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  1. rosalie.bent

    Accidental exposure to family due to technology?

    It means you need to be clever and assume the worst. And that is just with regular kids. Most kids will try to snoop at times. its part of who they are.
  2. rosalie.bent

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    Trying to understand God is difficult and easy all at once. Getting to know Him is easy and is a matter of faith and decision. UNderstanding Him however is a life-long journey where you learn a lot, but never all or even remotely like it. There is no better journey than the discovery of God.
  3. rosalie.bent

    Accidental exposure to family due to technology?

    about 20 years ago, our son found a CD of Bytemine images and looked through them. It was found because he was looking in paces he shouldnt. Part of the problem with being private about ABDL is that this assumes others will treat your privacy with respect. Sadly, this just isnt always true.
  4. rosalie.bent

    Think Before You Act!

    Legality is our minimum standard of behaviour, but if that is all we ever abide by, we will constantly be in trouble - just not legal trouble. ABDLs are not respected by the community for reasons that area largely ignorant and unreasonable. But we can debate and defend ABDL using facts and truth. The LAST thing we need is the stupid nonsense by the fringe that lables the rest as something they are not. The whole discussion of ethics and morality is that it is a HIGHER standard than mere legality. This is why I oppose those who go out publicly in just diapers since it can only make things worse for everyone else. I applaud the responses of members to criticise this. In a way, I do understand the drive that caused him to do this, but at the same time, we do have to build boundaries around our behaviour and make those boundaries strong and rigid.
  5. rosalie.bent

    Agnosticism and Me

    Hence the very nature of 'faith'. For me, I already have all the proof of God's existence that I could ever need, or anyone needs, but it was appropriated personally and therefore I cannot i've you faith or explain it to you. At the same time however, my proof of God is absolute. You could try and prove Einsteins General relativity using maths as long as you want and you will fail because I do not understand the physics nor math involved. I can (and do) take this theory on faith, but I cannot prove it and you cannot prove it to me. Faith in God is similar in a way, I have 100% proof of God and yet without a similar frame of reference (cue Einsteinian physics!) I cannot prove it to you at all. it does not mean it cannot be proven.
  6. I know of several who have said that being forced by circumstance to poo in the toilet is something they dislike and regret. I dont get it (obviously) but having raised children you will sometimes find a child that refuses the potty and then does in their nappy, so perhaps it is just another aspect of regression.
  7. rosalie.bent

    Mixed Religion

    Well the Bible itself says that there is but ONE WAY to God and that is through Jesus Christ. Our own personal opinions mean nothing on this matter. Only what is truth matters.
  8. rosalie.bent

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    It doesnt sound like you've been around church for a long time and you might do to investigate it before making some of these rather wild claims.
  9. rosalie.bent

    wearing in your backyard

    But those cameras are not accessible to the general public and that is a BIG difference. There is an enormous difference in a global surveillance camera system for law enforcement or intelligence - which I would still oppose - an a voyeuristic approach.
  10. rosalie.bent

    Who woke up wet this morning?

    How many of you would genuinely like to fully end your bedwetting? This is a genuine question.
  11. rosalie.bent

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    The OP and most of the respondents fail to get a proper understanding because they fail to fully understand the non-temporal nature of God. Unsurprisingly, we humans find it exceptionally difficult to think or act or conceive in a manner that excludes the temporal. Even when we consider notions like Eternity or an eternal God, we use time as a reference to our understanding. Predestination is a doctrine that is not wrong, but also far from correct because it assumes a temporal interpretation. And so here is the clue: God does not merely see the future and the past. HE LITERALLY INHABITS ALL OF TIME all at once. He is there at the creation. He is there at your birth and He is there at your death - all at the same time. Jesus refers to Himself as the alpha and omega - the beginning and the end. Not the beginning OR the end, but both simultaneously. Even more powerful is that one of the most significant names of God is "I AM". This is a name that transcends time. It is not merely a designation of immortality, but a statement that He is ALWAYS THERE, no matter when or where. Giving us free will means we are free to screw up or to reject Him and most do that. God knows what will happen to you because He is there right now watching it. Predestination is both mostly right and yet hopelessly inadequate in regards to the whole truth.
  12. rosalie.bent

    baby clothes

    all of your clothes look wonderful!
  13. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    So it sounds like you are making your claim based on your personal biases. You dont believe in God therefore there cant be miracles. And then when you ask people for proof that God exists you claim that there is no evidence because you reject it all. I have a daughter whose severe spina bifida, complete with literal hole in the spine, was completely cured overnight. If you ever want to look for proof of the existence of God, you might want to start with a clean sheet of paper and leave your biases out of it.
  14. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    To be fair, you are falling into the constant trap of making a miracle IMPOSSIBLE to prove because it is the occurrence of an IMPOSSIBLE event. Sometimes, needing proof means you miss out on what is happening around you.