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  1. deewet

    The Craig's List Mommy

    I was thinking that it would be more fitting to leave her as a grown woman, but with no control of her waste and wanting to suck on something like a paci or her thumb all the time? Fitting in like this would be far more punishing than living the life of a baby again, even if she could remember everything.
  2. deewet

    Doctor Visit

    Interesting how this conversation keeps going round and round but still ends up at the same conclusion it seems. I believe you answered your own concerns with you conclusion at the end of this last post. I would also venture to add that if you are honest with your doc during your upcoming visit, that they would also advise you to start using protection and probably something suitable for the task. And finally, plan on being told there will be a lot of testing to be done yet, but until there is an answer, be prudent and use adequate protection!
  3. Well said rusty pins! Exactly as it was for me, and now 5 years latter, I can't sleep without it either. My issue was discovered during a hospital stay, for my first knee replacement. When testing was done, it was determined I had a severe case, which could have resulted in a shortened life as mentioned above! Nothing to mess with, it is so easy to get this done, and you are so much better as a result!!
  4. deewet

    Telling hotels about your bedwetting

    I bring my own mattress protector for the bed (~1/2 queen size) and leave it in the bed if staying for more than one day. I wear waterproof pants over my nite time diapers and if there is a minor leak, this bed protector catches it. Never have I wet a motel sheet or bed! In every case the maids have made the bed up again with this in place, so no big deal to them it seems. I also leave wet diapers in plastic bags in room trash so no mystery here either. I have yet to get a complaint from a hotel chain about my practices, and have stayed in a lot as when I retired last year, I was platinum with one chain, silver with several others.
  5. deewet

    Would you tell someone you still wet the bed?

    Good for Mary! Listening to someone chastise their daughter for wetting the bed in public is borderline child abuse, and it was good she put this woman in her place. It is one thing to bring a child along to get her some form of overnight protection that can work, but another completely to make a scene of it so anyone near learns of this child's issues. These type of people have no idea of how this can emotionally scar a child, and really need to be scolded at the least, and possibly even reported to authorities if the situation doesn't rectify itself quickly.
  6. I can't understand how to change a pull-up discreetly, unless you are in a private stall. While I have changed tape on diapers and the belted diapers I use in a car or truck or even standing beside it on the roadside, putting a new pull-up on requires that I remove my pants completely, not so easy in these circumstances. Granted it is quite in a bathroom stall vs removing the tapes on a taped on diaper, but still requires stepping out of pants, not always discrete in a public stall with the bottom of the surround typically open for all to see that may be walking by or are standing at the sink washing up.
  7. deewet

    How many men wear 'girly' type diapers?

    I have used ladies pull ups if that counts?
  8. I would have to say that these days, when you go into a CVS or Walgreen's store or even Walmart and look for the adult diaper isle, it is very hard to find "adult diapers" in this section as it is filled with pads, pantie liners, and pull ups of every style and fashion, being sold as "alternative" underwear in some cases. This is not the product that elderly folks or truly incontinent are looking for, and for them, they have to search to find something like a tape on diaper in this section. It seems that most of these people are getting their supplies shipped to their door step these days from the home health groups that are very active to get this repeat business. So to suggest that the products mentioned above are marketed to the elderly seems to be in contradiction to what I see in the drug store chains these days. Even if you find a real adult diaper in a store, it is typically a store brand, and often not worth the cost as it is not really an alternative for a good diaper, which is almost always sold by health care groups which have their own distribution chain and thrive from online purchasing.
  9. deewet

    Sleeping While Messy

    When traveling, I have awoken a bit early and pooped in my diaper in bed, as I do have to take a dump every morning and sometimes with time zones, that comes early. Some have said it is difficult to poop in bed but for me, I simply bent one knee a bit with my foot on bed and knee in air allowing space for expansion, and let it go while on my back. If more than an hour till I have to get up, I often fall back to sleep again. After all, if you are wearing a diaper, why not use it to its capacity? Having said that, I will never leave a poopy diaper in my room which I do regularly with wet ones, but bag it up well and take it with me to a trash bin away from my room
  10. deewet


    Did your mistress/wife send you out in this outfit to do errands as well? Looks great but would be better with some appropriate shoes and bag as well. Bet you are a hit at the local grocery
  11. I worked with a guy, decades ago, on a construction crew that stayed in a private boarding house on occasion. Problem was that when this guy had more that a couple of beers, he would wet his bed. As this happened on multiple occasions, the land lady had to dispose of the mattress, and kicked this guy out, resulting in his losing his job. Too bad this guy didn't know about or want to use diapers for sleeping, as it would have saved his job and our crew a lot of hassel The point, this supports the beer theory it seems!
  12. deewet

    Bad Potty Times

    Growing up in the 50's in a large family meant that potty training started young. I don't remember the first part of it, but do remember having an accident wetting my pants at maybe 2-3 years and being put back into cloth diapers again for a short period of time. Had two other siblings in diapers at that point so mother was not to happy with my issues, and there was paddling involved if I did not keep my diaper dry at that point. Must of had an impression on me as I can still recall the shame of going from big boy pants to diapers again. Now that I am getting to be an old fart with control issues, may be going back to diapers again shortly
  13. deewet

    leaking diapers at night

    I would add just a foot note to what SBB said above, and that is that the plastic pants have to be the correct type and fit. IE high back, wide crotch with good elastic at waist and legs to work well. Some of what I have used were not high enough in back and leaked out the back by morning.
  14. deewet

    Padded Bottoms

    This reminds me so much of another issue I have which is guys, especially older guys with breast that should be wearing a bra and don't. Like myself who does and when out I look for others that also do or should. Compared to diapers or pads which when needed and not worn becomes so obvious ,guys not using a bra when you should be is obvious as well but unlike diapers, there doesn't seem to be the embarrassment associated with it when needing but not using as there is when someone walks by with a wet or spotted pants. We seem to be a society that sets norms not for best interest of individuals but rather what society deems acceptable and many blindly follow.
  15. deewet

    Should I do this?

    I wore diapers for my travel the last couple of years I was working (am retired now) I always carried a mattress protector and left it in the bed from day to day so the maids knew I wore diapers at night. If my diapers were only wet, I would leave them in the room in a closed bag in the waste. On the occasion that I would make a poop during the night, I would usually double bag these diapers, and take them out of the room, either to a trash in a common area or to a trash in the car parking lot. Every morning, i would open a window if available as well as wanted the room to be fresh for the next person or for me if I was returning. I always wiped off my waterproof panties and hung them to dry as well, but typically putting them back into my bag prior to my leaving for the day. On one occasion, I forgot a pair hanging on a chair near the window, and that evening found them folded on top of my bag. Never an issue doing this as the bed was always made up with the mattress protector in place and am sure the maids knew how to deal with folks that were bed wetters, which in my case, I tried to avoid any additional hardship on the part of the hotels which I believe had to be appreciated. While I have heard that some people who have left diapers out or rubber panties visible found waterproof sheets on their mattress the next day, I never got to experience this when using the mattress protector I traveled with.