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  1. EastCoastGirl

    Seeking a FEMALE little

    I can travel I'm in New England a lot
  2. EastCoastGirl


    If you ever have an offer like this I would love to move
  3. EastCoastGirl

    Looking for Ab or DL in Hudson Valley area

    I'm kind of not far
  4. EastCoastGirl

    sleeping with a bottle

    I keep a bottle warmer in my room. It's an ambiance at night after a bath to be on the changing pad being put in a fresh diaper and pajamas for bed while hearing the bottle heat. Then to be held while giving a bottle in my room with only a night light on.
  5. EastCoastGirl

    What do you use as a diaper bag?

    I have a babyish one and a less obvious one. Just depends where I'm going. Backseat of the car is always a good place for it in case you need and don't want to carry one.
  6. EastCoastGirl

    List of Rules for the Baby

    I used to have an excellent Mommy(who moved away unfortunately) she had this one rule that really worked. If I was in the crib I was only allowed to speak to her in one word one syllable sentences. She kept a baby monitor on so that she could hear me. On the changing table I could speak to her in two to three word sentences. But the words also had to be one syllable. Although my baby's side is older toddler age with her I regressed down to about six months. This rule helped me do so more than anything.
  7. EastCoastGirl

    Having a baby and an adult baby.

    Just take him into the other room when you need to change him.
  8. EastCoastGirl

    Anybody have an AB side?

    I definitely have an ab side. I love the toys, being given a bottle, the clothes, needing a crib or playpen, and using a pacifier when I'm going to sleep or having my diaper changed.
  9. EastCoastGirl

    What do you do when you poop?

    I tend to end up on my hands and knees also.
  10. EastCoastGirl

    Girl Names: For those to Whom Being a Girl Matters

    I usually just use my given name or if I have a mommy or daddy let them name me. It's kind of enjoyable for them and makes it feel more real.
  11. EastCoastGirl

    Do You Have Lg Clothes? Where Do You Get Them?

    I'm 5'4 and weigh 108. For that style I can wear girls size 14 or 16 if they have it. They used to have a lot of cute clothes specifically for abdl girls that was custom going back about 5-10 years ago but it seems they've done away with it now. Other than onesies there's nothing available as far as cute dresses, rompers, overalls, sets like there used to be.
  12. EastCoastGirl

    Potty Training

    I remember something similar. Laying on changing pad on the bathroom floor at my grandmother's house while she changed a messy diaper and seemed not happy about it. I knew there was something in my diaper but didn't feel that I had control of it. I was about 2.
  13. EastCoastGirl

    Health and ABDL

    I wish psychotherapist would realize how therapeutic for these issues abdl is. I was diagnosed with anxiety and anorexia nervosa which I am managing. I think my abdl side helps in doing so.
  14. EastCoastGirl

    Question for abdl girls

    Usually I need to be changed right away so that doesn't happen. It's not very safe or comfortable
  15. EastCoastGirl

    Think I got a diaper rash

    Desitin is a must. I always wear it at night or if I hadn't had a diaper on a while.