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  1. Paft of the charm of the internet is based on things from the middle of last century. Various foodstuffs consumed mostly be children offered premiums that were branded to certain characters. This had been done with radio and comic characters in the 1930's with the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring and some Lone Ranger items. However this really made the bigtime with television, when various cereal companies often had premiums either in the box or availalble by mail via the dreaded "send 25 cents and a boxtop from..." SPACE PATROL went so far as to feature the items in an episide where they were crucial in the story Thus was born the process of "breaking the fourth wall" via "extrusion" of things from the show into the real world. Now Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Red Ryder and Hopalong Cassidy items had been around since the '30's as will. Usually this meant guns and lunchboxes. The latter done even to this day Well, the internet can put that on steroids. The things that are being done with the SCP Foundation by third parties is astounding: Decks of cards that are just gorgeous, board games, vdeo games and stage performances as well as short "films" However, there was really nothing for little girls Some 20 years ago, RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME (for newbies), a long-standing Trad LG place, did early fourth-wall breaking with print-and-use things like book marks, stickers font sets and note paper. There was even a calculator modelled after the Texas Instruments and Hewlett-Packard monsters of the the 1970's, most of which still works and has features and a "user manual". Many of these items are available in my "Goddies" and "Playroom" links in my siggy Now, you can go one step beyond: You can have real life things under the "BabyDoll" name - Things you can really use, and wear. The Personal Care items have a baby/little girl scent and are things that a real little girl might have used 74 years ago, and they really work. The Bubble Bath is real, the Bath, Body and Baby Oil is actually good for you (being made with glycerine, aloe vera, coconut oil and vitamin E)The sachet packs really smell up your drawers and Ooo: That SMELL!! Mommy will not be able to keep her hands off you and Dolly will want to cuddle with you all night long. No more PH's for you. From now on it will be nightgowns and babydolls This is a REAL diaper. It took two albums but you can make them and use them. And they are not baby diapers, they are Little diapers, used for bedwetters, chastisement/punishment and training Little Girls 4 and up. One album is how to make, the other is how to use in the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME fashion Now If I can only find a way to get the BabyDoll lebels printed
  2. It would be dumb to includie them since, in their cases, the issue is either totally or mostly physiological and not parental mismanagement; apples and oranges
  3. The way the legs are spread, that should tell you. Have you ever heard of me being known for thin diapers? This thread refers to 'under cover" and is for the non self absorbed. This is the diaper in question
  4. I would think that disabled children would be out of bounds in this discussion because they have known conditions. Including them would be like including legally blind persons in the pool of those who should have drivers' licenses but do not
  5. I have romper skirts A twop-piece dress outfit a pinafore diress and quite a few babydoll
  6. Well, I changed into the the French BayDoll about 5 hours ago and will probably be ready to change out of it in another12 hours
  7. How would you hide the bulge. Now you know why little girls were mostly in dresses when they went on trips 65 - 75 years ago when a 55 mile trip could take 2-1/2 hours one way before the Interstates
  8. While not Sissy, do you think you could keep this under cover? I whall not be wearing this to the Prom
  9. I did not change out of that diaper and am still in it, which makes a total of 18 hours. It is a standard BabyDoll. A single BabyDoll with an insert and the wetproof liner. It is still dry in some areas. I may just keep it on for another hour or so, then change into the 'French" BabyDoll Well, so much for "blondes wet far more than others
  10. A moderately wet BabyDoll that I have been in for nearly 15 hours and which still has about an hour or two left before needing to be changed. I did not wet much overnight
  11. I cannot. I lack one of the 3 specified things: sufficient eyesight. But from what I can do with what I have, I would be certain that someone with 20 times that amount could do si, As to how, I wil let them tell you. I presume you have two good eyes
  12. Pampers was the first of these and for a decade that was the generic term for them all, along with "throw-away [diaper]". Like most of those over 25 (in '70) the early '70's) I regarded them as inferior since there was something chintzy and low-class about them. In one of the INFANTAE PRESS publications of the mid '80, that view was expressed; that people who were put in throw-aways were "cheated". From my experience they are uncomforatble and if I HAVE to use something like that, I prefer pull-ups since they are the least obtrusive.. What I am most comfortably in are the BabyDoll since I do not remember what baby diapers felt like and ls like what I remember actually being in, about 5 or 6 times a month between the ages of 6-1/3 to about 9-3/4, always at night and during the day until I could confortably go for 2-1/2 hours withut needing to pee, which was made for a bedwetter girl.You were expected to pin them in place over the tapes, which, along with the "landing zone" were reinforced for that reason. However, you would not be walking around the house in just a diaper. you would have to have baby panties over it since it was FAR from leakproof at the legs and waist I do remember the original Pampers very well. By the time they started to come into prominance, there were cloth hourglass and contour baby diapers and the prefolds had been around since 1951, but even in the middle '50's little girls were still learning how to fold diapers. A properly proprtioned adult sized "flat" would be 54" x 54" or 80"x42". although, back then many baby diapers were homemade and could be of most any size starting at about 24" on the waist side
  13. Lemme get this straight: I am supposed to believe that a person who spent a reasonable amount of time on this planet, has reasonable eyesight and did not spend their life in a monastary cannot tell a 5 year old member of their species more than not? Really, no, really. I hope you do not drive a car beyond 15 miles per hour. Trying to invalidate the human sensory mechanism, given what the species has accomplished is a loster's strategy unfortunately "hearsay" is all we have, if you consider the claim to have witnessed something directly hearsay. To my knowledge, no statistical analysis exists so to require one is futile and can only be an attempt to suppress the discussion. Besides which, this is an informal discussion, not a formal presentation as part of a request for a $400,000 grant. You have no idea of how pedantic that sounds
  14. That the child-bearing sector of the welfare class is single parent and a feminocracy has been established over the last 45 years is beyond dispute, leading to the publication of books that look at juvenile crime statistics like the mid 1990's FATHERLESS AMERICA, stating that young males have no proper masculine figures to model and so manliness is the snarling, bellicose, testosterone-poisoned machismo. However is this representative of all or even most of the signle parent households is the better quiestion Nor is it a question of laziness. If you hare ever dealt with the government beureaucracy, you will find that this is aprofession in itself that is a puzzle palace. Imagine what it must be like to have to navigate through it as a matter of life and death. It is either designed to keep persons at a subsistence level, wasting up to 80% of the funds so that the recipients well remain dependent or that is the biggest coincidence ever. Understand this: A busienss measures its success and effacacy by its profits. a beureaucrate measures his success by the increase in the number of souls over whom he says grace. So the word is "Keep 'em dumb; keem 'em down; rule 'em". The power to do things for you is the power to do things to you
  15. That sounds like first gen. The "fluff" was actually the sam material as Handi-Wipes, a clothlike paper that had limited reusabulity. This was from the time whtn it was believed that, in the future, we would be wearing singble-use paper clothes. This diaper would not be showing since, having now gathers or waistband, it would leak like a sieve so baby panties would be an absolutelmust as there was no way to seal it at the waiste or legs. SAP was not used at that time and you were to rinse them out before heaving them. SAP based diapers were controversial in the US in the bid '80's as the ones in use in Schandinavia felt slimey, which led to the introduction of the modern fluff. I do not know what kind of plastic they used on the outrside or even why they did. One would think it would have been Saran, which was a very thin vinyl and was quite soft. See Saran Wrap. The absorbent material would be full-coverage and I would think, quite thick or in several layers. I do not know what adult diapers they had that were made like that nor do I know what such things would feel like being worn
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