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    "alright fine well we will stay in the car until you use it if you don't i am going to get my belt and spank you for not doing what i told you to do"
  2. The Diapered Cousins

    "got it, so are you excited or something because you have a erection or are you wearing something, don't worry jeremy gets them to"
  3. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    "i think i did when i sat down on your lap i felt something spread around but, i can't feel when i need to go" i sayed
  4. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    (sure) i get done in the bathroom and still need to go to the bathroom and make my self pee and poop and then i sit down on the floor and spread it all around and then i go in the kitchen and get something to eat. once i am done i sit on my moms lap again

    "we are not going to do anything else untill you use that diaper i am not going to let it go to waste if you need to pee or poop you do in your pants nowhere else, and if you snap at me like that again you will be put in diapers for ever"
  6. The Diapered Cousins

    "danny you okay down there" my mom says as she goes over to him and gives him a hug "hi danny my mom is just trying to help me i had a accident a couple minutes ago"
  7. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    i start getting sick again and stand up and all of a sudden i feel dizzy and hit my head on the counter and fall to the ground

    i start paying for the stuff and ask them to put it in a brown box so i don't have to carry it out. i go to the car and put it in the trunk, and get into the car and ask danny a question "danny do you need to go to the bathroom"
  9. The Diapered Cousins

    "jeremy next time you have any incident like this again i will put you in diapers, do you understand me?" "yes mother" i wish i can wear diapers all of a sudden i hear danny yell and quickly get dress "hello danny i am helping jeremy he had had an accident in his pants"
  10. The Diapered Cousins

    i go back on the couch and feel like to go number 2 so i did right in my clean underwear and sit down and make it all over my butt. mom walks in and smells the odor and takes my brothers upstairs to get a new diaper on but found out they are clean but yells for my name "JEREMY GET YOUR BUTT UP HERE NOW' "yes mother" i go upstairs and get to my mom and she looks at my pants and sees i pooped them "jeremy are you okay are you feeling okay" "i feel perfectly fine i just can't feel when i need to go" "next time you have an accident i am going to put you in diapers" i think about it and think my plan is working
  11. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    (alright) i keep yelling for mom

    (you don't have any brothers) i go in the the store and get a cart and get some medicine to make danny soil himself and then go to the adult diaper section "hello i have a son who needs diapers and need some help, i need diapers that will work for full soaks of urine and his poop, and i need them to be overnight diaper" they show me a bunch and i load 5 boxes in my cart"
  13. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    i sleep for a good couple hours and all of a sudden don't feel very good and get off my mom and start puking everywhere and won't stop and call for my mommy "MOMMY..... MOMMY.....MOMMY"
  14. The Diapered Cousins

    Jeremy is 15 years old and has an older cousin named Danny who is 16, Jeremy also has to twin baby brothers named Shawn and Jacob who are two and is still in diapers and is jealous that they get to wear diapers and he wants to wear diapers as well. Danny lives up the street from me who also wished to wear diapers. i am at home watching tv and my two twin brothers and stare at there diaper butts and wish i could wear diapers to and think how i can be put back in diapers "i got it" i say loudly so my mom can here it "you got what Jeremy" my mom says "nothing just watching tv" i get up and squat and pee myself right over the couch and sit back down quickly so my mom won't see. my mom who's name is Erin comes in the family room and gives me a cookie and sits down right next to me and looks at my crouch and the couch "jeremy sweet pea did you pee your self, its okay if you did lets get you upstairs and changed" we go upstairs and i change my self after i am done i call danny "danny do you want to come over and have dinner with me"

    "danny i need to go to the store and get food and supplies" we get in the car and i make a mental note 1. adult diapers 2. adult wipes 3. powder 4. a razor 5. laxatives "it won't take to long danny just stay in the car and wait and don't even think about taking that diaper off"