.
  14. Untrained

    Wow I got to give two likes today. Its a special day. Loved the new chapters. I would have thought Call would have put two and two together and come up with Corles. I guess he still could, but just with the finger going places fingers should never go and immediately feeling sick like that. Call must be blinded by love. I really am looking forward to seeing more.
  15. Phone Conversation

    Wonderful chapter. I can just see that production line in operation. Reading this I was thinking Vickie was upset because Nick was in a nappy. I wasn't expecting to discover she had wet the bed. Nice twist. I would have enjoyed the tradition and rules of Pembroke, especially during the holidays. I recall growing up and my family's traditions and great times during the holidays. I am looking forward to reading more.