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  1. Calling all Hoosiers

  2. Always new discreet bouique brief

    never bought reg, Always brief. I will try this week I bought small. my waist is 34
  3. This past week I tried Always new discreet bouique brief. I am a guy. I love to crossdress also, So I seen the these new brief, I bought a package. I like the way they fit despite I am a guy, I like the feel of the brief and designs on them. I had them on under my work jeans at work, They did not leak, until I filled them up.. During day did not leak or leak out around the seam. Also new Briefs are scented, love that also.
  4. Lafayette area

    Anyone into diapers. chat, or support group. I like find some to talk with. Tell me about what you like and lets chats. I like to try new things. looks like there not many people into diaper in Lafayette area, I like find a female or male friend. also is there groups that meet for support? My wife would never go for the diaper thing. She does not mind that like to crossdress.
  5. DSC_8945a.jpg

    nice view, love pantyhose
  6. Thought I would give you a heads up if you don't already know but personal care medical supplies in Fort Wayne  is having an ABDL appreciation day march 4 11am to 2pm could be the opportunity to meet others. I am planning on attending as long as my work schedule don't interfere. If you want to check out their web page go to thediaperladies.com 

  7. hi   wish we would could chatted longer

  8. DSCN4519

    Very  nice.  
  9. wearing diaper to work

    thank you for your point of view. does make since to wait until I get home. or it my day off and wife is at work.
  10. wearing diaper to work

    I got the nerve to wearing diaper to work. I love the way if felt all day. it was not until afternoon that got the nerve up to pee in them. once I did . felt really good. Has anyone also done the same. I am open minded to all.
  11. hi I like wearing depends diapers. Something about wearing depends make me fill good. I would like to try role play as baby. I am married but wife does not know this. She would really upset if she found out. But she knows that like to wear female clothes. but she has limits on my dressing. Something about wearing diaper and peeing them make me feel good. as for poo not so sure about that. I wish had someone to share this with me and help me Please let me know your thoughts. I like wearing Goodnities