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  1. GhostGirl

    Do gay/bi guys wet the bed more?

    Girl secrets: Many girls, during puberty, have wetting problems. Some worse than others. Our anatomy sucks, and when it goes through changes, like puberty or pregnancy, everything gets weird, so I am not sure that is exactly true.
  2. Those are not onsies, they are called body suits and supper comfortable typically. You wear them to hide the underwear line when wearing tighter clothing. They are not as loose as onsie, and tend to be very very form fitting. Sometimes they blouse out at the torso, so that can be worn as outer wear as well. As to the rest of the thread... if you see a pretty person that is fine, if you leer, that is bad... Looking fine, leering bad.
  3. GhostGirl

    Have you ever been "Doxed"?

    While terrible, that is not doxing, nor is it anywhere near as dangerous. Destructive yes. Yeah, that woman was terrible, and probably should of been reported to law enforcement, although I completely get why you did not. Doxxing though, is when your personal address, phone number, daily schedule, home address of your family, firends, etc... is released on the internet for anyone to see, use, or do terrible things with. It is a common tactic used to scare women, particular feminist, and their allies into silence. There have been several high profile cases where DOXXED men and women have had strangers show up at doors, or the doors of family members, with the intent to assault, or have actually committed assault. You were not doxxed, you were blackmailed, and had your privacy invaded.
  4. GhostGirl

    Do gay/bi guys wet the bed more?

    I do agree that a gay man is more likely to reject toxic masculinity and thus be open about things like bed wedding... however it would be wrong to say all gay guys do this, because many of them can be very into the toxic masculinity. Some of my most sexist interactions with men have come at the hands of gay men.
  5. GhostGirl

    ABDLism =/= LGBT

    The challenge with your claims is that ABDL, like most fetish communities, are really hard to count. Furthermore, if we accept the basic premise that many are self-medicating due to trauma (Which is not only abuse, which you implied in your response, feel free to correct me if I read it wrong.) they are unlikely to self-report, and if they manage moderation, medical intervention is unlikely to take place. Alcohol, and drug use as a form of self-medication gets detected more due to the medical consequences of those lifestyle choices. Again, this is not to say that people are "wrong" for wanting to wear diapers, even if it is a response to an underlying trauma. I am only proposing the theory that ABDLism is a response to some form of stimuli that needs to be balanced out. This is not what causes people to be gay, as far as science can tell. (Although with many homosexual individuals, there is room for error as the mere fact of being gay in our society creates a whole host of shames, guilts, and worse, which can send us into mental health spirals.) You also have to understand I am not using abnormal to say something is wrong, and it is not subjective in an academic sense. Abnormal simply means it falls out of statistical norms. IE, if we have 100 people, and 99 people are not ABDLs and 1 is, statistically speaking, that means the one ABDL is abnormal. I made the point over and over that there is nothing "wrong" which is a morale judgement. (In this context, wrong can be a factual judgement as well, such as the shape of a circle is either drawn correctly, or incorrectly.) Now I probably should of been more careful when I described LGBTQ as normal. That was a poor choice of word inspired by counseling people coming out at my college. LGBTQ is, most likely according to current scientific study, biologically determined. There is a lot of science here, looking at chromosomes, DNA, etc... but more and more evidence is growing that homosexuality is biologically determined. That is a whole other post. Being ABDL is not biologically determined. You do not have a gene in your body that says "You will want to wear diapers." That gene can not exist. What you do have are memories, traumas, and associations, which can trigger preferences and fetishes later in life.
  6. GhostGirl

    do you want too stop your bedwetting

    Yeah, I would love to wake up dry... or stay dry during the day.
  7. GhostGirl

    Out deer hunting.

    Thanks for the quick synopsis of information I already know. I will see more people wound deer from stands than they do stalking, simply because the people in stands are more likely to be drunk, and unfit. Meaning they don't bother to chase it. For deer, I do dislike stand hunting because those are the guys more likely to shoot me when I am out there, because as I said, they are less likely to be physically fit, and more likely to be drunk. As you pointed out as well, they are often destructive to the environment. But hey, I am just a girl, what do I know.
  8. GhostGirl

    Out deer hunting.

    What is with all this sitting in blind stuff... that is not hunting... that is sitting in the woods waiting for the dumbest deer to go "Hey, Frank and Willy died here... I am going to go this way too!" :-p Track your deer dang it :-p
  9. GhostGirl

    What Do You Think Of Fireamrs

    Jefferson didn't actually say this, in fact no one knows who starting saying it, but it starts to circulate in 1990s... so... Anyways, history doesn't even suggest that Jefferson said this, because Jefferson reduced our Navy because he thought it was to much for what we needed, and would only cause others to escalate to meet us. Anyways.... I own 3 firearms. Mosin-Nagant 1898, a Walther Gewher 41 (Which my Grandfather claimed to have been his after he was conscripted by the German's... he has a lot of stories of how he ended up with it, we are fairly certain it was just a rifle he got after the war...) and a CZ 27. I use both rifles when I hunt, although I don't do that very often. I have no problem with people owning guns. I think using a gun as home defense is pointless. If you store them safely and correctly, then they are useless for home intruders, because by the time you have it readied, it is to late. In public defense, well I have watched a crazy ass woman pull her hand gun at a guy running outside of a store because she THOUGHT he was shop lifting. She didn't hit him at all, but did kill a dog, and did some damage to a BBQ Grill for sale, and a couple of cars. The guy wasn't shoplifting, he was running back to his car to get his wallet. He was black though, so... The problem is the amount of danger a moron with a gun can cause far outweighs the help one can cause. Minimum education standards, harsh punishments for idiots from the example above, and keeping people liable for the use of their guns, even if they were not the ones using it in a crime, would go a long way to keeping people safe. Background checks, allowing research on gun violence and safety, etc... are important as well. The problem is a minority of gun owners are so freaking belligerent about zero compromise, that eventually a total ban is what is going to happen. Baseball bat, pepper spray, and hand stunners (non-projectile tazers) I have used two of the three to defend myself. Never felt I needed a gun.
  10. GhostGirl

    Any Musicains Here?

    I am a music major playing violin, and violoncello. Mostly classical, and orchestral, but I do a little folk stuff. I play on my grandfathers violin, which survived Germany's invasion of Czechoslovakia, and he dragged it around with him when the Germans conscripted him, and it was the one thing the Americans let him keep when he surrendered to them. I love my violin!
  11. GhostGirl

    Do you like where this is going?

    The term lifestyle is often used against LGBT communities to water down what it is to be gay. Lifestyle does imply choice in the matter. This is used to justify the existence of gay conversion camps, the labeling of gay and transgendered people as mentally ill or social deviants, etc.. Its semantics to you, it is a big fucking difference to me, because that word is used to delegitimize how I feel, and what I am attracted to all the freaking time.
  12. GhostGirl

    If you could be any age and gender for a day...

    One day is not really long enough to be honest. I wouldn't want to change anything for just one day. I mean, all the guys here saying they would like to experience being a lady to see the other side, kudos for the recognition and desire to walk in our shoes, but one day is not enough to get that picture... (Although if you are a young adult women, you could probably get some of the picture because you will have zero experience with what going outside is like.) What I am trying to get at is that a day is not enough time to get used to any change and enjoy it... so I would just stay as I am...
  13. GhostGirl

    Do you like where this is going?

    Being gay is not a lifestyle. No more so than being straight is a lifestyle. Calling it a lifestyle implies choice.
  14. GhostGirl

    Do you like where this is going?

    So, about gay people being accepted and such in public. That aint happening. I get that straight people think they are accepted, but just today, I was denied an autoloan because the banker, and I quote, "I don't make deals with fags." My HOA for my condo just told me I have a month to evict my girlfriend because the MOI prohibits same-sex cohabitation, so I have to choose fines, kicking my girlfriend out, or filing a lawsuit. LGBT are not accepted in the mainstream yet. And diapers are even further away, and not even related. This is closer to BDSM than it is to LGBT, and you don't see the BDSM community, generally, wishing they could walk around town with their sub in a gimp suit. Time and place.
  15. GhostGirl

    Hunting in a diaper.

    I'd never hunt with a diaper, willingly in a diaper... when I went not to long ago, even with my issues, I wore as minimal padding as I thought I could get away with. I also don't use deer stands. I'd rather hunt than wait.