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  1. This is a great story of a mothers luv, and a boy who needs it. I hope you continue with more chapters, and the two of them continue to nurture this love-me thinks it is almost time that mommy starts to lactate (maybe that is what is happening in her enchantment room), as what better way to create a tight bond than to nurse her baby.
  2. I have woken up soaked for last three nights as when I travel, I always wear and use diapers.
  3. I woke up wet and messy three nights ago, as I was too lazy to get up from bed to poop into the potty.
  4. You will need to wear a onesie, which will insure nothing falls down, no matter how wet and heavy it gets.
  5. This has changed for larger gals and guys to today's method of just measuring around the chest just ABOVE the breast. Use the measurement directly if even and round up if odd. Finding cup size is as listed above. (you can confirm this by going to most web sites that sell bras, and review sizing instructions) I have worn bras for several years now as a result of breast development due to medications and my advanced age.
  6. Mothers are always correct but I prefer to " have to lay in it" in wet diapers as opposed to a wet bed, but that is my choice and I prepare for it accordingly.
  7. I too fly a lot, and have only read about a few cases where people were stopped due to saturated diapers. The most notable I recall was an older lady in a wheelchair several years back, that really stirred things up. She was required to go to the special attention room and disrobe so they could confirm that she only had a urine soaked wet diaper on underneath, what a bad publicity issue that turned into, but this is the time we live in, with idiots able to use liquids to generate explosives with so in end, I understand the motivation to check. Best advice, have on a dry or nearly diaper prior to this security screen!
  8. I guess that if you have a 24 hr personal care giver, changing a diaper every 2 hrs is acceptable. From my perspective, that would make for a rough night's sleep, but having been in similar situation, understand that when you are this ill, you will be checked for vitals at least this often so what's the difference if they also take care of the back end at same time? The larger point for this group, is that there are good diapers that will carry you through the night without concern, and there are the others, that really are only good for about 2 hrs- Great illustration of the differences!!
  9. I woke up soaking wet for 3 days in a row this week! In every case, my protection kept the bed dry, my goal as I was traveling again and did not want the hotel beds to get wet. I have multiple levels of protection starting with a bed protector, waterproof panties, and my choice of diapers. In this case, the choice of diapers worked well, as they managed quite well! (first time that the bed protector did not get even a small wet spot on it by morning) Thanks to some advice given a week or so, I cut more slits into my overnight soakers (especially in the front), used under my premium diaper choices, and this worked wonders. I can say, that even as the soakers were completely destroyed by morning (falling apart bad), and the premium diapers were quite wet as well, they did do the job under these conditions, containing multiple overnight soakings. Now I know the combination for overnight protection without concern!! PS As always, by the second night, I was wetting with little effort, just waking for a moment prior to and relaxing a bit- amazing how quickly this returns, like riding a bike I guess-- would luv to go 24/7 as expect I would be sleeping through this effort in no time at all but that is not in foreseeable future, so have to be happy with my special times.
  10. Once you are into mid 60's what's the point as typically a large percentage of older folks deal with incontinence in one form or another. As others have said, why fight it, simply go with the flow so to speak and enjoy your life best you can.
  11. I was able to do the last trial a couple days ago, but was a bit disappointed with the ATN as only using one extra diaper for a soaker, had to change it after about 3.5 hrs and half dozen morning soakings, and found that the tapes on the ATN were not designed to be re used, so I used some shipping tape to make due. the combination of the not tight enough diaper and fact that I was sitting at my desk caused some leg leaking after another hour so had to toss in the towel or diaper in this case. I will be traveling again next week and will do the soakers a bit different as suggested. A few more slits in the front of the diaper can't hurt anything, and considering I will be in bed wetting will allow the back of the diapers to do their job as well, so expect a couple of really wet and wonderful nights coming up. I expect this combination will allow the outer ATN to become soaked sooner, so should see the combination of both getting fully soaked at same time, which will extend the time to change out I expect. I was a bit disappointed in the performance of the salk water proof panties when sitting at my desk. Not sure why the legs started leaking when they did as I was not squishy or swimming yet at the time, maybe I need to find some fuller plastic panties with tighter leg and waist elastics? Any suggestions
  12. Sammi is in big girl trobble! looks like lots of stinky diapiees in her future and lots of time to think about them as well.
  13. I added a topic product review under the photos area where I added some pics of the different diapers I am evaluating. Hope that helps explain what I am working with. Will add the final review of the Tranquility ATN when I get the chance to give it a fair test
  14. I have been on this drug, Flomax for years now. It does not help you pee easier, but does allow a better stream when you do IE it does help shrink the prostate so the urethra is not squeezed limiting flow. I also helps in getting bladder to empty when you void. For us with enlarged prostates, it is very helpfull
  15. Maybe the guy was thinking, that might be me in a few years and was transfixed with the thoughts? Would suite him right for making you feel that way with his perving!