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  1. Who woke up wet this morning?

    I woke up soaked three times this week, but unfortunately on one occasion, my nightie and bed protector were also wet. Seems that I did not layer my protection correctly prior to going down that evening. On every occasion, was consuming lots of liquids the prior evening so needed to have things right to get the unavoidable wetting contained-in the case of the poor results, the inside diaper was not slit enough to allow the wetting to move efficiently into the next layer with the extra soakers installed. when that happens, if I flood the pullup, it tends to leak at the back top and my waterproof panties eventually leak from the rolling around I do in bed--live and learn
  2. How do you feel when you wake up wet?

    If it is only my diaper wet, I feel happy and very relaxed. If my waterproof pants leak and my bed protector is wet or worse, I am concerned about what went wrong and go about cleaning up the mess, not the best thing to wake up to in the morning but still part of the deal.
  3. do diapers make you wet more

    Of course, why wouldn't you?
  4. wearing A long time

    As mentioned above, at some point "the diaper is soaked and just doesn't feel good anymore. "
  5. ENT Surgery

    I would say that the die is cast already, having mentioned that in the preoperative interview, chances are that the nurse prepping you for the procedure will ce checking to insure that you are protected. Your wife should be aware that this discussion was already had and you better plan on being diapered or it will become an issue at time of your visit. After all, isn't a bit of peace of mind important as well?
  6. Not sure I understand this logic. Having said that would the recommendation be to pour warm water into your diaper to stimulate that wet feeling? I use diapers during the day to avoid a pants wetting embarrassment, and often at night to avoid getting up several times to use bathroom. They get peed into as a result, and if I need to take a dump prior to morning, can also get pooped into. I do it for lots of reasons, but have never poured water or added oatmeal into my protection, seems pointless
  7. Post when messy.

    Ohhh, had a really messy and soaked diaper this morning! Wasn't expecting the extra time needed for clean up but got the job done anyway. It was so bad that even with two bags sealed, I could still smell it. Felt really bad about leaving it in a hotel bathroom, so left a note of apology with nice tip for cleaning lady,
  8. how to keep diaper pins from rusting

    Must be those cheap Chinese knockoffs?
  9. Did you grew up a bedwetter

    I had a few daytime accidents when I was growing up, but those stopped by time I was a teen ager. Most notable was when I was in elementary school, probably about 7-8 and we still had outdoor play breaks. I wet my pants trying to get back into the school, and was taken by a teacher to a "special" room in this old school where I had to take my pants and underwear off, sit with a blanket till they dried on a radiator. I was lectured and told that if this happened again, my parents would be told and I would have to come with diapers to be used on me when it happened again. I remember one of my friends telling me his sister still wet the bed even as an older teenager. I remember going to his house, and walking past her bedroom and it smelling like used diapers so she must have been doing it nightly, and she was 16 already at that point.
  10. incontinent and a truck driver

    What a great occupation for working while wearing. Just think, driving hundreds of miles in a diaper, wetting at will. In addition, you have your sleeping quarters with you, so when tired, just pull over at next stop and get ready for bed. I would think a truck stop is a great place to change a wet or poopie diaper, as most have large bathroom stalls and often shower areas so carrying in a bag of clothes/diaper bag would not be out of the ordinary.
  11. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    Interesting subject but I have to comment on several issues. I have been to different docs wearing pullups when I started wetting after a serious UTI. Of course nothing was said other than you will need these "pads" until this is cleared up. I have also been going to doctors for years now wearing the panties I choose to wear under my support hose. Interesting comment made at a visit, our family GP is female and years back if I needed to drop my drawers for something, she would say please lower your shorts( I had some tidy whities just for the occasion) Eventually they were tossed, and the first visit after that she simply said, please lower your underwear. Some years latter she even advised me to start wearing breast support as my chest started to grow due to old age and prostrate meds. I believe this profession has seen it all and will not hesitate to do their job without comment no matter what you choose for underwear.
  12. Messing the front of a diaper

    Really kinky would be if your girl friend messed her diaper, took it off and put it on you backwards.
  13. Who woke up wet this morning?

    three days in a row for me this week!
  14. Hubby Back in Diapers

    Wow, what a couple. Sounds like you are perfect for each other. I am sure many of us are envious of your arrangement, I certainly am
  15. Post when messy.

    Woke up soaked 3 times this week and messy 2 of those times. Luv to stay in hotels, my time to revert back to my fondness for using diapers for what they are intended for.