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  1. "Will you marry me" asked Travis "Yes", said Taylor, swiftly Sorry about that: Chiefs
  2. I kind of doubt that. This is a testosterone laden event where the viewers identify with the primary participants and live the event vicariously. Who can feel like a 6'5", 230 lb linebacker in a wet, or any, diaper. 98% of people identify diapers with little, helpless babies
  3. Big deal: is that not what they are there for. It is a bigger deal when I do NOT wet mine
  4. I am so OD'ed on lavender that I cannot take it anymore. It smells like a men's room. I prefer lilac, rose or traditional baby poweder scent
  5. They are one of the less important parts of my accoutrements, but still necessary, just not what define me as a lvery little girl of the late 1950's/early'50's. That is done more by my dollies, tiaras, Fairy, dresses/skirts/babydolls, being a blonde (I am not just "blonde", I am "A blonde") and rubber panties and, less so, other baby items like bottles and pacifierrs. To get a "Christine at a glance", like at the picutres in my siggy; they all count. This last was as much a definer of "babyish" as diapers since they were what was more apparenet being put over the diaper and being of an unusual matterial for clothing. You would hear "rubber pant(ie)s" or "diaper(s) and rubber pant(ie)s" more than just "diaper(s)". Whether it was "pants" or "panties" depended on the numerical predominance of females or how accurate as to the style of garment the speaker wanted to be or whether the speaker was direicting the remark at a misbehaving little boy. Also, since nursery duty was done overwhelmingly by females "panties" was preferred in my circles. So the rubber panties are more definitive of the remaining buts of "babyish" in me that makes me "very" little and what puts the "Baby" in "BabyDoll" Editied since I was a bit pressed for time when I first posted here so I wanted to add more detail and clarity to explain how come diapers were necesssary but almost secondary to who and what I am
  6. I have something that is just about a perfect copy, in a larger size, of what I remember from when I was little. I do not remember what diapers I was put in as an infant. I could NOT consider throw-aways nostalgic and have trouble imagining anyone born after 1964 as being capable of nostalgia: Too young
  7. Judging from what I hear that you get if you EDO finish, I would guess that you get a Certificate of Good Health. Myself: I would not settle for less than a pretty tiara. If I finish it all, does the nurse change my diaper?
  8. I have gotten several "Likes" for this thread and I do not understadn what is liked. Is it the fact that I am going away for a while?
  9. I remember when they were saying "Who the hell is Elvis Presly?"
  10. No, All they would have to do is read RUBBER PANTIES 'R' US. It contains all I know
  11. I wll be leaving this coming Monday for surgery to remove a polyp in my gut that could not be successfully burned. It is not malignant at this time and would not be for 3 to 5 years. Because of a 30 lb lifting weight restriction, I will spend some time where I will be cared for until that restriction is no longer in force. From what I have been dold, about a month. I should be back in late March or early April at the latetest
  12. I do not know what you mean by "normalized". They are a lot of work to use with the skin care, futzing around with tapes, leaks, blowouts, the expense of constant resupply of diapers and supplies, when you can wear regular underwear and just run into the bathroom, drop them and do your business and be on your way. What do you think most persons will opt for? Besides that, diapers are strongly associated with babies. That means with being helpless. Try calling a 4 year old a baby and see what you get. Why do you think a 6 year old boy gets knock-kneed when he is threatened with being put "back" in diapers (with the classic AB scenario being his "baby sister", which did occur in real life but not a tenth as much as the AB/Sissy scenario, which would only make sense in a cloth diaper context since pampers are fitted whereas the cloth diaper and rubber panties used for a 3-1/2 y/o would fit a 6 y/o, albeit a bit snugly)? And the girls are not much less so. The healthy path is toward self-determination and self-actualization. The feelings attributed to babyhood are figments of the adjut imagination. The closest you will come to babyhood is being stoned or drunk out of your mind. I can remember some of my life before I was 3 and even a bit after and there were no feelings as such. When Rosale Bent said her baby was fixated on the rattle for an hour and that that was proof of regression I broke out laughing, can you imagine an infant with an attention span of two minutes? Let alone an hour. and perceiving oneself as a "two your old little baby girl" or "3 year old baby boy" is absurd. You do not get boy/girl notions beginning before 3-1/2 and that starts slowly. Before 4, those are just words other people use with no real meaning Edit: What it means to be a girl to me is I have long blonde hair and am in dresses, skirts or the like, both of which persons seem to like. I play with dollies, who are like persons to me, teap parties and things like that. The diapers and rubber panties relate to the "very little" part of me. I want to be a big girl, not a baby. The "very little" is the closest you could come to a baby that could still have meaning The rejection of infancy and its trappings begins in early childhood; 4 to 7 years. In that sense diapers are "normalized" as trapping of babyhood. If they were not, they would lose their meaning to AB's, littles and sissies
  13. What is the big deal? She is female so any kind of skirt is no big whoop and how many persons can tell a kilt from a plain old skirt. Even I cannot tell the difference. When I was 17 in '62-3, I had girl cousins who wore what they called kilts. So, diaper and kilt or diaper and skirt/dress: Who cares or even knows?
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