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Found 24 results

  1. Diaper4

    Diapers at school

    Has anyone ever worn a diaper to school when they was in school, if so what kind and did you get cought? Yes I were attends and I never got cought or never could wet my diaper in class either.
  2. Sissyslave

    Going back to school

    Shana was a midget with dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a woman with somewhat pale skin her age was 23. She was somewhat skinny and was wearing a average girls t-shirt and denim jeans with black sneakers. She was going to work as a 3rd grade teacher at Phoenix Drop Elementary. Just as she entered the school and was looking around the principal spotted her and asked her what class she was in.
  3. Repeat Mummy always comes to tuck me in. She kisses my head and briefly strokes my hair before wishing me “nightie-night”. I feel comfy and safe in my fleecy pyjamas as she pats the blankets around me and tells me to snuggle down and sleep well. Now I’m in the third grade I’ve usually had a very hectic day so by eight o’clock I am pretty tired. Mum says that growing kids need at least eight hours sleep so my bedtime is eight o’clock on a school night anyway. My bedroom is nice and warm and I’m surrounded by my stuffed animals, I love all things Disney and especially Winnie the Pooh, so I have all the characters from that film, although Piglet is the one who sleeps with me the most. I sort of identify with him the most, shy and unsure and a little scared but, when I go to sleep and hug him, well, he’s very soft to cuddle. Once mummy smiles her lovely smile and turns out the light I lay there without a care in the world. I am warm, I have Piglet, my blanket is wrapped tightly around me and I know mummy and daddy love me because she’s just said so. My mind is empty... but then I start to think. There are my friends from school running around my head; teachers and grown-ups talking, phones ringing, traffic honking, dogs barking. I try to focus on the little dog, it was small and cute and yapped at the bigger dogs, they in turn become bigger animals; cows, horses, rhinos, elephants. I remember a scene from a TV programme where a huge elephant, with its big ears flapping and its long tusks threatening runs toward camera. I shiver in terror but that’s not all. The elephant becomes a dinosaur and not the nice purple Barney but the clever, sneaky one in Jurassic Park. I’m hiding. I can smell its breath as it creeps nearer and nearer, I hear its sharp teeth ripping into something nearby and then its beady eye is next to mine. I’m very scared and it’s at this point that I fill my nappy. It is in the few seconds the warmth surrounds me that I escape into sleep. When I wake up often my nappy is still damp but mum doesn’t like me wandering around the house on my own early in the morning. She tells me to stay in my room and play if I’m awake until she or daddy comes to get me for breakfast. Sometimes I need a wee before they come so I fill my nappy again, then sit and play again surrounded by the warm material. As I crawl around, playing with my toys my plastic pants crinkle but I’m OK... I’m thinking about what lessons I’ve got when I get to school and wonder if my friends will be there and what games we’ll play. Mummy comes in and checks my nappy and we go down for breakfast. After she’ll help me out of my jammies, peel down my plastic pants and remove the wet nappy. After a visit to the bathroom she wipes me further and gently smooths in some cream before I’m allowed to dress myself. It’s all set out for school so I pull on my thick training pants first... mum likes the pale blue and green design, before I slip on a vest, then jumper and eventually my grey shorts. Socks and shoes are the very last thing I put on before she fastens me in to the back seat of the car and I’m driven to school. I’m happy. I like school and any thought of nasty, biting dinosaurs has fled my memory as I set about making new memories. I have hours before bed time and so much can happen in that time I can’t wait until I get home and tell mummy and daddy about my exciting day. When it’s time for bed I get undressed and mummy puts me in my night time protection, pulls my soft jammies over it all and sends me off to brush my teeth. Once I climb into bed she makes a fuss as I’m still telling her about my day, or something I’ve seen on TV or read in a book... “OK sweetheart,” she says as she tucks me in and kisses my forehead, “sleep now.” Once mummy smiles her lovely smile and turns out the light I lay there without a care in the world. I am warm, I have Piglet, my blanket is wrapped tightly around me and I know mummy and daddy love me because she’s just said so. My mind is empty... but then I start to think................ ####
  4. Hi everyone! Im new and this is my first post on this board. I woke up early this morning and had to walk my roommate's dog. I got her ready and I put on some jogging pants over my abena l4. It was showing through the pants pretty bad as I was walking down the sidewalk. The diaper was large so it went over the jogging pants and my shirt barely covered it. As I walked it was showing and every time I bent over, it was in plain sight. It was such a rush walking outside in public with my diaper on. It made me wonder where other diaper lovers like to wear diapers. I will start first. I love wearing diapers when I sleep and around my apartment. I get a rush hiding it from my 2 roommates. I also like wearing, using and changing them in public. I wear them on long trips from my home in Maryland down to my family's house in Georgia. I am wearing a Super Dry Kids right now. Let me know where you like to wear diapers and let everyone know what diaper you are wearing while you comment.
  5. ellieiswet

    School Friend

    So I was good friends with this girl called Ellie She was a pretty girl, Small, Blonde, blue eyes, skinny. Well with Ellie she was raised with some issues that caused her not to be toilet trained which affected her teen not that she could care cause she in fact enjoyed wearing diapers and peeing her pants... Just to add that her school which was a mild special need school offered free incontinence products cause diapers ant cheap. This is all based off true events that happened. Assemblies sucked! Ellie was wearing black school trousers, Black polo shirt, and a sweater One time in Assembly she was sat in front of me and she was tabbing her leg quite angrily and asked the teacher if she could go loo. The teacher said no so she tried holding it in but she didn't make it. I was sat there and saw pee dripping off the sides of her chair... She went bent over and then looked behind her to me with an embarrassed look on her face and chuckled and sat there for the rest of the assembly until a teacher saw what happened. Another occasion with me sat behind her was when she was wearing a diaper. I was sat when she arrived and she had a nice diaper bulging bum and she sat down with her t-shirt catching on the top of the chair exposing her Tena slip plus diaper waistband. The food hall is a meanie Twice I remember her peeing her pants in the food hall. She was wearing her black school trousers and Polo shirt and black sweater. The first time we were all chatting and laughing about stuff and I noticed she had a look of discomfort and then a look of relief and then I heard pee dripping onto the floor below to then hear her admit to peeing her pants. She said she just gonna start wearing diapers again. She finished eating food and got changed into some trackies. I know her mum gave the nurse permission that she can start wearing diapers again if needed so we met back up with her wearing a diaper under her trackies. I know this cause she openly told me. Another time same uniform in the same occasion she tried holding it in but didn't want to miss out on what her friends were saying and she stood up in panic and hand went straight to her crotch and bent her knees so there she is slightly bent over the chair peeing her pants. You could see the peeing dripping off her bum and onto the chair and floor. It sweat honest! On Sports day and a hot sports day, we were all doing sports. Obviously. If your wondering. She wore a black sports polo shirt and black trackies and trainers. Well after her mile run or something she had a couple cups of water then some more water from her water bottle. we didn't have any other sports plan so we just chatted for a bit. After a while, she was fidgeting and her name got called for the long jump. so she went and did that and won! but I remember her standing still afterward with a discomfort yet relaxed look on her face. Then I see her trackies getting a darker black and wet with glistening pee running down them. Teacher sees and just tells her to change into the PE shorts. She tried to convince the teacher that it was sweat. The next day she was wearing a black skirt with leggings. She normally wore a diaper under her skirt but I guess she decided not today for whatever reason. Well, Long story short I was walking down the path to see her squat in her black skirt and leggings and just pee. I could see the trail of peeing under her going into the grass. She then gets up and rubs her bum off of any wetness. and carries of as normal. The next day she wore the same skirt (Cleaned) with a diaper under it. Her skirt accident got lifted up when she was messing around revealing her Tena slip plus. Accidents happen I remember walking past her and the carpet under her was wet and the bottom of her trousers was dripping so slightly and the legs of her pants were wet. She got changed into her tracksuit and I assume a diaper. Teachers always say no Ellie always peed her pants in lessons. Many times she was sitting there in desperate then pee her pants. Other times she would just sit there and pee her pants. I dunno why teacher always said no to her when she asked to cause there just gonna get a wet floor but oh well. The same occasion always happened afterward. A teacher assistant would notice and get her to clean herself in the changing room and put a diaper on and trackies while the teacher cleaned the chair and floor. I did notice after her wetting accident she would always wear a diaper for a week after like every day afterward after her accident. she would be wearing a diaper. One time she wore diapers for like a month and became incontinence again then had to train her bladder. No care in the world At the end of every school day, we would have to sit in the school hall in our taxi lines. She was in the line next to me. But this day she was wearing her tracksuit with a bulgy looking crotch which she kept adjusting. Well, she was holding her school bag and a see-through bag with some blue panties and her black school trousers. Both were wet and in the corners of the bag was yellow liquid (Pee) so I question her about it she straight out told me that she wet her self... Poop accident She was wearing black school trousers and a black polo shirt. I remember in science we were having an awesome lesson that involved blowing stuff up. Well, I was Ellie lab partner and she kept fidgeting with her bum. She said she was ok but she was bending over a lot and smoothing her bum than it happened. She stood still looking down at the floor with her legs glistening with pee and her hand went to her bum. She looked worried and poop mush sound was heard and a faint smell of poop arose the area. A teacher noticed and took her out of class and the teacher cleaned up the mess and she came back wearing a tracksuit and a diaper. She was a bit sulky about having to wear the diaper. Secretly peeing She stood their once and held her crotch and sighed in relief. She was wearing black school trousers and a black polo shirt. I remember she had her legs tightly pressed being all desperate then lent up against the wall grabbing her crotch and sighed in relief. You could hear the hiss. then it came to an end and she was fine after that. There was no pee on the floor or on her legs. She actually done that multiple times. Sometimes without the diaper... REVEALED! We were outside and we were all chatting about stuff. Then sadly the bell went off and she had to lean down to get her bag. As she leaned down her t-shirt rode up revealing her Tena Slip Plus diaper. Me and two other mates saw it. I just shrugged it off and no one said anything. Questioned about her diapers She was talking to a good mate of hers and I was listening in and her friend asked if "she was wearing a diaper?" which Ellie responded with "Yes" than being asked "is it is wet?" which the response was "Yes" to then being asked "do you enjoy wearing?" which Ellie Responded with "Yes I love them" and the final diaper question being asked "can I buy some off of you?" Which the response was "Yes. Il bring some in tomorrow for you" Am not swimming in a nappie The final story is that she was telling her mate that she was wearing her bikini under her uniform because we was all going sailing later that day ( she was Black trousers and black polo shirt). Her friend than instantly question her about what happens if you pee yourself. Ellie just replied "That's not gonna happen. I'm wearing a diaper" Her mate questioned it saying "You cant swim in a diaper?" and Ellie just replied with "I take it off before we go on the bus silly" Well, the time arrived for us to get on the bus and all the way there she was fidgeting. I was surprised that she held on. well, we got to the location and we all changed into our wetsuits. Afterward we were making a plan of what we are going to do and she stood there with her discomfort look on her face looking down at the floor with pee pouring down her legs and wetsuit. she then got more involved after her accident and we got into the water not long after and did some sailing. I was in the same boat as Ellie and we capsized. We kept messing around with each other in the water and she said stop and held onto the side of the boat and sighed in relief saying "I'm peeing and the best feeling ever" then we uncapsized the boat and carried on sailing. Well those are all the stories Ive got with Ellie and I hope you enjoyed them.
  6. I am really excited to have started this project. I am hoping I actually have the spirit to finish this one because I really have a clear idea of what is happening with the characters, what I want to have happen. I am already writing Chapter Seven and I have just added Chapter five below. Yes, I took the warning about abuse off, because I don't think I'm getting too deep into it, however, there is mention of it especially in October's Story, I think that's Chapter Two, though it's not traditional hitting or anything sexual.... It's really just brain games, but abuse and mean just the same. Jessica was abused, too, but I've only really touched the surface with it to this point. When I do get to the point where I'll explain it in detail, I'll try to remember to give warning, though in Chapter six or seven, there is a glimpse of it when she describes how she ended up in jail while on the bus with everyone. To help the reader, I have specially made little headers here and there where I tell the story from a certain character's point of view. Since I switch a lot between views, it is important to pay attention to the red tags with main character names. Brenda: The header will look something like the name above, Brenda, after which, the story will be told from Brenda's point of a view for a few paragraphs, and then a new name header will appear with the story from that person's point of view. I think this is the best way to give the complete story without making it seem like one character knows everything! Finished through: Chapter Eleven/Twelve for previewing: Working on: Chapter Thirteen Proof Reading: Chapter Twelve-- Expect this to change soon. please tell me if you catch any mistakes while you are reading.... The Kid Rescue Program (KRP) Table of Contents: The Main Characters: Adam Imelda age: 10 Robyn Jessica age:11 Brenda: Anna age 10: Jason: October age:11 Chapters and Page Numbers: Chapters layout page 2 Chapter One page 3 Kid Rescue Program Chapter Two page 13 October’s Story Chapter Three page 25 Dividing the Responsibilities Chapter Four page 41 Healthy Fifth Graders Don’t… Chapter Five page 63 Little Girls know where the Carmel Is Chapter Six page 87 Misadventures of House Alpha-G Chapter Seven page 123 School Troubles Chapter Eight page 160 Trouble for Adam Chapter Nine page 192 Surviving School Chapter Ten page 248 Play Time Chapter Eleven page 290 Jessica's Revelation Chapter Twelve page 333 Justice Seeks its own End Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Chapter Eighteen Chapter Nineteen Chapter Twenty Chapter One: Kid Rescue Program Adam Adam frowned as four little girls were led into his office by six male officers of the law, all of them bound with their hands in front of them, and their ankles also bounded. He knew that these girls were coming from jail, and had only served one to ten days of their sentences, and so were a flight risk, but still…. They were only ten or eleven years old, and they were certainly no match for the people in charge of them. Surely, it wasn’t necessary to bind them like that. What was more, Adam shook his head at it, was that every one of the girls had peed her pants, and he was sure that that had to do with something the guards must have forced. One, maybe her fault, but all four? That was ridiculous. “Is there a reason you didn’t stop and let the children use the bathroom on the way here?” Adam asked the officers. “We were told that the house we were taking the children to would have a young man in charge of it, so the people in charge thought we were escorting boys. When we started to pick them up, and we called it in, it was too late to change officers, so we didn’t have anyone to escort them to the toilets. We are not allowed to leave them alone outside of the jail or until we get them signed into your custody, so we didn’t dare let them out of the van.” Adam sighed. “That’s stupid! They should have been told that this is a girls’ dorm. Yes, it has me running this house, but all of the houses have two men and two women running them for the kids’ benefit. The program is supposed to show the kids good role models with both genders so that they can compare that to what they have lived in so far. I swear, the government is so stupid sometimes.” Adam signed the papers that transferred custody of the four girls from the officers to House Alpha-G. He knew that continuing to complain to these officers was pointless. They were just doing what they were told, but he really wanted to complain to the people in charge about mixing up the police department like that and making these little girls shame themselves! “Have a seat,” Adam told the four little girls gesturing at the chairs on the other side of his desk. “I know you are uncomfortable and embarrassed, but the sooner we can get the business part of the orientation over with, the sooner we can get you kids out of those dirty clothes, okay?” The girls seemed too nervous, too embarrassed, too… something, to argue about sitting down like they were. Judging from how they just hung their heads and waited for Adam to continue as though resigned to their fate, Adam wondered how long they had already been in those soaked pants. Still, he had to do things properly or he could get in trouble…. Jessica: Jessica sat down in one of the middle seats, feeling her wet pants squelch in the seat under her. Fearful blue eyes kept looking at her wet lap, and her darker yellow blond hair hung in a messy stingy mess around her face as they had taken her hairband and anything else she would have used to tie her hair up for fear it could be a weapon. She had been sentenced to six years for stabbing a man with a pair of scissors just three days prior to being loaded into a van, driven around to pick up three other kids from other jails in different towns, and then finally taken to this place where she would serve the rest of her sentence. She didn’t know much about this place yet, only that it was something like juvenile jail. All through the van ride that had lasted about thirty hours, she had not been allowed to leave the van or even the very seat she was sitting on for any reason. They brought her food to eat there, and they made sure she had plenty to drink, but it lacked a bathroom. Even after a teary eyed plea for over an hour, they wouldn’t relent, and she peed herself for the first time since she had been potty trained. After that, because it was thirty hours after all, she couldn’t help it three more times really causing her to feel ashamed and scared. Now, they finally had her at her destination, but proper procedures were far more important than her or the other girls’ dignities. She sighed and waited to hear what the young man in front of her had to say. Adam: The more Adam looked at these innocent looking faces, and thought about the files that he was given, the more he felt that a mistake had been made about all of them. Even the most violent one, or the one with the most serious charge, anyway, just sat there quietly while he explained the house rules to her, even though she was forced to sit in pee soaked pants. “Because you have all been found guilty of serious charges, they have had to make a choice about whether to send you to adult prison, or to put you in this program. Your charges are too serious to put you with other kids in kid-jail. Because of that, we big people in this program have total responsibility over you and everything you do,” Adam started to explain. “First of all, privacy is not a right here, it is a privilege. It can only be earned by doing what you are told and earning our trust to let you do certain things on your own….” Adam hated telling the kids that, but it was a rule that he, himself had to follow, not something he had decided on. He was in this program to get credits for a social research class in order to earn a license as a juvenile delinquent social worker. “Now, each of you kids will…,” and he noticed that one of the kids had timidly raised her hand a bit and looked up at him hopefully. “Yes? Is it important?” he asked the little Mexican looking thinner girl with black hair and sullen face. The girl started to shake her head ‘no’, but put both her hands between her legs. “Do you have to use the bathroom?” he asked her. The little girl nodded. “What is your name, honey?” “Imelda,” she whimpered slightly. He pulled open her file and glanced at it to remind himself of which kid this was. He smiled up at her. “Well, that seems pretty important to me,” he told her. “If it was me, I’d say it was important, honey. Stand up and come with me.” The girl smiled ever so slightly at him. Adam put his arm around the little girl’s shoulder, and he directed her towards an open doorway behind the chairs that the girls sat in. There was no door to close off the room he took her to, but he pointed out a toilet for her, and stood by the doorway so he could keep an eye on her and the others sitting at by the desk who were now looking at him. Imelda looked up at him hesitating. “I’m sorry,” Adam explained. “I told you, privacy is something you will have to earn. If you want to pee, you can do it now, or you can do it later, but either way, you will not have any privacy, honey.” She nodded and looking down at the floor, walked to the toilet. She stood in front of it for a minute, looked back at him, and then shook her head and walked back to him. “You’re scared to pull your pants down because I’m watching, aren’t you?” he asked her. “Yes,” she whispered. “But also I have to pull these back up. It’s going to be harder pulling them back up than just wetting my pants again.” Adam shook his head. “You won’t have to pull them back up, sweetie. I promise. I’ll get you something else to wear if you pull them down to pee.” Imelda looked up at him, her innocent eyes shining for a minute. Then she whispered. “Do you have to watch?” He nodded. “I’m sorry, but yes, until you get our trust, someone will always have to watch, honey.” She nodded and went back to the toilet to pull her pants and undies down. “Are you going to stay way over there?” she asked. He nodded. “I have to watch the other girls too, and can’t see them if I go all the way in there with you, so yes, I’ll be right here at the doorway the whole time.” With that reassurance, she finally pulled down her soaked jeans and panties and sat on the toilet to pee. “Just take them all the way off,” Adam told her. “You can’t pull those things back up, and the only one to see you naked from the bottom down right now, is me and the other girls, who are girls, honey.” Imelda nodded and pulled her pants the rest of the way off before peeing into the toilet. Then she looked up at him. “If you are done, wipe yourself with toilet paper, and then I’ll take you girls into the other room where I have some clean clothes for all of you.” Imelda smiled and nodded. He was doing this sort of out of order. Technically, he should have probably made her pull her pants up again and continued the business side of the orientation before changing the girls, but he knew that he couldn’t bring himself to forcing her to pulling those soaked pants back up, and he saw the other girls, and knew they were uncomfortable, too. As he looked over at the other girls, his heart shuddered. One of them had pee pouring off the back of her chair, but she didn’t even bother to stand up, to try to hide what she was doing, or to ask to use the potty. She just peed her pants like that. Adam let Imelda come to him, and then he motioned for the other girls to come closer. “What’s your name?” he asked the blond who had shorter hair and was looking way under-weight. She was the one that had just peed her pants in front of him. “October?” she whimpered. “It’s okay, honey. You didn’t know you could use the toilet until the other girl was already in the toilet, did you?” She shook her head no. “Anyone else want to use the bathroom before we go get you kids cleaned up?” Jessica stepped forward and he stepped aside to let her pass. The other Mexican girl, this one heavyset, with a heavy big brownish head kept looking down at the floor, and sniffled a bit when she saw that two of the girls were allowed to pee in the toilet. “You must be Anna?” Adam tried to confirm the heavier Mexican girl’s name, but she didn’t look at him until he said her name. “Don’t you speak English?” he asked her. She shook her head no. She understood a few words like ‘speak’ and ‘English’, but mostly, was at a loss when it came to speaking the language. Her file said that her family had illegally immigrated to the United States just six months before, so it made sense that she didn’t speak the language well. Adam put his arm around the girl and whispered. “It’s okay.” As he did so, he smelled her, and what he smelled made him nearly gag. The girl had not only wet her pants, but had pooped on herself as well. No wonder she was upset at seeing the other kids could use the bathroom. How long had she been in messy pants? He shook his head and sighed. “It’s okay, Anna. It’s okay.” After Jessica had finished, he gestured for Anna to go, but she just shook her head. She didn’t seem to have to go now. Maybe she had just done it in her pants a little before they dropped the kids in his care like that…. Either way it was time to get these kids cleaned up. Two of them were naked from the bottom down, and two of them were still in wet or messy pants. Adam wiggled his “come here” forefinger at the girls as he directed them at the archway directly across the archway that went to the toilet. Through this one, there was a bedroom-like feel to it with a bed covered in a plastic sheet and sheet over that to be laid on, a dresser next to it with diapers on it and wet wipes, and there were several unpacked boxes around the rest of the room blocking them from the closet on the other side of the room. “You first,” he motioned to Imelda. “You’ve been naked longer than Jessica and probably want your modesty back. Get on the bed and lay down.” “I thought you were just going to hand me….” “Honey, please get on the bed,” Adam said a little stern scold in his voice. “I’ll explain what we are going to do in a minute.” He reached into the dresser and pulled out an apron handing it to Jessica. “Here, put that on for now, and I’ll get you dressed right after I get Imelda finished.” “So, you are actually going to dress us?” Imelda asked as she climbed on the bed. “I told you, I’ll explain everything once you’ve obeyed, me, sweetie. Now, this would have been easier for you girls to have understood had I been able to finish the orientation first, but it seems all four of you had to pee again, and while that’s not your fault, I can’t just leave you there to suffer while I take an hour or two to talk, especially with you trying to hold it so that two of you ended up peeing your pants again, now can I?” He got some wet wipes and started towards Imelda. “This is going to be embarrassing, honey. I know you are not a baby, but we have some rules that we have to follow. These are not just my rules, but rules of the program. You girls cannot be trusted with certain things until you prove to your guardian that you are trustworthy again….” “What does not trusting us have to do with cleaning ourselves and changing our own clothes?” Jessica interrupted. Adam patiently listened to her question knowing that he would likely do the same if the situation were reversed. “Well, one of the ways you can show us that you are ready to be good girls and not get in trouble, is by obeying your guardian all the time. Obeying your guardian means letting them take care of certain things when you make mistakes, or when bad things happen to you. Right now, every one of you kids are wet. It’s not something you did, but something bad did happen to you, right?” He looked Jessica in the eye waiting her response. Jessica looked straight back at him, quiet for several minutes, and then she finally looked at the floor and nodded. Jessica: The man had just approached one of the other girls, the other naked girl with wet wipes and a diaper, and Jessica spoke up trying to save her the humiliation of not only having to wear a diaper, but have it put on her like a baby. Not only that, but she knew she would be next, so by saving the other girl, she was really trying to save herself, too. “What does not trusting us have to do with whether we change our clothes?” she had asked him thinking that it made sense and that he would have to back off. Adam smiled at her and showing a lot of patience, he then began to explain his logic. Jessica shook her head as she heard him, but in the end, they started at each other for several minutes, and Jessica really couldn’t say that something bad had not happened. They were all in wet pants. That was bad. She just finally looked down and knew that he had won this round. Jessica watched as the guy with brown hair, a narrow face with big blue eyes and a few freckles, and very fit on top of it, though not bulging with muscles then turn back towards the Mexican girl on the bed and he put the wet wipes down next to her and took her hands. “Honey,” Adam said patiently and calmly. “Do you want to go around all afternoon and evening naked?” for she had started to try to cover her privates with her hands and close her legs so he couldn’t clean her up or put the diaper on her. Imelda looked up at him with large almond amber eyes and a soft frown that looked scared. “Of course you don’t,” Adam whispered to her. “If you cooperate, this will be all over in minutes, and then after I finish the orientation and hand each of you to your guardians, your guardians can decide whether you stay in the diaper or they let you change into some panties, okay?” Imelda heard what he was saying as well as Jessica did. Jessica frowned, but if letting him clean her up would make it go faster, and if they could get to their real guardian as soon as he was done with orientation, then she would cooperate if not just to the have the chance to argue with her guardian that she didn’t need diapers, and that she only wet her pants because she was stuck in the car since the night before yesterday. Apparently, Imelda thought the same after a few minutes, and Jessica saw her relax her legs and let Adam start to clean her up. Jessica looked down at the floor knowing that she was next, and she played with her fingers as she sniffled a little. Tears came to her eyes long before it was her turn to lay on the bed. She was definitely next, and she was going to be in a diaper sooner than later…. Chapter Two October’s Story October: For October, when the man took each girl in turn and put her in a diaper, finally getting to her, putting her on her back, and then starting to undo her pants, this was nothing new…. Two years before being convicted of stealing, the third grader had met the man that would be her stepdad. He was very nice to her at first, as she remembered it, and she didn’t really remember him ever being that mad at her or actually hitting her like some men do kids that aren’t theirs. “Is that your little October?” the strange man sitting in her almost empty living room for it looked as though a robber had been through the house while she was at school, ask. He had brown hair and brown eyes, but she mostly liked his friendly smile. “That’s her,” her mother had said. “That’s October!” October had just come in from riding her bike home from school, and was expecting to see her mom talking with a friend, but as it was, the house was now nearly empty. “What’s going on, mommy?” she asked her mother. “Honey, remember I told you we may have to move sooner than later?” she asked. “Mommy got a letter this morning, so I called on my very good friend, Jack, to see if he had any ideas….” His idea, was that the family come and live with him. He was more than a friend, and within two weeks, he and her mother were married, not that October had a problem with it at the time. He was very nice to her mom, and he always had time to listen to her when she talked about school. She was overjoyed, and had started to like the idea of him being her daddy within those two weeks that they had before it was sealed and official. A week after they got married, however, a few things started to change for the then eight year old girl. October had just come home from school on her bike as she always did, but her mom’s car was still missing. Only her stepdad’s truck was in the driveway. Without thinking too much about it, the young girl walked into the house and put her bag on the floor, and then went to the kitchen where she found stepdaddy cooking. “October,” he said sounding somewhat serious. “Yes, daddy?” He turned off the stove, and then held his hand out for her. He wanted her to take it, just like he did when she crossed the road when he took her for walks on Saturdays. “What’s wrong?” she wondered starting to feel a bit nervous at his actions. They were home. There was no reason for him to want her to take his hand, was there? She complied though not wanting to make him mad. He then walked her down to the laundry room, and then on top of the dryer, she saw three pairs of her panties lying on the machine, and each one stained kind of funny. “Explain to me why these panties were pushed behind the dryer instead of in the dirty clothes,” he demanded of her. October shrugged. She really didn’t know. She didn’t put them there, or at least, she didn’t remember putting them there…. “You’re lying,” the man went on without her voicing anything but just taking her shrug as an ‘I don’t know.’ “You pissed your pants and tried to hide it, didn’t you?” October’s mouth dropped. She hadn’t wet the bed since she was six, or at least she didn’t think she did. And it had been much longer than that since she had had an accident in her pants. At least that’s how she remembered it. “Pull down your jeans,” her stepdad said sounding like he was not going to take no for an answer, and sounding dangerously mad if she refused what she thought he thought was a reasonable request. October, shaking a bit, pulled down her pants for him, and he inspected her jeans first and then her undies. “Pull down your panties,” he said. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes. “Please, no, daddy!” “No?” he demanded. “No? Why not?” She was shaking. She didn’t know what to say or expect, but she was scared that he intended to do something strange. Never had anyone told her to pull her pants down before, at least not since she could remember. “Pull them down right now, or else….” He threatened. October pulled her panties down and then he looked into them and nodded. “Just as I thought,” he told her. He grabbed her shaking hand and made her touch the middle of her panties where she felt something a little moist and slimy. What was more, as she stood there, fear numbing the pains and warnings her in her stomach, she soon became aware of a fountain starting to come from her privates peeing all over the floor. “You’re peeing, again, and if I had not had you pull down your pants, you’d have just been peeing through your clothes, but look at you! Your still getting it all over them because you are still standing, little girl!” October started to cry. The man softened and he bent down the moment she stopped peeing. He reached for her little hands, and he pulled her to stand in front of him. “I’m not mad about the pee on the floor,” he told her. “I’m not even mad about the three pair of previously wet panties. What I am mad about, is your hiding them, baby.” She didn’t know what to say. If she had not just peed on herself and all over the floor, she would have told him she had not peed herself, and she had not hidden them as there was nothing to hide, but now she had wet, and her panties she had dropped to her knees were as stained as the ones on the dryer, and she now knew that it did indeed look like she had peed her pants several times. If he really did find them behind the dryer like that, then she could see why he thought she had peed her pants…. About a year after he had found the stained panties and started to believe she was peeing her pants, and even doing it on purpose, she had gotten used to him making her come to him in the morning to check her panties before she could go to the bathroom to pee. Sometimes, that lead to leaking in her panties so badly, that he would again remind her that he knew she was just a baby and couldn’t help it, and the main reason he was checking her was not to see if she was wet, but to make sure she didn’t try to hide it or lie to him because he also knew she was getting older and that it embarrassed her. One day, during that year, she didn’t know whose idea it was, but her old friend from her old school was invited to stay the night with her. Because she had not wanted her friend to think she was a baby, she hid anything that she could to draw attention to her friend that she might still be peeing her pants even if it was true. Somehow, she had survived the two day sleepover without her friend discovering her peeing her pants even if stepdaddy called her to the bathroom to check her. He didn’t tell her why she had to go to the bathroom with him, and her friend didn’t ask, so she hoped that her friend wasn’t the wiser, however, that had caused another problem two days after her friend had gone home. October was standing then, a fourth grader and around ten years old. She had come home in the afternoon after school to find her stepdaddy in a mood that scared her much like the first time he found out she was leaking in her panties. Eventually, she did just accept that maybe she was leaking pee in her panties because she was almost always wet when he checked her. “October, come with me,” he said with the same air as the year before, only this time, he took her to her room. She saw on her bed, a pair of wet in jeans and two pair of panties one of which had dried poop on them. “I thought you knew the rule,” he told her. “I don’t mind if you pee your pants because you are just a baby and can’t help it, but you don’t hide it and lie to me….” October started to open her mouth to explain that she had not hidden the clothes from him, but he shushed her. “Don’t say another word right now,” he told her. “You are tempted to lie to me, and I don’t want you to do that because then I’ll have to punish you even harsher.” She became quiet. “Since you hid these things in your closet so I wouldn’t see that you pooped your pants at school or something, and mainly, I just want you to be up front about your accidents and tell me when you are wet or messy, your punishment is that you cannot wear any pants or a skirt around the house. Take off your skirt, right now.” She felt tears stinging her eyes. She had hidden the messy clothes, but they were clothes he had already seen. She had only meant to hide them from her friend, but she was afraid of making him mad by back talking and making him think she was lying, so she just pulled down her skirt and took it off so he could see her still dry panties. That wasn’t the end of it though. Later, because he was now watching her the rest of the day closely, she wasn’t allowed to play, not that she’d want to go outside anyway in just panties, but she was in front of him all the time, and he wouldn’t even let her use the toilet without asking him. Eventually, during that same evening as she was first caught and punished for hiding poopy panties, something she had done while she waited for him to check her a couple of mornings before, she had to use the bathroom badly. He was talking to her mom, so she knew better than to interrupt, and when it became unbearable, she just peed her pants right there in front of him and her mother like a three year old. Of course, tears had streamed down her face as she peed, and only her whimpering finally got his attention so that when she went over to him all soaked, he shook his head at her and told her mom that she needed to learn to be a good girl. “This kid hides her dirty things, pees her pants without telling us, and then cries about it like this. If she would just behave, and notice for herself when to use the bathroom and you know….” He went on with her other misdeeds…. “She wouldn’t be in this situation wetting her pants right there in front of us in nothing but panties on, would she?” It seemed her mother had to agree with him. “I want her to learn better than to hide her wet or messy panties from us. The only way she’s going to do that, is if we teach her that something will happen that she doesn’t like if she makes mistakes….” Her mother nodded. “I don’t want her going to her own room to sleep tonight,” he was starting to form a new plan to punish her. Her mother agreed with everything he said and did. “Actually, she can just stay up all night standing next to my side of the bed, that way, I’ll see if she’s peed herself if I wake up in the night.” Still, her mommy agreed with him, and October could only look at the floor knowing that he was just trying to teach her to be a good girl. She wanted to be a good girl. She liked him most of the time. Most of the time, he bought her nice things and made her feel happy. It was only when she did things like this, that he would have to punish her that made her feel really sad. It must have been her fault for being a baby. That night, because he never really blamed her for peeing her pants, and never thought to think about water after a certain time was the problem, or try to in anyway change her diet or hydration schedule, he had had her drink the usual cup of juice about an hour and a half before bed, and then some milk just before bed. She never understood why he insisted that she could drink these things at this time, but it seemed like he took care of her in other ways, so that it just made sense to her that he was trying to keep her healthy. The juice and the milk, however, also had the effect of making her have to pee in the night sometimes, and this night in particular, when she was not allowed to sleep, and so her body was not slowing down enough to delay the need, she found herself standing in the dark room facing her sleeping daddy doing a potty dance. He expected her to pee anyway, and while she was sure he would not be that upset by her peeing her pants, she couldn’t just do it on purpose. She was not a baby, and she really wanted to prove that. Well, maybe not really, but either way, her body did. It wouldn’t relax even if she wanted it to. It was hard to know what time it was when she first felt her panties get a little warm and moist from a small amount leaking past before she was able to cut it off. But seeing that the sun was nowhere near paling the colors of the bedroom curtains, she knew that she would be all wet before morning. She had tried to keep herself awake and keep her mind off of her aching bladder for a long time by playing head games with herself, playing house with her imagination where she was the parent and was telling her own little child the same things her stepdaddy was teaching her. She would try to remember something for a big test. She would think and think until a strong urge made her crouch in anticipation, a little bit more leaked, and then she would hold it a bit longer. Eventually, just as the light started to pale against the curtain, she felt her body at its limit. It was tired, it ached from holding it so long, and it just couldn’t stop the explosion of the bursting dam that quickly poured down her legs like a torrential rainfall and make a huge lake on the floor, the strumming of water beating against the carpet waking her stepdaddy. He opened his eyes just a moment before the clock blared at him. He sat up shutting off the alarm, and then he motioned for her to come towards him. He put her in his lap and felt the front of her panties. “You peed?” She nodded. “You didn’t sleep in the night, did you?” She shook her head. “If I find out you lied about sleeping, you know what happened last night because you lied….” She nodded. “Now is your chance. Did you sleep any in the night? Did you close your eyes at all?” She shook her head no violently. She didn’t! She shook! Even if she had not just peed herself moments before, she would have been wet now because his line of questioning was scaring her. “Stand up,” he pushed her off of his lap, but then grabbed her around her bottom and forced her in front of him. He kept his hands on her wet bottom causing her to blush more though he always did that when she peed her pants. “I’m glad you didn’t try to change your panties and try to hide the wet ones so I wouldn’t see,” he patted her soaked panties. “If you are telling me the truth about not sleeping in the night…, and I have a mind to believe you because you look tired and you didn’t hide your wet panties on me, then you are a good girl!” He kissed her forehead. “Do you want to sleep?” he asked her. “What… what about school?” she yawned. “What about it?” he asked her. “Do you think you can stay awake at school?” She shook her head no. “I don’t think so, either. You can miss one day, but never lie to me again or you will go to school and if you fall asleep in class, you will be in trouble, understand?” October nodded. “Now, go to your room, and go to sleep. No point in changing your panties yet because you always wet the bed, baby.” And so, now here she was, in the fifth grade, now lying on the bed waiting for this guy to change her wet in pants. It really didn’t feel much different than waiting for her daddy to change her, except he wasn’t reminding her that she was a baby. He wasn’t telling her that she was too stupid to not pee herself, and he wasn’t being harsh at all. Soon enough, she was cleaned up, and it was the big Mexican girl’s turn, the one that had pooped her panties. Adam’s View: While the young twenty four year old college student had not expected all of this to be very easy, and counted on having the girls fight him on every turn as he tried to change them into diapers, the most surprising thing was that October had not fought him at all. While Imelda tried to hold her hands over her privates when she thought he was not paying attention to that part, and she wiggled a bit making putting the diaper on her hard, and she complained about it making her feel like a baby, October just laid there and let him do what he wanted. While Jessica had been even more squirmy as he tried to put the diaper on her, and she kept asking why they had to wear a diaper in the first place, why he had to change them and treat them like babies, and she kicked some and kept pulling at the diaper, pulling it out of place so he had to start over with her three different times to get it on her, October did nothing! October just laid there, and though she did look the other way so she didn’t have to see who was changing her out of wet pants, and she blushed when he pulled a diaper on her, she didn’t fight it at all. Adam shook his head at her acceptance. Even if she knew it was impossible to fight, she still should have put up a lot more resistance. Something was wrong! Something was definitely not right with her. He stood her up, and again, unlike the other girls who were trying to cross their legs, put their hands over the fronts of their diapers, and do whatever else they could manage to think of to hide them, October just stood there as if she had her jeans on. He sighed and turned his attention to the very messy bigger girl. “Your turn,” he said. Though he quickly learned that she couldn’t really speak English, he also learned that she was very quick in picking up what was about to happen. She kept her hands in front of her pants as he laid her down, and she was twice as hard to get out of her messy panties as any of the others had been. She kept grabbing at the wet wipes wanting to wipe herself instead, and she kept kicking and squirming on the bed when he tried to put the diaper on her. In the end, he had to make her stand up and diaper her that way because it seemed the only way that he could get control of her. When they were finally done changing the girls, Adam brought them all back to the first office room and had them sit in the now nearly dried out chairs. “Now, as I tried to explain in the bedroom when I changed you, if you need to be cleaned up, your guardian will decide if you can do it, or if they have to help you. Since you had peed your pants this time, I had to do it….” Adam wanted to get through the rest of the orientation as soon as possible and get some private time with his own little so as to get her used to him before he would have to intrude on her privacy again to either bathe her or take her to the bathroom again. He finally finished talking about the rules and made all the girls sign the papers, except for Anna. He would need someone to translate for her before he could make her sign. He would likely need to call the head office to send a translator over, but that would have to wait for later. Finally, he took the girls out of the office, and through the kitchen to the stairs and up to the second floor of the three story home. There, three other college kids were watching television waiting on him. Chapter Three Dividing the Responsibilities Adam: Adam lined the children up, and then he started to call the house guardians to get their charge. “Robyn,” he started. Robyn was a tall redhead with lots of freckles and green eyes. She had a serious face that didn’t look like it took much guff from people, and she didn’t even smile at the kids at first. “You get Jessica,” Adam nodded at Jessica who stepped forward to meet her guardian. “Just so you know, Jessica is the one with the violent history in her file, so if you have any real problems, don’t try to force her yourself. Secure her, and then get me as soon as you can.” Robyn nodded as she walked over and squatted down to Jessica finally offering a slight smile though not overtly friendly. “I hope we can get along well,” she said as though this was the only time she was going to say this, and the girl better understand. “I am sure you don’t want any trouble, and neither do I.” Adam continued with the next name. “Brenda,” he looked kind of sorry at her. “Your little is going to be Anna. Now, Anna doesn’t speak any English, so you will have to be really patient when you try to explain things to her.” Brenda smiled broadly. “That’s okay. We’ll figure it out,” she said brightly taking her hands. “Come here, honey,” she cooed at the girl as she took her where she had been sitting and put her in her lap. Jason, the only adult blond with blue eyes sat on the edge of his seat wondering if he was going to get the mellow blond that just looked down at her shoes or if he was going to get the wide-eyed skinny Mexican looking girl who couldn’t seem to stop looking around at everything to get a bearing on her surroundings. “Jason…, you will have October,” he gestured to the quiet blond girl who stared at her feet. Jason rushed forward and he squatted down to her. Putting a hand on her head, he asked her. “Can I pick you up?” October looked up at him seeming to consider his strange request. After some time, she just nodded and blushed while he did just that. He lifted her up and carried her back to where he was sitting. Robyn had Jessica sitting next to her not in any mood to baby her, at least not just then. That’s when Imelda realized that the same guy that told them what the rules were, and how everything worked, the same man that was in charge of the whole house, was also going to be her guardian. She gulped. Adam bent down just as she gulped, and he nodded. “Yes, honey, you are going to be my little girl while I’m studying childcare in the program.” Imelda sighed. He reached his hand out to her, and it seemed that she accepted it because she took his in return and let him lead her where he would sit in front of everyone, her standing between his legs as he spoke. “Now, everyone knows who they are going to primarily be responsible for, it is time we divide up the chores of the house among the kids….” “Excuse me,” Jason interrupted. “I know we need to teach them to be good girls, but they just got here, and they are as confused if not more than we were when we first arrived. Don’t you think they can skip a few days before having to worry about chores?” “While I sympathize with what you are saying,” Adam explained. “It is best to make sure that things get as normal and stable for them sooner than later as possible. With that in mind, I do expect you to treat them the same tonight as you want them to expect the rest of their stay here. It will be a lot less confusing to them if they know if you are strict from the very beginning.” Jason nodded. None of the adults questioned Adam putting all the girls in diapers, though, and they spent the next twenty minutes assigning each room chores for the week. It turned out that each of the girls would stay in the same rooms as their guardians, and all the chores were assigned by room, so that meant the guardian was in charge of a chore being done, and more likely, it was the child that had to carry out doing it. Half an hour later, Adam looked around at the house members, and he sighed. “Now, the poor girls have been through a lot today, and I have a feeling that all of them want to change out of their diapers. I’m not going to tell you what to do with your own charge, only that you are free to decide for yourselves whether they should be changed out of the diapers or not. I will tell you that while we were in the meeting, with the bathroom right there in sight, October wet herself, and I’m not sure when it happened, but Anna had done more than pee herself either on the way here or maybe in the office. That might help you make up your minds. The other two girls, I have no reason to believe that they would have been wet had they not had to travel by van with no bathroom in it for over thirty hours. The officers in the van didn’t let them go because somehow, they got it confused that they were to pick up boys, and when they found out it was girls, they were told to go through with the delivery anyway.” Adam then reached out his hand for Imelda to take it, and he stood up ending the meeting. The others started to stand up and lead their charges to their own rooms. October: When Jason had led October, not to the steps for the third floor, but down the hall instead and to one of the doors, unlocked it, and then shuttled her inside, she breathed a little sigh. She looked up her new guardian, this yellow haired Jason. “Hey, sweetie, don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you in a diaper,” he told her. “I don’t care if you did just pee your pants in view of a toilet, I’m sure there was a good reason for it.” October just looked at the ground the whole time not wanting to tell him that the real reason was that she was a stupid baby like her stepdad always told her that she was. “Can you come over here?” he asked her taking her into the first room of their suite, this one set up more like a small study for two people with two desks, bookshelves, a small TV and sofa, and other relaxing things in it. “I want to take you into the bedroom area, so I can change you out of that, if you are okay with that.” The rooms that they were assigned had the same feel and design as the office below. There was a bedroom room where two beds were fit into the room with two dressers and closets with stuff in them and there was a toilet room with no door against the opposite wall of the first room from the bedroom doorway. October shrugged and walked with him to the bedroom. She was used to people changing her pants. It didn’t bother one way or the other who changed her, and she didn’t care if he left the diaper on her or took it off. It was all the same to her. Her opinion didn’t matter. Jason sat down on the bed first and patted next to him so she sat. “Before I take your diaper off, I want to explain a few things to you,” he said. “First of all, I don’t think you are a baby. That’s why I’m taking your diaper off of you. You deserve to be treated as much like a fifth grader as I can get away with. Secondly, while I want to treat you like a big kid, because you were sent her for doing something really bad, I have a responsibility to watch you, and for at least the first two weeks, unfortunately, that means watching you use the bathroom, giving you bathes, and even changing your clothes if you pee them for some reason. I am hoping this is the only time I have to change you because of peeing though, okay?” October looked down. He was going to be disappointed in her real quick. She would be peeing her pants later. She knew she would because she was just a stupid baby. She couldn’t help wetting her pants because she was a baby, but she didn’t say anything. He could find out soon enough and it was too shameful to tell him that she couldn’t be trusted to act like a big kid. He had to watch her, or she might hide her wet panties on him like she did her stepdad making him punish her. She hoped Jason would watch her so she didn’t make him mad. Jason seemed to take her silence as consent, and he asked her lay back, which she did a little too willingly. Jason frowned at her. She wasn’t sure if his frown meant she did something wrong, so she sat up again and tears came to her eyes. He picked her up and put her in his lap. He started to rub her back. “It’s okay,” he cooed at her. “I know you’re not a baby, and I know all this is really embarrassing, but I have to do what they tell me, too, honey. I promise, I’ll be as fast as I can about changing you. I don’t want you to feel like a baby….” That was more than she could handle. She was a baby! Her stepdad said so, and her mommy agreed with him on everything! She was a baby! Why didn’t he get it? If he didn’t think she was a baby, was he going to punish her for peeing her pants, and not just lying about it? Jason rocked her and rubbed her back. He kept rubbing his hand in circles on her back which had a calming effect in the way that he wasn’t scolding her, but also confused her because he was treating her just like her stepdad did when she acted like a baby in front of him. “You’re not a baby,” Jason kept cooing at her. “We just have to get through this trial period, and then you can take care of changing yourself. I’m sure you won’t get in anymore big trouble, honey.” October shivered. She wasn’t sure what she wanted Jason to say, really, but he definitely wasn’t saying what she was used to. If he said it was okay because she WAS a baby, then it would have relaxed her a lot more, but he seemed to think it was better to tell her that she wasn’t a baby. He seemed to think that she needed to be treated like a big girl. Do big girls get harsh punishments for peeing their pants? She was too scared to ask him that though. It seemed, eventually, that Jason caught on that rubbing her back and telling her she wasn’t a baby wasn’t working, so he just stood her up, and led her to the dressers where she was surprised to find some clothes already stocked up for her. None of the clothes were things she recognized, but they were definitely her size. How did they know to put things her size in Jason’s room if Adam just decided who was with who on the spot a little earlier? Maybe they had known a little more than they let on earlier? Jason then pulled off her diaper, and then he took off her clothes she had on for nearly thirty hours in the van leaving her completely naked. He reached in a dresser and got her a clean t-shirt and then some panties. She knew better than to fight him, and she let him dress her just like she did with her stepdaddy. Once he had her in panties and t-shirt, he took her to the closet and pulled down one of six jumpers, three which were skirts and three which were overall pants. The one he took was a purple skirt, and he put it on her. Then he had her stand back and looked at her. “Good, you are all dressed,” he brought her over to him and he hugged her. “Now, can you call me daddy, or do you want to call me Uncle Jason?” he asked her. She looked down. He seemed to mean what he said, so after a moment of silence, she looked up at him. “Uncle Jason?” He nodded at her. “But you listen to me just like you do your daddy or mommy, understand?” She nodded. “Good. Now, we should go downstairs because they will likely have dinner on the table soon. I think the girls,” he was talking about the adult girls, “…were doing that tonight.” October nodded, and again, he picked her up, and carried her. She didn’t mind that at all. As long as he treated her like a baby, she felt that he wouldn’t be mad at her. Adam: Once Adam had dismissed the meeting, he reached out his hand to take Imelda up to their suite on the third floor, and after closing the door behind them, he turned to her. “Imelda, I am sure that wearing a diaper is kind of embarrassing, especially with nothing to cover it up, but we are going to have to get you a bath later tonight too, so you can either have me change you now, into panties and then some other clothes, or you can wait on the diaper until we have to take it off for the bath anyway.” Imelda blushed. She looked around the first room of their suite getting a sense of her new rooms more to stall for time than to really understand her space. Then she finally shrugged her shoulders. “Does that mean you don’t care one way or the other?” Adam asked her. She bit her lip for a moment, but finally nodded. “Then at least follow me to the bedroom to put a skirt on over your diaper. Even if you are wearing it, you likely don’t like people seeing it, right?” Imelda nodded. “I can’t put it on by myself?” she asked. “Not right now, no,” Adam confirmed. “When I am proven that I can trust you, then like I said before, I’ll let you do certain things for yourself at that time, honey.” Imelda nodded. She knew that this was going to take a lot of getting used to, but the first time she had to pee her pants in the van, the guards had made a comment about she better get used to that. Maybe what they really meant, was just being exposed in embarrassment! She walked over and let Adam start to slip up a skirt-style jumper on her, and then he patted her back. “Do you want to watch television in our suite, or would you like to look over the rest of the house?” “Um… can I see the rest of the house?” she asked now that her diaper was at least covered. “And what if I have to pee, later? I won’t have to use this thing, will I?” “No, you won’t. If you have to pee later, I can take it off then and put you in panties after you go, okay?” Imelda smiled brightly at that idea. Adam took her through the third floor and showed her that there was one other suite on this floor for Robyn and Jessica, and then that this floor had a game area for the little kids. The second floor had two suites, one for each of Jason and October and then for Brenda and Anna. It also had some gaming stuff for the adults that the kids could only touch if the adults were watching them carefully and basically giving them permission to do so, and then the main sitting area for watching television as a whole house. Finally, the first floor had the huge entrance way, a huge dining and kitchen area, the office suite, and then the huge bathing area. The bathing area was as big as the suites. In one area, there was a place to change in and out of clothes. Beyond that, there was a huge tub that was more like a small swimming pool, and off to one side of that, there were four open archways that led to tiny rooms with bathtubs like you’d find at home complete with showers. “Now, when we take a bath,” Adam was explaining as he showed her the bathing area. “You little kids will undress in the area before the giant bath, and then we will clean you up in one of the smaller shower areas. Once you are clean, we will have one of us watch you in the bigger community pool while the older people wash ourselves. Then we will come and join you little kids while the one that was watching you gets to get clean….” Adam smiled as it seemed that Imelda followed what he was talking about. “You said we kids will undress in the dressing room. What about you big people?” Imelda asked him. “We will wear bathing suits to bathe you, and then take them off to clean ourselves and put them back on to join you in the main community tub. That way, we are never fully naked around you because there is a certain line that the program doesn’t want us to cross, and this stops that from happening.” “So, it’s okay for you to watch us use the toilet and bathe us, but it’s crossing the line if we see you naked?” Imelda wanted to know. “You’re little kids,” Adam reminded her. “Of course, guardians have given their kids baths and done private things for them since the start of human culture, but kids only ever see their birth parents naked.” Imelda looked down. “But kids are usually under eight when their parents bathe them.” “I know,” Adam said. “I’m kind of confused about the program in some areas, too, but for now, at least, we have to treat you like you are little kids. It’s going to be inconvenient. We adults know that all too well. It’s going to be troublesome for us, too, but I don’t want you kids going to adult prison….” “What does that have to do with this?” Imelda wanted to know. “If we fail at doing what we are supposed to, to train you to rethink what you’ve done, or you disobey us too much, we will be kicked out of the program, and the program will send you kids to prison like regular criminals.” “Aren’t we regular criminals?” Imelda asked him. “Maybe in the states’s eye, you are, but not the way I see it. You are children that happened to have bad situations, bad parenting, or just bad luck. Either way, kids your age don’t just get ahold of drugs to sell them on your own. That is what you are here for, right?” Imelda looked down. “Kind of….” “Well, don’t you worry about the reason the state sent you here because I don’t really think their records on your actions are complete. As I said, I find it quite unlikely you could get that much drug to sell on the streets by yourself, honey.” Imelda nodded. She wasn’t so sure he was wrong about that. Her own father hadn’t actually known what was in the package that she was supposed to deliver, or at least she wanted to believe he didn’t know. She knew that he worked for a bad guy, and she figured the man used her to deliver the drug thinking the police wouldn’t suspect a child doing the business rather than her father. Adam put a hand on her shoulder. “So, what do you want to do now?” he asked her. “We can go up to the sitting room and watch television, you can go up and play games, or we can go back to our suite until dinner is ready and maybe read a book or get to know each other better….” “Can I go see what games are in the kids’ play area?” she asked. Adam smiled and nodded as he put a hand on her shoulder to guide her up to the third floor again. Brenda: After Adam had dismissed the meeting, Brenda took Anna down the hall to their suite on the second floor. She used both of her hands to guide the girl since she didn’t think she understood English well enough to get her verbal commands. Once they were in the suite, she smiled brightly at her little fifth grader, though Anna was much bigger than the other fifth graders in more ways than one. Brenda led her straight back where the bedroom part was and had her stand in front of the dresser while she got out some panties and a t-shirt for her. Anna smiled at seeing the panties. Brenda then bent down to Anna and said slowly but still doubting she understood: “Honey, I have to dress you, but I don’t see any reason to make you wear that diaper. Regardless of the fact you pooped your pants, I know it was because they didn’t let you use the bathroom before you got here, so I’m not holding that against you.” Anna just looked at her funny, so Brenda was sure she didn’t understand. She sighed and started to untape the fifth grader’s diaper. Anna didn’t fight her. She just stood there, now, and let the lady undo the diaper. Soon enough, Brenda had the diaper off of her, and she held the panties out for the girl to step into. Anna quickly obliged. Brenda was sure that the girl was grateful for her knowing that she would want to be out of that getup as soon as possible. Then Anna let her continue to take off her shirt that she had been wearing for nearly two days, and put a clean t-shirt on her before taking her to the closet to put a romper skirt on her just like Jason had done for October and Adam had done for Imelda. Once Anna had clean clothes on, Brenda took her to the small toilet room in their suite, and she showed her the toilet. Anna shook her head. “I know,” Brenda said. “But get me when you want to go. I promise, I’ll take you.” Anna didn’t look like she understood, but Brenda hoped she would in time. Then she took her out to the sitting room to relax until Robyn was ready to go with them to help with dinner. It was their turn to cook for the house. Jessica: Jessica was relieved when Adam told her that Robyn, a girl was going to be her regular guardian. By the sound of what he said earlier, her guardian would be watching her at every private moment she needed, so it was going to be a lot better having a girl there than a boy. The meeting ended soon enough, and Robyn took Jessica up to their suite to show her around. Then she paused in the bedroom. “I need you to take your shirt off,” Robyn told her. “Normally, I have to do it for you, but I think this once, you can do one final thing for yourself before I start treating you like a toddler.” Jessica frowned and looked at her hard in the eye knowing that from what Adam had said that it was true that it had to be done, but very much not liking the way the girl had just come out and said it like that. “You know the rules, Jessica. If you don’t cooperate with me,” Robyn warned her, “then I’ll have to get Adam, and we will both have to dress you.” Jessica decided not to press her luck though she really just wanted to let her know that she didn’t care for the woman’s choice of words. Adam had told her that it was just because they weren’t to be trusted yet, and so were basically criminals. That, she could sort of live with…. Being called a toddler was something else. Robyn took her relaxing body language, it seemed, to mean that nothing would happen because she then approached the girl even though she said she could take the shirt off herself, and she started to help her. Jessica just let her. Then soon enough, she had a romper on just like the other little girls did. “Robyn?” Jessica started…. “Mommy,” Robyn corrected her. “Mom?” “No…. Mommy!” Jessica rolled her eyes and let out a bunch of air through her teeth. “Fine. Mommy! Mommy?” “Yes, honey?” “I’m not a toddler, you know.” “I know that, baby. But until we are told differently, you are going to be treated like one, so you might as well get used to the idea of being one for a while.” Jessica frowned. “Can’t I just be used to the idea of being a criminal that is being controlled by a guard?” “Honey, you are not a criminal,” Robyn said. “I don’t know why you stabbed a full grown adult with a pair of scissors, but I do know that it had to be a good reason for you to get that kind of courage up. It’s no easy task for a little girl to overpower an adult either even, even if you had surprise on him.” Jessica nodded. “He was hurting my mother.” “I believe you. But as I said, we have rules that we have to go by, and so the best way to get through the first few weeks, is for you children to accept your new roles as toddlers for a while….” “Adam said you could take off my diaper…,” Jessica reminded her in case she forgot. “Well, like I said, you are a toddler, to me, anyways. So, I will decide if you wear a diaper or not.” “Do I have to use it?” “You mean, like to pee or something?” Jessica blushed. “Yeah….” “No. You just tell mommy that you want to go, and I’ll take you. Even when I let you wear panties, you have to ask anyway, so it’s really no different, okay?” “Okay,” Jessica sighed. She didn’t like that her mommy thought she should stay diapered, but at least she didn’t have to use it. After Robyn had Jessica put into a clean jumper-skirt and ready to leave the room, she took her little girl down to the kitchen to meet Brenda and Anna so they could start dinner. Brenda: When Brenda saw Robyn pass by with Jessica in hand, she knew that it was time to cook. She looked from Adam to Imelda and to Anna not sure how to get Anna to understand everything she needed her to do. “Do you need help with Anna at the moment?” Adam asked Brenda. “Yeah, actually. I don’t see how she’s going to be much help in the kitchen until we figure out a way to communicate.” “I’ll watch her for this evening,” Adam told her. “But you need to figure out a way to communicate with her soon, unless you want to be changing messy diapers all the time.” Brenda grimaced at that. She nodded and headed for the kitchen. “Where is Anna?” Robyn wanted to know. “I left her with Adam this time,” Brenda responded. “She’d just be in the way because she can’t really communicate with us in English yet.” Robyn nodded. “What about me?” Jessica asked. “What about you?” Robyn asked her. “Do you understand English?” “Yes,” Jessica said a little down not liking where this was going. “Then there’s no reason you can’t be here helping us make dinner, then, is there?” “No.” Soon enough, they had Jessica peeling potatoes while the other women were busy at the stove.
  7. "You can't be serious, I can't work with him!" I yelled at my teacher. "Look, Eric, I know it sucks but what do you want from me?" the teacher asked. "You both were absent yesterday when the class picked partners." "But I was sick!" I yelled at him "that dumbass probably just skipped school again. Why should my grade be hurt because of that!" "Mr.Ward, I would appreciate it if you didn't use that type of language around me." my teacher told me. "And I'm sorry, but I can't make any exceptions. Now you can either discuss what you have to do with Mr.Allen or your grade will suffer." I'm just beyond pissed as I leave the school. Why did this fucking have to happen to me! My name is Eric Ward. I'm 16 and currently about to be sent to military school. Why? Well like a dumbass I decided to fuck around my last few years of school and barely passing any of my classes. Because of that, my dad thought it might be best to send me to military school. But my dad wanted to be fair with me. I could either get my grade up and pass this year with all B's to make up for my previous bad grades, or go to military school. And wouldn't you fucking guess, my teacher decides to have a class project worth 1/4th of our grade and we have to do it with a partner. My partner, as funny as it may sound, if a fucking wannabe punk! The stereotypical bad boy punk. The type of guy you find hanging around other dumbass's with nothing going on in their lives who spend most of their time hanging out and smoking or getting drunk. With nothing left to do, I figured it I might as well go find him and tell him what's going on. I know for a fact that he's somewhere at the school because I saw him around lunch however he still didn't go to any of his classes. As typical as it might sound I found him behind the school's gym smoking with his friends. "Hey, Steve!" I yell to my partner a few feet away from him and his friends. They all turn to look at me. I could see Steve in the middle of them. His hair was all messed up, and his clothes looked like they were worn for at least the last 3 days. But instead of Steve coming over to talk to me, two of his friends did. "What do you want?" one of them asked me. "I just want to talk to Steve. It's about our class project." I told them. The two of them just laughed. "Just beat it, he doesn't want to deal with any of that stupid shit." the same guy told me. "Ya, when has school ever actually helped someone." the other guy said as they started to turn around and head back to there group. "Hey wait I need…" I tried to say until one of the guys punched me in the chest hard! "We said beat it or well kick your fucking ass." the guy told me. My chest hurt and I had no doubt that all together I would definitely get my ass kicked. I take one last look at Steve before I walk away. I tried to rub the pain away from my chest as I heard the thugs just laughing at me. But I wasn't going to give up that easily. No, if I wanted to avoid military school then I needed to talk to Steve alone. So I for the rest of the day I followed Steve and his friends everywhere. The first thing they did was go to the closest gas station and somehow got themselves a pack of cigarettes. Next they went around all over town meeting with random strangers, getting certain things, and finally stopped at someone's house. I had to keep myself well hidden for nearly 2 hours before I finally saw Steve stumble out of the house carrying 2 cans beer. "See you guys tomorrow!" he yelled to his friends as he stumbled his way down the sketchy street. I slowly followed him, trying to stay a little ways back. I jump and hide as I see Steve turn around, but when I look back I saw him leaning on a wall and sticking his hand into his mouth. Why? I then saw Steve begin to puke all over the ground! It was so disgusting I nearly puked. Once he was done he stood back up and started to walk like normal down the street. As I followed him I watched as Steve stopped one more time to hand over the 2 cans of beer he had to some homeless guy before walking away. Why the heck would he do that? I wondered. Finally, we reach the edge of the sketchy part of town and Steve walked over to a door. He pulled out a key and unlocked the door before he went inside. This must be his house. I took a good look at it and saw that it was a crappy small house. Probably only 2 rooms, if that. That's when I see a girl leave the house and Steve handing her some money. "Thanks again, see you tomorrow," she told him before she left and Steve closed the door. For a moment I was nervous as hell about walking up to the door to talk. But just the thought of military school calmed me down enough to finally knock. I waited for a little while and knocked again. Finally, the door opened a crack and Steve looked out. "Hu? What are you doing here?" Steve answered as he opened the door a little wider. At least he remembers me. "My name is Eric, we take English together." I told him. "Ok and?" Steve said. "What do you want?" "Our teacher gave us an assignment yesterday, but because I was sick and didn't come to school our teacher paired us up together," I told him. "I don't give a shit," Steve said as he shut the door in my face. That piece of shit. I knocked on the door again. And again. And finally slamming my fist on the door before Steve answered again. "WHAT!" he yelled at me. "Look, you might not care about that class but I do. This assignment is worth ¼ of our grade and I need to pass it." I told him. "I just said I don't give a shit," Steve told me as he tried to shut the door again but I blocked it with my foot. "Move your foot!" "Look, if I don't pass this class then I'm going to be sent to military school. So I don't care how long it takes I will keep coming back and annoying the hell out of you until you help." I told him. Steve just glared at me. It was at this moment I realized what I just did, I just threatened a thug how could possibly stab me at any moment. Steve finally opened the door and grabbed me by my shirt before he threw me inside his house. "Wow wow wow!" I yelled as I turned around and watched as Steve shut and locked his door before walking over to me and grabbing my shirt. "I'm going to make this clear, I don't want you coming here," he said as he pinned my body against his wall. "I don't give a shit if you have to go to military school or not. But if I see you hanging around here again I will personally…" "Steve?" a small voice asked. Both of our heads turned and I saw a little 4-year-old in pull ups rubbing her eyes as she looked at us. "Wat you doing?" the little girl asked. "N-nothing Daisy. We're just playing a little." Steve said as he let go of me and went over to the little girl. "It's bedtime now, we promise to keep it down." "O ta," Daisy said as she walked away. She was about to enter her room when she looked back at Steve. "Steve?" "Yes?" He asked. "When is mommy coming home?" the little girl asked. "Soon sweety, now go to bed while the big boys talk," Steve told the little girl who smiled at him and went into her room. "Little sister?" I asked. Suddenly Sive grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me in close. "Don't you fucking say a word!" Sive said in a harsh whisper.
  8. diaperlover002


    Danny is 16 years old and the summer break starts today and has been told my his mom Mariah that he has to babysit some kids that are between the age of 3-4 and all of them wear diapers after several weeks danny wants to try them on so he takes 5 out of the bag and brings them home to wearr one of there diapers so he takes a couple and brings them home to wear them
  9. diaperlover002

    having a small Bladder private with Danny

    Jeremy is a 10 year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let him go to the bathroom and the school call his Megan
  10. Skylove27

    Teacher's Baby at Summer Camp

    Abigail Adams stood in the highschool parking lot, she stood next to her teacher holding her hand. Her 7th grade advisory class were going on a camping trip for the summer, and she begged her parents not to sign the slip but they did and dropped her off at 7 am. She was the first one there, her teacher gave her a Gerber's puree pouchie to have to eat, fearing she didn't have enough for breakfast. This was a reason she didn't want to go on the trip in the first place because she didn't want to have to be babied by her teacher all summer. It was humiliating the way she was treated like a toddler unlike the other kids. But here Abby was holding her teacher's hand drinking the baby pouchie waiting for the rest of the students to arrive. Only have arrived and a few acknowledged her. And once all the students arrived, Abby had a feeling this was going to be a long summer.
  11. Princess Ophelia

    From D- to Diapers (private qith Tain)

    Rosie cringes as she receives her grades back. All the circles in red ink and underlines all trace around her paper with a big "SEE ME" at the top of her page.
  12. Princess Ophelia

    Bully gets Caught (Harper.Cutsies)

    Forest sits
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    * it is the first day of school and
  14. Princess Ophelia

    Popular to Pacifiers

    Violet, the most popular girl in school is pretty, smart, and talented all around. She's the picture of perfect! Most everyone adores her, and who could not? She was popular, but still kind and her adorable little face is impossible to hate. The only problem is that she has a little secret. Sometimes she still wets her pants. If anyone found out, then she would be dead! Everyone would laugh and really tease her.
  15. It was a Friday morning. A group of students from the local middle school and highschool, were going to be camping for two weeks. Some are going on this trip to make up a trade, others are going to get out of class, and some are just going to learn etc. They Will be staying at a camp site 5 hours away from there local high school, Endeavor high. Which is where they will be meeting at.
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    School Safe Haven (open)

    Seth Lyrca, age 15 is sent to a boarding school by the state. He is an orphan with ADHD and dyslexia, the School has tutors that work one on one with students, his tutor eventually becomes his Mommy (If interested please reply.) Seth looked out the window of the car that was driving him to the boarding school, He was nervous and hoped he wouldn't be expelled like all those others. He hoped his tutor would be nice and maybe even sign the precious piece of paper he had brought with him from the orphanage, the legal document to make someone his guardian. After hours of driving through country woodland the car areived at the campus. He got out of the car with the social worker and saw a good looking and talla
  17. rubbersheetmike

    Wetting when getting spanked

    I attended school back when corporal punishment was still commonplace at school and at home. I once wet my pants while getting punished for fighting. I was worried I'd get it at home too but luckily that didn't happen. I wonder how many others had the experience of wetting at school and were punished for it.
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    The Borading School

    James a 16yr old trouble always getting in fights stealing from his mom got kicked out of school so they send
  19. Once started this story and sent it out a few places. Going to change the name of some characters and reformat it to be less of an info dump and begin again. Will not let it die and expanded it dramatically from where I had it. Stretched out a lot of the 'info dump' and gave it less of a fantasy fill as best I could without removing the fantasy aspect, lol. Please leave me comments! Chapter 1 - "Honey, it's time to wake up." Came a voice in Kimberly's dream. She wasn't sure what it was, but there was a strentch in this long, dark, black room. She heard the voice again: "Get up, I have to change you before I go into work." She realized who it was this time. "Five more minutes..." She moaned, putting a pillow to her face and inhaling trying to make the smell go away. "No, it's time to get you changed, it will only take a few seconds. Besides, I don't want my big girl to get a rash on her first day in High School, now do I?" Kimberly sighed as she lifted the blanket off of her and woke from the partial dream. She looked around, the light was bright and her mom was standing in front of her dressed up for work, with an Abena diaper in her left hand and rash cream in the other. As she continued to scan her room, she noticed wipes next to her bedside table and plastic pants on top of them. Her mom began to expertly untape the diaper, lifting it into the air and folding it up. The smell didn't bother her, as she began to wipe her daughter's behind, Kim became less aware of her surroundings. She began to drift asleep as her mom lifted her legs as the final layer of plastic pants were applied. She remembered before completely falling asleep that her mom told her to be awake by 6:30, because school starts at 7:37 and that she wanted to make sure she was there on time. In her dream, she noticed one thing immediately: she was in a very messy diaper. She was surrounded by beds in each corner, one of which had a man in it. He was asleep and turned away from her, but she could tell he was a shaggy man, with very long hair and a smell aura that would fend off the most dangerous of creatures; but maybe that was her. As she continued to scan the area, she began noticing how small the room was, and that the only way in or out was through metal bars. She walked forward out of both curiosity and fear. Putting her hand forward, she reached for the shaggy man on the bed; and on touch, he turned around viciously. In one instant, she was surrounded with intimidation and fear. The man had dark black eyes, completely filling them like a expanded pupil. He had a full beard, one that went past his chest, and his breath was that of a man who probably never heard of a toothbrush. As she began filling the diaper in her dream yet again, the man said something in an ancient language, one unknown to her: "Du'ra ducta monare. Du'ra ducta monare." As he continued to speak in the same pattern, a loud "BANG" was heard, but she couldn't shake herself and figure out what it was. In the next few seconds, another "BANG" was heard, this time she realized what it was: her alarm clock. "Mura Poota Kimby, Mura Poota Kim." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those were the last words that came from his mouth before she was awoken by another loud "BANG". Boy was she glad to be awake, but as she rose she smelt the exact thing she did in her dream, and something in between her legs squished as she sat up: herself. She looked at the clock: "Damn, it's 9:29." She thought, jumping out of bed. She might of not had time to change her diaper and wash up, but she could at least make the smell be neutralized for the next five hours, or so she hoped. As she poured purfume all over herself, she also through some baby powder down her smelly diaper and also another plastic pant around them. She knew that her diaper would be too thick for jeans, and she didn't have any long skirts around the house, but she had one that would at least cover the diaper and leave her room to walk to school. "Oh, walking.." she thought, that would be a challenge. She put on a very cute tweety bird shirt, and brought her purse with a Abena Diaper and wipes along with her: at least she could get a change at school. Late on her first day back at a public school ever since her car accident two years ago. On the way walking the 4 miles to school, she got many stares and honks as she neared the campus, and she couldn't help but think that her diaper was definantly going to be showing at school. The minute she got onto campus, security came up to her. "Excuse me, can I help you?" The security guard asked. "I believe you can, I'm a new student here at Juan Seguin High and I'm running late. What should I do?" "Well follow me, first we need to get you your ID so you're an official student at the school: we'll do that by heading up to the library.." He paused and sniffed, "Is there something wrong?" "Not at all, please, keep going." "Okay, as i was saying, after that we'll get you down to your assistant principals office which, wait, what's your last name?" "Moore," she said, "Kimberly Moore." "Okay Kim, your counselor is Mr.Devans , please, follow me." She already knew this day would be hell, and if they keep her this busy she might not be able to get to the restroom to change her diaper. Then she thought about the privacy at where she was...How would she change a diaper this dirty in a public restroom? She knew she was in trouble. As the security guard walked her down to the library, they came to an elevator. She didn't think there was an elevator, as the school isn't that big. "Uh, can we please use the stairs?" She asked, afraid the smell of her diaper could be too much for the unsuspecting man. "Don't worry! I let all new students use the elevator for the first day they're here." She gulped and bit her lip hard as she entered onto the platform and the door shut behind her. Luckily the man's nose was stuffed up, as he even sneezed a few times and sniffed, to no apparent notice of the emulating smell coming from the thing under her skirt. The door opened and she rushed off of the elevator, just to run into the janitor, trip, and fall down the green circle patterned flight of stairs right across from the elevator door. Luckily, she landed on her butt, damaging nothing physical except for her pride, and the preperation she made for the smell of her diaper: Now she knew she was in for it. The security guard rushed to help her up, and as he bent over, he noticed the smell. "Ha, i guess the janitor isn't doing a very good with the bathroom downstairs." The janitor remarked, she fake smiled at him and sat up lifting off from her butt. If it was smell free then, it most definitely isn't now. Her face was red, which matched her red hair almost perfectly. They walked a few doors down to the Library, and spoke with Mrs.Gorman, the leading librarian. She began to set everything up, and asked her to sit down on this 2' tall stool, which looked rather small. Yet again, Kim gulped and prepared herself for the worst. The security guard beside her backed up, as he was sure his nose was acting up again because of the smell traveling to him. Kimberly looked as if she would cry as the picture was about to be taken, and Mrs.Gorman snapped the photo. "This is an interesting picture..." Said Mrs.Gorman, as it printed out on off her computer. She handed it to Kim, and she was surprised! Even though she was on the verge of tears, she looked beautiful. She was 4'11" with long, red hair and the best looking brown eyes you could ever see. However, when she looked down she saw what she was afraid of: The dark brown spot covered by a yellow plastic pant showing to the camera. This scared her, but as far as she could tell, Mrs.Gorman didn't notice. She walked out and told the Security Guard she could handle herself from here, but he insisted to escort her. As they were walking, wet farts could be heard coming from her behind. Each step she took, another wet fart took place, until all of the sudden she stopped dead in her tracks and began completely pooping herself, yet again. Three movements in less than six hours was fortunately uncommon for her, but the stress she assumed, was only making her incontinence worse. The security guard heard her farting and filling herself at the stop, but he didn't realize what it was. He just assumed her stomache was acting up, so he asked her to walk with him. How embracing, walking and filling her diaper arms length with her new school's security guard. He dropped her into Mr.Devan's office, and completely left her alone. As she walked to the secretaries desk, the three students sitting in a chair a few feet away from her began to sniff the smell, and acted like they were throwing up. She turned beet red, and tried to play it cool. "Hi, i'm new here and I was wondering what I should do to get into class now that I'm late." The secretary couldn't help but chuckle, "Arhem, yes, just show me your ID and i'll send you on your way with a student escort." "Oh, that won't be necessary, I can find my way around easy enough." She said, handing her ID forward. "Sorry miss...Kimberly, but it's standard procedure, i'll have Sara here go with you." She handed Kimberly her tardy pass and sent her off with Sara, who didn't look too excited to be there. As they exited the room, sara began to ask questions. "Okay, so what is that smell?" Sara asked, getting straight to the point. "What smell?" "The one coming from your ass, don't play stupid with me. Did you shit yourself?" Sara practically yelled in the middle of the empty hallway. "What? No! I didn't get a chance to take a shower I just woke up nearly thirty minutes ago and ran up here." Kim responded. Sara scoffed and walked off, leaving Kim to herself in the empty hallway unsure of where to go from here. She almost wanted to follow her but knew better with the way she was giving her attitude. She began walking around the hallways looking for signs of a handicap bathroom, she assumed there would have to be one somewhere. Sure enough after about five minutes of running around she found one but was unable to open the door, finding it locked. "Helloo --- Is anyone in there?" She asked, knocking on the door. No one responded, but she heard ruffling and what sounded like her very own diaper tapes being removed on the inside. Curiosity got the better of her and she walked off to the side of the hallway to wait and peek at whomever was in the room. For two minutes the only sounds she could hear was that of a nearby classroom laughing at something inside and shortly after she heard herself peeing her diaper. As she heard the sound that was unmistakably that action, she looked and saw that her plastic pants were doing their job as they began to fill up with urine. All of the mess would have had to push it out. She was nearly at tears now and just as if on queue the person in the bathroom walked out. It was Sara. Kimberly stayed quiet and as Sara walked to the other side of the hallway, Kim came across the corner and tip-toed into the bathroom trying to avoid leaking any pee into her shoes from the plastic pants. She got into the bathroom and locked the door, being hit by an unmistakable smell of a dirty diaper, but it was not hers. It was sitting in the over-sized trash can in the corner of the room along with a few other adult diapers and paper towels. Kim smiled to herself as she realized the reason Sara ran off was because she thought it was her own mess that she could smell, and apparently it was as well as her own but she was more than likely none the wiser. She slightly arched her back to remove her shoes as she did not want to criss cross her feet and risk spilling anything from the diaper and pant combination. She successfully removed her socks and shoes and placed them in the corner away from her. She tip toed across the room and stood right above the toilet and dropped her plastic pants. Most of the urine that was in it landed in the toilet, some falling to the other sides of the toilet but a much easier clean up than it could have been. From there she practiced for the first time in a long time to remove her diaper and change herself. She hardly ever did it as her mom did most of her changes for her after spending the majority of the last two years at home nursing her body back to good health. As she had the both the pairs of pants off and the toilet clean she laid on the cold tiled ground in the bathroom and began to remove the tapes to her drowned diaper. As she began attacking the mess with her wipes she remembered to that night when she had the tragic car accident.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her dad was driving the family's Ranchero, a car they hardly took out but he insisted that they "go out in style" that night to the movies. It was the typical family night and it being Kim's turn to pick the activity she wanted to go see Step Up 2. On the way there, they seemed to hit pretty much every green light humanly possible and were making good time for the 7:05 showtime. As they got closer to the highway, Kim remembers tensing up. She was always scared of the on-ramp as there was always tons of traffic moving and it was always of concern to her. She relaxed as her dad was able to make the merge and was only a few exits away from the location. She remembered sighing as they were exiting the ramp with the theater directly in front of them when a big truck rear ended them and pushed them into the right-away ramp and they were swiped on by another vehicle. Her dads side took the entire blow, while her mother and herself were on the other side of the car. The entire vehicle shook and she blacked out. The last thing she remembered was getting the news that her dad did not make it from her mother who looked to be in perfect health outside of a few minor scratches and a cast. Being in a hospital bed looked down on by her mother was something she wouldn't be able to get off her find for a few months, especially with all of the pysical therapy she was going through trying to improve her leg strength. The doctors told her she suffered a minor lower spinal injury that would result in temporary loss of urinary and bowel control as well as little to no control over her legs. But with proper training, she would have control back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She snapped back into reality as she heard a loud bell ring over the speaker. The second class of the day was getting out and she was still covered in filth. She sped up her cleaning process and after about a solid twenty wipes she felt she might have been clean enough. She folded up her diaper and threw it in the trashcan, then laid back down on her second diaper. It was then that she noticed that she forgot to bring the powder that she had poured into her plastic pants to help the smell from coming out as she was rushing out of the house. She cursed herself for forgetting and knew she would not smell very good throughout the rest of the day, but at least she was somewhat fresher. She stood back up, laid her skirt back down and then assessed the damage. She knew the plastic pants would do more harm then foul at this point and decided to throw them away. They were smelly and soaked and she had a ton at home. She pulled down several paper towels from the rack and placed them over the messy diaper and plastic pants as an attempt to cover up her shame and put her shoes and socks back on. There was a lot of foot traffic outside and did not plan on braving the chance that some students would get curious and walk in after she left. She waited until the sound of the third bell sounded, announcing the start of the third class. She stepped outside, and went back down to the office. "Hi, kimberly was it? What brings you back down, shouldn't you be in class?" she asked. "Yes, but Sara wasn't able to show me around I think she had to use the restroom, and I never recieved my schedule so I'm not sure about where I need to go." Kim responded, looking puzzled. "Give me one second, let me pull it up for you." the receptionist said, putting her fingers to work and creating an audible sigh of frustration. "You are off to class 205b, chemistry with Coach Bazzle." "Thanks! I appreciate your help. Can I have a pass for class?" Kimberly asked, and immediately recieved a pass and headed on her way. The rest of the day went relatively calm as compared to the excitement she faced at the beginning of the day. The two classes were mainly introductions to the class and pretests to see what the students already knew. Being home-schooled for the last two years, Kimberly knew a lot more information than a lot of the other kids because that was all she really could do for awhile was just read and retain information. A good perk in a bad situation, she thought. Her mind would drift off to Sara towards the end of the day and knew with an attitude like hers it might be a better idea to stay away from her. She just had to know, though, the reason behind her problems as well and imagined that it would start a really good friendship, or so she would hope. With that thought, the final bell rang and she walked out to the front of the school where her mother was there waiting for her in the car with a warm smile.
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    I miss my school days

    Here's something I wrote a while back that isn't in my blog but it may be of interest to people here.
  22. Hey all. I know that for some of us going to school is a financial strain. It is made even harder when you've gone through cancer and won and are left with medical bills. Whats even more amazing is when someone goes back to school to help others with their psycological and emotional needs. Quite frankly Kat or diaper kitten as some of you may know her is a cancer surviver and is trying to study abroad. I thought as a community we could help her out in any way we can. I believe this is a noble venture and I wish Kat all the best. Just passing the message a long http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1EwltcBXN8&feature=related So help if you can and try to offer some emotional support as well since School and Work are no small thing to juggle in life.