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  1. Free2beme

    What diapers do you wear?

    Sorry, the one in Maryland
  2. Free2beme

    What diapers do you wear?

    I am partial to ABU because they are not far from my house. i have a pack of PEEKABU right now. i first tried Depends pull ups but they leaked badly.
  3. Free2beme

    Silly Spanking?

    I also am a spankee/spanker that found this side of me through exploration.. i immediatelty noticed the same thing another positioning..
  4. Free2beme

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    Looks like you had a good time! so glad for you
  5. I have been diapered and put in a sleep sack.. definitelty no walking, but no crawling either! LOL it did make me have to use the diapers!
  6. Free2beme

    Put the PeekABU to the test

    Thank you! They did hold up well
  7. Free2beme

    Real chance to visit a AB/DL store

    I am also wondering how it went.. I have been to the ABU store in MD twice. The first time was to see about exchanging a onesie size. They were so pleasant, even gave me a sample to help for the sizing. Even though I wasn’t able to exchange, they were very helpful. i went back a week or so ago to get a pack of PeekABU and once again, very pleasant! its a small storefront with some diapers and onsies. They have a changing area if needed. felt very comfortable, but there was no one else there.
  8. Free2beme

    Put the PeekABU to the test

    I haven’t tried a stuffer, I heard about them. You poke holes in them?
  9. Free2beme

    Put the PeekABU to the test

    The waddle was real! it really held!
  10. Free2beme

    Put the PeekABU to the test

    I had a bunch of errands to run today so I put on the PeekABU on and off I went. My first stop was to get some Ice Tea. i have been to several stores and it is so freeing to not have to stop for a potty break. It has held 3 soakings so far and no issues. i am loving this!
  11. Free2beme

    What do you do for an income?

    Enforce laws
  12. Free2beme

    Got a day to relax

    I keep everything at a friends house. Have a tub with my name on it, I love it
  13. Free2beme

    Hello, fellow diaper enthusiasts

    Welcome this place is very warm and helpful. the search engine is a great place to use as well
  14. Free2beme

    New here

    Welcome to the site Elizabeth lots of or friendly people here
  15. Good luck in your search from a fellow Marylander..