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  1. "mom the nurse can change me she changes them a lot" "Megan enemas are very strong and they will help him better than everything else, sadly yes he his losing control of his bowels and yes he can use the toilet but when he does he will have to go to the nurse and have the diaper taken off for him to poop and then a new diaper on. but what it looks like is that HE WILL lose control of everything" jeremy sits their and ask mom if we can go "mom i am hungry and want to go"
  2. "their names are Jacob, Robert and Robbie. yes they need a change" their mom looks at you weirdly "alright step 1. is to get them on the floor, 2. two take there pants, underwear, shirt and socks. 3. undo the tape on the front of the diaper and bring it back towards you. 4. take the wipes and wipe back to front so from the butt all the way to their belly button you will need a new wipe. 5. take their old diaper and roll it up. 6. get a new diaper and unfold it and lift their butt up an place the back of the diaper on the floor and put them back down. 7 put cream on their penis and butt and bring the front of the diaper up two their belly button and tape it back up. 8 put their new cloths on them. " i Finnish doing robbie "now i want you to do robert i will help you and then you will do jacob by yourself "
  3. "mom i am fine with diapers and go to a special school so i can be like everyone else" the doctor speaks "Jeremy and Meagan, so you want to wear diapers? if you chose diapers you are going to have to wear them for the rest of your life and since your only 10 your mom is going to have to change you and the nurse at your old school will change you till i can get you to go the the special need school. i will give you monthly diapers that will help with both pee and poop. Megan since he is going to be wearing diapers and he may lose the control to poop you will need to see if he is constipated if he is you need to give an enema which will make him have to poop. also the new school requires any person to wear adaptive cloths so like cloths that have snaps at the crouch and buttoned pants so they can change him easier here is a catalog that has everything "
  4. "good now go upstairs and help change the diapers so they can go to bed"
  5. "alright well i am going to get jeremy know and we can talk about the options alright" ithe doctor gets jeremy "Jeremy your mom and i are thinking that because you have a small bladder and almost incontinent as well as almost going to lose control of your bowels we think your only option is diapers. your mom also said she my put you in a different school that is based on your needs" i"i don't want people know that i wear diapers though mom" "jeremy and megan there is a special education school that i think is the best for jeremy, it teaches him everything and the teacher and the nurse will change him every time. the school is great there are many people in diapers there so you will fit in perfectly
  6. "danny you will change their diapers even though you don't like poop. when you have kids you to will have to change their diapers it is great practice."
  7. "yes i used the diaper i could not feel it go out i tried to hold it but couldn't" the doctor comes in "hello megan once again can we step out real quick" they walk out while i am laying there in a really thick diaper "so what it looks like is that he has a small bladder and has lost all control of it, i am going to do a test to see about his bowels just to be on the safe side i am going to do that right now" the doctor does the test and comes back to megan "so megan like i said he has a small bladder and has no control if when he pees it also seems that his muscles that control his bowels are also weak any will evidently need diapers. when someone does not have control of their bladder we call them incontinent here are your choices that are best for him: surgery, a catheter, or even diapers but you need to keep in mind that he is only 10 which one do you think is best for him."
  8. "DANNY you say sorry right now she is showing you how so you will know what to do ether you do what she wants you to do or i will put you in diapers"
  9. "alright jeremy i need you to try to be as still as possible" "alright" the doctor starts bringing the water in catheter and starts taking pictures "great job jeremy just a little bit more" the rest of the liquid is done and i take another picture before taking the catheter out and quickly re-diaper him "alright jeremy hold it as much as you can" "i can't hold it anymore mommy" the doctor gets back to the camera and starts to take pictures as Jeremy empty's his bladder and fills the diaper "great job jeremy don't worry you did it, i am going to take the diaper off and re-diaper you just in case you pee again" the doctor takes off the diaper and puts a new one on but is much thicker and a lot bigger
  10. "danny be nice these are great people" i knock on the door and thier mom opens the door "hello this is my son danny and he will be watching your kids" "hello Danny i hear you don't know how to change a babies diaper well they all got full diapers and need a change, and i will show you around"
  11. "the catheter is so we can fill his bladder, it is to early to tell if he needs diapers but i will let you know, we need to go now to start the test" i walk of and take jeremy to the xray room and tell him the details "Jeremy i need you to lay down on this pad i am going to give you a ipad so you will be distracted your mom will be here for you, what i am going to do is take the front part of the diaper off and put a tube in you penis which then goes to your bladder, your bladder is what holds the urine, then i am going to take water and put it into your bladder when this happens i want you to relax don't try to pee i am going to be taking pictures while your bladder fills up, once i am done i will take the catheter out and put the diaper back on when it is on try to hold it as much as you can i want to measure the flow rate and how much your bladder lets out do you have any question" "no i am just scared " the doctor walks out and ask megan to come for support
  12. "danny they will need changing they are not potty trained you will have to check them for pee and poop if you want i will ask them for some of their diapers so i can show you how to do it, it will be on one of your old toys, but you will need to check them every hour. i am going to call them right now" "hello it's mariah, so danny can babysit for you guys tomarrow but he does not know how to change a diaper would you guys mind if we swing by right now and you can show him around and show how to put on the baby's diapers, alright in 5 minutes, thanks this means alot to me" i walk to danny and tell him "danny we are going somewhere in 5 minutes so get your things it won't take long"
  13. the doctor tells jeremy to lay down on the table "jeremy i need you to lay down so i can put this on you" "i don't want to wear a diaper" "you need to stop crying it's okay there are many kids older than you who have to wear diapers they are many people to wear them" jeremy lays down to lets the doctor change him "jeremy it's okay we are going to do an xray of your bladder i am going to let your mom know "hello megan so we are going to do a test of his bladder where we put a catheter in his bladder and we slowly fill it up and while we do this we will take xrays once pictures are done i will uncath him and put on a diaper on him i am going to hold it as much as he can so it show it also so i can take pictures of his bladder emptying, doing this test will tell us how much it can hold and the flow rate, do you have any questions?"
  14. (are you going to try the diapers on yourself when you baby sit) "i am glad you chose babysitting, you should be glad i don't put you in diapers, i will call the mom and say you will babysit tomorrow okay."
  15. now getting angry "danny you will chose one or i will choose one for you , do you want that, do you want to act like a baby"