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  1. Going to diapers 24/7: Embracing the inner baby

    I think #2 is personal choice (for most). For some it is natural to mess in a diaper and therefore will do so unless there is a good reason not to. Peeing ios much easier and therefore less of an issue for most people.
  2. We have recently written an article on going to diapers 24/7 and the reasons and advantages from doing so. I hope some people find this useful. https://abdiscover.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/24-7.pdf Cheers!
  3. It is a difficult journey and I understand that. My hubby is a very regressive, very babyish type and squelching it was killing him and harming our relationship. It was ME who had to get in with the program more than he and I accept that. But we also have a fabulous and very fulfilling adult relationship and so the 'quid pro quo' part is easily settled. Although, that is a poor reason to do it. I love him and ABDL is a genuine and powerful need and as his wife I am in fact duty-bound to be of some assistance and understanding. Of course, it is never that easy. I guess all you can do is try and find the right person and then do the right thing by them and trust that in the middle of this muddle, something great can happen.
  4. What Does A Diaper Dream Mean?

    Until this current administration, Dan Quayle was the stupidest, dimmest person to hold executive office. Trump nicely tops him in that.
  5. Perfectly stated! We have said in most of our writings and books that relationships with ABs can ONLY work if the adult-adult relationship is sound and functional. ABDL is NOT the basis of a life-long relationship. As stated above, many relationships that are based purely on sex, falter when the sex becomes less or boring. But my hubby and I are flourishing in a near 40 year long marriage that encompasses many, many things. ABDL is a relative late-comer. Adult relationships MUST be your top priority and ABDL a long way down the priority list. Ironically, this is how it actually WORKS to everyones advantage!
  6. Airport security patted down and bag search

    Tourism to the USA is down 7% this year and falling like a stone. This is just one reason why. As the partner of one in diapers, I would never risk the experiences indicated above and so will never visit the USA. There are plenty of other places in the world that dont start with the assumption that you are a terrorist or criminal.
  7. It's been a while now and I dont know how this has turned out, but my gut reaction is that the OP is being immature and irresponsible and the fiance is struggling with something that she sees as pretty serious. Compromise is the key to managing all of this, but I also pick up an indication of immature behaviour on the part of the OP. I am married to a very regressive, very babyish husband who has struggled for decades with managing it, just as I have struggled with understanding and accepting it. I empathise with her. But the OP seems to have some impulse control problems. there is no way that ABDL behaviour is appropriate in public, no matter how strong the need or drive is. My husband suffered through strong needs but not once embarrassed me or himself in public. That has to be an absolutely non-negotiable condition for any relationship. I know that having a balanced and managed outlet for ABDL needs is fundamental for working this thru in a relationship. We live this concept daily! And it works. But is is based on compromise, acceptance and and understanding of the realities of life. We cannot live as babies. We cannot be babies whenever and wherever we choose. It would be interesting to hear how this all works out.
  8. I need help

    It might be worth asking yourself why you involve yourself in the ABDL 'thing' in the first place. Speaking as an outsider myself, ABDL is deeply odd and in fact, off-putting and it is a surprise that anyone would just hang around and read the fiction etc. Is there perhaps a latent desire that has always been there but been fairly small. Even of a desire to look, but not enough to touch or act on? Perhaps you have finally reached a stage where this latent and low-level desire has grown just slightly and now wants some experimentation? If I am honest, I wouldnt rush into it. Perhaps it might be better to run away from it now while you still can. This might sound surprising, but a number of ABDLs certainly wish they didnt have this going on in their lives. So if this concerns you, you have just two choices: experiment and see how you feel or run away and leave it alone. Hope that helps!
  9. Excepted

    He means that 'accepts' is the correct word and not 'except'. They have totally different meanings.
  10. My problem with ADISC.org

    While I totally subscribe to the efforts of keeping minors off sites like this, the problem remains that ABDLs dont start as adults. In fact, the 'A' is a misnomer since the vast majority of ABs 'start' as very young children. The opportunity for teens etc to safely discuss this issue is very limited and legally suspect. Im not sure there is a viable solution, but it is still sad.
  11. Cheap diapers are just not worth it

    We learned very early on that quality and performance was the most important issue. Cheap diapers dont last and a uneconomic. Plus, if you have to wear all the time, you want them to be comfortable and again, only the best will do.
  12. I'm just going to pick on the pastor that knows you are ABDL and now feels he cannot marry you? Que??? Since when is having a behavioural trait, preference or sexual fetish even of interest to a pastor and why should it make any difference? I am increasingly despondent on the state of American pastors who seem to be interested in everything other than the Word of God. When I find 81% of american christians support Trump I wonder what exactly happened to morality and basic fundamental Christianity. I know this i something of a rant, but to think that any Christian could support the moral turpitude of Donald Trump appalls me. /rant
  13. Interesting Undergarment Study

    2 hours protection is as good as useless. Rearz diapers give 12 hours. Now THAT is useful.
  14. Caught in Diapers at Home

    Sigh... wearing diapers is not illegal. Masturbating is not illegal. Even if he could hear you masturbating (and he cant) he still has no claim.
  15. Caught in Diapers at Home

    I find this story unlikely. The chances of someone knowing you wear diapers in your own place is pretty low and masturbation is not noisy enough for anyone to hear in another apartment. You either overheard it wrong or he is using illegal activities to spy. My guess is that classic ABDL paranoia is playing into what you THINK you heard.