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  1. GhostGirl

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    Ok, if you say so... I mean the OP's sentence is phrased as a 1st hand witness account, so... But I get it, we can't risk ruining the life of a guy who likes to jack off to babies.
  2. GhostGirl

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    The OP claims he masturbates to babies having their diaper changed... if we are going to take the OP at his word, we have proof. He has made the choice to not only involve a minor in a sex act, but has made it the focus. It is pretty cut and dry. He needs to be reported to the police, and the OP needs to distance himself. Like I said before, I do not give a shit about his life being ruined. He has had the chance to make choices. When he eventually escalates to actual real life kids, those kids wont have a choice.
  3. GhostGirl

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    That bit was more of meant as a joke :-p
  4. Yes, although I do wish I couldn't.
  5. GhostGirl

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    I get that, but I think that advice is not the greatest. There is a man in my support group who intellectually knows that most people do not give a damn, but for the last 40 years, he has felt shame every time he wet himself. Some people don't lost that shame. The worse part is you never know until you have been at something long enough to feel it one way or the other. That is the hard part about this. I think an ABDL might more easily be able to manage some of those feelings due to the nature of ABDL culture... but it is dangerous to tell people that feeling of shame will go away over time, because if it doesn't for them, it just compounds their "wrongness" if you get what I am saying. Also, I don't understand why so many people say no one ever notices. I just the first month of school for me, two people have commented. Now they have been supportive more or less, the first one being "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but your protection is leaking..." and the second time was "Are you wearing depends because the baby?" (They were freaking tenas, learn your diaper brands people!! :-p) People notice, especially on girls who have their physical bodies scrutinized more. It may be an age thing to. I am younger, and so maybe people are more apt to notice it on me because it is less expected, where as you get older, or if you appear older, it may be more "normal." Who knows. The best advice I have received (I don't think I have had this problem long enough to give advice outside of products that work for me) is to just take it one day at a time, and deal with the struggles and stress of that day, not the ones of yesterday, or the ones you invent for tomorrow.
  6. GhostGirl

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    It made part of it harder, because I was resistant to switch over to more "normal" use adult diapers, which added some stretch in the first couple of weeks as I kept trying to stick to the ABDL styles. I eventually did switch to the normal stuff for everyday use, which was more comfortable and let me keep most of my "style" in tact, which helped me deal with my self image in public, etc...
  7. GhostGirl

    Should I be worried about my friend?

    This is terrible advice. Stalking is against the law.... and this behavior IS a warning sign. As was pointed out, it is just as easy, and in many ways actually easier, to get videos of adults being changed while dressed, acting, and in the settings of a baby.... This is completely inappropriate behavior, and is pedophilia, even if the child and its parents are not being directly harmed in the encounter. He is using children for sexual gratification, and is in fact choosing them over an equally accessible non-child option. Don't shift the guilt of "ruining" someones life when this guy obviously needs help and it is better he gets it now before he runs the life of a child.
  8. GhostGirl

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    It is a gym... which is women only, and the only one like it with the equipment I use. (The two other women only gyms in walking distance from me weights max out at 10, have bikes only, and focus mostly on Pilates and yoga classes.) So yeah, it is not really worth making a fuss about. The limitations on my workout will pass in a few months, so it is just annoying as feck right now.
  9. I like most women's fashion, and when it comes to the top, I have not normally found to many issues. There is a lot more attention paid to that area with stretch materials, adjustable sizing, etc... Something they don't bother with with pants. (I think part of it is trying to keep women in skirts/dresses where a lot of these problems don't exist.) But anyways, my rebellion is focused on LGBTQ+ rights in Texas... can't afford a rebellion against women's fashion in Texas too..
  10. GhostGirl

    How do you put a diaper on?

    I get the best fit lying down, but I do a healthy mix of both. That being said, I mostly wear pull on styles, and really only worry about tape ons for overnight, and for fun, and my girlfriend normally helps me with both of those.
  11. GhostGirl

    Playing Video Games in diapers

    I would hate that. My test for doing something in diapers: Would I do it just wearing panties? When the answer is no, it is a no for diapers too...
  12. GhostGirl

    Playing Video Games in diapers

    Oh, Blizz games all bad. The thing is, they are enjoyable. Much like movies, you can have a terrible move, but it is still enjoyable to watch. Blizzard does nothing new or innovative, almost always building on what someone else does, and often times not as well as the other guys who did it first. Where they shine is in the polish, and the marketing. I love Overwatch, not because it is a good game, but because I connect with each of the characters I play because they have tons of life, then they play with your head with the Play of the Game stuff, etc... There is nothing wrong with the game play... it is just not original. It is TF2 meets Smite/LoL. But the presentation makes it a really fun to play game. Blizzard makes terrible games that just happen to be a lot of fun.
  13. GhostGirl

    Playing Video Games in diapers

    It is all about Warthunder bieotches! :-p
  14. This is something in my top ten personally, but it is grouped in with normal clothes issues.... My top ten drive me crazy things that seem relatively inoffensive (So not cat calls, or having to hide sexuality from an HOA etc...) 1.) Paying a bloody extra tax on feminine hygiene products. It is quite literally a tax for having a vagina. 2.) Responses to waxing/shaving. You don't do it, people ask you why not? You do do it, people tell you that you shouldn't do that to please people. 3.) Why. The. Feck. Do. No. Womans. Clothing. Have. Functional. Pockets. 4.) Why do I have to carry a purse everywhere... oh yeah number 3!!!! 5.) Why is it that no two brand use the same women's size chart... furthermore, why the feck do they need women's size charts. Why can't they just freaking use inches like with men!!!!! 6.) If you are not going to make clothing options that do not include adjustable waists, or similar things, them make em freaking elastic or stretchy, because not all woman have the same hip to waist ratio and if you dare fall outside of the three selected "acceptable" ratios, just go feck yourself. 7.) When men, who enjoy pockets, complain about you being angry about no pockets, and they say how much more convenient a purse would be. Go get one, Seriously. Use it for a month. I'll wait. 8.) When people complain about me wearing leggings as outerwear. See 6. If you don't understand why I said see 6, then there is no helping you. 9.) Why are all women's shorts either panty length, or knee length... can there not be freaking middle ground? 10.) No, no a mans T is not the same as a women's T only larger. Go Feck yourself.
  15. GhostGirl

    DL's Who Later Became Incontinent By Accident

    The hope is to actually minimize diaper use by then. The plan is that by then, I will hopefully only need a pad or similar as a just case during the day. Hence the exercises, and retaining efforts. The problem for me is I enjoyed them when I knew I could just go back to normal, allowing me to go to the gym, do my daily runs, etc... with the baby, a lot of that stuff has been reduced anyways, like I am not even allowed in the batting cages anymore :-(, but I still try and stay active, and my doctor has only told me to reduce the distance of my daily runs from 4 miles to no more than 2. About the only thing that the diapers don't get in the way of is shoulders, chest and arm weight training, and I have been instructed to greatly reduce my weights to a normal person light work out. To be fair, the baby has harmed my workout routine more than the diapers, but a lot of the stuff left to me after baby considerations is hampered by the diapers. For example, low impact water aerobics and such would be an option, but my gym wont allow me in the pool right now, citing a health risk.