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  1. Nappygirl97

    Twist of Fate. Layla's return to helplessness.

    Update time. Been super busy with an event for the last two weeks however my have time to write prior to the weekend.
  2. Nappygirl97

    Twist of Fate. Layla's return to helplessness.

    I am glad you two liked it. Now, that means a lot coming from the creators of this world.
  3. This is a story set inside the interesting world that @Sophie ♥ created with her story twist of fate. Also note I suck at writing due to learning difficulties so don't jump down my neck about grammar and that as I find it very difficult. Also am busy student so updates maybe slow. The world is spinning and my head is sore. I slowly bring myself up and find myself in an autopsy room with a body bag lying on the table. A dark figure in a robe walks in. “Special Agent, Layla Fielding just in time for the autopsy.” I look over to the figure confused as they clearly not the medical examiner. I go to reach for my weapon but it's not there. “Who are you?” I demand as I start to cut her off. “Layla I should point out there are no weapons here so don't go thinking you can hurt me.” The figure says. “Where am I?” I ask waiting for an answer. “Layla you died, that's you on that table.” “But I am here I can't, I can't be dead.” I start to sob hoping it wasn't true. “It's okay to cry if you want, don't believe me open. The bag take a look at your corpse.” The figure walks around to me. “I can't, I don't want to.” “You want to leave here?” “Yes.” Instantly the room changed and I now find myself in a teenage girl's room. There is a desk by the window with game consoles and a laptop that is covered in flower stickers and butterflies. The bed is off to my right and is a nice double bed covered in pink. The wardrobe is in a corner that has a full body mirror on it, next to it a makeup table. The walls are a pastel purple covered in shelves and posters of girls. “So this is your new bed room hope you like it.” “Um urgh what's going on?” Layla says clearly confused. “I will break it down for you as you were a good person. You died currently your body is lying in a morgue in plane of existence you call living. You were shot in the head and now have a big hole ruining your day and the look of your face, kinda feel bad for you on that one. This world you are in now is fate it is the bridge between the living and what comes after death. You will exist here indefinitely till you learn a lesson. However I will not say what that is. Ureh okay it's about Balance that is all you are getting. Now as shown by the state of this room the first part of it is you are now a teenager I think eighteen not too sure. Any way it's time I leave for a bit I got other places to be, you're good here right?” Layla looks at the girl and is unable to speak. After a few seconds of silence the girl disappears. “Layla I hope you are getting ready for bed you still have school in the morning young lady.” And with that Layla feels weird as her body changes shape slightly and all her memories disappear and are replaced with new ones.
  4. Nappygirl97

    Twist of Fate (+ Rules)

    I will get my writing hat on then. Spoilers it's not a good hat. XD
  5. Nappygirl97

    Twist of Fate (+ Rules)

    I am not much of a writer as I struggle a lot with learning disabilities that get in the way, however actually interested to write something here. Question we need consent to use other peoples characters obviously, what about references as twist would interact with all the characters? Like a hint of stray mention without the character being there.
  6. Nappygirl97

    Trump's latest attack on trans people

    As far as I am concerned this memo is an infringement on human rights period trump should be impeached and the people drafting this fired.
  7. Nappygirl97

    Pick Your Battles - Eps. 10 by bbykimmy!

    No problem I am an enigma I can weirdly pick up on a lot of people's typos or bad English but my own writen English is like that of a school child it is that bad LOL.
  8. Nappygirl97

    Pick Your Battles - Eps. 10 by bbykimmy!

    Hey Just started reading this thread and noticed something on the first ever part of these short stories. Sophie did this skip past your proof reading as well or is it intended like this. In the first story it says "she put me phone down" instead of "she put my phone down." It justs threw me off. Also in part four found "intended to each me." Instead of teach me.
  9. Nappygirl97

    Madison's Code

    Her eyes Wouldn't responding to the light. That sentence feels awkward shouldn't it be respond to the light?
  10. Nappygirl97


    Welcome to the site I hope you enjoy your time here. I sent you a private message if you have the time to read it.
  11. Nappygirl97

    Who Changes Your Diaper?

    I change my own nappies always don't have a care giver to do that and would be awkward for any one else to change them.
  12. Oh yeah by law of probability there must be. So I guess it's more curious if they will make themselves known or want to?
  13. Hey there, so I'm just curious if there are any AB's or care givers in Wiltshire England?
  14. Nappygirl97


    stuff unicorns rainbows