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  1. Nappygirl97


    Bit of an update on this as of a few weeks ago became financially viable to be in 24/7 which is good considering the number of accidents I was having, now gonna make sure I never run out of nappies.
  2. Nappygirl97


    Welcome to the site I hope you enjoy your time here. I sent you a private message if you have the time to read it.
  3. Nappygirl97

    Who Changes Your Diaper?

    I change my own nappies always don't have a care giver to do that and would be awkward for any one else to change them.
  4. Nappygirl97


    So been awhile since I updated this. I am still wearing most of the time as of the last few weeks not been 24/7 for awhile cause of economical reasons the last 2-3 weeks but I have found I have had an increase in day time accidents when not wearing.
  5. Nappygirl97


    Still wearing and wetting. And it's going fine. Don't really have much time to say more.
  6. Oh yeah by law of probability there must be. So I guess it's more curious if they will make themselves known or want to?
  7. Hey there, so I'm just curious if there are any AB's or care givers in Wiltshire England?
  8. Nappygirl97


    Think at the moment just wear as much as possible as somethings I do would be awkward if I were to be incon.
  9. Nappygirl97


    So far it's been over a week wearing 24/7 or as close to it as posible considering I had a day without wearing, and an hour without at gymnastics. And it's been great so far, getting easier to wet in the nappy with out flow stopping.
  10. Nappygirl97


    Rearz princess, as they hold a lot and are cute as well.
  11. Nappygirl97


    I'll keep it in mind.
  12. Nappygirl97


    Thanks for the advice. NormallyI try and stay away from pull ups as they are useless when I sleep.
  13. Nappygirl97


    I know but had to go with something temporary until money comes in tomorrow and can get what is a bit more expensive.
  14. Nappygirl97


    Well back in nappies now. Gonna need to get more comfortable ones soon but these will do for the 2 days I need them.