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  1. So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made sure to get them unscented. When I open the package both the package and the Diapers have a amazingly wonderful smell. This may make me a little wierd, but as soon as I take the Diapers out I hold them to my nose and smell them, then I keep the bag for a little bit so that I can stick my nose inside and sniff it, because the scent from the Diapers also scent the bag after being sealed and mailed. Now what I wanna know is what that wonderful smell is that you get even without the baby fresh scent strips and where it comes from. Is it the plastic they use? Is it the landing zone Diaper Tape? Is it the ink used for the prints? What do they do to these Diapers to make them smell so good without the scent strips?! Baby Diapers have this too, because I smell it when walking down the toy/Diaper aisle at King Soopers. However, Depend and other incontinence brands do not have this scent, obviously ABU is trying to make their Diapers as close to Baby Diapers as possible, which explains the scent when you take them out of the package. But what is the scent?! Is it just something that happens with the production of Baby and ABU Diapers? Or do they do something special to them to get that wonderful scent? Remember I'm not talking about the scent strips that you pay extra for, I'm talking about the scent that comes from the Diaper itself when you take it out of the package. Is it like a new car smell, where they just smell really good because they are fresh and the scent wears off after a while? Or do they actually add something to it during production that makes it smell so good until wet/messed? Please help provide some insight as to what this scent is, where it comes from, and how it's achieved, because I'm not having much luck finding out what the normal scent of a Baby/ABU Diaper is (not the scent strips), I would really appreciate it, thanks and stay Diapered! Reply Report Remove formatting BoldItalicUnderline Text colorFont size Insert linkInsert imageSmiliesInsert Gallery embed AlignmentListInsert table UndoRedo Toggle BB code Write your reply... Post reply Preview Attach files Share: TwitterRedditPinterestTumblrWhatsAppEmailLink Diaper Talk Default style Terms and rules Privacy policy Help RSS Forum software by XenForo™ © 2010-2019 XenForo Ltd. | Add-ons by ThemeHouse Discord Integration © Jason Axelrod of 8WAYRUN Reply
  2. Noted thanks so, much. Sorry you don't get a thrill out of it anymore. Because I am not to the point where I can just wet my diaper willingly anytime/anyplace. I have not developed good enough control over my bladder yet. I can only wet/mess at home while standing up, I can't while sitting down/laying down/in public. I wish I could use my diaper at school/work, but I can't. I have to make it happen, it doesn't just happen, god I wish I was incontinent!!! 😞 😢
  3. O OK so, you're a teaching assistant, but you wear just as precautionary not just because you want to. Definitely give some of those a try even if you're not an Adult Baby (and neither am I), I think you will really like the Adult Baby Diapers like Bambino, ABU, Rearz etc., because I love them. They really feel like Baby Diaper and not just underwear like the Depend, Tena, Abena etc., incontinence products.
  4. What does that mean? You work in one? Are you saying your job actually requires you to wear a diaper? That'd be so awesome! I'd love to have a job like that! I'd love to be a diaper model who shows what the Diapers look like on from the torso down, either on an ABDL website like ABU, or at the very least a Depend commercial. Also, you say you like to wear diapers intended for Women, like Tena, or ladies pull-ups as a sexual thing, while I have never done that, and wouldn't classify myself as a sissy baby I do want to try the princess pink Diapers (by Rearz I think it is). I know they're more for female ABDLs because they're pink and have princesses on them, but I've never tried a pink ABDL diaper before so, I wanna try it. I like to try as many different ABDL diapers as possible! The next 5 I wanna try are of course the Princess Pink, Bambino Cloudee, PeekABU, Rearz Rebel, and Crinklz Astronauts!
  5. OK yeah people didn't really pay much attention to me either so I had no problems either. At work I am currently doing an internship 13 hours a week in newspaper advertising so, I just sit at a computer for a few hours each day with no problems. I'll admit it can be a little uncomfortable and chafee at times, but I'm not gonna use Baby Powder, because then I'll smell like a baby and really be noticable!
  6. Does anyone else wear their Adult Baby Diapers to School/Work (Bambino, ABU, Rearz etc.) just because you want to? Or are you afraid that you will be discovered and go with more discreet pull-ups, and save the AB printed Diapers for home? Because I do it as often as I can and I've never been noticed, my jeans hide the crinkle so you can't hear it, and no one notices me wearing in the bathroom. (or if they do they don't care/say anything) Just curious?
  7. Thanks I'm so proud of myself that I finally got to just do it without caring what anyone thought (even though no one really thought badly/negatively of it, everybody loved it)
  8. Well today everything worked out great! Everyone loved my ABDL costume the students, my teachers, my best friend, my sister, my parents, and my extended family. I was able to wear a diaper and suck a pacifier at school, and in front of my parents, and sister without them judging or questioning me. All everyone said was "I did a great job", "I looked awesome", and most of all "they loved it". Too bad Halloween is over and it was just a one-time thing that I won't able to do in public again for a long time. Hands down though, this was the best Halloween ever, for the first time ever, I was able to secretly show everyone the real me, an ABDL for almost the whole day, without raising suspicion. I'm a freaking Genius, and I had so much, I have finally secretly come out of hiding my ABDL side from the world!!!
  9. Happy ABDL Halloween! (Update) Well here I go I walked to class this way and everyone loved it! They said "great costume," and "I love it", and "good show sir". I am sitting in class like this and plan to for the rest of my classes and I love it!!!! So do many others, this is so much fun, it's Halloween have a little fun!
  10. Yeah I probably would do that to any other year, but this will be my last Halloween at my school, and I have wanted to dress up as a baby since my first Halloween semester, but was always to scared of what my professor would think of me seeing as I have had her for multiple classes. However, this semester I do not have her on Wednesdays, nor are any of the students that I have had classes with before in the class with me. So I could care less if people I don't even know that well laugh at me or think less of me rather than someone I know really well like friends or professors. So, tomorrow I'm gonna do it, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, I'm gonna go to school, take all my supplies in my school bag (Shirt, Diaper, Binky, Blankie and Teddy), go into the bathroom stall, change, walk out of the bathroom, into the hall, go to class and show off my quote "halloween costume", then change back into my regular clothes before going outside the building. I'm not ready to walk dressed this way out in public public, or for trick-or-treating but in a closed campus building or a Halloween party I am, plus it'll be too cold to wear this outside tomorrow. I don't care what my classmates or teacher think, because I don't even know them, and won't even see them again next semester. So, I'm ready to do it tomorrow, I'm not afraid, I'm tired of hiding, I just want the thrill of people seeing me in a diaper in public and see their reactions, and what better time to do it then on Halloween, that way I can tell everyone "it's just a costume". I missed my chance to dress up a baby in high school for spirit week generation day, where the freshman dress up as babies, sophomores as little kids, juniors as adults, and seniors as old people, I was a sophomore during that time so I couldn't dress up as a baby, but today I can and I am.
  11. Need a costume idea for Halloween ABDLs? Just go as yourself. Adults dress up like babies for Halloween all the time anyway so, most people will think nothing of it. They don't know you dress up like a baby all the time and that you're really an ABDL, they'll just think you're wearing a costume and that it's just a one time thing. Halloween is the one time of the year that we ABDLs can go out in public as ourselves without being judged, everyone will just be having fun wearing scary/goofy cosumes so they may just get a kick out of your costume, and say "great costume." Not "why are you wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier"? There's no judgement or pointing and laughing and staring on Halloween, because everybody looks ridiculous anyway so, who are they to make fun of you when they're probably wearing a silly costume themselves. So, come on ABDLs stop hiding in the closet like me and just go out as yourself for one day of the year. Show them you're a proud ABDL without raising suspicion, or being judged and made fun of, because IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!! If they ask about your ABDL Diaper and Binky, say you got them online (even though they really came from your own home/nursery) and no one's the wiser! That's why I'm wearing this to college tomorrow but hiding all this stuff in my backpack to change when I get there, and changing before I leave, so my parents won't see. What you'll need: Onsie or Shirt with Baby Prints (I don't own either so I just used one of my Baby Blue colored T-shirts, printed out a Teddy Bear head from the computer and taped it on there) ABDL Diaper (Such as an ABU,Bambino,Rearz or whatever your favorite brand is. I'm using a Rearz Spoiled because of the little Baby footprints on it that looks like the ones they put on baby blankets, and because it's the only one I have left that I haven't used or torn. I only order a couple at a time because I have to hide them from my parents, I don't order them by packs or cases.) ABDL Pacifier (or just a standard size Baby Pacifier, I'm using my Adult Sized Elsa one that I already own) Blankie/Teddy/Bottle/Rattle (these are optional but they really help sell the look, since I don't own a Bottle or Rattle I'm just using my Olaf throw and Winnie the Pooh Plush) Now you're all the set! The perfect Hallowen costume! An ABDL dressing as themselves for Halloween, while adverting suspicion that they're secretly really an ABDL, and dress like this all the time and that it is not a Halloween costume. But no one else who sees you will know that, or even suspect it. You're going out in public as an ABDL, while not revealing your secret, and still blending in, because everyone will think it's just a costume, IT'S GENIUS!!!!!