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  1. Nappygirl97


    Think at the moment just wear as much as possible as somethings I do would be awkward if I were to be incon.
  2. Nappygirl97


    So far it's been over a week wearing 24/7 or as close to it as posible considering I had a day without wearing, and an hour without at gymnastics. And it's been great so far, getting easier to wet in the nappy with out flow stopping.
  3. Nappygirl97


    Rearz princess, as they hold a lot and are cute as well.
  4. Nappygirl97


    I'll keep it in mind.
  5. Nappygirl97


    Thanks for the advice. NormallyI try and stay away from pull ups as they are useless when I sleep.
  6. Nappygirl97


    I know but had to go with something temporary until money comes in tomorrow and can get what is a bit more expensive.
  7. Nappygirl97


    Well back in nappies now. Gonna need to get more comfortable ones soon but these will do for the 2 days I need them.
  8. Nappygirl97


    stuff unicorns rainbows
  9. Nappygirl97

    Some Chat Issues

    It's been closing off my pms without me closing them off myself.
  10. Nappygirl97


    Thanks currently though not in nappies as I'm out and able to do anything about it today. But I'm still wetting myself to not break things. I've wet like 5 times already today. And currently lying on my floor in wet panties, and clothes. Gonna need to get cleaned up but so far been wearing 2 and a bit days been wetting nearly 3 days. Tomorrow I will be back in nappies and still wetting.
  11. Nappygirl97


    So I'm currently 5 hours into my second day wearing 24/7 I don't know if I'm gonna use 24/7 so far I have but but unsure used them completely but no idea how long I'll keep it up as my goal is to wear 24/7 right now, not use 24/7 but I am okay if I do start using 24/7 as I used to be 24/7 bowel incon as a child and have always been a bed wetter. So I am used to being nappies for one reason or another. Right now though my goal is to get back to wearing 24/7 as it's been a while. But now I need to go get changed now.
  12. Nappygirl97

    From fully continent, to fully incontinent.

    My two cents on this, as someone who's gone from complete incon to in control to a degree (like most children) to complete incontinence at night, with day messing up to about 10 then just night incontinence from then on. Nappies have always been part of my life to a degree so I'm okay with wearing 24/7/365 as it makes no difference to me they have always been part of life. Mentally I would like to go back to 24/7 as well my autism side looks at it like this you start with 0 control you may end up with 0 control why the hell gain control just loose it all. Mentally I am okay with being fully incontenent again regardless of any of the cons as to me it's more natural. I just don't wear 24/7 yet cause of gymnastics I do and not wanting to wet or mess while only wearing a leotard and leggings. So yeah maybe one day I'll go to 24/7 as it feels right but not yet.
  13. Nappygirl97

    Stuffed animals~!

    Well I love my collection have loads now. So many I can't sleep with them all. You know those old cat ladys well we are probably have more stuffies and plushies and cute cuddly things by the time we are 30 than any cat lady has cats. Lol
  14. Nappygirl97

    Trans baby girl

    Hi I am a trans little girl from the UK as well. Welcome to the site.
  15. Nappygirl97


    Hellro My name is Phoebe I am new here. I am a trans and age play a wittle girl about 4 or six that is stuck in nappies. So Hiya all!