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  1. looking forward to seeing where this goes
  2. Loving this story - looking forward to seeing how the ladies interact, and if Joe ever really accepts his fate. A big test will obviously be how he handles going outside, but something tells me he will be going...
  3. always good to see there has been an update on this one!!!
  4. so glad to see it has not died - looking forward to seeing what is going to happen next...so many delicious possibilities
  5. really like the pace and suspense of this start.
  6. tremendous start, and premise, looking forward to the next of what i hope are many more chapters.
  7. well done, really enjoyed the story
  8. A Good read, really enjoyed it - nice twists and turns for a quick party.
  9. wow - nice twist and sounds like he will have some amazing experiences in the not to distant future...I'll take door #3, please.
  10. hmmmmm what could that clicking mean?
  11. love how this is going, hope we get more details of what has transpired over the previous 3 months...and what else was done to him
  12. my only questions are how deep is this rabbit hole, and does she have any more rooms to rent?
  13. great addition. looking forward to seeing what comes next