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  1. DSCN2539.JPG

    Woops, looks like you might be too late?
  2. Unconventional Solutions - 17

    I can only pile on but add little to what has been said above, as it was so well put! What a great story! I for one am envious of this relationship, and who wouldn't be . Please tell us more, in this wonderful setting, it can only get better!!
  3. Not unusual for some of us at all. I have been doing this for several years now, and always have to make a habit of wiping floor after I use the bathroom. I dribble into underwear constantly now, but not enough to make it really wet unless I get a strong urge if really exerting myself, and don't get to bathroom in time. While my underwear are nasty every day, wife has put up with it without complaining (she does gripe if I don't clean up in the bathroom and will make me go back and do it), as she knows the next step is constant wetting protection. I have started to use pads when we go to special events, or pullups if we travel, but expect in near future to have to take a more serious approach, especially if I start to have night time accidents which I have come very close to already. And finally, while these issues are result of physical issues partially caused by old age, and not result of wearing 24/7, they are similar in nature, and will eventually result in same outcome
  4. I have had issues with my parts for more years than I can remember now, and as a result have to keep my wife happy by doing other things with her. The point, once I get to wearing diapers full time as opposed to on occasion now, it won;t make any difference to her as nothing in that area is of any help to her in this situation any longer.
  5. Remanent smell after a clean up

    I can say that a stinky diaper smell is very hard to get rid of once you create one. Just this week, I made a big stinky and sat around in it for several hours prior to changing it. While I paid particular attention to disposing of the diaper properly and cleaning up and sanitizing the bathroom where I cleaned up, the rest of the house was left untouched other than running some exhaust fans for about an hour. When my wife returned later in the afternoon, first thing she said when entering the house was something stinks in here? We do have a basement that has had mold problems so I blamed it for this smell and set some fans up to supposedly deal with it. Point again, a messy diaper smell will really linger, and if you were the one wearing the messy diaper, you may not even notice it as you tend to tune out the smells, but someone other with a fresh perspective will, IE you can always tell a child's bedroom if they are still in diapers, as the smells from the many diaper changes take forever to leave the area!
  6. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    Some time back when I was being treated for a UTI, I went into see the doc several times wearing a diaper, and he expected it, even encouraged it after the first visit suggesting I should use these till this issue got cleared up. The point, they are very common for use with certain issues, especially with older folks, so why would a clinic or medical staff be concerned about seeing someone wearing one??
  7. getting older

    So look at the bright side, we are still breathing air and get to enjoy our grand kids! A small price to pay I say to wear medial support hose for bad veins, have new joints put in, wear diapers or some form of protection to avoid leaving behind body fluids were we sit. Even the things that defined me as male have left me, but still I enjoy what I have left and compensate as best I can to keep wife happy, and again enjoy the grandkids. And finally, understand that we may be the first or at least second generation that have this luxury as all these things are readily available for us to make our lives as comfortable as possible.
  8. Driving Around In A Messy Diaper

    I am sure the cops have heard everything already. If I was ever stopped, i would just explain that I sometimes have accidents, the reason I wear diapers, and had one prior and am on way home to get cleaned up. This could also help explain my lapse in judgement if I missed a red light or was driving a bit too fast.
  9. Times You Actually Pooped In Public

    Didn't do my morning poop prior to shower as seemed to be plugged up a bit, but after wife went to work, I diapered up and added a suppository to help nudge things along. I was out and about doing errands after that, stopping at a home furnishing store for some furnace filters when I felt the first indications that poop was going to happen. I paid and left for another location, to fill my car up with fuel. As I pulled into the self serve pumps across from a middle aged lady, I again felt the urge but ignored it. Set up the gas pump and as I started to fill my tank, I glanced at the lady across from me and felt the urge to push, which I did and completely filled my diaper as I was finishing with the fuel. Good thing the breeze was blowing the right direction as I could certainly smell myself but the lady across the pump from me had no clue. I smiled at her as she finished as well and stepped into my vehicle for ride home, sitting on a pile of my own making. Just about to clean up the mess as I am stinking up my house now, and wife will be home in couple hours. PS That was the biggest mess I have made in a diaper that I can remember. It was filled from back to front and piled up in the middle yet, probably due to the fact that I had to dump a second load after I got home and was sitting around, as the urge was still there and I must have really been needing to go? Good thing that I had several diapers on as the first would have overflowed into my rubber panties and made even a bigger mess Clean up was kinda messy as well even as it was in the shower where I removed my protection. I tried to use the second diaper to wipe most of the sticky stuff off me, but it kept dropping onto the floor which has never happened to me either. Thank goodness for my hand held shower head as it made the clean up more efficient.
  10. Need a little advice

    I would add that there are other helpful items that work well, and don't add that chemical burn as you indicated, typical of the irritant laxatives. My doc prescribed the use of a glycerin type overnight laxative, like metamucil. It holds water as well in the bowel as well as adding fiber. Additionally if I am really constipated, a glycerin suppository works quite well without the severe cramping the typical dulcolax type of suppository creates. For me it takes a bit longer to work, but the impact is a natural feel or want to expel as opposed to the forced need that other laxatives create. Hope this helps, as I know how uncomfortable constipation can be!
  11. Controlled Involuntary Nighttime Wetting

    If you were up till 5AM, did you really get to spend any time in your bed?? Doesn't seem like much of a test to me.
  12. Interesting punishment- how imposed this upon you and were they around to clean up after the mess occurred?
  13. Pubic Hair Removal

    Nice to have friends with connections.
  14. Birthday in diapers

    Wow, a birthday to remember for sure!
  15. Who woke up wet this morning?

    Time to switch to cloth diapers and get some better waterproof panties