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  1. sure think or email me on [email protected] which might be easier. Sorry Christine, but that was largely word salad and once again you missed the point. You are NOT 4-7yo and never will be. AB experience for everyone else is about conceptual rediscovery and experience of the infant/toddler state, not actual infancy because just like you... THAT TIME IS OVER and will not return. I'm not sure you understand AB regression at all. The adult does not disappear nor would you ever want that. The infant persona is allowed temporary primacy of existence and expression but never overpowers or replaces the adult. You ability to understand, also remains adult, even if you allow it to fashion an infantile version of expression. You seem to want nothing less than to be a literal 4-7yo child living in 1948 with the world as it was then in every degree.
  2. Sorry to hear you lost your OS trip. But your journey to 24/7 is not atypical. You are finding you are starting to wet at night without awareness and that will only increase. Also, day wetting will begin to occur when you are in nappies. You may find you are dry when not in nappies but wet by accident when you are in them. Eventually however, time out of nappies will be risky. I know what you mean about your 'non-nappy-wearing headspace'. Ive seen that in action and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. Only you know yourself, but reading your missives, it is apparent that you need to b 24/7 for your sanity and emotional well-being. I understand that your wife is not exactly a supporter, but you may need to do this anyway just to be able to handle life. Personally, I dont get it, but I've seen a truly dramatic difference in my own hubby/baby that the inconvenience of nappies and babying is worth the improved relationship and happiness. Best of luck on your journey.
  3. No offence intended, but much of that was word salad and somewhat obtuse. You seem to connect to specific temporal objects while everyone else connects to temporal CONCEPTS. Your understanding of ABDL authenticity is also faulty. Authenticity is NOT replication as that is generally not possible and you are experiencing the frustration of that impossibility. Authentic ABDL experience is a combination of conceptual recreation, not attempting time travel. None of us can return to actual infancy nor time travel. ABDLs seek to recreate the emotional and internal connection to that infancy. I'm not trying to be overly critical here, but you are quite different to everyone else and that is apparent in your posts which I have read for quite a number of years. WHen an older AB wants cloth diapers, they are happy for them to be the modern equivalents because the concept is important. I would suggest that there is something else going on more than ABDL that forces you to recreate an actual time, rather than the ABDL desire to return to conceptual infancy.
  4. Finding your own 'better half' is always a challenge. Doing it with someone ABDL tolerant is just that bit harder!
  5. Definitions can drive you crazy, but let me add some extra confusion. I have noticed something important among quite a number of whom I have asked about this question. Typically, someone 'identifies' with a certain age, but in the vast majority of cases, have little opportunity to express it freely or for extended periods. But when a person does have the freedom to extensively express the inner baby, that 'age' becomes consistently LOWER than it was before, often significantly so. When you have only rare opportunity to wear diapers, dress up or be a baby, you only get to scratch the surface, but when you have many hours or even days and it is available to you freely and often, you explore the inner identity and most times, become a great deal younger. You dont change per se; you simply discover the real you inside. The '3yo' becomes a 1yo. The 2yo becomes a 6mo. and the 5yo... becomes a toddler. What I am saying is that perhaps some of the wide range of 'ages' is perhaps environmental and given the opportunity, they would mostly all regress back to the infant/toddler range. After all, a 9yo in diapers is in basic conflict with real life in the vast majority. It suggests that the person may in fact be a great deal 'younger' if given the opportunity. I've not researched this in any real way other than anecdotal, but it is a constant experience that repeated, lengthy and easy access to regressed time, leads to a significantly lower age of the identity. Maybe the reason you dont relate to anyone anymore is that your own personal expression is extremely rigid. You seem to want items literally from a specific year and objects precisely as you originally experienced them. Regressive ABs are typically not like that. Those that grew up in cloth diapers may have a preference for them but can still wear disposables. They dont need diapers and toys exactly from their toddler years. In many ways, ABs are the perpetual infants of society and grow in style as time progresses while still remaining infants. You however, seem to be stuck in a literal time period not a developmental period. You dont understand how ABs can relate to baby items from different eras. That is because ABDLs are stuck in a developmental age while you are stuck in 1948.
  6. I am so pleased you have found a sense of balance and peace. I've seen my own baby go thru the same struggle and 24/7 was a rescue for him and allowing the baby to come out and exist was a revelation. Very happy for you!
  7. It is indeed possible that you left a lot of it behind. That is a common feeling even if it isnt technically true.
  8. I figured there was an external reason. We keep some plain nappies for doctors visits and in case of hospitals etc.
  9. All I can tell you is that in Rearz, my baby is a medium but in ABU, is a Large. Maybe you should just get a could samples so you can tell which is best. My baby is also on the border betwee M and L. We got a pack of Tykables in medium but they were really too small and only barely did the job. All you can do is try a few and see. ABU single packs are expensive but boxes are very well priced. Do you need plain nappies specifically?
  10. Been there, done that. Not every baby thinks they need changing, BUT I DO!
  11. IF we want the right to be adult babies without the ridiculous insults, abuse and insinuations that we currently get, we need to support those that are 'outed' as such. Not all ABs that go public do us a good service, but Paigey does nothing wrong by modern morals so lets stand up for her Remember, the next person that gets outed may be you. You might want some support s well.
  12. So why dont we all get on the comments and express support for her? How about we stand up and be counted? You all want to be accepted, right? Then be the first in line to experss acceptance online... NOW.
  13. I dont think she is doing anything at all wrong. yes, the public thinks it is weird, but that is hardly news. She keeps in indoors and online, not in public view or inappropriately. BTW Paigey is a computer science graduate so not at all some kind of dimwit. She is courageous and has made it work for her and that is more than most. No one other than us is ever going to understand why someone wants to live fulltime as a baby. The least we can do is express that understanding. Is it wise for her to be so open? Perhaps not, but that is not for us of all people to be critical of. If ABDL is to ever be understood and accepted, it will need a whole lot of Paigeys to go before us opening the minds of a rather close-minded public.
  14. Sorry to hear that. We managed to avoid bankruptcy, but only just. It seems your health system is impossibly unaffordable. The rest of the world wonders why you dont have what everyone else has - universal health care. The screams of 'socialism' make no sense.
  15. Yes, it will happen eventually, but until it does, every ABDL needs to behave knowing that it is not accepted and comes with reputational risks.