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  1. What diapers are these, They are really thick people are going to see that i wear diapers and make fun of me. I will give this note to her and make sure I get my other diapers to you as soon as I can maybe we could hang out some time I would really like to hang out with you, you should be thankful that you are this incontinent because I get made fun of a lot and even in my last school i would get my pants pulled downs from bully and everyone would laugh at me.
  2. what ever you want
  3. (sorry for not posting i am a very busy person and check this website at 4:00 PST but i usually on here for the rest of the day after 7:00 PST) sweet i would like to be your friend, no i am not ill i am here for a diaper change since i have been urine and bowel incontinent since i was a baby so i have to wear diapers, i have to come in to the nurse a lot to change my diaper so i don't smell up the school. in fact since i am like this i have to be changed by someone because i can't do it. see you later Danny have a good day i hope to see you again and maybe we can hang out sometime
  4. fine i can be any age you want but i want to be in diapers
  5. yes you can you can be mom or dad for now
  6. ( Jeremy was a 16 year old boy. who came into the nurses office and sat down next to a boy and talks to him while waiting to have his diaper changed) hello, yes i am new here at this school i don't have any friends yet but hope to get some new friends later in the day. my name is Jeremy and i am in the tenth grade what grade are you in?
  7. *now crying * i had an accident
  8. thanks
  9. can you PM me please
  10. i have to on my profile page pick one that you like. i want to be the one in diapers
  11. just let me know, do you want to start one with me
  12. i can be another person that likes diapers and we become good friends
  13. can i join in
  14. i can but i want to be a dad who gets in a accident and has to wear diapers