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  1. i talk to the parents for the second time "yes my son can watch your kids for a little bit i have a couple trips that i want to go on with my son, i don't think i told you but my sons name is danny you can call him dan if you want" i say "i would love for him to watch them they are both 3 and 4 years old the youngest kid is jared and the other one is jake, i have a question though would he be willing to change their diapers, both of them have not been able to get out of them and i need to find someone that does, here is my number so i can call him" i walk home and go in the family room and watch tv
  2. "yes he is in the nurses office" the secretary leads you to the nurses office "hello what can i do for you, mam" the nurse says "hey mom" i look at her and she does not look happy at all and i look back to the nurse and and then the wall and my mom and the nurse go out in the hall and talk a little bit. all of a sudden i lose control of my bladder again and soak the seat by pants were light blue and now they were dark blue i sit there for a good couple minutes
  3. i was potty trained when i was 4 or almost 5 i was a kid who had special needs. i did not stop bedwetting till i was 15. i lived with my grandparents and i would wake up every morning and saw my bed was wet my grandparents did not do any thing about it no diapers, no pads , no plastic bed cover.
  4. "hey can i go to the bathroom" Jeremy waits for an answer and the urge is alot bigger "No, jeremy and stop asking and do your work" i sit there and can't hold it anymore and with out warning it all releases into my underwear and all over the floor then i see someone getting up from there seat and come towards the back of the room and he walks where the puddle of pee is and falls to the ground. the teacher comes over to the other kid to see if they are okay and they both look at me and my pants and the teacher sends me to the office "Jeremy you are 10 years old you should not be having accidents go to the office right now" i go to the office and wait
  5. Danny is 16 years old and the summer break starts today and has been told my his mom Mariah that he has to babysit some kids that are between the age of 3-4 and all of them wear diapers after several weeks danny wants to try them on so he takes 5 out of the bag and brings them home to wearr one of there diapers so he takes a couple and brings them home to wear them
  6. Jeremy is a 10 year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let him go to the bathroom and the school call his Megan and says Jeremy needs to be picked up. later on it happens for the the rest of the week and because of this Megan brings Jeremy to the doctor and they say that Jeremy have a small bladder and that he need diapers because he will lose control of his bladder overtime. bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let me go to the bathroom and they call you and say i need to be picked up later on it happens for the the rest of the week and so you bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers
  7. mom changes me in a new diaper i go get something to eat and wait to go to school
  8. (can i still join)
  9. hi mommy can you change me i smell really really bad. (do you want to be the nurse when i am at school)
  10. yes mommy as i smell that i had a really smelly diaper i go to the area and have me get changed and ready for school (i will do the stuff at school like the nurse if you want or you still can)
  11. mom tucks me in and i sleep and mom waking me up, when i have a poopy and full of urine diaper that has a giant bulge
  12. thanks mommy i go into the bath and have mom wash me after the bath she brings to my room and puts a really thick diaper on me and tucks me into bed since i have school
  13. i wait for mom to take off my diaper while she gets the bath ready mom can you do my diaper after your done with the bubbles
  14. hey it has been a while since i was on her with you and dan can i join up again and be his friend in school who also has to wear diapers or no?
  15. "yes mommy" i follow mom upstairs and wait for her to tell me what to do