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  1. I’m from that general area
  2. Dry 24 7 with Pampers 7. Either cruisers or swaddlers. Especially at night.
  3. I’m abdl. I feel like I’ll be doing myself a disservice not too wear diapers. I feel like it’s a part of me that genuinely needs to be taken care of.
  4. I can travel I'm in New England a lot
  5. If you ever have an offer like this I would love to move
  6. I keep a bottle warmer in my room. It's an ambiance at night after a bath to be on the changing pad being put in a fresh diaper and pajamas for bed while hearing the bottle heat. Then to be held while giving a bottle in my room with only a night light on.
  7. I have a babyish one and a less obvious one. Just depends where I'm going. Backseat of the car is always a good place for it in case you need and don't want to carry one.
  8. I used to have an excellent Mommy(who moved away unfortunately) she had this one rule that really worked. If I was in the crib I was only allowed to speak to her in one word one syllable sentences. She kept a baby monitor on so that she could hear me. On the changing table I could speak to her in two to three word sentences. But the words also had to be one syllable. Although my baby's side is older toddler age with her I regressed down to about six months. This rule helped me do so more than anything.
  9. Just take him into the other room when you need to change him.
  10. I definitely have an ab side. I love the toys, being given a bottle, the clothes, needing a crib or playpen, and using a pacifier when I'm going to sleep or having my diaper changed.
  11. I tend to end up on my hands and knees also.
  12. I usually just use my given name or if I have a mommy or daddy let them name me. It's kind of enjoyable for them and makes it feel more real.
  13. I'm 5'4 and weigh 108. For that style I can wear girls size 14 or 16 if they have it. They used to have a lot of cute clothes specifically for abdl girls that was custom going back about 5-10 years ago but it seems they've done away with it now. Other than onesies there's nothing available as far as cute dresses, rompers, overalls, sets like there used to be.