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  1. Thanks for the following

  2. Amazon also has some product lines and they offer locker throughout US including Tennessee http://www.findlocker.com/amazon-lockers-all-zips in case you like it more private.
  3. It has been around some years, but every time watching it just amazes me in so many ways.
  4. Thank you Alvin for posting, for a tech person and DL a marvel to watch. Same here I always shared this ingenuity about how a diaper works. Left on the desire list is to see a video of a fully automated production line.
  5. Interesting to see main stream media like Bloomberg covering adult diapers. I believe from pointers in the article like "adult incontinence is a market that’s recently become too big—and lucrative—to remain in the shadows.", which indicates to me that there will be more discussion and awareness in the future around adult diapers throughout the society. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-11/the-adult-diaper-market-is-about-to-take-off
  6. Zoomed by the 2000 view! Nice. 

  7. Reaching 2000 profile views soon, wow! 

  8. So sorry to hear. Best wishes.
  9. My mom told me several times that I was potty trained early on, before 24 months mark not sure exactly when, because she compared me to my younger brother who needed longer. I also often keep wondering if that has anything to do with my DL love.
  10. Hello how are you doing :)

  11. I just wanted to find out how often other members use Desitin or similar diaper rash cream. For myself I wear 24/7 and do have rather sensitive skin. This led me to apply a thin layer in the morning and also one in the evening before bedtime. You could say I am depended to the zinc oxide treatment, but I had no problems or side effects whatsoever. Do you use some? How frequently or how much?
  12. I wish that would be also true for the yellow pages books .. .. just had another one in-front of my door, which like nearly all of them end in the trash bin. What a waste of valuable resources.
  13. Hello DL4LIFE, welcome to DD and there is a lot you wrote about I can very much relate to. Like you it also took me 40 something years to finally accept being a DL and what a difference that makes.
  14. Welcome John and I guess you have a many stories to tell with all kind of ups and downs. I hope to read more in the future.
  15. Thank you for the info and link to get custom made pants.