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  1. Adult Baby Discovery

    Yeah:) search for 'baby' on here and you get about 150,000 links LOL Cheers!
  2. Adult Baby Discovery

    Hi Freta. AB-discovery is our company for all our books, videos, surveys and articles. We do actually advertise on DD so I am surprised we didnt come up.
  3. the 'joy of bedwetting'?

    Im glad you liked that book. We are about to embark on a significant overhaul of our diaper-attraction model by including a 'non-sexual, non-regressive preference for diapers' into it.
  4. I love this fetish but any tips to calm it down?

    One of the big problems in ABDL circles is that diapers are more than a fetish or something we like. They are often a deeply rooted psychological need that has to be addressed. And for some people, that need/drive can be exceedingly strong and tend to interfere in life if not dealt with. Ive seen that first-hand. 24/7 diapers for my baby restored balance by giving him back his perspective and ability to function without constant AB drives messing things up. The other point is that everyone is different. For some nothing short of 24/7 will resolve the issue. For others less draconian measures like wearing to bed only ot wearing regularly at home will work. But the clue is in understanding that it is not merely some fetish or 'want', but far more deeply constructed than that.
  5. How Long To Train Yourself To Bed Wet?

    I understand your point. One thing we faced were doctors wondering why he was wearing diapers. Surely we would prefer all these exercises and medical tests and going to the toilet every 30 mins and then having 'only' 1-2 wet beds a week, right? Trying to get them to understand that diapers were a 100% solution to the problem. 100%. Unless something can restore 100% continence and good bladder capacity, wearing diapers is still a vastly better solution.
  6. Banned members

    The problem with ADISC is that hundreds and perhaps thousands of people were banned for 'lying about their age'. The real question is how anyone at ADISC would know that and in most cases, they wouldnt. This is just their way of banning people they dont like for other reasons. I was banned for 'lying about my age' when the truth was that they didnt like what I said. This is why ADISC is so worthless.
  7. I love this fetish but any tips to calm it down?

    We had the same experience. Taking my baby to 24/7 essentially 'tamed' his diaper drive and allowed him to be more balanced. its ironic but 24/7 just works so well for so many people.
  8. There are no DL websites

    You are quite correct. it is a spectrum where most are AB.
  9. I love this fetish but any tips to calm it down?

    The problem cn be a complex one. this article https://abdiscover.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/24-7.pdf Might help as it is about the therapeutic value in going 24/7. Ironically, going 24/7 actually HELPS diapers overtaking your thoughts all the time.
  10. Banned members

    I didnt say there was any logic in it. I was saying that you allow kids on your sex-themed website at your legal jeopardy. We all know there are underage kids on sites like this since we cant actually stop them, but to encourage it openly, will case the website owners serious trouble.
  11. There are no DL websites

    'diaper attraction', which is what ABDL is about, is a three-way split between diaper fetish, baby regression and role play all in individual ratios. In my research Ive asked many who claim to be purely DL and the vast majority when questioned admit to a baby aspect as well. I dont think it is unfair to say that the vast majority of diaper fetishists are also adult babies hence the lack of existence of DL-only sites. While controversial to say, it may in fact be true that DL does not exist on its own and AB regression is the fundamental core of diaper attraction and then manifests itself in the three afore-mentioned categories. I am sure many would disagree, but the hundreds of AB sites and the almost absence of DL-only sites acts only as support for this belief.
  12. Ive been surprised by how many people DO like to wet the bed unprotected. Takes all types, I guess!
  13. Banned members

    Because those sites have the staff and resources to actually monitor and deal with potential problems while DD and ADISC do not. I understand the concern, but frankly, in the current environment where even the slightest whiff of underage sexual content, dealing etc will bring down the full force of the law. Except in Alabama of course. In the current environment you avoid kids because it is unsafe not to. This is of course why male primary school teachers are as rare as a Trump truthful statement. It is unfair, stupid and dangerous for kids. But to do otherwise is to risk serious legal consequences.
  14. Banned members

    Making it 18+ was the kind of decision that anyone with a brain would have made. It was astonishing that it took legal action to force him. Like it or not, ABDL has a notable sexual element and that simple excludes minors, period. ADISC has been in other legal trouble before and multiple investigations and obviously didnt learn from it.