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  1. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    wow, nice twist. wonder what he is getting slipped in his drinks and stuff.
  2. Let's Play Diaper Land, Epilogue

    well done. Enjoyed the tale!
  3. Let's Play Diaper Land, Epilogue

    what a refreshing, unique idea for a story. Well done!!!1 Looking forward to the next part.
  4. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    wow, what a turn...totally did not see that coming. Poor Eric!!!
  5. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    Getting better and better...
  6. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    very interesting wrinkle, look forward to seeing where this goes. Quite a nice touch with all the tasks that are always just a hair too much for him.
  7. A New Deal

    Really love the details in the story - nice little twists like castor oil mixed in with the medicine. One critique - a couple chapters ago, the story was left with him being requested to get her a glass of wine, but in the next installment, he fixed her tea. Might want to go back and change one of those to add continuity to story.
  8. The Cruise (Updated 16 September 2017)

    Glad to see this one back, and am really interested in seeing how it is resolved
  9. Story: A Brief Encounter

    well done, and worth waiting for!
  10. Patricia Discovers His Secret

    very good start, looking forward to seeing what else happened in those 7 days!
  11. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    I just wonder what was shown in that tv show....seems to have had a lasting effect
  12. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    another riveting chapter! Looking forward to more!
  13. Young Chris in London

    nice, i really enjoyed this story, thanks for sharing!
  14. Cathy The Little In The BIG City

    great addition, looking forward t omore - seeing how she slowly slips down to a 'normal' little and is a helpless thing.
  15. Young Chris in London

    the hole deepens...chris is in over his head