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  1. This is an easy one for me to answer as I am in late 60's and would simply say, prostate is acting up and I need to take precautions
  2. Whenever I travel, I always have a pull up on as the lack of it has created more serious problems for me in the past when accidents occur. Trust me, no one notices, at least when you are wearing a diaper. If you don't and have an accident as I did on several occasions, it is hard to miss a very wet pants.
  3. Thanks for understanding Stevewet- while I luv to sleep in and wet my diapers when I can, my wife would never understand this part of me so it is a thing I enjoy only when away. Since I had i UTI some months ago and wet my pants in an airplane, she does understand me wearing pull ups when I travel but that is different from the overnight diapers, waterproof pants, and bed protector I also take with me when I travel so I can sleep and soak my diapers PS Have learned to use the pull ups I wear during the day after slight modification with scissors for a good stuffer overnight, works great!!
  4. I will add my thanks for your continuation of this sweet story! What a wonderful and caring foster setup- as opposed to the all to often heard horror stories about how badly some have been treated. Keep up the good work!!!
  5. Woke up 6 of last 9 night soaked, on one occasion with my mattress protector saving the day for the hotel mattress. Back from the road again so have to "retrain" myself to stay dry all night again, getting up at first sign of the urge.
  6. My point in this from the start! If you don't make a scene or as said above "rub it in their face" what's the issue? Most posting here do make poopies in their diapers, some involuntary and others just go when they want to. If you plan accordingly, whats the difference???
  7. If you have a diaper on at the movies, what's the difference if its wet or dry, all the same from the public perspective?? In any case, if I do a messy diaper in public, it is not something that I have any control over, it just happens typically. If I start to notice the smell, I always leave the area, including leaving a movie before the ending. Some of the comments here are starting to lean toward the thought that if you can't control your bowels, or if you mess yourself you should not be out in public?? This seems a bit ridicules as there are many that do just that on regular basis, as they have to live with this daily. The critical point here should be if you mess when out, you need to leave the area as soon as you believe it is noticeable for a change- I don't believe any of us wants to purposely stink up the joint in public. As I have said in the past, even if I make a noticeable sound around folks when messing, I quickly apologize and leave the area, nasty odor is a similar situation for me.
  8. Wow Stevewet, you choose well!
  9. I had an opportunity again this week to sleep in diapers, and the last night i messed myself very early in the morning, sleeping another 3 hrs after. In this case, it was close to diarrhea and It was not at all like what I described above, as was not that noticeable other than the smell. I also found the sensation, even after waking and doing my routine for some time prior to going to shower, not that different from just a soaked diaper--interesting
  10. I still wear my panties over the top of my pullups when traveling. After all, a sissy still needs his panties it seems.
  11. Anyone wearing diapers on a regular basis has had many "accidents" in public. My self, the notable stinkies were at a movie (got up and left right after) while checking out at a grocery line, while on freeway ( had to stop at next rest area-really bad blowout and not tire) and while pumping gas on one occasion. Doing peepee happens so often it is not even worth a mention of as that is something that happens with little concern and no one is the wiser, except for me when the britches get warmed up for a short time again. More mentionable are the few times that I have wet my pants in public when not wearing a diaper, and that has happened on an airplane, and in shopping mall. The point, wearing diapers in public to avoid the scene of wetting your pants is far more discreet that not.
  12. Another week of travel and another week of waking up wet-Yeah!! To Rachel E's point, I did have to depend on my mattress protector again one day this week as even with a good overnight disposables diaper with a soaker added, I leaked a bit. I only truly feed well protected with my cloth diapers I use when I can at home.
  13. I consider my self a sissy for some of the reasons already mentioned. First, I have a very small wee wee, second I wear panties all the time, and third, I wear bras for my growing breast most all the time as well. Even when I wear a diaper for travel, I still wear panties over it?? Not sure what other to call me than simply a sissy??
  14. I share the same concerns as rusty pins has! In my case, I have had both of my knees done, in the first case I had the cath put in and was not removed for several days-that was a problem for me as I had more trouble with the results of that due to prostrate issues than recovering from the surgery. In the case of the second knee, I insisted that they not use the cath, and was given diapers instead just after leaving the operating room. The point, if you insist on not getting the cath for good reason, it appears the staff, at least in Mn, will respect your wishes.