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  1. ABAlex

    The Legend of the Teddy Bear Knight

    Part 2: Alex grumbled to himself as he rode on the back of the giant. He was swaddled tightly in a bag that left him almost immobile with his knees to his chest.. He was gagged by a large wooden pacifier that he knew better then to spit out. Worse still, the thick cloth and leather diaper the giants had put him in was soaked and used, and the tightness of the bag and movement of their running pushed it against him.It had been several days since his most recent captivity. The giants seemed to have assumed he was one of theirs and adopted him, leaving him as part of an extended family of multiple giants. They then carried him, far faster then any human could run, for miles across forests and plains as he hung helplessly on their backs. They couldn't understand English, and he couldn't understand them, and nothing he did or said could convince them he wasn't what they assumed he was.He grumbled. He had slain giants before. ARMIES of giants. But thanks to the curse, the last thing he said before meeting them guaranteed he couldn't fight back. Any struggle had resulted in getting spanked over a giant knee. He winced. It was bad enough with other humans, but with a giants massive arm... even through the ridiculously thick cloth diapers they used, it hurt.He hated it that he know enough to judge that the diapers he was wearing were ridiculously thick. The various situations the universe brought him to had left him with more then enough experience to know.They finally stopped for the night, and let Alex down. He was un-wrapped and had his diaper checked as he grumbled with his arms around his chest. The giant sniffed and groaned, moving a hand in front of his nose."Yeah well thats what you get for leaving me tied up all day," Alex said.He was carried to the pile of moss that they used as a changing table and lay down on it with a few other, actual, babies."What are you looking at?" he said to the one beside him as they were both changed side by side. He had gone through this enough in various circumstances to know the drill, and went along. The embarrassment, however, never left, and he blushed and glared through the entire process. He wondered if not getting used to it was part of the curse, or just a natural reaction to having the bare minimum pride stripped away. Alex was wrapped back into another cloth diaper and deposited in the ring of sticks that served as a play pen.He got up for what was now a nightly ritual. "Hey! Giant idiots!" he said.A few turned to look at him. "Me, HUMAN! ME, Grown adult, not baby!" They looked at him. One cocked his head to his side. Another picked him up and padded his diaper."No! I just got changed! I.. no!" he had a bottle of milk shoved into his mouth and drank until the giant was satisfied, then was dropped back in."No! Look!" he pointed at the baby, then made a crossing motion with his hand. "NOT BABY!" He pointed at the older giant. "ME ADULT! Like him!" The older giant picked up Alex and cuddled him until he stopped shouting, then put him back in."You goddam idiots I'm Alex! I'm a human hero! I'm famous! I SLAY giants like you! ERRR..." frustrated, Alex ran up to the play pen wall, kicked it over, jumped out and kept running. He was picked up by one of the gaints who turned him over his knee."NOOO not this again! OW! OW!" the giants arm came up and down, leaving Alex screaming and moaning. The giant's spankings were never as long as the ones he retrieved from humans, but they hurt far more. Each solid thuck of the hand on his diaper hurt Alex's ears and echoed through the woods. Alex didn't bother to struggled, he only whined as the pain mounted and prayed for it to end. Soon he was in tears, begging outloud for it to stop. A moment later the giant sat him on his lap, waggled a finger in his face, and carried him back to the pen. He sat Alex in a hanging leather swing the left his legs dangling, the giant's equivalent of a baby bouncer, and turned away.Alex huffed. "Since when is it normal to spank babies anyway? Don't look at me!" he shouted at the babies. "At least no one is here to see me like this..." he said.Later that night he was let down from the swing and fed a bottle of milk. The giant who had spanked him, looking guilty, approached with a bag. He made a noise, and petted Alex's hair. Alex realized he was trying to make it up to him.The giant reached into the bag and took something out. Alex's eyes went wide. He held up the plastic shield he had had earlier, then followed it with the rest of the outfit. Alex realized he was trying to make a gift of it to cheer him up.Alex was set down on the ground, then dressed in the fake armor. The giant smiled and clapped when he was done, leaving Alex in the ridiculous play outfit. Alex forced a smile and waved the rattle around. At least the giant had tried, he thought.He 'played' with the toys and the other babies as the giants watched in amusement. Later he was picked up and tightly wrapped in a blanket, then left to sleep in the same immobile state he always did, with the fake weapons in extra layers of blanket beside him. It was the tight wrapping that served as good as ropes, or any of the bondage gear he had been in, that kept him from running way at night.Alex woke up in the middle of the night. Everyone was sleeping. He didn't know what, but something had changed.The blankets! They were lose! He wiggled a bit. The extra material of the sweater had allowed him to slide a bit, letting him move. The fake sword and shield created more space.He wiggled some more, and the blankets became loser. He had to keep from laughing out loud in happiness.He wiggled again, and finally the blankets gave way. He stifled the desire to cheer and got up. He was careful to not make any noise. To his surprise, the soft booties he had been given muffled his footfalls, and the cloth diaper that came with the outfit made far less noise then the plastic ones he normally wore.He paused and thought. It was KIND of weird that a society with only wooden furniture also had plastic disposable diapers sized for adults. It was as if technology changed when it came to kinks. He shrugged his shoulders and kept going.He had to find a way out of the play pen, then over the ditch and palisade the giants around the campsite- he had trained himself to notice such things- without making too much noise. It would be all to easy to kick it over normally, but that would leave him having to fight dozens of giants, or go back to being their 'baby.'He thought, and looked at his toys, and smiled. He lifted the sword over his head and hooked the rattle into the upper reaches of the pen. He tested it, and was surprised by its strength. Using it as a grapple, he climbed up and over. He looked around. There was a guard at the gate, so that was out. However, there were some spaces in the palisade. Climbing it like a parkour wall and jumping off would make too much noise.He ran to it and wedged the sword in, then climbed onto it. He then wedged the shield above it, climbed onto that, and grabbed his sword. He fell, hit the ground, and paused. Two nearby giants stirred, and he waited. Both soon went back to snoring, and he tried again. Soon he was over the wall and down the other side, and ran through the ditch.Soon he was running through the trees laughing to himself. He was free! All he had to do now was find out where he was and find a way back, but he was Alex, this sort of thing was normal. He ran for hours, breathlessly. This was easy for him, he could run longer then almost any human he knew. The sun began to rise, and he broke out of the woods and into a field, and ran faster. He cheered loudly and began to strip off the toys. He threw the sweater off, he could make one with animal skins that suited him better. He threw away the shield and the sword, then the dreaded diaper and pacifier.He tripped and fell to the ground. He rolled around a bit, laughing. "I'm free! I'm free!" he said. "Never again will I.. huh?"He looked up. There were dozens of people around him. They were of multiple races, but all held whips, weapons, and ropes. Behind the crowed, he saw a cage with people in it. Slavers, he realized, the type of person he hated the most. He looked at the bondage gear they carried. Not slavers, kink doms. The people in the cages were subs. They were all glaring at him.He looked at himself. Naked, wearing a collar, and shouting "I'm free.""Oh... @#$," he said.
  2. ABAlex


    Oh there is a LOT more she could do to humiliate him. We'll find out about that, and potential side effects of using the book, later however A lot of people are thinking something similar. Answer is the same, you'll have to wait and see
  3. ABAlex

    The Legend of the Teddy Bear Knight

    Haha, it would make a fun game though, just annoying. There is a solution however. Also, not 'tech', they are magic of course
  4. "Finally! We made it!" Alex said, opening the door to a tavern. The room inside was dark, only light by torches and candles. Long wooden tables and benches were spread half haphazardly over dirty floor boards, and drunken patrons laughed loudly over mugs of beer. "Now lets get drunk!""Yes, that appears to be what we normally do at this part of our quests," Julian said. He was tall, with elfin ears and short black hair.Alex sat down heavily on a bench and spread his legs wide. He waved broadly at the bar to summon the waiter and held up three fingers."I believe they expect you to go up to the bar," Julian said."Nonsense! They'll do what we pay them to do. With what we just made on that quest we can surely make it worth their while," Alex held up gold coins between his fingers. "Besides, I'm no maid or waitress, I don't serve drinks. I'm a warrior! Manliest of trades!""Are you sure you should be saying that? Given you're... issue," Julian said.Alex glared. "DON'T. BRING. THAT. UP. It makes it worse. But yes, that was an odd thing to say.""Wait, bring what up?" Joshua, the third member of their group, asked. He was shorter then the others and dark haired, and had come in as a bard."Alex's weakness," Julian said."What weakness?""NO! Don't say it. I don't have a weakness."Julian looked at Alex. "Well you know how every member of our party has strengths and weaknesses? Like how my strategy and deduction are tempered by an inability to understand human behavior?""Yes, I thought that was just a cultural difference."He shrugged. "Either way, Alex has his own.""Don't say it! I'll fight you!" Alex said, getting angry. "I'm going to get the drinks."Joshua was surprised. "Did he just challenge you?""Yes its part of the curse. He didn't mean it."Alex returned with drinks, and they all began sipping. A moment later a tall, muscular man came to the door. "Package for Alex!" he shouted out."Here!" Alex said. "This must be the new armor I ordered. Best blacksmiths in the country. I already threw my other stuff out.""Was that a good idea before you've seen it?" Joshua asked."I believe you are about to witness his weakness."The muscular man handed Alex a large cardboard box."Huh, seems really light," Alex said. He opened up the box. "HEY! What gives!""Something wrong, sir?" the blacksmith said."Its made out of plastic!" Alex shouted. He held a large, purple shield with a teddy bear etched into it. "And why is there a teddy bear on it?""You said 'bear themed." We kind of filled in the blanks.""A collar?!""Neck guard.""Yes, like a grizzly bear! Oh Jesus," Alex took out a long foam baton with a rattle at one end, colored with purple and blue stripes. "Is this supposed to be my 'sword?' "Yes." "A collar?!""Neck guard.""What else is in here? I..." he stopped and blushed. "Oh.""What is it?" Joshua asked."I'm not taking it out.""Yes, the request filled in the box for 'infant,' then requested armour, so we assumed it was for a child. Hence the rest of it.""No, no, I thought that meant I fought on foot.""Oh, I can see the confusion," he said."WHo was dumb enough to think something sized for a 6' man was for a baby?""Anyone else find it odd we have cardboard and plastic but still use torches and steel swords?" Joshua asked, but was ignored, as it wasn't relevant to the story.The blacksmith folded his arms and glowered. "Hey now, we get all sorts here. Dwarves, elves, giants, this wasn't an odd order.""Whatever. Can I get it replaced? Same order, but real?"He shook his head. "Sure thing sir, I apologize."The blacksmith left, leaving the box of toys behind."Oh god," Alex put his head in his hand."What else is in there?" Joshua asked."A large diaper and a purple sweater with a heart on it. A hood with teddy bear ears. Booties." Julian said."What?! Really?!""Uggh why do these things always happen to me?" Alex moaned."Well it can't be that bad. A simple misunderstanding on...""No, no, he's right. These things just always happen to him," Julian said. "Its his weakness. Reverse Plot Armour.""Reverse what now?""DON"T say it. It makes it worse."Julian ignored Alex and kept going. "You know how some fictional characters have 'plot armor?" No matter how bad the scenario or ridiculous the odds, they will succeed and end up looking good, because the universe wants them too succeed?""Yes...""Alex is the reverse. The universe wants him to fail.""What?""Its like his entire life is being written by a deranged author who wants him to be humiliated. No matter how hard he trains or works, in certain situations he will always lose and be embarrassed.""Really? But... we just completed a quest together! He fought off..."Julian waved his hand for silence. "Yes, yes, it has to be under the right circumstances. Specifically, when his pride is at stake. Observe. You have seen Alex drink multiple beers, correct?""Yes...""Don't you dare!" Alex said.Julian picked up a drink and handed it to Alex. "Hey Alex, can you drink this easily, or are you too immature to not spill it?""What!? I'm not imma... Shit!" he shouted as the beer poured over him."See? Now watch what happens.""No, no you triggered it! You @$$#0!%!"The owner of the bar, a short, fat and balding man, came up to Alex. "Hey! Are you spilling those drinks!? I see you can't be trusted with a glass.""What!? That's a weird thing to say! What are you, HEY! What!?"Alex was ignored as the bartender put a baby bottle full of beer in front of him. "I'm not drinking from that!" He picked it up and threw it against a wall."That's it! You are going to have to clean that up!""I'm not! Hey, let me go!" Alex struggled as the man grabbed his wrist and pulled him up. He pulled and punched, but couldn't break the man's grasp as he dragged Alex accross his lap. "Nooo let me go!""You either stop struggling or I'm going to treat you like any other misbehaved child!" He raised his hands and began spanking Alex, who moaned and shouted."The bartender is really rough," Joshua said."Oh, no, he only does this toward Alex. See, watch," Julian picked up the two remaining beers and threw them against the wall.The bartender stopped what he was doing and smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry sir, we'll get that cleaned up and replaced for you. On the house. Have a nice day!" He then went back to spanking Alex, who was sobbing, but still struggling. The bartender pulled down his pants and continued on his bear bottom."I've seen Alex outfight monsters twice his size," Joshua said."Yes," Julian replied."And now he can't outfit an aging fat guy?"He shrugged. "Its part of the curse." They both watched as their friend was beaten into submission, then lead up and marched sobbing through the bar with his pants around his legs."Should we do something?""No, this usually will play itself out.""So... I mean, doesn't that kind of make him useless? He's supposed to be a warrior but can't fight?"Julian shook his head. "No, its only when Alex is challenged or brags about certain topics.""Soo... if the challenge makes him seem immature or incompetent, he will fail? What else?""Oh, anything that challenges his manliness. Think of it this way. If he becomes the best lock pick in the world, he will still be thwarted by anything labelled 'child safety lock,' and have his failure publicly seen. Its the same with his bragging, he doesn't even normally care unless you invoke the Reverse Plot Armor. Watch," he cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted. "Hey Alex! Isn't cleaning up stuff like that a maids job? I thought you were a big tough warrior?""Yeah! I can't do this! I'm a guy... uh oh, why would I say that..." "Disrespecting woman I see!" a feminine voice said. A woman, as short and wide as the bartender with mangled hair and wearing an apron, came out of a backroom. "We will see about that.""Please no!" Alex continued his fruitless struggling as he was brought into the back."What now?" Joshua asked.Julian shrugged. "You are likely about to see one of the oddest and most common sights in our group: Alex forcibly cross dressed.""Huh. Should we do something? How long does this last?""As long as Alex keeps on saying stupid things. Which is... never, really, once the curse starts. Usually he'll end up humiliated publicly, then it will die down and he will go back to normal. People will forget when they see him again, and it repeats."There was a loud hooting and hollering. They looked at the back of the room as Alex was lead in wearing a maid's dress and carrying a bucket of water and a tray of drinks. The men in the bar all ogled him as he walked his way through to where the beer had been spilled."And we have plenty more chores for you to do after that, girl," the older woman said."Yeah yeah yeah," Alex muttered, trying to ignore her as much as the hollering. He made it to the table with the other two and handed them their drinks. He then got down on his hands and knees, and began scrubbing."So that is it? Maturity and masculinity?" Joshua asked."Usually, but it can have other effects. We tried a few times to see what triggered it with odd results. Once we got him to brag about his being human..""Really?""The curse leads to some odd statements. Anyway, we found him wearing a leash and being treated as a princesses 'pet dog.' Another time it was that he was capable of making decisions. We found him tied up and immobile. Normally its this or something like his armor.""I see. Can I try?""Don't you dare!" Alex said."Sure why not?" Julian said.Joshua thought for a moment. "Hmmm... Hey Alex. I see you crawling like that, don't only babies do that?""Well no, I have to do it to get to..."He was cut off as the bartender lifted him straight into the air and cradled him."OH come on! That one wasn't even weird, it was true!""Hush now little one! No tantrums or you'll get a spanking! I can see that this sort of thing is too complicated for you. And what is this?" he held up a damp part of Alex's skirt. "Naughty! Not telling us when you needed to go!""No that is beer! Help!" Alex shouted at his companions, kept drinking."Huh,""Yep."They heard screams and please coming from the back room, followed by loud banging noises. "Should we help him?" "No, lets see this play out. I'm sure he's used to it at this point." Julian said. The banging sounds were soon replaced with sobbing."I'm sure he'll be fine," Julian said.Alex re-appeared, this time suckling a pacifier. His dressed bulged out at his waist, and the short skirt flared up to show thick white plastic underwear under his skirt. The bar room was filled with laughter as people jeered at him. A few began to reach out and pat or grab his padded bottom, and another pulled him into his lap. Alex whined and moaned, but was helpless to stop it.Julian shook his head. "Poor Alex, diapered again.""Again?" Joshua asked.He nodded. "This really does just always happen to him."They watched as Alex suffered through a series of humiliations, getting pinched prodded from all sides, his diaper checked over and over, and spanked whenever he fought back. One held him down and began feeding him a bottle of milk."I suppose we really should do something," Julian said."How?""There is a plan. One moment," He took out a cell phone and dialed a button."See! There it is again! We live in meadival castles but have cell phones?!""Quite. Its magic," Julian said."Riiighht.""Hello," Julian said into the phone. "Its Julian, about Alex. Yes, it happened again. In the pub at the edge of town. Yes. Skirts and diapers, so ABDL and sissy. Alright, see you soon.""Who was that?""You'll see."A read haired girl, wearing light armor and carrying a spear and a bow, came into the taveran. "Ah! You've found my baby!" she shouted, and walked toward Alex."What? Ka..." Alex began, dropping his pacifier."Shhhh now," she pushed the pacifier back into his mouth. "Who found my baby?"The bartender came our from behind the bar. "What? Is she yours?""Yes, he... she, is mine. She got lost a while ago and I've been looking. Thank you so much for finding... her.""Is that true?" he looked at Alex.Alex first glared, then clamed down and looked wide eyed from the girl to the bartender. He then nodded. "She's my..." he stopped, and they all looked at him.The girl nudged him. "Say it or we'll never get out.""She's my mommy..." he said. The bar cooed at his confession, and the girl took him out."Well, we should pay and see whats going on," Julian said. He left money on the table, Joshua grabbed the box of toy armor, and they both left.Outside the girl was scolding Alex. "What did you get into this time? Huh? BAD BABY!" She held a rolled up news paper and smacked him on the head."Hey! Kacey! Don't you...""Don't talk with your pacifier in your mouth! You know that!" she smacked him again.Julian put a hand on her shoulder. "Now now, you know its his curse making you do that."She paused. "Ohh riiighht! Sorry Alex!'"Don't mention it. Seriously, please don't mention this ever again. Now let me get out of these. You have a change of clothes?""I don't know if thats the best idea," the girl said."Yes," Julian added. "Normally after and incident like this its a good idea for you to remain diapered for at least a few days incase... you know..."Alex rolled his eyes. "FINE! But let me get out of this dress. You have any other clothes?"Joshua held up the box. "Oh you have got to be kidding me."Alex, now dressed from head to to toe in play armor, with a diaper serving as his only protection beneath and his top being a purple hooded teddy bear sweater, stomped through town back to his camp to change."Stupid weakness!" he muttered. "It could have been some stone or the color yellow or fried chicken, but noooo it has to be stupid Reverse Plot Armor. This is all so ridiculous. I could have taken any one of those guys at the bar... no, ALL of them AT ONCE, if it weren't for..." he was cut off by people laughing. "HEY! You keep quiet or I swear I'll beat you with just this foam rattle!" He shouted, pointing the toy at them. "You want to be the guys who lost a fight to a guy in a diaper?" He hit a barrel with the sword and the barrel shattered. The others became afraid and ran away. Alex went back to walking and muttering. He left the town and ended up in a forest, where he began angrily casting the toy armor into the forest."Stupid fake armor. As if THAT was their mistake. Like that's a normal thing to confuse. Wouldn't happen to anyone else, I swear..." he stopped and jolted as he ran into someone's back while pulling his sweater off. The person, slightly shorter then Alex, fell to the ground. "Hey!" Alex said. "Don't you know that little people like you need to pay attention to bigger people like me? I... wait, that was a weird thing to say... oh @#$%..." He stopped as a sudden realization came over him.The person he hit, whom he assumed to be human, turned around. He was crying, and had a wooden soother in his mouth. "Uh ohh..." Alex said.A massive shadow covered him. He turned around to see two giants behind him, both looming over him and glaring. He looked back at the person he hit. A giant's baby, crying. He then looked at himself, the same size as the giant's baby, wearing only a diaper, and who had just hurt their son. He looked up at the giants, who glared at him. "Oh for heck's sake!" Alex said as he was hoisted into the air.
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    I don't, so far, all my stories are free thanks! Well thats good to know. Don't tempt me!
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    Hmmm so far yes. You think she'll go to far though?
  7. ABAlex


    Ryan closed his eyes and gritted his teeth."Smile for the camera!"He forced a smile as the arms around his waist sank lower and lower, finally cupping his bottom through his skirt."Thanks! Can we get a kiss for one?" the tall man man standing to his right said."Yes! I want one too!" the other stranger to his left said."Ummm..." Ryan remembered what he had been told. "Sure! I'd, uhh... love to.""Just get it over with, just get it over with..." he told himself. He turned and kissed one on his cheek, then let him do the same. That done, he turned to the other and reached towards his cheek. At the last second the man turned to face him and kissed him on the lips as the camera clicked. "Mmmphh!" Ryan moaned as the man held him close, forcing him to bend over. He looked pleadingly at his boss, who only nodded and gave a thumbs up.This couldn't be legal, Ryan thought. Then again, he had agreed to it all."Oh, one more thing. Can we get a picture with your skirt up so we can see your pretty panties?"Ryan gasped. He looked at his boss, who again smiled and nodded."I uhhh..." he looked back up at his boss again, who began waving his hand in a circular fashion, as if to say "on with it.' "I guess so," Ryan sighed.He once again had to force a smile as his skirt was hoisted up and a picture was snapped. The two men then manhandled him until he was turning away and bent over slightly, and he heard another click.Ryan tried not to scream. Now there would not only be pictures of him kissing men while wearing a skirt, but of his pantied butt circulating online. What would happen to his reputation? His only hope was that his make up would make him unrecognizable. What shocked him more then their actions was his willingness to go through with it. The entire time he told himself he should just say no, quite, even call for help, but he felt compelled to along with everything. "Oh, can I ask you a favor?" the next man said."Sure thing, hon," inwardly he groaned at the words he had to say."Well, its just your so cute and all, with your teddy bear and pigtails," he continued.'Yes..."The man held up an oversized pacifier. "I was wondering if you could suck on this and cuddle your teddy bear for a picture? Oh, and sit in my lap."Ryan stared with his mouth open. Why would anyone even THINK of that? Where did that thing come from?Unfortunately, the man took his open mouth as an invitation to stick the pacifier in Ryan's mouth. Before he knew it, he had lifted Ryan into the air, sat down on a bench, and settled Ryan into his lap."Awww," the line said, as a terrified Ryan held on the the strange man.Ryan squirmed, knowing he wouldn't be allowed to get up until the man got the picture he wanted, but horrified and humiliated by the new position. The man pulled him in close, and Ryan wiggled to try to get comfortable, rubbing his bottom against the man's lap. Ryan's eyes went wide as he felt something underneath him, and he forced himself to be absolutely still and tried not to think about it as the picture was taken."Thanks! That's all I wanted!" The man put Ryan down and ran off.He looked at the line, then at the clock in the cafe. His shift was almost done. He waited out the last few kisses, pictures and fondles, then threw his hands up."Sorry guys! That's it for today! Maybe another time!"He ran inside the cafe as quickly as possible, leaving a line of disappointed men and piles of flowers, teddy bears, and some more unsavory gifts. The plan had been to attract attention, and it had worked. Ryan's presence outside lead to a long line of fascinated men, along with some women, all wanting their time with the new sissy mascot."Nice outfit Ryan!""Cute dress girl!"His coworkers jeered, but Mr. McLaughlin was smiling as he came in and picked up Ryan in a hug. "You did amazing!" he said. "You have no idea how well you did. We are going to have you on more! I want you on day shifts constantly! I'm going to get a long line of outfits- you'll be in skirts, dresses, onesies- don't think I didn't notice how adorable you looked with that pacifier, they loved it!- these things pay for themselves!" He took out a touch pad and began going through outfits that matched his description. Ryan stared in horror at the line of pink skirts and ribbons, Lolita and cosplay outfits, made almost cartoonishly girlish, then became even more horrified as the outfits became more childish, with skirts replaced with onesies and rompers."What, no please I..." Ryan was cut off by a thick wad of cash under his nose. "What?" he said."That is your share of the tips. People wanted to leave you money. We took most of it, but you can have some."Ryan grabbed the money. It was more then he'd make in a week in his regular job."Also, if you agree to this, we'll forgive the money you stole from the register," he winked."I uhhh... oh, I get it. Ok," Ryan said. He dreaded having to wear any of those outfits, or even come back to the store dressed as he was, but he felt like he had no choice."Good," he ruffled Ryan's hair. "Another thing. I want you to go home in whatever you wore. Where was that pacifier?" Ryan held i out, and Mr. McLauglin put it in his mouth. "Cute, and good advertising. Take as many of the gifts as you can as well. We want out customers to feel appreciated."Soon Ryan was wandering home, arms full of flowers and teddy bears, mouth full of plastic from his pacifier. He stumbled. He still wasn't used to walking with heels.He stopped. He had been lost in his thoughts and trying to concentrate on walking in heels, and didn't recognize the street signs around him."#*%!" he said. He reached for his cell phone, then remembered it had been in the pocket of his other outfit. "#*%!" he said louder."Hey! Don't swear little one" a random passerby said, and spanked Ryan hard enough to make him yelp.He glared after the man. These things seem to be happening a lot, he thought. He began to wander, realizing he was lost. For once, there didn't seem to be anyone around harassing him who he could ask directions for. He stopped and caught his throat. His bladder ACHED. He hadn't even noticed it a minute ago, but now he could barely hold on. He tried to think of what he had drank that would make it come on this quickly, but couldn't. He looked around, and began to sweat. Still no one to ask directions. At this point he'd even sit in a guy's lap again, as long as they were sitting in something that would take him home.He put his hands on his crotch. Or to the nearest bathroom.He heard cheering coming down a street. Cheering meant people, and perhaps someone he could ask. Ignoring all instinct that told him to avoid crowds while cross dressed in what he thought had to be the most humiliating outfit he had ever worn, he ran towards it. A few more minutes and he'd have a lot more to worry about then just a dress.He turned down an alleyway, then ran through an arch, and stopped.He was somewhere he had never been before. It was an outdoor market, with shops built in two stories around a massive pedestrian square. Trees and tables were scattered through it where some people wear eating. In one corner was a stage with a banner, and a massive crowed stood around it cheering."Fetish, Kink and Cosplay Fashion Show!" the banner read. A girl in a short red overall skirt was on stage. She twirled around so that the skirt flew up and her panties were exposed, bringing cheers from the crowed. Another in a ruffled dress and long stockings stood behind her, waiting her turn. A tall, blond haired woman, herself in more normal pants and jeans, ran the show with a microphone, and a massive television screen broadcasted everything to the audience."Ohhh @#[email protected]," Ryan said. He felt he could already tell were this was going."HEY! What are you doing!? You are supposed to be up there!" a fat, bald man came behind Ryan and grabbed his wrist. "Now, wait, what, I""No buts! You are late! The competition is almost over! Don't you want to win?" He pulled Ryan along, and Ryan began to drop the gifts he had been given earlier. He scrambled to grab them with his arm, and ended up dropping his money."NO!" he shouted. He was left with arms full of dolls, stuffed animals and flowers, and no money."Yes, come on!""No, I really have to go to the bathroom!""You can do that later!""But... OW!" Ryan was cut off with a sharp spank. "Why do people keep spanking me!?" he pleaded to the air."Because you are clearly naughty and irresponsible," the man said, dragging Ryan along. "You are here for the kink side? Do you have a master?""No I...""No more arguing! I'm guessing that pacifier is supposed to keep you quiet, isn't it?" another spank.Ryan grumbled, but couldn't fight against the man's strength. Soon he was on stage in front of a cheering crowd. Ryan looked out over hundreds of heads, rows and rows of people filming, drinking, or just watching, going back to the edge of the market. Some were in kink outfits- frilly dresses, collars and cat ears, bondage gear, and more, others just looked like casual people enjoying a show. All, however, were staring at Ryan."And whats your name little one?" the woman with the microphone asked.Ryan looked at her, then at the crowed, and didn't respond. A few people in the crowed, sensing his nervousness, awwwed and began to call out."Its ok little one! You can tell us!" someone said."Don't worry pretty girl, we love you!" another said.However, all the calls did was make Ryan more embarrassed, and he backed away, folding his arms, still full of the remaining toys and flowers in front of himself. This only made the audience coo louder, which in turn made Ryan feel worse."Is it you can't talk with your pacifier? Is that it?" the woman asked.Ryan swallowed and looked at her. He had forgotten that was in his mouth."Do you need a grown up to take it out so you can talk? Here," she reached in and removed it. "Whats your name, you adorable little girl?""Ryan," he said."Aww thats an interesting name. Why don't you twirl around and let us see your pretty panties?" she said. The audience roared their approval.Ryan shook his head vigorously, which caused laughter, and more cheers. He realized they thought he was playing into their game. "I'm serious, I.. I... D.." Ryan stopped trying. He had never stuttered like that in his life, and the audience loved it. "Let me help you. I know talking in front of people is hard sometimes," the woman said. She lifted his skirt, and Ryan squealed. Following her instructions, he turned around as the audience cheered."Wait a minute, that's a guy!" someone shouted.The entire audience burst out laughing."He's a sissy! Look at him!"More laughing. Ryan felt tears forming in his eyes, which only added to it."Awww is the poor sissy about to cry?" the woman said into the microphone, and more laughed."STOP! Yo.. you're b.. being mean!" Ryan shouted. Shocked, he put his hand on his mouth. His voice, which now came out high and stuttered, only encouraged them. He wondered what was happening to his voice. Was it nervousness? "Its ok, we love pretty little sissies here. I don't think anyone would have been able to tell you were a guy. You're so cute!" She pinched his cheeks."Wait!" Someone shouted. A man in a suit ran on stage. "That sissy submissive hasn't paid the entrance fee!""Oh is that so?" the woman said."I....""He left money on the ground which we assumed was meant to be, so we took it," Ryan swore inwardly "but he never approached us first.""Well I'm sure he did it knowing the rules. Isn't that right, everyone?" there was more laughing and cheering of approval."What?" Ryan asked. Ryan tried to pull away.The woman covered the microphone, leaned into Ryan and whispered. "I have to tell you, I know you did this as part of your act, and people are loving it. We get a lot of kink submissives here and they really clean up. Just keep playing along, and don't struggle too hard. If its too much, use the safety word.""Wha.. whats a safety word?" Ryan said, but she didn't hear.She then spoke to the microphone. "Don't be silly. Every sub entering knows that not following the rules means a twenty spanks." "What!? I..." Ryan was cut off as he was forcibly bent over and his skirt lifted up."OW!" he shouted. The woman had got a paddle, he had no idea where from, and spanked him.Ryan struggled as hard as he could to break her grasp, but she wouldn't budge. Worse still, she seemed to take it as part of his 'act', and only spanked him harder. The audience loved it, as each loud, microphoned spank brought more cheers and laughter.SMACK SMACK SMACK! By the third spank Ryan felt tears coming, and by the fifth he was crying outright. He couldn't believe it. He had felt worse pain before without crying, but now, at the end of this bizzare, horrible day, he broke down almost instantly. "Aww the sissy's crying!" Someone jeered. Another spank made him shout.Ryan had never felt more humiliated. Nothing made sense. He'd have thought it was an odd dream if it weren't for the mounting pain. Here he was, getting spanked on a stage, wearing a bizarre dress and sucking a pacifier as a crowed laughed louder and louder at him. Was he being punished? Was this some weird hell? He pushed himself up, screaming in pain, and was held down by the arm pushing lightly against his back. Soon the pain was too much and he gave up trying. Worse still, he felt his bladder reach its limit, and the knee now grinding into his groin made it all the worse."Now little one, that was twenty, but I think you need five more for struggling, don't you?" the woman asked. Ryan shook his head, but the audience cheered yes."Lets all count, shall we?""ONE!" SMACK. Ryan was sobbing harder then he had in decades."TWO!" SMACK. His bladder was aching, and about to burst."THREE!" SMACK. The pain was now unbearable, worse then any he could remember having."FOUR!" SMACK. It seemed every time he thought he had reached the most humiliation he could ever feel, something proved him wrong."FIVE!" SMACK. And with the last spank, with almost perfect timing, Ryan felt his bladder burst."Noooo," he sobbed.The woman, realizing what was going on, stood the sobbing Ryan up. The laughter and cheers stopped as they realized what was happening, then reached a fever pitch. Ryan put his hands down to his groin to stop it but couldn't. He tried to stem the flow but it kept coming, and he realized he was making matters worse by doing a childish potty dance on the stage. Defeated, he merely stood still in his own puddle as he finished. At the last moment he thought he could have just ran off stage, but it was too late."Well well well," the woman said. "It seems a certain little SOMEONE has been extra naughty. Did you have another secret to tell us?"Ryan looked at her and shook her head.She lifted his skirt, revealing soaked panties. "I don't think you were supposed to be wearing these panties, were you?""What?" Ryan said.She tisked. "I should have known from the pacifier, we have a misbehaved subby here. A little ABDL sissy pretending to be something she is not.""What does ABDL mean?!" Ryan whimpered."As if you don't know," she turned to the side of the stage. "Bill, get this baby her diaper. She's been lying about her potty training.""What!? NO!" Ryan tried to pull away, but was held in place by the woman. The audience cheered again and laughed at his panic."Brilliant by the way," the woman whispered to him. "But next time tell me if you are going to do that? I got some on my knee.""I..." Ryan was at a loss for words as a man came running on stage, carrying a giant diaper and a bottle of powder. Ryan felt himself lifted onto the air and lay down on a table. He was held down by the wrists and feet as the woman lifted his soaked skirt to his chest and removed his panties."No, no no no please don't diaper me! I don't want to wear a diaper!" he said, but was shushed.He looked in horror as the diaper, a giant white garment with "Princess" written in pink on it, was opened up in front of him. Worse still, he could see the television's screen filming as if from right over him, bringing his wide screen, HD humiliation to everyone.The diaper was lain beneath him, and he was covered with powder. Then the front panel was lifted on and tapped securely. He was stood up again, still being held by his wrists, and his skirt was lifted to expose his humiliation to the approving roar of the audience."What kind of show is this?" he asked the woman."Oh you know. A mix of sexual kinks, like the banner said. Mainly submissives trying to look cute. You knew that, I think you managed to fit both perfectly."Ryan didn't want to respond. He felt it was worse at this point to admit it was all a mistake.Ryan, now waddling from his diaper and staggering from his heels, was lead off the stage into the cheering audience. Once again he was surrounded by people wanting to take pictures with him, hugging him and asking for kisses. He felt a constant stream of hands reaching down beneath his skirt, grabbing and spanking his diapered behind, and realized if he fought back he'd expose everything he did before as a real accident, not an act. Torn between two evils, he did his best to play along, which only encouraged them more. The rest of the show wore on, but it seemed to have reached is climax with Ryan's 'performance'. The next person on stage was a woman in bondage gear who earned some cat calls, and another was one in what Ryan thought must be an anime cosplay dress, with cat ears and a tail, who got lead on stage by a leash and collar. However, none of them got the loud cheers and laughter Ryan's humiliting ordeal had earned him.The person who had brought his diaper to him, Bill, lead him by the hand through the crowed."Where are we going?" Ryan asked."Oh, one of the restaurants has a special seat reserved for you to watch the rest. Don't worry, you'll have an excellent view," he winked."I uhh..." the man either couldn't hear Ryan or ignored him, and he stopped complaining.He gasped. The 'special seat' was a gigantic high chair, where Ryan hoisted and forced in. The table was pushed in front of him. "Some of the restaurants liked your performance, and since you are likely to win or at least go viral," Ryan swore under his breath, "they want videos of you eating their food.""I'm not hungry," Ryan said. His stomach took that moment to grumble, exposing his lie."Uh huh. You're cute when you pretend not to love this. Come on," he waved to a line of people, and the first approached Ryan.The first bite was a green curry, Ryan wasn't sure what it was. He was forcibly spoon fed dish after dish between gulps of milk from a plastic bottle. The show went on in front of him, and he even saw another contestant lift her skirt to show a diaper, but just from the reaction he realized he was bound to win. What would that mean? He wondered. Was this publicized anywhere?An extra spicy spoonful cut off his train of thought as he gagged."Awww, baby not like spicy food? Try this,"another spoonful, this time more bland, was forced into his mouth. However, his tounge was still burned, and he could barely taste it.His stomach groaned, and he gasped. He was cramping horribly. How could this happen? he asked himself.He had to go again, bad. Like the time with his bladder, it came on suddenly and strong, and with no warning. This time, however, it wasn't his bladder."I... I has to go to the potty!" he said. What was wrong with his voice?The people around him laughed. "Sure you do, baby girl. As if you'd even know how.""No I serious! NOW!" his voice was an awful lisp to add to the stutter, and they seemed to take that as proof he was joking."Well it looks like you are all set," he felt a hand pat his diaper through a space in the back of the chair.He felt a cold sweat. He wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer. He was in the middle of a crowed, sitting high above where anyone could see him, and had dozens of people watching."Oh no," he said. They announced the last contestants, and the judges left to make a decision. As the stage cleared, more and more people turned to see him in his high chair. An announcer made his way through the crowed, carrying a microphone."No please, I..." he was cut off by another spoonfull of food."I really..." another spoon. He kept trying to speak, and every time he opened his mouth, more food was shoved in. His cramps got worse and worse, and he knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer."And here is a crowed favorite contestant, Ryan!"The crowed cheered, and those who had yet to see his latest humiliation of being force fed in a high chair turned to laugh."How are you feeling now, little one?""I NEED TO GO POTTY!" he said. He cringed at the sound, then the laughter. Since when did he say 'potty?'The camera's were on him again, as was all attention. Did it have to happen now?Finally, some relief. "I think he might be serious," he heard the speaker say. "Why don't we let him out?"Ryan sighed as they began to undo the table of his high chair. People on either side of him began twisting at nobs."Come on, come on! I'm desperate!" Ryan said."It'll take a minute princess, these things are really screwy. Ryan groaned as his stomach cramped again."SO how did you come up with this act?""I uhhh... I..." Ryan stopped at another cramp. He wasn't sure he'd be able to make it to a bathroom."Done!' someone said, and the table left."Yes!' Ryan shouted. He stood up and...He paused and groaned. The television screen showed him doubling over. Worse, at the exact wrong moment, his hips were at the level of the speaker, and his diaper was right next to the microphone.BRAAPPT- a loud noise, recorded by the microphone and projected by the speakers, silenced the audience."No," Ryan whimpered.With all the audience watching, now in a perfect silence, Ryan felt himself begin to mess his diaper. He tried to hold it back, but it forced its way through with a series of loud noises, and he felt a large lump of mush squeeze its way out and inflate his padding."Eww," the audience said with each sound.It kept coming. Crying again, and abandoning all attempts to hold back, Ryan decided to get the horrid cramps over it and let go. A massive load forced its way into his diaper and kept filling it as the audience watched.Finished, and gasping for air, Ryan sank back down into the high chair, then yelped as he felt himself settle into the mess. It stung horribly, and itched like crazy."Did he actually...?" the reporter whispered.The entire audience burst out laughing once again. This time, however, there were no cheers."Oh my god, it stinks!" someone shouted just loud enough for the microphone to hear, and Ryan buried his face in his hands. It really did, he noticed, and felt like he would gag at his own smell.Ryan was helped down from the high chair and waddled through a jeering and filming audience. Every time he looked up he was met with faces of disgust and covered noses. He felt as if all pretense that was somehow planned could be forgotten, that his last humiliating act had pushed it past kink. However, he still felt hands grab and smack the back of his diaper, and heard a few more cat calls- "come back to my place if you need a change diaper girl!" "does the stinky sissy want a kiss?"- that told him some still loved what he did.When he reached the side, he was brought on stage again and given a trophy. He hadn't heared them call him out over the jeers. "Audience Favorite- Ryan- Potty Pants Princess" the trophy dubbed him, with a statue of a girl in a dress, bent over and lifting her skirt to show a diaper. The girl was making a face."How did they get one like this so quickly?" he asked.The announcer shrugged. "They keep a variety of ones depending on what kink the winner uses. They do the name engraving here."Ryan sighed, took the trophy, and left before he got cat called again.He still had no idea where he was. He began to wander aimlessly. The once empty streets now seemed filled with people, but he avoided them, thinking of the smell and the pile in his diaper.He was beginning to chaff. The mess was bouncing around in his diaper. He didn't know what was worse- the feel, the smell, or just the thought of it. More then anything, he just wanted to be somewhere he could hide.Men were still cat calling him, but they stayed away. One began to approach, then wrinkled his nose as he got close, looked at Ryan in shock, then left.One good thing about this, he thought.He stumbled and fell to the ground. He got up and tried to talk again, then tripped and felt his skirt fly up. He heared someone scream 'eewww' behind him and a few others laugh, but didn't try to look at who it was before he pulled the skirt down and kept going. Once again he tripped. Between the heels and the now swollen diaper, walking had already become awkward, but somehow it had gotten harder. Perhaps he was tiered, he thought.He kept trying to walk, and kept falling. Finally, he collapsed on the ground and tried to stand up, but his legs felt like jello.Moaning, he began crawl. "What is happening?!" he asked out loud.His phone buzzed. He was shocked- he thought he had lost it, but somehow it ended up in a pocket in his skirt. He took it out.It was a message from his boss. "Ryan- GREAT thinking on entering that competition. I didn't even know there was such a thing! Its sad we had to sacrifice your skirt-" Ryan groaned, so he knew about that "but it worked, as the video has already gone viral! 500,000 veiws already!" Ryan wanted to cry again. "The part at the end was more of a mixed reaction, but any interest is good. I definitly think we should add diapers to your outfits. How would you feel about charging for people to change your diaper? "Ryan, the famous Potty Pants Princess, Kink and Cosplay Champion!" think of it!"Ryan was crying as he kept crawling. He prayed to wake up from this as if it were a dream. He looked up. Suddenly he recognized where he was.....Anna looked out her window. She hugged herself and laughed. THAT. HAD. BEEN. PERFECT.She looked at the book and danced with it. She couldn't believe how much power it had given her. All his body functions, his voice, his outfits, entire crowds of people, competitions, stages from no where, videos going viral with unbelievable speed... All of it perfect. She had even poured over a dozen different variations of his trophy and name before settling on her favourite. She'd make sure he'd learn his lesson. She turned to her tv screen where she had watched his humiliation. It wasn't broadcast on any channel... yet, and she made a mental note of that for later... but the screen was tied through the magic in the book to watch Ryan. Now he was turning the corner, sobbing, on his hands and knees as she wanted, ready to beg for a place to hide.And now came the best part....Ryan crawled up the stairs to Anna's house. He held his breath. He knew it wasn't a good idea, she had more reason to hate him then to help him, but he was desperate. Even now that he knew where he was, he had no idea to get home. He raised up a fist to knock, and the door opened before he hit it a second time.Anna was there, standing akimbo with her hands on her hips, and looking proudly down at him."Wha... Anna...?""Hello there stinky boy. You and I are going to have some fun," she said. Ryan looked into her house, far larger then he remembered it, with a giant crib, high chair, play pen, all sized for him, all with locks on them, and all in view. Ann folded her hands in front of her, and he saw a long, leather switch.Ryan gulped.
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    Oh Jessica will get a chance... as decided by the genie. Maybe not the one she wanted. She probably shouldn't have been doing this in the first place, but yes, it is a bad day. Thanks!
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    LOL probably! Maybe she will learn though. 🤔🤔 thanks!
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    Thank you! And probably. I think they assume most of what they are doing should be obvious (Note: This chapter has a lot more gratuitous messing and humiliation then most of them. If you don't like that, I have a 'cleaner' version I can show you if you ask) Jessica let herself by led through the hallways by her hand. It was important to seem submissive now, resigned to her position. That would make it easier to get away from Melanie. She knew she was risking a lot by her plan, but she didn't worry about it. It was lunch, and there was a place she needed to be for lunch where Melanie wouldn't want her. That left only one option, and hopefully her success in it would eliminate the consequences.She waited her moment. Melanie stopped by a menu with pictures. She let go of Jessica's hand to take off her back pack and start going through it. Jessica backed away slowly, and when she was a few steps behind, turned and ran.She didn't know her way around the school too well, but could guess the general layout from what she had seen outside. She needed to get to the yard, and some kind of sports field. That is where the cheer-leading tryouts were being held. If she could get there and succeed in them, she'd be set.She stumbled awkwardly, then got back up and kept running. Soon she was surprised to find herself panting. She looked over, and decided she knew why. Her outfit wasn't made for running. Her diaper made her waddle slightly, and her shoes clunked awkwardly. Worse, her skirt flared up as she jogged, bringing out giggles from the people around her.She paused a moment. Moving in the clothes was awkward, and the clamping made her stomach grumble. She had been holding in from messing since the morning, hoping to make it home so she wouldn't have to do it at the school, and the rapid, jolting movement of running in her school shoes wasn't helping.She ignored it all and kept going. Finally she made it to a large double door and ran outside. She looked around, and found a group of people in cheer leading outfits. Annoyed at her own lack of choice in attire, she headed toward them. They seemed to have already started.She got to the group. Two people at the front were demonstrating stunts. One knelt down, held her hands out, and the other got on and jumped. She ended up doing a hand stand over the other, her skirt falling to show a pull up. She went down, and the other twirled, then ended with her feet in the air held by the other. Once again her skirt fell, this time showing a thin, plain white diaper. Most had outfits, but she noticed some without them. Jessica gulped, realizing that that put both women as ranked more mature then she was. Had there been a requirement? She hadn't had time to check. She looked around. She was slightly revealed to see others without cheer leading outfits, presumably new comers. They, however, were all in gym clothes, something Jessica lacked. She studied their shorts and the short skirts of the cheerleaders. With the lack of modesty that seemed rampant in this world, the shorts where all tight, and the skirts were all short enough to let Jessica guess their underwear. Not one was wearing diapers as thick as hers. More people were called to the front and performed stunts as called by a voice Jessica couldn't see, and she didn't see a single pattern on all the unabashedly revealed underwear. Would this mean that Jessica would be expected to just let her skirt fly without caring too, as they did, showing her patterned diapers to the entire school? She shuddered, but if that was the price of success, she'd pay it."Alright, is that everyone?" the voice that had been calling instructions asked.No one responded. Jessica stood silently, wondering if she should say something. She was nervous, and felt her stomach turn."Ok, thank you all for...""Wait!" Jessica said.A wall of faces turned to look at her. A few giggled, noticing her clothes, and, Jessica assumed, what was underneath."Did someone say something?Jessica raised her hand. "Here! I want to try out! My name's Jessica.""Let me see her."The crowed parted a bit, and she saw a girl standing holding a clip board. Not just any girl, it was the muscular brunette Jessica had seen pushing the diaper disposal earlier.There was a quiet, collective 'aww' and a giggle as more people saw her. She noticed a few pointing at her, and others asking what they were pointing at. She shrank back, and to make matters worse, her stomach chose that moment to grumble loudly. At least it isn't obvious to all, Jessica thought. She told herself she'd show them.The girl at the front laughed. Girl, Jessica thought of her, even though she seemed to be in her twenties and was probably college age back in Jessica's world, it made her feel good to remember the age difference. The fact she was considered more mature in this world was something Jessica wanted to forget."Awwww," the girl said in a high pitched, mocking voice. "Are you sure you want to try out? Does that seem like a good idea?""Yes," Jessica said angrily."You didn't read the pamphlet through, did you?" she asked."No, I uhh..." Jessica paused."Awww its ok, maybe reading is to hard for you. I don't think you have what it takes, little girl.""I"m not a little girl!" Jessica shouted, and the girl raised her eyebrows. "I bet I can do this better then you!"There was a collective laugh, and the brunette folded her arms. "You sure about that? I'm the head cheerleader, that is why I'm up here.""Too bad. I'll be taking your place soon," Jessica said.She laughed, along with most. A few began shaking their heads. "Oh really? You challenging me?" She sounded angry, and Jessica gulped, wishing she had her words back. "Well why don't you come show us how amazing you are, little girl. Show us a... handstand." She seemed delighted by her own idea.Jessica's eyes went wide. Anything but that. She could do the stunt, but it give everyone a view of her diapers. "I uhhh...""Awww what? Is that too hard for Ms. I'll-be-taking-your-place?" "NO! I can do more then that. Its too easy.""Good. Then come here and do it."Jessica walked forward slowly. She felt a hand reach out and pat her on the behind encouragingly as she did, and ignored both the crinkling sound and the giggles. Finally she made it to the front. She swallowed. OK Jessica, she told herself, you can do this. You've done it a million times. However, she never felt the same way doing it, standing awkwardly in front of mocking faces, and it had been so long since... No matter, it was all the same.She closed her eyes and bent forward. She tried to ignore her shirt stretching and skirt flaring up, but the material pulled at her as she bent. Her school clothes were NOT made for moving. Worse still, her cramps hit hard, making her stomach grumbled loudly, and she straightened."Any time sweetie!"She forced herself awkwardly forward and placed her hands on the ground and tried to fling her legs up in one fluid motion, but the movements, hampered by the clothes and awkward after years of not practicing, failed her. She felt the wet grass slide under her, and she crashed to the ground. Worse still, when she hit she let out a loud fart into her diaper, bringing out more laughter."Awww gassy baby? Need your diapers checked? Do you want to try that again? One more try!"Jessica got up grumpily. She had done this before, she told herself. She could do it again. She reached forward and threw her legs up, pulling it off perfectly. She almost blurted out 'ha!", then felt her skirt fall.Instantly the crowed began laughing as her thick, printed diapers went on full display. Jessica wanted to go back to her feet, but felt her ankles getting grabbed."No no!" Jessica said as she felt herself held in the humiliating position. The laughter reached a new pitch as she flailed her legs but was held in place by the brunette."Silly little girl, you really thought you were that much better then me, didn't you?""I... I'm sorry! Let me down!""Why? I'm helping you hold it! I thought you were soooo good this would be easy. Or were you lying when you said you could challenge me?""I"m sorry! Please!" Jessica didn't mind begging, she just wanted out of the situation and away from the laughter."Too late for that. I think I want people to see you in your diapers. I want people to see why you can't be on the time. If you were smart enough to read through our pamphlet you'd have noticed two things. Do you know what those are?""What?" Jessica asked."The first was my name, Becky, listed as lead cheerleader, and not the person you want to challenge on your first day.""I'm sorry!" Jessica said. She felt the blood rushing to her head and wanted anything to get out."The second was that you have to be in at LEAST think plain whites to try out. We need everyone in white underwear to match. You think people want to see your thick baby diapers in cheer leading? You think anyone wants someone in stinky diapers on top of a pyramid? Cute for a baby, not good for motivation.""You can't all be ahead of me! Some of you have to be still in...""Nope! You're the only one! See?"From her upside down position, Jessica saw the laughing cheerleaders each lifting their skirts, showing a line of plain white taped garments, pull ups and briefs. Jessica felt her shame mount as she felt herself visibly reduced.Jessica looked at her tormentor. She could see up her skirt, and at the diaper taped around her waist."But... your wearing a diaper! Your supposed to be the leader!""Yes, a plain white diaper I can change myself. Another few months and I'll be in pull ups while you'll still be sitting here, years older then me and in thick pampers, begging me for a change.""But... but... I can just get a white one to cover them!"They laughed."Aww poor baby missing the point. You think anyone wants to be under you as you do a handstand in a messy diaper? Face it, your not cut out for anything but filling your pants. You could barely do a handstand.""No, not fair!" Jessica said."Now, I think little Ms. Takingyourplace needs to be taught a lesson. Do we know anyone here able to hand out discipline?" She made a hmmm sound and pretended to think. "Oh yeah, me.""Wait, what, no!"The giggling girls lifted Jessica up, held her out, then lowered her onto Becky, who had sat down. She held Jessica tightly over her lap. Jessica struggled in her position as Becky lifted her skirt. The knee was digging into her stomach, and made the turning worse."HEY! Let me go you stupid #[email protected]!"The first wack brought a shout from Jessica, followed by a loud fart."Excuse me? Ms potty pants is a potty mouth." She spanked her again harder."OW! Your a potty pants."Some of the audience ooood at that. Becky spanked her again. "Ohh you are going to pay for that. You should be thanking me. If it weren't for me, we'd all see you mess yourself in a pyramid as the entire school watched, Ms. Potty Pants." Another spank."No! I don't do that!""These diapers say otherwise.""YOUR Diapers say otherwise! I'll see you in messy diapers!""Oh really?" she smirked. "We will see." She began spanking the helpless Jessica in earnest. Jessica yelped loudly."Let me go you stupid #$#$!" she screamed."Wwat was that? Now you're really making me angry. Stinky little diaper girls like you don't talk to head cheerleaders like that." She began spanking harder, and Jessica sobbed. The smacks became louder as did Jessica's cries, only drowned out by the laughter."Your a stinky diaper girl! I hope YOU mess in front of the school!" As she said it, she heard her stomach grumble and another muffled fart in her diaper, as if just to make her claim all the more ridiculous."OH you are in big trouble. Say it. Say your a stinky little baby and I'll stop. Say you were baby diapers.""NO!"She spanked her harder, and Jessica began trying. "SAY IT NOW!""NO!""We all know your going to be filling your diapers any second. Admit it or I won't stop!""OWW!" Jessica shouted. The loud smacks and her cries were almost drowned out by the laughter. Her stomach was grumbling non stop, and she had to struggled to keep herself from messing as gas loudly escaped her again and again. "I'm a stinky little baby and I wear baby diapers!""Good," the spanking stopped, and Jessica was left crying, bent over her knee, stomach gurgling. "Prove it.""What!?" Jessica sobbed.Another loud smack, another yelp. "I said prove it! We can all hear your stomach turning, there is no way a baby diaper girl like you would make it to any bathroom anyway. I bet you can't hold it in for five minutes, if that. Fill your diapers now or I'll spank you again.""NO!" Jessica shouted, and shouted again as she was spanked. "You fill your diapers!" Another spank, and another loud gassy noise."Let it out! Or can you not even do that? You can't even control that!""Please," Jessica sobbed. "Not here, not in front of everyone. I'll make it to the bathroom.""No you won't. I know your too much of a baby to hold it in, don't prove your too much of a baby to make yourself mess when your stomach is clearly grumbling. Do it now or I'll spank you."Jessica sobbed. Her stomach was aching, and she knew it wouldn't be much longer anyway. She was squeezing herself as tightly as possible, and still had spent most of her spanking farting in her diaper in front of the crowd.Another smack. "NOW!" Becky said.She gritted her teeth and released. It came with a loud brapppt and a chorus of laughter. The relief was instant, and she sighed, the feeling almost replacing the humiliation of what she was doing. The reality of it set in a moment later, and she moaned as she felt her diaper inflate behind her. The wet heat on her skin began to make her itch, and the smell made her crinkle her nose. It was inconceivable. Two days ago she had been a successful business manager, fast tracked to be a CEO. People respected her. They FEARED her. Now she was messing herself to the amusement of girls years younger then her, and she couldn't even get through a regular class or try out without humiliating herself in one way or another."Ewww she stinks!" one girl shouted, and the rest laughed."You can see it! Look!""Shut up!" Jessica said, but felt no strength behind her own words.She felt Becky's hand come down hard on her backside. She yelped, and whined as she felt the hand press the mush against her."Hey!" she whined. "You said you'd stop spanking if I messed myself!"She smacked her again. "No, I said I wouldn't stop until you messed yourself. You need to be taught a lesson of what happens when you challenge the head babysitter. Besides, I'm not spanking you, I'm just checking your baby diapers. Clearly you can't do it yourself."Jessica cried, as she lay, diapered bottom still up turned and exposed for the audience."You see, this is why you can't be in cheer leading. Imagine doing a flip or a handstand like this? Imagine doing it with someone underneath you? Just not fair." She spanked her again. "You understand, or are you too much of a dumb baby for that?""I understand," Jessica sobbed."Good," another smack. "Even now I'm gagging at your smell. Frankly I don't think its fair for you to force your stinky diapers on us like this.""What? But I..." she was cut off by another spank."Fortunately, I know how to teach you a lesson for that too. You did say you'd see me in messy diapers, didn't you?""I, what?" Jessica tried to think of what she meant."Well guess what. You'll finally be right about something. Help me," she said to two others Jessica did not see.Jessica felt herself get lifted into the air, then held down."What are you doing?" She asked."That's enough out of you," Becky said. She reached into Jessica's pocket, took out her pacifier and stuck it in her mouth. There were more giggles. "Figured you'd have that, all your words have done is got you into trouble."Becky undid her skirt and let it fall. She was now standing in front of Jessica in just her shirt and diaper."Still don't get it?"Jessica shook her head."Let me help you out."Becky walked forward until she was standing over Jessica's chest. She then turned around and knelt on the ground, squatting over Jessica's head.Jessica's eyes went wide as the realization hit her. She began to struggle but was held down tight. The girls holding her legs lifted them until they were bent 90 degrees and spanked her hard."Let me go!" Jessica shouted."Ah ah ah!" Becky said. She smacked Jessica's leg. "No taking with your pacifier. Now take your punishment, its what you wanted anyway."Jessica cried and struggled but couldn't break the other girls' grasp. The smooth, plain white of Becky's diaper was inches from her face, and she could almost feel the soft material with her nose. She heard a hissing noise. She saw the material of Becky's diaper begin to turn yellow, and gagged at the thought. The acidic smell filled her nose."Like that?" Becky asked sarcastically.Jessica shook her head and grunted "MMM MMM!" loudly."Oh wait, thats now what you said was it? I think you said you'd see me in a messy diaper, didn't you!""NO! PLEASE NO!" Jessica said, and got spanked again."Too late no!" Becky grunted. She farted loudly, and Jessica squealed. She then paused, grunted, and loudly began to fill her diaper. Jessica watched the diaper in front of her inflate, then quickly turn brown as the soft, thin material was soaked through. The smell made her feel sick, and she almost screamed."Hows that? All you wanted and more?" Becky sank down lower, pressing the material against Jessica's face and rubbing it in. Jessica sobbed, disgusted almost as much by the thought itself as the smell.Becky didn't seem to mind. She took her clipboard from another cheerleader and began casually reading as Jessica squirmed and was repeatedly spanked into obedience. "Alright, next try out will be Thursday in the gym. Bring your uniforms or gym clothes. We'll be doing more stunts, this time with a longer routine we will give you then to test your ability to memorize. The callbacks will be listed by the gym tomorrow. Any questions?"Jessica gagged and cried as Becky casually took questions and responded, sinking lower and lower into her face. Once in a while Becky would pause and grunt, then loudly pass gas in her diaper, and Jessica would squeal, bringing out more laughter from the crowed. The girls seemed to deliberately draw out the meeting, asking inane questions and getting long answers. The laughed at each struggled and whine Jessica let out, and seemed to love her suffering. She forced herself to lay still and no make any sound. She tried to breath through her mouth without dropping her pacifier. Finally Becky wrapped up when no one else raised their hands."Good, then we are almost done. But first" She looked down at Jessica and paused for dramatic effect. "Do you have anything to say?" She wiggled her hips in Jessica's face.There was more laughter, and Jessica wondered if it was better to speak or remain silent after being told."What? Nothing to say? So I can just stay sitting here?"Jessica let out a moan."STOP! What are you doing?" someone screamed."Melanie!" Jessica shouted.The girl above her stood up. Melanie approached and pointed angrily and Jessica. "YOU keep quiet and suck your pacifier. As for you," she pointed at Becky. "You have some explaining to do."
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    thank you, and I'm glad you think so. I've been practicing! lol glad you think so, there will be more soon! thanks!
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    Anna shuffled around the piles of books lining the walls and shelves. "Introduction to Wicca," "Witchcraft", "Malleus Maleficarum,"- all themed to match the odd little shop, full of incense and stones, skulls and bones. A lot of nonsense, as far as Anna was concerned."Can I help you find something," the clerk asked. She had long, ragged dark hair that blended into her black clothes, and wore dozens of metal pendants.Anna looked at her. "Yes, its said online you sold journals here?"The woman smiled. "Yes, of a type. Here, let me show you."She bent over and opened up a drawer. Inside were leather bound books with brightly coloured titles. "Travel," "New Worlds", "Karma," "Spirit." Anna tried not to roll her eyes at the hipster names the journals always had. She had picked up the hobby of writing daily a few months ago, and had since gone through a few such books, though they were ususally from more normal book stores."Thanks, I'll take er... Karma," she said.The woman smiled again. "Good choice. But be warned, with great power, comes great responsibility. Karma strikes both ways." "Thanks uncle Ben. Now how do I pay?"Anna was outside the store a moment later."Hey there sweetheart," a deep voice said.Anna stopped and turned around to see a blond haired and a medium build. She shuddered. "Ugg, I told you to leave me alone Ryan.""Awww sweetie why so upset? I'm just wanna be friends with my little girl." He put a hand on her shoulder.She knocked it off. "No, your a pervert. Leave me alone or I'll call the cops?""And what? I'll deny it. 'Sides, you sure loved it when we were dating.""We went on two dates then I found out you were already sleeping with someone." That had been one of the worst episodes of her life. He seemed so friendly when they first met, then got worse once they were out. At the second date another woman came in screaming wanting to know why she was out with her boyfriend. "You still loved it." He grabbed her by the waist and leaned in close. "Awww, whats wrong? Need a kiss?" He began to make kissy faces at her."LET ME GO!" she screamed, and slapped him.He laughed. "Fiesty. Alright, I can see its your time of the month. I'll come back next week.""Asshole!"He winked, and as he passed by her, he reached around her and spanked her hard."Hey! How dare you... What are you..." He only laughed as she screamed after him.Anna stopped her foot. The horrible, awful man! She had just gotten over him too.She breathed heavily to calm herself. This is why she started writing in the first place. She got out the journal and began writing."Today, Ryan grabbed me. I wish someone would do the same to him. I want someone bigger to him to come up and call him a little girl. Grab him, call him demeaning names, kiss him and spank him and make him feel as awful as he makes others feel."She felt better having just written it. She began to walk back down the sidewalk toward her home. It was a cool day, but the sun was out, and she was enjoying the weather while it lasted.She heard a yelp coming from across the street. She looked across it to see Ryan, with his eyes wide open, staring at a man a head taller then him."Whats the matter sweetheart? I just want to be friends with my little girl," the man said in a gruff voice."What? I'm, not... LET ME GO! Hey!"The giant man picked Ryan up and kissed him on the cheek. "Wow, feisty," he said. "Must be your time of the month. I'll come back next week." He spanked Ryan hard enough to make him shout, then walked away, leaving a stunned Ryan staring after him.Anna couldn't believe her eyes. Had she made that happen? It couldn't be.But... could that just be a coincidence? She had never seen a man that size before, and she had never seen Ryan mistaken for a girl. The entire scenario was weird... aside from Ryan, who would behave like that to a random stranger in public? They weren't even at a bar or anything.She had to test it. Ryan was walking quickly. She opened the book."Ryan will trip... now."As she wrote it, a rock appeared under Ryan's foot, and he stumbled to the ground. He kicked the rock angrily, and began to get back up. How far could she push it?"He will trip again, and his pants will tear and fall. Underneath he will have pink underwear. He won't be able to hold his pants up."As he was getting up, he stumbled again. His pants opened and fell to his knees."God dammit!" he said. His anger turned to shock when he saw his underwear- pink, small, and lacy, they so clashed with what he normally wore that he seemed unable to beleive they were there. From the distance, Anna wasn't certain if they were just briefs or actual female panties. "Where did these come from?" He said, and reached down to cover them."Ryan will step on a rake and it will fly up and hit him."A rake, seemingly out of no where, smacked into his face."He will turn around and there will be another one there, then another, and another," she wrote, taking a line from the Simpsons.She burst out laughing as Ryan repeatedly hit himself in the head and stumbled backwards. "This is impossible," she said, looking at the book. However, she saw it in front of her. It had to be true.She noticed another woman behind Ryan giggling, and Ryan turned to her red faced and tried to rush down the road, but stumbled with his pants around his legs and fell to the ground. That gave Anna another idea."A crowd of people notice, including Ryan's friends, and begin laughing and commenting on his underwear."Ryan attracted a crowd as he walked down the street, struggling to hold his pants up. "Ryan will fall, end up stuck with his butt in the air, and get spanked."She burst out laughing harder as she saw exactly that unfold. She looked down at the book."This is going to be fun," she said to herself.Anna was soon in her apartment alternating between pacing and dancing. She had found a magic book somehow. She was able to control... what, exactly? Almost anything, it seemed. What should she do? How did the magic work? It said Karma, so it made sense she could get revenge... wait, was that what karma was? Could she give herself things.She thought for a moment. "I might as well try," she told herself."I want a million dollars," she wrote, and waited. She looked around, expecting to see money somewhere, but nothing happened. She had a thought. She sat at her computer, turned it on, and checked her bank account. Her eyes went wide.There, in plain black and white, was the number "$1,000,000," written exactly like that."I want another million." Before her eyes, the number doubled. She screamed in delight. She stood up and fell to her bed, clutching the book to her chest and laughing.How could this be real? Should she check back at the store? No, she thought. If they found out it was real, they might want it back. She studied the book. It was hers."I don't want to have to go to work for the next month."Her phone buzzed. She picked it up. "Hello Anna. The product you created at work the other day paid of well, and we decided to give you the next month off. I know it seems an odd decision, but for some reason it feels right. -Albert Herald."She leaned back in her chair laughing. Her mind swarmed with thoughts of what she was going to do. A new house? A pool?She looked at the title. "Karma." What did that mean? Was it just a random title? The first thing made sense, Ryan had it coming, but the others?She smiled to herself. The primary motivation must be to give people their comeuppance, she decided. But it wouldn't hurt to give herself some things along the way. After all, how could she have enough time to do her new job unless she had money?She opened the book and began to write. "Tomorrow, Ryan will..."...Ryan woke up the next day shaking. He had a rough night full of humiliating dreams. He had been repeatedly mistaken for a girl, left naked in public, grabbed and harassed... It was all from that odd incident on the sidewalk. What could it mean?He got up, showered, and began to get ready for work. He dried off, looked in the mirror, and gasped.Had his hair gotten longer? It was touching his shoulders! He had never grown it out that far before but there it was. Some kind of bizarre hair only growth spurt?Confused, he shook his head, went to his closet and began to get dressed. He made sure he had normal underwear this time, along with his regular jeans and shirt. He packed a bag with the shirt he had to wear in the cafe he worked at, ate breakfast quickly, and left. As he exited the door he noticed something. He hadn't shaved that morning, but his face was smoother then it ever had been....Anna was standing across the street from his door. She saw him walking out, and confirmed to herself that everything had worked. Longer hair, clean shaven, and ready for a new game.She began to write....A woman was walking toward Ryan. She was one of a few people he had passed, but she definitely stood out. He had to do a double take when he saw her.She was tall, well built, and with long blond hair. However, it wasn't her appearance that caught Ryan's attention, but her clothes. She was dressed head to two in in one of the most eye catching outfits he had seen. Her dress was a vibrant pink, with frilled bands going over her shoulders and a skirt that flared out to the sides, ending half way down her thighs. A white shit was under her dress, but rather then just cover her up more, it drew more attention, with ruffled shoulder cuffs and a heard shaped hole over her chest. Below her skirt long white stockings that were tied at her knees with red bows and shinning, healed shoes. Finally, her hair was tied into pigtails with heart shaped bows.Ryan tried to place the dress. Was she cosplaying as an anime character? Was this a lolita dress? Had she come from a comic con?His thoughts were interrupted as she stopped close in front of him, noticed a coin on the ground, and bent to pick it up. Her skirt flared up, exposing ruffled lacy underwear. Ryan couldn't control himself, he took his phone out and, while she was looking away, took a picture.She stood up when the flash went off. Ryan cursed himself for forgetting."What was that? she said.Ryan decided to keep going, hoping confidence would win. "Just admiring your underwear, sweetheart. Almost pretty enough to touch.""Excuse me?" she said."Well you were bending over and your pretty ass was out, so i figured I'd snap a picture. Such a cute little girl like you needs to be remembered." He reached out to hold her shoulder, and she knocked his hand away."I'm taller then you, shrimp. Don't test me," she said."Ok ok, don't get feisty. I'm sorry sweetheart." He began walking passed her.She rolled her eyes and continued on. Ryan kept watching as she passed, and saw her skirt bouncing, exposing more of her thighs with each step, stopping just short of her underwear. Almost instinctively, he reached over and pinched her beneath her skirt, then started walking as quickly as he cloud.He stopped walking as he was pulled backward. With speed that shocked Ryan, she grabbed his wrist and yanked him back. "That does it!" she shouted. "I am dressed for a display of the costumes at the store I design at. Its my JOB, not permission to grab me." She began twisting his wrist backward until he shouted."I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he screamed, tears forming."Oh no you are not, not yet. Lets she how you like it," she turned his wrist again, this time leaving him bent over a wooden bench with his hand behind his back. She reached foward and undid his belt."What are you doing?""First I'm going to show you how it feels to have your underwear exposed and grabbed in public. Then I am going to do what someone should have done to you years ago."She pulled down his pants. Ryan saw a flash and noticed as crowd of people taking pictures of his underwear."Nice panties bro!" someone shouted, and Ryan looked back to once again see his underwear replaced, this time with silken white panties decorated with little red hearts."How!? Those aren't mine!" he said."Yeah right," said the woman who had grabbed him. "Almost pretty enough to touch, eh?" She reached down and pinched both cheeks until he yelped."Now, to make sure you've learned you're lesson..." She reached her hand up into the hair, palm down.Ryan's eyes went wide. She was about to deliver a spanking, and not a light one. Here? Now? How could this be happening to him? He struggled but couldn't break her grasp. "No, please don't," he begged."Don't what?" she asked, savouring the moment."Don't spank me," he replied."Awww does the the little boy not want spankings? Too bad," she brought her hand down with immense force on Ryan's exposed underwear, and he shouted. She began spanking him again and again as the crowd watching grew and laughed. The loud smacks echoed down the street, and Ryan noticed more and more people coming to see.Why would no one step in? Ryan thought. It felt so wrong.Soon tears were forming in his eyes, and he began to sob from both the humiliation and pain. She kept spanking him as he shouted."Please, enough, I'm sorry," he said.She stopped. Ryan thought he was free, then he groaned as he felt her take his belt out of its loops."No, not that.""Yes, that." She lifted the belt up and hit him hard. He screamed and would have fallen if she didn't put her knee under him to hold him up. She began to talk as she spanked, punctuating each word with a loud, hard whack. "WHAT. PEOPLE. WEAR. ISN"T. PERMISSION. TO. GRAB. THEM. YOU. WILL. NOT. DO. THAT. AGAIN. UNDERSTOOD?""Yes!" he shouted."Now what do you say?""I'm sorry," he whined."Good," she helped him stand up. She pointed down the street in the direction he had been heading. "Now, you are going to keep walking that direction with your pants around your knees so everyone can see what happens to naughty little boys in panties who can't keep their hands to themselves." She handed him his belt. "You may put this on when you are passed the corner and out of my sight. If you don't listen, you'll get another round. Understood?""But... but..."She spanked him hard again. "UNDERSTOOD?""OW! Yes!""Then go!"Ryan began to waddle, pants around his knees keeping him from running. He sobbed and tried to ignore the jeers and cat calls from the people who he passed. He felt more then one reach out and grab him as he want.Finally he rounded the corner, pulled his pants up, and started running as he pulled his belt on. He ran as fast as he could, trying to stop crying, until he was sure he was passed anyone who had seen, then kept running.He stumbled. Got up, and started running again. He wobbled. He felt as if he was walking on a rope.He looked down, and he shouted in shock.The reason he was having trouble running was easy to see. Why it had happened was impossible for him to figure out.He was wearing a dress. Not just any dress, but the one the girl had been wearing. Same skirt, same socks, even had his now bizarrely long hair tied in the same pigtails. He had stumbled due to the heels now on his feet.There was a store beside him with a display window, and he looked at his reflection in it. With his outfit, his hair, and apparently a bra under the dress, he might have mistaken himself for a girl. It even seemed like his legs had been shaven, and he was wearing make up.He yelped. Someone had just grabbed him under his skirt. "Nice underwear, sweetie."He whined. "How is this happening?" he asked....Anna broke out laughing at Ryan's appearance. She couldn't have designed a better outfit if she tried. It really looked more like a costume then actual clothes. He could pass as someone cosplaying an anime character.Ryan walked along the side walk, head down, and stumbling slightly in his heels. His face was blushing as red as the bows in his hair- and, Anna thought to herself, as red as his recently spanked bottom in its pretty panties.Anna wasn't quite down yet. She began writing and watching.Ryan attracted a crowed for the second time in two days. This time, however, instead of it just being people pointing and laughing- and there was plenty of that- she mixed in a crowd of men who suddenly decided Ryan was the prettiest girl they had ever seen...."I love your dress! Its so pretty" the giant man said as he reached out."Let me go!" Ryan squealed, then yelped and covered his mouth, frighted by how high his voice had suddenly gotten."Aww sweetie, why? I'm sure a cute girl like you could use a hug."Ryan began to run, but the heels made him stumble and he fell... right over the lap of another man sitting at a bus stop. He felt his skirts fly up, and reached down to cover his panties as people cheered and laughed behind him. He felt hands grab his now exposed cheeks, and someone commented that 'she' must have gotten a spanking."Hellos sweetheart," the man whose lap he was now over said. "What pretty undies! Thanks for showing them to me! You want to hang out later?" He patted Ryans bottom."No!" Ryan said. He pushed himself up, straitened, and tried to turn over until he was sitting. He paused a moment, and realized he had just sat down in the stranger's lap."Aww honey," the man said, and wrapped an arm around Ryan."No!" he said, and began to push up. He finally made it, and began running.He did his best to ignore the crowds as he did. Most seemed to think he was a girl with a flamboyant sense of style, which he guessed was for the best. He could do without the catcalling, however.He made it to the cafe. He breathed, straitened his skirt, and looked at his watch. His eyes went wide. 10:30 it read, he was two and a half hours late. "How..." he said.THe door opened. It was Mr. McLaughlin, his boss. He sighed."Ryan, what are you doing?""I uhh..." Ryan hadn't stopped to think of an explanation, and was surprised that Mr. McLaughlin recognized him."Look, what you do in your private time is your own business, I don't mind, no matter how... strange. However, you have been late far too many times, and I can't have you working like that.""What?! But!""No butts. Did you even bring your work clothes?"Ryan gulped. "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do? Anyway I can make up for it?"He sighed and rolled his eyes. He put a hand on his chin and thought. Suddenly he smiled. "Give me a second."He went back into the store and returned a minute later he returned followed by two people. One was carrying a tray of samples, the other a stand."What..." "We are going to start a new program. People your age like this sort of thing, right? Cosplay, anime characters, cute outfits.""I mean, some do..." Ryan tried to think if he actually knew someone who talked about it.He handed Ryan a teddy bear. "You are going to be our new mascot to appeal to a new group! You are going to stand here in your cute outfits... and I'm sure we'll find more... flirt with anyone going by and offer free samples of our newest teas.""What!? I can't do that! You want me here in public dressed like this?!""Yes. Cute cross dressed boys are thing online for some reason. You are going to be ours. Think of it- "The Sissy Cafe!" Its new branding we've been considering, and you will be our first server! With any luck, people might think your a girl, or won't care. Now, be sure to smile!" He waved his arms around as the two people who came with him set up the stand. It was a small stage with a banner reading "sissy service."He went in, then stopped. "Oh, another thing. People will flirt with you, some might want kisses or get handsy... are you alright with that?"Ryan was far from alright with it. However, he felt he didn't have a choice, and inwardly he felt compelled to say yes. There weren't many other jobs he could do inside the cafe, dressed as he was, and he couldn't afford not to get paid. "I... I guess so...""Good. It will be part of our marketing. Be sure to offer kisses!"He went back in, leaving a dumbfounded Ryan outside. He wanted to run, or to hide. However, with the wide windows and cameras, he knew his mangers would see if he wasn't doing his job.He had begun to attract a crowd again. He always seemed to do that now. He turned to face them. "Uh... do you want some tea... or a kiss?"...Anna savored every moment of the discussion. Ryan had bragged before about taking from the till, and now was being punished at his job. That was DEFINITELY karma.But she wasn't done yet. Ryan had always said she was a LITTLE girl, not just a girl. She'd show him how 'little' he could feel. The teddy bear was just a beginning, she had her own ideas of what he might look good in. She began to write. "As he's heading home, Ryan will get lost, and feel his bladder beginning to ache..." This story currently is mainly focused on sissy kink, but ABDL will come up a lot more, with a heavy focus on messy diapers and embarrassment. (even more so then usual for me)
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    aww thanks I'm glad you think so. And yes, I think they are tailor made for a few kinks, less so some others
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    ABDL Moments

    4: Experiments Over the years, Joshua and Albert have tried kinks other then ABDL with varying results. These are their stories....Joshua crawled on the floor."Meow," he said."I thought you were a puppy," Albert replied. They hadn't specified in discussion, but it made more sense. While the tail currently stuck inside Joshua and the ears could have been either, the collar and leash Albert was leading him on were clearly a dog's."Uhhh, woof," Joshua said. He began to shake his hips back and forth to make his tail shake.Albert smiled. "Cute," he said.He lead Joshua through their house. He pulled the leash, and Joshua crawled to keep up. He took him down a a hall way, down a flight of stairs and into the kitchen."My knees are beginning to hurt daddy," Joshua said."Thats ok sweetie, we are almost there, but you don't say "daddy" now its "master.' Or 'woof.'""Sorry Master, I mean woof," Joshua said.Albert left him on a rug, which he assumed would be easier on his knees. He got out a box of cookies."Want a cookie?" he asked."Mmhmm," Joshua said."Beg.""Please can I have a cookie daddy?"Albert sighed. "No, beg like a dog, sweetie.""Oh, ah..." he got on his knees with his hands folded in front and pretended to pant."Good boy," Albert siad, and gave him a peice of cookie. "Now, roll over."Joshua obeyed, but slammed into a wall as he did. "OW!" he said. He fell back to his knees with his hands on the ground."Are you ok?" Albert asked."Yes. This feels like a more natural position anyway. I'm more used to it," he stuck his bottom out behind him and leaned foward until his head was on the ground, then wiggled his hips."Bad boy!" Albert spanked him. "Be a good boy Rover!""Rover?" Joshua asked."Yes, your dogs name. Its on your collar.""Oh."They stared at each other."This isn't working out, is it?" Albert asked."Oink," Joshua replied.Albert sighed. "Alright, lets that out of you.""Do you think they make collar tags that say 'baby'?" Joshua asked....Joshua was tied up bent over his bed, wearing a tight latex corset and long socks. His exposed rear was jutting out behind him, forced by a long metal bar, and another one forced his legs apart."Now, the safety word is "pumpernickel.""It always is," Joshua said. They chose "pumpernickel" because Joshua had trouble pronouncing it, especially with a pacifier in his mouth, and Albert thought it was cute to hear him say it. Of course, he didn't use his inability to say it to keep going, they always stopped the instant he used it."Yeah yeah, get used to it. Not my fault you sound adorable when you talk. Speaking of," he got out a ball gag, pushed it in Joshua's mouth, and tied it behind his head. He waved a whip with six leader ropes in front of Joshua. "Now, you've been a very bad boy, and its time you learned your lesson." Joshua looked terrified. He was already sweating, and his legs were shaking. Albert hit a button, and a vibrating sound started. Joshua's moaned and his knees bent, and would have fallen if he wasn't tied in place.Albert raised the whip up and brought it down hard on Joshua.Joshau screamed and immedietly began crying. He shook and sobbed on the bed."Oh my god I'm so sorry!" Albert screamed. He untied Joshua and pulled him into his lap. "I didn't want to hurt you! I was just playing the game." He took the gag out of Albert's mouth."OWWW! I know daddy! OWWW!"Albert began rocking Joshua back and forth and stroking his back until he stopped crying."I don't think you are supposed to stop after one," Joshua said."I don't think you are supposed to start crying after one," Albert replied."Well, most of them aren't also babies. I am," Joshua replied."Yes you are. So, bad idea?""Bad idea. I need cuddles daddy.""Ok sweetheart. I'll draw you a bath." He pulled Joshua in close and kissed his head."Do you think they make gags shaped like pacifiers?..."Ummm... come here da... baby Albert," Joshau said.Albert crawled toward him. He was wearing a white diaper patterned with ducks and a blue t shirt. "I don't think you need to say "baby Albert." Just 'baby' or "Albert.""Right, sorry Daddy," Joshua replied, and Albert sighed."Daddy, I don't think my diaper is on tight enough," Albert said, pointing to the loose waistband of his diaper."Right... lay down diaper boy," Joshua said. Albert lay down on his back. Joshua undid the tapes on his diaper and tried to replace them, then undid them again and and tried to adjust them. Soon all the tapes had lost their sticking powers. "Errr, sorry about that," Joshua said."It's fine. There is masking tape in the drawer in the kitchen."Joshua ran to the kitchen and fumbled around. "Where?""Second drawer down, where it always it."Joshua came running back and secured the diaper with masking tape. "Ummm... what now?""You could feed me a bottle, Daddy," Albert said."Oh right! Come here baby boy," Joshua said. He sat on the ground and tried to pull Albert into his lap. The position was awkward, and he tried to shift them around. Albert sat directly down, and Joshua yelped in pain. They tried to lean back and Joshua had Albert slide down to be level with his chest, but the masking tape on his diaper broke."This isn't working, is it?" Albert said."Sorry, I can try a new one," Joshua replied. He held up the torn diaper. Albert sighed. "Lets just go get your diaper on, you silly baby," he said"What? BUt I thought I was the daddy today?"Albert lifted him until his butt was exposed and spanked him hard. "NOW diaper boy, or I'll give you a spanking!"Joshua yelped and ran off. "Do you think they make locking diapers or plastic pants so they don't come off?" he asked...."Alright, legs up!" Albert said, and Joshua obeyed. Albert pulled the long silken stockings onto him, then added bright red shoes."There! Ruby red slippers, just like Dorthy!" Albert smiled and ruffled Joshua's hair."This isn't a Dorthy dress," Joshua said."I know," Albert smiled. "Now stand up princess!"Joshua obeyed. He was now wearing socks, shoes, and pastel blue diaper. Albert laughed and the way he looked, then laughed again when Joshua blushed. He put a bow in his hair."Arms up! Lets see how pretty a girl you make." Joshua was used to being dressed and obeying similar commands as he was, but he wasn't used to what he knew he was about to wear. He swallowed and closed his eyes.He felt the soft material fall over him and settle on his shoulders. Albert pulled and tugged a bit, evening it out, and turned Joshua around."Open your eyes pretty girl!"Joshua obeyed, and opened them to see himself wearing a bright pink, frilly dress. It was a Lolita dress they had ordered off a kink website that featured feminine clothing for men, along with a maids outfit. This dress was an exaggerated version of 'femanine' meant for sissy play. Joshua cringed and blushed at the way he looked. He didn't know what was worse- the dress, or the fact it fit so well."Oh, my, god," Albert said, hands towards his mouth."It looks so silly Daddy," Joshua said."OH MY GOD!" Albert said louder."I know, I don't think""YOUR SOOO ADORABLE!" Albert almost squealed. He pulled Joshua in for a hug, pressing his face against his."Oh no," Joshua said.Albert began kissing him over and over."OH NO," Joshua said louder."You're just so pretty! I can't believe it!" Albert said, holding Joshua at arms length and examining him. "OHHH I just want to squeeze you!" He scooped a bewildered Joshua up in his arms, carried him to the bed, and sat down with him in his lap, kissing him over and over. "You are the prettiest girl I've ever seen!""BUt I'm a guy! And you're gay!""I don't care. We are doing this again." He took out his phone and started going through images of sissy clothing."OH NO!" Joshua said. "OH YES," Albert replied. "I can't believe we haven't done this before!" He stood Joshua on the ground and faced his camera toward him. "SMILE!""Hey! No pictures!" Joshua screamed. "This is so embarrassing!""I know! You're blushing and your cheeks are the same color as your dress!" He started clicking on his phone, and turned on messanger."No! What are you doing!'"Relax, I'm only going to send it to people who've seen you in far worse. Who do we know that is good with make up? I want to see how pretty I can make you. I think Stacey did.""No no no Daddy! No pictures! Please!" Joshua reached for the phone.Albert held it away. "Are you going to say your safety word?"Joshua stared at him, considering. "Please don't daddy," he said, and nothing else.Albert stared, waiting for something else. Joshua didn't say anything. Albert hovered his finger over the 'send' button."Please don't Daddy," Joshua said again.Albert pressed the button, and Joshua moaned. "Oh hush up," Albert popped a pacifier in his mouth. Joshua looked in the mirror to see "I ❤️ My Daddy" written on it in pink. Even his pacifier was now sissified. "I want to play dress up with my new sissy, then I think I know some maid work that needs to be done..."...Joshua gritted his teeth and forced a smile. "More tea, Mr. Bergen?" He was wearing a full maids dress, which, to his disappointment, fit him perfectly. He also had a collar on and was carrying a tray of drinks."Yes, thank you Ms. Joshua," the man in front of him said. It was Ryan, one of Albert's friends who they had met at a kink party sometimes joined in their play.Joshua curtsied."Now now Ms. Joshua, we practiced a proper curtsy. Don't make me spank you in front of our guests," Albert said. "Yes Mr. Daddy," Joshua said. Albert had wanted to come up with a combination of something a maid would say and something a baby would say, and landed on the name that made Joshua cringe the most. As for Joshua, he had argued that "Ms. Joshua" was far from correct in anyway, especially if the others had their last names, so it was declared his new name.Joshua stood up again, then curtsied the way Albert had been making him. It was far deeper, to the point Joshua had trouble holding it. He was slightly bent at the waist, sticking his butt out for anyone behind him to 'grab, spank, or simply admire' in Albert's words. Finally, he lifted his skirt well beyond his waist until his underwear, even more embarrassing then usual, was exposed."I LOVE that you keep Ms. Joshua in diapers even when shes your maid, and she looks SOO pretty. She is so lucky to be working for you" Stacey said."Yes, Ms. Joshua is still a baby even when she's a sissy, and it means she can keep working with no potty breaks, and his locking plastic pants make sure he isn't tempted to take them off. Very kind of you to say that. Ms. Joshua, thank Ms. Reynolds.""Yes Mr. Daddy. Thank you Ms. Reynolds," Joshua said, curtsying to both."Good. Now, we have a new list of instructions. You may read them now," Albert handed them to Joshua.THe list was over a page long, filled with needlessly complicated demands. "Tea boiled for 30 seconds, mixed with one scoop of sugar, let to sit for 25 seconds, another sugar, 10 seconds, one and a third tea spoons of milk. Coffee, 17.5 ml of cream, 11.3 of milk..." it went on with a list of complicated cocktails, sandwiches, and name changes. Ryan was now lord Bergen, and Stacey was Her Majesty. Albert remained Mr. Daddy.This was the third such list they had given him, each of increasing complexity, and each with less time to do it. Joshua was good at memorizing such lists, and they wanted to push him as far as possible."Now, Ms. Joshua, you have five minutes, or you'll be getting a spanking. And you'll be asked to recite it when you are back. Any slip ups and you will be getting a spanking after all.""Yes Mr. Daddy," Joshua curtsied."Oh, one more thing," Albert said. He took out a pacifier gag and secured it in Joshua's mouth. "I saw you gritting your teeth, and we don't want you complaining and earning yourself a spanking that way either, do we?"Joshua shook his head. They now had about a dozen possible excused to spank him, and he didn't want to give them the chance. Albert patted him, and waddled off. He reached the cabinet and reached for the salt.Albert called from the other room. "Oh, and no salt in my drink, you naughty girl! I know you are thinking it! Do you think they make sissy diapers?" He asked the others, but made sure Joshua could hear. They both already knew the answer.Joshua gritted his teeth. At least he was still allowed his diapers for this kink. He got to work, worrying how often they'd play it...