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  1. Free2beme

    divorce and moving

    Now that is funny!
  2. Free2beme

    i want footie jammies

    Walmart will be closer to Christmas time.
  3. Free2beme

    Got a day to relax

    Hey, Extremely busy month and yesterday I was able to slip away and get comfortable. i was able to get the diapers (Abu Preschool Plastic), powdered, a paci, Teddy bear and a onesie and just chill on the couch for about 90 minutes.. It was so needed.. i watched some Netflix before I had to take off the soggy diaper and put all my adult stuff back on. Hoping to get to do this at least once a week.
  4. Free2beme

    Hiya from Maryland

    It’s a AB/DL store in Elkridge.. It’s really cool and they are so pleasant and helpful.
  5. Free2beme

    Ab/dl In Maryland Meeting Other Ab's And Dl's?

    I am also from Maryland if anyone else would like to get together!
  6. Free2beme

    Hiya from Maryland

    I really enjoyed going there. want to again
  7. Free2beme

    Hiya from Maryland

    Welcome to Maryland! Have you tried to go to the ABU warehouse?
  8. Free2beme

    Baltimore area friends

    Baltimore MD area here
  9. Free2beme

    Just saying hi

    Thank you! A mommy is something I haven’t had, but is not a requirement. i am looking forward to contributing.
  10. Free2beme

    Just saying hi

    I am a mid 40’s male who is finally being able to explore this side of me. I have been lucky to find a Daddy who is supporting me through my exploration. Sometimes when I visit him, we have little time and other times some adult play. He is not authoritative, so I do wish he was more firm. That is not a complaint. He puts me in a diaper and a onesie and have some coloring books etc. I haven’t been able to find a Mommy, so all my explorations have been with a daddy figure. I live in the Baltimore area and am glad I have found this site.
  11. Free2beme

    Hanging in Baltimore for a little while

    Still in town?