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  1. *mom puts a diaper on me and tells me if i need to pee or poop i am to do it in my pants, my pants are my bathroom* "Mom i am sorry " 5 minutes later *mom sees me grunting in the backseat of the car * "yes mommy i am pooping and i can't stop it stinks really badly" *mom sees this and tells me i am a good boy for doing it in my diaper*
  2. *several hours later* mom do you want me to take my bubble bath
  3. *yells back" " his legs near his diaper would be red and it would hurt, does he have a rash? put some cream on when you put a new diaper on him" (here is your chance put on one of his diapers and wait a while and i will come up there to see you wearing a diaper if you want)
  4. okay are we doing that before i go to bed
  5. (when i was in the car i peed my pants and felt like i needed to poop remember) *mom puts me in stroller* "mom i don't need to be in a stroller i am 15 years old why can't i walk" *i see mom getting diapers. Wipes. Powder. Rash cream. Bottles. Paddle. Changing mat. Changing bag. Breastfeeding pills. Changing table. Railings. Pacifiers. Onesies. Potty chair.* "MOM i don't need a bottle or a dumb paddle or a potty chair or any thing else, you said i only need diapers till i see the docter what the heck, i need to poop really bad" *mom looks at me and sees i peed my pants*
  6. *mom grabs my ear* "ow, ow, ow ,ow , Let go of my ear mommy your hurting me " *mom spanks me* "Owwwwwwww MOM WHAT THE HECK , STOP HITTING ME." i say while crying i get in the car and wait for mom to go around the car and i purposely pee myself and feel like i need to poop
  7. *i wait for mom to change my diaper * "mom are we doing anything after dinner" i ask
  8. who are you
  9. "what do you mean protection mom" i stare at her "I AM NOT A BABY MOM" i say with anger " i get in the car"
  10. yes mommy *i follow you upstairs and get on the changing pad while mom gets the supplies ready *
  11. (yes you can have twin brothers) * i yell upstairs to danny* "make sure you get all the mess i don't want him having a rash"
  12. "thanks mom, i want to know what is going on as well, what are you going to do to me while we wait" *hugs Jenny and give her a kiss* "what can we do now?"
  13. * Jeremy is all confused and can't figure out what a urologist is* "what is a Urologist , when is my appointment and what are you going to do while we wait"
  14. * cathy shouts to Dan* "his diapers are in the drawer underneath the changing area, the wipes and powder are next to the padding, call me up if you need help"
  15. "mom i don't know, wait , wait , wait i wet my self" * i look down to see my pants are wet* "mom i don't know last time i remembered i was dry last night and i woke up late and i was wet i can't control it i am sorry mom"