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  1. deewet

    The Visitor

    Luv the attitude of the last update! I grew up out in the country as well, and got to know meaning of hard work. After 50 yrs of it, I am comfortable in retirement, but not rich by most measures. I do know a lot of folks that retired early from farming, and are very wealthy, mostly due to the huge land appreciation that occurred over my generation. (some of the farm programs over the years helped as well) You would never know it though as like you said, they simply moved to town, or a nice country estate, and other than the nice new house, and not jumping on the tractor every morning, they never changed their attitudes. The best part of our country is if you really have a good work ethic, are ambitious and willing to take a bit of risk on occasion by investing rather than spending your earnings on fun , you can make it big in many cases. This is true all across the country- I have witnessed it many times over my years of travel!!
  2. deewet

    Diaper day outdoors

    Yesterday was one of those days where I had the entire day to my self, as wife was working and had no kid help assignments to attend to so of course it became a diaper day. I started first thing in the morning with a only a belted shield, and my waterproof panties, and after I kissed wiffey good by for the day, finished up by adding a taped on overnight diaper to the mix. I messed around the house for most of the morning, changing my now wet shield just prior to the house cleaner arriving. I added a booster for good measure, and went about my outdoor chores, of mowing the yard, taking some tree branches down, hauling all this stuff out to recycle, running a few errands etc. Latter on in the day, I was working with my yard trimmer, and the predicted showers arrived so I went inside. All day I had been drinking and peeing freely into my diapers believing my waterproof panties would protect me, but to my surprise, I found that not to be the case when I sat in front of my computer and wet the chair. Silly me, I had soaked all my diapers, and the leak occurred out the top back of my waterproof pantie as it had slipped down a bit. I guess I got the full treatment as I had to change not only my soaked diapers, but my wet pants and wet shirt, but still the day was worth every minute of wearing and wetting a diaper without concern!
  3. deewet

    Going 24/7

    Certainty is the choice for better absorption.
  4. deewet

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Yes, lucky Sara but where does Nick fit into this?
  5. deewet

    Going 24/7

    Great decision to quite the cigs! I lost my mother years back to this nasty habit at an early age and have been on a campaign to keep rest of my family away from this habit since. Have one son in law yet to convince of that. About the daily wear, I too use your choice of diaper during the day when I can, but as mentioned in other posts, add a belted diaper first as a booster that is easy to change out. Works very well for me, as I can wear the taped on diaper most of the day as a result. Good luck with your choice and again congrats for leaving the tobacco behind!
  6. deewet

    My mother's vist

    On this mothers day, it hard to not say anything good about our mothers. Remember, they gave you the best gift of all, your life! Having said that, if your mother comes for a visit, even an extended one, you must accept her with open arms. You can place limits on some of the issues you can talk about if it has been a problem over the years, but you must respect her and her religious beliefs, even if they are not yours. With that in mind, it works both ways. If you regularly wear diapers, I would not hide this, simply find a way to tell your mother. While you don't have to tell her that you wear these simply for pleasure, there are little white lies that can help like I have developed a "xxx" over time and these give me peace of mind or something. I am sure your mother will understand, as it is certain she knows others at her age that also use diapers on regular occasion. You must not turn your mother away simple because you don't agree with her religious or political beliefs, she is still your birth mother, the only one you will ever have and you must continue a loving relation with her no matter what. When she passes on, you will deeply regret or even hate yourself if this is not the case!
  7. deewet

    Visit from the Diaper Lady

    Yes, it is a really good story line, please keep it going and up to date! Lots of potential
  8. As I mentioned above, I use a belted pad with the addition of a taped on diaper for this reason. I have found the Wallgreens belted products to be as good and any, as they do hold a lot. One final note, If I plan to be out for more than about an hour, I will take one pad, cut the backing in several places and place it into another and follow this with a taped on diaper, kinda like a booster. This extra combination is still easy to change when out and in a hurry, but does a great job of holding several wetting's. Final note, if you are "full uncontrolled wetter" you need a premium or cloth diaper to contain this flow rate.
  9. Agree totally with forever, it is so common today it goes without concern especially with older folks or mothers- just look at all the adverts on these days, there has to be a large audience or customer base to support all that effort
  10. deewet

    Another Peeing into Your Diaper

    Interesting topic but I have seen this theme used in several story lines, and it was not involved only in guy on guy. I recall one story, not sure the title any more, where a girl babysitting a young guy(who always fantasized about her) she knew from high school, left him sleeping for the night in a diaper she had soiled and urinated in prior to putting it on him, telling him he could now dream about her all night long! Wow, that would be the ultimate
  11. deewet

    Tommy's Tribulations

    Seriously, he is 16 years old I believe was written, and that is a bit old for child services. If he can't manage his own toilet habits by this time during the day, and continues to wet the bed at night, he needs to be in diapers and sooner he recognizes this the better- a firm hand in that direction with a little positive reinforcement about following the rules should be helpful.
  12. When I wear a diaper during the day and plan to go out, I have found that a "thin" but discrete tape on diaper is good for catching anything lost by the belted heavy pads I wear under them. What this gives me is ability to quickly change a wet pad as necessary when needed, but the protection still of a tape on diaper. This system seems to fit all my needs very well
  13. deewet

    How was your first time in a diaper?

    I am not sure of the age, but it must have been in very early teens when I started to experiment with wetting. It started with toilet paper that I would fold up into a pad and than support the pad with longer sheets of paper so I could sit on the toilet and wet through this pad. As you would expect, it didn't hold much prior to falling off into the bowl but was a short spurt of feeling a diaper wetting. Shortly after that, I found some older cloth diapers that were being used as rags and garbed a few to take to my special hiding place, a hideout so to speak in some old equipment we had in our back yard. I collected a few safety pins which were at that time used as diaper pins and learned first hand what a cloth diaper felt like to wet in. Unfortunately I did not take proper care of the used diapers and soon they were reduced to rotting cloth. Jump ahead at least 15 years and I purchased my first disposable diapers which I would often wear and use after work when traveling. This continued to where I am today, so my love for diapers traced back to when I was growing up it seems.
  14. deewet

    Venus Institute

    Seems like Michelle is doomed to diapers and bottles for a while. Not sure how the change from Mike to Michelle will progress but it should be interesting. What a fine institution, wish they existed for real!!! Probably would be a great solution to what we now have especially with the younger generation in some of the worst cities.
  15. deewet

    Bad Husband, Better Baby

    Oh what a cliff hanger, seems like Nick and Sara are both getting pegged. Need to see how this develops as it is sure getting interesting!! Would be exciting to put Nick in a situation where he could see Sara getting nailed while George was doing him, and same for Sara- she could see Nick get his while she was getting hers. Kristy is certainly in control at this point, now only a matter of time till Sara and Nick understand that and start begging Kristy for more of the same!!!