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  1. the outward expression of ABDL certainly does change over time even if the initial driver remains the same. OUr personal experience - and that of others - is that as you explore or are allowed more regressive time and experience you change what is important to you. Things you didnt feel were important - like bottle feeding - becomes really important whil perhaps overly-frillly baby dresses make way for plainer, but more practical wear. Also our personal circumstances can change a lot and it affects how much regressive time we need - or get. But as one person wrote, one change that DOESNT HAPPEN is that it never goes away. It is there forever.
  2. It was quite interesting if somewhat torturous to read. There is nothing new in there although it is better than most. One poster wrote that therapists are in no hurry to work on this area because there is 'no cure', which is true and disappointing. If they could learn that even if some emotional problem CAN be cured, it usually isnt. Just as in many phsyical and medical conditions, learning to live with it is usually the goal. What we write about in our books is largely directed towards helping people to understand and therefore live more easily with regression.
  3. We usually wear cloth and even then we still have around 100 disposables around the place. If we need to travel for a week or two then there goes 40-50 already. Now the number of CLOTH nappies is a different matter.
  4. Its not about TWO ABDLs in a relationship (although that IS covered) but rather an ABDL in a relationship with a non-ABDL which is vastly more common.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Never give up tho because if it were to be possible... you still need to be looking.
  6. Thanks glennie... so far 48 have done it but our large ABDL survey has 2200+ people so far.
  7. Hi everyone. We have a new survey available on ABDL/non-ABDL relationships. We want to find out as much current info as we can so please jump in and fill it out plus any of the other ones https://abdiscovery.com.au/surveys/ THANKS!
  8. There certainly IS enough nastiness to go around. I have discovered over way too many years that people of high moral standing and of a focus on the needs and rights of others are pretty rare. There are always people ready to protest and man the barricades over a discrimination that affects them or to support the latest 'trendy' issue, but outside of that, most people are pretty self-absorbed and their 'concern and outrage' is short-lived at best. There is a Biblical Parable of the man who was forgiven a huge debt and then threw someone in debtors prison over a small debt. Most people are similar. Ive seen it also when a well-known TV evangelist got caught in adultery and some of the loudest voices in condemnation were later revealed as doing the same thing. Anyhow...
  9. Hypocrisy is pretty typical for most people. I wish however it were not so.
  10. It's not hard to be diapered and not noticed. You just need to be sensible and its rather easy to do.
  11. It could be that it was written BY a woman, FOR women with ABDL partners and therefore you are on the opposite side of the equation. Ive had some people criticise that the book is very much biased toward a woman's perspective but of course, that is the majority of circumstances. Women and men handle this all very, very differently, henc the way the book was written. for most women, ABDL is at best weird but for many, frightening and disgusting. So any improvement in that attitude would be absolutely stellar! Ive found it amusing in one way and disappointing in others that after Gays have fought so hard and so long for equality, they are generally not at all interested in equality for other non-mainstream behaviours. its pretty standard for humanity however.
  12. thanks and my hubby is like you with a science background and delights in concise, to-the-point type of books and communication. This is one of the very big differences between men and women. Women tend to communicate by relationship while men communicate via facts. I agree with your assessment of the DL/Fetish with little to no regression element and the absence of material for them and that is something we plan to address although not immediately. Thanks!
  13. Its a tough deal for a lot of ABDLs isnt it? Hence my book to try and help partners at least make a small step closer.
  14. You're 21 years old. Your experience is relatively small compared to most people here. And like it or not, you are still expressing nothing more than YOUR OPINION - the thing you accuse me of. AB and diapers causes enormous rifts in relationships and frankly, your lack of knowledge of that is disturbing since pretty much everyone else already knows that. And what 'research' have you done to support your 'opinion'? We can bring 20 years of experience to the table, literally THOUSANDS of survey results and many hundreds of personal emails and letters. And seriously... tumblr as a source of credible data? The book is written for those people whose partners wear diapers and they cant cope with it. I truly dont care if you dont believe such people exist. It is amusing that you think you are in anyway typical of the rest of the population. When you've been an adult longer than the few minutes you have so far, you might discover what is really going on.