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  1. getting older

    If your wife is pushing you to wear diapers on a regular basis, you should really accept that, a; you probably need them, and b; it will save you the embarrassment of a public pants wetting at some point and save her a lot of extra laundry. Having the experience of the second part my self, trust me, wearing a diaper when out in public away from the controlled environment of a close bathroom is far better than walking around in wet trousers!
  2. Ever had one of those days?

    Oh what a bad day for sure. As far as the police being called due to you need to break in, I would have simply said that I was freezing and had to be back into the van, period. With regard to being in the back, that is a different story, but I would have started with checking my load as you mentioned having to leave the road abruptly. If pressed I would have gone on to the part about your other load needing attention, but only as a fall back. In any case, glad that you were ok after all that, could have been a lot worse if you lost control of your van. Better days will come for sure
  3. Dream wetting

    I recall as a youngster that I would awaken on occasion thinking I was taking a pee, to realize that my underwear was already damp and I needed to get to the potty in a hurry. I don't recall ever really wetting the bed, just my self on a few occasions. Now that I am older with prostrate issues, when I am wearing panties, they are always stained by end of day from post void dribbling. On days when I am away from home, I will wear pull ups for peace of mind as I have first hand experience of what can happen without protection, and it isn't pretty.
  4. The Naughty Couple!

    I really like the story line but your spell checker is wreaking havoc with your text. Please do a proof read prior to submitting so we can enjoy your work without the extra effort to decipher what you wrote. Again, I am not trying to be critical, as I too have been caught on occasions by changes I missed by a spell checker but something we all have to be aware of.
  5. My travel yesterday

    Interesting few days of travel. I am struck by your concern for your customer, as in today's world, it is not that unusual for folks that really do have issues to be wearing diapers 24/7. Over the last years of my business travel, I did wear diapers due to my concerns about a possible accident due to prostrate issues (learned the hard way on a 4hr trip home when I wet my pants twice, once in airplane and second time on way to baggage claim) The point, there are many ways to be discreetly protected, and opportunities with any business meeting if it goes long, to find a bathroom to change in.
  6. leaking diapers at night

    As others have already mentioned, the best diaper method for sleeping, especially side sleeping is good old trusted cloth. You can add bulk as needed, and the beauty is with cloth, it wicks very efficiently so until the diaper package you are wearing is totally saturated, is it difficult to leak if topped off with appropriate waterproof panties.
  7. BPH here as well, but it is somewhat under control using meds. Problems with continued UTI's though so into diapers on those occasions. Not sure if there is any relationship but nearly lost prostrate 1.5 yrs ago so chances are it is related.
  8. Are you progressing as a DL?

    Speaking from experience, I few years back, I had both my knees replaced(full knee replacement), one in January and the other in December. In each case, I was in hospital for 3 days including day of surgery. For the first knee, they did use a catheter, removing it on the third day. That experience was more to recover from than the surgery, and I was sore for more than a month due to my prostrate issues. With the second surgery, I insisted that they do not use a catheter, explaining why in pre op interviews. Day of surgery, just prior to going into the surgery theater, a nurse tried to put a cath into me and I was alert enough yet to put a stop to that. After surgery and in my room, it was well through the first day after several trips up from bed and into bathroom, that I convinced nurse that I might not make it the next time, and best to use a diaper to avoid a wet bed, which was agreed to. Unfortunately, all that was available were the thin pull ups so had to avoid a full out flood but was able to do that over the course of the next couple days. The point, if you don't want to use a catheter, that is your choice (providing there is some logic to it) and the hospital has to respect that. They do have other means to deal with difficulty to get into a bathroom, so you may have to be insistent as I was.
  9. Wife In Charge

    "He stood still for a minute as his pants filled with a mushy bowel movement." I would guess this from the last update would qualify as a "soiled nappy" as that is what he was wearing I believe? In any case, poor little guy is missing his mommy it seems. Wonder if wife will require him now to speak to her only as his mommy from now on??
  10. Just now, having another great diaper day and decided to make it complete by filling it properly. Will enjoy sitting around in it for several hours as not much other to deal with today.
  11. Hey BettyP, you have hit on some critical aspects of our medical cost issue but have ignored the basis for the pharma cost. As you so well put it, "the doctors will prescribe it to placate them even when it is not the best option Huge amounts of money go into malpractice insurance where we should better indemnify doctors instead" I would add, the doctors often over prescribe just to avoid any concern for a law suite! To your point about resolving this by protecting from this, it would be easy if weren't for the attorneys! You see, attorneys take care of themselves via bar reviews, but to allow medical people to do same would cost attorneys huge loses!! So really, where is the problem??? With regard to pharma, the cost to develop new drugs is enormous, most people don't understand that. Without the capitalistic system we have, many of the greatest drugs we have today would not exist. Granted some systems with government supported research have developed a few drugs we use today, but the vast majority of the wonder drugs are developed after years of research and billions invested by drug companies hoping to make money in the end. IE dammed if you do but also dammed if you don't If I were king for a day, I would protect medical people as indicated above, and allow the drug industry to be partially funded by public grant money, with the insistence that drug patents are very short allowing for generic medication to make a market impact in months as opposed to the years it takes now.
  12. Wetting Yourself Awake?

    Slightly stained? Dude, you need some waterproof panties over these to keep your sheets dry if that is your intention. Also, I would get more of these as these need a trip through the washer!
  13. Post when messy.

    Yesterday was a long awaited diaper day again, and it was great! After changing at lunch time due to really soaked diapers, I started the afternoon with a good soaking of the new package, and went out side to clean my drive(it snowed here yesterday) As I was finishing, I felt the need to do a poopy and out it came, can't believe how easy it has become to just use diaper for everything. Enjoyed rest of afternoon sitting around in a well used diaper and unfortunately stinking up my basement so had to do some damage control late in afternoon prior to my wife returning from work. Clean up was not so bad and vent fans and Lysol spray helped as well, so all in all it was a very good day. Already planning for next opportunity!
  14. The Suppository Challenge

    Bisacodyl will lead to cramping, that is how it works. Glycerin on the other hand may not, but it will make it much easier to get the job done but over a longer period of time. In every case, one important part of using this type of stool aid it to properly insert it. It has to be well up the shoot as we say to work properly, or will simply pop out with the first urge to poop. I find these "aids" helpful on occasion of severe constipation. I have also found a wonderful insertion aid (kinda like a tampex dispenser) sold by Duculax, but these packages of inserts and insertion tools are a bit spendy. While not advised by mfg, I have learned to clean and disinfect the nylon insertion tool after every use to allow continued use and reduce the need to buy these over and over. As we get older, some of the fun and games some speak of are becoming necessary parts of life.
  15. My fiancé wants to become bladder incontinent

    As many other diaper users have said, after wearing diapers for so long, it is inevitable that sooner or latter, there will be a poopy event. Why expect anything less? You are wearing diapers that you are wetting on regular basis, it is a small step to accept that diapers also work well for poopy pants, and at some point, there will be a time when you can't make it to a toilet in time and get to experience this as well. Go with the flow as they say, after the first time, it also gets easier! And don't forget, that's what diapers are used for!!