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  1. Sissy is predominantly, from what I can see, humiliation via emasculation. As I have said. You cannot SPH a Little Girl. There is a bit of humilitation in any of the Little's but it is the kind from being under the care and domination of a grownup. For a littel girl, that is Mommy. Sissy appears to be from BDSM>FemDom, where a male is controleed by a femile and stripped of his "proper" sex-based role (gender). This is the state of being effeminate or emasculated. This is not part of a Little Girl's world as we embrace the little and feminine. Phsycial punishment is different since we are not spanked so we will not be coarsened, we get tickled. Also, because of how we are being trained to keep our panties from showing as part of "chastity training", which is very different from Sissy chastity, for me, short skirts are humiliating as one wrong move and my panties will show, they can be easily lifted and considered babyish. It is worse since they are rubber panties. Since I am said to be babyish, whiney, disobedient and espeically proud, I am made to be an over-age wetter so I will be in diapers and rubber panties and clothes. This makes me have feelings on my body that I cannot control. There is another part of being a Little Girl. That is being "chastized". Punishment is done to you for what you DO; chastizement is done to you for what you ARE; characteristics like being babyish, whiney, overactaive, disobedient, forward, gossipy, trollopy and proud. Punishment is doen for anywhere from an hour to maybe 3 days, Chastizement is done for much longer time, starting at 3 days and going for a week, a month or maybe forever if you are uncontrollable by any other means For a Sissy, being humiliated ins being treated in an unmanly way. For a little girl of before 1955, it is being helpelss, made into a baby, and made to have strong feelings as part of being little
  2. When I was 5, boys wore white briefs. Fottsy PH's were for babies. As for things to do, coloring books, alphabet blocks and toy cars and trucks for boys Things to watch. Felix the Cat, Scrappy and Krazy Kat. Woddy Woodkpecker and Mikey Mouse and Donald Duck, Loney Tooons and Popeye from the '30's and '40's, most of which you can find on YouTube along with Gerald McBoing Boing. As for TV shows, look on Uncle Earl's Classic TV for some of the kies shows from the 50's. On YourTube, Time for Beany (the hand puppet predecessor to the 1960 cartoon). Also on Uncle Earl's you should find some of the early '50's westerns like THE LONE RANGER, RANGE RIDER and THE ADVENTURES OF RIN TIN TIN. I have not found much HOWDY DOODY TIME. You can also look on Internet Archive. They had TONS of early Felix the Cat at one time. kILL THE COLOR ON YOUR tv IF YOU CAN
  3. Well, DPF used to recommend removing some of the backing, Either way, it is still more work and I wonder if it works since throw-aways work by converting liquid to a gel and keeping it in place so just how much gets to endter the second diaper I do not know Actually, it would seem better if they did not include the waterproof cover on each unit and relied on wetproof panties. That would; 1. eliminate the high concumption of plastics, 2. make it less complicated (hard to make, faailure prone, expensive) and 3. make it easier to double up if the backing were non-wetproof
  4. That is one of the advantages of cloth since you do not have to mess around with cutting away part of the backing and all that junk Muktiple diapers is an old tradition and why 1940's and early '50's rubber panties where so ful-cut. Back then, before prefolds, 2 or 3 fdiapers would be laid out, one atop the othe and folded and pinned as one unit The originals from which the BabyDoll was derived could aslo be doubled and by the time Linda and I were 8 and gotten ready for bed, they were doubled up This lasted about 14 hours between changes. The BaDoll equivalent lasts a good 16 hours on average. However, the idea was to have the diaper very damp when it was removed, not soaked to the bone. For us, that would mean about 12 hours for 8 pm to 8 am the next day without having to rush to remove them
  5. I changed out of a Petete BabyDoll that I had been in for 12 hours and have put my diapers in the wash
  6. I wonder if pinge/purge is not a personality variable just being applied to ABDL? Do you binge/purghe on other things, like TV programs? I tend to do so if something else intervenes, like when I was writing papers and kind of had to. The down side of the cycle was just leaving it alone for awhile, knowing thatit was an abnormal amount of activity for a reason; i.e. I was "O.D'ed" and would return to a normal amount of interest. I had learned that by the time I was 8-1/2
  7. There's a reference to it in the Book of Revelation -- that apppears AFTER the event
  8. I changed out of the Petite BabyDoll diaper at 8:10. It was wet between the legst, in front and in back and damp on the sides
  9. I changed out and cleaned up and into my corrent Petitie BabyDoll at 8:30, which I wet a little bit by 9, The one I changed out of was well wet all over. It looks like using a booster will get me 12 hours without needing to use two diapers, which will double my supply. I have no idea what I will call the new model
  10. It empties the room It makes the next day's news and is expressed in the Richter scale
  11. I did not do any ABLG activity AT ALL on any non-ABDL socialmedia except a sidewise glancing shot that I mentioned elsewhere and I got 2 or 3 ads for adult diapers and a couple of porno ads for sissy pages. I wonder what the person who did the actual posts usi an adult-looking cloth diaper and the ad for Empire panties most have gottne: Probably inundated
  12. I changed out at about 8 AM. Got cleaned up, and, at about 9:45, into a clean Petitie BabyDoll. The old diaper was still dry in spots and, overall, only moderately wet. We will see how long this one goes between changing. The new standard may be a single diaper and a booster, since I am not double-diapered then I can have more material between the legs without causing harm to the delicate tissue there
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