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  1. rosalie.bent

    baby clothes

    all of your clothes look wonderful!
  2. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    So it sounds like you are making your claim based on your personal biases. You dont believe in God therefore there cant be miracles. And then when you ask people for proof that God exists you claim that there is no evidence because you reject it all. I have a daughter whose severe spina bifida, complete with literal hole in the spine, was completely cured overnight. If you ever want to look for proof of the existence of God, you might want to start with a clean sheet of paper and leave your biases out of it.
  3. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    To be fair, you are falling into the constant trap of making a miracle IMPOSSIBLE to prove because it is the occurrence of an IMPOSSIBLE event. Sometimes, needing proof means you miss out on what is happening around you.
  4. rosalie.bent

    If Their Was A Cure, Would You Take It?

    I know exactly how you feel and forms a large part of our books in that ABDL is for many people, not a mere affectation but a substantial and formative part of their identity. This is why the story of someone whose ABDL was completely removed was so compelling. check it out at www.abdiscovery.com.au in the articles section.
  5. rosalie.bent

    i a little going through hard time

    This is a very tough one and we've been through it and know both sides. Submit yourself to God and ask her to do the same. Once you are on the same page spiritually, you have a common base to address issues like this.
  6. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    The problem with your argument and that of most others is that it is largely desperately seeking to find an alternative explanation when the more obvious one is being ignored. To recap on the facts, this former ABDL was an extremely regressive person who never conquered bedwetting and had been incontinent for 10 years (I think). The natural outcome would be a very weakened sphincter and greatly reduced bladder capacity. But that is NOT what happened. From the moment the ABDL need was removed (by God), the incontinence was 100% gone, including bedwetting which had always been there. This is extremely unlikely to be natural as spontaneous healing like this is virtually unheard of. After 10 years in diapers 24/7 and incontinence, you would expect a difficult and lengthy recovery that involved many accidents and difficulties while toilet training took place. But there was none of that. From day one of the post-ABDL period, there was stellar continence with zero accidents and zero difficulty. In fact, his own words are 'it is like none of this ever happened'. I know I am not going to convince anyone because I've been down this route many, many times before. The problem is not unlike trying to convince a flat-earther that the world is a sphere. Every proof, every bit of evidence is either rejected as fake or reinterpreted according to their preferred model, no matter how ridiculous it is. I had a 3 day old girl miraculously cured of spina bifida - something that does not happen, period. I've listened to the absurd rejections and the insulting garbage thrown at us over this event and been amazed at what lengths people will go to to avoid facing up to the existence of God. This example of total healing from ABDL and incontinence is unprecedented to my knowledge. Those who are deeply regressive know just how difficult it is to even manage ABDL, nevermind be rid of it. And so, when a provable example arises, we should be open enough to wonder why. Behavioural therapy does not work. Sating the desire is impossible. Anyone who has worked with childhood trauma knows that you cannot heal or remove that trauma, but that you teach coping and management strategies to reduce its power. So when faced with an example of something that is essentially impossible, what should we do? Perhaps consider the existence of 'the impossible' and go from there.
  7. rosalie.bent

    Agnosticism and Me

    That's abject nonsense. In the world of science, disproving anything is rather hard because you need to have an exceptionally wide array of data and even then, the proof might exist outside your data. When examining the existence of God who exists outside of the physical universe, then disproving it actually becomes impossible. Proving Gods existence however is quite possible, but only on an individual level. When you seek God with all your heart He most certainly does reveal Himself to you. And the 'delusion' argument can be considered quite insulting. When someone can explain the existence of provable miracles by some other way then you might have a point, but when you ask God for a miracle and He gives one exactly as you asked, it is rather hard to support the delusion argument. BTW, Truth does not need your belief or support to remain truth.
  8. rosalie.bent

    What is your faith?

    Pentecostal Christian here. Literal belief in the Bible and its infallibility. Probably disagree with many people. but happy to debate it Biblically. If it is a debate on opinion, then I'm not interested. I've always been on the position that if God says it, then that's it. We dont have the right to disagree with what he has clearly said.
  9. rosalie.bent

    Agnosticism and Me

    My religious belief is based on a personal relationship with God. I know that sounds rather 'super spiritual' to many, if not most, but it remains true. I talk to God and he speaks back. I pray and He answers. I've seen more unexplained miracles than can possibly allow me to disbelieve. Do I understand God? Not as well as I wish, but I've learned enough of His character to trust Him implicitly and He has never failed me. He doesnt do what I WANT, but He does do what I NEED. Betty, regarding your 'definition' of faith... Faith IS the belief in the unproven, but truth remains truth, proven or not. Given that God Himself exists outside of the created universe, PROOF of His existence is absolutely impossible. But, 'absence of evidence is not evidence of absence'. There is however one absolute truth that I can guarantee to anyone. If you seek God with all your heart, you WILL find Him. That is a promise.
  10. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    Some interesting comments above. I know my first thoughts were to consider that perhaps someone had stumbled onto a way of fully meeting the unresolved need that formed ABDL back in their original infancy. I would usually consider that to be impossible and when we treat people for unresolved traumas from their childhood, we deal with the results rather than seek to 'cure' the original trauma. For me however, the most striking issue is that of 100% curing of bedwetting and incontinence. After 10 years in fulltime diapers, bladder weakness would be considerable and bladder capacity would have shrunk notably as well. I can come up with a practical reason for the ending of ABDL at a pinch - although only barely - but recovering of 100% bladder continence is not explainable at all without reference to a miracle. And it isnt even a return to what it was like before. it was a complete ending of bedwetting as well - a lifetime issue. It was a complete work of healing. The writer believes it to be a miraculous intervention by God and it is hard to disagree given the circumstances. When God does a miracle, He does it perfectly and leaves no bits unfixed. The writer's comment was that 'it was if ABDL had never been' and that was the clue for me to declare a miracle. God does all things well and when he RESTORES someone, he fixes up the past, not just the present.
  11. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    I think you are part of the great majority in that. But it also sounds as if you have it more-or-less under control. That;s not true for everyone and not matter what it is, if something is causing you disruption and distress in your life, you ought to deal with it. ABDL of course, is typically not curable but IS manageable. In this case, God chose to perform a pretty extraordinary miracle which included the return of perfect bladder continence after a lifetime of bedwetting. It is a substantial event. I do not beleive that ABDL is sinful in itself, but if it leads to other sins or disruptions, it is something that needs to be controlled. Thats basic Bible 101. I think it should stay here as it isnt really a religion thread, but rather an ABDL thread that has an obvious religious element. But it is ABDL first, even if it does relate to the removal of ABDL.
  12. Hi Rosalie

    I wanted to say I enjoyed your post about the individual who managed to find mental and emotional relief through faith.  Your own child's experiences are incredible and dramatic.  I personally believe in the power of faith and of god.  I'm sorry there seem to be so many biggots of religion here, especially the site admins.  So thank you for sharing that and standing up to the stuck up folks who wanted only to demean your experiences.  These days they seem to preach water but drink wine.

  13. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    You're not making the case you think you are. Nice idea, but wrong. All the thinking an tapping into my own 'energies' will not cause Spina Bifida to be instantly cured.
  14. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    Actually, I am not ‘drifting away’ at all. I am rather, right on point. I said you sounded jaded and you admit to it, because it is rather obvious and to be honest, that is fine – as long as you admit it. Your claims to being some kind of Biblical scholar who knows better than everyone else fails the acid test however. At least you have studied though, which puts you way above those who routinely make claims without knowledge. You will find however, that I am not one of those and am extremely well educated and trained in the Bible. Your denouncement of the Church concerns me, although what I see of so much of the American church may explain it. To write off all churches is unfair and not even remotely reasonable since I will assume you don’t actually know very many. To write off most Christians as ‘fools and liars’ is not just incorrect, but also quite offensive and unappreciated. If I made such a claim about TG would you react calmly? No, of course not and you would be justified to react vehemently. Your claim is based on the assumption that YOU know better about Christian faith than most and to be honest, that isn’t coming off all that well. You sound as though your journey through faith has run into potholes and perhaps run off the road entirely. Not uncommon at all, but it doesn’t mean the road doesn’t exist. I am going to jump on you however on your definition of ‘miracle’. You seem to be bordering on the circular argument that a miracle is something that is impossible and by virtue of it happening is therefore not impossible and therefore not a miracle. If that is where you are headed then why even question a miracle? I have seen many, many people ‘rationalise away’ my daughters SB healing multiple times using arguments that range from the ridiculous to the absurd. Their ‘rationalisations’ do not make it no longer a miracle. People can rationalise ANYTHING. Watch a youtube flat-earth video and watch them rationalise pure stupidity - and believe it. It doesn’t make the earth flat. The acid test for a miracle is not ‘rationalisation-proof’. It is far more complex – or simple – than that. Belief in miracles actually requires a level of faith, because without it you will conjur any excuse, including the absurd to reject it and then think you are being logical and rational. Your belief that complete 100% removal of ABDL is not a miracle requires you to ‘rationally’ come up with a repeatable method by which this can be done in other circumstances and examples of same. I make the claim that removal of high-level ABDL is IMPOSSIBLE and I can prove this by the complete absence of examples to the contrary. Why is it so hard for people to accept the existence of miracles, no matter how remarkable or obvious? The answer is obvious: it is evidence of a God people wish to pretend does not exist.
  15. rosalie.bent

    And end to ABDL?

    I understand your point, but at the same time, it feels like you are trying a bit too hard to rationalize away miracles. My SB child experience was one that defies any such rationalizations and so I am left with irrefutable proof that God performs miracles. Once you go there, you can't come back. Once you know that God DOES perform miracles then accepting others that might not be quite so dramatically bullet-proof becomes easier. I am not trying to be argumentative, but perhaps part of the problem is that you are a little jaded and cynical and that prevents you from seeing what is going on. You are however, in a very large group though! I still get people saying that my daughters SB instant healing wasnt a miracle and with that kind of attitude, nothing will ever be enough. You cannot prove God to a person who rejects absolutely all supportive .evidence Your gay cousin is an interesting question because although I clearly dont know all the details, he is indicating that he went from gay to straight which is typically, impossible. So perhaps it actually is a miracle that God has performed. We dont get to box God into doing things our way and jus to the people that follow Him etc. And a clue is that when God performs a miracle it remains a miracle regardless of our understanding or acceptance of it. God is under no obligation to make sense to us or follow our ways of doing things. 'rarity doesnt make it a miracle'. On the surface, that is (partly) true, but it is also cold and unappealing. Appeals to logic can cause you to avoid the very places of blessing. God inhabits this world, but He has the advantage of not having to obey its rules and so often, God is found in places that are impossible or rare. I saw a person 100% cured of lung cancer after being given her final diagnosis of terminal. To you, that is not unprecedented and so isn't a miracle, while I saw her prayed for with shredded lungs and a week later declared 100% healthy. Dont be confused about me. I can be more cynical and less gullible than the average. Scams and fake news never get past my defences, but I know my God and I see His handiwork and recognise it. I understand your desire to reject fakery and vain imaginations. I share that with you passionately, but I would ask how you would rationalise away something like my daughter's SB healing. God is constantly seeking to draw us to Himself and he often shows His power in ways we routinely reject. Be wary of putting your intelligence and education in the way of understanding. Everyone is on a journey of faith. The desire in everyone is to understand the spiritual nature of our existence and is inbuilt into each of us. The scariest and most dangerous step you can ever take is to genuinely ask God to prove Himself to you and to respond with open ears, eyes and heart. Having done that myself, I can assure you that it is uncomfortable, confronting, frustrating and absolutely wonderful.