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  1. Stained absorbing pad

    We use 'Nappy San' which is a local bleach/whitener and all of our nappies and onesies remain bright and white despite having a number of pooped nappies as well. Hanging outside int he sun however is probably the best as it deodorises as well as whitens.
  2. Free ABDL Book

    what is your email address and I will see what has happened. it is possible that some responses get lost, but I will fix it for you.
  3. Sissies In Cloth Diapers

    I get that. I get a little annoyed on may topics where the same old ridiculous and disproven arguments come around time and time again and you get sick of restating the obvious. The comparison between cloth and disposable will vary greatly from person to person, but if you are 24.7 it is ALWAYS cheaper and by quite the margin.
  4. Sissies In Cloth Diapers

    I hope it helps
  5. Sissies In Cloth Diapers

    Sure thing. The economics of cloth diapers does depend on a lot of variables and an important one is laundering. It needs to be done properly and well and having a good place to air dry as tumble dryers are massively expensive to run. We rarely use them and only in emergencies. Also, it is important to have a good stock of cloth diapers so that you can rotate them and not have them all die on you at the same time. Same goes for plastic pants. We have discovered very early on that you buy QUALITY product because buying cheap doesnt last and is more costly in the long run. Also we are in Australia where the cost of cloth diapers (and disposable) tends to be higher than the USA and our power costs are literally HIGHEST in the world. But we recently installed a 10kW solar system so that has dropped the effective cost of electricity over 90% Personal choice and personal circumstances will always affect the final result, but I am confident that cloth will always be MUCH cheaper, if not as convenient.
  6. Sissies In Cloth Diapers

    We are very pro-cloth and even put together a spreadsheet to compare costs of disposables vs cloth. Cloth wins by a mile. it is based on having your own washing machine of course. if you have to use a laundromat, it is much more expensive and inconvenient. https://abdiscovery.com.au/nappy-diaper-comparison/
  7. "There's a Baby in My Bed!"

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!
  8. There's a baby in my bed. Just read it.

    I am so pleased that the book is having a positive impact on you all. You might want to check out our other titles on www.abdiscovery.com.au
  9. I feel like I am in the minority

    I think the OP is correct in that among the ABDL community, those that wear only and dont wet are a small minority. The majority and probably the VAST majority, wear diapers and wet into them. For many, a diaper isnt being worn properly until it is at leas a bit wet.
  10. Free ABDL Book

    Hi everyone! We are giving away our 100+ page book - "Being an Adult baby" in PDF format. So if you want it, go to www.abdiscovery.com.au and enter your email address and we will send it to you. I hope you are all doing well! Cheers!
  11. The Benifits of Wearing Diapers Full-time

    My hubby wears 247 and is generally responsible for his own nappy changes. However, during baby time, I take charge and responsibilty for his nappy changes as he isnt particularly responsible - like most toddlers.
  12. The Benifits of Wearing Diapers Full-time

    That is exactly true. We wrote and article exactly on this point. https://abdiscover.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/24-7.pdf
  13. My Wife's Words About Her Husband In Diapers

    That is phenomenal and I would love to quote this on my website.
  14. Old Commercials & Little Space

    Your 'fuzzyness'' is not uncommon. Strongly regressive ABs dont really realise when it is role-play rather than core regression. Conversely, pure age-players have no idea that regression is even real and common. Even in our own ABDL community, ignorance of what it is and how it works for various people is still pretty common.
  15. Afraid to start wearing diapers?

    Wearing in public is easy and as pointed out before, NO ONE NOTICES or cares. As long as you wear a onesie so that your nappy is covered and dont wear a super, super thick nappy or tight clothes, no one will ever know and even if they did, wont care. Ive never seen a single person in public wearing a diaper and yet I am sure there are hundreds I've missed. Be clever and be discreet and there is no problem.