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  1. Fresh flowers, air fresheners and scented candles... I live in a humid and hot part of the world. This.. this is basic survival :-p
  2. GhostGirl

    Privates & Rugs

    I waxed long before I got into diapers, but that was because people are more likely to go down on you if they wont get rug burn :-p
  3. GhostGirl

    Athletic Women

    311 samples is WAY WAY to small. All this article says to me is that there is something to look at, nothing more right now.
  4. GhostGirl

    Facing Forward

    What are good solutions for dealing with exercise and athletics? particularly sports that involve running.
  5. GhostGirl

    Facing Forward

  6. GhostGirl

    Facing Forward

    So, long story short, had a small benign tumor that caused a few other problems. Part of that problem is that it tore up my bladder... I am told that my capacity is greatly reduced due to the fact that they had to remove some of the bladder to remove the tumor, and that scarring from other unnoticed tears had destroyed elasticity down there. Right now I am in a hospital bed recovering, and they have me cathed right now. I do not like it. However, I am on doctors orders to be cathed for a month in order to help it all heal down there. Now, continence issues. I was flat out told by my doctor that I am going to need to use the bathroom a lot more than I am used to. His guess is that I will be lucky to get half of the capacity I once had. A lot of women in this situation end up leaking a lot because of how quickly I will be going from empty to full, and night time long word here, aka bedwetting, should be expected... I liked diapers. I never wanted to need them... it is going to be ok though, right? What are things I should prepare for assuming best case, only deal with bedwetting and frequent bathroom runs, to worse case I end up incontinent completely...
  7. GhostGirl

    Champions Online

    Anyone playing Champions Online? I would really love to maybe get an ABDL Super Team going there! Look me up if you do play, or start playing: helsghostgirl
  8. GhostGirl

    Diaper Sizing?

    Girls got this down pat... Men don't normally have to worry about multiple sizes... and I am not even sure if they really need to worry about it with diapers... but when they list ranges like this do, it is very helpful for us girls. I have to worry about two measurements, my waist and hip size. This is why even though my waist is in the upper end of a lot of girls pants/shorts. etc... I can't wear them, because my hip size is to large. So when I see a range, I pick the one in which both my hip AND waist fall. Which for Rearz is medium. For Bambino, it is none, so on so forth. I would recommend learning your hip and waist measurement and do the same... and if they are close, like I imagine most fit guys would be, then you probably want to go one size up, as with adjustable, it is easier to adjust down than up.
  9. What is the purpose of it? Are you just trying to collect some kind of statistical fap excel spreadsheet? Is there an actual study being done, if so are there any methods? Or is it just a for fun thing... which kind of loops back to the statistical fap stuff...
  10. GhostGirl


    I think it comes down to the nature, as far as BDSM goes (I've dabbled with control related stuff...) is that as a sub... I like the fantasy of my "dom" having other subs... even if intellectually and emotionally I would never, ever actually want that. I can see where a sub who only lets it out in certain places, doesn't express it, etc... has the fantasy build up to an extreme where they begin projecting their desire on any dom they see. The result is the growth of a belief that all doms have harems (which is often depicted in porn as well) and that it is a full time gig. (Remember, their fantasy is what they are projecting.) I think a lot of this is also a result that ironically, the sub has a lot of control. They typically set the rules outside of the encounter of what is to far, etc... and have more power in stopping the situation at any given time, etc... It is one of those weird things in life where the person who "gives up" control actually retains more control.
  11. GhostGirl

    Ever Faced Rebuttal From Groups?

    From my very limited experience... I think a large part of it is the group you keep, and how you react. I have never had a problem wetting my pants, I enjoy it, and I enjoy desperation. Sometimes that enjoyment, especially the desperation, has fired when I was not expecting it, and has caused of my private world to enter the public. As a high school kid, I was led to believe by movies that that kind of stuff is bad. Especially the worse situation when I was trying for a desperation, and it never even dawned on me that I was going to be near desperate during a soft ball game... and as a catcher... I squat. You can guess what happened. Some of my friends already knew about my weirdness... this brought a few more friends into my weirdness, and there was very short burst of some teasing, but it didn't last long because my normal response was, "Well, I had to go, and it wasn't like I could ask the batter to wait a minute..." and then went on with the rest of my life. The people that knew I had created the situation were chosen, and those that didn't need to know were never let in. You choose your church and friends... and if you want to be public about something with them, it is your choice, and if they don't respect the choice (They do not have to like it or even want anything to do with it, and you should respect their feelings too) then you need to re-evaluate your choices. It is not your fault if they reject you, but ask yourself, if they are going to reject you, what were you getting out of the friendship that they could not respect that you are weird in your own way? And at the end of the day, does your weirdness depend on them knowing? If so why? What does them knowing gain them? Friendship is not all about you, and if there is not a mutual gain over something like this, do they need to know? My best friend and room mate knows, because I don't like lying or hiding things around her, and I valued not keeping secrets from her. (Not that I can since I dated her brother for five years) She in turn values my honesty, but she doesn't really want to get involved. She doesn't care if I wear around her, but she doesn't do anything to participate. If she was not my room mate, would I have told her about the diaper side? Probably not. I think the answer to this question is super complex and has to many nuances. In short, the groups I have chosen to expose elements of my weirdness too on purpose have been receptive, but that is because I have curated a group of people around me who are accepting. I choose to be around those kinds of people, and it means accepting their weirdness too, even if I would never ever be interested in it. You know... things like bowling -shudders-
  12. GhostGirl


    Hi! My name is Crystal.... I am wearing a diaper! (Squee!!!!) I just moved out of my parents house, and I get to be diapered when I want now! My brand new rearz rebels arrived today and I have had one on sense I opened the package! I am new to the diaper public talkie stuff... and new to being an adult, so this is all cool! I hope you peeps are cool too! Anyways, hope to see you around!!!!!!!!