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  1. At what age were you fully potty trained?

    Originally 3 1/2 but with a lot of accidents. EVERY kind of accident. So back in diapers until 5. I just wasn't ready.
  2. I think you might be right on this one. My situation was similar and I've also seen it with other families. Some kids just aren't ready by 3.
  3. Potty training age and accidents?

    That isn't uncommon for young children and in fact that's usually the last thing that goes during potty training. Myself I was 3 when I trained. But had many accidents and had to wear diapers both for that and at night until I was 5 1/2.
  4. Melbourne FL this week

    Oh I'm going to be there soon to see with the hurricane damage is with my own property and my family
  5. Any girls around Poughkeepsie or Newburgh?

    I live closer to the city
  6. Buffalo /Western New York couple seeking friends

    I live out of town but have family in the area
  7. Hey couple looking to meet up

    I don't know if you're still around but I'm in Hoboken area
  8. Melbourne FL this week

    Let me know if you ever go back. I have family nearby there
  9. How open are you about ABDL?

    2 or 3. Most of my friends are from work or people I've known my whole life so none of them. I have become friends with some people in the scene though.
  10. What do you prefer?

    A mommy is better for me and my realistic. Definitely platonic.
  11. 80's baby films.....

    Yes! And the commercials too!
  12. Best Baby Diaper To Hold Poop

    As a small ABDL girl I often wear a baby diaper and have tried most of them. For what you're talking about I do best with either a Luvs size 6 or Pampers 7. Either on its own or inside of your ABDL diaper. That way you feel pretty much the same thing that a baby or toddler feels while wearing their diapers while still getting your needed fit and protection you need while you are making your mess.
  13. How do you feel about messing?

    It's been done before and I regress almost immediately while making a dirty diaper or while while having a dirty diaper changed. But it's an ordeal to do so there's two sides to it. I definitely recommend trying particularly if somebody else is willing to change you afterwards
  14. It's going to take a lot of commitment and sacrifices. It would give her a lot but it would take away a lot of also. I was full-time for about four months because it was what I needed at the time. I know this is old but still.