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  1. deewet

    Who uses their diaper beyond capacity???

    If you have a great pair of waterproof panties that fit well like the Leakmaster Deluxe, it is not hard to overfill your diapers. Even when you are sitting in a puddle, there is little chance of leaks from my recent experience.
  2. Interesting update to this occurred yesterday, on Christmas. My daughter was at the ln-laws for the holiday, and they had a "crazy" gift exchange as part of the festivities, and she got a blow up mattress as a gift that she was happy about. She said that this will be her hubbys friend's bed when ever he visits from now on. Not sure that will solve the problem as he will still be wetting the bed covers unless he is properly diapered up. I would tell him exactly that, if he plans to stay over again, he gets the blow up bed but he has to provide the protection he needs to protect the covers! Not sure how to get his email, but if I find it, will pass it along privately to whoever wants to send him some advice on how to grow up and accept his circumstances like a responsible adult.
  3. My married daughter has had to put up with her husbands friend who has wet the bed for ever, but recently is about to ban him from their house because of his consistent habit. The last straw was at a recent party, where he stayed over because of his drinking, and ended up wetting on a couch and blanket. While he brings a change of clothes for himself, he refuses to do anything to prevent peeing on whatever he is on when going to sleep. As my wife has a young child that she does not want influenced, she is adamant that this is no longer acceptable behavior for this "old friend" of her hubby, and unless he wears some protection, should be banned from their house going forward. Does anyone have any ideas on how to tell this guy that he has to wear diapers for not only his benefit but also his friends as destroying furniture and bedding not your own is simply not acceptable behavior for a 30 something older guy?
  4. deewet

    A question for the guys

    Makes no difference to me as it is small enough not to matter.
  5. deewet

    Bedwetting after drinking, finally caught

    My only question for FM47, is why would you be without diapers at night? You said you wanted to wet nightly, so with that in mind, I would expect you would want to wear diapers nightly as well??
  6. deewet

    Bedwetting after drinking, finally caught

    I believe that if your partner is really there for the long run, they will accept either your medical conditions or your special feelings. With regard to concern about drivers and drinking, the statistics are changing and people are not talking about this. Impaired and inattentive (drug and cell phone) driving are responsible for more accidents and deaths now than drunk driving and nothing is being done about it??
  7. deewet

    Do you sleep with someone who wets the bed

    The big C word is always scary, but to win by having some surgery done is always a blessing. So your husband now wears diapers to bed along side you. Count your blessings, it could have turned out much worse!! I am certain with your help, he accepted this change in life with little concern!! Great to have a wife that understands these things so well and can be there for her life love when he needs her most. I wish you both a long loving life together, and keep the bed protected with some of the products we hear about in another thread.
  8. deewet

    How soon do you sit down

    It may be a bit extreme, but I have enjoyed not only sitting in my fresh filled diaper but actually going for a nice ride on my exercise bicycle. The way I see it, the clean up will always be there at the end, so why not make it as messy as it can get?
  9. deewet

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    Craisler is correct in that CPS is not the answer in most cases! What was once good to be used as last resort to rescue kids from serious harm done by parents, has turned into a monster. It is parents responsibility in most all cases to teach their children responsibility. If that involves a gentile or not so gentile nudge as they grow older, so be it. A bit of embarrassment in small circles is much better than a lot of peer pressure in larger forums if attitudes are left uncorrected. In the form of diaper punishment, again the biggest concern is to know if this is medical in nature, and that is where docs come in the picture, not CPS. I am old enough to remember (hard to find this information today) when kids in Europe were taken from their parents at early age to brainwash them with beliefs that their parents refused to accept. How far are we from that now with growing needs for pre school, and things said in school bu kids causing parents trouble? A wise man once said that if you ignore history it will repeat itself, and we in the USA are so short minded that we can't even remember things that were said and happened even 5-10 years ago, not to mention the re-writing of history that is being done in our educational materials.
  10. deewet

    Public Bathrooms

    Noticing someone that is changing a diaper in a public restroom is not hard to do if you recognize the signs. At least not to me, someone who knows what to listen and look for! Having said that, when I am in a rest stop of some other sort of public bathroom, If I hear the sound of a diaper being removed I do not stick around to make that person feel embarrassed, I do my business, wash up and quickly leave. I will say that I have often lingered around the outside of a bathroom if I can do it casually, to see if I can tell which person leaving was changing their diaper? With that in mind, when it is me doing the diaper change, I plan my actions if someone other is in the same area, either wait till I think they left or flush the toilet several times while removing the tapes. To me, the most challenging part is carrying the used diaper out of the stall to a bin, especially if I do not have a bag or coat to conceal it with and others are still in the room.
  11. deewet

    Training Her Baby (Part 20 added 2/10/2019)

    Wow, what a great story line. I would bet most of us here would like to be in his position. If you keep the story coming on regular basis, you should have many followers!
  12. deewet

    Let’s face it the REAL reason our fetish is controversial

    I will throw my two cents in here as well I guess. First I will say that wearing and using diapers has absolutely nothing to do with being a pedafile. These things seem miles apart in my way of thinking? I will compare a want to wear diapers to a want to cross dress for example and add that when I was younger, these things seemed to contribute a strong urge for me, and lead to sexual gratification and a form of humiliation with the fact that if being caught at it, would surely be embarrassing. Interesting that as I got older and needed to wear support pantie hose for poor leg circulation, and latter with prostrate meds growing my breast, needed to wear bras for support, the humiliation and sexual gratification went away and these things are now east to explain if needed. The same things I see apply to wearing diapers. When young and experimenting with diapers, it was done for the same reasons. Now with older age, and high probability of needing these soon, the same thing is happening, as it is easy to explain, and people are accepting of or even expecting of older people to be using diapers when needed. Even prior to that in middle age with all the adds for the bladder protection products going, it is now much more acceptable to be wearing some sort of diaper or insert on a daily basis. Still there will be those who are jerks and point fun at those like us who are comfortable wearing diapers for protection, but ultimately we may get the last laugh if these folks actually need these as well at some point and can never accept that!
  13. deewet

    New order ---Crazy Me??

    Great price, wish that were the case every day!
  14. deewet

    Do catherers hurt?

    The first and only one I had was for my first knee replacement. I was somewhat groggy when it was put in but did notice some discomfort. By the time it was removed several days latter, I didn't notice it till it was withdrawn. I felt discomfort for almost a week after as a result. Doc suggested this was due to my enlarged prostrate? In any case, that is why the next time I went to the hospital, I had a no cath order on my paperwork and even with that, had to stop a nurse that was about to insert one prior to a procedure following which I got to experience my first hospital diaper, far more comfortable!!
  15. deewet

    My experience with stents

    I also use .8mg of tamsulosin, half in morning and half at night, and find that it helps me pee better and have a stronger stream, and as a result, limits the amount of left overs or dribbles when I finish. You could say it gushes when I go, but other than know I need to find a bathroom quickly when the need arises, I certainly don't dribble as much after as I have done in past. One concern is if I am slow getting to a bathroom, I have started early trying to get there and ready, and ended up with wet underwear and pants on occasion. This is the reason I often wear diapers when working outside or when traveling and not close to a bathroom.